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How Manchester United ACTUALLY Signed Dimitar Berbatov 🤯

  • Published on Jan 23, 2023
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  • ZeroTwo999 (IWWT)
    ZeroTwo999 (IWWT) 2 months ago +2784

    Whole respect from the team
    Berbatov is a legend!

    • carlton lambert
      carlton lambert Month ago

      ​@123borehamwood The word has no power anymore. Time for a new one.

    • Mia Mitten
      Mia Mitten Month ago +3

      Michael Jordan: _”That’s all I needed”_
      That would have made me into Messi before Messi. Just out of spite and revenge.

    • United
      United Month ago

      Four years at the club . First season was his best he done a job for us no way a legend. I could pick 10 strikers in our history I’d have over him

    • Zehan Jalnawalla
      Zehan Jalnawalla Month ago +1

      @JM91 i am with you. If you read what i wrote properly you will get that as well!
      I hate the word legend being thrown around like trash for any retired player. Cheapens it.

    • JM91
      JM91 Month ago +13

      @Zehan Jalnawalla not everyone has to be a legend. Berbatov played his part in the story. Stop obsessing with words like legend

  • iq_insane
    iq_insane 2 months ago +2059

    Fergie was ruthless, we need such character

    • Wayne Donoghue
      Wayne Donoghue Month ago +1

      You think the way Ten Hag handled Ronaldo wasn't ruthless? Really? Ten Hag is ruthless

    • Edwin Hokkelman
      Edwin Hokkelman Month ago

      I think that Erik Ten Hag does a splendit job for now and show who's the boss

    • Dom
      Dom Month ago

      He had no shame

    • United
      United Month ago +1

      @John Doe I agree John there was very little loyalty shown to many players of that era . Roy Keane was in my opinion our greatest ever captain and the way he was treated in the end was disgusting. United demand loyalty from the players but it’s very much a business at their end when a player isn’t preforming to the standard it doesn’t matter what you have previously done ur gone

    • John Doe
      John Doe Month ago +3

      @conrad black well he was ruthless just not in this. But his ruthlessness wasn’t always positive for the club, telling Stam that he has been sold at a gas station etc

  • Nick Thorp
    Nick Thorp Month ago +1904

    Frazier Campbell. Should be included somewhere on video details but can't see his name.

    • Andre H
      Andre H 28 days ago

      I was racking my brain trying to remember him!?

    • Kasuba Kapambwe
      Kasuba Kapambwe Month ago

      Ikr smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • fleurn0
      fleurn0 Month ago

      Also doesn't say anywhere that Tottenham was the club in question for the change of loan

    • Nick Thorp
      Nick Thorp Month ago +1

      @Russell Chan OK Russell.

    • Russell Chan
      Russell Chan Month ago

      He said his first name in the video. Not hard to work out it’s Frazier Campbell after that.

  • Mia Mitten
    Mia Mitten Month ago +297

    _”No need to call back boss. The answer is ‘no’. I’ll see you at Carrington Monday”_ 📞*click*

    • DeLuca Boy
      DeLuca Boy 21 day ago

      @Ali Hassan At least players now have the freedom to move at the end of contracts. Not like before when clubs could hold them until they get a transfer fee

    • Mnr Black
      Mnr Black Month ago


    • The Tyro of Toriyama
      The Tyro of Toriyama Month ago +7

      Worked for Phil Jones

    • Ali Hassan
      Ali Hassan Month ago +11

      Well that is exactly how all players will answer nowadays to any manager as they have massive fat wages even the kids so don’t mind if I stay left out as I’m getting the pay.

    • David Muleme
      David Muleme Month ago +2


  • Loneman
    Loneman 2 months ago +887

    I miss watching Berba play; it was pure artistry! The only player who could go from box to box and _still_ somehow keep up with the fast attacking play while _never_ going faster than walking pace. 😂

    • martin griffey
      martin griffey Month ago

      Watch him on youtube

    • ART
      ART Month ago +2

      He was like Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th. Victims ran like crazy, he walked and always caught up ! 🤣

    • The Nos
      The Nos Month ago +3

      My all time favorite United striker, guy was the definition of poetry in motion

    • dsoccer241
      dsoccer241 Month ago +1


    • Paul Silver
      Paul Silver Month ago +10

      @Hegelian Dianetik don’t know how much you watched him mate but he didn’t need to the game was played around him he made football simple and his touch and tekkers was something else

    HNDRXX 2 months ago +409

    Smart from Fergie, gave the player the choice but he knew it was an illusion. There was only negatives to him saying no

    • Honest man
      Honest man 26 days ago

      ​@Lee Green greatest manager with only 3 champions leagues?

    • Allan 55
      Allan 55 Month ago

      ​@Mia Mitten no, to see who's a team player lol

    • Sun Blanket
      Sun Blanket Month ago

      just a LOAN

    • Suhail Raja
      Suhail Raja Month ago +4

      ​@Mia Mitten it's not like he was getting sold it's just a loan

  • Giancarlo Crumps
    Giancarlo Crumps 2 months ago +504

    Football can be so cold sometimes

    • conrad black
      conrad black Month ago

      @TheRo33a at the time Tottenham we’re short on strikers as Darren bent was injured regularly and pavlyuchenko had only signed the day before Campbell he was promised to get plenty of game time hence why he went to Tottenham but it didn’t work out and they resigned Defoe and Keane that jan

    • Fat Broccoli 8
      Fat Broccoli 8 Month ago

      @Domancave not true at all

    • Live-in Legend
      Live-in Legend Month ago

      @Domancave you smoke strong crack. Your dealer is amazing 😂

    • Yasam Kaplan
      Yasam Kaplan Month ago +4

      @Domancave this just isn’t true. Wigan were respected for their achievements, sure, but they were never a bigger or better club than Spurs. In 2009 the Spurs even demolished Wigan with 9-1.

    • Turkey Man
      Turkey Man Month ago

      Tbf he was getting sent to Tottenham. Feel like it would have been ample times worse had he had to go international.

  • Ismaeel
    Ismaeel Month ago +191

    He deserves more respect, chose his club over himself

    • Mia Mitten
      Mia Mitten Month ago +1

      @Greg Mc Elhinney Wigan won the FA Cup and played in the Europa league while in the Championship. Spurs.......ugh 🤔

    • Greg Mc Elhinney
      Greg Mc Elhinney Month ago +8

      @Not Real debatable because he was going to start at Wigan but would be behind defoe bent and Keane at spurs

    • LivelyOsprey
      LivelyOsprey Month ago +15

      @Not Real without hindsight, not necessarily. You’d be more likely to get more game time with Wigan rather than being a bench warmer

    • Not Real
      Not Real Month ago +25

      You ignored the part where he was going on loan to Wigan but instead got to go to spurs. It was better for his career.

  • AJ R
    AJ R Month ago +68

    I won't forget how a lot of fans trashed berba calling him a lazy player when we signed him. He was a genius I called it!

    • itoroe
      itoroe 5 days ago

      Ngl he was sly lazy

    • Mark Kofi
      Mark Kofi Month ago

      Reminds me of how people saw Glen Hoddle back in the day.

  • King Keano
    King Keano 2 months ago +110

    Respect . Fraizer campbell !!!

    • Mia Mitten
      Mia Mitten Month ago +1

      Michael Jordan: _”That’s all I needed”_
      That would have made me into Messi before Messi. Just out of spite and revenge.

  • Janp Teyag
    Janp Teyag Month ago +231

    If Man Utd had proper owners during Sir Alex reign he would have won even more trophies

    • Henry Tenden
      Henry Tenden 27 days ago

      So that means its the owners who won you trophies not the manager??!?

    • Alfonso Hernandez
      Alfonso Hernandez Month ago

      @PALMARIUS🌴 Owners don't affect the outcome of a single game bro, Barcelona were just better that day

    • Grenson Fletcher
      Grenson Fletcher Month ago


    • WhiteEKKO
      WhiteEKKO Month ago

      ​@PALMARIUS🌴 lmao hows that possible. Terry slip made u win 08. And no chance in hell u were beating PEPs barca

    • Mister
      Mister Month ago

      Thing is Fergie got everything he asked for

  • Traeking
    Traeking 2 months ago +106

    Respect 💯🙌
    That's United ❤️💯

  • Xolile Nyembe
    Xolile Nyembe 2 months ago +240

    This shows what SAF had to do to run this Club under the glazers!

    • TwoLeftShoes
      TwoLeftShoes Month ago

      I think he was saying that Totenham wouldn't accept the deal unless they got a striker the other way for a replacement.

    • S R Leeming
      S R Leeming Month ago

      @Logan M.S.Z okay cool I wasn’t sure

    • mike wazowski
      mike wazowski Month ago

      Only got to sign a 30 mill player (probably 70 mill now) in exchange of a squad player? Yeah sounds terrible

    • Logan M.S.Z
      Logan M.S.Z Month ago

      ​@S R Leemingthe we're full owners of the club for 3 years by that point and had shares in the club for 5 years at that point.

  • Tr3ndZz
    Tr3ndZz 2 months ago +57

    Im from bulgaria and im proud we have a person like berba 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬

    • Sadolf_Bitler
      Sadolf_Bitler 24 days ago

      why does he look like a vampire though? That hairline a Bulgarian thing ?

    • Nasir Ramli
      Nasir Ramli Month ago +1

      @Tr3ndZz berbatov legend in man utd

    • B Doc
      B Doc Month ago +1

      @badm0t0rf1nger Petrov was brilliant for the hoops, truly excellent.

    • badm0t0rf1nger
      badm0t0rf1nger Month ago +1

      What a player.
      I'm in Scotland, so I also appreciate Stiliyan Petrov.
      I'm also old enough to remember watching Hristo Stoichkov!
      Considering Bulgaria's size, you have had some *top* players over the years. :)

    • Tr3ndZz
      Tr3ndZz Month ago +2

      ​@B Doc thanks bro❤

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones Month ago +4

    Steve Bruce, ex United. Probably was the reason the two of them were sat together in the first place. SAF was ruthless.

  • Detrout Spinners
    Detrout Spinners Month ago +4

    Respect to sir Alex for being up front with him. He could have given him loads of bollocks about what a great move this is for him, but he was honest - this deal hinges on you, what do you say?

  • Kats Cakes
    Kats Cakes 2 months ago +37

    Respect to Berbatov

  • racegod09
    racegod09 Month ago +9

    Frazier Campbell - United Legend.

  • Zulu Cruz
    Zulu Cruz Month ago +4

    Back in my United’s FM Save, this man went on loan forever from one team to another team. A true ronin Frazier was….

  • TookHerToTheO
    TookHerToTheO Month ago +2

    He did great in his first spell at hull city. We won’t ever forget what he did that 07/08 season!

  • Mia Mitten
    Mia Mitten Month ago +3

    Michael Jordan: _”That’s all I needed”_
    That would have made me into Messi before Messi. Just out of spite and revenge.

  • sonny h
    sonny h 2 months ago +49

    fergie had to be brutal to be sucessfull

    • Mia Mitten
      Mia Mitten Month ago +2

      Michael Jordan: _”That’s all I needed”_
      That would have made me into Messi before Messi. Just out of spite and revenge.

  • Lee Green
    Lee Green Month ago +3

    Gave him 3 to 4 minutes to think about how his life would be hell if he refused lol……Fergie was a master!!

  • Frimmbits
    Frimmbits  Month ago +1

    SAF always got the work done

  • WhereIsTheAccountability

    Berbie was a silent killer. Class, skills, football intelligence at his pace. Many understand his brilliance now.

  • Grego
    Grego Month ago +11

    Respect Campbell 👍

  • GJ Bell
    GJ Bell Month ago +1

    Barba sublime! The epitome of cool!

    AMJH 4LAH Month ago +3

    No pressure, then 🤣💀

  • S11
    S11 Month ago +1

    What surprised me is how he understood what sir alex said

  • The Phantom Terence
    The Phantom Terence Month ago +5

    Wonder where Frazier Campbell is now…sure he hasn’t retired from football - he was much younger than Giggs, Scholes, Butt, Nevs and that bunch

  • Lijo Augustine
    Lijo Augustine Month ago +1

    "man management" comes at a cost

  • Ali reza Rezai
    Ali reza Rezai Month ago

    The fact that he understood what ferggie was saying ,for me makes him better than berba..

  • B Moba
    B Moba Month ago +37

    We should thank him if he say no then we will never see Dimitar Berbatov

    • Jay bale3
      Jay bale3 Month ago

      Berbatov was already at spurs balling out if the deal hadn’t gone through berbatov would’ve stayed at spurs, would’ve been there when bale became a beast and would’ve played for us in the ucl or he may have had another offer from another big European club come through

  • My Endless Inspiration Channel

    Berbatov was pure 🔥 and swag

  • James McCarthy
    James McCarthy 13 days ago

    Definitely wouldn't want to be the player who returned to Man Utd a year after scuppering Fergie's big £30m transfer!
    He had no choice.

  • conrad black
    conrad black Month ago +2

    It’s not as if it would have been a tough choice. Who wouldn’t want to go on loan to Tottenham instead of Wigan?

  • StONe AGe
    StONe AGe Month ago +1

    Can't say that he didn't do his bit for the club when they called on him, fair play

  • Alph413
    Alph413 Month ago +2

    Happy Birthday Mr Berbatov🎉🎉

  • j wini
    j wini Month ago

    Frazer Campbell and Josh King were elite youth players

  • The Bristolian Mackem

    Frazier was brilliant at Sunderland

  • Joseph Jesse
    Joseph Jesse Month ago +3

    This is a no Brainerd. Alot of many Manchester United Club legends will never be praised enough. Most who wore thr shirt sacrificed so much for the club and made decisions that they weren't comfortable with for the growth of the club. No player can ever be bigger than a Club especially not one as deeply rooted as ManchesterUnited FC. A club, a people and a culture built on the backs of millions and millions of people. GGMU

  • Greg Mc Elhinney
    Greg Mc Elhinney Month ago +1

    Most random loan deal ever since Tottenham didn’t need him or use him at all

  • MultiLiverpool1
    MultiLiverpool1 Month ago +1

    I've watched this video twice and I still have no clue who that guy is 😆

  • Marcus Hicks
    Marcus Hicks Month ago +1

    30 mil for the Bulgarian magician, what an absolute steal.
    He'd be worth 100+ mil in this era...

    • Hold Your Breath
      Hold Your Breath Month ago

      At the time it was one of the highest price tags. It certainly weight on berbatovs shoulders a littlle bit.

  • Ogar callistus
    Ogar callistus Month ago

    The accent is so wonderful 👏

  • CrashGlassBar
    CrashGlassBar Month ago +2

    "No Fergie, it's my time, forget the Bulgarian"
    Scottish Accent on other end of the phone:
    "You got guts kid, you're playing the Champions League Final instead of Wazza on Saturday"

  • RAzOR ShaRp
    RAzOR ShaRp Month ago

    Fancy getting played like that when SAF came up with the idea for him to be included in the deal. A pon in the chess game.

  • wami david
    wami david 2 months ago +2

    Sad really. But then something had to give.

  • Something
    Something Month ago

    Ferguson has never held back that the worst part of being a football manager is to let people that has worked endlessly hard go.

  • Ali Umer
    Ali Umer Month ago

    Fraizer campbell used to go to my high school. I remember him coming back to the school after he left to come see the geography teacher.

  • Curtis Sawyer
    Curtis Sawyer Month ago +1

    As a Liverpool fan I hate fergie for all the heartbreak he caused us but that man knew how to handle people

  • Crash bandicoot XO
    Crash bandicoot XO Month ago +2

    Frazier Campbell was excellent at Sunderland

  • Stefano Bailey
    Stefano Bailey Month ago

    Did he really refer to himself as "Sir Alex"? Lol

  • David Carter
    David Carter Month ago +1

    I know his grandma.... She volunteers in Kirkwood hospice charity shop in Huddersfield

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago

    Was this a test, to show that he wanted to fight for his place? That he failed… There’s no reason that I can think of that would prevent them from making that signing if he didn’t go on loan. He wasn’t on a massive wage.

  • Potetoes Man
    Potetoes Man Month ago +1

    Berbatov is such a legend

  • M H
    M H Month ago +1

    Brutal man management

  • dozz87
    dozz87 Month ago

    Great man manager

  • TheKwameGhana
    TheKwameGhana Month ago +1

    Massive respect to Fraizer Campbell

  • droppinBOMBS310
    droppinBOMBS310 Month ago

    Imagine if he never went on loan 😮

  • Stephen Rowe
    Stephen Rowe Month ago

    I’m telling him I want a 2 million pound bonus for moving no if buts or maybes

  • ELNiñoLuke
    ELNiñoLuke Month ago

    Sorry Frazier, but I think they'd have found a way if you had said no. Don't think the deal actually hinged on you

  • Ryan Shearwood
    Ryan Shearwood Month ago

    Some of that famous “man management“ from fergie

  • Armin Salinas II
    Armin Salinas II Month ago


  • abdi libaax
    abdi libaax Month ago

    Big respect

  • keiron gaman
    keiron gaman Month ago

    Scholes has let himself go

  • Josslyn Kenworthy
    Josslyn Kenworthy Month ago

    Fergie's true colours showing through. This isn't admirable from him, as if he was some sort of supreme leader.

  • Level 1
    Level 1 Month ago

    To be fair Tottenham not the worse move. It was still a top 10 premier League Cup. Still playing top level football

  • Joy Mhlanga
    Joy Mhlanga Month ago +12

    Am I the only one who finds it weird that he would call himself Sir Alex while on the phone to one of his players?

    • OrixX OrtegA Sounds
      OrixX OrtegA Sounds 3 days ago

      Malaysia said "Don't be a ruler 📏 brother" 🗿

    • Walshy7
      Walshy7 Month ago +7

      I don’t think he does, that’s just how Frazier addresses him even when impersonating him

  • Marc
    Marc Month ago

    Thank you Frazier

  • Peter Ball
    Peter Ball Month ago

    Modern day footballers would say nah mate

  • Tayo Sunmola
    Tayo Sunmola Month ago

    I like Frazier back then for the few times i saw him at man utd.

  • Gonzo Jones
    Gonzo Jones Month ago

    He calls himself Sir Alex?

  • siegecn
    siegecn Month ago

    Frazier Campbell the og fm wonderkid

  • Sam Maher
    Sam Maher Month ago

    Spurs got screwed twice there in one swift move 😩

  • 7lvn Blue
    7lvn Blue 20 days ago

    He calls himself sir Alex.... Or narrator just to using that time...

  • Łeoshsn hs
    Łeoshsn hs Month ago

    do you think he rang the phone saying it’s sir alex

  • United Galore
    United Galore 2 months ago +27

    I need that withheld number 🔥🔥

  • Jamie Moore
    Jamie Moore Month ago

    What relevance do the deals have with each other?

    • Football Club David
      Football Club David Month ago

      He was going on loan to Wigan, then the deal with Spurs for Berbatov had him going to Spurs instead of Wigan as long as he accepted it.

  • Paul Robinson
    Paul Robinson Month ago

    Bruce was at Sunderland at the time. Not Wigan

  • Dessydd
    Dessydd Month ago

    David May is the GOAT

  • Sir Dope
    Sir Dope 26 days ago

    I remember the time...berbatov on the bench at the spurs and didnt want to play... its that true ???

  • Coco 3.0
    Coco 3.0 Month ago

    Who is that ?

  • Navin Menon
    Navin Menon Month ago

    Right...Alex Ferguson himself rang up this nobody of a footballer.

  • reddevil94
    reddevil94 Month ago

    Hello its sir alex here😂😂😂

  • lucas Aveyard
    lucas Aveyard Month ago +2

    Frazier cambells dad once docked a cig out on my face when i was a young lad true story 😂😂

    • lucas Aveyard
      lucas Aveyard Month ago

      @User 2500 i was like 14 maybe and he told me t stop smoking so i walked up the road and continued so he came up grabbed the cig and docked it on my cheek

    • User 2500
      User 2500 Month ago


  • Neil Rafferty
    Neil Rafferty Month ago

    Sitting , not 'sat'.

  • Adam Grimsley
    Adam Grimsley Month ago

    Who is he?

  • Dimitar
    Dimitar 25 days ago

    My name is Dimitar 🤣

  • Daeva
    Daeva Month ago

    Should have said no . Didnt want you COYS

  • John Shaw
    John Shaw Month ago

    Tbf I'd rather have played for Fulham over Wigan

  • Jan Nedorost
    Jan Nedorost Month ago

    it must be hard.

  • SighFly
    SighFly Month ago

    So he was going to sign with Wigan but SAF called and said he needed to go to Spurs on loan instead? This short doesn’t make any sense and is poorly put together.

  • KAYO
    KAYO Month ago

    Who’s this guy ?

  • Rich O
    Rich O Month ago

    Berba was an overrated showpony who couldn't step up when it really mattered.

  • TheRealSam Black
    TheRealSam Black 2 months ago +5


  • Jeffrey Alvin
    Jeffrey Alvin Month ago +1

    I don't get it, why does Campbell have to go on loan for Berbatov to sign??

    • Christopher Beevor
      Christopher Beevor Month ago +9

      Spurs were losing a striker in the last minutes of the transfer window. Frasier went the other way on loan for the rest of the season to make up numbers for Spurs.

    • Jean Michel Jr.
      Jean Michel Jr. Month ago +1

      Sometimes teams ask for a player in return as part of a transfer.

  • indra ichsan
    indra ichsan Month ago

    Respect chambel one reds always reds

  • Mas Hu
    Mas Hu Month ago

    Yrs l8r berba regretted movin to m utd.