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Wiglett - NEW Pokemon Reveal for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022
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  • Megs
    Megs 2 months ago +1770

    Not Austin giving us a biology lesson! As a bio teacher, I can confirm that yes you are using the terms correctly! They are not closely related species however evolved similar adaptive traits to fit a similar niche (environment, diet, predators, etc) maybe in the same location or often in similar conditions across in another part of the world. They have “converged” on similar traits.

    • Shin3y
      Shin3y Month ago +1

      @Chikuwa not every Pokémon has to come from a pre-existing Pokémon. In fact in cannon, quite a few Pokémon evolved from real world like animals.

    • Chikuwa
      Chikuwa Month ago

      @Shin3y yea, that makes sense. But WHAT species would they have evolved from? Clamperl? Shellder? Shelmet? There is no other Pokémon I can think of that would have close enough traits to evolve in such a way - except of Diglett or a Pokémon that’s not known yet. I understand what they are going for, but I can’t understand why. Maybe they thought „We need a clam Pokémon“, then they made one and noticed that it looked too similar to Diglett, that already has a regional form, so they needed to come up with some other explanation.

    • Miles PerHour
      Miles PerHour Month ago +1

      Carthinization is a great example of convergent evolution I think!
      Basically random completely unrelated animals turn into crabs as far as I know.

    • J. Martinez
      J. Martinez Month ago

      @Hannah Ward Those are not examples of convergent evolution as they are all most likely closely related.

    • Shin3y
      Shin3y Month ago

      @BendyMelons Diglett is a mole, Wigglet is a razor clam, they probably don’t have all that common, or closely related ancestor.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +387

    Can't wait for the evaluation

  • ToadTWE
    ToadTWE 2 months ago +1918

    I hope they add a grass type diglett as well and call it Twiglett

    • van kim
      van kim Month ago


    • ln+3rna1hàbän3r0s
      ln+3rna1hàbän3r0s Month ago

      Wiglett is white. I hope they add a black diglett and name it...

    • Yusei255
      Yusei255 Month ago +1

      They aren't

    • Wasumoto
      Wasumoto Month ago

      @K P we know this we’re just doing the eeveelution type thing

    • K P
      K P Month ago

      This isn’t a diglett form

  • TeaTierShorts
    TeaTierShorts 2 months ago +657

    I love how Alolan Diglett would've fit the wiglett name way more

    • truong tran
      truong tran Month ago


    • K P
      K P Month ago


    • The Rez Gamers
      The Rez Gamers Month ago +1

      @Shato Soel yes im aware they can be artificial but its hair naturally grows out of its body, so it's not a wig, it's just hair.

    • Michael Lane
      Michael Lane Month ago

      If diglet digs then wiglet should indeed wig like Alolan diglet.

    • PsychoApplesauceEater
      PsychoApplesauceEater Month ago +1

      Weedglett would be better

  • JorThaRob
    JorThaRob 2 months ago +827

    I like how GameFreak are making Pokemon more Animalistic with Variants & Convergent Evolution. Hopefully we get alot more like this!

    • sang vo ba
      sang vo ba Month ago


    • milkywave
      milkywave Month ago

      @SkullerClawer Bandicoot I didn't talk about rereleasing the same game though? I personally loved oras btw, haven't played Arceus though. What I said is they rereleased the same Pokemon (Diglett)

    • SkullerClawer Bandicoot
      SkullerClawer Bandicoot Month ago

      @milkywave I get what ur saying but don't say it's "lazy" when they're doing a type of evolution that happens in real life all the time (heck, humans despite not being animals are still somewhat connected to animals like apes/monkeys and even rats).
      "GF re-released the same game"
      🤦🤦🤦 How many times do ppl need to say it, a game sticking to its established formula is not "rereleasing re-releasing same game", cuz how come ppl never crap on series like Doom or Classic Mega Man despite not changing much throughout games (it took until 11 to finally introduce a gimmick in the Double Gear to spice things up yet 11 STILL had the basic Mega Man formula since the 1st game) and keep in mind: Doom (which revolutionized fps' btw in 1992) & classic Mega Man (1987) are much older than pkmn yet never gets crapped for "re-releasing the same game". And that's not even mentioning that they DID try new things yet NOBODY even acknowledged it (gen 7 and Oras to a certain extent), Arceus immediately got praise it (Did you just not like like game or just ignored it on purpose?) Cuz the fact you said that when Arceus exists just makes that garbage even more disingenuous and hypocritical than it already is

    • milkywave
      milkywave Month ago

      @SkullerClawer Bandicoot Not at all what I said. But I wouldn't pay to see a picture of an indian elephant when I've already seen an african one, if that's what you mean.
      Gamefreak basically rereleased the same Pokemon 25 years later, they just made it white and longer. They justify that lack of creativity with a biological phenomenon, but I think that just doesn't work. What makes diglett a good Pokemon is it's concept and mysteriousness, making for a legendary meme status among fans. You can't just copy that and say "oh look, there's another one of these in this region, they look alike but are completely unrelated, we promise". Remember we're paying good money to see new Pokemon. At least that's what excites me the most about new games

    • SkullerClawer Bandicoot
      SkullerClawer Bandicoot Month ago

      @Pathfinder You ppl use the word "lazy" so much it long lost it's meaning, do research on things before blindly crapping on it as it's an actual real life thing

  • Jemiel Lorenzo Guevara
    Jemiel Lorenzo Guevara 2 months ago +530

    Love how Pokémon is incorporating real life scientific concept more and more:
    Regional Variants - Divergent evolution
    Now we have Convergent evolution.

    • khue dinh van
      khue dinh van Month ago


    • tri do cao
      tri do cao Month ago


    • truong tran
      truong tran Month ago


    • K P
      K P Month ago +1

      Scarlett king snake and Coral snake are wayyy better examples of convergent evolution

    • K P
      K P Month ago +1

      It looks nothing like a garden eel! No teeth, fins, gills, eyes on side like fish. It looks like a worm. It bothers me how they classified it and it’s not even related to diglett so why bother making it look like one. It should be more fish like

  • VooDooSaurus
    VooDooSaurus 2 months ago +102

    As a Palaeontologist, specifically one who studies paleoecology, I absolutely love this!!! Convergent evolution makes SOOO much sense in the Pokémon world, and these new forms show perfect examples of how differently related animals evolve into similar traits/shapes as others. Spot on with the terminology as well!

    • VooDooSaurus
      VooDooSaurus Month ago +1

      @Yusei255 💀

    • Yusei255
      Yusei255 Month ago +1

      No such thing as a convengent evolutions

    • VooDooSaurus
      VooDooSaurus Month ago +1

      @K P bro it’s video game, there’s walking trash bags and floating swords, and a cat that talks. I just think it’s cool they’re incorporating an idea of convergent evolution to have two similar but different looking Pokémon species

    • K P
      K P Month ago

      @VooDooSaurus yes but it’s not looking like the animal it’s supposed to be classified as. You of all people should be bothered by that. You wouldn’t teach people a bird that doesn’t fly isn’t a bird, or koalas are bears. So why is something that looks more like a worm considered to be a fish? Maybe a hagfish would have been better fit for Wiglett not garden eel

    • VooDooSaurus
      VooDooSaurus Month ago

      @K P Bro its still a pokemon

  • Joshua
    Joshua 2 months ago +45

    Convergert Evolution: Bats and Birds. Bats are a mammal but evolved wings by skin flaps in order to fly. Birds are a bird, not a mammal, however they evolved to have wings that use feathers and a hollow bone structure so they can fly. Clearly different species but have very similiar adaptions. This was the example that helped me out alot in school.

    • Joshua
      Joshua Month ago +3

      @K P He said if we knew of other examples of convergent evolution to post in comments. You completely missed the point of his video and my post.

    • K P
      K P Month ago +2

      And some birds swim and others don’t fly, so what’s your point?😂

  • Nichole Tiglao
    Nichole Tiglao 2 months ago +147

    I'm happy that some pokemon are now interacting with the environment and not just standing or roaming.

  • Grace DiPietro
    Grace DiPietro Month ago +8

    As a bio major and general science nerd, I love that they’re including actual biological concepts in the games. I was ecstatic when they introduced regional forms!

    • K P
      K P Month ago

      They are doing it all wrong. It looks nothing like a garden eel! No teeth, fins, gills, eyes on side like fish. It looks like a worm. It bothers me how they classified it and it’s not even related to diglett so why bother making it look like one. It should be more fish like.
      Better examples are Scarlett king snake and Coral snake

  • Let me sleep in peace
    Let me sleep in peace Month ago +17

    That shark/dolphin and mole analogy made A LOT of sense. I couldn't wrap my head around it NOT being the same type of pokemon as diglett. An eel and a mole definitely isn't the same animal lol.

    • K P
      K P Month ago

      Scarlett king snake and Coral snake are better examples

  • The Civilian Vid
    The Civilian Vid 2 months ago +115

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was some strange fusion of Diglett and Shuckle but I think this is actually really cool now that I know more about it.

    • Jesus Saves!
      Jesus Saves! Month ago +1

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    • Jesus Saves!
      Jesus Saves! Month ago +2

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    • Cosmo 99
      Cosmo 99 Month ago


  • Isana Ch. 勇魚チャネル

    Pokémon back at it again with another new and fun reveal format, Austin as well with the fast and quality uploads as usual, much appreciation, very enjoyable, hope y’all have a good one 👍

  • Thoughtlesskyle
    Thoughtlesskyle 2 months ago +15

    This idea of convergent evolution is interesting, it would explain things like why we've had a pikachu/raichu looking rodent every gen since 3 too

  • Bianca Cotton
    Bianca Cotton 2 months ago +48

    I think it's awesome that the pokemon company are using real life ecology. Wigglet reminds me of a spotted eel.

    • wolfiemuse
      wolfiemuse Month ago

      @K P it’s… 100% based on a garden eel. It’s even been confirmed by them if I recall correctly.

    • K P
      K P Month ago

      You need your eyes checked. 😂 It looks nothing like a garden eel! No teeth, fins, gills, eyes on side like fish. It looks like a worm. It should be more fish like

    • wolfiemuse
      wolfiemuse Month ago

      That’s definitely what it’s based on!

  • Brian Kunz
    Brian Kunz 2 months ago +35

    I think a mechanic where you fill out your own pokedex entries based on your personal observations would be so much fun!

  • Bookid 15
    Bookid 15 2 months ago +18

    Despite Wiglett being a completely different pokemon instead of a paldean diglett its still gonna be very hard for me to keep that in mind due to how used I am to regional variants
    That being said wow Convergent evolution is so interesting, I'm so excited to see if gamefreak do more with this idea

  • Justin
    Justin 2 months ago +20

    As a current Bio Major, you are using the term correctly! Convergence is so interesting to study, especially finding out how integral environmental pressures are to evolution!

  • Danielle London
    Danielle London Month ago +6

    I’m a biologist, and I think it’s neat that they decided to do this whole interactive ecological survey thing!

  • demon king45
    demon king45 2 months ago +11

    I really like it. A lot of people are going to have a gut reaction but post Gen 5 Pokémon has had a lot more thought put into design and inspiration so I look forward to seeing how it melds with the past and future aesthetic

  • Beecee Pedia
    Beecee Pedia Month ago +1

    That's really cool that they incorporated the idea of convergent evolution in this.

  • Daniel L.B. de Souza
    Daniel L.B. de Souza Month ago +2

    Biologist here!! You are using the term perfectly here. Convergent evolution is one of my favorite concepts in biology, the other being subspecies (regional forms in pokemon).

  • Andrew Cummings
    Andrew Cummings Month ago +1

    Eevee would be the best example of a divergent evolution tree, as Eevee depending on circumstance can at this point evolve into eight different Pokémon

  • Dylan
    Dylan 2 months ago +73

    It’s not the Pokémon we asked for, but maybe it’s the Pokémon we deserve.

    • K P
      K P Month ago +1

      We don’t need it 😂

    • Fran West
      Fran West Month ago +2


  • Luke
    Luke 2 months ago +376

    It's so cool to see convergent evolution shown in pokemon in this way

    • tam tran
      tam tran Month ago


    • K P
      K P Month ago

      @Luke it doesn’t matter if they are both snakes, it still applies to convergent evolutions rule. It doesn’t have to be separate species despite everyone only mentioning that example.

    • Luke
      Luke Month ago

      @K P but snakes are appart of the same family so it is a better example to have two completely unrelated species rather than the two related animals and you're definition of convergent evolution contradicts what you said about snakes, they are related, they're both snakes.

    • K P
      K P Month ago

      @Luke Convergent evolution is the development of similar traits in unrelated species that share a similar habitat or niche. Called homoplasies, or homoplastic traits, these similarities can involve appendages, appearance or even physiology. That includes snakes!

    • Luke
      Luke Month ago

      @K P snakes aren't convergent evolution my dude

  • LosersBecomeWinners
    LosersBecomeWinners Month ago +2

    I can’t wait for this game! I’m so excited! Just 2 months to go!

  • LordOsmosisx86
    LordOsmosisx86 2 months ago

    Love that they started introducing concepts like convergent evolution. You can see most real world examples of this usually following mass extinctions in the fossil record. Some animals that specialized before the extinction event evolved to develop qualities and features that helped them within their specialization niche. You see time and again that evolution tends to recreate these qualities and features in different types of animals because those niches have been left vacant after the extinction event.
    Ofcourse it doesn't take an extinction event for convergent evolution to take place. You just see the before animals and the after animals and just get fascinated at the marvel of evolution and how seemingly random mutations can sometimes lead to very similar things in different species of animals.

  • Exxy
    Exxy Month ago +1

    Things like learning about Convergent Evolution, how certain Pokemon either draw references to mythological or real-life creatures, the symbology behind certain 'mons (Espeon and Umbreon have been my favorite pairing since gen 2) and how some of their behaviors or appearances can mimic or draw from real-life creatures is why I fell in love with the series as a kid and why I still enjoy it well into adulthood despite how it seems socially unacceptable at times for anyone that doesn't play video games.

  • Silver Warfare
    Silver Warfare 2 months ago +7

    Convergent means that any two separate species evolved to copy one of them or it may even be a coincidence...think of the leaf insect that looks just like a leaf...same thing happens in this case. Now divergent evolution means that any single species evolved into two or more different species to survive in any unfavorable conditions, (in nature it's more common than convergent evolution & yes, today was my Bio board exam and I described these in my board exam just 2-3 hours ago)

    • K P
      K P Month ago

      Coral snake and Scarlet king snake are the best examples

  • Spiritflamegaming
    Spiritflamegaming 2 months ago +11

    Geoduck(pronounced gooey duck) I believe are the inspiration, it is a species of clam and is the longest shellfish, they look pretty similar, definitely not the main inspiration, but, definitely similar

  • Tyler Ball
    Tyler Ball Month ago

    Just a side note/hopeful future Pokémon. With this being released, I feel like it’s only a matter of time till we can get a Sandflea based Pokémon (Mole crab/Sand Crab). Just seems like a cool concept to me and a good chance of typing and ability’s!

  • gs
    gs 2 months ago +1

    I'm still not sure I feel like this "convergent evolution" thing makes a ton of sense vs regional variants, or at least what they've turned into. Some Alolan forms are clearly cases of pokemon migrating and adapting to their surroundings: Grimer/Muk, Ratatta/Raticate, etc. But the Galarian Moltres/Zapdos/Articuno seem way closer to what this Wiglett is than an actual variant of the Kanto birds.
    I don't know, it just feels like the distinction is mostly arbitrary, given that we already have pokemon completely changing their types and appearances more drastically than Wiglett/Diglett and still being considered regional variants.

  • Papi Draco
    Papi Draco 2 months ago +9

    Not a fan of it as a Mon but the convergent evolution idea is really cool. Would be down to see more.

    • Unknown578
      Unknown578 Month ago

      There’s gonna be a Tentacool as well

    • Tori Romo
      Tori Romo 2 months ago +5

      Out of all the mons they could’ve given a convergent evolution idk why they picked such a meh Pokémon. Not to mention one they already gave a regional variant

  • Peyton
    Peyton Month ago +2

    I love the idea of revealing new pokemon this way. Could maybe use a little better VA/acting but still very cool.

  • Angry Bidoof
    Angry Bidoof Month ago +1

    I like the idea of convergent evolution in a Pokémon game, it's a nice detail that makes them more believable.
    But I would also love it if the wiglet we saw was just a lure, and the main body was hidden under the sand.
    Like a nice nod to some digglet fan theories

  • beto andrade
    beto andrade 2 months ago +15

    Can't wait for the evaluation , Wugtrio!

  • The Nithy
    The Nithy 2 months ago +2

    Looks like it’s based on a razor clam based on regional context. Could be a bit of both razor clam and the eel though. Razor clams pop out of the sand when you pour salt on the sand surface. They also dig through the sand by protruding their arm/leg/face to act as a scooping implement, ejecting any sand from their butts if they ingest it whilst digging.
    Spain has GREAT razor clams. Delicious with herby garlic butter. 🤤

  • Hannah Ward
    Hannah Ward 2 months ago

    Yeah, that’s a pretty good explanation of convergent evolution. The Thyacline and Wolves are another example. One was a marsupial from Australia, the other is a placental mammal. They had similar niches they fill (large predators targeting large prey.) They even looked fairly similar. That’s convergent evolution.
    Another way it can happen is like coral snakes and king snakes. Coral snakes are very venomous. You don’t mess with coral snakes. King snakes are not venomous at all. However, they evolved to have the same colors and body type as coral snakes as a means of warding off predators. This is also convergent evolution.
    Source: father is an ecologist and was a biology professor for 30+ years.

  • ichigokage
    ichigokage Month ago

    I just realized we may have had a small instance of this with Shellos and Gastrodon. Granted they stayed the same type but their appearance changed depending on where they lived even if it was just color.

  • Kendall Dunlap
    Kendall Dunlap Month ago +1

    Hello! I am studying biology in college. Yes, you are correct that this would be the Pokémon version of convergent evolution. It’s really cool to see Pokémon getting more in touch with its sci-fi side.

  • Zerxees
    Zerxees 2 months ago +12

    Can't wait for the Wugtrio reveal

  • John LaBrott
    John LaBrott 2 months ago +5

    It's an interesting idea they have going on with Wiglett. I'm excited to try one out on my team!

  • StarlitDreams
    StarlitDreams 2 months ago +3

    I'm leaning towards razon clam mostly because spotted eels are in the water and clams can pop up in the beach.
    My brother did wonder about wigglet and digglet "If W is for worm, then D is for..." XD
    Thanks for the great video!!

  • Deric Plummer
    Deric Plummer Month ago +1

    A great example of convergent evolution is a Green Tree Python and Emerald Tree Boa. One lives in South America and the other live In and around Australia. They evolved in completely different parts of the world but look so similar and have such similar behavior its uncanny.

  • Splazztastic
    Splazztastic Month ago +1

    I'm not against the idea of convergent variants, I'm just hoping that we get some for pokemon that don't already have other forms

  • Venecia Mathis
    Venecia Mathis Month ago

    You are one of my favorite X-vidrs!! I love your content and how informative you are!! Keep up the good work! You did good on the Dykg!

  • Simon van Tilburg
    Simon van Tilburg Month ago

    At first I thought it was kind of a funny looking water type Diglett but after seeing what its based on i like it now even more. Thanks for the biology lessons @Austin John Plays👍🏻😁

  • Jetfox967
    Jetfox967 Month ago

    If Smeargle does get confirmed to return in Scarlett and Violet, I wonder if it and Grafaiai would follow convergent evolution since they both love to paint even though they are different Pokémon.

  • SirSmoke | Pokéman

    As a 22 year old who still loves Pokémon, I always think “wow, imagine if this came out when I was younger”. I always dreamed of these style of Pokémon games as a kid and seeing them come to life blows my mind. I can only imagine how stunning these games must feel for the younger generation who is just now jumping into the series!

    • Jonathan Quinones-Verace
      Jonathan Quinones-Verace Month ago +1

      I’m 30 and i feel the same way but i appreciate it so much now cause i got to see *no pun involved* the evolution of Pokémon lol the game and the Pokémon collectively

  • Vuldon
    Vuldon 2 months ago +7

    Its kinda like how every region has a pokemon that is very similar to pikachu but is in fact not a regional form of pikachu.

  • Kyoko123
    Kyoko123 Month ago +1

    I feel a little stressed because I'm currently working on getting a completed live national dex, and, to make things easier to find later, started organizing pokemon by first type and evolution lines instead of exclusively by numbers (ex. Slowking is next to Slowpoke & Slowbro in my water group instead of being in its numbered position with the Gen II group), and adding the concept of Conversion Evolutions makes remembering later a bit complicated.
    On the other hand, I love that they're adding real science to this. I'm always happy when media decides to apply actual educational tools in a proper way.
    On a completely left field note: I'm sure Bird Keeper Toby is losing his mind RN

  • Edwin V
    Edwin V Month ago

    3:55 It's definitely a great example of convergent evolution, but it's not really an example of mimicry. Wiglett and Diglett live in completely different environments and wouldn't really gain advantages from mimicking each other.

  • Ryann Soriano
    Ryann Soriano 2 months ago +4

    Curious to see the evolution of Wigglet if there will be one. Who knows, many it won’t be just 3 Wigglet together?

  • Gregory Emmons
    Gregory Emmons Month ago +1

    As a bio major gotta say that your explanation and terminology is spot on but I gotta say that inspiration for wigglet is that of a razor clam.

  • Tamiboi 123
    Tamiboi 123 2 months ago +14

    It’s super cool how they come up with this stuff.

  • Richy Starrz
    Richy Starrz Month ago +1

    The dolphin vs shark comparison is a great analysis. They both may share similar characteristics and same habitat of being marine animals, but the key difference is one is a fish the other is a mammal. Quick, easy and straight to the point. 👍🏾 Wiglett is a marine fossorial and Diglett is a land fossorial 😅 Although sand is apart of the land and can be burrowed through it is however damp because of the beach. And Diglett being a ground type will possibly fall weak digging through it

  • moon rocks
    moon rocks Month ago

    I always find my way back to this channel every year when the new Pokémon games drop

  • UniversalVibes
    UniversalVibes 2 months ago +1

    I would suggest using Wormadam as an example with Silcoon and Cascoon as well

  • Rumm&Whiskeyy
    Rumm&Whiskeyy Month ago

    Austin u definitely used the term convergent evolution correctly but to me this case could be a phenomenon called mimicry as wiglet physically looks similar to a diglet. For example, wasps almost look like bees as a result the bees think that the wasp is a bee and allow the was inside their hive. This makes it easier for the wasps to prey on bees. So maybe it's a similar case for a wiglet?

  • Shanley Wheeler
    Shanley Wheeler Month ago

    I'm loving the direction of pokemon designs so far this generation. So many goofy lil guys, I can't wait for the games to release!

  • Nickolas Davis
    Nickolas Davis Month ago

    Dude... I love your videos. Can't wait to play these new Pokemon games using some of your tips and things.

  • RikkuEcRud
    RikkuEcRud Month ago

    I didn't know what they were called, but those Spotted Garden Eels were my first thought when I saw Wiglett. They're in the ending(and I think in some places during the episodes) of Shimoneta as a sort of innuendo, and they're a pretty recognizable animal.
    Another example of convergent evolution IIRC is the Tasmanian Tiger and canines. If I'm not mistaken, the Tasmanian Tiger is/was a marsupial but looking at pictures you'd think it was some kind of wild dog or short haired wolf instead of being more closely related to kangaroos. I might be mixing up some details on that though.

  • Lukas Enno
    Lukas Enno Month ago

    They could also be inspired by the Lugworm, which is a species of worm that borrows in tunnels in shallow sea and beach areas and sticks its head out from there. They are very common in mudflats in northern Europe.

  • GreyWarden
    GreyWarden 2 months ago

    I just personally wish the convergent evolutions were a bit more divergent - more so in your example Dolphins and Sharks look realitively similar and have similiar functions but they can be VERY different - Wiglett and Diglett, to me, personally look way too similar.

  • Alex Dayz
    Alex Dayz Month ago +1

    Really cool that it’s not a regional variant or anything like that but I kinda feel like this is just a way so they don’t repeat the Meowth situation aka having one Pokémon have many different regional forms like how Meowth has both an Alolan and Galarian form. Regardless can’t wait to see if this thing evolves and what it would evolve into if it does

  • ElysetheEevee
    ElysetheEevee Month ago

    Just wanted to throw out there that convergent evolution, the species don't need to be from the same area.
    Basically, it just needs to be two different species that evolve "parallel" to each other in similarly defining ways, while still being separate genetically.
    One example of this would be something like birds and bats, with both having powered flight and wings which evolved alongside each other as species. An interesting one to me is like octopuses and humans both having similarly-built eyes with an iris, lens, and retina, but being so absolutely different.
    Convergent evolution doesn't even necessarily need to happen* at exactly the same time, either. You can have one species or group start out and evolve, and then a newer species come into the picture and start evolving similar defining traits.
    It's all so interesting! I just wanted to say the bit about them not needing to be from the same area though. I felt that was an important distinction to make.
    Great basis explanation otherwise! I agree with what the biologist commenter said in providing a simple, awesome definition. :)
    * edited typo

  • T0beyeus
    T0beyeus Month ago

    Wiglett did get an official reveal, happy to see more new Pokémon, though lets be real we all want the evolutions revealed!

  • Marav Reviews
    Marav Reviews 2 months ago

    Divergent evolution is when the same species in other scenario changes to adapt to the new space, convergent evolution is when two different species use the same evolution patterns to solve the same problems.

  • Lycan The Legend
    Lycan The Legend 2 months ago +41

    I love wiglett so much I just hope they update the official page for it

  • Matt Varley
    Matt Varley 2 months ago +46

    Will I use it? Probably not.
    Do I love it? Absolutely!

  • heliopyre
    heliopyre Month ago +1

    It's really hard trying to avoid spoilers when every pokemon youtuber shows the new 'mon in their thumbnails

  • Lyccount
    Lyccount Month ago

    My favorite thing for this is that it means the dig/wig-lett body shape, is, in fact, the peak physical form for those environmental pressures, having separately converged on that delightful shape. Feels like there's a potential for a 'peak form' meme right here.

  • ssjgarfield
    ssjgarfield Month ago

    Some other examples of convergent evolution includes:
    - Sharks, Ichtyosaurs and Dolphins (Sleek and speedy ocean hunters)
    - Brachiosaurs and giraffes (Tall high-browsing herbivores)
    - Therizinosaurs and giant ground sloths (Pot bellied, long clawed herbivores)
    - Ceratopsids and Rhino's (Heavily built horned herbivores)

  • SilvaShadow1990
    SilvaShadow1990 Month ago

    I wonder if this could further explain the 'regional' bird trio from SwSh (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.) in the game it was stated because they have similar features to the original birds, they just named them as such. And i love that in Japanese, Diglett is called Digda and wiglett in Japanese is Umidigda
    Umi translates to 'sea' so a sea Diglett ☺️

  • nevstar91
    nevstar91 2 months ago +6

    You come through again Austin. Will say it again. Your videos really are the best!

  • Mikey Kliss
    Mikey Kliss Month ago +1

    I wonder if they'll be ground and water. Maybe that's why Wooper got a regional varient

  • PeepoFrog
    PeepoFrog 2 months ago +2

    The way the hole/rock thing surrounding it moves with the Wiglet when it turns looks so weird. A hole doesn't work like that 😂

  • Cole Baxter
    Cole Baxter 2 months ago +18

    I'm not the biggest fan of this thing, but the idea of convergent evolution in Pokemon is novel.

  • Yunglex313
    Yunglex313 2 months ago +2

    That whole speech about Convergent Evolution basically sounds like a very good reason to not completely design an entirely new Pokemon. I got no problem with it, but clearly it is save some costs on Pokemon design.

  • Kedo
    Kedo Month ago

    I love how Alolan Diglett would've fit the wiglett name way more

  • ・your non favorite person 👍・

    I love how Alolan Diglett would've fit the wiglett name way more

  • CharmSoul
    CharmSoul 2 months ago +1

    its basically the same as all the bird pokemon reach region has its own variety so make sense that these pokemon work too, not everything has to have a completely unique body type

  • McKay Bleak
    McKay Bleak 2 months ago

    Love the video, I am a huge fan of real evolutionary processes existing in Pokémon, and yes you used convergent evolution correctly! To be nitpicky the distinct animals do not need to live in the same place, but in places with very similar of not identical environmental needs/pressures. So your definition was correct but not super specific haha. Either way you taught well, but as a person who has taken collegiate level evolution courses I felt the need to be this way haha. Thanks for what you do Austin!

  • ssp sp
    ssp sp Month ago

    The thing about convergent evolution is that usually both organisms live or lived in either different locations or periods of time. Ichthyosaurs and dolphins are a good example, both ate fish, shared a similar niche, shared a relatively similar morphology besides the horizontal vs vertical movement of the spine for propulsion and both had tosurface to breathe. Sharks fill a completely different niche than dolphins do, they mainly eat marine mammals mostly pinnipeds like seals and sea lions. They share a similar body shape, but don’t live within the same ecological niche. If they did either sharks or dolphins would be extinct.

  • Humourless Jester
    Humourless Jester Month ago

    Although I really like how they incorporate biology into a lot of pokemon designs I'm also a bit grossed out by the design because long white worm is long white worm and that just doesn't sit well with my stomach.

  • Li0nc0urt
    Li0nc0urt Month ago

    Carcinisation is the phenomenon of multiple animals experiencing convergent evolution and becoming crabs. This has happened a lot throughout evolution, more than any other aquatic species.

  • Rhiton
    Rhiton Month ago

    It’s cool they got both diglett and him in it; wonder if they’d be good in double battles together or completely flop at it

  • AJ P
    AJ P Month ago

    When I was a kid I used to draw imagined evolutions of Pokémon. I had a whole new species of evolutions based off Dratini and Dragonair that had legs and also some from Diglett. This new form is nothing like what I had imagined…

  • T
    T 2 months ago +19

    so for people who dont know, there is going to be more of these "imposter" pokemon. they arent the original pokemon they are based on, like diglett. its not a regional form or varient. its a new pokemon that looks similar to a pokemon, but has different features. so its kinda like a in-between pokemon of other pokemon. like say spheal and seel. or rowlet and hoothoot.

    • T
      T 2 months ago

      @Ribotto Studios yep! it makes pokemon feel more natural too. ive always wanted pokemon that are similar to one another in appearance but are completely opposite.

    • Teague Ricks
      Teague Ricks 2 months ago

      @Grizzly Adams would you be complaining if they just called it a regional form?

    • Larakin
      Larakin 2 months ago

      @Hazel Nutspred That’s the worst comparison I’ve ever heard. He’s 100% right. It’s literally a long white Diglett.

    • Hazel Nutspred
      Hazel Nutspred 2 months ago

      @Grizzly Adams i bet you're the type to have gotten terrible grades in school aren't you

    • Elli Senfsaat
      Elli Senfsaat 2 months ago

      @Grizzly Adams if that's the case, this happened in Gen5 already

  • Carlos Santana
    Carlos Santana Month ago

    I love this little buddy, but just like with the galarian birds they are too conveniently similar to not be regional variants.
    I would say the gen 5 pokedex mimicking many of the original pokemon would be a better example of convergent evolution: completely unrelated species having similar characteristics.

  • Caelum Draws
    Caelum Draws Month ago +1

    I love that pokemon doing new things when it comes to new pokemon.

  • Vizard
    Vizard Month ago

    As someone who learned about this exact type of evolution less than two weeks ago in bio 111, you are in fact using these terms right.

  • ThePmso
    ThePmso 2 months ago +1

    I also bet on razor clams (navalhas in portuguese).They are a relative popular sea food in Portugal (in old time they were more popular, nowadays it's rare to find them)

  • Kedo
    Kedo Month ago

    I'm happy that some pokemon are now interacting with the environment and not just standing or roaming.

  • Happy Goth
    Happy Goth 2 months ago +1

    So similar to pyukumuku and pinchurchin. They look very similar to the point they could be evolutionary forms but are entirely different pokemon

  • Mateus Franco
    Mateus Franco Month ago

    I think the best example in the Pokémon games of convergent evolution is Crabrawler - if some of you aren't aware, Coconut Crabs are *_not crabs_*, they are lobsters! A type of lobster that evolved to look more like crabs than lobsters. So yeah, Crabominable is way more close to Crawdaunt than Kingler

  • megadork18
    megadork18 2 months ago +2

    I'm glad Austin John affirmed my thought that Wigglet is based on a Spotted Garden Eel

  • Joshua Sims
    Joshua Sims 2 months ago +18

    Incredible that after 25 years of pokemon, they have finally revealed the best one.

    • K P
      K P Month ago

      It’s boring


    If they're going so far to differentiate Wiglett from Diglet, then we might actually get to see the bottom half of Wiglett at some point.

  • Eugene Chuong
    Eugene Chuong Month ago

    I think they intended it to be a diglett regional form at one point but they changed diglett too much that it looks more like a eel(my opinion it looks like a worm) instead of a mole now that they couldnt make it a regional form anymore.