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  • Marabou Mjölkchoklad
    Marabou Mjölkchoklad 2 years ago +14169

    Whoever keeps throwing airplanes is a legend😂

    • Nirvana One
      Nirvana One 2 months ago

      😂 thought I was seeing things omg

    • Nightmareslumber
      Nightmareslumber 5 months ago


    • Wwe Jeevan
      Wwe Jeevan 6 months ago

      @Kimi ulrich santos shut up I would say your name but I don’t want my furniture to start floating

    • TSPI
      TSPI Year ago


      SALTYSAMI Year ago


  • BlindMaster
    BlindMaster Year ago +4480

    Shout out to Pewdiepie's parents for raising this legend.

    • Lain
      Lain 10 months ago +2

      @Complexitatē Avansată It's a grocery store.

    • Aiman Yunus
      Aiman Yunus 10 months ago

      @Call Of Duty emulator gameplay nope, hes just laying low

    • Call Of Duty emulator gameplay
      Call Of Duty emulator gameplay 11 months ago

      But that legend is dead in 2022 😭

    • Fly459wild
      Fly459wild Year ago +1

      @man in the black nah goodwill is we’re it’s at

    • man in the black
      man in the black Year ago +1

      @Complexitatē Avansată WALMART????? IKEA FOR LIFE

  • Nue Noku
    Nue Noku 2 years ago +1233

    i love the way KSI roasted logan's whole family and his dad went like : your mom, ask your mom...like wtf

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago +2206

    I like ksi, he's wayyy more humble than logan and jake, not saying he's humble but hes definitely a nicer guy than others

  • Jackyy
    Jackyy Year ago +695

    Jack & Logan: Walmarttttttttt
    Ksi and Deji: Tescoooooooo
    Pewds: ikeaaaaaaaaa

  • L Cleggo
    L Cleggo 2 years ago +7441

    Isn’t it funny that now pewds is now friends with ksi

    • Varun Surve
      Varun Surve 2 days ago

      And now KSI is friends with Logan Paul

    • Fred Rogers
      Fred Rogers 9 days ago

      He should be friends with Logan instead, but he's too much of a cluck

    • Anlys Celshin
      Anlys Celshin Year ago +1

      Isn't funny how ksi and logan and friends now

    • Carbonara Lajibolala
      Carbonara Lajibolala Year ago +1

      Has soo gooddddd

    • Isak Emanuel
      Isak Emanuel Year ago

      Lmao and now ksi and logan are also friends

  • Nahsur
    Nahsur 2 years ago +161

    i love how pewds doesnt take sides but just jokes about all of it

  • Art Nation
    Art Nation Month ago +3

    Bro that second interview was a massacre

  • i want to die
    i want to die Year ago +58

    The referee must be in so much pain just being in the same stage with the both of them

  • Leah Mckniff
    Leah Mckniff Year ago +153

    jjs laugh is just so contagious 😂😂

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 4 years ago +10843

    This video was brought to you by Walmart.

  • Selrach Ed Emrol
    Selrach Ed Emrol Year ago +137

    This is like bringing two kids to court and expecting them to be adults

  • Easy Gaming
    Easy Gaming Year ago +106

    "I think the reason why this match is interesting cause I don't care who wins"
    - PewDiePie, 2018

  • Marzuo Joemamama
    Marzuo Joemamama Year ago +253

    Jake looks like he's ready to date every man in that room

  • Uncle Phil
    Uncle Phil Month ago

    11:53 savage edit on the last line

  • Archit Gupta
    Archit Gupta Year ago +206

    If this video was age restricted.....it would have 0 dislikes....

  • A Giant Flying Shark
    A Giant Flying Shark Year ago +482

    Logan looks he is so depressed and sad about his life...

  • master chief
    master chief Year ago +28

    can we give props to the guy who stopped the mic from rolling off the table

  • rimas kurd
    rimas kurd Year ago +16

    i love how pewdiepie is such a nice guy

  • HazzaB248
    HazzaB248 3 years ago +6166

    I actually burst out laughing when Pewds compared Logan Paul to Mr Incredible and Jake to Incrediboy 😂

  • Choi Bandrang
    Choi Bandrang 2 years ago +40

    I always come back to this video and i always laugh at the guy who throws the g-fuel. It’s like he knows Felix is gonna make a video about the whole thing.

  • Aashish Sharma
    Aashish Sharma 4 months ago +7

    Ahh man the golden days of pewdiepie
    I miss these kinda videos 🥲

  • Mike Alkon
    Mike Alkon Year ago +9

    Can we take a moment and appreciate how accurately he predicted the outcome?

  • Danny Bridie
    Danny Bridie Year ago +12

    damn, Felix really used to be the king of roasting anything and everything

    MrMEOLA 4 years ago +4263

    Claimed by: Logan Paul, Jake Paul, KSI and "the other one" 😂

    • Fadi 🇲🇦
      Fadi 🇲🇦 Year ago

      @Destano true but not Bigger than ksi tho

    • Destano
      Destano Year ago

      @Fadi 🇲🇦 pewdiepie kinda washed but he still bigger than deji

    • Beep Boop
      Beep Boop Year ago

      @Yogen uh should’ve checkee the date... but I still don’t think I was exactly roid raging or anything

    • Yogen
      Yogen Year ago

      @Beep Boop you’re replying to a 2 year old comment. I was 14 lmao chill out

    • Fadi 🇲🇦
      Fadi 🇲🇦 Year ago

      @Destano Coco passed your boy lol

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name Year ago +40

    I like how all the actual boxers in the background just seem so done with their sh*t

  • Ellis Anderson
    Ellis Anderson Year ago +13

    I have been coming back to this video about every month for almost three years now. It's an absolute staple in my X-vid lineup

    SGT QUICKSHOT 2 years ago +40

    I swear to god every time Shanon says lets go champ i lose my brain cells

  • rani osman
    rani osman Year ago +13

    Damn it never gets old😂😂

  • Iboro David
    Iboro David 2 years ago +1377

    "how do u make not just one but two dumb children!!!!!"---JJ
    that slapped

    • Ali Raza
      Ali Raza 5 months ago +1

      Ksi is one to talk considering him and deji lol

    • najqowiwjsoela シ
      najqowiwjsoela シ 2 years ago

      whooosh me sorry who?

    • SnoopDiss
      SnoopDiss 2 years ago

      @whooosh me I was gonna quote that lol

    • whooosh me
      whooosh me 2 years ago +15

      I know that’s an epic line but I can’t stop thinking how W2S said basically the same thing in his diss track

    • Garmec
      Garmec 2 years ago +63

      I thought the real killer was “wtf is wrong with it your sperm?” Fuckin legend xD

  • Huzefah 27
    Huzefah 27 Year ago +17

    6:05 , the greatest comeback of all time

  • Rixez
    Rixez Year ago +676

    the ref:calm down calm down
    auto generated subs: condom condom

  • Samuel Smith
    Samuel Smith Year ago +31

    Ngl I miss this era of X-vid, it was nothing short of entertaining

  • GD_Maplez
    GD_Maplez Year ago +36

    Everyone laughing at the bad insults but I’m just laughing at every time the guy gets pissed at someone throwing a paper airplane

  • Dale Berry
    Dale Berry 4 years ago +566

    The editing 😂 class haha

    • Olle sjöberg
      Olle sjöberg 4 years ago

      And the other one hahahahahah

    • Alex Pawlik
      Alex Pawlik 4 years ago +1

      Dale Berry I’m live 😃😀

    • TheUwaisPatel
      TheUwaisPatel 4 years ago +13

      Dale Berry the fucking zooming in on the things being thrown was great

  • alright
    alright Year ago +12

    bruh imagine having so much respect that people throw empty g fuel cans at you

  • Guester_Blaster
    Guester_Blaster 2 years ago +3

    Fucking ultimate instinct, he picked up the microphone just as it was about to fall, this man saved thousands of ears

  • Kid 24kNight
    Kid 24kNight Year ago +23

    "I want to root for deji but he's a Moran but then again we got Jake who is a double Moran" my respect for pewdiepie📈📈📈

  • Retro
    Retro 2 years ago +11

    If I could like this a billion times, I would.

  • Felice Chamuleau
    Felice Chamuleau 2 years ago +2842

    Logan Paul: crying, trying to hide it by messing with his glasses, trying to find the meaning of life
    KSI: *demonic screech*

    • Luddy Aria
      Luddy Aria Year ago


    • Ryan Parson
      Ryan Parson Year ago +2

      I think he was just trying to look calm

    • Jose Garcia
      Jose Garcia Year ago +4

      @Luke M Get lost no life clout

    • jon
      jon 2 years ago +17

      Ikr bruh I fucking died

    • Dash Ang
      Dash Ang 2 years ago +23


  • Lexer Occhionero
    Lexer Occhionero 2 years ago +8

    The editing was so good

  • KissMyAxe
    KissMyAxe Year ago +7

    That deleted scenes comment KSI made is hands down the best burn I think I've ever heard. You could tell that got Logan right in the pride 🙌

  • Jordan XO
    Jordan XO Year ago +3

    pewdiepie I love you so much you should start doing more reactions

  • Dirty Deez
    Dirty Deez 2 years ago +7

    Pewds accurately predicted the future

  • Peace 777
    Peace 777 2 years ago +1369

    Can we talk about how someone had time to make a paper airplane.

  • B 555
    B 555 7 months ago +2

    This was so entertaining... I remembered it and returned after four years lol

  • Vikkstar¹²³ Clips
    Vikkstar¹²³ Clips 2 years ago +5

    Today, still these memories , videos brings smile to our face 😀🤗

  • Rohit Negi
    Rohit Negi 2 years ago +11

    It's been 3 years and I'm still watching this ✌️🙂

  • jax1005
    jax1005 2 years ago +11

    2 years later and the video is still funny

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos Year ago +3

    I love how he literally predicted the future 😂😂😂

  • Liila Tokpa Class 4B
    Liila Tokpa Class 4B 2 years ago +34

    Why am I still watching this after 3 years
    It's really funny

  • SatrioSaz
    SatrioSaz Year ago +12

    When I watch this back I realize how much of a clown fest this was

  • Age Restricted
    Age Restricted Year ago +7

    Here after 3 years and damn pewds actually predicted the outcome of the fight

  • Fletch0G
    Fletch0G 3 years ago +7644

    The paper airplanes are actually funny lmao

  • Merkof300
    Merkof300 2 years ago +2

    I like how it’s says on the copyright claim as to why it happened -“We litteraly do not care about our creators at this point as long as we make money”

  • Chase Oister
    Chase Oister 2 years ago +60

    "Claimed by: Logan Paul, Jake Paul, KSI, And the other one." 😂

  • Rajvansh Singh Chauhan

    "He's just so dumb"
    Every Sidemen fan when Deji gets involved in the Beef and spoils the fun

    • Sikindowski
      Sikindowski 9 months ago

      And me right now when u commented

  • Crimson
    Crimson 2 years ago +28

    The 30k dislikes are probably Jake And Logan Paul’s fans

  • ash
    ash 3 years ago +1208

    how to differentiate between logan and jake:
    One is stupid
    The other is stupider

  • lil t
    lil t Year ago +28

    09:49 ksi's laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ιт'ѕ σꪜєя.
    ιт'ѕ σꪜєя. Year ago +11

    Pew can tell the future
    Everything he said was true
    KSi win Deji lost

  • Horl tom
    Horl tom 2 years ago +12

    Imagine KSI got a voice crack during the conference

  • Agent Shaw
    Agent Shaw 7 months ago +3

    Bro KSI absolutely destroyed Logan and his dad. They both were about to cry lmao

  • Rextek
    Rextek 2 years ago +5375

    ksi litterly killed the whole paul family with like 2 sentences lmao

  • Sapehc
    Sapehc 2 years ago +75

    And as today, ksi and pewdiepie live in peace, liking anime

  • Aarush
    Aarush Year ago +7

    Rewatching this after a few months is a tradition really

  • Zod
    Zod Year ago +3

    i loved youtube when all this happened, it was a lot of drama but youtube was not boring to watch and it was honestly fun to watch
    I wish youtube was like how it was before tbh

  • David Little
    David Little Year ago +2

    I always come back to this video at some point down the line, must of watched it over 30 times 🤣

  • qy
    qy 4 years ago +575

    Pewdiepie reviewing the press conference is so much better then the original thing

  • SussyDoggo
    SussyDoggo Year ago +5

    "Yeah,i dont even need training to break your spleen right now."
    Made me laugh so hard i started farting

  • Loud Mouth
    Loud Mouth Year ago +1

    3 years later everything Pewds said came true 10:54

  • Erik Vaccaro
    Erik Vaccaro 2 years ago +4

    Honestly tho, at the London conference Logan did the smartest thing he possible could have. Just not talked.

  • The B Domain
    The B Domain Year ago

    When you need shitty press conferences
    You just need the reaction from pwediepie if you need to turn it all around ....

    • One
      One Year ago

      Idk if even he can save the new press conference that just dropped today, almost died due to all the cringe, this ones a masterpiece by comparison as well as the others.

  • Noone
    Noone 3 years ago +2182

    Doctor : Your wife just died Mr Paul.
    Jake Paul: *WALMARTTTT*

    • SwagChampion69
      SwagChampion69 2 years ago

      Wtf does he even mean by walmart

    • Behram Playz
      Behram Playz 2 years ago +1

      None of the Pauls will ever be married

    • •.theyluv_Amaya.•
      •.theyluv_Amaya.• 2 years ago +3

      Life be like that some time

    • Max Guede
      Max Guede 2 years ago

      What does "walmart" actually means ? I mean i know it's a store but in this context ?

    • GirlGamer FromYT
      GirlGamer FromYT 2 years ago +1

      Too bad he doesn't have a wife.

  • hmm
    hmm 2 years ago +2

    i had to pause the video 4 times, to actually stay alive by my inhaler, and its all because those airplanes

  • Sypher
    Sypher Year ago +12

    Logan looked like a kid getting lectured by their dad

  • Gaurav Gaisenn
    Gaurav Gaisenn Year ago +7

    I guess Pewdiepie insulted all the 4 rather than Degi insulting JP, KSI insulting LP and Vice-Versa.

  • Youtubecuko 1
    Youtubecuko 1 2 years ago

    When KSI roasted croatia i was heart broken cuz im from there...

  • Copper Creek Cuts Lawn Care
    Copper Creek Cuts Lawn Care 4 years ago +279

    9:44 DAT MIC SAVE THO!

    • Agi Hirahta
      Agi Hirahta 4 years ago

      is he even a real person?!1!11

    • Meme Production
      Meme Production 4 years ago +1

      The hero we need but we dont deserve!

    • Stephanie
      Stephanie 4 years ago

      Truly the unsung hero

    • Alex Pawlik
      Alex Pawlik 4 years ago

      Copper Creek Cuts I’m live 😃😀

    • Alex Pawlik
      Alex Pawlik 4 years ago

      Copper Creek Cuts I’m live 😃😀

  • S sivakumoor
    S sivakumoor 2 years ago +1

    I didnt come for the fight I came for the paper planes

  • Fahad Khan
    Fahad Khan Year ago +5

    I'm in disbelief the crowd went along with dejis chant

  • Gondala Satvarsh
    Gondala Satvarsh Year ago +5

    It's crazy how pewds predicted everything right. James Charles too

  • kondio :P
    kondio :P Year ago +1

    never gets old

  • Prav
    Prav 3 years ago +24551

    why am I watching this today it happened like 2 years ago

    • MusicFreak
      MusicFreak Year ago

      *4 year's for me

    • Cole Dustin
      Cole Dustin Year ago

      @GENOX adios, brother🤝

    • Jack Mann
      Jack Mann Year ago +1

      why am i reading you comment today it happened like 2 years ago

    • GENOX
      GENOX Year ago +1

      Time to end this lovely thread bye guys we may never see each other again ✌️

    • Tiffany H
      Tiffany H Year ago +1

      @Teaconsumer the algorithm controls us all 😜

  • ilovvvveuuuuu
    ilovvvveuuuuu 2 years ago +16

    9:52 the fight we want to see

  • Gauri Bemalkhedkar
    Gauri Bemalkhedkar Year ago +4

    that edit just made me laugh so bad

  • M1GGYSupreme
    M1GGYSupreme Year ago

    9:11 The line that made the Paul Brothers' dad cry

  • AmpleCulpt 4life
    AmpleCulpt 4life Year ago +1

    KSI is funny and humble. His the best.

  • Billis_xd
    Billis_xd 2 years ago +940

    Logan was playing with his glasses all the time and he was crying.

    • Angel FF
      Angel FF 2 years ago +1

      666 🌌

    • Moez Khan
      Moez Khan 2 years ago +10

      That’s nothing in England I get worse stuff get said to me in the way to a supermarket

    • Karthik Kamath
      Karthik Kamath 2 years ago +21

      @Sandy AndSquirrel It was all to build hype and sell the fight. Now they're cool

  • Nishwin14
    Nishwin14 Year ago +3

    Me and friends were throwing the planes🤣

  • just another guy
    just another guy Year ago

    2017 to 2018 was the golden age of pewdiepie

  • Muhammed Ahnas
    Muhammed Ahnas 2 years ago +6

    Back when youtube was entertaining

  • jenna
    jenna 2 years ago +3

    Ksi is a legend

  • Lovely Vlogs
    Lovely Vlogs 3 years ago +1588

    Logan honestly looked like he just had a meeting with his boss and got fired😂😂😂

    • Xaitozz 2980
      Xaitozz 2980 3 years ago

      @W O A H B R O don't copy comments

    • Xaitozz 2980
      Xaitozz 2980 3 years ago +2

      And his channel turned to hell when he went to Asia honestly I hope Logan loses his channel as jes disgusting

    • イゴール / igor
      イゴール / igor 3 years ago +2

      he probably got told to just shtfu by everyone
      cuz he's honestly so bad at improv lol

    • Alex
      Alex 3 years ago +2

      Mostly because he's in a country that hates him and he can't stand there and shout Walmart like a child.

    • Sl
      Sl 3 years ago

      Lmfao innit

  • A
    A Year ago +3

    I come every month just to see this 4:45 idk why it makes me laugh so much

  • Jubbano
    Jubbano Year ago +4


  • borsky
    borsky 2 years ago

    I just laugh everytime someone throws something on the stage.😆

  • Aiman Asni
    Aiman Asni Year ago

    I love you , rang❤️

  • Awesome Arsam
    Awesome Arsam 4 years ago +2359

    *Logan has been kicked from the match due to inactivity*

    • Sl
      Sl 3 years ago

      Lmfao 💀

    • toxic goat
      toxic goat 3 years ago +1

      Give your meat a good old rub hheheheh boi

    • Arthur Henderson
      Arthur Henderson 4 years ago +3

      Arsam Pournasr insert 🎶Windows Terminal Error *chime* 🎶

    • Mote7856
      Mote7856 4 years ago +4

      Arsam Pournasr 😂 my God this iz hilarious.

    • Chaoxfhy
      Chaoxfhy 4 years ago +6

      Arsam Pournasr lol

  • Zeyad Naeem
    Zeyad Naeem 2 years ago +8

    Whose here after they finally collabed, ksi hosted meme review yes you heard that right, history made in 2020.