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  • Published on Nov 26, 2022
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  • Elias Vergsen
    Elias Vergsen 2 months ago +9

    Not Fury signing double rematch clauses, retiring countless times and putting deadlines constantly.

    • Timetraveller2770
      Timetraveller2770 2 months ago

      No - the offer was clearly and publicly made with a superb offer for a loser

  • KingOfLvgos
    KingOfLvgos 2 months ago +23

    Yes, we believe you Frank, we believe you. 🙄

    • Axel Stone
      Axel Stone 2 months ago

      @Marco hahaha

    • Andrew
      Andrew 2 months ago

      Absolutely spot on

    • Marco
      Marco 2 months ago

      AJ is ducking like he did Wilder for years.
      Dragging it out.

  • Daniel Collinson
    Daniel Collinson 2 months ago +27

    Hang on! In an interview minuets before this one Frank said it was DAZN stopping the fight, not Joshua. Warren is a pure snake.

    • Axel Stone
      Axel Stone 2 months ago

      Well, there is a reason he was shot in the late 80’s lol. He is a crook.

    • Dublin in my heart 💙
      Dublin in my heart 💙 2 months ago +1

      Dazn is Joshua u idiots. There the ones he need to get the deal done

      SARAH ASHUN 2 months ago +1

      Agree, I heard the same thing, what an absolute poisonous liar!

  • James Healy
    James Healy 2 months ago +5

    Aj is big enough to call his own fights like Canelo . When you never fought anyone in the Top 3 at the time of fighting apart from his last fight . Your just not ready for the best

  • dundon9999
    dundon9999 2 months ago +9

    Nonsense. When you put a deadline on a mega fight like this, an unrealistic one, it tends to be the side who shouts the loudest. This was your plan all along. Claim AJ is ducking with an unrealistic timetable and then fight Charr.

  • Ali
    Ali 2 months ago

    Just imagine, Parker was mentally defeated after not being able to budge Joyce. Now imagine how Wilder must have felt in the 12th round of the first fight. Then you'll truly understand the difference in levels

  • Dan B
    Dan B 2 months ago +3

    AJ needs to come out and say he wants the fight. Boy always stays quiet and lets people get away with punking him

    • Lee50
      Lee50 2 months ago

      He already has dumbass, wake up.

  • jeffrey rediel
    jeffrey rediel 2 months ago +28

    Of course nobody believes what he’s saying, all we have to look at is fury’s negotiation history Lol

    • Samdamyam
      Samdamyam 2 months ago

      @Simon H your pretending fury didn't ask for 500 million 🤨

    • jeffrey rediel
      jeffrey rediel 2 months ago

      @Simon H yo! wilder came out himself more than a year later to say he was the one who didn’t make the fight happen, he debunked his own lies with his own texts on social media, so even if AJ asked for a 100m that wasn’t the reason it didn’t happen, wilder said the money offered was good, so what exactly are you defending ? his former title ?? bruh!!

    • Simon H
      Simon H 2 months ago +1

      @jeffrey rediel So you're pretending AJ did not ask for 50million?

    • jeffrey rediel
      jeffrey rediel 2 months ago

      @Simon H bro, this is dementia right here, wilder openly said he was the one who didn’t accept it, all this was when wilder was seeking for a trilogy, you’re sure you don’t live under a rock or i’m I chatting with a kid right now ?

    • KG 1874
      KG 1874 2 months ago +3

      Go listen to hearns on IFL from years ago.
      Hearn said I spoke to al and the money is secure. That isn’t the issue. AJ doesn’t want to let HIS fans down we want it In the UK.
      AJ turned down 50 million and undisputed. That’s just the reality of it and ironically his next fight was in America against an he quit against an unranked fighter.
      Hands down one of the worst decisions ever made in boxing. Pissed away any chance of being undisputed so he did.

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago +36

    So Fury retied 3 times in 1 year. Then decided to come out of retirement because Usyk called him out for a fight. Fury couldn't wait til March for that fight so says Usyk is ducking. Then calls out Joshua. Now has given a deadline for the contract to be signed. For a guy that kept saying he is enjoying his retirement and doesn't want to fight again, he sure is in a super hurry to fight again

    • Michael Mccormack
      Michael Mccormack 2 months ago

      fury has to keep going as he controls his mental state by training keeping fit,so why not box

    • Stu Ungar
      Stu Ungar 2 months ago

      @Alex - he's a psychopath

    • Alex
      Alex 2 months ago +1

      @Sam Stanger it's actually called bipolar.....
      And your a fan girl of the Furry Gypsy 😊

    • Sam Stanger
      Sam Stanger 2 months ago

      @Alex its called good marketing stupid

    • Sam Stanger
      Sam Stanger 2 months ago +1

      Everyone with a brain knew he was fooling around about retiring lol fury wants to fight the best...simple...joshua dont...hes scared to even let his hands go let alone fight the tyson

  • Marcus Carwell
    Marcus Carwell 2 months ago +1

    I think Wilder vs Joyce will happen in the near future

  • Simon Goode
    Simon Goode 2 months ago +1

    I'd love a body language expert to analyse this!! He can't look at the interviwer after his AJ comments! Lies, lies, lies!

  • Ali
    Ali 2 months ago

    Joyce wouldn't land a glove on Fury. Too slow. Fury dealt with Wilders power so what is Joyce lol

  • Steven Langtree
    Steven Langtree 2 months ago +4

    The only thing stopping the fight is you lot. You can't give a week deadline to one of the biggest British heavyweight fights of all time. Let it get made when it's made

  • Timetraveller2770
    Timetraveller2770 2 months ago +1

    It’s over - fury withdrew the offer

  • Good Antics
    Good Antics 2 months ago +3

    if frank as a promoter does not know the in and out of making a fight then something is not right with him surely he must know that daz & sky sports i think need to come to an agreement surely he must know these kind of things instead hes acting like he doesn't know whats going on

    • Kennedy San
      Kennedy San 2 months ago

      @Jamie Dick not so sure a post tantrum AJ brings in the bacon...put him against a run of the mill fighter now and I don't think he's selling out stadiums like he used to.

    • Jamie Dick
      Jamie Dick 2 months ago

      @Simon H anyone that believes tyson fury is the a side regardless of his belts against AJ is deluded. AJ brings the money. That's the only reason fury is offering him the fight. 💰 🤑

    • Simon H
      Simon H 2 months ago +1

      It shouldn't even be split PPV. The A side is on BT and Joshua should go there to fight for the belt.

    • Si Mondo
      Si Mondo 2 months ago

      BT Sport not Sky..

  • Danny
    Danny 2 months ago

    Everyone is applauding and praising Joe Joyce from the way he absorbs blows without even a flinch.But no one is talking about the aftermath what those blows re going to result to when his ageing.Shame to the people of the world who tend to value and put money first before the human flesh.Go down the memory lane and see what I’m talking about eg Mohamed Al who died of Parkinson syndrome disease

  • Terrence Fox
    Terrence Fox 2 months ago +1

    Sounds like Tyson Fury is the problem to me

  • gms77777
    gms77777 2 months ago +3

    Have a day off Frank. Lol constantly set to full attack mode

  • LPC
    LPC 2 months ago

    joshua want to fight fury.make it happen frank

  • Gavin Quinn
    Gavin Quinn 2 months ago +6

    He's contracted to DANZ Frank it's not as easy as that he knows it.

    • Simon H
      Simon H 2 months ago

      @SARAH ASHUN They are all as bad as eachother. When the fight was first mentioned I said it would never happen.

      SARAH ASHUN 2 months ago +2

      @Simon H Frank is a poisonous liar! In another interview he said that he believes AJ wants the fight, but DAZN aren’t that enthusiastic and their lawyers are holding things up. What a 💩 stirrer!

    • Jamie Dick
      Jamie Dick 2 months ago

      @Simon H the Saudis were in control of what happened with the TV rights as part of the monetary agreement and sold the rights to sky.

    • Simon H
      Simon H 2 months ago +2

      He was contracted to Dazn when he fought Usyk on Sky. Hiding behind a network is still a duck 🦆🦆

  • Graeme Buckley
    Graeme Buckley 2 months ago +1

    Joyce gives any of the top guys nightmares - hope he gets his chance in this convoluted boxing bullcrap business

    • Lee50
      Lee50 2 months ago

      Except he hasn't fought any....which tells you everything you need to know. Usyk has beaten him, AK has knocked him out in the Amateurs and he hasn't fought Widler,. He needs to fight these guys and Fury who thinks fighting Charr rather than Joyce is want fans want.

  • hair4all London
    hair4all London 2 months ago +2

    Simple sign the fight contract - allow buffer time for the commercial side re Dazn and BT to sort out with the agreement. If the broadcasters argue like bitches (Warren family vs Hearn Family) the fight still goes ahead and three independent corporate judges decide for them, and the REAL people get the fight - the fighters and the fight fans.

    • Kennedy San
      Kennedy San 2 months ago +1

      @hair4all London it was a great point, I'm surprised it never gets any airtime in negotiations like these.

    • hair4all London
      hair4all London 2 months ago +2

      @Kennedy San Thanks Kennedy I was trying to say that in a feral way - X-boxer been hit in the head too many times Wun Wun :🙂

    • Wun Wun
      Wun Wun 2 months ago +1

      @Kennedy San true. Broadcasting negotiations are tomorrow anyway so hopefully it gests done.
      Hopefully both sides are willing to compromise or it's not happening.

    • Kennedy San
      Kennedy San 2 months ago +2

      @Wun Wun just make it binding subject to the broadcast negotiations.

    • Wun Wun
      Wun Wun 2 months ago

      You don't sign contracts with frank warren, without all the details being sorted and in the contracts.
      If the fight isn't on dazn, AJ can't sign the contract which is what Hearn is saying.
      Would you sign a contract on the word of Frank? I wouldn't.

  • Melvyn. us
    Melvyn. us 2 months ago

    I notice AJ never comments because he knows it wont happen truth is he knows he has no chance he's scared and we have to read all this bullshit well utube and me are done enough is enough

  • James B
    James B Month ago

    Who cares? Joshua is finished. Get Usyk vs Fury. Joyce vs Wilder.
    This bores me

  • Mark Richardson
    Mark Richardson 2 months ago

    Feel sorry for George Warren put graft In meeting matchroom getting on good terms with Eddie hearn no bad mouthing each other Eddie admitted it then Frank comes in slating matchroom sooner this dinnasaur moves away from Queensbury let George Warren take over might get fights made .

  • Harsha Sankar
    Harsha Sankar 2 months ago

    Joyce vs Whyte would be a good match in the 1st quarter of 2023!

    • Harsha Sankar
      Harsha Sankar 2 months ago

      @Justin Langer In all likelihood, it will probably be Joyce vs Usyk next.

    • Justin Langer
      Justin Langer 2 months ago +1

      @Harsha Sankar I honestly don't not in the slightest. Whyte would never beat Joyce on work output and Dillian has that left hook X factor but it would need to be a one off miracle punch and can't see it finishing Joyce.
      I think Whyte gets beat down and finish inside 6/7 rounds.

    • Harsha Sankar
      Harsha Sankar 2 months ago

      @Justin Langer You may have a point but I do think Whyte can still take a beating and still function at his highest level provided he does not get a massive uppercut to the chin.

    • Justin Langer
      Justin Langer 2 months ago +1

      Nah think Whyte punch resistance bit shot and really think Joyce busts him up just can't see anyway Whyte wins that.

  • Liam Watt
    Liam Watt Month ago

    Frank always looks dodgy 😂😃😂

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller 2 months ago

    Joyce gets beat if he actually steps up in class, AJ would destroy him every day of the week and twice on Sunday, Fury would hurt him really badly even Wilder spanks him because he is too open and takes too many punches to the head, the first decent boxer he fights will exploit this with ease all you really need is movement and if you got stamina he is light work.

    • Kennedy San
      Kennedy San 2 months ago

      Not so sure about AJ, he'd have to wear a few from Joyce and from what we've seen, he panics when he gets hit in the face and side of the face now.

    • ni da
      ni da 2 months ago

      If that fat kid can stop AJ then Joyce flattens an even more insecure version of AJ. Joyce won't dodge AJ's punches, he will absorb them and land heavy shots on AJ that will finish him. AJ has been avoiding heavy hitters for a reason. He knows his limits. Just a heavyweight Amir Kahn

  • ed Wilberforce
    ed Wilberforce 2 months ago

    Stop promoting shit!
    Dillian White is a nobody in the Heavyweight division. Hype him however you want to, and to whatever level - the world is not interested in 2nd class fighters like him. We want to see the best fighting the best.

  • Abacus
    Abacus 2 months ago

    1:31 lol great put down to Matchroom

  • Sascha murphy
    Sascha murphy 2 months ago +8

    Yeah ofcourse. Surely the public can see through this?? Cant wait to watch fury vs charr

    • Simon H
      Simon H 2 months ago +1

      And AJ v Zhang

  • Basit1 %
    Basit1 % 2 months ago +3

    Frank has Fury Joyce Dubois
    Hearn has Joshua Whyte Chisora

    • F P
      F P 2 months ago

      Hearn has the money pull and Frank has the best fighters

    • Nick Kray
      Nick Kray 2 months ago +2

      @Mada Ickiwon
      Tells how shit the other 3 are then. 3 keep losing and are still bigger draws.

    • Mada Ickiwon
      Mada Ickiwon 2 months ago +1

      @Nick Kray that all keep losing lol

    • Nick Kray
      Nick Kray 2 months ago +1

      All of Hearns fighters are out right ppv fighters.

    • Alex
      Alex 2 months ago +6

      Frank has the better fighters but Eddie has the cash cow. Even though AJ lost his belts, he can still sell out stadiums no matter who he fights. Fury still needs a top opponent to draw a crowd. If Fury fights Char it will be a flop in sales

  • SuperMillwall1885
    SuperMillwall1885 2 months ago +1

    The proof is in the pudding, one team is always fronting and bullshitting, the other goes about their business quietly.

  • Richard
    Richard 2 months ago

    Back to being bitter. Put George warren back on the cam, obviously more professional.

  • Mick Hunt
    Mick Hunt 2 months ago

    Everyday day I'm shuffeling...shuffeling...shuffeling..

  • Rockstarnic88
    Rockstarnic88 2 months ago +1

    What about usyk is he with queensbury 🤦‍♂️

    • Marco
      Marco 2 months ago +1

      Usyk has gone Bellew, Chazz Witherspoon, Chisora (close fight) and Femi in 5 years.
      Hardly worth writing home about. 🤣

    • Simon H
      Simon H 2 months ago +1

      Usyk spanking a hype job twice does not make him the best. He will lose to Fury next spring anyway.

  • Caleb Thompson
    Caleb Thompson 2 months ago +1

    Jesus Christ I’m sick of Frank. All he has done is try and lay blame ever since negotiations began. His bluff got called and he’s just been on cleanup duty. Split the fight between DAZN and BT, it can’t be only on BT as AJ was signed to build the Platform not just for money. BT have fury to bring in money at one off events. So either split it between the platforms and share the money or put it on DAZN and share the money. That is the most amicable solution.

  • Omega man
    Omega man 2 months ago

    This bloke is like a police prosecutor a professional lier

  • Ad0akes
    Ad0akes 2 months ago

    All BS

  • Mike Collins
    Mike Collins 2 months ago

    A Liar promoting a liar, yes you guessed all you going get is lies

  • Patrick Hargreaves
    Patrick Hargreaves 2 months ago

    moved it from November?? blag.

  • Simple Guy
    Simple Guy 2 months ago

    Gypsy Queen running work it out Fran and public too easy

  • Vimal Kumar K V
    Vimal Kumar K V 2 months ago

    Shit gut FW

  • Marcus Carwell
    Marcus Carwell 2 months ago

    Daniel vs efe

  • Fiji Island Life
    Fiji Island Life 2 months ago

    u granny looking old man takes 9 days to send contract and expects Aj to sign in 36 hours and also doesnt inlcude VADA testing in the contracts shows FURY PLAYING GAMES DOESNT WANA FIGHT DOSSER

  • SD
    SD 2 months ago +1


  • z388z
    z388z 2 months ago +10

    FACTS! Eddie even admitted that they are going to duck on monday 😨

    • jackieboy johnson
      jackieboy johnson 2 months ago

      The most likely outcome to this was the fight not happening and each team blaming the other for the next few weeks while one of them lies through their teeth. Starting to look that way already.

    • Blue Ray
      Blue Ray 2 months ago

      @Alex Reid if you don’t give a shit then why comment, don’t contradict yourself brother.

    • Alex Reid
      Alex Reid 2 months ago +1

      @Blue Ray it wasn’t a biased comment from me. I was repeating what Eddie said. I don’t give a shit what happens on Monday. You on the other hand are clearly invested for some reason. Chill brother.

    • Andy Joggers
      Andy Joggers 2 months ago +1

      @Blue Ray furys and aj have signed to fight but there teams haven't done everything yet on both sides ect. Furys deadline is practically silly because he's putting his own team under pressure as well as ajs. Unless there a secret deal going on for charr then he won't have anything signed for Monday so why move on ?. It doesn't make sense 😕

    • Andy Joggers
      Andy Joggers 2 months ago

      @Mark Miller idk tbh iv spoken to some 1 who has a bit of inside information and they've said the continuing talks Monday midday about tv and other things that effect both fighters because its about fury 2 to and not just aj it concerns both parties. So fury deadline day for ajs team is a bit well strange it doesn't make sense. Hes just being fury I guss idk im fucking lost.

  • Snipz1 Lol
    Snipz1 Lol 2 months ago

    Frank warren your talking rubbish

  • Colonel Quickshifter
    Colonel Quickshifter 2 months ago +5

    Joshua had been protected ans had milked the heavyweight division . We don’t need him in the division -

    • KingOfLvgos
      KingOfLvgos 2 months ago

      @Nick Kray it actually was waaaayyyy less than that. The top Heavyweights used to earn between a can of Pepsi and $300,000- until they started using Anthony Joshua’s name to promote their fights. Deontay Wilder, for example, didn’t earn his first million ($2.1m) until he used Joshua’s name to promote his first fight vs Luis Ortiz… and that was in his 39th professional fight!!!! Without Anthony Joshua, these guys would be collecting future brain-damage for free.

    • Interstellar Beat Teller
      Interstellar Beat Teller 2 months ago +1

      We don't need donut fans in boxing who only support one fighter.
      A protected fighter is the guy who tries to have trilogies that he wins 3 - 0

    • Simon H
      Simon H 2 months ago

      Bang on Colonel

    • Gavin Quinn
      Gavin Quinn 2 months ago

      You haven't a clue, I don't want you commenting garbage on here but it's the way it is. AJ is heavyweight boxing it's just FACTS, even though he's not a champion anymore he's the cash cow.

    • Nick Kray
      Nick Kray 2 months ago +2

      You may not want him in the division but the fighters do. He brings the cash. Before Joshua came along the average purse for hw's was two to four mill a fight.

  • F P
    F P 2 months ago +6

    Joshua’s having second thoughts , I can see this being dragged out like the AJ Wilder situation

  • Jock Odd Sock
    Jock Odd Sock 2 months ago

    Eddie wants to milk his cash cow in a couple of nothing flights before putting him in for another certain loss. They NEVER intended to fight Fury. Had the contract with all terms agreed for over a week without signing. Just time wasters. They never wanted Wilder either. Joshua was a hype job and the public now see him and his team for what they really are.

  • Chilly Monkeys
    Chilly Monkeys 2 months ago +3

    Talks absolute rubbish

  • Simple Guy
    Simple Guy 2 months ago

    Dunno nuffing yeagh no whatever make me money whatever dont care any q I answer with me $$$ for me - yup it's on

  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 months ago +1

    Eddie and Joshy cannot duck the big boys anymore, and Fury is the biggest boy.
    Cornered Eddie and Joshy, now they are trapped.
    Well done Tyson for making sure they do not do what they did to Wilder, blame him and duck him.
    Fury has played a blinder here

  • William Galloway
    William Galloway 2 months ago +2

    I think Eddie hearn is the obstacle .not Joshua

    • Paul Donnelly
      Paul Donnelly 2 months ago +1

      Eddie and George are meeting on monday with the broadcasters to finalise a deal and Fury is putting out more deadlines, but Eddie is the problem??? 🤯🤯🤯

  • Ali
    Ali 2 months ago

    After Fury showed his ability vs Wilder. He proved he can handle a fast, unpredictable and heavy handed opponent. All these Joyces, Usyks and AJ's are no threat for Fury. Must feel like soft pillows in comparison.

    • Ali
      Ali 2 months ago

      What's Joyce gunna do with his extra slow speed, what's usyk gunna do with his pillow fists, what's AJ gunna do with his 6 round stamina....

    • Lee50
      Lee50 2 months ago +1

      Ahahahahahahahaha...He has to fight them , I swear Fury fans are some of the dumbest boxing ever..He ahs to fight them...this is not a computer game grow up.

    • Paul Donnelly
      Paul Donnelly 2 months ago +2

      🤣🤣 mcdermot, Pajkic, Cunningham, Wallin and wilder all troubled him. He’s far from invincible 🤣🤣🤣

  • David Pearson
    David Pearson 2 months ago +1

    You find it hard to imagine someone who has lost 3 fights out of 5 negotiating for more , and it will be 4 defeats in 6 if and when he fights fury

    • Interstellar Beat Teller
      Interstellar Beat Teller 2 months ago

      @David Pearson I have no problem congratulating Fury if AJ gets KTFO!
      Fury has to make the fight happen because he is the challenger. I just want these lads to have a ruck but a lot of fans get swept away with the business agenda that these promoters & fighters quite rightly have.
      Fans can go at each other but we do need to join together to make these fights happen🥊

    • David Pearson
      David Pearson 2 months ago +1

      @Interstellar Beat Teller lol I love your passion back to me there haha, I especially love the you don't know shit about boxing acronym, nowt wrong with a difference of opinion , I actually love a bit of angry banter so hats off to ya fella and no hard feelings intended 👍

    • Interstellar Beat Teller
      Interstellar Beat Teller 2 months ago +1

      @David Pearson And Fury got beaten up by Otter Wallin! Made your beloved bleed like an old gash! And the fact that you dismiss Usyk as a Cruiserweight proves YDKSAB

    • David Pearson
      David Pearson 2 months ago +1

      @Interstellar Beat Teller ok let's look at reality, Joshua got beaten up by a short fat Mexican bloke, and a cruiserweight twice. Styles make fights? You need to check out reality and stop living in cloud Joshua land!

    • Interstellar Beat Teller
      Interstellar Beat Teller 2 months ago +1

      Stop living in cloud Fury land and look at reality!
      AJ still has a massive fanbase, many of whom grew up watching boxing and understand that 99% of their favourite fighters in history took losses in their careers. Styles make fights and real fans want to see good fights, and don't demand a rival fighter retires after a few losses

  • TimeSplitterChimp
    TimeSplitterChimp 2 months ago +2

    Frank is a legend, only genuine promoter out there

    • Paul Donnelly
      Paul Donnelly 2 months ago

      He’s a genuine conman 🤣🤣🤣

    • TimeSplitterChimp
      TimeSplitterChimp 2 months ago

      @Chris fricker how's it not

    • Chris fricker
      Chris fricker 2 months ago +1

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he has sued nearly all the fighters that wanted to leave his promotion and he even sues youtubers who have an opinion about him, how is that genuine

    • TimeSplitterChimp
      TimeSplitterChimp 2 months ago

      @Jayjay myers I'm always serious

    • Jayjay myers
      Jayjay myers 2 months ago +2

      U serious ?🤣🤣🤣🤣