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House of the Dragon: everything you need to know (no spoilers)

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022

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  • issa phae
    issa phae 3 months ago +7651

    when i tell you that i’m equally excited for the alt shift x videos on house of the dragon than i am for the actual episodes

  • Rebecca Jane Brown
    Rebecca Jane Brown 3 months ago +25

    Thank you for this, I had no clue. I've seen lots about these characters in previous GOT videos and wondered where it all came from. It makes so much more sense now.

  • vitaygeorgina
    vitaygeorgina 3 months ago +2100

    When I last heard your voice it expressed disappointment and heartbreak over how awful the ending of GOT was. It's good to hear you back in action again. Love your videos.

    • Jason Smith
      Jason Smith Month ago

      Done well, ")

    • Angel Kingsley
      Angel Kingsley Month ago

      I like the end, it was less intrigue and more murder. It felt like a logical conclusion given the timeframe, studio pressure, etc.

    • Z
      Z 2 months ago

      @ResplendentOrder Completely agree with this. The mad queen was actually a good character arc. However, Jon being sent to the wall was an awful character arc, and bran the broken an even worse one

    • ResplendentOrder
      ResplendentOrder 2 months ago

      Dany being the “bad guy” was an excellent and thoughtful ending. If you’re talking about the rushed pace of the show’s production in later seasons yeah that was unfortunate.

    • Z
      Z 2 months ago

      @Ging Freecss You don’t like black people?

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 3 months ago +457

    This channel was part of my GoT experience, would not have been the same without it as I didn't know the depth and lore behind the characters and locations. I'll be honest, I never brought myself to watch the finale for GoT. I just couldn't believe how something that was part of my life for almost 8 years ended up. Anyways, had to watch this before tuning into the season premiere to tonight. Super excited to be back here and ready to dive into HoTD!!

    • Xavier Alexander
      Xavier Alexander 2 months ago

      @ANSELAbits x0b001 no chance, the books will end like the show

    • callmecatalyst
      callmecatalyst 2 months ago +1

      @Nicholas Krancher - It’s almost like the worst GoT seasons are still better than most of anything else currently airing on TV/streaming, (with the exception of “Succession,” aka the best TV series currently airing on any network/streaming platform).

    • callmecatalyst
      callmecatalyst 2 months ago +1

      *FUN FACT:* If this channel *wasn’t* a part of someone’s GoT experience, _then that person experienced GoT incorrectly._

    • Nicholas Krancher
      Nicholas Krancher 2 months ago

      There are still individual scenes and episodes that are brilliant even though as a whole the season was dogshit. You should watch it.

    • ANSELAbits x0b001
      ANSELAbits x0b001 2 months ago

      Just read the books, stannis is still in the running and will win in the end.

  • Jacopo Abbruscato
    Jacopo Abbruscato 3 months ago +389

    The first episode is out and it's pretty promising. Having Ramin Djawadi back on board for the soundtrack is great, but most importantly having GRRM take the front seat as an executive producer gives me hope

    • Ging Freecss
      Ging Freecss 2 months ago

      How to lose excitement for a show 12:19 a repeating phenomena

    • Jacopo Abbruscato
      Jacopo Abbruscato 2 months ago +1

      @Pranker Yes. The first two episodes are good. It's worth watching so far

    • Krisztián Tóth
      Krisztián Tóth 2 months ago +3

      @Pranker yes

    • Pranker
      Pranker 2 months ago +1

      Friend, is it worth watching so far?

    • Krisztián Tóth
      Krisztián Tóth 3 months ago +2

      @Kelton Titan Well, if he steps away and releases TWOW, I think we can forgive him

  • Senkey15
    Senkey15 3 months ago +2928

    The best thing about this new series is Alt Shift coming back to ASOIAF videos ❤️

  • Kerim Örsel
    Kerim Örsel 3 months ago +78

    Have to say, I was excited for this show mostly because of GRRM's increased involvement and it being adapted from a completed storyline, but I forgot how much excited I was for returning to this channel for videos like this!

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue 3 months ago +3

      the golden standard of this type of videos - beautifully done, flawlessly researched, well narrated.

  • Nai 2013
    Nai 2013 Month ago +4

    I like that the video indicates where the interviews and quotes by the actors are. Well cited, though it would be even better if there were links to all the articles and interviews in the description. But overall an excellent video and introduction to someone who never read the novels.

  • Skippa Da Dippa
    Skippa Da Dippa 3 months ago +92

    Daemon is what you want out of a fictional character even though the story is already written he is a unpredictable and emotionally complex character that can be hard to understand if he is good or bad or both

    • mankepoot
      mankepoot 2 months ago +3

      Still everytime i see him i think: what is Dr. Who doing there and why doesn't he use the sonic screwdriver.

  • tmd.mathtutorials
    tmd.mathtutorials 3 months ago +36

    Excellent introduction of the characters. It's GOT season hype again. I'll be watching again your explanation and episode breakdown every episode. 👍👍

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon 3 months ago +2

      the golden standard of this type of videos - beautifully done, flawlessly researched, well narrated.

  • sam
    sam 3 months ago +3111

    I'm excited for Bran to make a multiversal cameo with blood raven powers, to give the Targaryens the gift of the Wheelchair

    • Lukas Norlund Sivermark
      Lukas Norlund Sivermark 2 months ago

      @Mr. Steinhaus iolo ooöi o

    • Full Metal Theorist
      Full Metal Theorist 3 months ago +1

      @Mr. Steinhaus It's Bran's story. The others are just side characters.

    • Forick Grimaldus
      Forick Grimaldus 3 months ago +1

      Bran the God Emperor of Mankind in his Golden Throne
      "Tremble before the Majesty of the God Emperor, for we all Walk in His Immortal Shadow"

    • Bryan- Twist Gilmore
      Bryan- Twist Gilmore 3 months ago

      @samantha boykin Just saying hypothetically if Bran was a time traveler…lol. And yes the whole story would be different. That’s the point of the comment though just picking at Game of Thrones for dropping the ball on their last season. I did not hate it as much as everybody else did but I get the controversy

    • samantha boykin
      samantha boykin 3 months ago

      @Bryan- Twist Gilmore I think if that happened the storyline would be different

  • Elusory
    Elusory 3 months ago +49

    I think the dragon metaphor is also used in the original series, seeing how Daenerys grows more dangerous as she takes more control of her dragons and how her advisors tell her to "be a dragon" in the last season. Dragons really seem to be the cause for doom in this universe.

    • henr akjo
      henr akjo 2 months ago +1

      I'm excited for Bran to make a multiversal cameo with blood raven powers, to give the Targaryens the gift of the Wheelchair

  • Tarvoc
    Tarvoc 3 months ago +35

    18:34 "Thrones ran out of books to adapt in season 5." - That's not true and people need to stop saying it. There is a lot in books 4 and 5 that D&D didn't even bother to try adapting. They already had to split book 3 over two seasons because it was too much to adapt in one season, but then book 4 and book 5 (which by the way is about as long as book 3!) _together_ somehow fit into one season? Utterly impossible, they left out a shitton of stuff, from Dorne to the Riverlands to the Vale, to the Victarion and Aeron plots, to Aegon and JonCon, to Lady Stoneheart, and even a ton of stuff in Mereen, plus a lot of other stuff I'm forgetting. GRRM was right when he said that the books had material for ten seasons at least, but D&D wanted to move on to other projects, although I wouldn't word it as friendly. They promised GRRM a proper adaptation, but they essentially lost interest after the Red Wedding. They betrayed him and his fans.

    • Tarvoc
      Tarvoc 2 months ago

      @vbddfy euuyt ...because what would be a better story than that?

  • Kevin G
    Kevin G 2 months ago +14

    So much for no spoilers! Thanks for the Laena/Vhagar connection! Yes, it's obviously in the books, but I had forgotten that until you mentioned it! Something to look forward to!

  • Beau Chance
    Beau Chance 3 months ago +8

    This was a really solid video, I appreciate you laying out all the history and lore in an easy to understand, neat, way.

  • LoreCraft
    LoreCraft 3 months ago +33

    Been watching for years - excited, and looking forward to your breakdowns. They help turn the episodes into a double event, providing depth, backstory, and clarity the show and producers can't do on their own. They really should add you to their payroll.

    • Ser Hunts Reviews
      Ser Hunts Reviews 3 months ago +1

      Same. The man is awesome. Check me out on Sunday live at 10!

  • floworcrash
    floworcrash 3 months ago +19

    The videos you put together are absolutely perfect. Looking forward to your Hot D coverage.

  • True Life?
    True Life? 3 months ago +17

    Ultimately I'm stoked by the first episode. My only gripe would be the dragons; they look a tad cheesy to me. I really hope they improve the effects in later seasons

  • OceanCat04
    OceanCat04 3 months ago +9

    I’m so glad I watched this before starting the new season. You explained all of this extremely well. Very clear.

  • Orion Ellis
    Orion Ellis Month ago +1

    I've read Fire and Blood. I love this show. The showrunners are really doing a great job here.
    I know that the Dance of the Dragons is a 'serious' part of the overall stories in the book.
    Does anyone else notice that there is NO comedy or snarkiness. That is what was great about GoT. They appear to be using Daemon for filling that role but it is no where near what we are used to. Remember Tyrion, The Hound, Bronn, even King Robert was hilarious. You remember how many times these characters had you ROFL? Even in the most dramatic times, they were funny. That is seriously missing in this first season. While I did not like the final seasons of the GoT show, the one thing they got right is the laughs. HOTD is just way to serious. Make us laugh a little.

  • Johan T. Dirksen
    Johan T. Dirksen 3 months ago +4

    Thanks for this video. I felt like I could appreciate the new episode much more because of it. I honestly feel very excited for the new series, which is in my opinion off to to a strong start

  • Kyle Kent
    Kyle Kent 3 months ago +3

    Loved episode one, been a while since Ive been excited for anything Thrones related. Also, Matt Smith is an incredible casting choice, he plays Daemon so well.

  • Gabby Valenciano
    Gabby Valenciano 3 months ago +1

    To those that only stuck to just the series like me, GOTs no doubt looked like a throne made of iron with the design of having swords at the rest
    And HotD's really gave the impression of a conquerer's chair, with melted swords all around upto the very bottom of the steps where the blades also became a barrier of isolation, depicting absolute solo rule

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue 3 months ago +13

    This was a really solid video, I appreciate you laying out all the history and lore in an easy to understand, neat, way.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 3 months ago +310

    The story is an amazing thing

  • rowanirish
    rowanirish 3 months ago +15

    Glad to see you back enthusiastic and passionate after that travesty that was Season 8. I look forward to your future videos.

  • Medibeans
    Medibeans Month ago +1

    I appreciate how you showed the freeze frames of the new dragons instead of the full scenes! :)

  • Sten Ritterfeld
    Sten Ritterfeld 3 months ago +4

    very excited for your vids on this!:) and thank you for this intro, this actually got me a lot more excited for this show. will definitely give it a shot now :)

  • myusernamethisiss
    myusernamethisiss 3 months ago +5

    Hey man thanks for going so deep in detail. Really makes these shows so much better with your incredible amount of research.

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue 3 months ago +1

      I’m very excited. Stories about the times when the dragons were flying around are so cool

  • treeghettox
    treeghettox 2 months ago

    I know from a different Alt Shift X video that 3 of the dragons were killed by mere peasants. I sincerely hope we get to see that in action because it's by far the most interesting piece of lore in the entire Game of Thrones canon. How is this not the main story?!

  • Will Thwaites
    Will Thwaites 3 months ago +4

    HBO owes you a lot of money, you are doing their dirty work for them (convincing people who hated GOT season 8 to give them a second chance, me included)

  • Preston Van Horn
    Preston Van Horn 3 months ago +3

    I’m very excited. Stories about the times when the dragons were flying around are so cool 🐉

  • Echo
    Echo 3 months ago +2

    I saw the episode and quite enjoyed it. However, I was somewhat lost with the names as I've never read any of the books. Listening to this video makes a little more sense now, and I clearly understand that Otto Hightower is extremely manipulative... especially with his daughter.

  • Kings and Generals
    Kings and Generals 3 months ago +3314

    I didn't think that it is going to happen, but now I am hyped. Thanks for the video!

    • Ging Freecss
      Ging Freecss 2 months ago

      @demi bk How to lose excitement for a show 12:19 a repeating phenomena. Velaryons being black is not faithful to the books

    • Ging Freecss
      Ging Freecss 2 months ago

      How to lose excitement for a show 12:19 a repeating phenomena

    • bugrilyus
      bugrilyus 2 months ago

      look at our man just casually leaving comments

    • Faucon VS
      Faucon VS 2 months ago

      @hez there were no monkeys in europe

    • taylor
      taylor 2 months ago

      @Frankie Fontecchio calm down babe

  • Kaine Shigaraki
    Kaine Shigaraki 3 months ago +37

    I feel like Martin is a genius. He released the book Fire and Blood as a fictional history book so that they can have creative control on the show.
    “The book said x and not y like the show”
    “Well that’s because Y is the truth and X was what was recorded by the maesters.”

    DRUnK CHaRDOM 2 months ago +1

    Dude you explained it perfectly. Thank you. Definitely showing my friend this video cause we’re watching it together 🤙 Liked & sub’d

  • habirton
    habirton 2 months ago +1

    Love Alt Shift X, but I can't bring myself to invest any more time on HBO adaptations after GOT.
    Maybe I'll watch it when the series ends and then I'll come back to watch these.
    Keep on creating awesome content! 👍

  • Equos
    Equos 3 months ago +5

    First ep was absolutely awesome. The level of brutality was unexpected but amazing. Characters are great as well.

  • Blackfish
    Blackfish 3 months ago +375

    HotD being pronounced as "Hot D" is kind of hilarious, especially when talking about all these serious political going ons.

    • MaxxVII
      MaxxVII 2 days ago +1

      Hot D stands for Hot Daemon

    • 3 Owls In A Trenchcoat
      3 Owls In A Trenchcoat 8 days ago

      @J Kennimer I find it extremely grating

    • Kelton Titan
      Kelton Titan Month ago +1

      I like to pronounce GOT as “Got.”

    • Colossal Titan
      Colossal Titan Month ago +2

      It's funny cos the initials HotD remind me of house of the dead, if anyone remembers that game franchise

    • DragonSword
      DragonSword 2 months ago +7

      I can imagine crying out "C'mon! If we don't hurry UP We're going to Miss that HOT D!!!"

  • Sniper .93c
    Sniper .93c 2 months ago +2

    Eustace vs Mushroom version of events sounds very much like the two versions of the Roman Emperor Justinian's reign, except both are written by the same person which makes them even more interesting, one is a regular fairly objective history book and the other has great intrigue and scandalous rumours etc.
    One would ideally read both to come to a full conclusion about what is true.

  • Natalya Li
    Natalya Li 3 months ago +1

    Alt Shift X, THANK YOU SO MUCH ! Even though I enjoyed the 1st ep, I look forward more to your breakdowns !!!!

  • JDS
    JDS 3 months ago +11

    Man I have watched several videos to get ready and yours was the only one that helped! Glad your back. Hope you do weekly episodes like last time.

  • No Crumbs
    No Crumbs 4 days ago

    @Alt Shift X, I laughed pretty hard when you explained HOT-D; then I was sad because I knew you wouldn't refer to the show as that, but then I was super happy when you totally kept doing it haha.

  • Asheen Singh
    Asheen Singh 3 months ago +1161

    I haven't watched this channel in a bit as I'm not caught up with new shows but hearing the presenters voice again took me back to all those wonderful lore breakdowns and reviews of GoT. I love the tone of these videos and the way they present topics visually, thanks so much for these.

    • callmecatalyst
      callmecatalyst Month ago +2

      @Full Metal Theorist - In a tertiary manner, thanks for responding to my comment :D *Secondarily,* I appreciate the amount of layers that exist, (intentional or not), with regards to how the answers to such questions can be presented in _alternative,_ *shifting,* _gliding,_ and *schwifty* ways; It’s what *_fun-loving fans¹_* love to think about and sometimes even talk about…but mostly in the end you realize it’s all just a bunch of good times if you aren’t allergic to subtext, metatext, (and other fancy ways of describing a deeper meaning to literary + audio/visual analysis) - if you know what I mean & I _hope_ you do… And first of all, if none of this comment has made *any sense* then I apologize for all of that presumption; it’s just that my immediate instinct after seeing your comment was that you’d likely seen the same things I’ve seen on yt (and maybe elsewhere…).
      Obviously there’s no way I could *actually* include my answers to those questions in this comment after all of that other stuff I was rambling about earlier. But I promise on behalf of gurm himself that I will most definitely think about all of that stuff - and who knows, maybe one day I’ll return to this keyboard and write it all down so you (and other people, if there even are other people) may read it.
      For those of you rubberneckers who stumble across this thread in the future, (hit me up if you’re from the past though!), if you also feel like there’s a lot of neat stuff going on and you’re like, “what is this idiot on about???” don’t worry! Just look for a *Schwifty Shanty* and fight every immediate feeling of utter confusion that might surface for those 1 or 2 minutes. That’s just a fun way to jump in the deep for a moment (or two!) before starting to seriously look for context clues and doobly-doos in the description box below etc. *I feel like I’ve either been aggressively blatant here or annoyingly obscure to the point of frustration…which is gurm’s favorite place to just walk away from typing so that’s how I know I’ve found a happy middle ground in between those hyperbolic extremes.*
      Cheers :D
      [1]: The people kind; not fidget-spinning ones that lack the ability to do anything but spin in circles in a limited area or location.

    • Full Metal Theorist
      Full Metal Theorist 2 months ago +3

      @callmecatalyst Kinda makes me think. Did Bran live the kind of life he wanted of being a knight and lord through past Brans? Does living a past life tke the same amount of time as living his current life or did he regularly dip in and out of the past versions of himself? And was he the mastermind behind all the major events in the story slowly shaping the past so that the future would turn out the way he did with him being king?

    • callmecatalyst
      callmecatalyst 2 months ago +3

      @Full Metal Theorist - There can only be one *Branch.*
      obviously GRRM never re-uses names or anything… :P

    • Full Metal Theorist
      Full Metal Theorist 3 months ago +2

      @qopoy dnon Bran the warg or another Bran?

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon 3 months ago +6

      I'm excited for Bran to make a multiversal cameo with blood raven powers, to give the Targaryens the gift of the Wheelchair

  • DeixaIssoPraLa
    DeixaIssoPraLa 3 months ago +4

    I was so excited when I found this video. It reminds me of the old recap/background/theory videos back in the day, when I waited for GoT episodes with such excitement 🥲

  • Tunturikuningas
    Tunturikuningas 3 months ago +2

    This channel complements those series so well. Thank you for your hard work!

  • Claire P
    Claire P 2 months ago

    Just great video, thank you so much. Can't wait for more videos as the show goes on, I'll wait for it just as much as I'll wait for the episodes of hot d. Please keep going your work is amaizing

  • David Taft
    David Taft 3 months ago +1

    So interesting how the difference between active and passive voice can make things sound more epic. Like no one would think “Throne Games” or “Dragon House” sounded cool lol

  • Fire Truck
    Fire Truck 3 months ago +637

    OMG YES! You're back at it again with ASOIAF-related videos!! CAN"T WAIT!! YOU ARE LITERALLY WHAT MADE ME HYPE FOR THESE SHOWS!!

    • Connor Werdel
      Connor Werdel 3 months ago +1

      Temper your expectations

    • Michael Bartley
      Michael Bartley 3 months ago +1

      Could not agree more

    • nahb
      nahb 3 months ago +4

      im sure many can relate, but watching their videos is what got me interested in the books and ultimately reading them. now im finish off fire and blood (at least the parts related to the tv show) and i couldnt be more excited to see their videos. for once i've read the books before the show has come out. will be very exciting to say the least

  • Mudaseki
    Mudaseki 3 months ago +1

    It is amazing to hear the difference in your voice.
    Man do I love your videos, thank you so much.
    I will listen to every livestream after an episode with a couple of beers on a bench in sheer joy, thank you Alt-shift-X!

  • MegaKnight2012
    MegaKnight2012 3 months ago +3

    Looking forward to further analysis of this show. This channel's analysis are often more interesting to me than the initial writings because so much subtext goes over my head

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue 3 months ago +1

      when i tell you that i’m equally excited for the alt shift x videos on house of the dragon than i am for the actual episodes

  • Winter
    Winter 27 days ago +1

    Never actually watched single episode of GOT. But I'll be damned. You make it sound so interesting

  • Zipper Socks
    Zipper Socks 3 months ago +3

    I’ve read all the books. You always give the perfect touch ups and recaps.

  • Schilddruse
    Schilddruse 3 months ago +404

    I've tried to read the book and in preparation for the TV-series I've again tried to get to know the characters in order to fully grasp the show from the get go but failed miserably. There are just too many Targaryens with same or similar names and I never really got who is related to whom and in what way. But you have a really good way of explaining things with simple visuals. This was a really great summary!

    • BretN7
      BretN7 3 months ago

      I dropped asoiaf for the first law books and don’t regret it. GoT/asoiaf is just a bloated mess that needed a good editor.

    • Jeffrey Godinez
      Jeffrey Godinez 3 months ago

      try to search in X-vid Family Tree of Targaryen

    • Melek Cabani
      Melek Cabani 3 months ago


    • Melek Cabani
      Melek Cabani 3 months ago


    • Fair Share Of Drowned Souls
      Fair Share Of Drowned Souls 3 months ago

      Three things that will help you:
      1. Reading 'The World of Ice and Fire' FIRST would help you. It is a history book going through the histories, introducing Targs slowly, focusing on all the Targs one by one with colourful, absolutely stunning pictures of the kings and other characters. You get to know a bit about each Targ gradually, being introduced in tiny blocks of a handful per generation and you learn to associate people by massive events that happen during that era. For example, there are multiple Daemons, but you know this one was the one that created the Gold cloaks and another one fought under this or that banner in this war etc.
      2. Water. A common thing amongst us humans is the refusal to drink sufficient amounts of water throughout the day. There are electrolytes in water that are phenomenal for energy and keeping our brain hydrated. Reading is an activity that requires focus. Focus requires a certain amount of energy. Without water, you will struggle to focus - for more than a few minutes - on a book as events transpire and frustration sets in as you wonder why you didn't absorb the last two lines that you just read and wonder why you are falling asleep.
      3. Patience. People who are not used to reading or even dislike it often have an unreasonably low level of patience for reading. You need to really set time aside and sit down with the aim of reading. If it is not something that you do often, it will feel like effort to read. But when you realise how many amazing books there are out there, it will no longer feel like a chore. The issue is forcing yourself to get through those first few pages. My friend; I promise you, that if you force yourself to read Fire & Blood, you will want to read another book on your own volition. There is no rush, read two pages a day if that is all you can manage. But remember that the climax of any book is almost never within the first 50 pages. Especially with longer novels. The payoff is worth it. The battles, sword fights, dragon riding and political intrigue are breathtaking. It would be devastating for you to miss it because you couldn't get past page 20, 50, 80 etc. I will leave it there. Take care and happy reading. God bless.

  • George Papasymeonidis
    George Papasymeonidis 2 months ago

    I knew that these videos will make me love even more he show. The videos are true gems.

  • Jeremy JMIAH Williamson
    Jeremy JMIAH Williamson 3 months ago +1

    First time seeing this channel. THANK YOU FOR ALL THIS INFORMATION TO HELP ME UNDERSTAND BETTER!!!! I never watched GOT, but I love prequels. So I figured Id get into HOTD and I HAVE!! OMG I love this series after ONE episode lol. #Liked #subscribed #commented

  • Hafiz Kanji
    Hafiz Kanji 3 months ago +2

    Your content is top quality!
    I know theres 2000+ comments, but in case this comment encourages you, please continue making this content bro! It really helps me enjoy the series more!

  • Shiba Bravo
    Shiba Bravo 3 months ago +1

    I loved the first episode, Daemon is definitely my favorite character

  • All The Artsy
    All The Artsy 3 months ago +401

    Dance of the Dragons is really a story about the mismanagement of a kingdom during peaceful times, which led to war, which is very similar to the game of thrones that commences after Robert died in the main series. If Jaehaerys just settled on the matter of succession as being primogeniture, regardless of sex, then the Dance may have not happened. Viserys is an even bigger fool. He came into power only because the female line was rejected, and yet he wanted to ignore the precedent and install his daughter as heir, without changing the laws and making it so that male primogeniture was not the law of the land. Even Rhaenyra, once she gets the throne, gives the seat of some major houses to male heirs even tho there are older women in line. Even she does not believe in women ruling as a matter of birthright, she only wants an exception for herself. This is why this is a tale with no heroes. They wage war only for themselves and their quest for power.

    • Patti Greenberg
      Patti Greenberg 3 months ago

      @All The Artsy you guys can do a great weekend or maybe

    • Hansen Ding
      Hansen Ding 3 months ago

      No heroes? Wow this is an unacceptable slander against my boi Addam Velaryon

    • Sara Eissa
      Sara Eissa 3 months ago +5

      @RAZGR1Z yeah honestly as a woman I’m so tired of this trope by male authors where a woman gets a little power and all of sudden she becomes crazy and hysterical. The madwoman trope is hilarious because more often than not women are great leaders and rulers for the people

    • Frankie Jerard Enno
      Frankie Jerard Enno 3 months ago

      @david lewis I'm slapping my what against the keyboard?🤣

    • Frankie Jerard Enno
      Frankie Jerard Enno 3 months ago

      @david lewis SORRY 'OL CHAP🤘🏾🖤✌🏾

  • The E.T. Whisperer - Rob Gauthier

    I really enjoyed your podcast. It's how I found cm kosamine. I had him on my podcast because of it. Thank you for all you do.

    GODFREY 3 months ago

    i think the show wouldve been more interesting if it was set in the time period of valyria and it wouldve been families controlling dragons struggling for power, but thats just my opinion. i watched the first episode and its pretty good.

    JXIII 2 months ago +18

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