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She-Hulk is the Worst Marvel Pilot EVER! (Episode Review)

  • Published on Aug 17, 2022
  • I tried to like this show, honestly I did. As a big fan of courtroom shenanigans and shows like Harvey Birdman, I thought a court show in the Marvel universe could be both fun and funny. Unfortunately, this writer's room full of dummies overloaded the show with lazy politics and destroyed what could have been a classic.
    Maybe it'll get better? Doubt it.
    This is Vito's review of She-Hulk Episode 1.
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    She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is an American superhero streaming television series created by Jessica Gao for the streaming service Disney+, based on the Marvel Comics character She-Hulk. It is the eighth television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) produced by Marvel Studios, sharing continuity with the films of the franchise. It follows Jennifer Walters, a lawyer specializing in cases involving superhumans, who also becomes the green superhero She-Hulk. Gao serves as head writer with Kat Coiro leading the directing team.
    Tatiana Maslany stars as Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk, alongside Jameela Jamil, Ginger Gonzaga, and Mark Ruffalo.
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Comments • 1 239

  • Vito
    Vito  Month ago +54

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    • Yoda
      Yoda  Month ago

      I'm still waiting for any BCS vibes.... I was promised this show draws from BCS

    • the clogged toilet
      the clogged toilet Month ago


    • Skilled Artist
      Skilled Artist Month ago

      @John Strawb it doesn’t matter; people will point out that murderers , rapist and child predators are mostly men. And it doesn’t matter how fringe or few you say people like this are. I think y’all should just let it go and give it up. Everything will work out eventually.

    • John Strawb
      John Strawb Month ago

      @Vito What problems? Women in the West fare better than men in nearly every area relevant to well-being, from longevity to health, health care spending even after accounting for maternal and reproductive care, education (women in the US are 50% more likely to go to college than men), homelessness, alcoholism, violent crime victimization, suicide, favoritism in the criminal justice system, drug addiction, even income now among childless men and women 20 to 40 years of age.

  • arshad kapadi
    arshad kapadi Month ago +125

    Just imagine whining about disadvantages of being a woman, to a guy who chose to stay marooned to any social life all of his adult life, Who chose to give up his true love, his career, where the whole government is chasing after him,
    Also her giving him lecture of her being a lawyer prioritizes over super hero, to a guy who has 6 phds and chose to work as blue collar worker for greater good. Just imagine how condescending it feels.
    I mean this man literally gave up his life for greater good and is made a complete joke by a woke woman saying that being super hero is not her speciality.
    I will tell what conclusion of the series will be "She will accept her being a Super hero but in her own awesomest way which will be better than other Hulk"

    • A Kanji
      A Kanji Month ago +2

      Don’t forget the love of his life sacrificed herself to save the universe and he didn’t even get to say goodbye to her

    • CMCAdvanced
      CMCAdvanced Month ago

      Hrr hrr don't think about it dud

    • Darren Gordon-Hill
      Darren Gordon-Hill Month ago

      Dude.. imagine if Hitler was a woman???
      "Nobody started a world war when Hitler did it"

    • Michael Wills
      Michael Wills Month ago +2

      “What’s a hulk?” -the writers, obviously

    • Luc Germain
      Luc Germain Month ago +9

      Never fails to amaze me how women here in the west, the most gynocentric society there is, whine about having a hard life when they basically get everything served on a silver platter. Would love these women to live just one day as a man. They would have a nervous breakdown 😂😂

  • Mellow Geek Studio
    Mellow Geek Studio Month ago +395

    The best scene, which portraits perfectly the mindset of the writers and the target audience for this show, was the bar's bathroom scene. A bunch of women at ladies' night see a woman who had just suffered a car crash and their way of helping her is to assume she was beaten by her partner, then they give her new clothes and makeup, cause that's what was the most important thing at the moment, for her to look good. It really speaks to the superficiality of the whole thing. At least they had the afterthought of correcting the pronoun assumption of evil imaginary partner.

    • Nick V
      Nick V Month ago

      @Tayvo Well, one was using such a creepy tone it was like the director told him “No, creepier! Like a male feminist alone with a woman!”; the other two were acting like guys trying to see if this woman who looks like a she got mugged then had a crappy quick makeover done, while she acts all twitchy and starts wandering off towards the dark deserted night, needs help. If you see any video of EMTs or mental health workers approaching someone disheveled and acting like that, you’ll hear them repeat “Hello.”, “Are you with someone?”, “How are you doing?”, “Where are you heading?”, just like those two.

    • Gen ♡
      Gen ♡ Month ago

      @A Pimp Named SlickBack the women literally asked if he, she, or they did this to her 🤡 they literally did not assume it was a guy.

    • Eric Boucher
      Eric Boucher Month ago +1

      @rafael m I would argue that as a “white cis male” I am the target audience. I am the target of the writers blame, ridicule, and hatred.

    • Hector Berrios
      Hector Berrios Month ago

      @Tayvo the director missed were possibly 90% of the group interested in comics are men.

    • Mellow Geek Studio
      Mellow Geek Studio Month ago +1

      @Remus 42 Exactly!! Lol. Trash writing 101.

  • Joe Neutrino
    Joe Neutrino Month ago +109

    Only people as privileged as the writers of this show could possibly believe themselves to be this oppressed.

    • Joe Dirt
      Joe Dirt Month ago

      @Proto Rhinocerator
      So true and many of those 20 something's just Never see it coming until it was too late. Shoot, I remember some hit the wall before our first high school reunion

    • Proto Rhinocerator
      Proto Rhinocerator Month ago

      @Joe Dirt The Wall is undefeated, and takes no prisoners.

    • Joe Dirt
      Joe Dirt Month ago +1

      @Proto Rhinocerator
      When nobody is interested in cat calling them, they will be even more but hurt. All you ladies will hit the wall, some of you way before you expect to...trust me 30 is very hard on many of you gals...you will miss it when you lose it...

    • Proto Rhinocerator
      Proto Rhinocerator Month ago +4

      We can all sympathize with Jen being cat-called.
      After all, we all live in Brooklyn next to a construction site in 1934.

  • DIDAmnesia
    DIDAmnesia Month ago +51

    Women: I'm scared men might kill me!
    Men: me too!
    Women: that's because you aren't a real man

  • Cormoran
    Cormoran Month ago +131

    This was basically 'feminist grievances' the show.
    I near turned it off the moment you did, it doesn't get better, there's an action scene at the end that's about on par with the young Leia Alderaan chase scene in Obi-Wan.
    And sorry Vito, the courtroom part won't get better, Gao herself admitted in a recent interview that not a single writer in the writers room had clue one of how to write a courtroom drama.

    • josh gaming/vlogs
      josh gaming/vlogs Month ago +5

      It’s hilarious to think that a woman Director and a bunch of women writers refused to seek help from anyone that understood any basics of court room law. Just goes to show the mindset of the people behind the show

    • Empire Toy Shop
      Empire Toy Shop Month ago +12

      The MCU is quickly becoming as incompetent as Star Wars. There are so many compelling law shows. It’s baffling that Feige wouldn’t hire writers from Boston Legal or Law & Order.

    • Silverslate
      Silverslate Month ago +20

      *No one in the writing team knows how to write a literal entire half of She-Hulk's identity*
      Oh man, it's like they wanted it to fail from the word go.

  • AliRadicali
    AliRadicali Month ago +39

    To me the saddest thing about this show is that everyone knew exactly how they'd fuck it up, but the brain trust at Disney went ahead and fucked it up anyway, in exactly the ways you'd expect.
    They even had the comics to guide them and they went with the humourless feminist power fantasy over the sassy 4th wall breaking lawyer lady who had sales and was enjoyed by male readers as well.

  • Kimberly Old School
    Kimberly Old School Month ago +151

    I’m a female subscriber of yours and this sounds like the most tedious, lazy writing possible. If it’s supposed to be a comedy, the writing has to be funny, and if we’re supposed to care about this character, they need to have flaws and room for growth. Doesn’t sound like either is the case here.

    • Doctor Von Doom
      Doctor Von Doom Month ago

      The show is great this dude just wants them views….

    • David Garcia
      David Garcia Month ago +2

      To every shill asking if she watched it, I’ve seen it and she hit the nail right on the head.

    • Marshmallow Crusher
      Marshmallow Crusher Month ago

      What? That's not why they send him out, it was because her speech was very good and he tryd to bring her down

    • bunniesonfire1
      bunniesonfire1 Month ago +3

      Why don’t you try watching it!😳

  • John Mavros
    John Mavros Month ago +121

    Obviously Marvel is trying to prove Nerdrotic right, maybe even taking his critique and mining it for ideas? lol

  • AscendantStoic
    AscendantStoic Month ago +177

    A "comedic" law-focused show written by a bunch of insufferable feminist writers who admit they don't know how to write court room dramas (and apparently can't write comedy either) ... what could go wrong!!!?, there is no comparison between this garbage and the John Byrne She-Hulk comics which were actually funny and entertaining.

    • Proto Rhinocerator
      Proto Rhinocerator Month ago +2

      If they actually gave half a crap about She-Hulk, they would have gotten John Byrne as head writer.

    • Animezilla 44
      Animezilla 44 Month ago +1

      @AscendantStoic I have read the comics and I can tell you except for her origin she's kind of accurate to her comic book counterpart remember in the comics she's a fun loving character that enjoys being the Hulk while in the show she doesn't have a problem being a Hulk she doesn't want to be a superhero which that could work as a character development story arc but the problem is people are too much worry about the politics and the wokeness not to mention there's not really that much love for Disney nowadays which is understandable but at the same time can't cloud people's judgment on what is good or bad from Disney

    • AscendantStoic
      AscendantStoic Month ago +11

      @Animezilla 44 Well, it seems to me you haven't read the comics, maybe go do so, then you will have a point of reference for how bad the show is in comparison.

    • Animezilla 44
      Animezilla 44 Month ago +1

      I disagree with you completely the show is not as bad as people make it out to be sure I have a problem with some of the writing and dialogue but other than that she was enjoyable character

  • Jesse
    Jesse Month ago +27

    "I know how to control my anger because im a woman" ....I don't even have words for how easily disprovable with 2 braincells, and hilarious that statement is. xD This whole show has an undertone of female rage..Also, if she had that much control, shouldn't she not worry about being she hulk? I mean if shes got such perfect control, the entire show doesn't even have to exist.

    • Jojo490
      Jojo490 Month ago

      @Michael Wills no, that's people who can't control their violence. I work in fast food, while not common, we receive our fair share of angry people

    • Michael Wills
      Michael Wills Month ago

      @Jojo490 people that can’t control their anger typically wind up in jail

    • Jojo490
      Jojo490 Month ago +2

      Anyone can be quick to anger, saying you aren't is such bull.

  • ViciousSephiroth
    ViciousSephiroth Month ago +599

    They will just say "it's not for you!" Then complain the numbers are bad, and ask why men aren't watching it, or say men are sexist and that's why they don't watch it.

    • Jeremiah Orr
      Jeremiah Orr 6 days ago +1

      I don’t understand those people like we watched Jessica Jones

    • Aj Lee
      Aj Lee 17 days ago +1

      I have never cat called anyone. Its not like that in itself made women like me. If your ugly it doesnt matter how you interact

    • The Chuck Jose Channel.
      The Chuck Jose Channel. Month ago

      Basically the Ghostbusters 2016 strategy summed up at this point. Its getting old.

  • DiscoFOOT
    DiscoFOOT Month ago +62

    I agree with you 100%. Especially the way the first scene begins where her friend is all like, "That was awesome, Jen!" And while the guy gives his input, they kick him out the room because he's a guy.
    Just the way she keeps 1up'ing Bruce at being a Hulk. I also agree that it feels like feminist writing, which in turns makes She Hulk the biggest Mary Sue of the MCU. Because everything is literally going her way, the universe is bending to her will.

    • Unlucky Gamer
      Unlucky Gamer Month ago

      @Ron Hathorne that’s the thing you are not giving it a chance. If you give the video a watch you will see all of the problems. It’s not that she’s better than him there are so many things that explain why people don’t like it. Watch it if you actually want to see why people are angry instead of making generalisations

    • Ron Hathorne
      Ron Hathorne Month ago

      @F1rst World NomaD Tony Stark STARTED as a handsome, charismatic, billionaire, super-genius that everyone loves despite also being a drunk, womanizing jerk, that got rich off of war profiteering.
      Is he a Mary Sue?
      We’re literally 1 episode in, we have yet to see what struggles Jen will face. This series is also meant as a light-hearted comedy, like the comics. Don’t expect a lot of deep angsty stuff
      I get the feeling a lot of commenters just enjoy going off on how “females” ruin their lives, and She-Hulk is just the most recent example

    • Ron Hathorne
      Ron Hathorne Month ago

      @Unlucky Gamer that guys stuff always seems to be pissed off because a female character exists, and isn’t just eye candy.
      Absolutely god forbid a woman might be better than a man at something, must be some “evil agenda.”
      Hard pass

    • Unlucky Gamer
      Unlucky Gamer Month ago

      @PJ Spitzer you need to watch disparu’s video

    • PJ Spitzer
      PJ Spitzer Month ago +1

      @Unlucky GamerRemember that the Gamma blood effects both of them differently because of their genetics.
      And remember we are only 30 minutes into a 4.5 hour show. We have so much more time for her to make mistakes like characters should.

  • Jacob Steinzeig
    Jacob Steinzeig Month ago +90

    There’s nothing to like about her character
    First of all she’s good of everything. Her blood is better with gamma. She can instantly switch forms, something hulk can’t even do. She is better at controlling her anger because she’s a women. What? She insults hulk for having no friends or relationship even though she knows most of his friends and Natasha are gone. She then gives the worst apology ever to him.
    And she insults Steve Rogers and Bruce who is just trying to help him.
    Really, what is there to like about her? She has no struggles except the difficulty of being a woman. And she insults the characters we know.

    • YUP
      YUP Month ago

      @Ron Hathorne 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Jacob Steinzeig
      Jacob Steinzeig Month ago +1

      @Ron Hathorne it’s fine if she can control her anger and transformations, like in the comics. But the shows reasoning is just because of the hardships of being a woman. That’s that woke agenda storytelling right there, so I don’t know what your talking about

    • Darth Caliginous
      Darth Caliginous Month ago +1

      Well the switching forms and controlled anger comes from the comics but if they say because shes a woman is stupid

    • Jay Hatfield
      Jay Hatfield Month ago +2

      @DomX7Zero I think the difference between people getting upset about her insulting the other heroes is that she isn’t one. Tony can roast Cap, Strange can roast Tony, and Tony can roast everyone all the do-da-day because they’re not only members of the same team, but they’ve all made massive sacrifices for the benefit of the common man.
      Here we have a common man (or woman, in this case) spitting in the face of not only heroes she’s never met, but insulting her own cousin for being lonely while knowing full well that the majority of his friends died defending her from an apocalyptic level event. It just comes off as astronomically selfish and boneheaded for her to act like that in the first episode and it’s extremely unlikable.

    • Ron Hathorne
      Ron Hathorne Month ago

      The things you mentioned in your 2nd paragraph are all comics accurate as far as controlling her transformations, that isn’t some woke agenda🤷🏾‍♂️
      She’s the kind of person the expresses anger as sarcasm, it’s a flaw
      Same way Tony Stark was a drunk, womanizing jerk,made rich off war profiteering, yet everyone loved him (he was also a handsome, charismatic, billionaire, super-genius. Does that make him a Mary Sue?)
      Same way Stephen Strange was a snobby,elitist,prick before his accident. He outclassed Wong,and Mordo despite their years of experience, to become SorcererSupreme (woke BS!! Burn down the MCU!)
      We are ONE episode in so far. Is it possible that Jen blowing off her cousin’s advice could come back to bite her in the ass, setting up future plot points? That he character could then learn from and grow?
      Nah! Woke Marvel just hates men, that’s it!

  • Hello
    Hello Month ago +84

    I'm a woman and I hate this sort of pandering rubbish. I'm average looking so I've never been catcalled, I'd probably take it as a compliment to be honest. The only times in my life that I've experienced sexist comments is from older female family members who think we're still in the 1950's, not random men.

    • Duncan Dickenbals
      Duncan Dickenbals Month ago +1

      @Joky Bones they wouldn’t need elevation if they were treated equally lol

    • Joky Bones
      Joky Bones Month ago +1

      @Stephen Shoihet yes i know that... But sometimes it's for elevating women rather being equal...

    • Stephen Shoihet
      Stephen Shoihet Month ago +2

      @Joky Bones if it does then it's not feminism because feminism is just about equality and not about expectations.

    • Joky Bones
      Joky Bones Month ago +1

      Idk maybe I'm mistaken but i think feminism puts pressure on other women rather than helping them.

  • Alexander McCabe
    Alexander McCabe Month ago +21

    she hulk could have been a great show if they leaned into what made the character fun in the comics more than making it a girl boss show in the MCU

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name Month ago +22

    Remember when Natalie Portman just started touching Thor's body in his first movie in their literal first interaction? How would it of looked if he just broke her arm for that or popped her one in the face?

    • Joshua Edwards
      Joshua Edwards Month ago +5

      Hilarious is what it would have been. Cuz what the main character and She-Hulk gets away with men would never be able to get away with that

  • Edgar Friendly's Civics Teacher

    "I'm sure there's women that walk around fearing they'll be murdered by men" well yes, there's lots of people walking around with unmanaged anxiety disorders.

    • Amazingsloth
      Amazingsloth Month ago +5

      It's telling that the first thing the 'women' in the bathroom say is 'WHO did this to you?' 'Where is HE?' ..

  • Pip Jim
    Pip Jim Month ago +33

    I think you nailed it when you said “I’m not having fun!” Regardless of whether it’s right or wrong to push these typical feminist tropes it just ain’t fun to watch! People will vote with their feet. I personally won’t be tuning in because I don’t find it enjoyable, it’s tiring simple as that

    • Pip Jim
      Pip Jim Month ago

      @DomX7Zero but they are using typical feminist tropes, that’s just a fact, there are lots of examples just from the trailer alone and Vito highlights a couple more in his video. Whether that’s good or bad depends on how you feel about it. You assumed my comment was pushing some “conspiracy theory” about it, not sure where you got that from, I was just saying it’s not for me. Good day to you also.

    • Tayvo
      Tayvo Month ago +8

      @DomX7Zero yeah your ruining your own argument by not even having knowledge on the character, you don't believe this is the "MSheU" and the "feminists tropes" but yet they changed She hulks origin to fit today's feminists, originally Jennifer was dying and Bruce gave his blood to save her but now she saves THE HULK from a car crash and his blood gets into her, and throughout the entire promo for this showed her being better than hulk, and the director even said herself "if you're a man, your not going to like this show" and their even changing the name of the X-Men to "the mutants" because it's "out dated there are women on the team" like you can't be this delusional

    • Pip Jim
      Pip Jim Month ago +5

      @DomX7Zero you’re missing the point. It’s not fun, simple as that. Whatever it is or isn’t. I don’t have an ‘argument’ to ruin. It’s shite. If you like it good for you

  • Swampy24945
    Swampy24945 Month ago +14

    4:30 She turns into She-Hulk when the men at the bar start harrassing her, but she doesn't beat them up. Hulk clearly tackles her before she can hurt them, I dunno how you missed that. That's why she wakes up in Mexico in Bruce's place after that scene.

  • Hatuletoh
    Hatuletoh Month ago +79

    You thought this show was going to be good? Apparently you didn't hear the interviews with the writers and director. They told you that this show was going to be nothing but the most bitter, rote, misandrist power fantasies. This is why we complain about the so called "woke" media: it's humorless, it's clichéd, and worst of all for, it's fucking boring, because the people who produce crap it out on screen don't think they need to tell an entertaining story. Once they've beaten their viewers over the head with The Message they pat themselves on the back, declare their jobs well-done, and leave the narrative to flounder along for six or eight episodes. Maybe one day this will change but so far, without exception, "woke" = terrible story and overall sub-par show.

    • Crazy Manwich
      Crazy Manwich Month ago

      @CMCAdvanced you probably don’t even know what subjective means

    • CMCAdvanced
      CMCAdvanced Month ago

      @Crazy Manwich hot is subjective to nut jobs, don't be one of those guys

    • Crazy Manwich
      Crazy Manwich Month ago

      @CMCAdvanced - hot is subjective first off and that is three out of a couple of dozen. That hardly supports his comment.

    • CMCAdvanced
      CMCAdvanced Month ago

      @Crazy Manwich captain marvel, Ms marvel, Kate Bishop

  • ToonamiT0M
    ToonamiT0M Month ago +15

    I was hopeful for this show. I expect some of the "you go girl" stuff, but it was so heavy handed and shoved down your throat it made watching it unbearable, and I watch The Flash on the CW.
    That's not even getting into how much they shit on Bruce.
    There are good ways to incorporate a social message into your show. This is not it.
    I'll give episode 2 a try, but if it doesn't drastically fix these writing issues I'll just stop.

    • Nebadon Adams
      Nebadon Adams Month ago +2

      I touched the burner on the stove - it was hot and I got burned...maybe I'll touch it again just to make sure being burned is a bad experience...🙃

  • Marcus Milligan
    Marcus Milligan Month ago +8

    Did you forget the fact that Hulk stopped her from attacking them he dove in and took her away before she could hurt anybody

  • Mark Oakley
    Mark Oakley Month ago +60

    I would have checked out at the cliche bar scene.
    I remember a severe introvert once recommended a book to me. I bought it and read it. It was terrible. In the book, 'truckers' were automatically bad people because... men who drive trucks are... huh?
    That same introvert preferred to buy electronics at twice the price from big department stores rather than get the same products at half the price from street side electronics shops on main street. Because main street is scary.
    Some people live such sheltered lives that they project cartoonish fears into the ether and organize their lives according to make-believe demons. Don't let those people write popular TV.

    • Ron Hathorne
      Ron Hathorne Month ago

      Your last paragraph, describes most people that comment on videos like this, often on both sides of the issue

    • Michael Wills
      Michael Wills Month ago +1

      @Mark Oakley introvert here too but totally get where you’re going with it. I think it’s possible to be extrovert and still be a psychologically sheltered tool, but either way the result is the same

    • josh gaming/vlogs
      josh gaming/vlogs Month ago +2

      You don’t need a friend like that she blatantly had you read propaganda and lives the most saddest frightened life anyone could live don’t waste your time on her move on and find better friends

    • Mark Oakley
      Mark Oakley Month ago +10

      @CoryTheRaven Yeah, some of the best people I know are introverts. I shouldn't be disparaging half the human race. I apologize. The worst people just take their natural cards dealt and express them negatively. Extroverts can be immensely tiresome as well.

    • CoryTheRaven
      CoryTheRaven Month ago +15

      As an introvert, we're not all like that.

  • C0R3
    C0R3 Month ago +4

    I think this first episode was pretty mediocre.
    A lot of serious scenes (the car crash, most of Bruce’s scenes…) were undermined by poorly timed jokes and comedic moments, taking away the seriousness of the situation.
    Hopefully this does not set the tone for future episodes…

  • Jonas
    Jonas Month ago +64

    I went into it open minded and I was still kinda bothered by how cocky and obnoxious the main character is, so far.
    In the first origin story, Bruce is forced to save her via a blood transfusion.
    I guess they couldn't show anything like that in this show because the main character is apparently always right and can't be shown as being vulnerable?
    And her having a total grasp over her powers in a span of just a few days, is baffling.
    Meanwhile Bruce had to deal with doing the same for more than a decade.

    • Ron Hathorne
      Ron Hathorne Month ago

      @Jonas She-Hulk is clearly meant as a much more light-hearted character. We’ve only had one episode so far, we don’t what her struggles will be

    • Jonas
      Jonas Month ago

      @Ron Hathorne
      All of those characters your mentioned actually had to struggle, sacrifice and made many mistakes on their journey to becoming heroes.
      Their behaviour is what gets them in dire situations.
      Regardless of what you think of their shows, we even see Even Kate bishop and Kamala Harris go through the same struggle to an extent.
      She-hulk just succeeds.

    • Ron Hathorne
      Ron Hathorne Month ago

      Obnoxious characters learning to be a hero, is the Marvel playbook.
      Tony Stark: drunk, womanizing jerk
      Dr Strange: elitist, snobby, prick
      Thor: banished for his hubris
      Marvel characters are flawed in order to have an arc

    • Zeus The Boerboel
      Zeus The Boerboel Month ago

      @never again care to explain

  • Corn_Pop
    Corn_Pop Month ago +26

    If you want to watch a good lawyer-based Marvel show, just watch Daredevil. It’s FAR superior compared to this dumpster fire.

    • Another Happy Landing
      Another Happy Landing Month ago +1

      @Yttopic shows how low the bar has fallen that people think this is good, such a stark contrast between this and better call saul in quality its staggering

    • Yttopic
      Yttopic Month ago +1

      Glad we had Better call saul this year

    • zrsous88
      zrsous88 Month ago

      Damn wrong. Loved the show so far. So many insecure people in these comments.

    • Stormzie XD
      Stormzie XD Month ago

      damn right

  • Bradley Miller
    Bradley Miller Month ago +10

    It's amazing you still listen to critics at all. Get with the times, only the audience is honest

    • Kyrese Disney
      Kyrese Disney Month ago

      The audience score right now isnt even terrible. It's just. Okay

  • Oliver Crespo
    Oliver Crespo Month ago +24

    Just finished watching it, it is unbelievable that I was cringing for 28 minutes and 18 seconds straight. My face actually hurts.
    -unfunny “jokes”
    -tearing down past characters
    -obligatory creepy guys at bar scene
    -obligatory explains to audience why men are bad to a man (womansplaining)
    -fast tracking a plot because the show is only slotted for 6 30 min episodes
    -Daredevil is in this please kill me now.

    • DSTREET45
      DSTREET45 Month ago

      @Oliver Crespo Hulk spent most of his screen time messing with Jen as much as she messed with him. He's shown to be far stronger than she was when he actually tried, and he was portrayed in a serious light when talking about the nature of having powers, being a hero, and even when talking about his friendship with Tony.

    • Oliver Crespo
      Oliver Crespo Month ago +2

      @DSTREET45 hulk bro. Hulk.

    • DSTREET45
      DSTREET45 Month ago

      Which past characters were torn down? Steve just gets an overused virgin joke but that's it and Tony is remembered fondly.

  • Arya816
    Arya816 Month ago +107

    So fun having yet another director / writer using a TV show as a vehicle to push their idiotic thoughts, ideas and beliefs about the world on casual viewers even when they're clearly not based in reality.

    • Jemazondo 93
      Jemazondo 93 Month ago

      @Lloyd Kenton "It's awfully written and rushing through character development"
      You are 100% correct on that but everything else is nonsense.
      The main character in this thing makes fun of how Cap America might've been a virgin.
      How is that not man fisted??
      The most manly, Patriotic character gets belittled because of his implied lack of sexual prowess....
      This show is jam packed with social/political ideology. Sadly, those that push it and support it only ruin their cause by being coy and shrugging their shoulders acting as if they didn't inject politics into their works...

    • Zeus The Boerboel
      Zeus The Boerboel Month ago

      @Lloyd Kenton according to the original comment, she hulk is a way for the writers and directors to push their idiotic thoughts and agendas. According to you, that’s every entertainment/art/movie ever made. So, that must mean shows like Daredevil, The wire, Justified have been used to push idiotic thoughts and beliefs to the masses.

    • Lloyd Kenton
      Lloyd Kenton Month ago

      @Jemazondo 93 This first episode literally has no ham fisted feminism in it. The main transformation of She-Hulk is her breasts get bigger and she she couldn't possibly ruin her shoes because "women love shoes, wink".
      If you think her talking about how differently she experiences anger is ham fisted feminism then you simply don't understand reality for women. I feel genuinely sorry for any you know in life if you deny that women are constantly in danger and talked over.
      That's the only thing I can summise from this reviewer and yours opinion, as its as close to "feminism" as the show gets. But it isn't really, it's just pointing out an unfortunate fact in everyday life.
      The show is fucking dreadful, but thinking its shoving femism down your throat is a sad, fragile excuse.
      It's awfully written and rushing through character development because Marvel stopped grounding their characters with any depth a long time ago in service of "LOL, superheros are dumb ey?"
      This reviewer and the likes of you just hate women as protagonists but don't have the balls to outright say it. 🤣
      Be better than Marvel, at least show some conviction!

  • Garrett Owens
    Garrett Owens Month ago +41

    I agree with all the points you made here. I just wish that super hero movies/shows can be about superheroes in the real world fighting off other worldly beings with real world themes. Now, it just feels like superhero movies are just superheroes defending themselves against human problems, not superhero problems.

    • Save State Society
      Save State Society Month ago

      DC did that and was laughed at because their movies weren't funny enough. Marvel fans and the MCU are getting what they deserve

    • Luis Fernando
      Luis Fernando Month ago

      I mean, superheroes dealing with human problems is what made Marvel famous. Watch Stan Lee talking about why spiderman is so popular

    • Denzy
      Denzy Month ago

      Do you read comics?

    • Black Arrow
      Black Arrow Month ago +1

      @Kyrese Disney Yeah, because a woman being randomly murdered EVERY TIME they get mad at a guy (6:52) is TOTALLY a real human problem.

    • Kyrese Disney
      Kyrese Disney Month ago

      Superheroes are also- guess what? PEOPLE with humans feelings. Iron Man and Spiderman wouldn't be nearly as interesting in the movies OR comics without dealing with human problems

  • Steve-O Grump
    Steve-O Grump Month ago +45

    Literally, the first episode is a comment on men being shit or her being instantly better than Hulk... who I'd like to remind her SAVED THE UNIVERSE, every other minute. After Endgame, it's really deflating. She's the figurehead for people being utterly ungrateful for the sacrifices the Avengers and other heroes made. She's a horrible person and if this is what women are meant to look up to... then God help them. This is garbage.

    • 88lotus
      88lotus Month ago +1

      Take a deep breath. Did you watch the show? If so can you point out specific scenes that have you sniffling like a baby right now

    • Ron Hathorne
      Ron Hathorne Month ago +1

      @Michael Wills the second I see a grown ass adult type out “M She U” I know their opinions can be safely ignored

    • Michael Wills
      Michael Wills Month ago +1

      Maybe that is a source of the tangible bitterness with M SHE U movies. There’s literally nothing for them to do because it’s all been done. Kinda like IRL with the constant victimhood even tho the world is or was literally as open as it has ever been, for anyone.

    • alr
      alr  Month ago +6

      Not to mention the shit jokes and the literal Pixar promotion

  • Cheesy boyo
    Cheesy boyo Month ago +4

    Honestly she hulk gives me rey vibes. She can do exactly what Bruce can do after years of training mentally in seconds it’s stupid. And completely ruins hulk.

  • mathgeek1115
    mathgeek1115 Month ago +2

    The pilot makes so much more sense if the hubris and the ego of the main character are actually treated as flaws in the storytelling -- any time a main character has that kind of ego in the pilot, pride cometh before the fall. Especially with Bruce warning her. So either A) this show is going to be an worse-than-medicore 1-note where the main character will not grow and change, or B) the show is setting up Jennifer to fail so that she can learn something.
    If B, I think that's a pretty brave choice, but I appreciate people doubting it.

  • Stan Yeung
    Stan Yeung Month ago +70

    She didn’t beat up the callers, Bruce tackled her as she roared and it’s implied she made a call to be picked up in the bathroom make up scene.

    • Gideon Jones
      Gideon Jones Month ago

      @Joshua Donohoe he casually demonstrates hulk powers, then she goes as hard as she can to look better, and when he gets fed up with it and reminds her what he's really capable of, she ridicules him for being petty and showing off, as if she hasn't been behaving the same way this whole time.
      We know she isn't better than him, but the way it's presented she acts smug and sees herself as better in every way, and I just never got any indication that the story is going to treat that smugness as the flaw it is. Because marvel writers currently seem to think characters that are petty, immature, selfish assholes are inherently the funniest type of character, so the more they throw that on screen the funnier their comedy show will be.

    • Joshua Donohoe
      Joshua Donohoe Month ago +3

      @josh gaming/vlogs yeah but huge also could throw a huge rock way way further than she could and also could knock her down with a clap and was shown to constantly be stronger than her the whole time

    • josh gaming/vlogs
      josh gaming/vlogs Month ago +1

      @Joshua Donohoe OK? She’s literally more flexible and has better balance control in every other instance she was better than Hulk what the fuck are you talking about

    • Joshua Donohoe
      Joshua Donohoe Month ago +8

      She also didn't outperform hulk as he was clearly shown to be stronger than her so he clearly wasn't paying much attention to the show

    • Cortez Lucious
      Cortez Lucious Month ago


  • Luke T
    Luke T Month ago +32

    Feminists: “catcalling is literally the worst thing that can happen to a woman”
    Yeah tell that to the girls from Megan Is Missing

    • xxxusernameherexxx
      xxxusernameherexxx Month ago

      God that movie fucking sucked.

    • josh gaming/vlogs
      josh gaming/vlogs Month ago +2

      They clearly haven’t watched finding Carter

    • alr
      alr  Month ago +4

      Don’t bother I doubt any feminist has seen Megan is missing

  • Danessa S
    Danessa S Month ago +6

    I was so excited for this show when it was announced. I love this actress (from Orphan Black which actually had amazing writing) and I LOVE Hulk, but this "Im a woman" thing is tedious and boring. It sucks bc it could have been so good. I am a woman myself and this shit IS not for me. I dont know why they think anyone wants to see this., someones gender is the least interesting thing about them imo

  • Neo Luthuli
    Neo Luthuli Month ago +41

    The problem is that after Endgame or even before every character is a jokester now from, Antman, The Guardians, Thor, Hulk, Loki and now this show.

    • Guts Hill
      Guts Hill Month ago +1

      @Adam Walker I know. I was talking about Antman and Paul Rudd. They didn't go that avenue, and I don't care much for the Antman movies. They are ok, but I don't have much reason to re-watch them.

    • Adam Walker
      Adam Walker Month ago +2

      @Guts Hill you can. And this show , she hulk has none of that

    • Guts Hill
      Guts Hill Month ago +1

      @Adam Walker You can have comedic timing and still have a very deep and serious movie and character. See Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam, or Patch Adams, or What Dreams May Come.

    • Adam Walker
      Adam Walker Month ago +3

      I’ll give you some credit there, but you don’t hire Paul Rudd because you want a comedic-less movie. I really liked ant-man and guardians.

  • Michael pellegrini
    Michael pellegrini Month ago +6

    I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall in the writers room for this one

    • CMCAdvanced
      CMCAdvanced Month ago

      That's a hell of a lot of squawking to endure

    • ccrazool
      ccrazool Month ago +5

      "It looks like this fly cringed itself to death and fell off the wall. Tragic."

  • Mike Queen
    Mike Queen Month ago +9

    Injecting hyped up me2 wokeness into a superhero comedy really distracted me from enjoying the show. Male bashing does not sit well with a majority male comic audience. Lets hope it gets better and does not destroy another SH character..

  • Daergarz
    Daergarz Month ago +4

    I found it amazing that they could jam in so many "bad men" into 33 minutes.
    There are some good parts in there, except it's utterly ruined by all the misandrist nonsense.

  • The Mitch Zone
    The Mitch Zone Month ago +1

    I loved your take on this. You were on point every step of the way, and handled it superbly. Thank you for this. I REALLY enjoyed watching it! I like your content and commentary, so I subscribed as well. 😊👍🔥

  • 4 9
    4 9 Month ago +1

    Thank you for confirming my suspicions I had literally from watching the trailer. Feminist bull shit! It’s not bull shit because it’s feminist, it’s bull shit because marvel is force feeding it to us down our throats. I new the direction was going down hill when in end game, they felt it was really necessary to have an all female team up scene

  • Tommy Decastro
    Tommy Decastro Month ago

    I am so disappointed. The she hulk was one of my favorite characters in the comics as a kid growing up. The MCU is really doing a disservice to their beloved characters with a real strong backstories and they just ruin everything with horrible writing, acting to cram a lame agenda that no one wants.

  • Billerbong
    Billerbong Month ago +4

    "I mean it's got good reviews! Look at rotten tomato!" lmao at the amount of people who will take that line seriously

  • Ecklectic
    Ecklectic Month ago +1

    I came into it not really expecting anything and willing to give it a chance but I thought it was awful. It is only one episode so far but it never really worked for me.
    The main character comes across as someone who you could not have a simple conversation with without them trying to pick apart everything you say. People like that are a total pain in the ass.
    Somehow it is fine to talk about Captain America being a possible virgin and having a nice ass but imagine that was flipped and it was a conversation about a woman character instead? It would not happen. Talk about double standards.
    Also why the need for the constant quips and wisecracks from the characters in these shows? Male or female it is tiresome and any time there are moments of possible drama they are ruined by the need for a snappy one liner.
    Daredevil is still the best thing Marvel has done for me and I dread to think how they might mess that up now that it is coming to Disney +.
    Ps. You should do a gotcha for this series when it is done. The ones on the Rise of Skywalker were hilarious.

  • ShastaRoth
    ShastaRoth Month ago +20

    I've never known a woman who didn't feel compelled to say whatever she wanted whenever she wanted precisely because she was female and wasn't afraid of physical consequences.

    • John Strawb
      John Strawb Month ago +1

      I've known hundreds of women well enough to know what they thought about things like that. I grew up in and around NYC in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. I never knew a woman who was afraid to be on the streets or take the subway. They didn't walk in Central Park at night because only stupid people walked Central Park at night if they weren't looking for sex, drugs, or to steal something. It wasn't because they were women and uniquely at risk.
      Facts are important, here. Men are overwhelmingly the primary victims of violence. Add in prisons and mass incarceration in the US and men are even the primary victims of rape and sexual assault here, particularly when you take into account feminist icon Hanna Rosin's 2014 article, "When Men are R**ed... Women are Often the Perpetrators."
      No one cares.

  • Jon Rossi
    Jon Rossi Month ago +2

    The past 2 marvel projects have completely ignored the demographic that makes up most of the marvel fandom, I understand wanting to have strong female characters, but the dialogue they give them just sounds like political talking points.

  • Ron Dawson
    Ron Dawson Month ago +1

    I generally love your content man. You have a great eye for story and you crack me the hell up (which is why I am a Patreon supporter of yours). But every now and then you say things that suggests your privilege is showing.
    I normally wouldn’t even bother to comment when I come across these kinds of thoughts on X-vid. But you come across to me as a guy who actually has a big heart and cares and might possibly listen if someone shared an opposing point of view.
    It is a big deal for women to be cat called wherever they go. It is not innocent. It is genuinely scary for a woman to be at a bar and have three guys approach her and cat call her, because she has no idea if their next intent is the gang rape her. That is real man. And yes, I can imagine that women fantasize about being powerful enough to kick the shit out of them because they’re sick and tired of it happening all the time.
    FWIW, I did not think the episode was horrible, but it is not anything I’m invested in. I could see it being the kind of show I put on when I’m folding clothes or something.
    Anyway, I appreciate what you do and I hope you take this in the spirit that was given.

  • August
    August Month ago +2

    I never thought I'd say this about the MCU, but I think I'm going to tap out for a while. :/ I can be told I suck for being a guy without having it shoved in my face in the TV shows I watch. If this was the first example of them doing it, it wouldn't be a big deal at all. But it's becoming grating at this point.

  • Mike Clarke
    Mike Clarke Month ago +16

    I watch the pilot and was instantly disappointed, they didn’t do the comic or the character justice.

    • Osman Aden
      Osman Aden Month ago

      @Zeus The Boerboel she did need it but she just didn't want it

    • Zeus The Boerboel
      Zeus The Boerboel Month ago

      @Osman Aden she hulk didn’t need his help according to the show

    • Osman Aden
      Osman Aden Month ago +3

      @Zeus The Boerboel Bruce didn't have someone to help him, so of course she hulk is gonna have it slightly easier

    • Zeus The Boerboel
      Zeus The Boerboel Month ago +1

      @Animezilla 44 but she is good at everything she does and faces no challenges whereas Bruce had to cope with him turning into Hulk and smashing everything to bits for like a decade. And also all men are aholes for some reason.

    • Animezilla 44
      Animezilla 44 Month ago +2

      I disagree with you completely they did not tarnish the character for crying out loud she didn't even want to be a superhero

  • Alex Kuieck
    Alex Kuieck Month ago +11

    Only made it through 30 minutes of Hawkeye and 3 episodes of Moon Knight, myself. These Marvel shows are spiralling out fast

  • Thrillhousethedud
    Thrillhousethedud Month ago

    I would find it much more interesting to she her struggle at first, try and fail, and then slowly learn to master her powers. I feel like after the first episode she's already mastered her new powers...why watch the rest?

  • Boogy Woogy
    Boogy Woogy Month ago +2

    I actually quite enjoyed it, and I have no problem hating on bad mcu content like Captain marvel or Thor 2. This was nice for me but hey, everybody has their thing.

  • MarkusBiersack
    MarkusBiersack Month ago

    I just finished the first episode, and I gotta say, I really feel insulted as a man. This is just a plain and simply insult to the male fandom and Hulk as a character.

  • LiveLongwForce
    LiveLongwForce Month ago +1

    Yes Vito, you are a male guilty of "impacting" this female fan. You make me LMAO 🤣

  • CoryTheRaven
    CoryTheRaven Month ago +7

    "Superheroes appeal to the male power fantasy, it's so gross."
    Also: every female superhero (and villain's) origin involves violent retribution against a catcaller.

    • Cormoran
      Cormoran Month ago +2

      male power fantasy: saving the world
      female power fantasy: bashing men

    • Joshua Edwards
      Joshua Edwards Month ago

      On god

  • Domomonster o
    Domomonster o Month ago +1

    Harvey Birdman attorney at law was an amazing show.

  • Frank Allotta
    Frank Allotta Month ago +2

    When you hear the usual talking points you think to yourself "I think I saw this in the yearly training videos at work."

    HAL NOVEMILA Month ago +5

    If to get hulk powers you just need Banner's blood and be related to him, how come SHIELD hasn't already made an army of Banner's clones?

    • DSTREET45
      DSTREET45 Month ago +2

      1. Out of respect. Fury and the non-HYDRA members of SHIELD actually cares about the Avengers.
      2. Common sense. Hulk had an entire solo movie showing why this is a bad idea. The last "Hulk clone" went power hungry and rampaged through Harlem. Why the hell would anyone in their right mind want to risk that again?

    • gamermaster16508
      gamermaster16508 Month ago +1

      Bad writing. They just want a female copy of the male version because woke.

  • Antoni Estrada
    Antoni Estrada Month ago +9

    I think everybody knew that was going to be bad my main concern is the amount of people that were down bad and simping over her

    • Chris Nichols
      Chris Nichols Month ago

      @Arturo Hernandez Her comic counterpart is actually cool. At least before woke Marvel happened.

    • Arturo Hernandez
      Arturo Hernandez Month ago +1

      She ain't that good looking in the show her comic counter part though I can see depends on which of the comics though.

    • Joshua Edwards
      Joshua Edwards Month ago

      It's Simptastic.

  • Aand A
    Aand A Month ago +6

    Producer: Have another female superhero show for me?
    Writer: Yes sir I do. An the first thing she'll do is beat up a bunch of cat-callers at a bar.
    Producer: Oh, female superheroes beating up cat-callers at a bar is tight!

    • Eddy A.
      Eddy A. Month ago +1

      Wow wow wow wow.... Wow

    • Jonas
      Jonas Month ago +3

      Producer : And how will she learn to control her Hulk powers that took Bruce several years to control?
      Writer : Oh it's gonna be super easy! Barely an inconvenience!

  • Riley Carter
    Riley Carter Month ago

    It bugged me so much how the villain at the end was able to level half a courthouse, but we could see like, ONE OR TWO guards wrestling with her long enough for Jen to turn. Idk why it bothered me.

    • DaveLee Vicks
      DaveLee Vicks Month ago

      I think they were out of time for the episode, but wanted to get that bit in, so the scene was a little weird. She bursts in, does Lu kang kick, and is knocked back all in a cartoonish manner. You can almost see the little birds circling the villain's head. It's possible that was on purpose, but they hadn't established that kind of slapstick, so if it was intentional it fell flat.

  • Doudymac
    Doudymac Month ago

    I hear you man. I hope they got the "Woke" BS out of their system. Ep 2 was pretty descent. Let's see how it goes from there.

  • LeviOrDie
    LeviOrDie Month ago +1

    I don't understand how you can watch this show and have such a shitty takeaway from it, but to each their own. Goes to show how many of you actually have read the comics.

  • Travis McNasty
    Travis McNasty Month ago +3

    This show is, "female professional is a narcissist who takes the first opportunity to harm people."
    And that is an important lesson, fellas. Always be cautious of what you say or do near a workplace colleague who happens to be a woman.

    • PJ Spitzer
      PJ Spitzer Month ago +2

      Wait until you hear about the male professional narcissist who made millions of deadly weapons to harm people. His name was Tony Stark

  • Edwin Torres
    Edwin Torres Month ago

    You said it perfectly, “I’m not having fun.”

  • Tyrone
    Tyrone Month ago

    The crazy thing is the writer fought to keep the bathroom scene in it! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • AndreNitro X1000
    AndreNitro X1000 Month ago +1

    The first episode was so disjointed, that i found difficulty liking it.

  • jthompson1327
    jthompson1327 Month ago +5

    Well last week I was in a traffic jam and there was a woman who got angry and yelled out the window. Afterwards all else males left our cars and beat her death because she couldn't control her emotions and had an outburst.

    • Microwaveable Gun
      Microwaveable Gun Month ago

      @Марк Гильдин ah okay

    • Марк Гильдин
      Марк Гильдин Month ago

      @Microwaveable Gun it's just joke about "woman need to control rage or will be murdered" from shehalk

    • Марк Гильдин
      Марк Гильдин Month ago

      @Microwaveable Gun *sarcasm*

    • Microwaveable Gun
      Microwaveable Gun Month ago

      @Марк Гильдин I mean like, sure having an emotion outburst is bad but, isn’t beating a person to death because of that a bit too far?

    • Марк Гильдин
      Марк Гильдин Month ago

      @Microwaveable Gun just comon story, wats wrong?

  • TheCrimsonRanger
    TheCrimsonRanger Month ago

    "You can't just jam it in" well that actually does sound like an issue women deal with🤣

  • Drink a Beer and Play a Game

    Almost feels like it’s a marketing ploy to throw it all into the first episode to get people arguing with each other about it for interest

  • Smoove Norris
    Smoove Norris Month ago

    I absolutely loved it but this whole episode was basically put men down throughout the entire runtime who isn’t Steve lol

  • Perceived Velocity
    Perceived Velocity Month ago

    I enjoyed the first episode. It was dumb fun. I do think that it's funny that Hollywood seems to think that beautiful rich white women are the most oppressed people on the planet.

  • Denymenot
    Denymenot Month ago

    For real, it took me all day to watch it… its was hard to sit through in one shot.

  • 庫倫亞利克
    庫倫亞利克 Month ago

    The most suffering the screenwriter of this show has endured in her life is probably having her coffee order messed up or something. I can smell the inane through the screen.

  • VJ BD
    VJ BD Month ago +40

    Fiona and Shrek are better CGI characters than She-Hulk.

    • Gabriel Mac Dougall
      Gabriel Mac Dougall Month ago

      I'm sorry but this is a stretch xd maybe next episodes may look worse but this one was pretty sick in terms of cgi, not gonna lie

    • Crazy Manwich
      Crazy Manwich Month ago +1

      And you are an expert on CGI?
      The CGI is fine and you are just being ridiculous

    • Animezilla 44
      Animezilla 44 Month ago +1

      I disagree with you completely

    • Cormoran
      Cormoran Month ago +2

      @James Gatz Hulk was a vastly superior CGI character than her.
      It looked like he was talking to Dot Matrix from ReBoot.
      In fact Dot Matrix is a far superior CGI lead character in a TV show, based on personality alone.

  • Wolfman7870
    Wolfman7870 Month ago

    I always had an issue with the blood transfusion origin but this is even worse. Couple drops of Hulk blood and you just transform into a perfect Hulk? There should be some equipment, radiation and effort involved to turn into a Hulk.

  • Matthew7y2k
    Matthew7y2k Month ago

    If she gives up being a lawyer at the end and is like a second hulk I would be okay with that

  • Poshan Adhikari
    Poshan Adhikari Month ago

    I think there could be debate between hulk and she-hulk when she said I have been more infinitely controlling her anger she was just assuming/projecting stuff while complaing about projecting stuffs. They could have written a good debate from characters pov but instead they just decide to write from one sided women pov

  • Teo Ramos
    Teo Ramos Month ago +1

    The scene in Endgame where all the female heroes were protecting SpiderMan had me feel “ ok that was beyond unnecessary and beyond dramatic” okay have 1-2 heroes help peter but not the WHOLE FEMALE CAST OF HEROES…
    And then She-Hulk Pilot just threw in left and right female issues, which i dont mind but do it correctly. It made no sense for a whole group of women to have a huge scene of 20 females helping Jennifer, and then the Men issues, female issues they can handle anger more ect ect. I dont mind but jesus christ put it where it makes sense and not every 7minutes in a scene 💀
    We get it there are issues that female goes through but it doesnt want me to watch a show basically having 7min say “ Men aint shit”
    Neither a female would like it watching a show with every 7 minutes saying “ women aint shit and men are better ect ect”
    It just gets plopped in like “ OH YEA WE FORGOT TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT WOMEN AND CAT CALLING, WOMEN STRONGER PLOP THAT SHIT RIGHT THERE” in the middle of a scene that doesnt call for it 💀

  • None of Your business
    None of Your business Month ago +1

    marvel went all in on "the message" since captain marvel so phase 4 is called the M-she- U for good reason. Thor love and thunder wasn't woke though but it is a bad movie and plot wise, doctor strange 2 was bad but hey I still enjoyed it.
    Seeing she hulk filled with feminist nonesense is part for the course at this point. This point in driving home "the message" seems to trump story or character development now and it's not just marvel and DC, it's in everything now like the show rap shit starring two women. I like aida osmans character shawna but the dialog for her and the other female character is like 60% anti-male in the first two episodes so most people probably make it past them to keep watching

  • Johnathan Marshall
    Johnathan Marshall Month ago

    I don’t know I like the first episode like the chemistry especially between Professor Hulk and She Hulk that carry the episode only thing I didn’t like they changed her origin story

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob Month ago

    If you want a good legal show, I recommend NetflIx's Lincoln Lawyer. It's about a crooked Lawyer who does pretty much whatever it takes to help his client unless it explicitly breaks a law (ex. Bluffing, making deals with other lawyers). It's pretty funny at times, and the main case throughout the season gives you almost everything up front and you watch both sides piece it together. No nonsense or posturing, though it actually discusses the ethics of a lawyer who mainly helps the guilty.
    I recommend watching the Matthew McConaughey mobie first-- it is based on the first book while the series is based on the second, but the two are seperate universes. It gives a nice intro.

  • 8 bit synth
    8 bit synth Month ago +4

    Just because it's the first episode doesn't make it a pilot. Lmao. A pilot is a proof of concept rough cut to show a studio to get a deal.

    • F1rst World NomaD
      F1rst World NomaD Month ago

      You are correct.
      The pilot is the episode presented to the studio to get a deal.
      But many times its also the first episode.
      Supernaturals first episode was the pilot.
      They just polished it a bit after it was pick up.
      Often its quite easy to tell if a first episode is a pilot or not as they often contain inconsitancies cuz the story changed from the original concept.
      Like in the Big Bang Theorys first episode Leonard and Sheldon goes to the spermbank and Sheldon says he dont think he can do it and Leonard comments "What are you talking about, youre a semi-pro" which makes no sense later on in the show as Sheldon is extremely asexual and masturbation is not something he ever engages in.
      Technically that was only a semi-pilot tho as the original pilot was with the shows intended cast but they switched several characters last minute so this first episode was sort of a "re-pilot".
      But it was the most obvious example I came up with at the top of my head.

    • Jojo490
      Jojo490 Month ago +1

      A pilot is not just for the studio but for the audience as well. If the the audience doesn't like the first episode, what's the point of continuing? While not technically a pilot, it functions as one

  • Benjamin Anderson
    Benjamin Anderson Month ago +1

    Here is the thing... The CW failed to produce meaningful super hero shows because it kept trying to shove a woke agenda down your throat. This failed. She Hulk is about to do the same. Look... I'm all for 'girl power', but all they had to do to convey this was have She Hulk be awesome... Not monologue, in a minute long feminist speech about the trails of women. This fails, because it treats the viewer like they are stupid, and they have to spell everything out to get it. This is why the CW failed with Supergirl, and why it will turn off a lot of viewers from watching the show if it continues.

  • Pa Jenn
    Pa Jenn Month ago

    I like it but it was super pro-girl power and anti-man. For me the low point was when Bruce Banner started restricting her from leaving and then started a physical fight with her. Just sad to see how they threw Bruce under the bus.

  • yaboi- Ru
    yaboi- Ru Month ago +1

    I'm convinced all of the writers of this show got college degrees in womans studies...

  • Robert McDaniel
    Robert McDaniel Month ago +2

    Very well put. I loved the part about every girl superhero needing to face a cat call. I tried watching it twice because I love marvel and felt like I owed it to them to give it an honest shot but in the end I couldn’t get through it.

  • Jarret Berg
    Jarret Berg Month ago

    Imagine your life being so easy going that the worst thing to happen to you was some guy complimenting you on your looks with a catcall. I haven't watched this woke garbage, but I loved birdman because it was funny.

  • MachoMachoDuck
    MachoMachoDuck Month ago +3

    This show was absolutely unwatchable. It was so incredibly bad in every concievable way.

  • Craig Henslin
    Craig Henslin Month ago

    Was curious to see what this was all about and based on the comments I can already tell your audience is mostly misogynistic incels. Bravo to you for cultivating that audience.

  • Well okay yes
    Well okay yes Month ago

    I need more vito! :) Please keep em coming!

  • Vrriody 14teen Lightwork Bruvh


  • Nie Podam
    Nie Podam Month ago +5

    When the message is put before art and it's quality this is what we get...

  • Dan Saunders
    Dan Saunders Month ago

    To a certain extent I kinda get why they made her immediately have control of her powers - we have already had over 10 years of Bruce dealing with his powers and learning to control them, it is kinda interesting to have a new hulk with better control. Having her have control because she gets catcalled occasionally is however, the dumbest, laziest, most patronising and pandering writing imaginable

  • Sean
    Sean Month ago

    I feel like Disney must know that when they put out a show like this, where it's used to push a woke agenda, they must know people are going to react terribly to this and they just mustn't care. It's like they know they have enough money and Disney is prepared to take a financial hit to push a woke message. I don't understand why this is happening in movies, like the most recent James Bond film was pushing a woke message as well. I just can't understand why for the life of me why this continues to happen when this woke formula clearly isn't a route to success.

  • ken ng
    ken ng Month ago

    I think the main problem is marvel trying to shoehorn these messages in a superhero show where the protagonists are, by definition, defined by loss and sacrifice. It would make more sense in say, a modern day drama than trying to one up the hulk or captain America on just who had given up more.

  • MG1015
    MG1015 Month ago +1

    This is Rey Skywalker all over again, some Mary Sue walks onto the stage, gets a power, and suddenly does it all perfectly with no challenges or hardships at all it's terrible writing

  • John Daniels
    John Daniels Month ago +1

    @Vito, you're NOT going to like the remaining episodes. Jessica Gao, the writer, has already said it's going to get worse.