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Raised by Wolves Explained

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022

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  • Mikel Nomikos
    Mikel Nomikos Year ago +3773

    Condensing the entire first season into a pithy 30 minute breakdown was an act of sheer storytelling precision.

    • Nina B
      Nina B Month ago

      ​@Joshua Thabane ,,,,

    • Alfred Hitchcook
      Alfred Hitchcook 2 months ago

      @Joshua Thabane lmfso you don’t say? You mean 30 minutes can’t cover 10 hours of story in-depth? Wow, thanks for the heads up

    • Sharklops
      Sharklops 4 months ago

      @Bruce Biiiig tatonka!

    • Elk meat enjoyer
      Elk meat enjoyer 5 months ago

      @Joshua Thabane the only good thing that happened on this show was when the necromancer killed everyone but after that it was pretty slow.

    • sineast
      sineast 5 months ago


  • Memer Of Blaviken
    Memer Of Blaviken Year ago +1969

    The Mithraic whenever they face any problem whatsoever:
    "Better Call Sol!"

    • Hexane Smith
      Hexane Smith Month ago

      Smh. Best/worst pun from 2021.

    • Acute angle
      Acute angle 2 months ago

      "I travel in worlds you can't even imagine. You can't conceive of what im capable of. I'm so far beyond you. I'm like a god in human clothing. Lightning bolts shoot from my fingertips!"

    • Faisal kamal
      Faisal kamal 2 months ago

      @Art samei vrovo bince

    • Art samei
      Art samei 2 months ago

      Bravo Vince

    • Faisal kamal
      Faisal kamal 4 months ago

      @roosterman I say they do more than humans -Sol probably

  • René vH
    René vH 3 months ago +148

    This was excellent sci-fi!! So sad that it's cancelled.

    • Sieglinde
      Sieglinde 18 days ago

      @gerry o sullivan he is showrunner

    • gerry o sullivan
      gerry o sullivan 18 days ago +1

      @Sieglinde Scott doesn’t direct

    • Sieglinde
      Sieglinde Month ago +6

      Nah its a bunch of pseudo cool ideas directed by some guy that is way past his prime. this series is just awful in both its idea and especially execution. Weir =/= good

    • René vH
      René vH Month ago +12

      @Amira Bautista Sadly it is. However, the creators are shopping it around to other networks to see if anyone picks it up. And they should.

    • Amira Bautista
      Amira Bautista Month ago +8

      it’s cancelled???? noooo I just got so excited 🥹

  • MrSidney9
    MrSidney9 9 months ago +161

    This is hands down the most intelligent and sensible review of this show. It summarizes then make sense of almost everything in the show.

  • ishi masuka
    ishi masuka 6 months ago +105

    please make one for the season 2 . most theories you made in this video were confirmed in season 2 so would be interesting to watch your take on season 2

    • cat
      cat 2 months ago +1


    • Ravindranath Shrivastava
      Ravindranath Shrivastava 2 months ago +7

      And maybe that will another boost to Raised by Wolves and hopefully it gets picked up by some studio

  • lee gibson
    lee gibson Year ago +2947

    Father is the most sane "person" in this show. I think he is a "everything in moderation" type guy which I like.

    • Autumn Aurora
      Autumn Aurora 29 days ago

      @Swift Nimblefoot The atheists didn't win?

    • Night Slasher
      Night Slasher Month ago

      @ThaPrivateer Eyes on his eyes not his dick.

    • joe joeington
      joe joeington 7 months ago

      He is also the only one with morals that make sense

    • Cypher
      Cypher 7 months ago

      wait for season 2 :D

    • Sean H
      Sean H 7 months ago

      turned out kinda wrong lol

  • Autumn Aurora
    Autumn Aurora 29 days ago +3

    I really wish they'll change their minds, or manage to make a third season; I really enjoyed this show. I love Sci Fi/Dystopia, anybody recommend any other good shows that are in these genres please?

  • Swedishmafia101 Meme Corporation

    Mythology is such an amazing inspiration. Honestly a great show, I can't wait for season 2!

    • Lapis
      Lapis 4 months ago +4

      @Jayden Levy Not rubbish. Truly excellent. Maybe feels a little different, but I think that's the point. Still great story.

    • Jayden Levy
      Jayden Levy 5 months ago

      @Orges_X could you tell me how? I’m curious.

    • Orges_X
      Orges_X 6 months ago +1

      don't wait season 2 rubbish

  • Jim Doyle
    Jim Doyle 9 months ago +47

    Incredibly concise and insightful breakdown of the 1st season, thank you so much! It's interesting that the only 2 souls that have "come back" from the dead are Tally and the mouse...both of which fell down the pits (and thus presumably absorbed by the fire core). Also Campion and Paul definitely have that Cain and Abel vibe going...and Campion does have the name "Cain" contained in his name. Anyway, will be interesting to see where this all goes in Season 2. Thanks again for the great video!!

  • Al Ruiz
    Al Ruiz 9 months ago +27

    You have provided a truly intelligent and insightful analysis. Also impressive is how you analyze in such an even handed and unbias manner. Great job!

  • markanthony1004
    markanthony1004 9 months ago +53

    It’s actually a good show. I totally understand everything happening…super totally understand. No confusion whatsoever 😤

    • Andreas Martin
      Andreas Martin 3 months ago +3

      Then you probably are an alien supercomputer. For us lowly humans, this would appear to be a load of well animated weirdness.

  • Thomas Lapperre
    Thomas Lapperre 8 months ago +27

    This. Was pretty epic. Even the commercial plug at the end felt logical. Kudos for this production. Sol will reward you.

  • Luis Pedro Chaves Pereira
    Luis Pedro Chaves Pereira 11 months ago +10

    Excellent summary! I lost interest around ep8 because it was becoming too messy! But I think I’ll give it another a shot 🙂
    You were really good at explaining all the religious aspects and analogies.

  • MrConspark
    MrConspark 7 months ago +21

    So the fact that the "Devolved human" in the cape looks a lot like the Engineers in Prometheus? Or is that just my imagination or the Ridley Scott influence factor? :)
    Thanks for an excellent explanation of the first series. Subbed and liked :)

    • MrConspark
      MrConspark 6 months ago

      This is why I love Ridley Scott SciFi! It's so full of side bars and theories abound 😍🤩🤩

    • Euclois
      Euclois 6 months ago +3

      @Yan Magno and the snake coming out of mother, clear reference to the chestbursters in alien

    • Yan Magno
      Yan Magno 6 months ago +4

      The androids having white blood as well

  • poeticalvision
    poeticalvision Year ago +1893

    This show is just weird enough that I will be super super pissed if it gets canceled before it reaches its many conclusions. I binged it all in a whole day, I don't even know if the show is good, I just know I GOTTA find out wtf this all means.

    • Xavier Lopez
      Xavier Lopez 2 months ago

      I think we are fucked mate

      YOGA NIDRA 2 months ago

      Your prophecy came true !! It's cancelled after season 2 🥲🥲 praise to sol

    • Toaster
      Toaster 4 months ago +11

      “I will be super super pissed if it gets canceled”
      Yeah, uh about that….

    • Elk meat enjoyer
      Elk meat enjoyer 5 months ago

      Season 2 is available now.

    • Here for the Comment section
      Here for the Comment section 5 months ago

      @【 The Second Floor Guardian 】 yeah but what story of our history is real? Certainly not this simplified bs they feed to the masses currently,

  • Lachlan Gowrie-Smith
    Lachlan Gowrie-Smith Year ago +15

    I loved this show. So pleased it's getting a second season.

  • Elmer Fudd
    Elmer Fudd 10 months ago +13

    Before I saw this video, I couldn't make sense of this TV show - but now I understand some of the important points it's raising. I might go back & rewatch the first season. Thank you very much for making this video!

  • Jeff Weber
    Jeff Weber 9 months ago +27

    Was going to have to watch season 1 all over again but this breakdown is like cliff notes and saved me a bunch of time!

    • chad stinson
      chad stinson 7 months ago

      Who made this show?

    • The Macso
      The Macso 7 months ago +2

      I recommend doubly seeing first season as it's sheer art workmanship and a very compelling œuvre

  • Alonso Vargas
    Alonso Vargas Year ago +8

    What a freaking good analysis you’ve managed to pull out 🙌🏼 Great video and explanation, awesome research! I’m definitely subscribing 👏🏼

  • Dylan Chouinard
    Dylan Chouinard 2 years ago +3549

    Raised By Wolves: for people who thought Dune was too easy to understand!

    • BurningWolf_96
      BurningWolf_96 5 months ago

      Yeah, basically

    • wabbasMEpern
      wabbasMEpern 6 months ago

      Oh buddy, Dune is way more complicated than this show hahaha.

    • tintinismybelgian
      tintinismybelgian 7 months ago

      @Rasheed Amao The Missionaria Protectiva comes to mind.

    • Rasheed Amao
      Rasheed Amao 7 months ago

      @tintinismybelgian like what? Inter galactic politics?

    • Hassan Al Khalaf
      Hassan Al Khalaf 7 months ago

      can you elaborate? I absolutely love Dune and for me raised by wolves was easier to get behind. The parties interacting and the rules of worldbuilding are easy to get behind unlike Dune where you have so many different societies and rules

  • José Carlos Bermúdez Rivera

    I want a video for the 2nd season so bad. This was amazing. Thank you!

  • Psychonaut 59
    Psychonaut 59 8 months ago +2

    What I like about this series is that it's so crazy and unpredictable. Anything can happen! Trying to make sense of it just spoils the fun...

  • hsoj
    hsoj 4 months ago +3

    thank you for this quality video. any plans on making a similar breakdown for season 2?

  • Chris Vipe
    Chris Vipe 8 months ago +4

    Man. I would love to see you do some videos on traditional history.. And I'm not even a history buff or fan. I think your style of videos and talent could make a variety of topics fun and interesting!

  • Fire Tarrasque
    Fire Tarrasque Year ago +4565

    The lesson of this series is "Don't automatically assume that the voice in your head is God."

    • A Groovin Black Sheep
      A Groovin Black Sheep 5 months ago

      @Otto Von Bismarck weeb lol

    • Phillip Burnett
      Phillip Burnett 6 months ago

      In Christianity even the Bible warns of this.

    • Zamora Pakalolo
      Zamora Pakalolo 8 months ago

      Omg, if everyone who thinks they hear from God would only realize 😳

    • 19_091 Muhammad Saeful Alim
      19_091 Muhammad Saeful Alim 8 months ago

      @MrSidney9 depends on the instructions, God cannot be ambiguous isn't it, how can else God told you that He's sending a messenger to you? By your logic God must reveal himself to mankind, this also doesn't follow logically, if there's really a false messenger who be able to do what the real prophets can do then God must describe them in the message that previously held by the real prophets in very specific explanation, for example in Islam there's a prophecy of false prophet that have power like a God, how he looks like, where did he come from, how he gonna act, what superpower he had, when he gonna show up, everything explained in very detail description, and I think you really misunderstood about what kind of privilege the prophets had, if someone can heal sickness through medicine he's not a prophet, he's doctor, what i meant by privilege is the real power of God, prophet Moses can part the red sea through praying, prophet Jesus can bring dead birds back to life and heal people instantly through praying, can doctors do the same? Can contractors do the same? They shouldn't use anything more than praying, can they? And I can't believe in son of God anyway, what i believe that God tittle is absolute, the system must be preserve, it validify the existence of messengers we call prophets.

    • MrSidney9
      MrSidney9 8 months ago

      @19_091 Muhammad Saeful Alim" I can part the red sea, therefore, I met an angel. " this syllogism doesn't follow logically.
      There are a 100 other reasons why someone might have been able to part the red sea.
      Or in the case of Christianity: " I can heal and wake people from the dead, therefore, I am God/ the son of God." Still Doesn't follow logically. If someone come up to you today and heal cancer patients with a touch and even raise people from the dead, will you accept them as the son of God or a prophet of God? By your logic, there is no reason that you shouldn't. As a matter of fact, There are people living today, especially who claimed to have raised people from the dead, and there are thousands of people who believe it and follow them. It was no different during ancient times. If you wont living prophet who can heal people now, why do you believe it when it's only written in an old book? He's dead now, but look up the Guru Sathya Sai baba?

  • ah-in-nist sipes
    ah-in-nist sipes 10 months ago +4

    I am into some pretty crazy sci-fi myth inspired stuff but this show was a wild a ride

  • HaveSpaceshipWillTravel
    HaveSpaceshipWillTravel 9 months ago +4

    One of my new favorite TV shows and I love the way you explained it all so well. Good job. I'm watching season 2 now

  • Jay Andrade
    Jay Andrade 8 months ago +1

    Great synopsis. Really helped me understand what's going on and get excited for season 2!!

  • Robert
    Robert 6 months ago +3

    I never heard of this show but found and started watching it and I couldn't stop watching! Alot going on in this show but very entertaining!!

  • Geist_Fueled_Scarecrow
    Geist_Fueled_Scarecrow Year ago +5123

    "This pregnant, atheist android has a crisis of faith."

    • HalfmanShark
      HalfmanShark 14 hours ago

      Where's Maury when you need him?

    • Fabien Wang
      Fabien Wang 7 days ago +1


    • Justin Baldwin
      Justin Baldwin 23 days ago

      The predominant theory is that faith and atheism are complete opposites. They aren’t, as atheism is a particular religion of its own, with ardent secularism as its god.

    • Joey Ferguson
      Joey Ferguson 29 days ago +1

      you crack me up scarecrow. you do have a brain.....don't let anyone tell you different.

    • Malcolm Miles
      Malcolm Miles 3 months ago

      @Papa's Scooperia Worker I think it’s something you get after you eat chipotle

  • Julee Repchuk
    Julee Repchuk 9 months ago +2

    Uma das melhores análises da série. Pronta para a segunda temporada, "Get around, children"...

  • McWhirlPoolInc
    McWhirlPoolInc 10 months ago

    I started this series last year and stopped at episode 8. Only recently finished the first season. Your recap is helping me recall events that I had forgotten. Marcus is my favorite character.

  • Feon Jun
    Feon Jun 9 months ago +1

    I enjoy the show very much, and I've seen the 4 episodes of season 2 so far. The disturbing thing about the show, to me, is the cruelty the humans are to each other.

  • Emmanuel Mulenga
    Emmanuel Mulenga 8 months ago +5

    wow man, this is really on point, just helped me remember the entire season 1. this is precise

  • Matt Something
    Matt Something 2 years ago +3375

    Father fully equipped with Dad jokes is thoughtful and appreciated.

    • Nislo Perez
      Nislo Perez Year ago

      The best part of this is that, the RBW accounts on social media have this extra clips with Father making more jokes. He is a delight.

    • A Swaney
      A Swaney Year ago +2

      "When is a door not a door? What it is ajar." My favorite joke of his.

    • Trí Trần
      Trí Trần Year ago

      I mean, dad did makes the smug kid seems nicer when he laugh at dad's joke when he restore his sanity....

    • Matt Something
      Matt Something Year ago +1

      @Isty I get it. I’m kinda the same way with social media. Hopefully we will get that punchline.

    • Isty
      Isty Year ago +1

      @Matt Something Im not really sold on the foreshadowing thing, its possible but i dont feel its accurate enough, i read a comment somewhere in here mentioning foreshadowing
      As for posting a Finish this joke thing, i dont really do social media, i have no twitter, facebook reddit or anything else, i only have a YT thing because i watch a lot of videos since i dont watch "real tv" (i do watch many of the free streaming sites which is where i saw RBW)
      So i shall leave that for someone who does use twitter etc to post such a thing
      But im still hopeful Father will remember to conclude the joke in S2

  • The Prolific
    The Prolific 9 months ago +1

    This show is so compelling! Its what Ive been longing for since Ridley didnt make the true sequel to Prometheus this series strangely passifies the curiosity of the Engineers at least till He gets back to the Alien Storyline even though this series is non Alien Cannon we know its the same Universe as Alien by the Android technology. I love this series and its right at the level to keep me locked in. Ridely Scott asks the right questions about life faith and creation. Excellently recommended.

  • Catsin Q
    Catsin Q 4 months ago +2

    WOW. Absolutely brilliant summary and [potential] explanations for some of the crazy weirdness in this show. THANK YOU.

  • SassiPants Yoga
    SassiPants Yoga 7 months ago +6

    Great breakdown and analysis of the storyline. We just finished the 1st season and loved it. Riveting!

  • Haha-AaaAAA
    Haha-AaaAAA 7 months ago +7

    love this show, and love how it's thinking out of the box and is different and original unlike most shows

  • Patrik Alex Kiss
    Patrik Alex Kiss 2 years ago +459

    Also, the name Mother gives herself, Lamia, was a woman in greek mythology that got frisky with Zeus, whom in return Hera punished by killing all her children and cursing her never to sleep. Zeus as an act of his love gave her the ability to remove her own eyes so that she can sleep. She then became a sort of monster/demon preying on children during the night sucking their blood.

    • Alien _ee
      Alien _ee 8 months ago


    • Marc Johnson
      Marc Johnson 9 months ago +1

      I hope there is some deeper meaning or rational explanations that move the plot. It's going to be disappointing if it' s just references to mythology. The snakes, wolves, Greeks, Romans, Christian mythology -- it's interesting but what does it actually MEAN? Hope these threads make sense when strung together.

    • teddynswi69
      teddynswi69 9 months ago +8

      @Faustine M Damn this is some deep shit. You think you finally have it figured out and boom another layer.

    • Neil oppa
      Neil oppa 9 months ago +1


    • Faustine M
      Faustine M Year ago +33

      also lamia are half serpent/half human creatures

  • Tom
    Tom 9 months ago +2

    This show is great, It doesn't happen often that we get something truly different

  • Maester AlcheMIsT
    Maester AlcheMIsT 3 months ago

    Just here to thank you as i had never heard of this series before i came across your video. I just finished the 2 seasons and it is possibly the best tv show i have watched since GOT ended! And unfortunately also found out that it got cancelled, leaving so many things unexplained. If there is one tv show that ought to be revived, it is this one! But again thank you for introducing me to it, i can't believe i had never heard of it, even in passing, for 2 whole years!

  • klientproby
    klientproby 8 months ago

    Thank you for this fantastic explanation of this series I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch it, so watching this has made my mind up for me.

  • Denuhm
    Denuhm 5 months ago

    I enjoyed this series because it was a really good depiction of just how religion works. It's not the beliefs that are the issue, it's the relational aspects of it, the authority structures and the inherent corruptability of people in power.

  • Michael Tomasicchio
    Michael Tomasicchio Year ago +1036

    I had literally never even heard of this show or this channel before X-vid recommended me this video, and now I find that I can’t wait to hear his explanation of season 2.

    • Michael Tomasicchio
      Michael Tomasicchio 8 months ago +1

      @danemania001 Honestly, I'm not really interested in watching the show myself, I just want to watch his breakdown of it.

    • danemania001
      danemania001 8 months ago

      How are your liking season 2 so far?

    • rose prince
      rose prince 9 months ago

      I started watching it because of this

    • Deliver us
      Deliver us 9 months ago

      Is this on Netflix?

    • Slop King
      Slop King 9 months ago +2

      It’s a great show, just a lot of dull people

  • Tamagothchi
    Tamagothchi 6 months ago

    I absolutely love your editing style, and I'm excited to see non GoT videos! Hope to see more

  • Ken Eddings
    Ken Eddings 28 days ago +3

    Best scifi series ever. The death of this show is a tragedy.

  • Khan Of khans
    Khan Of khans 8 months ago

    I just re signed up for crave after about 6 months of a break from it and started watching this series. It is very strange and appealing in many ways. Some of the storylines I have no clue where they are going or what it means.
    It's a very expansive story with different planets and space travel, human colonies, etc. Mother is a very strange character. Father is as well but not nearly so much, he's a lot easier to figure out. The mix between religion and atheism coexisting and warring against each other is an interesting plot.
    Shows that even with the intention of setting up a purely atheist colony to begin the human race again, as soon as religion gets involved, the entire issue gets complicated and causes grief for all.
    I'm still on the 2nd season and not finished it yet. Looking forward to what they will do with it.

  • Wolfgang Rittner
    Wolfgang Rittner 11 months ago +1

    This is the greatest and most mesmerizing storytelling I have ever seen/heard. Incredible the least. Makes me want to watch this show right now

  • Brent Little
    Brent Little 10 months ago

    I finished E10 last night and when I saw 2020 as the creation date I freaked out thinking they canceled further episodes. But Feb 3 S2. Thanks for this awesome recap because I was scratching my head about a few things which you cleared up.

  • Colin Cook
    Colin Cook 5 months ago +13

    Great videos to fall asleep to.Not because they are boring, because he is an incredible narrator, he puts you at ease and relaxes your mind which is great for people who have a hard time unwinding

    • Kick Schutte
      Kick Schutte 27 days ago +1

      same whenever i cant sleep i watch him game of thrones vids! most relaxing calming voice ever. and indeed not boring at all ive just seem em all 5 times already!

  • giraffe4u
    giraffe4u 8 months ago +1

    Love your videos. We need a part 2 now that season 2 is over!

  • Rah malik
    Rah malik 9 months ago +1

    this was a very...VERY detailed breakdown of the first season..great job!!!

  • One Handsome Gentlemen
    One Handsome Gentlemen Year ago +3630

    Ridley Scott found a way to make his original version of Prometheus.

    • Occult Demon Cassette
      Occult Demon Cassette 8 months ago

      Not a Ridley Scott show .

    • Connor Just -Connor
      Connor Just -Connor 8 months ago

      @UnCaNNy AvEnGeR ¹11

    • TCoops
      TCoops 8 months ago +1

      I mean hardly

    • geodescent
      geodescent 8 months ago

      @mazimadu 100% Damon and Ridley just love ideas. There will be no answers

    • jbugg
      jbugg 9 months ago

      @jet44444 then why do the "devolved humans" look like the engineers from prometheus? seems way too intentional to me.

  • M8tuna
    M8tuna Year ago +5

    I just want you to know i started this video months ago, but the first minutes of you explaining the premise and setting was enough to make me stop the video and watch the show and I fell in love with it lol

  • Tuan Pham
    Tuan Pham 9 months ago +5

    Just one question? Why is Tally reappearing as some kind of spirit wraith throughout the series and why have you not explained that phenomenon?

  • Samuel Bankston
    Samuel Bankston 10 months ago +1

    Man I love your videos. Spent the last few weeks watching the GoT ones now this. So well done and thought out. Bravo

  • dragoda
    dragoda 5 months ago +1

    A well told story. I have stopped watching the show before the birth of the snake. Thank you for the resume. You got my like and subscription, keep up the good work.

  • Torin Jones
    Torin Jones Year ago +1968

    They're not actually atheists btws. Its like how the Romans considered the Huns to be Atheist because they had no shrines or temples.

    • m
      m 8 months ago

      @Whiterun Guard Sounds like something from Destiny lore

    • Will Francesco F
      Will Francesco F 8 months ago

      @IMBANGMAYNN!!! !!! that's an interesting way to look at it. I heard Nero invented the concept of 'Christians' around 50 AD when looking for a scapegoat for things going wrong in Rome, and needed to come up with a label for this strange minority cult of Jews that had newly appeared (he didn't want to persecute Jews as a whole because they were too large and valued a segment of the population)

    • IMBANGMAYNN!!! !!!
      IMBANGMAYNN!!! !!! 8 months ago

      @Bradly McConnell how bout u read the comments properly mate instead of spouting nonsense

    • IMBANGMAYNN!!! !!!
      IMBANGMAYNN!!! !!! 8 months ago +1

      @Will Francesco F well yeah but it wasn't the largest religion in the world. Let's be honest tho, spreading the sacrifice of jesus helped spread the religion to the west as it gives a sense of sacrifice for the greater good. And yeah it worked if u look at it that way.

    • Will Francesco F
      Will Francesco F 8 months ago +1

      @IMBANGMAYNN!!! !!! people already worshipped "his dad" for thousands of years. That wasn't the point

  • dammitjenkins20cars
    dammitjenkins20cars 8 months ago

    Hopefully you can do more videos like this for s2. The streams are great but your scripted analysis is fantastic.

  • Nick Whaley
    Nick Whaley 8 months ago

    I really appreciated this video, I needed it after watching the first couple episodes of Season 2!

  • Michael Levings
    Michael Levings 9 months ago +1

    Thank you for this. I was about to rewatch the first season (I still might) before starting the second. Now I could just jump right into Raised by Wolves 2.

  • K
    K 8 months ago

    This summary is superbly put together. Well done. I watched the entire season, but missed so many details. On another note, this series definitely borrows ideas from Prometheus - not surprising, of course.

  • viscountalpha
    viscountalpha Year ago +1853

    This just feels like a weird, fucked up, and religious rimworld mod on acid.

    • Cat Cat
      Cat Cat 6 months ago

      I think you've just made me realize why I like this show so much. It's rimworld!

    • ConwaysQuest
      ConwaysQuest 7 months ago

      Or, just a regular modded rimworld playthrough.

    • m
      m 8 months ago

      Well you can make religions now in rimworld

    • Merritt Animation
      Merritt Animation 9 months ago +1

      @Super Dave Oh boy has the second season contradicted you already

    • Fallen Templar
      Fallen Templar 9 months ago

      I was thinking Rimworld this whole time lmfao

  • Kris kspecial
    Kris kspecial 10 months ago +4

    This is better than anything GRR could ever come up with. I need the next season!!!

  • Cacu Eleodoro
    Cacu Eleodoro 9 months ago +1

    That was an excellent! Thank you for elucidating on these overarching themes and topics... Looking fwd to hearing your thoughts on Season 2.

  • Zinc Chameleon
    Zinc Chameleon 8 months ago +1

    I love how the writers are re-imagining Earth's most ancient history. The storyline of humans (mammals) being forced underground by extremely hot, dangerous weather, and the serpents (dinosaurs) taking over is the story of the early Triassic, which is also the era that evolved motherhood, both by protecting the leathery eggs (dinosaurs) and live birth underground (marsupial mammals).

  • Ian Johns
    Ian Johns 7 months ago +4

    Looking forward to S2 explained!

  • Nick Llanes
    Nick Llanes Year ago +1604

    The coolest human female character in the show is literally named Mary / Sue. I don't know what to make of that. 😂

    • Steve Giannotti
      Steve Giannotti 7 months ago

      @Bravo Mike Mary Sue wasn’t a character from Star Trek, it came from a fanfic that was a satire of ST.

    • danemania001
      danemania001 8 months ago

      How did you like what they did with her character in season 2?

    • Nick Llanes
      Nick Llanes 9 months ago

      @Marc Johnson Yeah--silly coincidence...or is it?

    • Marc Johnson
      Marc Johnson 9 months ago +1

      Wow -- I did not make the connection that her real name and her assumed identity combined to Mary Sue.

    • Ddub1083
      Ddub1083 9 months ago +1

      @Bryan Humphreys Sol is not god or jesus.... sol is the "light bringer" ie "Lucifer"

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    Valkyrie 6 months ago

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    Melanie Donbrosky 10 months ago +12

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  • carol heward
    carol heward Year ago +2

    In the cave painting the image of kepla has swirls all over it so it was likely covered in snakes. They may have left to escape the snakes or maybe the snakes sent the ship to earth to spread

  • Lanchak
    Lanchak 6 months ago +1

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    John Bacon Year ago +199

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    • Roberto Vidal Garcia
      Roberto Vidal Garcia 8 months ago

      That’s not a snake in the way we classify snakes. It just happens to not have limbs but otherwise it’s nothing like a snake.

    • Puri Puri
      Puri Puri Year ago +4

      Mother's "baby" is probably invertebrate. It's supposed that creatures are "devolving" in Kepler, so a big-invertebrate-fishy-thing could be the epitome of that devolution.

    • christ benitez
      christ benitez Year ago +1

      It's an Easter egg from the Bible

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan Year ago +4

      @Psyrap Mafia it looks like a lamprey

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan Year ago +6

      It looks like a lamprey

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    Curious_Cat 2 months ago

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    Marvin Thomas 10 months ago

    I like the idea of magic as tech and have wanted to see something like that since I read Fred Saberhagen's Book of Swords series and Empire of the East prequels. The benevolent "god" of the world, Ardneh was actually Automatic Restoration Directorate- National Executive Headquarters, a powerful AI designed to preserve life.

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    Michael Scott 9 months ago +1

    my mind was blown about 1000 times in this video, thank you to whoever wrote this story.

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    • Jason A
      Jason A Year ago

      @TheSquad4life I think it's just an analog for Tony Scott's suicide affecting Ridley and family.

    • Harry Tucker
      Harry Tucker Year ago +2

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    • Ebros
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    • TheSquad4life
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  • WalkingBearDude Apicella

    It’s a great show. What I like is that in the beginning mother was the villain and Marcus was the good guy. Hell, Marcus was an atheist and mother was Sol. Now the roles are completely reversed, mother is the good guy (despite the fact that she killed those other children which should be addressed further and earily) and also an atheist. And now Marcus is the villain and now a Sol believer.

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    Theo Rushin Jr 6 months ago

    Wow! What a tale. Thank you for explaining it all. I stopped watching after several episodes of season 1 - not because I didn't like it but rather because I didn't understand it. It seems clearer not.
    By the way, the wall painting ... If that is earth (with the sun) then why are there TWO moons?? Hmmmm

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    2:51 ... There was a comic??!! 😯

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    • Santos
      Santos 9 months ago +5

      @Oluwa Hefner Just giving you a hard time. It is a pretty difficult show to watch, especially the second season. Conceptually it’s a good show though. I would also recommend The Foundation on Apple TV.

    • Oluwa Hefner
      Oluwa Hefner 9 months ago +10

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    • Santos
      Santos 9 months ago +6

      Meaning you still didn’t watch it lol

    • raidermaxx23
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      You should actually watch the show.. the music, the cinematography, the direction, acting… all superb.. you are selling yourself short by watching “only” this synopsis…

  • Amanda Sackman
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  • Heretohear1
    Heretohear1 7 months ago

    Some history historical background: Weirdly enough the cult of mithras was more like a secretive religios group/ astrological group that overlapped with traditional greco-Roman astrology that was really popular among the soldiers of the Roman legions, mithras being the center god, with mentions of sol and other gods, sol being the traditional Roman God of the sun, sol still means sun in spanish

  • Jeff Shewmon
    Jeff Shewmon Year ago

    Kate Rhodes James & Bonnie Rodini are two absolute goddesses. Shift a single cast member and the show would have fallen apart. Finding the actors to play Paul & Campion so perfectly was a miracle, finding the rest of the kids, that was an act of Sol.

  • Melanistic Mandalorian
    Melanistic Mandalorian 4 months ago

    I always knew about the slaughter of the bull, but the scorpion on the nuts got me laughing. Never knew about the scorpion clamping down on the nuts.

  • Nursolto Matkerimov
    Nursolto Matkerimov 2 years ago +895

    Sol is Euron Greyjoy that successfully performed his ritual during the fight of blood.

    • Justin I
      Justin I 2 years ago

      Raised By Wolves is just the 27th season of Westworld.

    • Dylan Chouinard
      Dylan Chouinard 2 years ago

      @Smith Palacios Yeah, I do. I also know that the symbolism of “We were once a great Empire but now we’ve boxed ourselves in and only founder in self and that’s going to make these more powerful groups utterly destroy us” is really fucked up when said by a guy who denies Japanese atrocities in mainland Asia during WWII. The downright fascist subtext of the show is there, and from what we can glean about the authors politics, it doesn’t seem to be accidental.
      I hope that I’m wrong about this. I honestly do, I used to love AoT as a kid. But all the evidence I’ve seen doesn’t allow me to support it in good conscience.

    • Scott Mantooth
      Scott Mantooth 2 years ago

      @Alt Shift X *a not so subtle nod to Cthulhu wearing a different sort of festive hat and naked androids that frolic about whose scream causes spontaneous biological deconstruction in an artistic and very messy manner...got it*

    • Dylan Chouinard
      Dylan Chouinard 2 years ago

      @Smith Palacios I wouldn’t really support that as AoT is propaganda written by a literal Japanese Ultra-Nationalist.

    • rock is dead
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  • Secular Relaxing Meditation

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  • Stephen Dean
    Stephen Dean 8 months ago

    Can someone kindly explain to me how the planet they crashed on functions? It seems to ignore science regarding the core. I seem to remember at the end they nose dive down a really deep hole created by giant flying creatures (who have no wings, because reasons) and end up entering a massive spherical chamber and at its center is the core. Their ship flies right through the core (shields, giggles) without being obliterated and pops out the other side without having to course correct the ship after the gravity flips and shoots them right up another tube to the surface of this swiss cheese planet. Are you kidding me Ridley Scott? My question is, why aren't there layers to this planet? You would think a planet that has mountain ranges must undergo some kind of tectonic shifting to allow things like subduction to take place. When they go down the shaft to the core, the walls are just solid all the way to the bottom meaning the planet is just one big crust. Are they implying the core of the planet is depleted and is shrinking? And what kind of organism can survive that close to the core of a planet with temperatures sky-high? I know this is just a work of fiction, but it's supposed to be science fiction meaning science-based and I can't shake the feeling that the science part was completely ignored because the entire core sequence just felt absurd. I'm willing to accept the flying mother madness (no visible propulsion system), maybe in the future technology allows us to fly without things like rockets, I can get over that, but how does the creature fly without wings just after birth? Most creatures that fly can't do that right out of the womb, it takes time to grow and learn. This show is okay as far as the genre goes, but it doesn't take the time to think anything through. Sorry if it sounds like I'm nitpicking, but Scott has a history of not thinking things through. Remember the girl from Prometheus who gave birth to an alien and underwent surgery and then ran around and fell from tall heights and just pulled all kinds of bologna shenanigans within the same hour? I do! 😂 She probably didn't return for Alien Covenant because she was embarrassed by how the film turned out (though it wasn't really a bad film). Remember the guy in the same Scott film whose only job was to not get them lost in the alien vessel and then gets lost even with futuristic mapping tech and other people to help him? I love Ridley Scott, he gave me Alien (the best sci-fi horror film of all time in my humble opinion), but the man doesn't pay attention to even the most obvious of details, only the messaging and as of late, instead of letting your intellect do the work, he just beats you over the head with his religious themes and isn't that what zealots do? Don't pay attention to the details or the science, just believe. Maybe that's the point hidden in plain sight, a film-makers commentary or simply movie magic!

  • GMrDrew
    GMrDrew 2 years ago +79

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    • Elson Felix
      Elson Felix 4 months ago

      It's a bunch of bs... To be honest, this idea that religious folks and atheists can't get along just fine is stupid, I'm religious, and i have atheist friends we drink together, we visit each other, and aside from philosophical conversations, we never fight over our beliefs our beliefs.
      It's bs, divisive bs, that turn our attention from the real fkrs, government and corporations screwing all of us.

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