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Wonders of the world of Game of Thrones

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023

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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  4 years ago +3244

    This is the 100th Alt Shift X video! We recently hit 100M views, and are approaching 1M subscribers - thanks for watching 🙂

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    • Tomas Vrabec
      Tomas Vrabec 3 years ago

      I would like to see a spin of off Game of Thrones set in Eastern Essos (especially YiTy) whicj would be nearly entirely removed from the events in Westeros due to the distance...
      It might be war where you are but most of the world in entirely at peace (and vice versa)
      :D would be interesting if we were given a spin of so far East that the place we would be would be as far east from Essos as Iron Islands are from Eastern YiTy and were not told until a ship from East would arive (:D lets say ... Arya?)

    • Tomas Vrabec
      Tomas Vrabec 3 years ago

      Bears and bearded Priests ... Do I spell Russian Influence?

    • Hit Rapper and Artist Dababy
      Hit Rapper and Artist Dababy 3 years ago

      A very good and informative video. When you mentioned Quarths 3 walls you didnt mention any real life equivelant, but I think I know what it could be.
      I suspect that Quarth is Inspired by Constantinople. It served as the gateway between East and West for centuries, withstood countless sieges thanks to its Theodosian Wall wich are 3 walls and a moat able to be filled with water. Also the geographical position of Quarth is very striking to Constantinople situated at the hellespont overlooking Anatolia.

  • Phil Robichaud
    Phil Robichaud 4 years ago +2964

    i remember reading somewhere that George RR Martin is actually horrible with practical sizes and how realistic architecture works. Like when he saw the first artist rendering of The Wall for GOT he told them they'd made it look way too high, to which they answered "that's what a 700 foot wall would look like".

    • dtice
      dtice 24 days ago

      @James Burgess medieval nutrition was far better than ours today lol. Hyper-processed, microplastic-infused food is slowly killing us. Unless you're talking about a bodybuilder who actively watches their caloric intake and is super scrupulous about where they get their food, the average human today is eating poison compared to back then.
      Now, hygiene and general well-being are a different story.

    • Kirsty Brown
      Kirsty Brown 2 months ago

      @J Arnett you’re still missing the point. He still got it wrong regardless of whether you can imagine it. He has admitted it was a mistake because he didn’t scale it properly in his mind. What was said was an actual fact. You not wanting to accept that is just odd 🤣👏🏻

    • Kratatch
      Kratatch 3 months ago

      @Screeching Creature How much is 1mm in Imperial?

    • Screeching Creature
      Screeching Creature 3 months ago

      @Kratatch bullshit decimals suck. Base 6 or base 12 is better

    • Brady Dno
      Brady Dno 5 months ago

      @Hawk66100 exactly my dude

  • प्रियदर्शी

    The wall was built by White Walkers to protect them from Stannis the Mannis.

    • Señor Sombrero
      Señor Sombrero Month ago

      @Fairhair cmon man, help me put grandpa Emperor to bed, he’s crawling around mumbling about Sanguinius again

    • Dawn142
      Dawn142 Month ago

      nah they built it to protect themselves from lord tywin lannister

    • Juan Loaiza
      Juan Loaiza 2 months ago

      @God Emperor of Mankind 3.0someone doesnt get the joke 😂

    • God Emperor of Mankind 3.0
      God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 2 months ago

      @AdmiralMeow people keep responding to me

    • AdmiralMeow
      AdmiralMeow 2 months ago

      @God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 damn youve been arguing in the comments for a year :/

  • AlbinoChewie
    AlbinoChewie 3 years ago +3380

    Yeah the night that never ends... it lasted for an hour and 20 minutes

    • Mr. Gabila
      Mr. Gabila 3 months ago

      made sense the night king is menacing but not that an emotionally impactful villian. I always knew he will be defeated first before Cersei, who we have hated since ep1

    • hyper
      hyper Year ago

      @Chris Reid yes

    • Ha Ha
      Ha Ha Year ago

      @Chris Reid No a season would have helped.

    • M K
      M K Year ago

      @B Stan Keep talking shit. The episode (and last seasons in general) sucked.

    • B Stan
      B Stan Year ago

      @M K It could've had more episodes and detail but na I enjoyed it. Keep talking shit and saying how bad it was, I love it

  • GS-8
    GS-8 Year ago +337

    The triple layer walls of Qarth must have been inspired by the walls of Constantinople. The city is also quite similar to Constantinople which for a long time was the only surviving city in a once great empire

    • Tuff
      Tuff 3 months ago

      @NotABot 8436 It's both. The walls of Babylon were named by Antipater of Sidon in around 150 BC, one of the oldest surviving lists of the wonders. Later lists named the lighthouse of Alexandria instead of the walls of Babylon.

    • NotABot 8436
      NotABot 8436 3 months ago +2

      @Tuff Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Babylon famous for its hanging gardens, not its walls?

    • Kelly Sun&Serenity
      Kelly Sun&Serenity 3 months ago +2

      Ah the Theodosian Walls of Constantinople....clever

    • Tuff
      Tuff 3 months ago +1

      Pretty sure they were inspired by the Walls of Babylon, which were part of the original 7 wonders of (our) world. They were replaced in the list by the Lighthouse of Alexandria in the 300s BC when they collapsed. The famous Ishar-Gate of Babylon was decorated with animals, like the outer walls of Qarth.

    • Frederik
      Frederik 3 months ago

      @GS-8 nope

  • WinzzWorld
    WinzzWorld 3 years ago +224

    I would think the jet black city of Asshai would be a wonder as well. Writings say it absorbed any sunlight around, and it's a major port. Would make sense that Longstrider had been there.

    • Nunya Biznes
      Nunya Biznes 3 months ago +2

      They painted everything with vanta black lol

    • Throg
      Throg 8 months ago

      Yeah but it's also skeezy as hell.

  • wifi luke
    wifi luke 4 years ago +1924

    I'm so happy this channel exists, gives GoT such incredible depth until the last season premieres!

    • NotABot 8436
      NotABot 8436 5 months ago +2

      this comment is tragic

    • Gholam Da Pantaloon Sniffer
      Gholam Da Pantaloon Sniffer Year ago

      @palanare - 😂 I wish it didn't end the way it did and now Peter dinklage is calling all of the fans who disliked the ending just a bunch of jobless people who had nothing better to do on a Sunday......

    • palanare -
      palanare - Year ago +8

      oh sweet, sweet summer child ...

    • Gholam Da Pantaloon Sniffer
      Gholam Da Pantaloon Sniffer Year ago

      And after the shows finished haha 😂

    • M K
      M K Year ago

      @Theodor Berg No.

  • Remus Muntean
    Remus Muntean 3 years ago +958

    GRRM : Can I copy the 7 wonders of the world for my books?
    World : Sure, but make some changes.
    GRRM : *Makes everything 2 times bigger*

  • Orlenn Murphy
    Orlenn Murphy 4 years ago +2556

    I demand that all buildings be measured in Hodors from now on.

    • PeenyYT
      PeenyYT 8 months ago

      @akeel brown akeel what the fuck you either did the math wrong or have a gigapenid

    • Burpo Stockings
      Burpo Stockings Year ago +5

      2009 chevy silverado
      5.3 liter engine
      LT trim package
      1.2 Hodor bed legnth

    • z2•*
      z2•* 4 years ago +11

      and doors should be 1 standard hodor.

    • Steve Van Tiel
      Steve Van Tiel 4 years ago +29

      @Scott Mantooth 1848, Hodor is 208 cm tall, 384,400,000 metres to the moon, #Hodorsystem

    • Scott Mantooth
      Scott Mantooth 4 years ago +12

      how many Hodor's is it to the moon?

  • Tiberius Codius
    Tiberius Codius 4 years ago +3402

    GRRM: hey, can I copy your homework?
    Great pyramid of Giza: sure, just make sure you change it a little bit

    • duffman18
      duffman18 Month ago

      @COUNTERSPELLgoon they never found bodies but they DID find tons of sarcophaguses in them, that had clear signs of being broken into and things having been stolen out of them, things like, you know, bodies. Mummified humans have been used in traditional (i.e. incorrect) "medicine" for millenia, and still are in parts of the world today, which gives a good reason why these could be stolen, although the main reason is probably that all the gold and jewellery could be sold for a fortune.
      This idea that the pyramids were never used as tombs is a modern fad from places like Tik Tok and Facebook, but you don't see actual historians ever bringing it up legitimately as a theory, because all the evidence contradicts it.
      What you're claiming is like saying if you found a tombstone from say England that's 2000 years old, immediately going "well there's no body buried under it anymore, which means tombstones categorically have never been used to mark graves in England at any point in history". Which would be of course ridiculous to claim. Wood and organic tissue rot away, even bones turn to dust, all that's left over is the coffins and the stones.

    • AdmiralMeow
      AdmiralMeow 2 months ago

      damn the comment section destroyed T Mac

    • Tiberius Codius
      Tiberius Codius 4 months ago

      @Manospondylus the fact that I'm still getting replies 3 years later and over 3,000 likes makes me feel beyond famous

    • Manospondylus
      Manospondylus 4 months ago

      To be fair, pyramids are extremely common among real life cultures as well

    • Max Wall
      Max Wall 5 months ago

      @FromNothingICome yeah it would make sense that ancient Egyptians would leave open their broken into buildings just like how banks leave the hole that robbers blew open when they stole shit

  • alexpopper1
    alexpopper1 4 years ago +1703

    Presumably the Yi Ti Emperor's Palace is based on the Forbidden City, which was fabled to have 1000 buildings (it has 980)?

    • popular culture
      popular culture 3 years ago

      i wonder how many Hodors that is?

    • Sisi Xiao
      Sisi Xiao 3 years ago +1

      @winter melon the number of rooms in the forbiden city is 999, because the ancient Chinese believed that 9 is the biggest number. And emperors are the biggest people - thats why they love to have 999 rooms in their house (the Forbidden City is their palace).

    • Mao Sama
      Mao Sama 3 years ago +3

      And the qarth wall was based on troy. Recently archeologist found the supposed city of troy. And instead of one great wall they found out that it's comprised by 3 main walls and segmented by multiple smaller ones. It is unknown whether Homer's tales about troy was based on the city that was found but it does resemble alot of things what he described.

    • books from Windblown
      books from Windblown 4 years ago

      @ak87 to keep all of the secret passages as an escape if another rebellion happens. The spider in Robert's rebellion, he was those passages and kept it for himself and his kids/spies to gather information and kill people. Every Monarchies does have some forms of palace secret escape or information gathered rooms?

    • ak87
      ak87 4 years ago

      @books from Windblown Just like Maegor the Cruel executed the labourers of the red keep...

  • DuSundavarFreohr
    DuSundavarFreohr 3 years ago +36

    The Palace of Love in Chroyane (though now the ruined Sorrows) was once considered a marvel of the world. The palace alone is estimated by Tyrion through the fog to be many times the size of the Red Keep and was known throughout the world to be splendorously beautiful. Very possible that it was one of the wonders before its destruction.

  • Ned Kettle
    Ned Kettle 4 years ago +5061

    The Hodor system of measurements - the way to reconcile metric and imperial fanboys!

    • Burpo Stockings
      Burpo Stockings Year ago

      Brilliant! As an Amurican, the metric system is too confusing and doesnt make sense. Hodors, hands, and hogsheads are the correct way to measure things

    • Ian McLean
      Ian McLean Year ago

      Only 3 nations don't use the metric system. So the way to reconcile is for them to join the rest of the world.

    • Mammon Tustado
      Mammon Tustado 2 years ago

      metric and imperial *fanboys*

    • POHTUS
      POHTUS 2 years ago

      @Caleb Garrett Said the last buggy whip maker on earth.

    • Caleb Garrett
      Caleb Garrett 2 years ago

      @POHTUS being unique is better then being identical

  • Rob
    Rob 3 years ago +645

    One thing I learnt is that GRRM loves his history

    • Nomnomfpv
      Nomnomfpv 2 years ago +4

      @Thelastmemelord Lol Have you read all the ASOIAF books so far? I’m genuinely curious because to say that “there are way more characters in theses stories with arc then in got” in reference to Tolkien makes me believe you just watched the series and are basing your option off the show.

    • Jacob -
      Jacob - 2 years ago +6

      @Thelastmemelord Lol Bigger? Lord of the rings books including the Hobbit 576,459 words. All game of thrones books ≈ 1,770,000 words. In what fucking way is it bigger?

    • Jacob -
      Jacob - 2 years ago +5

      @Thelastmemelord Lol A story which is supposed to be grounded in realism in a fantasy world has sex? No way dude, it's not like sex is literally a giant part of existance. Shows you are a virgin.

    • Rob
      Rob 2 years ago +28

      @Incognito Mode I know you live off arguing with people and thrive off the attention and angry you raise out of people by making comments like this however I will still bite. To call Game of Thrones just a offshoot Lord of the Rings is insulting to George R. R. Martin's talent as a writer. Also my comment was poking fun at the idea that someone doesn't realize that he does love his history and borrow heavily from it. You need to relax instead of blindly insulting those who make blanket statements without knowing their true intentions. Grow up you sad little man...

    • Incognito Mode
      Incognito Mode 2 years ago +1

      DUH. That’s the obvious statement of the century........His whole premise is an offshoot of Lord of The Rings, that’s painfully obvious, plus heavy influence from The Wars of The Roses. Everything in his books is a conglomeration of his favorite periods in history and fantasy he read. Soooooo, if people don’t know that already, they’ve been living under a rock in the middle of the desert, with their ears plugged and their eyes blindfolded........

  • Kirsty Brown
    Kirsty Brown 2 months ago

    Half of the story is “nicked” he just founded something kind of new. It’s always the reason I have a lot of respect for him as a writer, while also really not liking him as a creative person. I do separate the 2. Tolkien kind of wrote a song of ice and fire. 🙌🏻🤣

  • Trevor P
    Trevor P 4 years ago +303

    If I'd built the Titan, I'd totally have a rear port for dropping flaming pitch.
    Everybody'd be giggling immaturely as enemy ships burned.

    • Nunya Biznes
      Nunya Biznes 3 months ago

      During times of war, the Titan would be equipped with a taco and the rear port is opened.

    • Fei & Yang
      Fei & Yang 7 months ago

      This is Gold.

    • Duncan Van Ooyen
      Duncan Van Ooyen 9 months ago

      Literally shitting on your enemies

    • Boop De Doop
      Boop De Doop Year ago +3

      He can shoot arrows from his boobs

    • Burpo Stockings
      Burpo Stockings Year ago +18

      Lmao and a large horn that exited out the rear as you drop firey diarrhea on your enemies

  • books from Windblown
    books from Windblown 4 years ago +493

    The Wall is Hardrian's wall.
    The Titans of Braavos is The colossus of Rhodes.
    Hightower in Oldtown is Lighthouse of Alexandria.
    Valyria Freehold roads is the Roman Empire's Roads.
    The Long Bridge of Volantis is The famous Roman Bridge of Cordoba.
    Qarth the trippled wall is probably the Constantinople walls.
    Highgarden is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
    Great Pyramid of Giza is Great Pyramid of Ghis.

    • books from Windblown
      books from Windblown 3 months ago +2

      @Kelly Sun&Serenity Dothekai are imitation of the Mongol Empire and golden hordes

    • Kelly Sun&Serenity
      Kelly Sun&Serenity 3 months ago

      Well done! I applaude you books from Windblown😊👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • D. S.
      D. S. Year ago

      The bridge of Volantis is more like Charles Bridge, Prague.

    • Robert Maybeth
      Robert Maybeth Year ago

      ...and in the books, in book 2 Tyrion walks by an actual Sphinx statue on the way to the small council meetings.

    • Csilla
      Csilla 3 years ago

      At first I thought the bridge is inspired by Pont du Gard, but then I realised Pont du Gard has multiple tier and no shops. The roman bridge in Cordoba seems like a match (minus the shops, but the structure of the bridge itself is like a carbon copy).
      Edit: Imo I think it's great that GRRM was inspired by the real world's -our world's- beautiful, historical buildings. We have a lot of these ancient wonders to cherish.

  • Raven the Craven
    Raven the Craven 5 months ago +9

    Lomas Longstider never made it past the Bones mountains, as he lost heart and believed he was at the world’s end. It’s stated in the East of Ib in the World of Ice and Fire. Great video regardless.

  • TomShortLad
    TomShortLad 4 years ago +35

    There’s no one on X-vid that delivers GoT content of this quality do consistently, thanks so much mate

  • Dell12 16
    Dell12 16 3 years ago +14

    It’s probably the Five Forts and the Hightower. Because the Five Forts are basically the Wall of Essos and the Hightower is the tallest structure in Westeros so it’d definitely make sense. If Lomas never visited the Five Forts than the Great Pyramid of Ghis or Meereen would probably take its place on the list.

  • Rick Baum
    Rick Baum 4 years ago +403

    volantis is like london: a outpost build by the romans, divided by the river into a respected city on the on side and in medieval times the filthy degenerate and outlawish south bank where theatres brothels and pubs were. the bridge is like london bridge, which in the old times was also built up with houses and shops and the only way to cross the Themes.

    • Hannah Lindsey
      Hannah Lindsey 3 years ago

      @Liz Lee the Roman Britons built hadrians wall to keep out the picts and scotts in 122AD the viking age didn't start for another 6 centuries. Also alfred the great lived in the 800s AD. You have your timelines muddled.

    • chronoSprockets
      chronoSprockets 3 years ago

      also similiar to edinburgh which has an old and new town

    • Rooin Mahmood's Supposedly Good Ideas
      Rooin Mahmood's Supposedly Good Ideas 3 years ago +2

      Meanwhile I think culturally you could say it's India- spicy food, warm climate, elephants, tigers, originators of chess (cyvasse). Plus, hathay actually comes from the Hindi word for elephant, hathi.

    • That Girl
      That Girl 3 years ago

      Liz Lee London is actually a pretty big city. It’s twice the expanse of New York

    • Leonardo David 28
      Leonardo David 28 4 years ago

      @Frank Spencer your right, that is totally what I meant and "drowned in sewer water?". Long bridge is totally unlike "Ponte Vecchio"in Florence (I mean what do they even have in common?).

  • Saurabh
    Saurabh 3 years ago +77

    "Sarnath" is an actual city in India where a huge ancient temple devoted to Lord Shiva resides.

    • m0tv1nd
      m0tv1nd 2 months ago

      I thought it was from a Lovecraft story

  • SSVCloud
    SSVCloud 3 years ago +36

    "And by a night that never ends, Melisandre really meant... a night that lasts a night."

    • God Emperor of Mankind 3.0
      God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 Year ago

      if it lasted any longer, and thye were defeated at Winterfell, nobody and nothing could have stopped them

  • El Scruffo McScruffy
    El Scruffo McScruffy 4 years ago +5

    I always associated the Bridge of Volantis with the bridge in Florence. It also has buildings and rooms built its entire length.

  • Alekasndr II
    Alekasndr II 4 years ago +111

    Sarnath and it's story is also a reference to H.P. Lovecraft's short story " The Doom that came to Sarnath".

  • Liam Davis
    Liam Davis 4 years ago +4

    King's Landing is London, Braavos is Venice, Volantis is Florence (famous for its bridge), Qarth is Istanbul (also famous for its walls), and Yi Ti is Beijing (famous for its forbidden city).

  • lisquidsnake
    lisquidsnake 4 years ago +690

    One of the wonders of the modern GoT world is Hot Pies gravy

    • Grok Effer
      Grok Effer 4 years ago +4

      His gravy might be fine and dandy, but if he pounded up cherry pits to sprinkle on top of his pies, that's just crazy. There's no flavor in cherry pits. It's like wood. It is known.

    • Nassor M
      Nassor M 4 years ago

      Maybe even Podrick's 😉

    • T 4.2
      T 4.2 4 years ago +2

      What about Podricks magnum dong?

    • V
      V 4 years ago +8

      Yeah you see, most people don't take much time with the gravy. But Hot Pie knows that the gravy must be perfect for the pie to be moist and tasty inside. A bit like clean pussy but with crusts. That being said his pies have very large crusts. Not cool, more beef and gravy please Hot Pie. I knew mine were better.....

    • Yajna007
      Yajna007 4 years ago +2

      You mean Medeival right?
      Modern world would be *after* that _Dream of Spring_ thingy {the bittersweet ending}.

  • TheRealHoodedManofWinterfell

    Really good episode. Your last few have been absolutely the best in the ASOIAF community

  • Leo Alexander
    Leo Alexander 3 years ago +8

    Great video! I think the Long Bridge might also be based on the old London Bridge that existed during Medieval and Renaissance times. It was covered in buildings as well. I'm less sure about this one, but I think the walls of Qarth might also have been based on the walls of Constantinople. They famously protected it for nearly a millennium, allowing it to survive as the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, until the Ottomans finally captured it by using some of the very first siege cannons in the 15th Century to penetrate the walls. It not only brought an end to the Byzantine's empire and led to the renaming of Constantinople to Istanbul, but marked the end of Medieval-style warfare, the obsolescence of the kind of wall/castle fortifications seen up to that point, and the need for Europeans to find another route to Asia (leading to the discovery of the New World).

  • L Takara
    L Takara 4 years ago +4

    I really love the videos you do based on worldbuilding stuff from the books. I know you've branched out a little to other TV series like Westworld, but I think it would be fantastic if you do the same with other books and book series. There's not enough content like that on X-vid and your style and voice would be perfect for it! Either way, thanks for another great video and happy new year :)

  • Sammy Hallam
    Sammy Hallam 4 years ago +3

    So many unexplored wonders to explore!
    Each one worthy of its own art book.

  • LaneyStudios5
    LaneyStudios5 4 years ago +9

    Two of my favourite youtubers, both ASOIAF channels, Alt Shift X and Preston Jacobs, both for completely different reasons, but both excellent content nonetheless, big fan ASX, keep up the good work :)

  • Brett W. McCoy
    Brett W. McCoy Year ago +2

    Sarnath was also the name of a glorious ancient city from HP Lovecraft's "Dream-Land" stories, and featured in the story "The Doom That Came to Sarnath".

  • look4lec
    look4lec 4 years ago +2

    This was one of my favorite videos besides the chapter readings! Thanks dude, Real history is awesome but I hate non-fiction. Pillars of the Earth is my only inlet into 'historical fiction'. Good enough for me.

  • Alexander Colefield
    Alexander Colefield 4 years ago +2

    I really like this, as even in our own world the 7 Ancient Wonders have always been mysterious and lost to legend as most of them fell long long ago.

  • harris sheikh
    harris sheikh 3 years ago +3

    Hats off to rr Martin for creating a world so real and fascinating that one keeps on appreciating the history he created. 👍

  • Modnarer
    Modnarer 4 years ago +57

    I felt like I walked into a travel agency and was given a tour of where I could possibly go LOL amazing work!

    • MooN 2A
      MooN 2A 3 years ago +2

      I’m religious. So i believe in heaven (duh). I always said to myself that when i die and go to heaven i want to basically VR (except it is real) style go back to ALL the fictional worlds i wanted to experience. And actually experience them, so this video is actually helping me.

    • blacklite911
      blacklite911 4 years ago +2

      You may like in deep geek’s channel. He does a series that is just that a traveler’s guide to asofai’s world

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 2 months ago

    Your videos are always really well made, fascinating, illuminating, informative, and thoughtful. I'm back to watching these and am just really impressed, thank you.

  • Noble
    Noble 3 years ago +256

    'If the Wall falls, night falls as well, the long night that never ends'... Which turns out to be a singular night :/... Dammit D&D.

    • shindari
      shindari 3 years ago +1

      @Joseph Clark Okay, obviously you took a comment made in jest a little too seriously.
      No. Arya was not worthy to rule. I would argue the same thing for Bran. Either choice, practically speaking, would have been a god-awful choice for Westeros, but of course that's how it worked out in this crap season.

    • Joseph Clark
      Joseph Clark 3 years ago

      @shindari Arya should not have sat the iron throne. She doesn't know how to rule and completely goes against her character.

    • shindari
      shindari 3 years ago +2

      We all owe Arya Stark our SOULS for saving us from that night, that would have lasted CENTURIES, if a certain teenager didn't know how to wield a dragonglass knife like a FUCKING NINJA! Instead of "Brandon the Broken", "Arya, the Ice-Breaker" should have been sat on the throne instead.
      This is just one of about 7,423 things the show runners got wrong about the final season...

    • First Citizen of Rome
      First Citizen of Rome 3 years ago +4

      @nd4spd S8 should have been all about the night king and humanities struggles against him. Not villain of the week, killed by a plot armored main character and not about the dragon queen saying fuck it to all her morals she had in the previous 7 seasons. fan fiction at best

    • Noble
      Noble 3 years ago

      @Aaron Landry Would've made for a better season!

  • Eli Brenna
    Eli Brenna 4 years ago

    Love your videos! Would you consider following this up with one about Lomas Longstrider's seven god-made/natural wonders? As Haldon Halfmaester said, "The gods made seven wonders, and mortal man made nine. Rather impious of mortal man to do the gods two better, but there you are."

  • Ben Androvich
    Ben Androvich 4 years ago +1

    You are awesome man, thank you. Your video layouts are incredible, your voice and humor are even more cool! Thank you for the extremely well made and thought out videos and commentary. I’m a huge fan of everything you do, so please keep it up. Thanks again.

  • Rowena A
    Rowena A 4 years ago +2

    I really like that you are doing videos like this, I'd also love to see longer ones should you have the time.

  • Kakashi
    Kakashi 4 years ago

    i love learning about asoiaf lore and your channel is my favorite place to turn to. thank you so much for the time you put into creating your fantastic videos. i, for one, am beyond thankful for all this game of thrones content. keep up the great work!

  • Gabriele Nicoli
    Gabriele Nicoli 4 years ago +1076

    Qarth is basically Constantinople

    • Liam Wilson
      Liam Wilson 3 years ago

      Except it was never conquered. I think Qarth is more like Vienna.

    • Raging Sage
      Raging Sage 3 years ago

      @Freggle well there's Galata beyond the Golden Horn

    • G B
      G B 3 years ago

      Nope, it's most likely based on Babylon. The walls closely resemble the Ishtar gate.

    • Junglehunter677.
      Junglehunter677. 3 years ago

      @Jon Castillian DEUS VULT YOU SARACEN SPY!!!!

    • Jon Castillian
      Jon Castillian 3 years ago


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    It also wouldn't be the first time GRRM has referenced something slavic, for example - the warg Orell, the guy who skinchanged into an eagle, his name literally means "eagle" in Bulgarian and likely a few other slavic languages.

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