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Dune Sequels Explained

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022

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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  4 months ago +200

    Get a free audiobook with an Audible trial: www.audible.com/asx
    There's a heap of detail and plotlines that didn't fit into this short video. More Dune videos coming. Plus House of the Dragon and ASOIAF!

    • Neil Turner
      Neil Turner 3 months ago

      Pronunciation Note: Siona is not "see-oh-na". There's a line in one of the later books that points out that it actually sounds extremely similar to the name of the later character, Sheeana, which suggests that the "Sio" is pronounced "Shuh", as in the Irish name Siobhan.

    • Stop the Philosophical Zombies
      Stop the Philosophical Zombies 4 months ago

      @Xanaxensual's father You're kidding, right? These books have been out for 60 years.

    • Xanaxensual's father
      Xanaxensual's father 4 months ago

      Why did you spoil the plot with the thumbnail?

    • Silverio Garcia
      Silverio Garcia 4 months ago

      Are you not doing westworld this season? Wait for season to end?

    • Stop the Philosophical Zombies
      Stop the Philosophical Zombies 4 months ago +1

      Paul falls in love with Liz Cheney?

  • Hilo Takenaka
    Hilo Takenaka 4 months ago +5170

    I know that Dune is an incredibly deep story, filled with complex worldbuilding and it has inspired countless stories
    But I can't help but burst out laughing every time Duncan gets resurrected

    • FrostyRobot
      FrostyRobot 15 days ago

      He's obviously a Cylon.

    • Gay Poo Eater
      Gay Poo Eater Month ago

      @Fluffy HellHound that was my thought originally, but I think his rebelious nature and ability to think for himself was something that Leto cherished. His grand plan was to supress humanity until they craved freedom enough to stand up for themselves. Duncan had that free-thought yo

    • EllBell1890
      EllBell1890 Month ago

      It was always there. I don’t care how you’re educated, the human computer mentats were always fantastical

    • 15_Muhammad Khoirurrizqi
      15_Muhammad Khoirurrizqi Month ago +1

      Duncan idahoe

    • SpaceAce100
      SpaceAce100 2 months ago

      The 1984 was, of course, trashed by the critics. Didn't do too well at the box office. Nonetheless, I've always liked it! Considering that there was no real CGI in those days, the SFX are not horrible. The music of course was amazing!

  • Michael Sear
    Michael Sear 4 months ago +889

    It is my personal belief that Frank Herbert, in his youth, fell deeply in love with a man from Idaho named Duncan, and he never got over it.

    • Sun Down
      Sun Down 9 hours ago +1

      😆 😆 😆

    • Mirror1973
      Mirror1973 12 hours ago +1

      Maybe he just liked both Duncan Hines cakes and Idaho mashed potatoes and decided to use both to name a character

    • HisDivine Shadow
      HisDivine Shadow 2 days ago

      he wasnt a fag.

    • spidaman0112
      spidaman0112 3 days ago

      Michael sear aka duncan

    • Liz Xu
      Liz Xu 8 days ago +9

      More like in his youth he fell in love with shrooms and lsd

  • Chris Fraser
    Chris Fraser 4 months ago +994

    I would never have believed that anyone could have summarized all the Dune books in just 12 minutes. Well done, well done!

    • Kevin Drane
      Kevin Drane 2 months ago +1


    • SpaceAce100
      SpaceAce100 2 months ago +1

      Our Host here, has an excellent Radio/Broadcast voice! So he makes it entertaining and interesting!!!

    • Silverio Garcia
      Silverio Garcia 4 months ago +5

      I started watching and figured it was 2hr video lol

    • Smoove J
      Smoove J 4 months ago +26

      “The Dune sequel books get weird.” Well put!

  • The Wayfarer
    The Wayfarer 4 months ago +641

    I love how Dune as a series continually overturns itself, to the point of being an entirely different beast in different eras. Messiah was a response to Dune, Children of Dune is a very, *very* different tone and then God Emperor is really like no other novel I can think of. Herbert took a lot of risks just being experimental and creative and crammed in so many ideas that I feel you benefit as a person reading and applying a lot of his ideas to real life, or at least understanding how others use conditioning and power.

    • The Effete
      The Effete 28 days ago +5

      @valar The story of Dune ends with God Emperor. The Golden Path succeeds; humanity is saved and grows to near infinite capacity.
      While I enjoy the last two books, they were a strange divergence that started telling a completely different story from the first four books.

    • valar
      valar Month ago +2

      @Wafaa For sure. He wrote plenty of books and short stories between the Dune books and he hadn't lost his touch. He lost the plot specifically with Dune.

    • valar
      valar Month ago

      @Brandon Butler Depending on your tastes you may even find Foundation superior.

    • Wafaa
      Wafaa Month ago +3

      @valar i feel like if he had more years of writing maybe he could have finished the saga and start something new with mor cohesiveness

    • valar
      valar Month ago +1

      If only his ideas in the later books could have been matched by the increasingly bizarre and sluggish narratives.

  • Robert S. Evans
    Robert S. Evans 4 months ago +323

    Dune, even in its heroic first novel, has tinges of something sinister on the horizon. Paul can see the war in his name, and willingly believes he can avoid it but every move he makes pushes it closer, not further. Frank was never a fan of the conquering hero so he wrote within that framework but always hinted that this course of action was wrong. From it being known they were exploiting a set up religious prophecy, that was deliberately set up for the soul purpose of being exploited, to Paul's arrogance that he can subvert the coming storm. The book even ends on a sort of down note. Paul is Emperor but no one is rejoicing. He took the throne out of petty revenge afterall.

    • Grasslander
      Grasslander 6 days ago +2

      Avenging the death of your family and friends and hundreds of others is hardly "petty".

    • The Effete
      The Effete 28 days ago +2

      @Brett Adkins I would ask anyone interested to read the first four books (up to God Emperor, i.e. the best one of the saga) since it completes the story of the Golden Path.

    • The Effete
      The Effete 28 days ago +2

      @Dashiell Gillingham "Supervillian" is a strong word to use. He's more of an antihero (appropriately so, since the first book follows the "hero's journey" narrative).

    • Aleksander Sokal
      Aleksander Sokal Month ago +6

      Emperor killing his family, friends and legions of troops is not petty, that is a major reasons to seek revenge.

    • Vera Mae
      Vera Mae 2 months ago +10

      And he is Emperor of the "known universe". Space is huge. "That's why we call it space," as Carl Sagan said.
      From the moment I read that banned groups could flee into the galaxy outside the empire, I knew there was something more going on, something being ignored.

  • VELutke
    VELutke 2 months ago +23

    Learning about the whole series as a whole, it now makes sense to me why the Dune books often don't make it beyond the first book in film/series adaptations. The first story seems like a classical hero's journey that has revenge, heroism and becoming an emperor leading a proud warrior people in the end. The perfect hero fantasy so many people like. Then the sequels promptly deconstruct that and show it for the pathetic idea it is. Paul's story shows us how the hero's journey likely WOULD pan out for most people (answer: poorly) and that makes us uncomfortable.

    • Don Van Damn Johnson Long Fella
      Don Van Damn Johnson Long Fella 8 days ago +1

      "You either live long enough to become the villain or you die fighting for something you believe in." - Twoface from The Dark Knight.

    • Liz Xu
      Liz Xu 8 days ago

      So true

  • Baknel
    Baknel 4 months ago +275

    I recently finished the 6 original novels and I just have to say, wow the art in this video is fantastic. I loved seeing the different interpretations of characters. Nayla, the Duncan ghola, Hwi, and Siona were especially great. Cudos the the artist(s). I also just have to say that going through the major plot points make these books seem a lot more readable and exciting than they actually are haha.. but again as you said, its about the ideas not the plot.

    • The Effete
      The Effete 28 days ago +1

      @Robin So Frank's "extensive notes" required Marty & Daniel to lie to each about being Face Dancers because they were actually robots invented by different writers two decades after Frank's death?
      I don't care if you lie to yourself, but don't lie to others. There are no "extensive notes." That was just something Brian said to try to give his "fanfic" novels more relevance because the fans were tearing them apart with all the inconsistencies. The sequels are not "worth the read". They are awful hackery along the lines of Disney Star Wars or Amazon's Rings of Power.

    • Idontwannaname
      Idontwannaname Month ago


    • Patreeko Time
      Patreeko Time 2 months ago +1

      @The Can of Nothing You arnt missing anything. The next two books leap ahead to a totally different and unresolved plotline that dont seem to have anything to do with the first 4, and the writing style descends into all kinds of silly 80s tropes that are at times painful to read. The sex witches with perms in leotards under neon lights? Its bad.

    • The Can of Nothing
      The Can of Nothing 3 months ago +2

      @tde02021 Yup! I just finished God Emperor, and I think I'm done. The plot points are interesting, but I can't sit through a full read anymore. I'm fine getting the rest of the story through videos like this one, or just reading Wikipedia. The first book, however, I've read a few times over the years and have always enjoyed it.

    • Zam Buza
      Zam Buza 3 months ago +1

      @Robin bruh those were not extensive notes, they spit on the ideas of Frank. Very bad books.

  • Fredrik
    Fredrik 4 months ago +198

    I love that it ends with the tribute to his wife. Because for me, the Dune series is a story of love and how love is one, if not THE, thing that makes us humans.

    • Rozmarin Ideas
      Rozmarin Ideas 28 days ago +1

      It's funny that people think that. So many animals feel and demonstrate love and devotion, yet we insist that it's something that isn't just a part of our experience, but something that makes us special, or at least a differentiating factor. It's touching, in a way. We want the emotion we see as good and powerful to be what makes us who we are.

    • valar
      valar Month ago +1

      @Fredrik I accept what you're saying. I still think the series is too nihilistic and that there is not nearly enough grace and compassion - and love - in it for my taste. The examples you listed are pretty much it in six books.
      Fremen society in Dune is absurdly, irrationally violent. Kill off your best people in stupid fights? Why? What a waste, especially when you're already battling an existential threat.
      It's not until the very end of Dune Messiah that we get emotions other than cold calculation. The rest of the book is a nasty slog. Paul is an asshole. I know that's the point, but even so.
      The God-Emperor sacrifices himself to free humanity. That's a remarkable moment. But the rest of the book is kind of sterile. And the result of his sacrifice is pretty horrendous in the short term. Like, dear god, Frank. Cut us some slack!
      Duncan and Murbella aren't star-crossed lovers as much as they are sexually addicted to one another. Frank's letter at the end is beautiful, but it's not part of the story. I didn't get a sense of much going on between the two characters at the end.
      I love Dune, but it has its flaws. It's my personal preference, but I would pick the often-compared LOTR over Dune as a balm for the soul any day. It's a reflection of the very different backgrounds and personalities of Herbert and Tolkien.
      One thing that strikes me is that Herbert never saw combat in WW2, yet his books are graphically violent. Tolkien saw combat in WW1 at the Somme, one the of the biggest battles in history. He did not write about violence graphically. Neither did Robert Jordan, who was a gunner on a helicopter in Vietnam. Perhaps it was because they had actually seen war that they could never write about violence the way Herbert does.
      These are just my thoughts and if you disagree I certainly am not going to be offended. Art is in the eye of the beholder after all.

    • Fredrik
      Fredrik Month ago

      @valar ofc there are tons of other ideas explored, these are mostly my initial surface feeling after have read them, but its the one that resonated with me the most at the time

    • Fredrik
      Fredrik Month ago +2

      @valar yeah, for me Alia becomes mad because of lack of love, paul does what he does at the end of book 2 out of love, leto II realises love is what makes us human after alooooot of time. Jessica and Leto I do what they do out of love. Best Duncan Idaho, aka Duncan from book 2, is torn from love. And ofc it ends with star crossed lovers, Duncan and murbella. As well As the letter from Herbert to his wife

    • valar
      valar Month ago +1

      I always thought there was not nearly enough love in the Dune universe. I actually think it's a key failing of the series. Everyone is a power-hungry monster and anyone who isn't e.g Kynes is killed off. This universe has many highly developed human minds, but all done in the service of power and domination. Whereas we see that all of the sophisticated 'inner technology' techniques in our world have all been put in the service of cultivating love and wisdom - e.g. Buddhist meditation, Christian mysticism, Sufism, Advaita Vedanta Hinduism, native American use of psychedelics.

  • Keir Griffiths
    Keir Griffiths 4 months ago +2736

    I love that Dune is celebrated as this visionary science fiction masterpiece with a cohesive, detailed universe and believable, iconic characters - and also includes absolutely wild, out there sci fi concepts in the sequels. Zen clones, worm men, super speed, millennia-long schemes - but it's all somehow believable and consistent. At least the Frank Herbert novels. It's tragic he passed before finishing his last.

    • Gay Poo Eater
      Gay Poo Eater Month ago

      @Slop King did you just call me a pinion man!? Fucked up bro.

    • Powertech Corporation
      Powertech Corporation Month ago

      @Anton Mochalin interesting, vaguely middle eastern Muslim-relevant stories. Some neat stuff in the very expansive Dune universe for sure . I see a new upcoming miniseries / film potential there certainly

    • Patreeko Time
      Patreeko Time 2 months ago

      Eh, the last two books I felt werent very good. The writing style gets bogged down with 80s cliches and there isnt really any sense of where the story is going, it feels mostly like two huge books of distractions and wrong turns. Compared to the first book in which every word feels perfectly placed. God Emporer probably comes closest to bringing back the feeling of the first book... But the last two already felt like someone else was writing them or that Herbert just wanted to cash in on the buzz around the movie.

    • Tuckernutz
      Tuckernutz 4 months ago +1

      And then his son came and ruined it

    • Texas scifi
      Texas scifi 4 months ago +7

      At least he has a reason why the final book wasn't published. George R Martin only has the excuse of money elsewhere instead of finishing the Novel series

  • Anton Louw
    Anton Louw 4 months ago +158

    I don't know if you're aware, but the picture of the plant you used when you describe the vegetation of Arakis is Portulacaria afra - a South African plant that's used to rehabilitate overgrazed arid areas and exceptionally good at carbon storage and promoting rainwater infiltration. A coincidence or a nice nuanced touch.

    • Puppy Puppington
      Puppy Puppington 23 days ago

      @MRHOUSE things just are.

    • Crotalus atrox
      Crotalus atrox 2 months ago +4

      Fitting that the Portulacaceae...the Purslanes...being such a succulent xeric loving and thriving plant...that it would be one of dominants in colonizing this new habitat...along with Euphorbiaceae, Cactiaceae and xerix non-epiphytic terrestrial Bromeliaceae.

    • Jethro Reading
      Jethro Reading 4 months ago +10

      I think that’s a shot from the 2021 film, in the ecological station sequence?

      MRHOUSE 4 months ago +7

      Nothing is a coincidence

  • Sam Merry
    Sam Merry 4 months ago +112

    I feel very strongly that if frank Herbert had more of an interest in honing the plot of his work into a more consistent and cohesive narrative it would have done a lot to bolster and flesh out his philosophical and existential ideas

    • Spiritual Anarchist
      Spiritual Anarchist Month ago

      @Chibi Papa Nurgle Same here.I I think a lot of people stranded somewhere in children of Dune and never bothered reading Emperor , heretics and chapterhouse.

    • Marty Emmons
      Marty Emmons 4 months ago +1

      @Peter Hansen, is that the book that ends with the ship telling the people to decide how they will worship it (ship)?

    • Peter Hansen
      Peter Hansen 4 months ago +6

      I highly suggest reading some of his other books. Free from the expectations of Dune fans, he produced some really brilliant books. For example, The Jesus Incident, about an insane colony ship AI which uses an entire world to explore its Lamarckian fixation is brutal, well-told, instructive and incredibly thought-provoking.

    • Oswaldo Ojola
      Oswaldo Ojola 4 months ago +14

      The narrative not being cohesive is a mirror of the Dune universe. Each successive book is a rejection of what came before. There is no overarching story of humanity. The best we can do is lay the groundwork for as much diversity and randomness as possible and then get out of the way.

    • Chibi Papa Nurgle
      Chibi Papa Nurgle 4 months ago +11

      As much as I like the universe & really enjoyed the first book, I couldn't focus at all on the 2nd and 3rd. All the talking about possibilities of the mind and dreams really drew me out. I enjoyed the plotting and the action, limited as it was. I get why people enjoy the existencial ideas in it. I hate it.

  • Choccomoke
    Choccomoke 4 months ago +129

    It should be noted that the Fremen have a tradition of banishing those who've lost their sight, among other defects, into the sands.
    And that its only because of his powers that he was able to keep it from happening as long as he did; i.e. his being Emperor, the religious leader of the Fremen, and especially his prescience that allowed him to see despite his lack of eyes.
    But even in the end, it seems by the will of the universe as with Paul's, he is unable to go against the rather barbaric customs of his Fremen despite it not even having any bearing on him. Paul is not weak, and he can see better with prescience than any of his Fremen, but to persist is to go against the culture -- the brutal culture that surely helped in his conquest of the universe in the first place.

    • cecilofs
      cecilofs 4 months ago +3

      @ryougishiki This, and it was the beginning of destroying his legacy to free himself from it.

    • Merritt Animation
      Merritt Animation 4 months ago +5

      @FDRpi More that of perfect physical form over all, since other parts go mutilated at various points (Like Justinian II losing his nose)

    • ryougishiki
      ryougishiki 4 months ago +22

      And it's noted that by going into the desert to die, that by his willingness to live, and die, by Fremen custom, he basically bought the Fremen's loyalty to his children.

    • FDRpi
      FDRpi 4 months ago +8

      What's also interesting is that that was a tradtion in the Byzantine Empire (at least the value of being sighted vs. blinded).

  • ZombieSalmon
    ZombieSalmon 4 months ago +94

    “The emperor commands that you stop reading after children of dune”
    I remember having my mind absolutely blown away upon discovering that Dune had sequels when i was younger. I seriously thought it was only one book! So glad i read them all, despite some being better than others. I absolutely believe that, if brian hadn’t have taken over due to his death, that frank would’ve made dune have a sad or tragic ending if he was still alive.
    Good vid as always shift

    • Spiritual Anarchist
      Spiritual Anarchist Month ago +2

      Brain hijacking the Dune universe IS the sad and tragic ending.

    • Patreeko Time
      Patreeko Time 2 months ago +2

      God Emporer of Dune is one of my favorite books of all time. It is incredible. The horror of it is just intense.

    • Úlfinn
      Úlfinn 4 months ago +6

      Frank Herbert's Dune was critical of humanity but an important point is hope for humanity and our ability to change and adapt. I think Dune 7 would have had a hopeful ending and be about humanity's evolution.

    • Manin Black
      Manin Black 4 months ago +23

      Personally, I feel like he never would’ve ended dune if he lived forever. To me dune feels like the story of humanity and how no matter how many problems we solve there’s always something on the horizon. Always something to work toward or struggle against. Always charismatic leaders with good or bad intentions. Always factions plotting against each other.

  • Ka Chow
    Ka Chow 4 months ago +225

    I finished God Emperor of Dune several months ago and I'm still not sure if it was the best or worst book I've ever read, maybe it's both lol

    • salculd
      salculd 4 months ago +2

      It's been decades since I read it, so I can no longer defend my position or really remember why I came to it in the first place, but God Emperor was my favorite of the entire series that I could bear to read. (I think I petered out a little ways into Chapterhouse.) Ideally, 12-year-old me was a literary scholar, but that seems unlikely in retrospect.

    • R
      R 4 months ago +3

      If you’re not sure, does it matter?

    • Mellisco
      Mellisco 4 months ago +1

      God Emperor is probably the best Dune book in my opinion

    • Marc Conley
      Marc Conley 4 months ago +2

      It's about the sacrifice he made that gets me. The tragedy of that makes me love the book. I've read it many times, with the other books. You can't get better than Frank Herbert.

    • Chris Rhodes
      Chris Rhodes 4 months ago +3

      Love it or hate it, the God Emperor is one if the most intriguing characters to be found in any series, ever.

  • Peter Hansen
    Peter Hansen 4 months ago +57

    The characters did, indeed, “get away”, only to be captured by the evil Brian Herbert who, through the powerful magic of his hack writing (and that of his even lamer sidekick Kevin Anderson) enslaved them all.

    • magicmulder
      magicmulder 3 days ago

      I know I'm in the minority but I like the "final" books, except for the cascade of deus ex machinas at the very end. But the Daniel/Morty stuff at the end of Chapterhouse (by far my favorite of the saga) was just weird and out of place.

    • Andrew Needham
      Andrew Needham 8 days ago

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. His "conclusion" to his father's works was a slap in the face.

    • Applecrow
      Applecrow Month ago +3

      I used to work in a bookstore and when people asked about the Brian and Kevin books I would tell them to read them because they would never read anything that bad again.

  • Leo F
    Leo F 4 months ago +105

    If you don't mind me making a suggestion: How about you look into Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons. Everyone who talks about it tends to focus on the Shrike and the Time Tombs and while the Shrike is undeniably a great monster, there is so much more delicious worldbuilding in these books. There are tree ships! Spaceships that are real living trees! How's no one talking about that? Also for being first published in the early 90s, there is a very interesting depiction of the virtual world and AI. Not to mention the politics and the time travel and the poetry and so on.

    • Jethro Reading
      Jethro Reading 4 months ago

      Seconded, I also think there’s enough crunchy thematic stuff to make it worth properly exploring

    • Giga Fuq
      Giga Fuq 4 months ago +1

      those first two books are probably my favourite sci-fi novels after dune tbh, though I'm not fussed on the two sequels

    • Loren Z
      Loren Z 4 months ago +1

      @hhjhj You may enjoy "In the Court of the Crimson Kings" by SM Stirling - The Crimson Dynasty uses genetic engineering and organic tech for *everything* including medicine and guns.

    • L. A.
      L. A. 4 months ago

      These are great books!

    • Leo F
      Leo F 4 months ago +1

      @hhjhj Absolutly. I love that sci fi is shifting in a more green, more solarpunk direction. Today the radical idea is a hopeful future, lol

  • Michael Bastiani
    Michael Bastiani 4 months ago +55

    Just have to give a quick shout-out to my boy Stilgar... could've killed Leto as a baby but didn't... couldn't help but feel deeply melancholic and sad everytime the "museum fremen" came up in god emperor... my thoughts always went to stilgar and how he would've cursed them! Often overlooked character imo

    • Crotalus atrox
      Crotalus atrox 2 months ago +2


    • Corvus
      Corvus 4 months ago +9

      Stilgar, Moneo, and Jessica are my favorite characters after Paul

  • KingOfMadCows
    KingOfMadCows 4 months ago +1924

    It's interesting how so many fans think that Leto II's Golden Path will save humanity even though a huge theme in the series is that you should be wary of powerful and charismatic leaders determining the fate of entire societies. I would not be surprised if Frank would have let the Golden Path end in a huge disaster if he had been able to finish the series.

    • Tyler
      Tyler 29 days ago

      No you missed the point.
      Leto II was an example. Basically Frank saying "OK yes, in a few extreme circumstances an all-powerful tyrants ends CAN justify the means."

    • U Cannot Defeat My Shmeat
      U Cannot Defeat My Shmeat Month ago

      The golden path seems to be intended to become basically all Tomorrows lol

    • volt
      volt Month ago +1

      You say that like part of the golden path wasnt meant to condition humanity against powerful and charismatic leaders.

    • Dusan Tadic
      Dusan Tadic Month ago

      Leto had the power of prescience. he sacrificed his humanity to save humanity from an existential threat. i don't know how you can doubt the golden path. the golden path and the powers and perils of prescience were the entire point of the series.
      that's like watching game of thrones and saying you don't think the dragon's really existed.

    • Brian Whittemore
      Brian Whittemore 2 months ago

      “It’s interesting so many fans believe something in the story that Herbert made the central theme for four books, tee hee. Wait, this is Reddit, right?”

  • Christopher Carrillo
    Christopher Carrillo 4 months ago +63

    I love all these books immensely and this was a great video! But hearing the story summarized sounds like I’m on the most terrifyingly vivid acid trip I could ever wish or not wish to encounter lol

    • Helen Tee
      Helen Tee Day ago

      @Gold Tiger kind of the point. A distorting mirror/series of mirrors held up to humanity's past and possible distant future.
      Definitely not 'space' SF.
      Don't expect to read the books after Dune to get a better understanding of the 'world' of the Dune universe, as l did ,because it doesn't work like that. You have to take this 'world' as it comes,full of 'historical' gaps.
      May be read them as ' legends' , with large chunks of philosophy thrown in as well. Then you won't be disappointed

    • Gold Tiger
      Gold Tiger 13 days ago +1

      @Christopher Carrillo sounds pretty similar to reality

    • Christopher Carrillo
      Christopher Carrillo 14 days ago

      @Patreeko Time I think 5-6 are setting up for the final book but the author passed and I think his son and another author tried to “finish” the story but prolly just did it for the money. I think the storyline does start to become choppier around the 5th book but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

    • Christopher Carrillo
      Christopher Carrillo 14 days ago

      @Gold Tiger pretty existential but as “scary”/nerve racking as it can get, the payout is worth it for me. The moments of triumph or even the bigger themes and analogies of the story are great.

    • Baron von Shekel
      Baron von Shekel 14 days ago +2

      You're missing out on fantastic literature if you skip dune 1-6
      God-Emperor,Heretics and Chapterhouse are gold

  • Icarus
    Icarus 4 months ago +47

    Regarding the latest movie adaptation: I'd love if Dennis Villeneuve's "Dune" would be turned into a roughly 6-8 movie long series that ends with the ending of the 4th novel "God Emperor of Dune". Maybe even with a small twist to make it more ambivalent and open-ended. Was Leto's "Golden Path" the right decision - or is the lesson not to blindly follow and trust ANY powerful leader!? I think that would be both a realistic (although very optimistic) and great take on turning these complicated stories into movies! :) The 5th and 6th novel are probably way to obtuse and weird for a broader audience.

    • Patreeko Time
      Patreeko Time 2 months ago

      @Will Mungas In the era of over the top super hero flicks this is not only an easy do, but you also have an audience primed to enjoy such things. The Worm is just Hulk Smash without the green skin. 🤷

    • MenwithHill
      MenwithHill 2 months ago +2

      My wish is that the movies are successful enough that they let him do God Emperor of Dune, just for the hell of it. Not even try to make accessible, the pure artistic exercise of adapting this insane shit.

    • Úlfinn
      Úlfinn 4 months ago

      @Will Mungas Children of Dune has definitely enough action to keep general audience attention. If they only made 2 of the trilogy, that would be disapointing.

    • Will Mungas
      Will Mungas 4 months ago +19

      I’m not sure the movies can make it through Children, to be honest. Too much psychedelic and mental stuff to explain in a concise, cinematic style like the latest “Dune”. Dune: Messiah is where I feel the books end without going too crazy, in a way adaptable to movie format. It also provides a fitting, tragic ending to Paul’s story, which I always found the best and most final ending of any of the books. I consider it poetically moving that his fate is to wander off into a storm in the desert to die the Fremen way.
      Personally, I don’t really like the books much after that, mostly because I find Leto to be a very difficult character to relate to. This is by nature, because having been spice-born he is essentially a blank personality ruled by his ancestral memories; it was extremely hard to connect with him, and I think that would be a major issue on-screen. He is, of course a fascinating figure and tragic when viewed externally, but I think the book God Emperor is extremely obtuse as it focuses entirely on his thoughts and view. If there is to be a movie for Children and God Emperor, the Children movie must develop Leto much more personally and be a little more grounded than the books (him putting on sand trout is cool but… leaping hundreds of feet in the air? Lifting multi-ton stone doors and throwing them? That was immersion breaking in the book, it needs to be toned down or removed from a movie). Leto must be older than in the book for it to work well; he can’t just be a child, it would push believability especially if the acting wasn’t perfect. The actress for Alia would also have to do very well for her story to work, with all the psychedelic stuff, but if it was it would also make for a good tragedy. The God Emperor movie, if made, may do best to focus more on Siona and Duncan, with Leto as the background villain to show how he has changed without going into all the gibberish he says in the book.
      I do believe Dennis Villeneuve plans to make Dune Part II and a Messiah movie, which again I think would probably be best because it’s a fitting conclusion for Paul. If the movies delve into God Emperor territory they will have to be exceptionally well produced to avoid incomprehensibility.
      Edits are for clarification

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    1) that time Leto II covered himself in fish
    2) God Emperor was secretly the best out of the series
    3) The sentence "It could order him to blink, fart, gasp, shit, piss-anything" was in Heretics of Dune. I distinctly remember reading that, taking a moment, putting the book down, and thinking to myself "huh, well... that was quite the sentence I just read."

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    There's a lot of debate about what value or even meaning Leto 2's Golden Path was. Those that support him and like what his plan represented think that he and his plan were the best of all, terrible, options. But I maintain that, possible or not, the Bene Gessirit plan was superior. Leto's plan had two parts. One was to oppress people so entirely and for such a long time that a resistance to tyrants was imprinted on their souls. But as we know from human history, this doesn't happen. Oppression doesn't refine people or make them freedom loving. In fact, oppressed people build up so much anger and resentment that more often than not, once they break free of their oppression and gain power, they in turn oppress others even more.
    The second and more central part of Leto 2’s plan was to breed humans that were invisible to prescience so no future oppressor with the power of prescience could see what they are doing, find them and control them.
    The problem with this plan is that it doesn’t seem to improve the human condition, at best it seeks to ensure that at lest some portion of them have a chance to continue on in the same savage existence they have experienced for the past thirty or so thousand years.
    In contrast, the Bene Geserit program was not just to produce the Quizach Haderach and control him to control the universe. Their objective was not just control for controls sake. Their plan was to use that control and also the QH’s powers to guide all humanity and breed the savagery out of them.
    Remember, one of their great abilities in accessing past female memory was the capability of great empathy (even though they were ruthless in attaining their goals). And their motivation was not just to ensure the continuation of humanity but also to improve and refine humanity so that they were capable of organizing themselves into communities where oppression was not the norm due to the quality of heart and mind of most or all of the individuals who made up those communities; including those in power.
    This is exactly the influence that we see of Christianity over a refinement period of two thousand years where the teachings of love and empathy found in both the Old and New Testament washed over people and generation after generation they began to accept the concept of human dignity and human rights. To the degree that, despite there still being evil in the hearts and actions of people, they even came to a humanity first decision to voluntarily end slavery; as well as care for all the poor, give women equal rights and even send vast amounts of their wealth to other nations and cultures to ease their suffering. So as much as people of the world are still very much flawed, Christianity has had a refining effect on them in the same way that the BG planned but failed to achieve due to their plans and group being steam rolled by a tyrant with a far more basic goal of just survival.
    That’s why I think the BG are the real heroic force in the Dune Universe. At least in their intentions.
    Whether it was possible to achieve their desired aim was another matter. And maybe Leto 2 was able to see that the ultimate, noble aim of the BG was not actually possible. But possible or not, I never really understood his disdain/contempt for them.

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    I want to say that Iblis Ginjo made me feel a wide range of feelings: from fear and hope to disgust and hatred. By the time I got to the events in The Machine Crusade I started to wonder. How the fuck can someone become so evil. The seeds were there, sure, but instead of evolving the way I hoped him to evolve he gone full evil and it reminds me of certain religious leaders IRL. Then we have Serena, the poor girl, while wanting to do good, little does she know that she is just a puppet for Iblis's power games. I swear, this man is infuriating.

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    • Bichpants McGee
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    • 2fathomsdeeper
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      sinephase 4 months ago

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  • Merlin
    Merlin 4 months ago

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  • Brandelwyn
    Brandelwyn 4 months ago +2

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  • Joe Danko
    Joe Danko 2 months ago +1

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