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Nemesis Games: The Expanse Season 5 vs the Books

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022

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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  Year ago +32

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    • Magnus Oliver
      Magnus Oliver Year ago

      @Brady Talon Yup, have been watching on KaldroStream for months myself :D

    • Brady Talon
      Brady Talon Year ago

      a tip : you can watch series at Kaldrostream. I've been using it for watching lots of of movies recently.

    • Zenifi
      Zenifi Year ago +1

      @Kjell Beilman Am I greedy as well? I would love full on book spoiler videos from Alt Shift X. Neeeeeed. Moreeeeeeee

    • Kjell Beilman
      Kjell Beilman Year ago +4

      I know I am greedy, but more The Expanse please...
      Love your work Thank you

  • Timothy Rosko
    Timothy Rosko Year ago +350

    The casting for Filip blows my mind, he genuinely looks like the child of those actors

    • Shawnnbits
      Shawnnbits Month ago

      race mixing. Amirite?

    • Denaux Usah
      Denaux Usah 4 months ago +1

      @Average Alien seconded here, They look so much alike

    • Average Alien
      Average Alien 7 months ago +3

      Same with young amos

    • Michael Salmon
      Michael Salmon Year ago

      i know right?????? haha im glad i wasnt the only one who saw this

    • Nox Howl
      Nox Howl Year ago +7

      I think the production put the photos of the actors in an app - and used to cast this actor - cause it's really is the "son" of both of them haha

  • Reedstilt
    Reedstilt Year ago +342

    One correction: The people Bobbie saw living in poverty in Season 2 aren't people living on Basic. They're undocumented peoples who don't get Basic. They're the sort of people that Anna's clinic helps out in the show.

    • no
      no 9 months ago

      @laxjoh those issues exist for them for the same reasons they do today, their economic system.

    • Fulvio Pontarollo
      Fulvio Pontarollo Year ago

      @justgivemethetruth if you take into consideration the population of humanity in the Solar System in the Expanse’s setting all those extra resources end up giving jobs to almost 3x the population earth has today and of which only a small minority (the few dozen millions belters, and not even all of them, look at Tycho station) have what would be considered unacceptable standards by today’s first world countries, so the society is definitely resource and energy rich, the problem with earth in the narrative of the Expanse is that it has an additional 2x the current global population for which they think we would go beyond the extra jobs those resources can offer

    • Salvatore Scaletta
      Salvatore Scaletta Year ago

      @justgivemethetruth @justgivemethetruth my comment wasn't regarding your correctness nor sincerity. Wether you are correct or not is not part of what I am attempting to convey and I have no reason to doubt the sincerity of your comments. Having studied science and engineering you certainly understand that that which cannot be proven is of no utility, nothing more than a mere exercise in thinking. You have an showed, at least here, an habit of making statements, not backing them with any facts/proof, dismissing other's statements without analyzing their arguments. My statement about irony was pertaining to the contrasts in your behavior. All in all your chosen communication method has a tendency to sound "confrontational" to people (at least to some people as shown in this very thread), which again is contrast with your statements regarding emotional response. Wether you agree or not with my reasoning or logic the fact remain that a number of people finds your way of writing unpleasant, and when people find the communication unpleasant they tend not to consider what is being said which makes the communication itself pointless. If you wish to communicate your opinions to others you should use an efficient and effective method otherwise why even bother? I honestly think it's a pity for your opinions/statements to be ignored by some people simply because of the way they are conveyed.

    • laxjoh
      laxjoh Year ago +1

      @justgivemethetruth "That, to me, bespeaks the epitome of a very tiny mind. To get so emotionally involved over feelings triggered in online discussion is the bain online chat and why it is so almost universally useless"
      lol dude you need professional help man. tiny mind or not, this just screams someone with problems. i'm not trying to insult you btw. seriously go seek help

    • justgivemethetruth
      justgivemethetruth Year ago

      No insults unless you interpret them as insults. I can't delete your comment. Called out is childish nonsense, in fact the last time I think I heard that I was in elementary school it goes so far back into childhood. Do you such your thumb too? ;-)

  • Mikhail Onishchenko
    Mikhail Onishchenko Year ago +70

    How could you miss the part that it wasn't Phiiip who decided to bring Naomi along. Marco decided that and baited Naomi using Philip. It wasn't because she was trying to find him. It was because when her son called out to her for help after all those years, she couldn't abandon him again.
    And Marco did it just to satisfy his ego and have her as a trophy. And he could give less shit about how that makes Philip feel. Honestly those two characters are brilliantly done in the books.

  • Haedox
    Haedox Year ago +143

    now I understand why you included the affleck meme lmfaoooo

    • Fern F
      Fern F Year ago +2

      @Savio Rebello cause Ben afflek kind of withdrew from public view and the Batman role; it’s for the juxtaposition between Ben afflek and Holden at the beginning of the book

    • Savio Rebello
      Savio Rebello Year ago +9

      I don't understand... Can you please explain?

  • Psychonaut 59
    Psychonaut 59 Year ago +85

    I was intrigued by the fact that, after opening a gate to other systems and going to new worlds, the story sort of reverted back to the whole Belters/Earthers political stuff, and the characters seemed to fold back into themselves, dealing with personal issues, their past, etc. Kept asking myself if this was how it played out in the books. Thanks for clearing that up!

    • ausaskar
      ausaskar Year ago

      Honestly, this Season 5 was a return to form. I wasn't really feeling the smaller scale colony stuff in Season 4. The show's bread and butter is high stakes interstellar politics and how our characters navigate it.

    • bosyber
      bosyber Year ago

      @Shankar Ravikumar In fact, looking/reading back (haven't actually fully watched the season but read the books, so felt safe in watching this), the justification part actually is in book 6, with Pa (now Drummer, presumably) and some others who joined Marco _for_that_economic_picture - talk about how it's an opportunity, but with a closing window and Marco shifting the time table (bc. he's not Alexander the Great), that window closes, which would mean they have _less_ than when they started, direct ruin instead of irrelevance in a couple of decades. That's when those factions break with him. Anyway, in Nemesis Games, it's Marco and Filip and his crew we hear from through Naomi's eyes, so those others don't show up yet, and Marco is big words, action, not the detailed reasoning behind it. Though that reasoning to me was the most interesting bit of book 6 honestly (other is space logistics, space battles, yeah, okay, but not the five elephaunts Legolas brings down drawn out stuff please), but also a part that seems hard to get done right on a visual medium (I'd think simulations showing a big crash when window of opp. closes). Guess we'll see in, eh, about a year or so?

    • fate testarossa
      fate testarossa Year ago +1

      @Shankar Ravikumar INDEED

    • Shankar Ravikumar
      Shankar Ravikumar Year ago +1

      @Robert Winslade I don't recall hearing much of that in the show as well. Plenty of historical grievances, very little of fears of economic ruin. We do hear hints about people leaving Earth and Mars (especially Mars) in droves in the show, but Marco's speeches keep hammering on about the past, not future.

    • Jatzi 1
      Jatzi 1 Year ago +2

      @Robert Winslade Eh I didnt see that. Seemed Marco was just saying the same stuff

  • jadknew
    jadknew Year ago +99

    Seeing the Barkeith go dutchman, Laconia AND the orbital platforms in the final episode was an absolute joy! I really hope the books get a movie adaptation for the Laconia Arc.

    • david lewis
      david lewis 6 months ago

      @Edward Huggins I thought it was two time jumps because there is one after Laconia's conquest right?

    • Joseph De-haan
      Joseph De-haan Year ago

      @Ian I've layed out my opinion in this thread already. I'm glad you think the series is 'masterful'. I don't.

    • Ian
      Ian Year ago

      @Joseph De-haan in what ways is BSG superior?

    • Joseph De-haan
      Joseph De-haan Year ago

      @Ian I'm glad you feel that way. IMO it's good in parts but also very flawed... I've layed out my reasons why. As I said it ain't no BSG.

    • Ian
      Ian Year ago +1

      @Joseph De-haan It’s a masterful series.

  • hassan Khan
    hassan Khan Year ago +4

    I'm going to miss Alex in the show. Having someone that looks like you in an amazing show like the expanse was amazing and the first I realised just how important representation is and good it is when it's done right.

  • VHS__Tape
    VHS__Tape Year ago +78

    Gutted we didn't get the Amos/ Chrissy interaction at the Luna docks, but overall loved this season

    • Kennia Soriano
      Kennia Soriano Year ago

      @Herbert Schulz update: I'm currently reading Book 7 so now I know 😂

    • Herbert Schulz
      Herbert Schulz Year ago

      @Kennia Soriano no but they flirt sometimes

    • Kennia Soriano
      Kennia Soriano Year ago

      are they together together in the books?

  • Leisurelee53
    Leisurelee53 Year ago +111

    "Amos is not exactly a model of reason and good decision making"
    Ok I'ma gonna need that gun back...

    • Maud
      Maud Year ago

      hahaha good one

    • J Rich
      J Rich Year ago +1

      @Marty Moose Wes wanted to go Full Monty but the director talked him out of it.

    • AMDG4E
      AMDG4E Year ago +3

      This comment and the above reply both made me burst out laughing. 😆

    • Marty Moose
      Marty Moose Year ago +9

      Amos is amazing! When he stripped down in front of that Psycho Prepper he had no fucks left to give.

  • desertcomber5
    desertcomber5 Year ago +105

    I believe Bull drinking out of a cup labeled Kamal was the nod towards the new pilot.

    • The Humanity
      The Humanity Year ago +1

      @Gabriel87100 I think it would've been a pretty perfect ending for him if they had known to kill him off before production. The reason it felt sudden was because they made the change post-production & did a reshoot. I imagine, if they had planned it out from the start, they would've shown his and bobby's maneuvers in the Razorback to save Naomi along with Alex dismissing his own brain's warning signs. It's unfortunate, because it would've been a really good ending for the character; though it still is a good ending the more you think about it - Alex went out saving his family on the Rocinante, the last family he had after his wife and child on Mars rejected him and his home country/planet metaphorically betrayed him.

    • Gabriel87100
      Gabriel87100 Year ago +6

      I was so fucking disappointed by the actor. Kamal was my favorite character on the show, I didn't know what he had done until watching his sudden death (talk about sudden, I blinked and missed it, had to rewind), so I was pretty pissed off and got even more when I found out why.

    • Diceyst
      Diceyst Year ago +20

      @haualo In the books Fred strokes out during a High G fight that wont happen in the show because they nuked Palas station. The show made his death more meaningful then "oh well he died during that fight".

    • haualo
      haualo Year ago +4

      @Diceyst Oh well damn, his character had great chemistry with everyone else, gonna be wired when they just ignore him. Why did they kill Fred ? Did Chad also do something like that?

    • Diceyst
      Diceyst Year ago +15

      @haualo was sexually assaulting fans among other things. Studio confirmed multiple reports after S5 finished filming. So thats why he just suddenly stroked out like Fred was supposed to.
      Edit:spelling. Skool is kool.

  • Alexlaza
    Alexlaza Year ago +17

    I really don't like how Fred Johnson died in this season. A badass tough guy like him should not die that easy.

    • Ribhu Hooja
      Ribhu Hooja Year ago +5

      I haven't read the books, but I _am_ spoiled about Fred's fate in the books, and imo it's kinda better (what happened in the show)

    • fate testarossa
      fate testarossa Year ago

      : (((((

  • Zorzek
    Zorzek Year ago +129

    It would be great if you could do a recap/summary of all the books in the Expanse series :)

    • J Rich
      J Rich Year ago

      @Timothy Rosko yep, as good as the show is, the books are even better.

    • Timothy Rosko
      Timothy Rosko Year ago

      You could just read a few books, bud

    • RainyMood
      RainyMood Year ago

      Just read the books if you are that interested in them. 👍

    • Josh S
      Josh S Year ago

      @Roger Hernandez fine, we won't make you watch it

    • Mariana González-Prada
      Mariana González-Prada Year ago

      @KR4FT W3RK Maybe the books that have already been adapted for the show?

  • QuickFireGaming
    QuickFireGaming Year ago +13

    Another difference is the Drummer storyline in this season. In the book she was assisting Fred with looking after Tycho. In the series, it appears that they are using her as a replacement for a major character that appears in the 6th book.

    • Eroshan Ratnayaka
      Eroshan Ratnayaka Year ago +7

      MIchio Pa was always the more prominent character in books than drummer. Theyve combined both for the show and named her Drummer instead of Pa. But her story line is remarkably different from the books.

  • Robert Winslade
    Robert Winslade Year ago +54

    Love The Expanse; some of the best sci-fi out there

    • J Rich
      J Rich Year ago +3

      @blorghised Go watch Star Wars or Jar Jar Abrams Star Trek. Those shows have 1 dimensional characters and lots of explosions so you should love them.

    • J Rich
      J Rich Year ago +1

      Some of? 😁

    • Robert Winslade
      Robert Winslade Year ago

      @Dax Lucero do you even know what intersectionality is? Because I don't see how it applies to The Expanse

    • Dax Lucero
      Dax Lucero Year ago

      Not anymore, they the show going intersectional

  • Jon Baxter
    Jon Baxter Year ago +10

    Surprised me about Amos and Alex being minor, they were great in the show. Thought they were big players.

    • J Rich
      J Rich Year ago +1

      They are pretty major characters. They just do not have pov chapters. The chapter where Naomi tells when she first fell in love with Holden made him my favorite character.

    • Alan Pennie
      Alan Pennie Year ago +1

      I think what happened is that the authors got more interested in them and eventually made then pov characters.
      Then when the show began the rewrote the earlier part of the story to make The Roci crew more of an ensemble.

  • Scrotie McBoogerballs
    Scrotie McBoogerballs Year ago +184

    ASX covering The Expanse makes me happy

    • Butch S.
      Butch S. Year ago +1

      @Marty Moose It really helps that Ty and Daniel are adapting their own story for the show. GOT was great while the show's writers had GRRM's books to work from, it went off the rails when they ran out of source material and had to wing it. I've read in interviews where Ty and Daniel have enjoyed the opportunity doing the adaptation as it allows them a chance to reimagine characters and plotlines in a way that works in a visual medium.

    • Marty Moose
      Marty Moose Year ago +2

      Same here. Expanse is just as good as Game of Thrones but in Space! The Expanse didn’t implode like GOT though so it might even be better. We really won’t know until after season six though.

  • Daddy Dagoth
    Daddy Dagoth Year ago +125

    This season had good writing and everything but I wasn't a big fan. Past seasons felt like they went through half a season of events in a single episode. This felt the opposite it felt like they took 10 episodes to tell the events of 3 episodes

    • Paul
      Paul Year ago

      @Stan Lee Yes Naomi's absolute determination was clearly shown by the scene where she leaves the airlock. Everything after that was unnecessary and repetitive.

    • J Rich
      J Rich Year ago +1

      The books/show are not about aliens and ship battles. They are are about humanity as told through the perspective of a few characters. This is adult material. This isn't Star Wars or the Jar Jar Abrams Star Trek.

    • Smartass Droid
      Smartass Droid Year ago

      Nothing happened in 5 episodes. Couldve saved Naomi in 1.

    • fate testarossa
      fate testarossa Year ago

      : ((((((((((((((((((((

    • Jay Michael
      Jay Michael Year ago

      @Christopher Willis I haven’t lost all anticipation for Leviathan Falls, but I can’t help but feel like it’ll feel rushed. I certainly hope it’s the longest of the series, but I have no basis to think it’ll be significantly longer. Things I’d like to see but am not sure I’ll get to:
      Deeper exploration of the ring station
      Last Miller/Investigator appearance
      Filip and Naomi reconciled

  • Miguel Mota
    Miguel Mota Year ago +2

    I can accept the creative changes for the adaptation.
    Only thing that irks me is the Axel situation cause it was not a creative decision as they'd have us believe, but something completely unrelated to the show. It really runs the risk of ruining the show, because bull makes no sense in the role. I think ending in season 6 might be related to this.
    They will recast everyone for the later arc. But, i still don't know how they are gonna explain bull inhereting Alex' life now. I guess he was martian too. But, it will feel awkward for him to suddenly just have a personality change and be all warmed up to the crew.
    Especially cause in this last season he was eager to just fly off and leave Naomi behind. Something Alex would never do. There was a crew bond created in 4 seasons that now will feel forced. Such a shame.

  • JJ
    JJ Year ago +173

    Saw this on reddit: Alex died the way he lived
    Stroking things he shouldn't.

    • TM Martin, Esq.
      TM Martin, Esq. 10 months ago


    • 4f52
      4f52 Year ago +1

      @Grelk How do you know? Proof?

    • Grelk
      Grelk Year ago

      Not alex just the person they chose to represent him, unfortunately turned out be a degenerate creep

    • Geoff Totten (Perth Coys)
      Geoff Totten (Perth Coys) Year ago +1

      So was anything actually proven? Or just more "lets get them".

    • RATT
      RATT Year ago


  • Michael Ward
    Michael Ward Year ago +1

    As someone who never comments on anything, I'm making an exception to say thank you for this very comprehensive and well made video. I bounce back and forth between the books and TV series and it's nice to have someone fill in a few of the holes in my Expanse knowledge.

  • Dearyvette TN
    Dearyvette TN Year ago +1

    You left out one more nickname Amos uses in the book for Avasarala. Her responses to being called “Chrissy” are absolutely hilarious 🤣

  • Yanny C
    Yanny C Year ago +2

    Thank you for such a detailed explanation, absolutely what i wanted after watching the finale to learn more of the lore, comparisons Book and Show, damn i hyped for next season! sub!

  • Charles Ovatar
    Charles Ovatar Year ago +15

    Hey Alt Shift X , you should totally watch Dark on Netflix it's only 3 seasons. Mindblown! I love it

  • John Patelzick
    John Patelzick Year ago +15

    Once again you give the best commentary on the internet.

  • Jupon
    Jupon Year ago

    This was such a great season. i really feel like the show is it at it's best here and in many ways the changes they made to the story was not only better for the format but may have improved over the books.

  • Eythan Fiorentino
    Eythan Fiorentino Year ago +1

    I wish Alt Shift X could cover Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood. I feel like there is a lot of lore, theories and complex characters and ideas that ASX could do well.

  • Ashara Stark
    Ashara Stark Year ago +10

    That was a quick turnaround. Well done team Alt Shift X.

    • David Bailey
      David Bailey Year ago +2

      I'm pretty sure they had Early Access cuz it came out immediately after the episode aired

  • Fern F
    Fern F Year ago

    Exactly what I was looking for... but much more detailed than expected. I really appreciate your work. I wanted to start reading the book after the end of season 5.

  • Widget
    Widget Year ago

    Having read up to book 8, the ending of this season got me really excited to see what they've got in mind for season 6. Great summary you've got here, its been about a year since I read the books and I think they might be worth an extra read through.

  • By the Stillwaters
    By the Stillwaters Year ago +1

    Just found this and your channel. It’s been awhile since I read the books and your video so clearly explains the differences. Thank you!

  • Jeff Benefiel
    Jeff Benefiel Year ago

    I think the only scene that I miss from the books that wasn't in series was when Amos and Clarissa show up on Luna in the stolen yacht and Avasarala recognizes her and says "get her off my moon!"

  • sinborn41214
    sinborn41214 Year ago +9

    Thank you for not expanding on the situation surrounding Cas and his departure from the show. I'm frustrated with the situation and the lack of a definitive answer (at least one I could easily find) on the findings from the investigation.

  • BioCapsule
    BioCapsule Year ago

    As I recall, it was heavily 'implied' that while Inaros was very ambitious, he wasn't all that good at planning, most of the flaws in his 'plans' are likely 'filled in' by the Martians, maybe even Duarte himself. He mainly claims it as his own to show how brilliant he is, like 'using' the Martians or any failure were part of his 'plan'. So as to show he is more brilliant then he actually is.

  • Felix Morgenstern
    Felix Morgenstern Year ago +1

    Man, what a great and thoughtful as well as thought-provoking video essay! Keep up the good work :)

  • Digital Dark
    Digital Dark Year ago

    I know you're already doing a lot. Which i really appreciate. Though i'm quite sure your talents would be wonderfully used on WandaVision. There seems to be a lot of things people miss on that show. With your keen eye, i think you'd knock it out the park. Thank you for all the rest of your videos.

  • Godzilla fan
    Godzilla fan Year ago

    I love the books . The authors build a galaxy and fill it with fascinating characters. I have watched 2 seasons of the show and they do a good job. Another series called the commonwealth written by Alan Dean Foster is really good to. Start with the Pip and Flinx books if interested.

  • Comrade Commissar Yuri
    Comrade Commissar Yuri 5 months ago

    Having Clarissa pop up like a Jack In a box to literally scare Alex to death would be hilarious

  • Kilian Blum
    Kilian Blum Year ago

    Great video!
    Unfortunately this season was a disappoint, particularly the parts on Earth and to a lesser degree the parts on Mars. The devastation of the rock hits was not felt at all and generally one is left with the impression that the planet is going to be fine. It’s snows a little, there is some minor flooding, a prison is destroyed, and some old people have died, but the planet is fine. Kind of like after a big hurricane. I have no clue why so little time was spend on Earth, why the devastation was downplayed and why the insurrection on Mars was mostly dropped...

  • Eroshan Ratnayaka

    Drummers story is so different from Michios in the books, which led to that last episode been quite different from the book.

  • John Fitzpatrick
    John Fitzpatrick Year ago +2

    Love this series! Thanks Alt Shift X!

  • Campbell
    Campbell 4 months ago

    I love how badass Alex was in this book. I always saw him as the friendly non-confrontational guy but in this book he was really important to the plot and had some great action moments that his character didn't get in the show. And the book even described him as excited to be flying a ship in battle again

  • SaintBalor
    SaintBalor Year ago

    I was so disappointed when I didn't see Bobby surfing that missile :c it's one of the coolest underplayed stunts any character has ever done in that series

  • Minifoss
    Minifoss Year ago

    Yes please! More of the expanse! More theories and speculation would be awesome too!

  • JohnFourtyTwo
    JohnFourtyTwo Year ago

    Alt Shift X, I love your reviews of books, movies, and TV shows because you have the critical eye to pick out details I usually miss the first time. Your thorough analysis of Game of Thrones and Westworld are great and do both shows justice and bring the blurred lines into focus when the showrunners either purposely or incompetently let the stories run amuck.
    Just wondering if you have any plans to cover The Mandalorian, if you do it would be great, but if not then I understand since that franchise is in such a mess I wouldn't want to spend any time trying to make sense of it either.
    Look very much forward to your next video, keep up the great work, we are not disappointed.

  • CreeDo Lala
    CreeDo Lala Year ago

    I knew there had to be more to the death of two major characters. I like when shows refuse to use "plot armor", but it has to be done right. Alex's death felt kind of random and anticlimactic... he's fine for the naomi rescue then quietly dies once she's in hand. Might have been more dramatic at least if he's struggling with symptoms right after the high-G burn, or dies immediately, and Bobbi has to figure everything out herself.

  • Pralyuris
    Pralyuris Year ago

    My biggest issue of Season 5 was how unrepresented the sheer destruction of Earth is. It took decades for Earth to even remotely recover after the death of billions instead of only some millions in the TV series.

  • kat laying low
    kat laying low Year ago

    Please also do the other episodes, I always love your analytical style!!!

  • jonathan
    jonathan Year ago +1

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say I actually enjoyed the tv series more than the books so far. the expanse books felt... a little too worn, too much reading old Heinlein I guess to feel like it broke any new ground. When I watched the expanse I was astounded, all those old Hard sci-fi novels put to life, with living characters and not just what often became talking heads. Packing the science details in the first 5 minutes what most entire movies lacked.

    • Alan Pennie
      Alan Pennie Year ago

      I reckon it's the best space show since Babylon 5.

  • Damian P
    Damian P Year ago +3

    I haven't read the books.
    I haven't watch the show.
    I enjoy Alt Shift X's voice.
    I like the videos.

  • Jesse Taylor
    Jesse Taylor Year ago +3

    In the last-ish scene of season 5, where the ship has the red stuff floating through it - is that the ship being destroyed? Or, is that just the look of the ship passing through the ring?

  • Gabriel87100
    Gabriel87100 Year ago +2

    I was so fucking disappointed by Cas Anvar. Kamal was my favorite character on the show, I didn't know what Cas had done until watching Alex's sudden death (talk about sudden, I blinked and missed it, had to rewind), so I was pretty pissed off and got even more when I found out why.

  • Peter Thomas
    Peter Thomas Year ago

    I really hope they do Amos and Bobbie right in the final season. And Good lord book 8 wrecked me

  • Jim Flagg
    Jim Flagg Year ago

    I think they all went trough changes in this book and Holden I think under Fred's direction has become a better leader. I wish we would have had the battle that killed Fred in the show. I liked the dud torpedo being rammed up Marco's ships rear.

  • Bill Ross
    Bill Ross Year ago

    Avasarala calling Amos' escape ship a "gaudy turd". lmao. The show needs more book quotes from her.

  • Felipe Carvalho
    Felipe Carvalho Year ago

    The books are incredibly amazing. I remember enjoying the show so much, but after I went to read the books, I can't anymore.

    • Jeremy H
      Jeremy H Year ago

      Why? If it’s pretty close of an adaption and made by the same people.

  • Raymond L
    Raymond L 2 months ago

    When Amos wouldn't stop calling the meat head guy "Tiny" that shit had me dying lmao!

  • Harrison O'Dell
    Harrison O'Dell Year ago

    You should do this for each season this was great

  • Bureda Godhand
    Bureda Godhand Year ago

    Any show Alt Shift X rates I watch. Thank you for all the efforts you lot put in.

  • Oliver Franke
    Oliver Franke Year ago

    That's why I prefer the books over the show. The books are way more complex, detailed and well thought out. The show simply ignores minor, but nonetheless important parts of the story. It alters or completely leaves out characters or character elements, changes things to simply have a more streamlined story to include all the characters, that were originally not even part of the story.

  • NeedsContent
    NeedsContent Year ago

    Excellent work as always.
    Thanks for posting.

  • tuckerjs
    tuckerjs Year ago +1

    Just want to say that while the Barkeith is the only ship we SEE go missing in S5, there is a line in S5E2 during the UN council meeting where they talk about 'discrepancies in the numbers of colony ships transiting the Rings,' which I can only assume is alluding to them getting eaten by the angry rave specters.

  • Chup Smith
    Chup Smith Year ago +1

    4:35 : One of the things I disliked in this season is what Johnson did with the Protomolecule:
    He took the single most dangerous substance known to man, and instead of shooting it off in a missile on a trajectory only he knew about, or hiding it somewhere in the Oort cloud or something.....he hides it under the mattress of his bed in his room on the station?!?!

    • Lone Browncoat
      Lone Browncoat Year ago +3

      Yeah, worst hiding place ever! The one place all Moms look.

  • Bill Ross
    Bill Ross Year ago

    That was a great and thoughtful review. Nice ending note.

    GET_IN_THE_VAN Year ago +1

    2:11 The show does mention that 17 ships have disappeared at the beginning of the season but they don't revisit this until Duarte's ship is vaporized.

    • Donald Johnson
      Donald Johnson Year ago +1

      I interpreted that mention very differently. I read that as there was no way to contact those systems. As in communications were down, or something like New Terra occured where things went totally sideways. Either their colonies fell apart organically, or some protomolecule/ancient tech was too blame.

  • Anthony Price
    Anthony Price Year ago +1

    As a non-book reader (yet, one and two are on my bookshelf waiting), hearing some of the omitted bits makes me surprisingly happy. Things like Bobbie riding a missile are 'cool' 'epic' moments, but would reduce the realism of the TV show which, for me, is what makes the TV telling of the story work so well. I look forward to discovering and exploring all of the more fantastical elements when I can use my own imagination to amalgamate them into the story I'm reading, and I'm glad the show hasn't tried to portray the more fantastical elements. I wonder if the writers would have written the books differently now after the experience of adapting it for TV?

    • devak
      devak Year ago +1

      @Alan Pennie Well if you watch that scene, it's very silly. Which is the point in Strangelove but would look terrible in the Expanse

    • Alan Pennie
      Alan Pennie Year ago

      Sounds like Dr Strangelove.

    • devak
      devak Year ago +4

      Oh yea, Bobby riding a missile is great in the books. And it would look unbelievably silly on TV.

  • DragonSword
    DragonSword Year ago

    Thanks for covering this series!

  • Ryley Hanks
    Ryley Hanks Year ago +1

    Thank you for saving my sanity, I had read book 5 a while ago so its fuzzy, but when I watched the finally I was shouting Alex doesn't fucking die here!

  • Ed O'Shea
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    shout out to all my other Game of Thrones/asoiaf & Expanse die hards who fucking love this channel

  • Gazmus
    Gazmus Year ago

    Is Marco more likeable in the books?
    I dont think they played up how belters are basically doomed because the rings go to gravity planets nearly enough on the show. I guess in the books is he a bit more of a sympathetic character?

  • Jeff Eff
    Jeff Eff Year ago +1

    Season 5 after the initial 3 episodes were a huge let down. Looks like they re did the whole 2nd half of the season because of the firing of Cas Anwar. Did we really need Naomi locked in a ship for 3 episodes suffocating when it was 1 chapter in the book?

    • Paul
      Paul Year ago

      Yeah I finally got caught up on my reading and was surprised to find Naomi's entire time on the Chetzemoka was only 20 pages in the book. I don't think Anwar's troubles had anything to do with it though. None of that stuff surfaced until after the filming was complete. That's basically why his death scene was just a really awkward freeze frame.

  • TheCurlsCrazy
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    still so greatfull you guys showed me "Leviathan wakes", i love these books

  • xxbludger
    xxbludger Year ago

    I know the title is obviously a clear enough warning to those who haven't watched Season 5, but opening the video with THAT scene just made me laugh out loud

  • Jacco van Schaik
    Jacco van Schaik Year ago

    That must have been so much work. Awesome stuff!

  • Jon Baxter
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    I miss Dawes, hope he comes back in last series.

    • deaddropsd1972
      deaddropsd1972 Year ago

      I was trying to recall if he died or not !!

    • Somebody
      Somebody Year ago

      @Jon Baxter how important is he in book 6? I think it's more about his schedule than price.

    • Theo Turner
      Theo Turner Year ago

      @Jon Baxter I agree, he should return, but the show's budget may have other ideas.

    • Jon Baxter
      Jon Baxter Year ago

      @Theo Turner But Dawes was so fucking cool. Plus he shows up in the 6th book some

    • Theo Turner
      Theo Turner Year ago +2

      The actor's salary has probably just become too high. He is a big star now.

  • wordseater
    wordseater Year ago +1

    Great video, you're awesome.
    I love the show, sometimes it's even better than the books. But the book Nemesis Games is *a lot* better than the show, imo.

  • El Kanto
    El Kanto Year ago

    Have I missed something or is Earth's death toll significantly lower in the show? From what I can remember they just talked about how millions (seven digits) died. Marco's attack gains a lot more weight if it actually cost billions of lives.

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  Year ago +1

      Yeah they only say "millions" died in Season 5. But maybe the billions will die later in Season 6 -- in the books, many of the deaths come from the long term aftermath of the attack, not the immediate impacts.

  • Celan
    Celan Year ago +27

    The book sounds so much more awesome than season 5 of the show, which kind of dragged. Bobbie riding a missile? Holy shit!

    • Frank Spencer
      Frank Spencer Year ago

      @Christopher Willis Spore also (on the wiki) wrote "books" like how the Expanse all started (in a web chat)
      It was luck that brought Expanse to this place but also perseverance as after the webchat they continued writing. Whilst, with our group, we just sort of stopped.

    • Christopher Willis
      Christopher Willis Year ago

      This thread has had me thinking about how the evolution of the books and the show kind of reminds me of Spore and the phases and order of magnitude difference in concerns. Or maybe more like One Punch, where every season is one more tier up the threat ladder. I mean, of course, that is how all long term things go, always gotta be raising the stakes. But some people are going to like different parts of that for different reasons.
      My friend always talked about how MOST people hate the later seasons of Buffy, but those are her favorite because they are a big, hot mess. Anyway, nothing to add per say, just had me thinking all day today about how and what it is I enjoy about the sci fi I consume :D

    • Joseph De-haan
      Joseph De-haan Year ago

      Nemesis Games is one of my 3 favourite of the series.

    • Lance Everett
      Lance Everett Year ago +3

      Yeah, I think both show and book have their merits, but the whole season I was like "When is Bobby going to ride a missile?" - Although Frankie Adams is awesome bringing Bobby to life; the books had Bobby doing a lot more (imo)

    • Christopher Willis
      Christopher Willis Year ago +5

      Book 5 felt a little more like old, deep sci fi. It forces you to dwell and really think about the colossal powers at play here, humans just killed billions of each other, evil gods like beings are awakening, and a power vacuum looks to snuff the flame of humanity right out...and told through the lens of characters we know and only kinda know.

    LEThavFUNnSMILE Year ago

    Great video like always and thank you for the insight

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    Thank you for your work, it's really appreciated :)

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    Can you do a series on actual spoilers for the next season ? Maybe explain a few things ?

  • Drelam
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    I really like Alex's character hell my name is Alex it's a shame he had to go, but thank god it wasn't the Amos actor I don't know how I'd handle the show with Amos gone or even worse if it was Holden's actor.

  • Jason S
    Jason S Year ago

    I would have preferred they go with the book version of Monica. IMO there wasn't enough about the alien technology in this season. Two scenes is very little.
    They also shouldn't have killed Fred Johnson, but I know why they did. Since Drummer is a mashup character, if Fred was alive, she would have opposed Marco the whole time and there wouldn't have been the Belter perspective on whether to ally with him or not. In the books, one character can stay with Fred and the other can do what Drummer did in the show.

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    You are the Best show/movie explainer. And your videos are quality productions. Thank you Alt Shift X, HUZZAH!!!!

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    Great analysis of book 5 👍

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    I wished they just recast Alex (the show had no problem recasting Asverala's husband), kept Fred alive (until he was supposedto die), focused more on the 4 main characters instead of drummer and bull, showed the reporter lady researching the missing ships instead of wasting time on Drummer's love life and showed Bobbie being the true badass that she is riding a missile. They changed so much from the books that I am starting not to recognize it. It doesn't help that the next book sucks.

    • Richard Ott
      Richard Ott Year ago

      That recasting idea would not go down well with the woke mob. They fail to understand that an actor and the role he plays are two separate things.

  • Kallen kannu
    Kallen kannu Year ago +1

    One major change is also the impact of the rocks hitting earth. The show only mentioned millions dead, the book had billions. Though this might change next year if they explore the catastrophe more.

    • Termitreter
      Termitreter Year ago +1

      Yeh, in the show they say something like "about 1.2 or 2 millions dead, much more expected". So it really confused me when this video and people in the comments talk about bilions of dead; and the wiki goes as far as to say that the planet is devastated, with most of humanity on earth killed. The pictures they show also look more like the equivalent of a large nuclear strike, similar to the martian nuke, rather than a world ending event.
      Really makes me wonder what they're going to do with that. The show paints a very different picture.

  • Jacob Staten
    Jacob Staten Year ago

    Marco didn't even deserve a whole season to himself. They should have compressed this stuff and made more room for the following books. They have a lot of more interesting stuff to cover and only one season to do it in.

  • Berserk___ _
    Berserk___ _ Year ago

    This season was probably the weakest imo. Watching Naomi's arc was painfully boring to experience. Alot of the storylines in this season felt stretched out and then we are rewarded with the random death of one of the best characters in this story...

  • Teo Carnaghi
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    I Watched the entire series with my family only because of this videos!!

  • Grumpy Old Man
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    To me, this is where the series starts to die. I miss the group being together. Once miller is gone and the people don’t interact with each other its just not as fun.

  • 4393kb
    4393kb Year ago

    You forgot to mention that in the series the "Apocalypse" killed only a few million people and the nature is alright (except in the blast zones).

  • Scott Re
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    Thank you for the service you provide to fans.

  • Héctor Cossio
    Héctor Cossio Year ago

    Cas Anvar was fired over a harassment complaint. I find it interesting it's rarely mentioned on videos such this one.

  • Scott Mantooth
    Scott Mantooth Year ago

    1:16 *scary enough to want to look inside my own head let alone that of someone else's who had so much suppressed, dysfunctional emotional trauma looking for reasons to leap out from behind the shrubbery just left of the lesser used synapse and become overly hostile*

  • mrdynamitehee
    mrdynamitehee Year ago +3

    maybe they were just following the books but i've been willing myself to keep liking this show for the past two seasons. it feels like all we've done this season is watch Naomi struggle to escape from one ship or another, Drummer struggle with her angst and Bobbie and Alex sit and look at screens in the razorback. it does't feel exciting anymore.

    • LicoriceLain
      LicoriceLain Year ago +1

      @Ealdy The alien stuff in four wasn't that interesting. :/ The political stuff is the backbone of the show (fitting for a series compared to ASOIAF).

    • mrdynamitehee
      mrdynamitehee Year ago

      @Fangtorn yeah. things that are 'meant to be repetitive' don't become more exciting - or even interesting - to watch because repetition was the intention. And, you're right, anyone can think what they like. To me, citing boring, long repetitive sequences to prove how 'exciting' the show has become compared to before seems pretty dumb and fanboyishly unaware to me.

    • Ealdy
      Ealdy Year ago

      I feel the same way but not because nothing happens. A lot happens, it just feels like filler. Teasing us with alien stuff for many seasons then going back to solar system politics is jarring.

    • Fangtorn
      Fangtorn Year ago +1

      @mrdynamitehee Um, Alex failed to reconcile with his ex, helped Bobbie uncover a Martian conspiracy, warned Holden Marco had Martian ships, boarded and destroyed a Belter ship, and died saving Naomi. If that's contributing little as a character I think you have a pretty unfair standard. As for Naomi, her actions on the Chetzemoka are meant to be repetitive to communicate how desperate and gruelling her struggle is and her own determination. I don't know, you can think what you like but your complaints seem pretty silly to me.

    • mrdynamitehee
      mrdynamitehee Year ago

      @Fangtorn Mm. I spent more than ten minutes in ep 8 alone watching Naomi test every single wire on her ship to see which one was transmitting the false message. That’s it. That really doesn’t feel like any sort of ‘insane’ pace at all. Alex has contributed so little as a character I honestly get surprised when we cut back to him, unmoved, still staring at the razorback screen, still waiting for something to happen. It’s a little ironic the show got worse with more money from Amazon. It’s not a bad show at all, per se. But, given what came before in seasons 1-3, I won’t miss it as I once might have when it finishes next season.

  • Colin Grealy
    Colin Grealy Year ago +46

    I can't believe they left out my single favourite Avasarala line in the entire series. After she tells Holden they're going after Inaros, he (typically) assumes he'll be in charge.
    "You want me to lead it," Holden said.
    "Yes," Avasarala said, "because literally every UN naval officer who wasn't dishonorably discharged is suddenly unavailable. For fuck's sake, Holden, I have crates of anti-herpes drugs that are more legitimately UN Navy than you are."

  • Scurvy McChisel
    Scurvy McChisel Year ago

    The reason Cas Anvar (Alex) isn't returning and had his character killed off is because of allegations of sexual misconduct, an internal investigation was ordered and a private investigator hired to look into the matter. A thing of note is that the allegations and subsequent investigation came after principal filming meaning that Alex's death was likely a change made after the conclusion of the investigation, however no official comment has been made on the topic by all parties involved.

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    X's videos on GoT and now The Expanse are the absolute best!!

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    Honestly I didn't catch the death of Alex in the TV show until people started talking about it.