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RB FILMS: The Reign of Manny Pacquiao (FILM-DOCUMENTARY PART 2)

  • Published on Mar 26, 2023
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    Part 1 - Rise of Pac: • The Rise of Manny...
    A movie documentary based on the career of Manny Pacquiao, focusing on his time at the height of his career. The documentary highlights Pacquiao’s domination of top champions after 2008 and details the specific setbacks that he had to overcome.
    "The Reign of Manny Pacquiao" covers his life and career after he became ranked as the best fighter in the world, after defeating the likes of Barrera, Morales, and Marquez. It highlights the most important fights he had (after 2008), including matches such as:
    - Becoming a superstar after fighting Oscar De La Hoya (2008)
    - His action-packed fight with Ricky Hatton (2009)
    - Tough fight with Miguel Cotto (2009)
    - Challenging the light-middleweight Antonio Margarito (2010)
    - Controversial match with Timothy Bradley (2012 & 2014)
    - His trilogy and finale fight with Juan Marquez (2011 & 2012)
    - Other fights with Shane Mosley, Brandon Rios, Chris Algieri, Joshua Clottey
    The film also includes the build-up with his nemesis Floyd Mayweather and the contractual issues that had to be overcome to schedule that mega-fight, as well as his religious rebirth as a Catholic and becoming a politician/congressman.
    No other video highlights the reign of Pacquiao with such detail, and it is a must-see for fight fans, Pacquiao fans, and boxing historians.
    Please leave a like and share to support the video to help other boxing enthusiasts discover this timeless classic.
    Run time: 70 minutes
    Produced by Reemus Boxing
    Narrated by Reemus
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    00:00 - Oscar De La Hoya
    12:50 - Hatton
    18:43 - Cotto
    29:02 - 8th division with Antonio Margarito
    40:30 - Juan Manuel Marquez trilogy
    47:35 - Tim Bradley Controversy
    52:48 - Juan Manuel Marquez finale
    58:44 - Brandon Rios in China
    1:02:00 - Timothy Bradley rematch
    1:07:24 - Chris Algieri
    1:11:05 - Mayweather
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Comments • 632

  • The Destroyer
    The Destroyer Year ago +50


    • Sta. Maria
      Sta. Maria 10 months ago

      I mean just watch canelo vs bivol that was canelo natural weight

  • Raimelyn F. Gobris
    Raimelyn F. Gobris Year ago +37

    Pacquiao and Marquez's war! Both fighters who really give their all in their fights. This is the era of authentic boxing.

  • R Visions
    R Visions Year ago +32

    “He can’t handle your speed son” the best quote from coach Freddie

  • James Otayza
    James Otayza Year ago +18

    A generational talent. We are fortunate to have witnessed his greatness in our lifetime.

  • Mr. Ahmed Guillermo-Letrondo

    A true champion. Knows how to win and knows how to accept defeat.

  • CassiusClay101z ORG
    CassiusClay101z ORG Year ago +162

    A Natural Lightweight who competes at Welterweight for 13 years. Truly the Greatest Fighter of his Generation.

    • gege willplayed
      gege willplayed 7 days ago

      ​@Amadeus Chavez you mean the guy who cherry picked his fights?

    • fg g
      fg g 2 months ago

      @Curtis Sewell Fraud Gayweather is a convict and Manny is a Senator love by his countrymen. Think about that.

    • MrMarco855
      MrMarco855 2 months ago

      @Curtis Sewell Nor do I have to mention who's lying about the fight and the aftermath. If Floyd really won the fight, maybe you can explain why you felt the need to lie in an attempt to make Pacquiao look bad when, if Floyd had actually won, he needed no such support. Floyd didn't win however, and you're aware of that, so you added that Pacquiao's first words after the fight was a complaint about his shoulder. Since you're confident that you're right, it should mean nothing to you to put up a few pesos in a friendly wager.
      You say Pacquiao complained about his shoulder the first thing after the fight, I say he was interviewed at ring side as is customary and he never said one word about his shoulder. The best time and place to mention his injury would have been right there immediately after the fight, and you claim that's what he did. Are you willing to prove me wrong right here and right now, or are you a dropout from the school of deceit like Floyd is? Floyd ran and hid from Pacquiao for years, you'll run and hide from this challenge as well. Here's your chance to shut the mouth of a Pacquiao fan, but you'll not accept, a coward always runs from the truth.

    • MrMarco855
      MrMarco855 2 months ago

      @Curtis Sewell Who beat him?

    • MrMarco855
      MrMarco855 2 months ago

      @Amadeus Chavez You have the right to your own opinion.

  • Ramon Correa
    Ramon Correa 8 months ago +7

    We we’re all fortunate to watch him , what a man and warrior … 🇸🇽 Gracias Manny.. 🇲🇽

  • Melody Icban
    Melody Icban Year ago +76

    Manny is the greatest boxer of all time.. maybe people will recognise it in future when he is already just a memory

    • gege willplayed
      gege willplayed 7 days ago

      ​@nikosofidemporasso when you're not an American, you can't be the goat? Lmao

    • Leobeth Uypetilla
      Leobeth Uypetilla 8 months ago

      @Mr. Brightside hahaha and his last fight?🤔

    • Mr. Brightside
      Mr. Brightside 9 months ago

      @UNITRON Electric Unicycles Philippines nah bro you need to do more research hehe. manny didnt beat more champions than floyd. he just fought more champions cause he had to fight marquez four times, morales three times and bradley as well...and how can you say floyd ducked great fighters when he actually fought more than twenty champions including hall of famers and literally fought the number one ring ranked fighte4rs from superfeather to superwelterweight. just two years after turning pro floyd already was fighting the number one featherweight. get your facts straight hehe

    • Mr. Brightside
      Mr. Brightside 9 months ago

      @UNITRON Electric Unicycles Philippines bro number of weight divisions won is not the only boxing record in boxing. there are a lot of boxing records and achievements manny didnt achieve as well like being undefeated, a unified champ, undisputed champ, knockout streak, win streak and many more...and its just hard to put manny ahead of floyd with those eight losses, two dr5aws and three big time knocked out losses

    • Mr. Brightside
      Mr. Brightside 9 months ago

      @Verk if number of weight divisions won is your main basis of greatness then four division champs broner, donaire and mikey garcia are greater than ali and robinson lmao. manny didnt even beat a champ at 154 and the fight was at a catchweight. manny didnt even win regular belts at featherweight and superlightweight.

  • Dave N
    Dave N Year ago +49

    I hate how ppl say manny didn’t agree to be tested bc he did. The dispute was over how close to the fight he could have blood drawn. Manny asked to not have blood taken within 3 days of the fight but did agree yo right after. Floyd wanted it to be within 24hrs and when he didn’t get his way he threw a fit and called off negotiations. So manny accepted in 2009 and had fully agreed to all of Floyd’s demands by 2010. Keep in mind he was Floyd’s mandatory challenger in 2010. Also this type of testing wasn’t mandatory and the commissions didn’t require it at the time so Floyd acted as if he was greater than all of boxing with these demands. Lastly in both of their careers manny has never had a single negative sample and was tested longer snd for more fights than floyd. Floyd has had 3 negative samples, illegally shot up his hands, and took an illegal IV and exceeded the legal limit of saline that can be used. Bc if the amount of saline it was determined by many experts that could be used to mask impurities and EPO in the blood stream rather than for hydration. In fact in IV is never recommended for hydration unless in a emergency do drinking water would have been the smarter thing to do if he was trying to rehydrate that is.

    • vince11baller harris
      vince11baller harris 2 months ago

      @Random Guy why do people treat Tyson like he’s the end all be all in boxing. He ain’t Jesus

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy 2 months ago +1

      @vince11baller harris Tyson to Pacquiao: "He's sensational"
      Tyson to Mayweather: "He's a scared man.. He's a very scared little man"

    • schinza
      schinza 7 months ago

      @vince11baller harris anyone in professional sports takes drugs

    • vince11baller harris
      vince11baller harris 8 months ago

      @SoyPinoy why would I fight someone who needs to cheat to win

  • David Russell
    David Russell Year ago +17

    I love how manny comes out to the ring smiling like he's going to a disco instead of a fight. Then the bell rings and he turns into a lightening fast mini wrecking machine

    • michael dev
      michael dev 28 days ago

      The only figjter i know smiling going to the ring

  • James Ronquillo
    James Ronquillo Year ago +10

    he fought the best of the best, even at his 40 fighting an undefeated champ is unbelievable.

  • ZappakeR
    ZappakeR Year ago +15

    Man... Young Manny was a sight to behold in the ring. But Prime Manny was legendary.


      manny took advantage of his prime like a true fighter should ,

  • Raimelyn F. Gobris
    Raimelyn F. Gobris Year ago +20

    The fighter that matters. The best of his generation or should be generations. GOAT

  • Dennis Bangcale
    Dennis Bangcale Year ago +17

    Ive been watching all mannys video and know everything but still it gives me shiver all the legacies he been thru. Mannys is an energetic figther always bouncing around in and out great speed and muscle elasticity generates power that something not every figther can do with that kind of stamina.

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones Year ago +90


    • Jmm
      Jmm Month ago +2

      Filipinas is not one of the most corrupt countries in the world. I’ve lived and visited many countries in the world.
      I would even argue some parts of the USA are more corrupt than the filipines. In the filipines they have check points ( mainly to check to see if the vehicle has all it’s paperwork). But you’ll never see random stops( no- speeding, lights etc). Filipino police officers all have a 4 year degree criminology. Where as most American police officer make illegal arrest every day because they weren’t education in the laws they’re enforcing.
      Is there corruption, but USA has the most corrupt system called lobbyist?? But it’s legal..

    • Hilda Minos
      Hilda Minos 8 months ago +2

      i agree everything you said and that's why Manny went to America as the philippine government never ever support or promote the boxers or olympics etc...Paquiao proved that he can...❤❤❤

  • Shinobi Inu
    Shinobi Inu Year ago +8

    This documentary is superb bro! Keep going! Pac's fights really gives me chill goosebumps all the time.

  • Marissa Galarosa Borja

    Watched it from beginning to end. Pacquiao is really the GOAT.

    • stepgo
      stepgo Year ago

      @tiger stripe no u

    • tiger stripe
      tiger stripe Year ago

      @Justin Ray no according to pinoys lmao

    • Justin Ray
      Justin Ray Year ago +1

      @tiger stripe according to literally anyone who watches boxing

    • Best on Earth
      Best on Earth Year ago +1

      @tiger stripe just accept the greatness

    • tiger stripe
      tiger stripe Year ago +1

      According to pinoys

  • Cee Lee
    Cee Lee 3 months ago +6

    All Pacman's fights, he is always the smaller guy, but win, which is really amazing.

  • Kao Saelee
    Kao Saelee 7 months ago +1

    Dam...this documentary is legendary!!! Especially highlighting the storyline behind every heroic fight. Truly Manny is an all time great and legend, overcoming so much obstacle and giving/exhibiting so much hope and dreams as a great leader for his poverty torn country, for the street kids in slums that they too have a chance at greatness!!!

  • Martin Kearney
    Martin Kearney Year ago +35

    There will never be another like Manny Pacquiao

    • stepgo
      stepgo Year ago

      Gabriele Squaratti no u

    • God OfWine&Tits
      God OfWine&Tits Year ago

      @Neūrrfauu ChiefWitenes you dont have the absolute knowledge to say that, and your biased

    • God OfWine&Tits
      God OfWine&Tits Year ago

      there will be far more pinoy boxers better then pacquiao in the future

  • Frankees TV
    Frankees TV Year ago +26

    The most exciting elite fighter to ever did it. GOAT

  • willie rivera
    willie rivera 24 days ago

    "I came from nothing" but now his the example of being nothing but his Heart gave him everything.

  • Nadarajan Tinagaran
    Nadarajan Tinagaran Year ago +7

    The best fighters who ever live
    Manny pacquiao...
    He faught all comer even he aged ..and even faught elite young fighters after his era....
    Wow....no one's now or in future can be like him...no..
    No one's could achieve like him..
    A phenomenan fighters..

  • LL Cool J
    LL Cool J Year ago +4

    Much respect to the GOAT

  • Ballo
    Ballo Year ago +46


    • Ballo
      Ballo Year ago +1

      @Mr. Brightside He's the best of any era

    • Mr. Brightside
      Mr. Brightside Year ago

      nah he aint even the best in his era...its just hard to put him ahead of floyd with those 8 losses, 2 draws and 3 knocked out losses hehe

  • raging sibuyas
    raging sibuyas Year ago +6

    The problem to any Pacquiao opponent is he's too fast and never tired

    ARMY EXERCISE 10 months ago +7

    In August of 2008, upon the 3rd announcement of Floyd Mayweather Jr's retirement last June 2008 here were the top 10 Welterweight ranking:
    Take note: On March 15, 2008 Manny Pacquiao fought J.M. Marquez at 130 lbs and in June 28, 2008 Pacquiao fought David Diaz at 135 lbs.
    1,) Antonio Margarito (WBA)
    2.) Miguel Cotto
    3.) Paul Williams (WBO)
    4.) Shane Mosley
    5.) Joshua Clottey (IBF)
    6.) Carlos Quintana
    7.) Kermit Cintron
    8.) Andre Berto (WBC)
    9.) Luis Collazo
    10.) Jackson Bonsu
    Remember that Pacquiao fought 4 out of the TOP 5 Welterweights during this August 2008 ranking. He fought Cotto, Clottey, Margarito and Mosley. Pacquiao is the smallest among all these welterweight fighters and started pro at 98 lbs and become a Lineal + WBC champion at 112 lbs. Pacquiao is fighting outside his comfort zones unlike Mayweather. Fact is all of Pacquiao's 8 division title championships were all held outside his country.
    While Mayweather Jr, announces retirements for several times. 1st was after the A. Gatti fight, 2nd was after the Dela Hoya fight (he refuse to rematch Dela Hoya), 3rd was June 2008 (after the Hatton fight), 4th was after A. Berto fight, 5th after the C. McGregor fight (an MMA fighter with ZERO Boxing record).
    For large portions of his illustrious career, Mayweather was a master of timing, both in and out of the ring. Despite his vast repertoire of skills, “Money” was a master at stacking the odds in his favour (It Means CAREFULLY SELECTED His Opponents) whether it meant dragging Ricky Hatton and Juan Manuel Marquez up to 147lbs (the MARQUEZ Fight was at 144 lbs Catch Weight BUT Mayweather weighed 146 lbs and paid $700, 000 fine) or telling Canelo Alvarez that he couldn’t weigh more than 152lbs CATCH WEIGHT despite the super-welter limit being 2lbs heavier (this was a WBC / WBA UNIFICATION fight).
    FACTS about Mayweather:
    2008 = NO fight
    2009 = 1 fight against a 135 lbs Marquez in a Catch Weight of 144 lbs BUT he weighed 146 and paid $700,000 penalty.
    2010 = 1 fight
    2011 = 1 fight (a SUCKER punch KO win against V. Ortiz).
    2012 = 1 fight
    2016 = NO fight
    2017 = 1 fight against C. McGregor (an MMA fighter with ZERO Boxing record).
    2019 = 1 Exhibition fight against a 21 yo, BANTAMWEIGHT, Kickboxer from Japan.
    2021 = scheduled to fight against a X-vidR.
    Additional FACTS about Mayweather:
    "Legacy won't feed your children, Currency does", says Mayweather Jr.
    "This fight with a X-vidr is a Legalized Bank Robberies", says Mayweather Jr.
    "I'm a Scared Coward, am RICH Scared COWARD", says Floyd Mayweather Jr.
    Floyd announces retirements for FIVE (5) times, he's clearly avoiding fighters that threatens his career.
    He CAREFULLY Selected his opponents that would preserved his ZERO (0).
    FACTS: His 1st retirement announcement after the A. Gatti fight.
    2nd retirement after the Dela Hoya fight (he declined to rematch Oscar).
    3rd retirement after the R. Hatton fight (2 weeks before the Pacquiao vs Diaz fight).
    4th retirement after the A. Berto fight.
    5th retirement after the circus fight against an MMA with Zero boxing record McGregor.
    Take note: Floyd Jr during his post fight press conference against a Pokemon X-vidr says once again that he's TBE, the best ever.
    While Pacquiao at 42 yo, is scheduled to fight on August 21, 2021 in Las Vegas, NV against the undefeated / unified WBC & IBF 147lbs champion E. Spence an eleven years younger. Spence is much bigger, heavier, taller, has longer reach. Spence Jr is the current # 1 Welterweight plus the # 5 best Pound for Pound in the ranking as of June 14, 2021.
    Important FACTs: Pacquiao started pro at 106 lbs, become the 'Lineal' champion at 112 lbs at age of 19 way back 1998. Moves up in bunch of weight classes, wins multiple titles including 'Lineal', then become the 'Lineal champion at 147 lbs by defeating Bradley way back 2016 at age of 37. Now at 42, he's fighting once again for the 'Lineal' 147 lbs title plus The Ring and WBA, WBC, IBF belts.
    Whoever reads this, may the Lord God in heaven bless you and your family 🙏😇
    Pagpalain nawa kayo ng ating Panginoong Diyos 🙏 😇

  • HAMMA 808
    HAMMA 808 7 months ago +1

    Manny feet and hand speed in his prime was too fast!!! So light, so smooth and balanced!

  • Brian Maldia
    Brian Maldia Year ago +8

    Pacquiao's style is rare

  • Carl Madz
    Carl Madz Year ago +4

    The True GOAT of Boxing

  • Madelon Calejesan
    Madelon Calejesan Year ago +3


  • Frank Dumancas
    Frank Dumancas Year ago +21

    Best fighter of all time and great style

  • E.W.A. Graphic Designs

    Amazing documentary of boxing’s icons

  • Ralph brian Samarita

    Pacman just fight whoever his promoter wants him to fight. . That's unquestionable. . He is the Goat in boxing. .

  • Noemi Manondo
    Noemi Manondo 3 months ago +1

    As always humility is evident in manny

  • Mma
    Mma Year ago +179

    Pacquiao is truly the greatest of all time never ducked anyone fought the best even at 42

    • Ko Leh
      Ko Leh 24 days ago

      No one will fought like Pacquiao,he is the true and greatest boxer of all times... always love you champ 👑🥊🥊

    • R.a.s.e.l
      R.a.s.e.l 3 months ago

      @King Julian running floyd 🤭🤭🤭

    • Catdetective1713
      Catdetective1713 3 months ago +1

      @Miles Les nope Floyd will never gonna be 8 division champion, not a chance. cuz floyd Will never take a risk, and when he fight their always a demand or condition that favor himself. That's why he will never be the the goat. And some of his win is arguable

    • Miles Les
      Miles Les 3 months ago

      ?, if floyd was 8 division champ but beaten by pacquioa, would floyd be TBE or GOAT?

    • Nathan's Gaming
      Nathan's Gaming 3 months ago

      ​@King Julianfloyd gayweather refused a rematch to pac coz he scared . Now tell me what kind of boxer is that? , I know he is smarter than pac but he is not the greatest .

  • mikhael sabayle
    mikhael sabayle Year ago +16

    Classic and pure entertainment. G.O.A.T for me

    • Mr. Brightside
      Mr. Brightside 12 days ago

      @ALPHA.PRIMUS pac is easily one of the greatest but greatest? nope he aint. that is ali and robinson and its just hard to put pac ahead with floyd when not only floyd beat him but floyd still won more major world titles without losing eight times, no two draws and didnt get knocked out three times.

      ALPHA.PRIMUS 12 days ago

      @Mr. Brightside hating brah? Comeon be realistic. Even mike tyton praises the pac.

    • Mr. Brightside
      Mr. Brightside Year ago

      nah he aint even the best in his era...its just hard to put him ahead of floyd with those 8 losses, 2 draws and 3 knocked out losses hehe

  • Mummy Jenny’s Diary
    Mummy Jenny’s Diary 11 months ago +1

    He’s a very humble fighter

  • aprilshower2006
    aprilshower2006 Year ago +4

    Pacquiao really left a legacy.

  • Freedom Fighter. Tv
    Freedom Fighter. Tv Year ago +4

    The greatest fighter of all time....

  • Ballo
    Ballo Year ago +42


  • Missions Bible Ministry

    JMM will always be Pac's soulmate

  • Neūrrfauu ChiefWitenes

    its like this. when you go around the whole world where internet reaches and you ask people if they Knew the Name PACMAN they will most def say Yes!! Pacman is Like Michael Jordan of Boxing World. if you do the same for Floyd mostly People from all over the world wouldn't even know who that is. Only in the U.S they might Know who Floyd Mayweather is. Manny Is a WorldWide Boxing Famous Star. I Put that on My Dead Homies100% FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • snowmancrypto
    snowmancrypto Year ago +3

    the best ever, both as a person and a fighter,

  • Rohan Pedro
    Rohan Pedro Year ago +12

    I want pacquio holds his 8 belts in hall of fame 😁

  • Ronald Gellido
    Ronald Gellido Year ago +6

    These unprecedented historical feats separates Emmanuel Pacquiao among his fellow greatest boxing legends! #MadRespect
    • The Champion Of The Century. (WBA Centennial Champion)
    • The Greatest Boxer Of The 21st Century. (Ranker, Give Me Sport)
    • The ONLY 8 (Octuple) Weight Classes 12 Time World Champion in in History. (Guinness World Record Holder and Breaker -The man who beats the man)
    • The ONLY 7 (Septuple) Division World Champion in History. (Male Pro-boxer)
    • The ONLY Boxer in History to Win World Titles in 4 of the 8 Original "Glamour Divisions". (Flyweight, Skipped Bantamweight, Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight)
    • The ONLY 5 Division Lineal Champion in History. (Flyweight, Featherweight, Super Featherweight, Super Lightweight, Welterweight)
    • The ONLY Boxer in History to Climb an Equivalent of 11 weight-classes from Flyweight up to Light Middleweight. (skipped 2)
    • Hailed as the Greatest pound for pound boxer in history who ever lived along with SRR and Ali (Max Kellerman)
    • The ONLY Boxer in History who was a Congressman at the same time.
    • The ONLY Boxer in History who is a Senator at the same time.
    • The ONLY Boxer in History to Capture a Welterweight Title 4 Times.
    • The ONLY Boxer to be a Champion in 4 straight Decades. (1990s, 2000s, 2010s, 2020s)
    • The Best Active pound-for-pound Boxer In The World (The Ring, BoxRec, Sports Illustrated, Sporting Life, Yahoo Sports)
    • The Landslide 2000-2010 Fighter Of The Decade (BWAA, WBO, WBC, HBO)
    • The Greatest Asian Fighter Of All Time (BoxRec)
    • The Longest Reigning pound-for-pound Boxer in History (The Ring's pound-for-pound List)
    • The Oldest Welterweight Champion in History. (And still actively fighting at an elite level this 2021)
    • The 2010-2020 Rightful and should have been the 2nd time record breaking Fighter Of The Decade.
    • Multiple 4 Time Fighter of The Year (BWAA, ESPN, THE RING, WORLD BOXING HALL OF FAME, WBN)
    • Sports Illustrated of The Year (2008, 2009)
    • Knockout Of The Year (The Ring Magazine 2009)
    • Ranked 2nd Greatest Welterweight Of All Time next to "The Great Sugar Ray Robinson" (Ranker)
    • Won 25 times against Major World Champions. (33 wins including the minor titles)
    • Defeated 9 Undefeated Prime World Champions.
    • Defeated 5 Hall of Fame Inductees.

  • Rich McIntyre
    Rich McIntyre 7 months ago

    It was just amazing to listen to Oscar and his Hall of Fame team predicting the knockout and then Oscar just didn't show up. Oscar is a great fighter but Manny just took him apart that night. It was sad to watch.

  • Frank  L. Baranda
    Frank L. Baranda Year ago +13

    From the start til end PACMAN is P4P🔥

  • Jackdup Engudthugo
    Jackdup Engudthugo Year ago +46

    18:46 You may have mixed your facts right there. Pacquiao never rejected any request from Mayweather regarding olympic grade testing. It was Pac's promoter and Manager that rejected Mayweather camp's demands of such testing and a 60 - 40 cut favoring Mayweather on the initial negotiations. When the narrative stating Pac dodging the said ped test escalated to the public, Pac responded with agreeing with the Olympic test but wanted a 50-50 which Mayweather backed out. Pacquiao then followed a defamation lawsuit against Mayweather Camp which Floy'd settled for $114,000. Know your facts. Search for Pacquiao vs Mayweather Defamation Lawsuit , i cant post links here.

    • Aye Yo Boxing with Madiba!
      Aye Yo Boxing with Madiba! Year ago

      @john myvan milo I answered your questions, so why not answer my question? It’s a very simple answer.
      You act like I hate Manny or something lol. I love Manny and I think he’s a top 10 greatest of all time but I’m tired of the lies and hate you Manny fans have for Floyd. This documentary is about Manny and his achievements but yet, you have Manny fans hating on Floyd in the comment section. This is the only fanbase that constantly his Floyd’s name in their mouths (Canelo fans don’t bring up Floyd that much and Floyd fans don’t bring up Manny that much), it’s very insecure

    • john myvan milo
      john myvan milo Year ago +1

      @Aye Yo Boxing with Madiba! "Also, that whole IV thing was approved by USADA." SAYS WHO? YOU? hahaha. I don't need to answer your question. Everybody knows the answer except you and your hood.

    • Aye Yo Boxing with Madiba!
      Aye Yo Boxing with Madiba! Year ago

      @john myvan milo you still didn’t answer my question of why Manny didn’t accept the fight 2010 or 2012 but instead in 2015 when the demands were the same (blood drug testing and 40/60 split) lol?
      And Manny still lost to Floyd, which was the biggest fight of his career, so Floyd will always have that over Manny’s head. Also, that whole IV thing was approved by USADA. But answer my question

    • john myvan milo
      john myvan milo Year ago +1

      @Aye Yo Boxing with Madiba! wait WHAATT? THE SAME DEMANDS? twisting facts again? fk

  • Vlogging Is My Hobby
    Vlogging Is My Hobby Year ago +85

    That fight of Pacquiao vs. Delahoya. That is a Pacquiao Prime. Imagine if Crawford/Spence/Ugas and the others welterweight fight against pacquiao in his prime im sure Pacquaio will Eat them All alive.

    • ivankurtz
      ivankurtz 2 months ago

      Pacquiao at that time is 30 yrs old and dela hoya is 35 yrs old .. only 5yrs gap fighting in the ring

    • Noah canedo
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