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Pacquiao vs Broner FULL FIGHT: January 19, 2019 - PBC on Showtime

  • Published on Jan 18, 2020
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  • John Charcho
    John Charcho Month ago +96

    This brought me so much joy. Manny Pacquiao beat him so easily.

  • Rogelio Bajado
    Rogelio Bajado Month ago +29

    I love to watch this match, Manny in his prime, I pray he's OK this days

  • James Hunt
    James Hunt Month ago +63

    Broner was making a classic mistake, he was waiting for that one big punch that never came. Pacquiao was just doing what he always does, picking Broner apart.

    • Kreuzer
      Kreuzer 5 days ago

      @Erwinn broner was never a talented fighter. It was all hype created by ppl. He barely beat paulie and paulie was an average tier boxer

    • Brian Lawrenson
      Brian Lawrenson 16 days ago

      No bonehead running and hugging dont win fights

    • Kimberly Albay
      Kimberly Albay 18 days ago


    • Kimberly Albay
      Kimberly Albay 18 days ago

      @Rommie Maricaban ķòmòďx

    • Gloria Eslabra
      Gloria Eslabra 22 days ago


  • Elijah Bates
    Elijah Bates Month ago +35

    I'm also highly convinced he'd knock out most MMA champions in a boxing match

    • Xiaoyang Li
      Xiaoyang Li 3 days ago

      That’s not saying anything lol

    • Michael O'Grady
      Michael O'Grady 11 days ago

      @Vincent Salamatino Manny would lose in an MMA fight against an MMA champ. He'd have two seconds to do before he got taken down. Once on the ground, he wouldn't know what to do, and would get pounded, and or choked out.

    • Vincent Salamatino
      Vincent Salamatino 12 days ago

      @Michael O'Grady
      All real fights start on the feet and Manny got some of the fastest hands ever.

    • Stu
      Stu 13 days ago

      @Ignas Damunskis That's a brilliant deduction but don't forget chess players

    • friendly pet
      friendly pet 26 days ago

      Highschool students would definitely not get a chance to hit

  • JeffB
    JeffB Year ago +273

    I have watched this fight several times just to see Broner humiliated by a 40 year old warrior and to see his overblown ego shut down. I like boxers like the Pac-Man who are gentlemen outside the ring and let their talent speak for them in the ring.

    • Ronald Soriano
      Ronald Soriano 6 days ago

      @cavscout62 agree

    • Vincent Salamatino
      Vincent Salamatino 12 days ago

      @Juan Catalan I disagree I watched a Euro stream of that fight and thought Manny won easily and didn't understand why people thought Floyd won until watching the American broadcast. Truth is Manny outlanded Floyd in every round that fight.

    • Juan Catalan
      Juan Catalan 3 months ago

      Pac man should have done the same thing to mayweather he just was too good

    • Topa Topa
      Topa Topa 4 months ago

      Ia 00000+(╯_╰)

    • Topa Topa
      Topa Topa 4 months ago

      Ix, i

  • Show Zhalgas
    Show Zhalgas Month ago +9

    Tengri blessing, Pacman!🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee Month ago +145

    I cant believe Broner actually thinks he won.

  • Udonkno anonymous
    Udonkno anonymous Month ago +47

    PacMan rocked his world🤣😂🤣👊🥊🥊🥊🥊

  • Ernesto Galura
    Ernesto Galura Month ago +49

    Broner kept saying "I Beat Him". Beat who?

  • Arvin Tomaquin
    Arvin Tomaquin 2 years ago +164

    Just imagine a prime pacquiao would do in that fight.

    • kenshinflyer
      kenshinflyer Month ago

      Mayweather was thinking the same way, actually.

    • CeeWorld
      CeeWorld 2 years ago

      Well Broner would be 15 years old so he wouldn’t be in that fight at anyway....

    • Karl von Bahnhof
      Karl von Bahnhof 2 years ago

      Manny would have ended his boxing career in the 2nd round

    • Kris Gerzon
      Kris Gerzon 2 years ago

      @Luis Peña we would not knock ab have you heard about margarito I don’t want ab to get knock i want his face to look like margaritos face

    • Lexin Alcaide
      Lexin Alcaide 2 years ago +1

      @Dom_ inked just show ur proof you bullshit hater!😂😂😂

  • MMA Reviewer.
    MMA Reviewer. Month ago +75

    Poor Broner could not take on Paqqi at 40.

    • MMA Reviewer.
      MMA Reviewer. 8 days ago

      @FobbitOperator yes

    • FobbitOperator
      FobbitOperator 8 days ago +1

      Oh he most definitely could have, were he not so thick in the skull, & light in the brain...

    • Vincent Salamatino
      Vincent Salamatino 12 days ago

      Manny was still a top P4P boxer in the world and the title holder of that division. So yes AB couldn't do what nobody else could do at the time either.

    • Wong Tikukan
      Wong Tikukan 18 days ago

      @مبین گلبازی h

    • Wong Tikukan
      Wong Tikukan 18 days ago

      Klo dlhs golkno golf sd jl ada jlg awas g ldlf huh as aq ar l da lho ff olimpiade gtu saw hp duhhhh jgn skrg aq lht cd jg awas

  • grzo
    grzo 7 months ago +172

    18:29 beautiful footwork by Manny, the sudden burst of speed definitely comes from his calves. This is how he catch opponents off guard, specially when they're backing off.

    • BBM Ngiwi
      BBM Ngiwi 26 days ago

      @Juan Carrillo it’s just your reason to defend floyd’s cowardice. Hahaha. Still everyone don’t like a boring and a runner plus a hugger🤣

    • Juan Carrillo
      Juan Carrillo 26 days ago

      @BBM Ngiwi This is boxing and there’s not enough room to run in that ring. And how does someone hit YOU MORE OFTEN than you if they are running in a boxing ring. You just wanted a handy cap that’s all. Since you want to be so righteous with the correct credit given and taken. Then what credit should one get for ducking and cherry picking his opponents at the worst time in their careers? Manny cherry picked over 14 different times. But that’s ok with you you’ll just deny it like it never happened. Sad but true how hypocritical and biased Mannys fans are. A great legend like Tyson and so many other legends in the sport don’t consider it running BUT A PAKTURD DOES 😂🤣😅 Just look at your name. PAK 💩. Nothing but shhhh in your brain 😂🤣😅. I won’t get tired of calling y’all PAK💩 😂🤣😅.

    • BBM Ngiwi
      BBM Ngiwi 26 days ago

      @Juan Carrillo No credit for someone who just runs inside the ring. Respect is earned not asked. That’s why no one respects floyd. Lmfao. 😂 The self proclaimed goat.

    • Juan Carrillo
      Juan Carrillo 26 days ago

      @BBM Ngiwi the PakBISHman LOVES TO DUCK AND CHERRY PICK his opponents. And fight them at their worst

    • Juan Carrillo
      Juan Carrillo 26 days ago

      @BBM Ngiwi To the most ignor@nt fans tha have shhhh for brains only. Only the PAK 💩💩💩s think like this HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA. Even Tyson the hater (with good reason) gave Floyd his credit do. Like I give a F what a PAK TURD has to say 😂🤣PAK 💩PAK 💩PAK 💩😂🤣🤣🤣😂😅😅🤣

  • Chris Acevedo
    Chris Acevedo Month ago +3

    If the spectator thinks Jeff horn won, he should not be scoring this fight despite Pacquiao winning

    • Miguel Rojas
      Miguel Rojas 3 days ago

      Agreed. Pacquiao Vs Horn was a blatant robbery on Manny's account.

  • An Adorable Wombat
    An Adorable Wombat 2 days ago +1

    After watching this fight numerous of times, I can confirm, 100%. That Broner DID NOT beat that boy!

  • Lez Zeppelin
    Lez Zeppelin Month ago +3

    The other guy only dancing around on the ring , you come in to fight not running around .

  • Adjustable Island
    Adjustable Island 4 months ago +125

    Broner is just unbelievable, I don't know what was going through his mind. 50 mins of him pawing at the air, riveting stuff.

    • An Adorable Wombat
      An Adorable Wombat 2 days ago

      Ob hush. He beat that boy 🥴 lmao

    • Vincent Salamatino
      Vincent Salamatino 12 days ago

      @Allan also an ancient story is people thinking a guy 20 years into his career is the same fighter they were when they started bcuz at this point in his career Manny was a legit better boxer and fought different. In fact I still believe Manny beat Floyd but that's another thing

    • Vincent Salamatino
      Vincent Salamatino 12 days ago

      @Tony Greyvenstein lol yeah it actually makes me like him, like AB be doing the most at all times it's so ridiculous it's entertaining like he got On God Nem on his trunks with his corner man brushing his hair...lol 😂 like yo bro

    • Lavanda Warren
      Lavanda Warren 2 months ago


    • Allan
      Allan 2 months ago

      dude, it's an age-old story. trying to box with a boxer when you know you can't win a boxing match. you can then say, after the right "well you see what you want to see." meaning the judges and fans. it's a kind of surrender in advance.
      to win broner would have to sell out and that would have lead to him being beaten up - but probably not stopped. it's an ANCIENT story.

  • Kruck crusher
    Kruck crusher 4 months ago +7

    Manny is truly a legend and clearly will be a future a hall of framer.

  • Julian Z
    Julian Z 28 days ago +2

    This fight reminds me of Pacquiao vs Floyd. Broner fought too scared and very conservative just like Floyd when he fought Manny

  • AE JEO
    AE JEO 2 years ago +70

    Everytime I watch manny, I just can't believe how fast he is especially now that he is kinda old. Only legend can do that 🙌🏼

  • Carl Madz
    Carl Madz 7 months ago +26

    Truly a Legend of Boxing

  • Chibby Hobby
    Chibby Hobby 7 months ago +14

    I’ve seen Broner’s fights before he rose up to stardom, so much potential man, I mean, his hands are one of the fastest, too bad his ego and lifestyle caught up with him. Imagine those skills and having Manny’s discipline. who knows what he could’ve accomplished. Great fight, but very one sided

    • Nasty Paz
      Nasty Paz 15 days ago +1

      he should not have tried walking in floyds footsteps, he should have tried going his own path. I was a fan of Broner in his early career even tho he was obnoxious, but then he turned into a real shithead and i couldn't stand him anymore. Best day ever was when Maidana faced him 🤣

  • emma bach
    emma bach 7 months ago +128

    I'm gonna miss every Manny fight. It doesn't matter who he fights, we respect them all. Manny fights for bigger reasons than himself and it is a thing of beauty! There is no other and will be no other. Just typing this comment brings sadness because Manny fought hard and he conquered many times. Always a champion of not just the Philippines and Asia but the whole world. Thank you, Manny!

  • Udonkno anonymous
    Udonkno anonymous Month ago


  • Janie Rios
    Janie Rios 3 years ago +1603

    People don’t realize how very rare it is for a fighter to still have reflexes and speed at 40 years old, quite remarkable, 40 year old out boxing and beating guys 11 years younger than him

    • Entis Sutris
      Entis Sutris 4 months ago

      ​@Eoj nvnhmvv HH KB jbnbvnbvvvvnnnhvnhnhvjhhhgjhjjgnnhnhjhhvvn ini mi Joo NU NU no no
      ini,zd km

    • ejhdjdj sbwbw
      ejhdjdj sbwbw 4 months ago

      2Ош отд

    • diday pascua
      diday pascua 5 months ago

      Dpa puede c boboy mag advice sa laban

    • diday pascua
      diday pascua 5 months ago

      Milyun halaga bag ni jinky naku sakit suntok

    • Luis Canceranluis
      Luis Canceranluis 5 months ago


  • Just please Shut up, thanks.

    Will forever look up to Manny ❤️❤️❤️ such a nice dude and a BEAST! Will never get bored watching his fights 😁

    • isagani bongato
      isagani bongato 18 days ago

      Broner is waiting for booom box by money and thats time he down

  • Sinval Gomes
    Sinval Gomes 6 months ago +12


  • Darren Sangil
    Darren Sangil 6 months ago +65

    32:05 “I ain even seen what he hit you with “ 😂😂😂

  • UrAverageGuy
    UrAverageGuy  Month ago +2

    damn broner keep hugging my guy i think his o
    nto gentleman
    or something

  • Alexander Trofimov
    Alexander Trofimov 2 years ago +929

    Imagine what younger Pac would have done with him 😂

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee Month ago

    Broner was very predictable in this fight.

  • Joseph Morrison
    Joseph Morrison 17 days ago

    At 40 Manny speed at the end of rd 5. Amazing. Hit Broner 3 times in a row while sucking the counters by a mile. Crazy

  • Uprising771
    Uprising771 5 months ago +6

    67" reach Pacquiao destroying boxers with height, weight and reach advantage makes him even more of a legend

  • Abstraddic 0
    Abstraddic 0 10 hours ago +1

    Broner never realized that he was behind in this one , crazy. 🤪

  • Piero Vazquez
    Piero Vazquez 2 years ago +280

    He beat him at running, at hiding, at receiving punches in the face, at being an absolute joke, at showboating... yeah he beat him.

    • fernando flores
      fernando flores 2 years ago +1

      Trully that you had said bro.
      But how come ,if they were not run? Maybe were afraid to catching the powerful left hand of manny.so that is..

    • ChocaMocha
      ChocaMocha 2 years ago +2

      Ikr...fucking ignorant and coward

    • Jim Doc
      Jim Doc 2 years ago +4

      The running man looses again

  • J P
    J P 6 months ago +85

    Broner had incredible footwork, ran for 36 minutes straight... "I beat him" 🤣🤣😂🤣

    • kenshinflyer
      kenshinflyer Month ago

      That footwork was useful, alright...

    • Cadburryange
      Cadburryange Month ago

      Why are you running? 😂

    • Secret
      Secret 2 months ago

      @Juan Catalan Father like son😂😂

    • Scott Pecora
      Scott Pecora 2 months ago

      Like I said he should have gone out for track and field!

    • Juan Catalan
      Juan Catalan 3 months ago +5

      Just like mayweather

  • Nanda Swann Yee
    Nanda Swann Yee 7 months ago +13

    Pacman is so good. great footwork, amazing reflexes and his super speed

  • Kashmiri Rose
    Kashmiri Rose 8 months ago +11

    That hit to the spline made Adrian's knees buckle in the 6th.

    A.I.M LORDZ Month ago +1

    This is what happens when you only have Yes Men in your corner

  • Alvalanker Video Game Channel

    Manny is a living legend, we should all really appreciate that we are able to watch him in our lifetimes.

    • Harry Soebagyo
      Harry Soebagyo 4 months ago

      Cm... ..
      . K. M
      . M. B lppl

    • Adi Suwarno
      Adi Suwarno 4 months ago

      @greaterrome . Tyyy

    • Putri 92
      Putri 92 4 months ago

      @greaterrome aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Jenard Quirido
      Jenard Quirido 6 months ago


    • Matias €¥}
      Matias €¥} 9 months ago

      Uvo mucho s boxseadores buenos pero como Ali no

  • Renn
    Renn 5 months ago +11

    51:49 I would have shat myself if pacquiao were to run up to me like that

  • Manny Morano
    Manny Morano 4 months ago +8

    Congratulations Manny Pacquiao the great fighter! Malinis maglaro at very sportsmanship.Maraming Salamat sa lahat ng karangalan na dinala mo at hindi mapantayan.God bless you always!

  • milan david
    milan david 3 months ago +9

    thanks to broner in this fight, he inspire me to run, now every morning i go out and stay in good shape, always running like broner

  • Kim Cousins
    Kim Cousins 6 months ago +10

    Those "Shoe Shine" punches have made Manny a legend.

  • Chess Master
    Chess Master Year ago +195

    Manny's speed and power! Unbelievable!

    • Patrick Pearson
      Patrick Pearson 3 months ago

      Manny is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I see why Mayweather was scared of him for so long.

    • Nubia
      Nubia 5 months ago

      @Killua the nerf was on pac vs thurman he lost his speed

    • Killua
      Killua 6 months ago +1

      That's a nerf Pacquiao, the Prime Pac was a beast

  • John Lemon
    John Lemon 4 months ago +6

    Never tired watching this action pack. 40 years old pacman the goat 🐐

    LA RUGA 2 months ago +7

    One person came to fight and it wasn't broner.We will all miss Manny!

    • Rogelio Bajado
      Rogelio Bajado Month ago

      In the ring we will miss him yes, we pray he is OK

  • Christian B.
    Christian B. 7 months ago +3

    what broner lacked in power he made up for with speed cause round four was amazing in slow mo you could see that he didnt get hit with shit really but the crowd ooh and ahhh if he tied his shoes!

  • evander holyfield
    evander holyfield 2 months ago +2

    gotta love how the crowd just starts booing at broner when broner thinks he won lol

  • Dan Alexander
    Dan Alexander 2 years ago +347

    52:52 damn Broner was so proud he survived 12 rounds. Makes me think that surviving with Manny is already a victory for him hahahaha

    • Jforeign254
      Jforeign254 11 months ago


    • BabaTV
      BabaTV Year ago

      Pac allowed broner to survive that long😂 he even said at end his coach told him to hold back !

    • James Robertson
      James Robertson Year ago

      Broner is just a poser,

    • William Munny
      William Munny Year ago +1

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    • No
      No Year ago

      he knows he got it in the Bag when he survive 12 rounds

  • Pablo Valdes
    Pablo Valdes Month ago

    Broner was a good fighter and better Clown 🤡

  • Vetsovo Venuh
    Vetsovo Venuh Month ago +26

    At his 40 his speed is incredible

  • Charles TV
    Charles TV 3 months ago +3

    24:33 when the referee is caring for Pacquiao . He warns pacman about broner dirty tactics 😊

  • alvin sequera
    alvin sequera Month ago

    Broner 😂

  • Sebastian dela Cruz
    Sebastian dela Cruz 2 years ago +227

    Between round 7 and 8
    Broner’s trainer: what was that? I didnt see the punch
    Broner: me either
    The funniest shit breh 😂😂

  • arturo
    arturo Month ago

    Commentator must of bet his house on broner.

  • Sam Olog
    Sam Olog 5 months ago +3

    When Manny start to fire and speed punches 🔥

  • shamshudin askar
    shamshudin askar 2 months ago +3

    Manny is just incredible

    GTA AUTOS 6 months ago +1

    Se suponía que era boxeo no carrera de atletismo, que si los ponemos a prueba en un maratón dudo que gane broner aún sabiendo que Pacman ya está muy mayor

  • Jay Uddin
    Jay Uddin 2 years ago +40

    13:15 the death stare from Hell. A very dangerous man indeed

  • Joseph Morrison
    Joseph Morrison 17 days ago +1

    16 punches to 6. Mannys body shots are brutal.

  • Eloina Seguro
    Eloina Seguro 2 months ago +6


  • Michael Metzler Sr
    Michael Metzler Sr 2 months ago +1

    He's telling himself that he beat Pacman! What is he taking! He looked like he was swinging one of those mosquito zappers. LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
    He truly is a legend in his own mind! 🤣

  • Kenny Lopez Jeet Kune Do
    Kenny Lopez Jeet Kune Do 3 months ago +1

    Pacquaio looked good in this fight. This was actually the best Broner ever looked too physically and he brought his A game for this one being that their was a lot at stake. Broner trained hard for this one. This is how the fight with Mayweather would of looked had the Pacman came into their fight 100% like people expected him to do in their May fight. Would of been a little more competitive but similar looking fight. And this is the fight that scared Floyd in not giving him a rematch after this performance. Pacquaio took this fight because Broner has a similar style to Floyd and this was supposed to be a tune up fight for the rematch, but of course, Floyd decided not to fight him again. Lol

  • Al Vaili
    Al Vaili 6 months ago +5

    Manny looks like he could fight another 10 years

  • IamMe
    IamMe 2 months ago +1

    15 secs into the fight Broner already hugging Manny... he know he's foocked up🤣

  • Misconduct
    Misconduct Month ago

    incredible footwork from broner the last 10 seconds of round 12, he should replace Usain Bolt if he can run that fast

  • Posting Anything.
    Posting Anything. 4 months ago +3

    My grand grand father actually lives in where Manny lives when Manny was still a kid. He actually know Manny because my grand grand father always sees him. Love Manny from 🇵🇭 Cebu.

  • Dale Reyes World
    Dale Reyes World 3 years ago +83

    At his prime he's taking out all the legends and now he's a legend he's after primes

  • HAMMA 808
    HAMMA 808 8 days ago

    Always rooting for pac!!! Idc what anyone says! Manny is from the trenches! And to even accomplish what he did is considered a miracle that is why he always gives all the Praise n all the Glory to GOD!!

  • Jdr
    Jdr 6 months ago +2

    Manny's body punches here are excellent.

  • LongLive JAH
    LongLive JAH 3 months ago

    Canelo literally emulated Pac-Man’s whole style 😂

  • Shubhanshu Jain
    Shubhanshu Jain 5 months ago +1

    what an amazing fight, both were amazing tbf

  • Jay CP
    Jay CP Year ago +277

    I was in top physical condition at 30-39!! Once I hit 40 everything was much harder to do and to keep!!! So I commend not only Manny but anybody that can be in that type of conditioning past 40!!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯💯 Manny is the GOAT!!!🏆🥇🏆🏅 🇵🇭

      ASIAN CONNECTION 25 days ago

      @Scott Pecora I totally get what you're saying, I can slowly see what is happening to me and my movement.

    • Scott Pecora
      Scott Pecora 25 days ago

      @ASIAN CONNECTION wait until you're in your sixties!

    • Xavier the Boxing Nerd
      Xavier the Boxing Nerd Month ago

      There have been greater achievements at older ages in boxing

    • TruthSeeker333 ♈️
      TruthSeeker333 ♈️ 4 months ago +2

      @david kaye
      That poor 🐑, retire him now, he's served you well 🤣🤣🤣✌🏼

      ASIAN CONNECTION 6 months ago

      @david kaye lol ,

  • Brian Connelly
    Brian Connelly 25 days ago

    I was so happy to see Manny Pacquiao slap up Broner. Mannys fights sure are missed.

  • Luis Alcalá
    Luis Alcalá 2 months ago +2

    I’ve seen this fight many times just to see if broner beat The PAC MAN like he says he did… ( I beat him, I beat him, I know I beat him)… And I always come back to the conclusion that HE DIDN’T!

    LIAM CAMET 4 months ago +1

    Broner loves Manny so much that he gave him so many hugs during the fight, what a nice guy

  • Jimm Noli
    Jimm Noli 4 months ago

    Pacquiao remains the greatest boxer ever!!!

  • El buki cuh
    El buki cuh 2 years ago +618

    The scariest part of the fight is how his team lied to his face like that...

    • فتح الدماغ مخدر
      فتح الدماغ مخدر 3 months ago

      @Christian Yanto I think that's the word in general about Cowboy Bebop, it's not just you

    • Genesis Sacro
      Genesis Sacro 3 months ago

      @Snek ģv

    • Johan Gomez 7w7
      Johan Gomez 7w7 3 months ago

      @Edgar Sandoval w

    • Баха Нейман
      Баха Нейман 3 months ago

      @Snek не переживай

    • Craig Cavanough
      Craig Cavanough 3 months ago

      Broner has clearly surrounded himself with a team of yes men who kiss his arse. You could tell they were scared of being critical of him. It's a clear indication of ego consuming him to the point of delusion.

  • Babbek Groß
    Babbek Groß 4 months ago +1

    Manny Brother, you are very much missed in the ring, it’s clear time goes on, we are getting old, and unfortunately your career is over for the most part. Manny misses you

  • pickemup😈🥊
    pickemup😈🥊 9 days ago +1

    man adrien SHOWED so much respect to Manny pacquiao i honor him for that

  • Elvis Pressley
    Elvis Pressley 21 day ago

    "He generates punching power from his calves" said nobody else, ever.

  • Makai Mauka
    Makai Mauka 7 months ago +1

    Thank you Manny, its been a privilege watching you fight. Broner thinks he won the fight...celebration at the end? His corner is not helping him saying its close..

    RIKI TAUM Year ago +55

    Un tío con 40 años q aguante los 12 asaltos ya es una victoria y si encima gana......ya el triple triunfo.👌👌
    Pac-Man 💪💪💪💪👏👏👏👏❤️

  • Dul Akif
    Dul Akif 5 months ago

    Both fighters are champions 💯🙏🏾😎

  • Gaming Shocker - Mobile Gaming

    this longetivity of Manny's career is the proof that he's a clean boxer

  • hassan jose
    hassan jose Month ago

    About billions production 🤣🤣🤣🤣goddamn

  • Manang Biday
    Manang Biday 4 months ago

    when broner said i beat him and me like In your dreams LOL 😂 😂

  • Messy
    Messy Year ago +92

    Pacquiao introduction is amazing! So many titles under his belt.

  • Morgan Overbay
    Morgan Overbay Month ago +2

    Footwork of Manny is extraordinary

  • James Hill
    James Hill 5 months ago

    Do yourself a favor, I’ve watched this fight so many times and always had manny winning hands down… try watching it with no volume, you might have a different opinion on how this fight went. It was a really close fight

  • Steven Quinlan
    Steven Quinlan 7 months ago +1

    Love the Pac-Man!!

  • Jermain Orr
    Jermain Orr 4 months ago

    All y'all hating on A.B. But look at Manny's face at the end of the fight.🤕😁😆

  • コヌイチ
    コヌイチ Year ago +214

    What a legend blocking pacquiao's punches by his face truly astonishing!

    • Scott Pecora
      Scott Pecora 2 months ago

      That's funny!

    • Brandon Jones
      Brandon Jones 4 months ago

      And still went the distance

    • Princewhite
      Princewhite 6 months ago

      Many blocked usgas with his face and got knocked the fuck out lol 😂

    • desi fulmano
      desi fulmano 6 months ago

      Taranntado,!open your eyes....

    • Videos
      Videos 7 months ago +3

      The Legend lost this fight to me

  • Dean Italianfood
    Dean Italianfood 3 months ago

    Broner is my favorite Boxer and He made some Awsome History.

  • d morris
    d morris 7 months ago +5

    I just watched this fight over and adrien outboxed him even the commentators saw and said what I said the crowd misled the judges frl manny got a few good shots but adrien was precise manny was missing most of everything he wanted y’all don’t know boxing

  • Onivert
    Onivert 4 months ago

    Broner almost talked himself into a win😂

  • victor hosey
    victor hosey 6 months ago +1

    Trainer says" I ain't even see what he hit you with, AB Says" neither did I"

  • Lobehold
    Lobehold 2 years ago +37

    32:58 That's hilarious. One dude doesnt know what to make of it and the other didnt even see it despite receiving it. Pacquiao still has incredible speed.

  • Jethro Reyes
    Jethro Reyes 4 months ago

    I can’t imagine Adrien Broner facing MP earlier. He could’ve been knocked out.

  • Sam Olog
    Sam Olog 5 months ago

    The GOAT
    The legend
    The icon
    Peoples champ
    Pilipino pride