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House of the Dragon S1E02 live Q&A discussion

  • Published on Aug 27, 2022
  • Discussing House of the Dragon Episode 2!
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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  3 months ago +68

    Get a free audiobook with an Audible trial: www.audible.com/asx
    Weekly Alt Shift X HOTD livestreams every Sunday at ~10:15pm Eastern Time, right after each episode -- then an Explained video later in the week!

    • Dani _SpaceGaga
      Dani _SpaceGaga 2 months ago

      In one podcast they said that the person that works on the sound of the dragons in HOTD said that they have like a head canon personalities for every dragon and that Caraxes was in that scene singing to Syrax sort of like trying to flirt with her...lol

    • Nicolas Cataldo
      Nicolas Cataldo 2 months ago +4

      Hey Alty, Mr. X, you said that one reason Corlys is resentful is that the show appears to change the lore a bit by hinting that the Velaryon family was never allowed to, or trusted with, marrying into the Targaryen family as opposed to the books where they were often chosen as brides and grooms. However, Corlys' wife in the show is a Targaryen! She's the daughter of the brother of the former king whose name was Aemon Targaryen. Or, did you mean they weren't trusted in the show to directly marry the kings or heirs of the throne so therefore they were trusted to breed with fellow Valyrians to keep their blood within the ethnicity, but were always kept at arms length by marrying cousins, uncles, and Targaryens so far from power as to practically be cadet branches of the house?
      I thought you made a very uncharacteristic oversight by saying the show seems to have changed the history as to where the Targs and Velaryons hadn't married eachother before when Corlys was standing next to his Targ wife in the clip you showed when you said that.
      Everyone has forgotten House Celtigar of the other island in Blackwater Bay. Will we ever see the third Valyrian house in this show? I think even GRRM has forgotten about them. They'd be cool to bring up. Also, why only marry Velaryons when they have a third Valyrian house so close?

    • Gardstyle35
      Gardstyle35 2 months ago

      If the show wants to present current problems it would show how propagandist white wash one side all the time, fake news, cancelling of facts and reasoning that doesnt fit the narrative, tribalism based on race and sex... maybe the whole communist death camps and kill list just because we live through a time where self proclaimed 2nd wave marxist write books about CRT and those are introduced to schools and universities?....

  • S B
    S B 3 months ago +1930

    I don’t think Rhaenyra was serious when she told Daemon to kill her anymore than Daemon was seriously considering it. I took more of a metaphoric “cut the BS” moment. In other words she knew he was bluffing and called his bluff. These two know each other well.

    • Jemar Lamb
      Jemar Lamb 2 months ago

      She was like " Unc , come on man. Really ?! You trippin right now. "

    • Iolanda D.
      Iolanda D. 2 months ago

      @jelle de smet that would have been so badass, honestly

    • jelle de smet
      jelle de smet 2 months ago

      @Iolanda D. like a marriage proposal? Would be the ultimate power play to counter Otto

    • Michael Soto
      Michael Soto 2 months ago

      @Skywatcher Adept they're still disrespecting her. She could be queen next week if the king dies of gout or some other medieval disease, and yet she's not allowed to speak at the small council meeting? That's bullshit. She has more balls and brains than his whole council, plus all the council members are advocating for themselves, none of them have the crown or the kingdom's best interests in mind

    • Iolanda D.
      Iolanda D. 2 months ago

      What I read from their posture/expressions wasn't really "you gonna kill me? Do it", it was "I am the key to the throne, think about it". He didn't look challenged, cowed or uncomfortable. He looked like he was considering something.

  • Spoons
    Spoons 3 months ago +1100

    The squeakiness of Caraxes deformed throat is just a excellent choice.

    • stephen mcdonagh
      stephen mcdonagh 2 months ago

      Is that why it seems to have a longer neck than the other dragons I've seen... in everyday life!

    • Daquavious bingleton
      Daquavious bingleton 2 months ago

      @indiciaobscure no i agree hes cute i was just talking about the temperament of it

    • indiciaobscure
      indiciaobscure 2 months ago +1

      @Blork Florkernorp I love snakes and Nessies so he’s my dream dragon boi

    • indiciaobscure
      indiciaobscure 2 months ago +1

      @Daquavious bingleton I don’t know what’s wrong with me, he fires off the ‘cute’ neurons in my brain. Maybe because I grew up with a parrot?

    • Daquavious bingleton
      Daquavious bingleton 2 months ago +3

      @indiciaobscure you can call most dragons adorable not caraxes that boy the spawn of satan 😭😂

  • Snazzy Puke
    Snazzy Puke 2 months ago +663

    I love the detail they add in with that every time Rhaenyra gets off of Syrax she's out of breath. It's cool to see the adrenaline from riding Dragons. Daenerys would get off of Drogon like if she was stepping out of a car lol

    • PointlessRhetoric
      PointlessRhetoric 2 months ago

      @7PlayingWithFire7 that's actually a terrible comparison considering that airplanes have fixed wings and are not alive lol The largest flying animals in nature are much too small/delicate for a person to ride on. Get wrecked by your fantasy being dumb as hell.

    • 7PlayingWithFire7
      7PlayingWithFire7 2 months ago +1

      @PointlessRhetoric um not really. You can find reasonable comparisons such as airplanes with open cockpits lmao
      Keep on hipstering tho, itll make you feel smart lol

    • Jacob Cardinal
      Jacob Cardinal 2 months ago

      @PointlessRhetoric Would it be a better show with no dragons? Do you also complain about the zombies in the walking dead? You are such an annoying person. Multiple people have correctly identified that maybe this genre isnt for your autistic brain and you respond by getting defensive 😂. Please keep complaining about the logistics of dragon flight and why its impossible.

    • PointlessRhetoric
      PointlessRhetoric 2 months ago

      @Flint's Revenge there's nothing in nature that exists that could be compared to a gigantic fire breathing reptile the way it's depicted in the show, sorry. Their size and mechanics aren't even really consistent in the show. They're just simply too large to fly at all unless they had a much smaller frame which would actually make a lot more sense but they wanted them to be beastly enough that just one could devastate a city.

    • Flint's Revenge
      Flint's Revenge 2 months ago

      @PointlessRhetoric - The Dragons don’t necessarily defy the laws of physics. If we compare them to a plane - then yes. But with flexible wings their flight is closer to a Bumblebee and consistent with the laws of physics.

  • XxYannis
    XxYannis 2 months ago +356

    I think you can also read into the rotting finger literally, that the hand of the king is rotten, as in his actual hand, and Otto

    • Mason Rockwood
      Mason Rockwood 2 months ago

      You meant to say 'figuratively'. You literally said the opposite of your intent. Words have specific meanings. Go figure.

    • 7PlayingWithFire7
      7PlayingWithFire7 2 months ago +1

      oh fuck thats good. thats definitely it

    • Col. Nick M.D.
      Col. Nick M.D. 2 months ago +23

      A rotten hand surrounded by maggots (maesters?)

    • Sergio Mendoza
      Sergio Mendoza 2 months ago +14

      @Manuel Soares yeah but daemon would also be a good hand of the king like Otto technically is. In a bloodraven kinda way, but that doesn’t mean that type of rule isn’t effective because the books and show prove otherwise. I saw the hand of the king rotting as symbolic for Otto not Daemon.

    • Manuel Soares
      Manuel Soares 2 months ago +7

      Think deeper still, Daemon said he wanted to be hand of the king, the rotten hand...

  • K
    K 2 months ago +361

    The nail in the coffin was when Alicent repaired his dragon figurine. It wasn't the figurine itself that he cared about, but it was being seen as more than just a King. This is his hobby and passion outside of his kingly duties. Alicent went so far as to not only notice it but to do something about it.
    By modern standards, you want a partner who listens and remembers what you said, someone who genuinely sees you for you. By HotD standards, it was the worst possible decision perhaps one on the level of Robb Stark.
    Ironic b/c it's one of the few times Viserys has been shown to actively shape his own fate and defy his council's advice.

    • K
      K 2 months ago

      @Enkii Muto that's what I was wondering tbh.

    • K
      K 2 months ago

      @Alfred Hitchcook correction half his council. And tbh that half (Otto and maester) of the council's overt advice was that Laena would make a strategic match despite their ulterior motives of wanting him to actually marry Alicent. Never once did anyone on the council explicitly say don't do it.

    • Alfred Hitchcook
      Alfred Hitchcook 2 months ago

      Huh? He didn’t defy his council’s advice. The Hand and maester are half his council.

    • Enkii Muto
      Enkii Muto 2 months ago +2

      Doesn't he have a son too, though? Wouldn't it make sense to repair this by having his daughter marry their son?

    • Bwilderd
      Bwilderd 2 months ago +1

      It’s good to be the King. Until it isn’t.

  • TheCatPhiles
    TheCatPhiles 3 months ago +887

    I’m with you 100% on the opening credits. Glad we have family tree action, but would have loved if it provided clearer and more visually appealing exposition. Imagine if we had something like an animated Bayeux Tapestry instead of the abstract blood stuff.

    • Jessjess23 Brooks
      Jessjess23 Brooks 2 months ago

      @Nick Fox You aren't slow! I kept saying over and over, is it the crypts of the red keep? Until my husband told me to shush. And I'm a stan of GRRM. I felt embarrassed I couldn't recognize the blood line representation, so you are not alone.

    • Tearsong
      Tearsong 2 months ago

      Oooh! That would have been pretty! It's a cool idea doing a family tree but I didn't know what I was looking at when the opening hit so a rich and colorful tapestry would have been so much better.

    • Thomas Alvarez
      Thomas Alvarez 2 months ago

      @TheCatPhiles It really wasn’t hard to figure out , took about a second.

    • Thomas Alvarez
      Thomas Alvarez 2 months ago

      It’ll change over time, I think the names could be there and maybe a second or two longer on each crown.

    • TheCatPhiles
      TheCatPhiles 2 months ago +2

      @Nick Fox Def not slow. You’re in good company! Opening credits should provide clarity and/or some juicy foreshadowing. HotD’s intro is confusing because it doesn’t do either function.

  • Lux Loser
    Lux Loser 3 months ago +470

    While Viserys has plenty of valid reasons to choose Alicent over Laena (no heirs for 2 years, creating a stronger challenger to Rhaenyra by having a child of his and Rhaenys’ blood) I think the real decision came down to him coming to know and like Alicent over the past 6 months in his grief.
    Love is the death of duty.

    • Siim Karel Koger
      Siim Karel Koger 2 months ago +1

      @Amey Raj In the books when they married their ages were 18 and 29. It feels creepy in the show because they played with the timelines.
      I'd think that in the book version Alicent would have been more up to actually fancying him aswell.

    • Gabriel Emblem
      Gabriel Emblem 2 months ago

      For everyone who wants to know Rhaenyra will end up marrying Laenor, Laenor is gay and Daemon will marry Laena.

    • Gabriel Emblem
      Gabriel Emblem 2 months ago

      @Jalanko13 Because is not only about securing themselves the position they need the lower Hightower's position also. Laenor and Rhaenyra would be the second best option because it still would leave the the King free to marry Alicent and have a son, making their half Hightower instead of half Velaryion. Remember these houses are competing for number 2 because they know they can't get to number 1

    • Ben H
      Ben H 2 months ago

      @Jalanko13 My thoughts exactly. But Viserys should've proposed it rather than blindside Corlys and everyone. It also would be terrible for the succession down the line (which happens anyways).

    • slvaltva *
      slvaltva * 2 months ago

      @Samantha Bogen Nah she was 18 in the book, but they aged her down to 15

  • buahahaevillaugh
    buahahaevillaugh 2 months ago +58

    Love how Viserys' back was stabbed by the Throne, as a metaphor for betrayal, and the next wound is his Hand rotting, because Otto is no longer acting in his king's favor.

    • R³
       2 months ago +2


  • Jai Authenti
    Jai Authenti 3 months ago +436

    I loved the episode. Good from start to finish. Best scenes: Otto and Maester doing good cop bad cop, Rheanyra and Rheanys scene, Daemon and Corlys

  • Bubba Fontleroy
    Bubba Fontleroy 3 months ago +271

    The dragons seemed happy to see each other in my opinion.
    I love the idea that they’re just basically giant nuclear bomb cats, and all the rank and file army are like terrified mice anytime the dragons are around

    • Débora Cardoso
      Débora Cardoso 2 months ago

      Caraxes was happy to see his love, Syrax, she will lay eggs in the future

    • Chris Kehley
      Chris Kehley 2 months ago +2

      Craxes sounds soooo creepy but it's beautiful

    • Stelmaria
      Stelmaria 2 months ago +58

      Caraxes: "Meow"
      **obliterates tens of men**

  • Joel Embiid's official burner account

    Love these breakdowns. Only thing I would disagree with is that daemon considered killing rhaenera (however u spell her name) ... I took that as she was calling his bluff in a way.. like "just kill me and you'll be heir, I know you won't. We pretty much love each other . But dragonstone is mine" I don't think she believed he would harm her, and I don't feel he considered it at all.

    • kuab
      kuab 2 months ago +1

      @ceci t he wrote 'too' in the wrong context then edited the comment but thank you for your contribution.

    • ceci t
      ceci t 2 months ago

      @kuab it's actually two lol like the number 2

    • Joel Embiid's official burner account
      Joel Embiid's official burner account 2 months ago +3

      @kuab thank you for your contribution

    • kuab
      kuab 2 months ago

      @Joel Embiid's official burner account *to

    • Joel Embiid's official burner account
      Joel Embiid's official burner account 2 months ago +25

      @Rahul Modi I trusted that anyone who read my comment will know who I'm referring to just like you did. Regardless of mixing up a letter or two.

  • JackCade
    JackCade 3 months ago +390

    I think part of Rheanyra's anger at her father is that he *talks* all about duty and being required to marry, for which she is fully prepared, but then the choice of Alicent is not that, in fact not only is it not a just political decision - its a bad political decision. Otto is already the Hand, he doesn't need to be brought closer, and it pisses of Corlys.
    On the one hand Viserys is too subservient to his council, on the other every single decision we've seen him make by himself is completely terrible.
    I also love how in Viserys and Rheanyra's talk he talks about how similar she is.. to Aemma, because she flew off on a dragon without telling him? Which from everything we've seen doesn't sound much like Aemma

    • P G
      P G 2 months ago

      @Ash Benamti Also the king will still marry a new wife who will give him sons who will almost certainly contest Rhaenyras claim due to Westerosi customs of male primogeniture. Like they would have to marry ideally both the king to Laena and Rhaenyra to Laenor in order to secure Rhaenyras succession or the Velaryons would want Laenas son to be heir.

    • Melancholic Mango
      Melancholic Mango 2 months ago +1

      I don't know what weight is has on things but in the subtitle translation of my language Viserys clearly talks about how similar Rhaenyra is to Aemma. (Might be just the interpretation of the translator). But the in the next line Viserys also mentions Aemma, so I guess it could be that he was referring to her all along.

    • taylor
      taylor 2 months ago +1

      @Caleb Smith you may or may not be on to something

    • batchagaloopyTV
      batchagaloopyTV 2 months ago +1

      you missed something with that Aemma point its both mother and daughter being strong/pig headed -yet smart/calculated 🙄🙄

    • Ash Benamti
      Ash Benamti 2 months ago +3

      @Caleb Smith True, but then the issue that Corlys heir could rule over rhaenyra and effectively take the throne. Viserys marrying Laena would have tied them to the throne but not have as much sway

  • TheRogue
    TheRogue 3 months ago +307

    I remember George saying that he procrastinated writing the red wedding bc it hurt too much to write, so my headcanon is that winds is so much profoundly darker than the other books that he has like dozens of chapters hes procrastinating to write because of how much they hurt to do so

    • Michael Krupa
      Michael Krupa 2 months ago

      Or he just loves the TV money more than writing.

    • rachaelerin1
      rachaelerin1 2 months ago

      @Memelord6000 😂😂😂 so funny that needed to be pointed out

    • Amey Raj
      Amey Raj 2 months ago

      @Bionick Toa Tyrion for sure

    • Siim Karel Koger
      Siim Karel Koger 2 months ago

      @jimmy jamaculus jam Super much higherer!

    • mejuliie
      mejuliie 2 months ago +6

      @Olorin Just no lol. It is lovely how much you believe in him. But let's be honest, it has been a little over 30 years since the first book was released. And 11 year since A Dance with Dragons. Those projects are not helping him write the books, he said himself they are a distraction for him.
      Reality is probably that he isn't going to finish A Song of Ice and Fire. Whether it is because he just got overwhelmed by the intricate story he has created over the years, or he simply is over it. He has shown no real interest in actually finishing the book series, besides saying he's writing. Given that he seems to have the time to involve himself in numerous tv projects and writing books about the lore, suggests that he technically has more than enough time to finish the series. But he is just not interested in actually doing so.

  • yendayo
    yendayo 3 months ago +149

    when you watch a show of less than an hour, then listen to a dude talk about it for almost 3 hours, you know you are hooked.

  • Janet Rose
    Janet Rose 3 months ago +308

    Daemon said he’s wanted nothing more than to be the hand to the king.. and now Viserys hand is rotting. Great foreshadowing!

    • Calvicius Lx3
      Calvicius Lx3 2 months ago +2

      Bravo Vince

    • NeloAngelo
      NeloAngelo 2 months ago

      @Sasssky i agree, its just that in the first episode when they are checking the king’s back, they are whispering together about the wound

    • Sasssky
      Sasssky 2 months ago +1

      @NeloAngelo It's a bit early for that. They need the heir first lol

    • NeloAngelo
      NeloAngelo 2 months ago +1

      I think, otto and the maester is letting viserys’ wound go bad on purpose

    • Wisecontra Gio
      Wisecontra Gio 2 months ago +1

      maybe it shows that the maesters are awful at their job and are letiing a small cut threaten their king s life, like they are doing it on purpose

  • Mikey Hope
    Mikey Hope 3 months ago +295

    Honestly I’m just glad Game of Thrones feels like Game of Thrones again. It’s been so long since we had actual political games and scheming from all the characters that actually effect the story. We haven’t had that since season 4 of the original show.

    • D V
      D V 2 months ago +1

      The new show is bad
      People are in denial just like they were when Season 7 was happening
      Everything is so slow yet so fast they really think we'd be sympathetic for the characters when they absolutely lack depth
      I cared more about Jon and Bran and Arya in the first episode of GOT
      There's nothing to care about in the new show even the dragons they look bad

    • P G
      P G 2 months ago +2

      @Tears of Oprah I mean for most of the first season of GoT it was also just a royal court drama that affected a few noble families and a handful of characters. The war didn't really start until season 2. So I don't get your complaint, especially since you make it after only two episodes. How big were the stakes after the first two GoT episodes? And yeah the smallfolk is ALWAYS fucked when the big houses go to war, armies will be raised, battles will be fought, cities and villages put to the torch etc... even more so in this scenario since both sides are going to have dragons, so things heating up towards a major succession crisis should have every commoner worried (if they had a clue what's going on)

    • Tears of Oprah
      Tears of Oprah 2 months ago

      @pridemoth But that's the point. The story isn't about the smallfolk but the more they are affected -- the more the world is affected -- the bigger the stakes and the more important everything becomes. And that's how you get your audience to care about the story and not just the characters. In GoT we cared about both. So far, with HOTD, we have a neat little royal court drama with some colorful characters in a setting we love. We don't have GoT yet. Not even close. I doubt we'll ever get to that level of excellence. Maybe it was once in a lifetime.

    • Bramstayer
      Bramstayer 2 months ago

      @hectic scone I actually enjoyed that visual of a battle even though knew the outcome I figured it out. And Cersies walk of atonement / blowing up the Sept...those and a few court scenes law and order westeros style, I mean it was slowly changing with enough things to make me notice the downgrade of the dialogue and character consistency. Littlefinger's death was the most absurd end for a great character. And Varys!! I hated Tyrion by the end. That actor still defends the ending, but perhaps he cant say how bad his character became. We can. He may not but we can!!

    • pridemoth
      pridemoth 2 months ago +2

      @Tears of Oprah Idk, the White Walkers were an overarching and sometimes specific threat in Game of Thrones, they weren't really what made the story engaging, in my opinion. Like, maybe for the charaters that were immediately involved with them beyond the wall (Jon, the Night's Watch, the wildlings etc.) but the rest of the conflict was still very much about the politics of succession and about war and who was going to be king and how different factions tried to get there etc...
      Also, that may be a flaw in the original, but the smallfolk are rarely ever the focus of the story. Like, yeah, we do learn how shit is impacting them but the story is never really *about them.* I don't relate to the smallfol in this story, I relate to the bigger payers in this game, simply because I know them because that's who the story is centered around. And if you wanna get real technical, war always involves the smallfolk because they're the ones who're gonna have to fight it.

  • tamatebako
    tamatebako 3 months ago +137

    Another thing I wanna add is about the park scene between Laena and Viserys. Not only is it about Viserys being uncomfortable with the situation (which is understandable) and a cool nod to Laena's relation to dragons (apparently, I haven't read the books), it also really highlights the age difference between the two through their interaction. Laena is talking like children do (remember being into astronauts, dinosaurs and stuff?) and Viserys is obviously not prepared to talk about the wonders and awe of this world through the lens of a child. Because he's an adult. This whole situation probably feels more like he's talking to the daughter of one of his friends. Which he is. It's awkward and there is nothing to talk about because they are at totally different stages in their development. When the girl then switches to reciting her memorized speech about wanting to bear the king's children he must've been really taken aback. Like, Jesus, I could never see this little girl as my wife!
    This also contrasts nicely with the scene with him and Alicent talking about Valyria because he feels like he's being understood and taken care of. As you said, Viserys is lonely and craves connection and this desire seems to be big enough to overrule any rational decision making. It's somewhat selfish and the wrong choice, obviously, but it's also understandable from his perspective. You want me to remarry so badly? Fine, but let me at least pick someone I can have a somewhat decent conversation with, please.

    • 7deuc2e
      7deuc2e 2 months ago

      @Tater N yeah a lot of the book is second hand information from multiple sources, some of it for sure happened but much of it is speculation. There's also not a lot of dialogue in the book so the show really has to put there own take on the characters

    • Tater N
      Tater N 2 months ago +1

      @7deuc2e Thought I read/heard somewhere that the books were from a certain person's perspective within the lore, written by a maester or something...and the show is supposedly "what really happened". I may be totally wrong.

    • 7deuc2e
      7deuc2e 2 months ago +1

      @Sayaalicious !! yeah I'm not saying it's bad or anything just that this was changed for tv. They've made a lot of changes and I think most of them are good ones

    • Sayaalicious !!
      Sayaalicious !! 2 months ago +3

      @7deuc2e and honestly it’s better this way. Makes the dynamics and characters more interesting.

    • Randall Robertson
      Randall Robertson 2 months ago +7

      ​@7deuc2e To be fair what happened in Fire and Blood is hard to say, it's a historical text with three contrasting takes so who's to say what really happened. Plus George straight up said we are "making things up" and that's fine because overall they captured the tone and vibe I generally got from the book.

  • tamatebako
    tamatebako 3 months ago +166

    One small moment that was overlooked was Lady Alicent's reaction when Sir Criston entered the room to call for her father. If you recall in the first episode during the tournament, her and Rhaenyra comment on him in a way teenage girls do (basically "omg what a hot guy"). Now half a year later, after everything that happened and with the daunting prospect of becoming the king's wife, that innocence and lightheartedness seems to be further away than ever. Alicent had to grow up real quick and now has to concern herself with grown-up stuff (I mean literally the moment before her father told her to see the king again without any apparent concern for her choice or even her feelings on the matter). I think when she saw Sir Criston she just got reminded of how quickly things changed around her and for herself.

  • DoubLL
    DoubLL 2 months ago +63

    Re: Otto at Dragonstone
    I don't think he necessarily wanted to escalate to violence at all. When the king heard about the situation his said something like "he's my brother, we'll talk it out, all will be fine", but the first thing Otto said at Dragonstone was that the king would never stoop so low as to come himself. I'm pretty confident that at the point where Daemon has his sword pointing at Otto, he already has everything he came for. He can now return to Viserys and explain that Daemon refused to leave the castle and threatened violence with his dragon, and with that he would probably irreversibly destroy diplomatic relations between the brothers. Unfortunately for him, Rhaenyra showed up, called Daemon's bluff and defused the situation.

    • Michael Davis
      Michael Davis 2 months ago +5

      @Bwilderd i kinda like otto because he doesnt have a dragon. He's still powerful, but he doesnt have dragonblood or a dragon. Valyrians are basically natural-born protagonists, so they can pull this dramatic shit where they whip out a fire-breating trump card to completely take over any situation.
      In that moment he had a good plan -- according to this thread -- and it was working until she pulled up with the dragon. At that point the situation completey went out of his hands.

    • Bwilderd
      Bwilderd 2 months ago +5

      Yep, Otto was not pleased to see Rhaenyra show up on a dragon and essentially highlight Otto’s ineffectiveness at that moment in contrast with her effectiveness.

    • justlies
      justlies 2 months ago +9

      i also think otto specifically didnt want viserys to go because he knew everything daemon was doing was purely to get viserys' attention and otto just didnt want to give daemon the satisfaction. the first thing daemon says is where is viserys, thats exactly what otto was banking on. he wanted to show that daemon cant do all this bullshit and then be rewarded with getting exactly what he wants (viserys' attention). its another way for otto to be petty and spite daemon

    • Aedan Ryan
      Aedan Ryan 2 months ago +7

      That makes complete sense

  • Elegant Bird
    Elegant Bird 3 months ago +246

    I disagree... Prince Daemon was not thinking about killing his niece Rhaenyra.
    Thats ridiculous. He is staring her down, because he is getting his ass handed to him and he is a little impressed. He is looking for weakness, or something he can work with, in her eyes. And all he sees is himself. OOts the famous Psychopath Glare. Look it up. They are able to read people and they have a very penetrating stare. He figures out, just like Otto, that this lil girl has grown and she is formidable. He is IMPRESSED and humbled. Maybe even a little attracted to her. And I think Rheanyra, knows the power she has over her Uncle. Almost like that Sansa, moment when she says "I know what you want..." Myseria walks away because she can see it all. And she has just learned that Daemon will play with her life, to get what he wants. They all learned at that moment, at the same time, that Rhaenyra is brave and smart. I don't think it crossed his mind at all, to kill her. He is not a monster. He loves her. And he didnt expect her to step to him like that. That glare had RESPECT on it. But, he would have totally killed Otto. If anything, he was trying to figure out how he can kill Otto, keep the egg and not hurt Rhaenyra at all. But, hurting her.... never an option.

    • Brahim Diop
      Brahim Diop 2 months ago

      You're completely right, except Daemon is a monster, a very violent and impulsive sadist. He just happens to be the monster that loves his family to bits.

    • P G
      P G 2 months ago +3

      I think you're reading a bit too much into it. He has a good relationship with his niece, because they are both headstrong and impulsive and understand each other. Rhaenyra called out his bluff by saying if he really means business he needs to kill her right here and then, knowing he would never go that far due to his affection for her and his family in general. The whole provocation with his wedding and his pregnant "wife" was just his way of trying to get the attention of his brother. It amuses him that she looked right through his antics and that defuses the situation.

    • Julia Ng
      Julia Ng 2 months ago

      Agreed 100%!

    • N0Killz
      N0Killz 2 months ago +4

      I almost got the impression from when otto was preparing to leave that he thought he might die. He stepped in to stop viserys going because he knew they might reconcile and he wants daemon to do something stupid. I think allicent is totally capable of carrying on her fathers legacy and Otto knows it and is willing to risk his life to strengthen her position. That was my take on it.

    • Melancholic Mango
      Melancholic Mango 2 months ago +2

      Of course he wasn't contemplating killing her. It was established in the first episode with the necklace gift that Daemon feels love and affection towards Rhaenyra.

  • All The Artsy
    All The Artsy 3 months ago +180

    I think Rhaenys is rightfully envious of the position Rhaenyra is in as named heir, but she's also looking out for her in her own way, because she knows that her ambitions will definitely be denied, overthrown and that the pledges to her ultimately will mean nothing as soon as a male heir becomes available. She's become jaded and realistic due to her own experience. I think she might be rooting for the young heir, but ultimately expects her path to go the way of her rejected dreams of ruling too.

    • Rayeya
      Rayeya 2 months ago +1

      @SilverScale Do you want the show to turn into woman destroying the patriarchy? This is a story about power and politics. There is a lot of lost power in going full femenist. Of course they would uphold it.

    • Gabriel Emblem
      Gabriel Emblem 2 months ago

      @SilverScale Jesse what the fuck are you talking about? They are literally going to fight a massive civil war to defy patriarchy and defend their right to the throne

    • All The Artsy
      All The Artsy 2 months ago +10

      @SilverScale but women upholding the patriarchy is real tho. the show will comment and show that. it's highly unrealistic for these women to be radical feminists in their society. that's why, no matter green or black, none of these people are heroes. they fight to get power for themselves, but only themselves. Rhaenyra herself gives the other houses to lords that support her claim despite there being older women with stronger claims. she herself does not think women should rule by right. she wants a special treatment *for herself* (doesnt that remind you of women who are anti-feminist courting conservative money and fame only for themselves?)

    • Blackfish
      Blackfish 2 months ago +7

      @Menno_3 based on the tenor of the comment and the username, I have a theory 😶

    • SilverScale
      SilverScale 2 months ago +5

      @Tears of Oprah Agreed, except the greatest enemy to these women is patriarchy itself. Rhaenys ended up upholding the patriarchy despite her dislike of it, and Rhaenyra is expected to do the same. That's what bothers me about this show. It wants the laurels of commenting on the patriarchy, but ends up upholding it instead.

  • LizbetNene
    LizbetNene 2 months ago +4

    It's interesting you call it a "dragon showdown" - my reading of that scene was that Caraxes was happy to see Cyrax, he's used to living in the Dragonpit with a bunch of other dragons but he's been on Dragonstone on his own for months and then suddenly Cyrax turns up and he coos and squeaks like he's excited.

  • Wyatt L
    Wyatt L 3 months ago +136

    Loved the chat between Rhaenerya and Rhaenys overlooking the garden. Some snappy dialogue there.

    • Eyeball Paul
      Eyeball Paul 3 months ago +15

      The queen of thorns who never was

  • The Emerald Boars
    The Emerald Boars 2 months ago +62

    Agreed 100% on the "Marvelization" of media. I need more fiction that takes it self seriously and doesn't feel the need to rely on constant humor and self-referential comments to keep an audience invested. One of the nearly infinite reasons Jackson's trilogy holds up so well.

    • dreamfyre
      dreamfyre 2 months ago

      Do you have a time stamp for that? :)

    • Drew Bunton
      Drew Bunton 2 months ago +4

      There is still plenty of comedic relief, especially with Gimli. But it’s done well.

    • Malek
      Malek 2 months ago +6

      Honestly rewatching the trilogy these last couple of weeks and I realized the humor there is exactly what marvel and other blockbuster franchises have tried to replicate but it's not nearly as distracting there.

  • abraxas365
    abraxas365 2 months ago +65

    I hope there's a blooper reel of Daemon hiking the dragon egg through his legs like a football.

    • Greywolf757
      Greywolf757 2 months ago +5

      I'm sure they had to film that scene at least ten times before Rhanyra actually caught the egg.

  • Dawid D
    Dawid D 2 months ago +57

    Viserys' hand rotting might also be a symbolism for Otto (hand of the king) becoming more rotten (manipulative, immoral, greedy)

    • I Putu Satyena Pande
      I Putu Satyena Pande 2 months ago +1

      @Melancholic Mango dollar store tywin

    • Melancholic Mango
      Melancholic Mango 2 months ago +2

      @NeloAngelo Without the charisma though

    • NeloAngelo
      NeloAngelo 2 months ago +2

      Ngl, my first impression otto in episode 1 is he is like tywin lannister

  • Drunken Contender
    Drunken Contender 2 months ago +31

    I love that you do this right after the episode (unsorted unscripted thoughts but at the earliest moment), and then the proper video a few days after. It's the best of both worlds IMO.

  • Kelsi Coffman
    Kelsi Coffman 2 months ago +9

    Shifty, why are you avoiding saying what we all know, boy?
    Daemon doesn't think about killing Rhaenyra, he's thinking about boning her. LOL Mysarea's jealousy and anger were suuuuper palpable when Rhyneara appeared, which is why she offered Daemon a young blonde before.

  • lemmingrad
    lemmingrad 2 months ago +14

    Something I noticed on rewatching, is Ser Harrold Westering not flinching and keeps his sword arm steady at the arrival of Caraxes, and also being the last one to follow the command to sheath his sword. What a brave dude.

  • Anke Jl
    Anke Jl 2 months ago +87

    I really love what the show is doing with Mysaria. In the (fake) history books she is demonized as a power hungry witch. It is great (and makes a ton of sense) to see that her real story is the one most different from what ended up in the official records. Her story ties in well with the other women (she does not want to become pregnant), but she's not just othered due to her gender, but also because of her class, ethnicity and outsider status. I thought her conversation with Deamon about his privilege and the fact that she is in much more danger than he was interesting. In the real world such people's perspectives were also not represented in the official history records and I'm glad to see the show making an effort to show it, I hope they continue to do so!

    • Mothrah
      Mothrah 2 months ago

      Worst acting I have ever seen. And the accent made me cringe. I hope we get to see better acting to come but they can kill mysaria off soon for all I care. Sheesh.

    • Gabriel Emblem
      Gabriel Emblem 2 months ago

      Dont discard the "evil witch thing" yet because her worst days were the year that Rhaenyra hold KL. I kinda want to see how it goes, will she have a soy network or will she be an actual witch. Later on the dance, Aemond and Alys were a perfect parallel of what Daemon and Lady Misery were but we know Daemon is going to get fed up with her and leave her

    • Ash Benamti
      Ash Benamti 2 months ago +14

      Agreed, I like they made her mire nuances than to maker her another Shae like character. Like she's fond of Daemon but she's not stupid

  • Made-line 🎭
    Made-line 🎭 2 months ago +17

    From these first two episodes, I'm really feeling for Alicent. For both girls, of course, though Alicent's actress and character are making me feel a lot of sympathy for her. Maybe this will change, but she's not in a great position. Even in Fire & Blood, she's older, though it's not like she has any additional power. She's a daughter of a noble house. She more or less has a job to do, and Otto's the boss.

    • W.A.S
      W.A.S 2 months ago +3

      I feel for her too

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 3 months ago +320

    The behind-the-scenes for this episode does reveal that the crabfeeder has grayscale. The grayscale has progressed from his left hand up to his face, so it might be what makes him so crazy. His mask was partially fashioned from a Sons of the Harpy mask. Daniel Scott-Smith spent 4 hours in the makeup chair for this performance and he looks amazing!

    • FKDotFitzgerald
      FKDotFitzgerald 2 months ago +2

      @PJ It’s not a spoiler if it’s officially revealed in the Behind the Episode.

    • PJ
      PJ 2 months ago

      put more spaces after your spoiler tag, I saw it immediately

    • superasian97
      superasian97 2 months ago

      @FKDotFitzgerald Yeah cool, but it didn't hurt to at a spoiler tag does it? for people who want to find out naturally

    • FKDotFitzgerald
      FKDotFitzgerald 2 months ago +1

      @superasian97 Okay? It’s still fair game considering it’s affixed to the end of the episode. They aren’t going to drop massive plot points in the Behind the Episode but any details like this are fair game.

    • superasian97
      superasian97 2 months ago

      @Adam Chellew Alt shift specifically says he doesn't talk about spoilers in these Q and As at the start of his video

  • Amy Dean
    Amy Dean 2 months ago +28

    it's interesting to think that any major changes to the story and/or order of events can be explained away with "the book had an unreliable narrator"
    I love it!

  • TeddyPicker191
    TeddyPicker191 3 months ago +246

    Love your theory on the crabfeeder.
    Basically just Batman but with crabs

    • Daniel Whitaker
      Daniel Whitaker 2 months ago

      I was thinking it was the origin story of a Batman villain

    • Gregaro Ivanalininovich
      Gregaro Ivanalininovich 2 months ago +6

      Were his parents also killed in an alley after watching a movie? WAS HIS MOM ALSO CALLED MARTHA???

    • Conor Murphy
      Conor Murphy 3 months ago +8


      KRABBMANNDER 3 months ago

      @Alt Shift X

    • Shelly
      Shelly 3 months ago +2

      @Alt Shift X long live the crabman!

  • Narmatonia
    Narmatonia 2 months ago +10

    I don't think Otto had any intention of attacking Dragonstone, he wanted to be able to go back to Viserys and report on Daemon's treasonous actions to force a more heavy-handed approach. It's probably part of why he went himself, Viserys probably could've just walked in and took the egg like Rhaenyra did, but Otto knew that Daemon would be too proud to be bossed around by him, if a few of his men get killed that just strengthens his case that Daemon is too dangerous to be kept around.
    I also liked how Daemon clutched the egg to his chest as Rhaenyra approached him, like he knew he wouldn't have much choice but to give it up to her (I also don't think he was actually considering killing her).

  • Immortal Science of Hauntology

    When Viserys said he always welcomes the unfettered opinion of his council that really hit - that textbook affability that is great in a person and terrible in a king, delivered with such confidence in its virtue yet making him seem so useless and unconfident. What a character, what a performance.

    • Immortal Science of Hauntology
      Immortal Science of Hauntology 2 months ago +2

      @Greywolf757 monarchy is a catastrophically shit system of government and this is one reason why. If the debate gets too free and honest it breaks down because the monarch loses authority. A good king would know he needs to get honest advice from loyal advisors, but that's basically impossible to consistently achieve in feudalism. Corlys was insubordinate and defiant in front of everybody. Viserys, with an exasperated hand wave, pretended his tolerance of that was the same as being well advised. He doesn't demand that Corlys remember his place in the hierarchy. Now that the final straw has been reached by Viserys' amiable blundering, Corlys, who has never once been chastened by the crown, is ready to unilaterally declare a war that will embroil Viserys' realm.

    • Greywolf757
      Greywolf757 2 months ago +3

      A king can always benefit from their council's honest opinion. If the council is just a bunch of yes men, then why meet with them at all? The king could just give out orders. The entire point of a council is to hear differing opinions and then decide.

  • Donnie Staats
    Donnie Staats 2 months ago +37

    Viserys and Laena can’t really be the first Targ/Velaryon marriage considering Corlys is literally married to Rhaenys lol

    • Andrey Yorland
      Andrey Yorland 2 months ago

      But this marriage would put Velaryons on throne and this is the only thing that is important, marrying someone who is targ is I guess is cool, but the same thing as binding two families by making their heir rule seven kingdoms

    • Donnie Staats
      Donnie Staats 2 months ago +3

      @Jalanko13 that’s not what was said but ok, if we have to move the goalposts cause we were wrong I’m good with it but anything else seems like a retcon to me.

    • Jalanko13
      Jalanko13 2 months ago +3

      I think the idea is for a male Targaryen matched with a female Valeryon

  • Angela Wo
    Angela Wo 2 months ago +12

    In the extra "the house that dragons built" the makeup crew confirms that the Crabfeeder does indeed have Greyscale!

  • Wyatt L
    Wyatt L 3 months ago +85

    About the donation that mentions the Grand Maester telling Otto about the condition of the queen during childbirth instead of the king:
    That didn't strike me as odd or conspiratory. That's the Hand's job, the king is enjoying the tourney so of course the maester would deliver the information to his Hand first. Then the Hand would decide when it's appropriate to convey that information to the king.

    • Greywolf757
      Greywolf757 2 months ago +1

      Yes, it's strange that people don't get that. Even in the modern world, the staff is more likely to talk to the Chief of Staff rather than directly to the President.

  • Astrospect
    Astrospect 3 months ago +55

    My favorite aspect of the show is how Viserys got hurt multiple times by the Iron Throne. I remember in the books it says that a king who gets nicked by the throne is unfit to rule Westeros or something like that, and they don't have a Maester outright explain it but rather allow it to be a small detail for the fans.

    • Jeanne
      Jeanne 2 months ago

      Yeah, mad king Aerys constantly got sliced up by the throne, and Joffrey got cut up once or twice too

  • Rin- Joh
    Rin- Joh 3 months ago +29

    Considering all that biz about Valyrians using blood magic, I think forging Valyrian steels requires blood magic. Maybe even human sacrifice, like in the forging of Lightbringer.

    • Bi. Rios
      Bi. Rios 2 months ago +2

      Interesting; would make lightbringer a special Valyrian steel sword as the sacrifice is one of high importance to the creator/wielder (can’t remember). But it WOULD make sense

  • Brian Sabal
    Brian Sabal 2 months ago +21

    I thought it was interesting that Viserys and Rhaenyra's reactions to Daemon taking the dragon egg were the same, King Viserys also intended to personally confront Daemon but was talked out of it by his small council. Rhaenyra did was Viserys wanted to do, and Viserys tells her that as his heir she is too important to risk even though he was about to do the same.

    • Greywolf757
      Greywolf757 2 months ago +3

      Presumably as her father, he loves her more than his own life, so he would far rather risk his own life than hers.

  • Nate Grider
    Nate Grider 2 months ago +17

    Viserys being directly mentioned as the last rider of Balerion, I really really hope HBO gives us a quick flashback just so we can see the legendary Black Dread

  • All The Artsy
    All The Artsy 3 months ago +128

    Paddy Constadine is doing such a good job with the role but I just really, really dislike Viserys. He thinks he's rising above the people who want to control him by being contrarian, but he's just digging his own grave and his family's ruin.

    • Sam Owen
      Sam Owen 2 months ago

      I really like him but he’s a fool and he keeps making atrocious decisions, mostly due to never being raised to be king

    • PiousMoltar
      PiousMoltar 2 months ago

      I like him. But you're not wrong.

    • Phobics
      Phobics 2 months ago +1

      @vichu Yeah I get it, It was certainly a hard choice to make

    • vichu
      vichu 2 months ago

      @Phobics ok i get it, it is not obvious from the scene alone, bloodloss is not mentioned at all, i failed to notice the visual cues too. But still it feels cruel and unjustified to me, how can he give such a bloody death to someoneone he loved for years and move on, my brain is refusing to forgive Viserys.

    • Phobics
      Phobics 2 months ago +1

      @vichu She had a lot of miscarriages and obviously, none of them prompted the Maester to propose this solution. Thus this was obviously a new problem, not just another miscarriage. She was also bleeding out, which is a thing that doesnt tend to fix itself, estimating death based on blood loss is pretty basic in medicine.
      Besides, it was confirmed by GRRM and the writers that this was not a either or choice, they were both going to die.
      I get why you doubt the knowledge of the maester but you dont need bacterial theory to know when blood loss will result in death. Surely, there was some uncertainty but from all we see the possibility that she would have survived was miniscule

  • Lau Ste
    Lau Ste 3 months ago +16

    What I took from Daemons and his lovers conversation isn't that she CANT get pregnant, but that she refuses to. Based on her wanting to avoid fear, if assume it is because childbirth is so deadly.

    • Yellow House
      Yellow House 2 months ago

      She said she ensured a long time ago that she will never be threatened by childbirth, so seems more like an actual thing she did than just deciding on it. Would make sense considering she was a whore and couldn't afford to get pregnant.

  • Snailorgy
    Snailorgy 2 months ago +12

    how the actual fuck does Alt shift get those pictures that damn fast. whatever system he has for these live streams is amazing

  • James Freebury
    James Freebury 2 months ago +26

    1:39:03 I'm very interested in the relationship between Vasarys and Balarion.... he seems so unlikely as a rider of the black dread..... like I felt that V. almost looked shifty when he was asked about riding B. - maybe its because it was so long ago... but together with the "face the black dread" comment it makes me imagine a scenario where V riding Balarion was very nominal- he was pressured into attempting it- B did not kill him- he did it, knew B was barely suffering him to do it and avoided it like the plague thereafter.... and part of his imposter complex as king goes back to sort of having lived with a sort of faked identity as Balarion's rider (that he also never wanted a part of)

  • NukeMarine
    NukeMarine 3 months ago +27

    For the opening sequence, what they really need to do is show the name of the person for each crest. Even better, include something with the crest that highlights major actions or their death.
    They can then edit the sequence near the end which "dragons" will take part in the current episode perhaps with a small animation for what they do that episode.

    • Bramstayer
      Bramstayer 2 months ago

      I also hope the producers decide to maybe surprise us with a new opening for season 2. Think of the competition they could have as long as they avoid that miniature diorama--looking teeny sized bridges or buildings w blurry background camera trick BUT that WOULD be hilarious with toy sized drsgons though!!!

    • Devi Annanda
      Devi Annanda 2 months ago +2

      Yes! They added the names of the castle/location in the original game of thrones opening sequence as well.

  • oerthling
    oerthling 2 months ago +21

    Re the Dragons of HOTD vs GoT: I think the differences actually make a lot of sense (not saying everything was exactly planned this way, but it turned out well).
    The dragons of HOTD are the result of hundreds of years of breeding, training and a whole culture around them. There are special dragon handlers, established traditions and the dragons are of different ages and grew up with different riders. This is the age when dragons were still strong and somewhat plentiful (compared to 200 years later).
    200 years later the house of Targaryen has fallen. Dragons were slowly becoming a legend. Generations have grown up without seeing one.
    When Daenerys hatches 3 new dragons, they are all the same age, all connected to her, traditions are broken, the infrastructure and most knowledge gone.
    And Daenerys herself is a barbarian princess who got into power based on a barbarian horde. There are no dragon saddle makers and Daeanerys learned riding on the Dothraki Sea, not the training grounds of a Targaryen castle.
    It all fits rather well.

  • BlackSock
    BlackSock 3 months ago +120

    I believe her interest in Vhagar is more than just innocent ponderings... Her family wants a(nother) dragon, a powerful one. Just my 2 cent! I haven't read the source material so please don't @ me with spoilers :) 31:12 holy shit...
    all the maester conspiracies are true

    • Drink of Thrones
      Drink of Thrones 2 months ago +1

      Interesting thought!

    • Blackfish
      Blackfish 2 months ago +1

      I thought it felt more like the show was emphasizing her young age, when the two talk about dragons it felt like a doting grandpa talking to a child rather than two prospective spouses (which I think Viserys also realized in the moment).

    • Darkstar
      Darkstar 3 months ago +2

      The book said nothing about her claiming Vhagar so your point is a valid argument

    • Jai Authenti
      Jai Authenti 3 months ago +11

      The books don’t even go in depth but I like your thinking. From the show you can see the duo that Corlys and Rheanys are.

  • HypliX'
    HypliX' 3 months ago +35

    when Viserys drops the stone dragon and it breaks.. such a good metaphor for his and Alicent's love making the house of the dragon fall into ruin

    • HypliX'
      HypliX' 2 months ago

      @Yellow House yeah I was actually gonna put "love" but it would've kinda messed the message up.

    • Drink of Thrones
      Drink of Thrones 2 months ago

      Great analysis! I thought of it as more of a metaphor of his weakness as a ruler and lack of understanding that dragons are the Targaryen’s biggest asset, which he fails to understand or use properly

    • Yellow House
      Yellow House 2 months ago +2

      @Konrad von Schnitzeldorf I think it's more interesting for her to be forced than if she willingly married him. Like I'm supposed to believe this 16 17 year old fell madly in love with her best friends widowed father who just happened to be king and has no motives besides loving him?
      I think her being a pawn to her father who has ulterior motives, seducing the king but being repulsed by it, betraying her best friend and losing their friendship and being expected to bear children and having at least some responsibilities for the entire realm without there being anything she can really do about it makes for far more interesting plots.

    • Konrad von Schnitzeldorf
      Konrad von Schnitzeldorf 2 months ago

      @Yellow House I don't like how alicent is "forced" to be with Viserys. Makes it less interesting.

    • Yellow House
      Yellow House 2 months ago +6


  • Frankie Biase
    Frankie Biase 3 months ago +17

    The Rhanys and Rhaenyra exchange was my favorite scene of this episode. Think it gave a lot of insight into both of their positions in the heiraechy and how they feel about it

  • Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Schopenhauer

    I really liked the first episode and definitely had the plan to watch the whole season but this episode...
    Just fucking blew me away omfg i had tears in my eyes after watching it because just the amount of effort and dedication is soo nice, it feels like people at all parts of the team actually care about the project. I just have the feeling so fucking much happened besides (but still related to) the plot.
    I had a problem with the firts episode: it didnt just suck me in and let me loose my shit when characters are just talking, this episode did this, in nearly every scene.
    It is just fucking great and i love it.

  • LGC
    LGC 2 months ago +6

    There was an interview with Steve Touissant where he said that at the beginning they had a conversation with Miguel Sapochnick about the origin of dragons and he made a comment about it being a combination between magic and genetics, which is kind of a confirmation of the idea that they were experimenting with creatures. This is also probably why many Targaryen woman who suffer miscarriages end up having deformed babies with wings and scales.

  • Skylark Landing
    Skylark Landing Month ago +2

    The more I hear about the Doom of Valeryria, the more it sounds like an eldritch-horror-infused nuclear apocalypse.

  • The Humanity
    The Humanity 2 months ago +4

    I think another possibility you missed with Otto and Daemon's confrontation was that Otto knew that if Daemon killed Otto or burned him and his guards alive, Viserys would have no choice but to throw full force at Daemon and bring him to justice for murdering The Hand (which is considered a direct attack on the King himself). Otto seems like a man who cares more about his House's standing than his own life, so it seemed like he was possibly telling his daughter goodbye when she was putting on his armor and giving her a final order to see the King that night and give him the stone dragon, to ensure her standing as the next Queen before he left. That's how I saw it at least

  • Ruth Bennett
    Ruth Bennett 3 months ago +46

    Obscure reference alert: the older tune that the “Star Spangled Banner” is sung over is “Anacreon in Heaven”.
    Knowing GRRM’s heavy use of song references in all his works, there might be something in that city’s name.
    (Edit: Anacreon was an Ancient Greek poet & lover of wine. The song was a popular bar song sung during the rise of the British Empire & American Revolution.)

  • jkpttr
    jkpttr 2 months ago +4

    37:25 your emphasis on “the flesh pits” made me burst out laughing

  • Jachelle Lynn
    Jachelle Lynn 2 months ago +1

    The way the dragons sound is something I was afraid of being just awful. So I’m very happy that they did well with that choice

  • Julie Marie
    Julie Marie 2 months ago +4

    I loved his noises! I thought it made sense for a dragon with such a long ass neck to sound kinda raspy or different compared to the others.
    I like his design a lot more than I thought I would, and I loved getting to see how massive he is climbing over that rock😳

  • Crayvun
    Crayvun 2 months ago +8

    Hearing Alt-Shift's childlike delight at Caraxes' voice makes me happy :)

  • AGrumpyWitch
    AGrumpyWitch 2 months ago +10

    When Viserys said dragons get lonely he was talking about himself :(

  • InternetPirateDisections
    InternetPirateDisections 3 months ago +64

    Imagine Caraxes is a rebellious teenager, and doesn’t listen to the other dragons. 🐉

  • Asher Garland
    Asher Garland 2 months ago +8

    Happy that the show is off to a good start, but even more excited for your weekly recaps, reviews, and Q&As. Thank you Alt Shift X!

  • Carl Rood
    Carl Rood 2 months ago +1

    I liked when she called out Daemon on his game playing with his brother. He's a Targaryean. He's got a hell of a lot more chance of being forgiven than she does and he made her a target.

  • The Provincial
    The Provincial 3 months ago +58

    The Viserys/Otto relationship reminds me immensely of Henry VIII and Thomas Howard.

    • Arya Stark Is A Mood
      Arya Stark Is A Mood 2 months ago

      @Jeanne Bouwman Yeah and Otto is just scumbaggish enough to be like Thomas Boleyn haha

    • Jeanne Bouwman
      Jeanne Bouwman 2 months ago +4

      Ooh yes with him pimping Mary and Anne boleyn to Henry

    • Nik Sutliff
      Nik Sutliff 2 months ago +6

      Almost certainly Martin's direct historical reference

    • Arya Stark Is A Mood
      Arya Stark Is A Mood 2 months ago +16

      And Otto and Alicent are very reminiscent of Thomas Boleyn and Anne

  • SunnyDayTeaFactory
    SunnyDayTeaFactory 2 months ago +25

    I found myself laughing at how ridiculous the king looked walking down with the child. Even the King knew this was inappropriate at this time.

    • Greywolf757
      Greywolf757 2 months ago

      @Yellow House That's not true. There is a family that is friends of my family. They have a daughter. She is maybe ten years younger than me. I remember when she was still in diapers. Yet now that she is an adult, I can see that she is attractive. Just because you know someone as a child doesn't mean you can't be attracted to them when they become an adult.

    • Sourman
      Sourman 2 months ago

      @Yellow House I think you'll find that a very large percentage of humanity does not live up to your standards of sanity then.

    • Yellow House
      Yellow House 2 months ago +4

      @Thebettingconsultants I doubt a sane human could see a young woman they knew when she was a literal child could see her that way

    • Thebettingconsultants
      Thebettingconsultants 2 months ago

      @Yellow House alicent is fine thoooo

    • Yellow House
      Yellow House 2 months ago +5

      Which is ironic considering Alicent is at max like 5 years older than Laena. And considering Otto was his Hand for some time, he knew Alicent when she was as young as Laena.

  • Joel W
    Joel W 2 months ago +26

    Would have been interesting to see a new main theme, but I’m just fine with them reusing they GOT intro music. Makes it a theme tune for the universe, like the Star Wars main theme

  • Jaq
    Jaq 2 months ago +2

    As a fellow picker of cuticles when I’m anxious (several times a day) Alicent picking her fingers while trying to look calm or happy really hit home. It was such a great little touch and I know it certainly gave me a chance to identify with how she was feeling and coping.

  • Carver Tate
    Carver Tate 2 months ago +3

    Wonderful breakdown, so glad I just found your channel, I look forward to your analysis as the show unfolds :-) ( You have a FANTASTIC voice btw, you could make a killing narrating audiobooks! )
    I really agree with what you said about the opening animation of the bloodlines. I appreciated what they were trying to visualize, but I don’t think it conveys information that helps inform the larger story the same way GOT’s opening really helped viewers contextualize where the characters were and how they were connected. The info they are trying to convey makes sense given that HOTD is telling a “smaller” story that is largely focused on the Targareans, but I think they could have found a more effective way of visualizing it.

  • Eyeball Paul
    Eyeball Paul 3 months ago +20

    As much of a sneaky bastard as Otto is I can't help but love him because of Rhys Ifan's unbelievable acting, he's an absolute scene stealer

    • Immortal Science of Hauntology
      Immortal Science of Hauntology 2 months ago

      @TheSpHornet I think he hoped to talk him down or leave with word of his defiance.
      I don't really think he would throw his life away in the hopes of starting a war in the hopes of everything going right for Alicent... but it's clear he knew he had set up the pieces well enough to take risks at least.

    • TheSpHornet
      TheSpHornet 2 months ago +1

      AltshiftX keeps saying Otto intended to fight Daemon and win, but i think he knew it was (likely) a suicide mission. He had no plan, he knew he had to die to give Alicent a chance, if Viserys went himself, Viserys would die Daemon would take power and Alicent had no Targaryen to marry (Daemon would never marry her, him being Viserys' hand).

  • Lekhnath Pant
    Lekhnath Pant 3 months ago +58

    02:00:15 Otto kinda forgot about the Dragons 😂

    • Bramstayer
      Bramstayer 2 months ago

      Oh my God I still cannot be that D& D guy said that....hahahahaha

  • Zeit Geist
    Zeit Geist 2 months ago +2

    I think its safe to say that Daemon is the "emo edge lord" of this time period.

  • Paul Perkins
    Paul Perkins 2 months ago +3

    It is really clear that GRRM has developed a phobia of trying to finish the main series, and that is why he is doing everything under the sun except working on it.

  • Nacho Bear
    Nacho Bear 2 months ago +5

    Can't wait to see The Crab Feeder say "It's crabbin' time"

    • ml b
      ml b 2 months ago +1

      Will Charlie day show up? "We're crab people now!"

  • Still Hammered
    Still Hammered 3 months ago +29

    Wow, going to have to set aside an extra two hours every Sunday to catch your lives. Great analysis!

  • Nazai Sorden
    Nazai Sorden 3 months ago +53

    The Crab-Feeder could possibly be a leper. I mean in the world of Ice and Fire it isn’t out of the realm of the possibility.

    • Bramstayer
      Bramstayer 2 months ago +3

      It looks like greyscale

    • C Dohh
      C Dohh 3 months ago +10

      greyscale moving into his upper body/face is probably what makes him crazy. greyscale causes insanity as it moves into the face/head.

    • Lukas Grässlin
      Lukas Grässlin 3 months ago +23

      So greyscales basically.

  • Akash Deepak Shah
    Akash Deepak Shah 3 months ago +9

    I love watching these streams after the episode, makes me appreciate the show more.

  • Mateusz
    Mateusz 2 months ago +19

    I think Otto wanted to pull the king and daemon apart by going to meet Daemon in place of his brother? He saw Daemon's revelations as the cry for attention they were, and prevented Viserys from goign on purpose to try and make Daemon bitter

  • agdgdgwngo
    agdgdgwngo 2 months ago +7

    Paddy Considine with another brilliant performance.

  • napolien 1
    napolien 1 2 months ago +23

    No need for poison, even with small cuts people get infected because of not properly cleaning the wounds or something unlike in modern times when we get shots at young age to prevent such situations.

  • Zveebo
    Zveebo 3 months ago +33

    I really don’t understand where you are getting this idea that the Velayreons have never married Targs before. They never suggested that, and Corlys’ wife in the show is Rhaenys, so they clearly have married into the family before.

    • kateris1976
      kateris1976 2 months ago +3

      Aenys' wife and Jaeharys' mother, Alyssa, was a Velaryon. Her brother Daemon was Corlys' grandfather.

    • Azlan Adil
      Azlan Adil 3 months ago +1

      @Zveebo Yeah.

    • Zveebo
      Zveebo 3 months ago +4

      @Azlan Adil She’s half-Targaryen.

    • Azlan Adil
      Azlan Adil 3 months ago +2

      They say that Leyna has Targaryen blood.

    • We're the reckless, we're the wild youth
      We're the reckless, we're the wild youth 3 months ago +16

      Aegon, Visenya, Rhaenys, Jaehaerys, Good Queen Alysanne, Viserys, Aegon and Rhaena were all Velaryon on their mothers' side of the family.
      The Targaryens have plenty of Velaryon blood.

  • Tatakae_Joan
    Tatakae_Joan 2 months ago +1

    I wish the opening scene for HOTD was the miniature Valeyria that Viserys tinkers with and the pool of blood could have been running across the fallen city.

  • hknuddv
    hknuddv 3 months ago +6

    I hope they release the 3d schematic for the valyria model
    It would be great to use for an elden ring mod!

  • Megfreakx3
    Megfreakx3 2 months ago +5

    Anyone else realize the crab feeders mask is a broken sons of harpy mask

  • Alysane
    Alysane 2 months ago +4

    I liked ep 2 a lot, but guys can we talk about the overall score for the show so far? Is it just me or is the score besides that "prince that was promised" track they released (which I love btw) really lackluster and underwhelming so far? I'm failing to recognize any reoccurring, distinct character themes for daemon, rhaenyra, the hightowers or even an updated targaryen theme. Besides "Breaker of Chains" and perhaps a few other callbacks they're not even reusing the old score, but rn the music in the background is just kind of there...conveying the mood well enough but nothing more. Ramin's genius music and all the recognizable house/character themes elevated the original show so much imo. I know it's only been two eps but I honestly expected a lot more from a master composer like him... thoughts?

  • Alexander Salmas
    Alexander Salmas 2 months ago +4

    I thought the maester was saying marrying her could seal the breach? The maester seemed for the marriage while Otto was the only one against it.

  • cwarsh11
    cwarsh11 2 months ago +13

    I think the opening scene is supposed to be evocative of the blood magic temples of Valyria? That's what I thought was happening, I missed the family tree part but you make a strong case. Either way, I agree it's not the most interesting animation.

  • WrecklessEating
    WrecklessEating 2 months ago +1

    This got me through a long walk. Really enjoy your content!

  • TRK bou
    TRK bou 2 months ago +4

    I just want to appreciate how you did not spoil future plot. thank you

  • Samantha Bogen
    Samantha Bogen 3 months ago +18

    Laena looks about 8, that was so weird. The look on Corlys' face, Rhaenys- everyone is so deeply uncomfortable

  • CJ Rich
    CJ Rich 2 months ago +1

    The symbolism & nuance of the opening sequence is incredible imo

  • Tremaine Brown
    Tremaine Brown 2 months ago +3

    Thank you for these live streams, very helpful when these episodes have so much going on

  • Alexs Vasquez
    Alexs Vasquez 2 months ago +4

    Daemon and Rhaeynra are so well done. I’m enjoying their talks and intersections.

  • Dee Rush
    Dee Rush 3 months ago +11

    It's amazing that despite all of that action in the first episode, Viserys' decision at the end of this episode will set up a lot of misery in the future.

    • Drink of Thrones
      Drink of Thrones 2 months ago

      I kinda thought I was his way of a power play. Since everyone clearly wanted him to wed corly’s daughter, this was his way of reminding everyone he can ask for advise but I ultimately, since he’s king he can choose to make disregard that advice and make another choice

  • indiciaobscure
    indiciaobscure 2 months ago +1

    The more I learn about Valyria, and from hints in the episode, the more sense it makes, that the Velaryons are black. I assume their blood isn’t very mixed because of how Corlys talks about his daughter’s pure Valyrians blood. But the Valyrian blood mages clearly played fast and loose with genetics, with dragons, slaves, and even the genetics of the Valyrians themselves. They are said to have created the dragons from firewyms, and the dragons we see are varied creatures with often very different appearances. The experiments in humans could also have resulted in a variety of phenotypes, with pale skin being the most common. What all had in common, perhaps signified by the white hair, is the ability to control dragons. Perhaps different people were created to bond with different strains of dragons.
    The ancient Valyrians were truly fucked up and I feel weird even discussing human experimentation neutrally, but they seemed willing to go to great lengths to maintain their power and dragons.

  • Павел Бурбон
    Павел Бурбон 2 months ago +1

    1:51:02 Rhaenyra was fine with Viserys marrying Laena because she knew he would only do this because of his obligations as a King, but when he revealed that he was going to marry Alicent instead, Rhaenyra realized that he's doing this because he has some genuine feelings for her and it means that he betrayed his love for Aemma so quickly.

  • Tom Perry
    Tom Perry 2 months ago +2

    I love how Daemon isn't a 1 dimensional villian and still has love and respect for and chemistry with his family as the red flannnel guy said.. It woudn't suprise me if he proposes marriage to Rhaenyra

  • Tearsong
    Tearsong 2 months ago +3

    The episode had so many great moments but my favorite was when Daemon tells Corlys not to speak ill of Viserys. It's such a quintessential sibling thing to say. I can pick on my brother/sister but I will beat the piss out of anyone else who does. I also liked the confrontation at Dragonstone between Rhaenyra and Daemon because, yay dragons!, and because it again highlights the closeness of Daemon to his family. Rhaenyra knew he was bluffing and he knew he was bluffing with his crazy antics but only her or Viserys would have been able to call Daemon on it.

    • Tearsong
      Tearsong 2 months ago

      @Tom Ford I haven't read the books so maybe my opinion will change but I do enjoy his character thus far.