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How far can I get a new account with 2147M in 24 hours?

  • Published on Aug 15, 2022
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Comments • 534

  • Framed
    Framed  Month ago +137

    15 likes and I’ll upload another video next week
    Use POGFRAMEDAUG16 for 16 FREE MEALS across 7 boxes + 3 FREE GIFTS at strms.net/hellofresh_framed

    • TKize777
      TKize777 Month ago

      Please do Paper Mario music forever

    • Micha
      Micha Month ago

      Damn, ... he upped the anty from 5 likes to 15 likes, ... I don't know if we'll get another video next week, ... >.

    • C M
      C M Month ago

      You wouldn't want Hello Fresh if you see the scumbags that box it 😂😂😂

    • Maxwell Handles
      Maxwell Handles Month ago

      Your voice sounds different in this video

      LORDCHIEFY Month ago +1

      This is good practice for when the fresh start servers are released and u can swap osrs for fresh server GP

  • ihatecoeguy
    ihatecoeguy Month ago +317

    Should have done bagged plants for farming. Super fast but expensive early farming/construction but would have fit really well with the idea of the video.

    • Aaron
      Aaron 5 days ago

      where do you start farming?

    • OfficialDufmaan
      OfficialDufmaan Month ago

      Or he could have done fairytale pt 1 also, its ez

    • Jurb417
      Jurb417 Month ago +1

      @Framed issue a challenge to the viewers to see who can get the most total levels and combat in 24 hours played time.

    • Gaybroham Stinkton
      Gaybroham Stinkton Month ago

      @Haezz suggest it for GG4 🤔

    • James Linen
      James Linen Month ago +1

      @Shiny Eevee You have to remember that Framed is a garbage can that pkers throw all their money into, so why not?

  • LonestarBF
    LonestarBF Month ago +68

    I thought I was gonna see a character powertrain speedrun through all the skills but instead I see a character doing all quests requiring no money at all

  • Tyler Davies
    Tyler Davies Month ago +198

    Definitely need to do another one with max efficiency methods. Would be super interesting

    • Conan
      Conan Month ago +2

      Ikr. Put max cash in title for click bait and barely even used it lol.

    • skeven0
      skeven0 Month ago +1

      idd using bagged plants in the POH would have trained farming too

    • anon ymouse
      anon ymouse Month ago +6

      There's two here on yt racing to max in the shortest time possible

  • Marsk
    Marsk Month ago +122

    In about a month we will see Kevin back on this account reminding us of it and saying he conveniently built the pk account similar to it… I’m so excited.

    • Tappajaav
      Tappajaav Month ago

      Now all the bots are copying your comment LOL

    • Beast King
      Beast King Month ago

      his name is “Framed”.

    • Framed
      Framed  Month ago +41


  • bramskii08
    bramskii08 Month ago +7

    My man I gave up RuneScape 4 years ago and now I play causally because of your videos and the gridlocked videos. Just keep making content you want every idea is so entertaining thank you my dude.

  • Mr Spaghetti
    Mr Spaghetti Month ago +79

    I think he could have squeezed out at least 150 more levels if he focused less on combat and quests and more on using that cash stack. I mean fletching can be 99’d in 4 hours or less (yes i know someone did it in under an hour but they used a cheat client), prayer construction and cooking are also crazy fast. Combat can be faster by paying people to energy transfer to you for quick specs, etc.

    • Mr Spaghetti
      Mr Spaghetti Month ago

      @Ro0b0 the one hour guy? no he openly talked about how he used a cheat client that let him make multiple actions in a single click

    • Ro0b0
      Ro0b0 Month ago

      Didn't he just use mouse keys for the 99 fletching?

    • Thomas
      Thomas Month ago

      Tbh most of the methods were kinda bad lmao

    • Joe Fre
      Joe Fre Month ago +2

      @Mr Spaghetti yeah max cash just for the video title

    • Lite420noScopeZ
      Lite420noScopeZ Month ago

      What a let down

  • O Al
    O Al Month ago +1

    Appreciate all the work you put into these videos

  • Anthony Bonavenia
    Anthony Bonavenia Month ago +6

    Honestly I don’t even play osrs anymore. I watch every one of your videos though. Thank you for the entertainment and keep up the amazing content!

  • TheDiscoveryCH
    TheDiscoveryCH Month ago

    I love how quickly you can build up a new account, it's really satisfying to see.

  • Austin Wilburn
    Austin Wilburn Month ago +5

    I know it wouldn’t as high impact but I would love to see a f2p version of both of these.

  • Kasen Haddix
    Kasen Haddix Month ago +3

    I love how much unnecessary stuff was in this vid due to unlimited money. When you were training at the end in guild armor, I couldn’t stop laughing, I don’t know why that was so funny to me. Excellent content. Gonna go watch gridlocked for the 12th time now.

  • Ben Love
    Ben Love Month ago +12

    Love these challenge vids :D On behalf of everyone... Can you have a timer on screen of the 24 hour count down so we can track your progress over the whole video?

    • Stol Netmor
      Stol Netmor  Month ago

      speaka for yourself. i didnt mind

    • Tadd Olson
      Tadd Olson Month ago +1

      He was showing the in-game timer though

  • Jay G
    Jay G Month ago +5

    You could've cannon'd rock crabs or so to boost up your range while doing your fletching/enchanting etc.

  • The Salfords
    The Salfords  Month ago +3

    With horror from the deep you should have taken the cannon to dagganoths and seen how high the range level could go.. could easily have got 70 range

  • William McAdams
    William McAdams Month ago +1

    Ya know, this sort of highlights the issue that led me away from OSRS.
    Moneymaking ended up being, seemingly, the most important "skill" in a game with actual skills.
    While the actual skills, outside of combat skills and Slayer, seemed to be pretty awful moneymakers.

  • Taigon15
    Taigon15 Month ago +1

    Just got to take the levels gained with the new quests out of the equation, but even with those levels, it's still quite the difference. Though i think getting 588 total level with 0 gp is quite the accomplishment without access to everything.

  • Sussy- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞

    In about a month we will see Kevin back on this account reminding us of it and saying he conveniently built the pk account similar to it… I’m so excited.

  • 🔞Don't read profile photo

    In about a month we will see Kevin back on this account reminding us of it and saying he conveniently built the pk account similar to it… I’m so excited.

  • - [REBBECCA]🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌

    In about a month we will see Kevin back on this account reminding us of it and saying he conveniently built the pk account similar to it… I’m so excited.

  • Scott Hope
    Scott Hope Month ago

    Sometimes I feel bad for using one of my days off to mostly scape. Your content helps fight that.

  • BrainTako
    BrainTako Month ago +3

    You passed my new GIM's total level that has like 2.5 days played (super non sweaty and even some in f2p mode) in less than 6 hours. I was super surprised how a knowledgeable and rich player can fast track a new account. Great vid.

    • FailBucketFilms
      FailBucketFilms Month ago

      An Ironman is a slow burn tho even if u had max cash on an iron it would only benefit you so much.

  • Rysha Zeux
    Rysha Zeux Month ago +2

    As always, content is great. Thanks for the video.

  • Jacob Schmitt
    Jacob Schmitt Month ago +414

    So this is how easy my buddy had it when he stole his moms credit card.

    • John
      John Month ago

      @Mr.Lasagne I suppose… no one really ever quits, I am just extremely AFK at the moment.

    • Mr.Lasagne
      Mr.Lasagne Month ago

      @John you still play stop the cap 🧢

    • John
      John Month ago

      @danny Thorpe Oh, I mean the economy in the game was definitely a contributing factor but I stopped playing as life started to get in the way, I’m less motivated to play the game now.

    • danny Thorpe
      danny Thorpe Month ago

      @John I was just making the point that bank value shouldn't be what's holding you in the game. You came back and checked bank value and are now put off with sound of your comment?

    • John
      John Month ago

      @danny Thorpe I haven’t played in about 5 years as I said so yes, you’re correct to assume I don’t enjoy playing..

  • Dominykas Klangauskas
    Dominykas Klangauskas Month ago +1

    I loved the idea of this video because I play like this! Always reselling my bank to go max geared into any activity. Don't have max cash though, it's like you're playing with cheats On haha. Also, respect to your game knowledge and time dedication to this game, it's very visible that you enjoy playing Oldschool!

  • MeadowArrow
    MeadowArrow Month ago +3

    Man it's good to have guides now a days couldn't play run escape by myself.

  • Jordan Hewitt
    Jordan Hewitt Month ago +1

    Be nice to see you continue this account doing the fastest methods of training and see how far the max cash stack get you.

  • Hui 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me

    Definitely need to do another one with max efficiency methods. Would be super interesting

  • *:*: Hamster Muffin :*:*

    Definitely need to do another one with max efficiency methods. Would be super interesting

  • Brandon
    Brandon Month ago +1

    you should do this challenge every few months or whenever you're in content droughts. This is a fun challenge

  • Fubby72
    Fubby72 Month ago +1

    Love the content like this, but 12 minutes for 24 hours worth of playing seems kinda short. I’d love to see more of the random clips in your videos as opposed to just big stuff. Keep up the great content though boss

  • mmpj twod
    mmpj twod Month ago

    As always, content is great. Thanks for the video.

  • Authari
    Authari Month ago

    Would love to have these sort of videos a little longer!

  • Not particularly well mixed public domain SFX

    after watching the maxing speedrunners, it's put into perspective how inefficient Framed (and most of the people doing this) is, looool

  • Emdee
    Emdee Month ago +4

    Framed: "I completed this quest so many times"
    Slayermusiq: "I'm a joke to you"

  • Christopher Mathews

    Along with the rest of the OSRS community you’re gonna love the fresh start game mode! Tons of new additions!

  • Hoserzzz
    Hoserzzz Month ago +2

    I love how short and simple their codes are

  • JO7DON
    JO7DON Month ago +1

    love this video, early game osrs is the best part of the game imo

  • ultrawow65
    ultrawow65 Month ago +35

    I expected so much more cannoning or chinning.
    EDIT: But I really like the concept nonetheless. could be considered a speedrun.

    • Luke
      Luke Month ago +1

      Yeah, and during all that questing and agility could have been alching for some extra mage XP.

    • Nick Birnie
      Nick Birnie Month ago +1

      Oh man, that’d be so neat totally agree man
      If only the amount of money needed wasn’t a barrier to entry
      Hell, even as a temp gamemode it’d be pretty fun

  • Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller Month ago

    I was a bit surprised that you never brought out a cannon for some passive ranged levels while you train the melee stats.

  • BigZaddyYumYum
    BigZaddyYumYum Month ago

    Id love to see you do something else with this account i enjoyed the process

  • aaron martin
    aaron martin Month ago

    Keep the content going brother!

  • Benjamin Breedlove
    Benjamin Breedlove Month ago

    Super fun video! Thanks for the great content.

  • G-mo
    G-mo Month ago +9

    I want to see this done but like super max efficiency and no expenses spared. Maybe get some RS tubers to brainstorm together the absolute best possible route.
    Great idea yea? You can venmo me later

  • CaiatIsMyDominus
    CaiatIsMyDominus Month ago

    this is kinda like a guide as well on how to effectively level up skills. well done!

  • Bailey 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me

    Should have done bagged plants for farming. Super fast but expensive early farming/construction but would have fit really well with the idea of the video.

  • NATALI- 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

    Should have done bagged plants for farming. Super fast but expensive early farming/construction but would have fit really well with the idea of the video.

  • Jessex
    Jessex Month ago +2

    Dope challenge, love this content!

  • Marc Belenzon
    Marc Belenzon Month ago +2

    Not gonna lie, the concept of this is awesome. But I noticed you went with the more balanced approach. What if you went strictly skiller routes first then quest? Make use of the 2b not just 50m. get 70-80 in buyables first since they all take no time just a bunch of gp/xp. Also the xp rates for combat levels are a lot lower then skilling as well. You could cannon your range, get chins, and chin effectively training hp def and range in mm1 tunnels. Just ideas

  • Jacob Mason
    Jacob Mason Month ago

    Just a friendly reminder that he did this with cash… but woox still smashed all competition when he did it from scratch 👍

  • Brad Knutson
    Brad Knutson Month ago

    Quality content as usual

    TRAIT0R Month ago

    Crazy you are farther in the game than me in 24 hrs that I am in months. I haven't been optimizing properly atleast

  • OO Simpson
    OO Simpson Month ago +2

    Yo if you ever need ge limits or bulks of bolts, tons of people keep them in stock in the "all bulks" fc for future reference.

  • Oli Phillips
    Oli Phillips Month ago +1

    If you unlock dwarf multi cannon early doors you can leave it running and get constant ranged xp… just leave it in fally and keep teleing to it in between tasks…

  • Kyle Bentley
    Kyle Bentley Month ago

    Framed Hello Fresh is awesome and I’m so happy you got a sponsor from them!!! You deserve it and I swear it’ll make u feel like a millionaire with the food you get from Hello Fresh!!! Love this vid Kevin!!! 🥰

  • Josh Kearney
    Josh Kearney Month ago +1

    Ah yes framed took the route of asking that one OSRS friend that has too much moneys help on this fresh account

  • Avie Reacts
    Avie Reacts Month ago

    You should continue the series and do how fast you can max with max cash.

  • Lil Reaper
    Lil Reaper Month ago

    Im curious behind the preparation. Seems overwhelming but well done.

  • Asuh Dude
    Asuh Dude Month ago +4

    The fact this guy just got like 840 levels in 24 hours, got more done in a day than I'm sure millions of other accounts have completed in years, and only spent a little over 50m to do it is impressive as fuck lol. 🐐

  • oumy dot
    oumy dot Month ago

    You could've cannon'd rock crabs or so to boost up your range while doing your fletching/enchanting etc.

  • koi Pond videos
    koi Pond videos Month ago

    1 you coulda bin alcing while you were killing crabs
    2 you coulda bin fletching while killing crabs
    3 you could have freed up about 2 more hours
    And gotten smithing to 50 and wc to 50 maybe 🤔

  • Lazyguyty
    Lazyguyty Month ago +1

    "I need to get 1 of every cape" proceeds to get 2 of every cape😂

  • Remyria
    Remyria Month ago +3

    If you planned more in advance, do you think you could get 1k levels in 24 hours?

    • Kahvo
      Kahvo Month ago +1

      for sure

    RED HACK3R Month ago +3

    Def start a farming run next time between quests. Do get 15 for tree runs and then itll passively give you total lvls for farming. Also, tithe farming at 35 is 9k xp each 18-20min.

  • Rs Lerch
    Rs Lerch Month ago

    it's just as fast getting 35 agility by doing draynor rooftop might get slightly less xp but you complete that course much faster

  • Jacob Helder
    Jacob Helder Month ago

    Very curious to see what you could do with more time and max cash

  • another90skid
    another90skid Month ago

    Would’ve taken me 6 months to get this kind of progress on a account. It took frame a day

  • Rek
    Rek Month ago +1

    A lesser man would have made this a 24 part series, you just casually dropped the whole thing.

  • Howard Zachariah
    Howard Zachariah Month ago

    Daddy framed! The content frequency this month bro you're amazing

  • Codename Clutch
    Codename Clutch Month ago

    Same goal on a new account, but this time play it for 24 hours straight on stream. Maximum efficiency methods only or until you run out of money.

  • MiniManMikey
    MiniManMikey Month ago

    from scratch videos are some of the best osrs content

  • Chris Nielsen
    Chris Nielsen 14 days ago

    I JUST now came across your content. It's so entertaining! I'm definitely subscribing.

  • Sampsa
    Sampsa Month ago +2

    Verf got 640 total in an hour and Framed got 867 in 24 hours, lol. Not directly comparable but still

  • Youngster Joey
    Youngster Joey Month ago

    It took settled 12 hours to get a bronze axe in tile man series so I’d say you win 🥇

  • Giceraider
    Giceraider 8 days ago

    This as a series would be crazy

  • Smidge
    Smidge Month ago +1

    should have been how far can i get on 14 days from a bond. great vid but ended way too fast!

  • benm
    benm Month ago

    Love original content like this

  • Nicholas Sisto
    Nicholas Sisto Month ago

    You can shift right click and select “swap left click to use” to not have to right click use items

  • random smile
    random smile Month ago +1

    How many quests can you do in 24 hours?? that would be interesting to see.

  • RuneKing324
    RuneKing324 Month ago

    Def should have added some farming runs during your quests. 24 hours is enough for trees to grow and harvest

  • joope125 no
    joope125 no Month ago

    It woudl be fun to see the same idea in RS3 because I imagine it could get ridiculous

  • My Blue Eyes
    My Blue Eyes Month ago

    Do this again but go for more progression! :D game could use money sinks haha

  • Matthijs
    Matthijs Month ago +1

    Thank you for telling me, an ironman with full addy (g), that it's just as cool as inquisitor :)

  • Boo Jay
    Boo Jay Month ago +1

    I wish you could do a 30 day challenge, see how high you can get an account with max cash? 720 hour challenge.

  • itneedstobesaid
    itneedstobesaid Month ago

    Do the optimized quest list from the wiki. And see how long for quest Cape

  • sibirty
    sibirty Month ago

    Keep this account going! How quickly can you hit base 70 stats? Quest cape? Maxed account?

  • Jelmer Bos
    Jelmer Bos Month ago

    Might be a nice idea to make a competition of this idea. Give streamers 24H to max accounts with max cash stack, price pool of 1B?

  • Call me Trent
    Call me Trent Month ago +6

    Finally started playing again after 5 years lol . Being a dad now I need something but grinding is relentless

    • Call me Trent
      Call me Trent Month ago +1

      @GWG hopefully I can stick around lol

    • GWG
      GWG Month ago +2

      congrats man, welcome back!

  • rerelease
    rerelease Month ago

    It's been a year and finally part 2 came out

  • Pokegasm
    Pokegasm Month ago

    You had the perfect zerker account going lol

  • Wessel1271
    Wessel1271 Month ago

    51 mil including the 9m on the inquisitior set hahaha
    That hurt to see

  • M
    M Month ago

    I've never had more than 15mil lol... Granted just starting out at 1235 Skill Level, but still, dang thats a lot of GP!

  • Lou Varri
    Lou Varri Month ago

    Half the quests were time waste and there are much better xp methods with max cash then you used either way good content

  • darkr70
    darkr70 Month ago

    how long would it take and where would you get if you used the whole cash stack without time limit?

  • JDiiZ
    JDiiZ Month ago

    I would love to know or see how many quests you can complete off the top of your head without any sort of help

  • donny chartrand
    donny chartrand Month ago

    You could have passively made darts while questing and running around the game!

  • Sam Kretek
    Sam Kretek Month ago

    loving these new video ideas its great

  • mTreb Treboschi
    mTreb Treboschi Month ago +1

    I thought fletching darts required tourist trap? Does it not?

  • Big Dawg
    Big Dawg Month ago +1

    Technically 43mill because you didn't have to lose 9m on the Inquisitor set haha

  • Bitcoin Chan OSRS
    Bitcoin Chan OSRS Month ago +5

    doing crabs kinda wasted the potential honestly, seems like exhausted of the quest speedrunning lmao