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All Tomorrows: the future of humanity?

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022

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  • cmkosemen
    cmkosemen Year ago +91420

    Thank you so much for giving my work the best YT treatment possible! This is a much better narrative artefact than my original pdf e-book... I'm so happy! :)

    • Saenu
      Saenu 3 months ago

      Here before 500 comments limit

    • LockeRobster
      LockeRobster 4 months ago

      Mate, these creations are beyond words. Your brain is broken, and I love you for it!

    • SirFrancisBacon
      SirFrancisBacon 5 months ago

      Amazing work, CM!

    • TrailerPark
      TrailerPark 7 months ago

      Your work is genuinely amazing, I don't even know what to say honestly except good job. Like, really good job. Hats off to you man

    • Cathleen Roberts
      Cathleen Roberts 7 months ago

      This was 1 of the best I've seen you are Amazingly Creative!!!!

  • ervandra fadhlil
    ervandra fadhlil Year ago +3312

    Those colonial who are made to only suffer but actually evolve into modular people are the true MVP's

    • Кim Уоng Un
      Кim Уоng Un 11 days ago +1

      You mean australians? 😂

    • nemesisssss
      nemesisssss Month ago +1

      @Princebunnynutz nah fr everything about that says human.

    • Princebunnynutz
      Princebunnynutz Month ago +2

      The colonials were the true heir to humanity, they resisted against quite literally IMPOSSIBLE odds and held against that TWICE. And then they were put in the worst possible situation, and then clawed their way back to prominence. o7

    • the e is silent
      the e is silent Year ago +1

      @KICE Not only that, eventually the asteromorphs helped troll the qu back.

    • alligatrix
      alligatrix Year ago +11

      @Turi nah it specifically says they were left with intelligence and a rudimentary ability to communicate by the Qu. no point inflicting endless torture if the recipient isn't sentient enough to appreciate it amiright

  • oliiivey
    oliiivey 4 months ago +2771

    to be honest, i felt pretty sad for the colonials. imagine being in agony and misery for billions of years, and finally being able to live happy lives again, only to be destroyed by a flying metal ball

    • Eugene Phillips
      Eugene Phillips 17 days ago

      @40 Watt That’s not true. They were stated to have suffered in that state for 50 million years. They had to be able to communicate because they were able to breed and evolve without the Qu.

    • 40 Watt
      40 Watt 18 days ago

      @Black American Destroyer God The first generation knew, but there were thousands of generations.

    • 40 Watt
      40 Watt 18 days ago

      @Mike2 The first generation definitely suffered, but after that with no way to communicate the offspring would assume this is just how life is.

    • Marlyn Smith
      Marlyn Smith 19 days ago


    • Callum Whiteley
      Callum Whiteley 24 days ago

      Better to have lived happy while they could than not at all though right??

  • Me Flewelling
    Me Flewelling 2 months ago +814

    All tomorrows should definitely be made into a show. Like a doummetory of sorts. Like each creature/event was its own episode.

    • Wen In mical
      Wen In mical 2 days ago +1

      That would be so coooool

    • Tim Ohara
      Tim Ohara 4 days ago

      @Lucas Lecocq I was thinking one day maybe a book and show they could make qll overmarrows

    • Mathias Kanuck
      Mathias Kanuck 6 days ago

      I could see it on ancient aliens

    • qudhac hure
      qudhac hure 12 days ago

      I literally searched a trailer or some sort of tv show, assuming that this have tv show or movie

    • Manny Ortiz
      Manny Ortiz 14 days ago

      Alien world on Netflix similar

  • Etan Tife
    Etan Tife 4 months ago +399

    Is it weird that I've watched this 15 times in the last few months? Just a perfect combination of your narration ability, as well as the very content of the story. Just outstanding.

    • Kie 4795
      Kie 4795 8 days ago +1

      10 hours gone of your life but I lost over 10000 hours to games so I can't say anything

    • Ellias Jafari
      Ellias Jafari 10 days ago

      It is the fact you are counting that is more odd to me lol :P I've watched Princess Mononoke close to 100 times, though, so seeing something over and over ain't weird to me. I FEEL when I experience art and this is superbly delivered and extremely engaging as a result. Think I need the book too

    • KrispyKitty66
      KrispyKitty66 27 days ago +2

      A little bit. But then again I’m only 4 minutes into the video so far

    • Haithem Hasna
      Haithem Hasna 2 months ago +20

      15 times is a little weird lol. But do you my friend.

  • flower child
    flower child 5 months ago +222

    There’s truly no horror like cosmic horror. I think as humans, we often tend to forget how fragile we (as well as our place in the universe) really is, especially with so much out there that we don’t know, and cosmic horror targets that latent fear so well. It confronts us with humanity’s three fundamental fears; fear of our mortality, fear of the future and fear of the unknown.

  • necro nerd
    necro nerd Year ago +14673

    The illustrator deserves so much praise, I feel like this story wouldn’t have the feel it has without these haunting artworks

    • Dani Moraes
      Dani Moraes 3 months ago


    • Alena duplantier
      Alena duplantier 5 months ago

      They should make this a science fiction movie

    • TheEasterEgger
      TheEasterEgger 8 months ago

      @big flipji I stand by your point too. That person was implying that because someone drew sci fi drawings like this, that means their mind is somehow not normal or messed up, which is just not true.

    • ahab
      ahab 9 months ago

      @Average Enjoyer yooo its john

    • big flipji
      big flipji 9 months ago +1

      @CJRoy Art no. I said it because ive heard that argument a million of times before. If someone draws weird shit, they must be weird too. Then I see people being suprised the likes of Junji Ito are completely normal people. Like they expected some lunatic tripping on LSD. I didnt plug my art, but its relevant in my observation that I happen to be an artist. I still stand by what I said.

  • The COVID-19 Coronavirus
    The COVID-19 Coronavirus 3 months ago +301

    THIS is what the internet is about.
    Not only was a legendary book created and uploaded like a Napster song, but decades later, after becoming a mainstream classic, gets a treatment on X-vid where the author himself appears to express their pleasure in seeing it.
    What a future we live in. Absolute beauty in art and communications. all of you are a part of
    Something very special to me

  • gung
    gung Month ago +105

    imagine if all of us are actually a product of something like this happening millions of years ago but we have no idea

    • gabe
      gabe 7 days ago +1

      what if this happened and it just loops and restarted

    • jacob anderson
      jacob anderson 21 day ago +10

      Sorry was trying to clone the device you used to make this comment. The AI I'm using is still in the beta stage.
      But regarding your comment, bruhhh just imagine if we were the only surviving product of something like this. I can see this happening in our species future if we don't die off. Atleast the beginning with the mars humans is really likely. They'd probably have a statue of Elon they'd start to worship too lmao.

    • jacob anderson
      jacob anderson 21 day ago +7

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      Thank you for your patience and enjoy your experience with our program.

  • flower child
    flower child 4 months ago +119

    Watched this video on a kind of bad day and literally right as it finished and I headed off to work, the sun came up and I started listening to Kanye’s Heard Em Say. Honestly this story gave me a lot of genuine perspective on life, how fragile it is but also how defiant it is in the face of overwhelming odds. I especially love the silver lining at the end about rejecting magnanimous goals about the future or trying to reclaim greatness by looking to the past. It’s not really a “new” philosophy by any means (airlifted right from Buddhism 101 in fact) but remains so damn poignant to everyone. Live in the present, be in the present, and appreciate all your gifts in spite of your shortcomings in life because nothing is ever promised to you today.

    • Faust Siftar
      Faust Siftar 20 days ago +3

      Nice touch at the end there lol, and great song

  • wet concrete
    wet concrete 4 months ago +50

    This is incredible, the story of the Mantelopes was honestly terrifying. Great work to everyone who worked on this!

  • Gojira1105
    Gojira1105 Year ago +1456

    Can you imagine a Fallout like game where you play as some human descendant exploring different fallen cultures, societies, and worlds. I’d pay serious cash to get a game set in this story/lore.

    • izanyzam
      izanyzam 21 day ago

      Scorn is kind of like that

    • Domismod
      Domismod 5 months ago

      That would be fire 🔥🔥🔥

    • Zinan Farhat
      Zinan Farhat 6 months ago


    • Earthstar Review
      Earthstar Review Year ago

      My big, leaking brain decided that this was an alternate history for Warhammer 40k.

    • Ace Savage
      Ace Savage Year ago

      No Mans Sky seems like the closest game to this. It's an amazing game, you should try it someday.

  • flower child
    flower child 5 months ago +53

    Checked this video out earlier today after noticing it in my recommendations for what seemed like forever and it hasn’t left my memory the whole day. Honestly even though this “story” is not much of a story but reads rather like an excerpt from a fictional historical text, it has so much depth and substance for me. Might actually be the single most scariest thing I’ve ever seen or read, and it’s impressive that it’s managed to have that effect on me with such minimal effort. I don’t know why but it seems so real, almost like some time traveller from the future with a working history of where we’ll end up wrote it for us as some kind of omen. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything quite so harrowing and I don’t think I will again in some time. I need a moment....

    • Faust Siftar
      Faust Siftar 20 days ago

      Btw if you like cosmic horror (and manga) check out Sensor by Junji Ito. Or maybe you have already. I read it last summer and it definitely kept me up several nights after

  • Voraven Casper
    Voraven Casper 5 months ago +36

    I love this story, it's the ultimate evolutionary cosmic horror, and yet it dosen't end unknowably and, seems to end with humanity triumphing after suffering the worst of it, even after suffering so much. It's very interesting.

  • 5W33TDR34M5∆
    5W33TDR34M5∆ Month ago +28

    If you form colonials into a wide, cubical, walk-in space, then wouldn't it be called a living room?

    • 5W33TDR34M5∆
      5W33TDR34M5∆ 24 days ago


    • NeGaTive NRG
      NeGaTive NRG 25 days ago +3

      Oh, not today Satan. You're done.

  • A Random Internet Stranger
    A Random Internet Stranger 5 months ago +17

    This is truly a masterpiece, and you deserve so, so much more than you've already gotten. All of these ideas are amazing.
    The only thing I even slightly questioned was that, at the beginning, you sort of under-sold the human ambition to get off of the planet, and discover what's out there, with how you described colonizing mars.
    Either way, this piece genuinely made me question whether this was from an actual narrator in the future for a second or two. Nice job, man, Jesus that was good!

    • shubin
      shubin 4 months ago +2

      This is actually an abridged retelling of a book written by C.M. Kösemen, who also did the illustrations. Still an amazing piece of work!

  • Grant
    Grant Year ago +16892

    I use to fear death. Now I fear being made into a sentient flesh quilt.

    • Tyler Miller
      Tyler Miller Day ago

      @@Gramioerie_XI I mean not really lmao

    • katalepsykills
      katalepsykills 3 months ago

      @prepare to hold your colour Something about the end of the world I think. That’s where they traveled. Her name was Cassandra? Maybe. Something like that. Ooo. Man. I cried at her origin story on a later episode.

    • Night Heart
      Night Heart 3 months ago

      @@Gramioerie_XI you must be part of the qu 🤣

    • Nathan Andecker
      Nathan Andecker 5 months ago

      Yeah I’ll take death thank you very much

    • R2D2 FISH
      R2D2 FISH 5 months ago

      You really shouldn't try salvia

  • geoffrey
    geoffrey 5 months ago +48

    I read this story probably 10+ years ago and I still think of it often. I'm glad I found this video to remind me why it had such an impact on me, its incredibly weird and creepy, and probably entirely possible..!

    • Tim Ohara
      Tim Ohara 4 days ago

      @Chocho Nucho bruh star trek has nothing on this 💀💀💀👍🤨

    • Nemerah S.
      Nemerah S. 10 days ago

      @Lord See Aqua “let people enjoy things” (bashes Star Trek)

    • Lord See Aqua
      Lord See Aqua 15 days ago +3

      @Chocho Nucho Oh would you STOP and let people enjoy things? That's not how art works and this is FAR MORE imaginative interesting complex and different than that old lame ass show could ever hope to be. Story detail and illustrations and all are far more creative and complex than anything in Star Trek.

    • Chocho Nucho
      Chocho Nucho Month ago

      I mean it kinda just copies various sources of star trek. Did the research and TNG and the books came before this story. They even copied the name and the concept of the Q merely changing it to the Qu.

  • Cleminite
    Cleminite 5 months ago +41

    When someone asks me why my least favorite superpower would be immortality, I will show them this video

    • Dennis Güntner
      Dennis Güntner 17 days ago +2

      Thing is, will you even be able to remember how you once where after 10,000 years? Maybe it becomes as foggy as your time as a baby and then you feel like an eternal being that was always there. You will never mourn the past, as you forgot how it felt back then. Always staying in the bubble of the present. What you where becomes meaningless, only that you can adapt to the future matters. Because if you can adapt, you can be happy.

    • flower child
      flower child 5 months ago +3

      Yeah, life for sake of life is no life at all

  • Eric Hiatt
    Eric Hiatt Month ago +12

    This is the most sensibly weird thing I've ever seen. I also suffer from psychosis, but it's not so strong that I'm not aware of it. However - it can make things a lot more interesting or entertaining - think: running a different program in your mind, which is what you waking dream.
    Watching this with psychosis was incredible. It made it easy to feel how plausible everything was and I experienced feelings of awe at just how humanity's current conception of itself is just occupying infinetstimal niches in a Universe vastly more bizarre than most people and other entities could possibly imagine. This is a terrifying and beautiful story - and a million other things.

  • greta
    greta 5 months ago +10

    I would love to see an animated series with the same art, each episode focused on a different species

  • Loading Screen
    Loading Screen Year ago +10090

    i love how the narrator is usually serious and monotone when talking, but at some points they're just like "then the Qu fucked off to look for their next victims", and it hits you so hard.

    • moist
      moist 28 days ago

      @tard one i think he’s australian, most of us have pretty similar accents and humour to him

    • Aisha Lotter
      Aisha Lotter Month ago

      @abiola folaranmi nope fucked off !!,

    • Danitarium
      Danitarium 2 months ago

      I agree! Instead of taking me out of the story I was like “this guy is awesome”

    • Tarrare
      Tarrare 6 months ago

      @thepeemachine bruh

    • 80% Scottish
      80% Scottish 7 months ago

      Didn't realise this content creator was gender neutral. Who knew.

  • Quill Sentler
    Quill Sentler 3 days ago +1

    Absolutely amazing. A story that has one of my favorite themes, transformation

  • Ophelia Noble
    Ophelia Noble 2 months ago +7

    Some years before this video came out, I develop a lot for speculative evolution. I had All Tomorrows in my reading list after Man After Man and it was only somewhat recently did I read the book and it was, of course, so much fun. It then lead me to read The First and Last Man, seeing the similarities in human evolution between the two of these books, particularly as we dealt with aliens was fascinating. Ireccomend anyone who have seen All Tomorrows to give The First and Last Man a look, it being one of the first look into speculative evolution, written somewhere in the earlier 1900's. And I'm sure most of those who have seen All Tomorrows have seen Man After Man already.
    Man, these couple of years have been causing a more mainstream popularization of both analog horror and speculative biology, its about time!

  • Callum Whiteley
    Callum Whiteley 25 days ago +5

    I like the idea that this fiction could be a reality where all mammals and animals (including us) come from a very distant singular alien species, diversified so much that we look entirely different to our origin with some gross and twisted memento of our past glory that all our animals share (akin to how these creations have parts of humanity in them)

  • samszellem
    samszellem 4 months ago +57

    "... love today, and seize all tomorrows" That quote will stick with me for a good while.

  • Annoying Doggy
    Annoying Doggy Year ago +5214

    It's so horrifyingly refreshing how normal everything is when looking outside.

    • Andrei Maxwell
      Andrei Maxwell 6 months ago

      Its 'normal' to you now, nothing is actually normal, what you see is only temporary

    • Hyperr 109
      Hyperr 109 8 months ago


    • Yuki_Is300
      Yuki_Is300 8 months ago

      Not for much longer 😈😈😈😈😈😈

    • Colspex
      Colspex 8 months ago +1

      Spoken like a true "Q" !

    • steve anton
      steve anton 8 months ago

      @Acro has a tablespoon He's been saying that for 8 years. I'm sure there will be manned missions to Mars within ten years but the idea of people living there seems like a fantasy for another decade to me. I hope I'm wrong gimme space Cities!

  • Dxrkknxghts
    Dxrkknxghts 21 day ago +8

    This came on with autoplay and I was just sucked into this immediately. I didn't know a thing about this book or the author before watching but holy shit did this draw me in. The author's storytelling and imagination is so amazing. I love this so much. So cool. Your telling of it is amazing as well

  • Robert Middleton
    Robert Middleton 2 months ago +18

    Genius level creativity. I don't know where this came from or what it's creator is doing with it but, please don't stop.

    • Cold Fuse
      Cold Fuse 8 days ago

      Imagine watching this while high af and letting your imagination run freely with these wild cosmic scenarios

  • Kiet Do Anh
    Kiet Do Anh 2 months ago +6

    "Grander narratives and absolute ideas are what led to humanity's worst atrocities... Living for some abstract ultimate goal so often leads to destruction".
    Now that hit hard.

  • Wild_Boar_Wars
    Wild_Boar_Wars Day ago

    man, I love this kind of twisted, horrifying, cosmic horror. its so interesting and creepy

  • frxcisco
    frxcisco Year ago +3192

    I found this book a few years back and i like to read it every once in a while when I'm feeling too emotionally stable and happy

    • Cherished Cat Lover
      Cherished Cat Lover 10 months ago


    • Slowpoke Rodriguez
      Slowpoke Rodriguez Year ago

      @The Nasty It was really my mistake to try to start a theological debate in a X-vid comment section, that was never going to end well. I just hope we can move towards a more tolerant world where we can respect others’ beliefs even if we don’t agree with them.

    • The Nasty
      The Nasty Year ago

      @Slowpoke Rodriguez lmao most of the comments have been edited for a while now buddy.
      Look at my earlier reply to zebjwest…
      It’s okay if you aren’t very observational, just stop making it my problem please.

    • Slowpoke Rodriguez
      Slowpoke Rodriguez Year ago

      @The Nasty You literally edited your comment and changed what it says after my reply. I’m not sure if you knew this but X-vid tells you when a comment has been edited. I think that says less about my reading comprehension and more about your dishonesty.

    • The Nasty
      The Nasty Year ago +1

      @Slowpoke Rodriguez I don’t know if you can read, but I clearly say belief isn’t the same as conversion…
      You know what’s cringe?
      Your reading comprehension. 😂

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 5 months ago +8

    Coming back 1 year after this masterpiece was made and yep, still loving it just as much when I first discovered it.

  • Lavos Dream
    Lavos Dream 2 days ago

    When I was younger, I had a dream that I found one of those strange staircases that have been rumored to be seen in the woods. I walked up it and went through a door, inside was blackness and a voice that told me I have earned a gift. A metallic sphere appeared and I walked into it. I don't remember the rest but I immediately got goosebumps and remembered that dream when the video got to the part with the gravitals lol.

  • A Real Floofy Blue Boi On Da Internet And Roblos

    This was the most interesting video I have watched in all my life, and I know you didn’t write the book, but still, you deserve an award.

  • Die Adler
    Die Adler Month ago +8

    One of my ex best friends showed me this and I've watched it about 20-30 times over the past year. Only this time did I fully grasp what it was saying. I guess i never payed attention to the end of it. I would always smoke and put this on so by the end I was either asleep or got interesting in something else. While its not some eye opening experience. I enjoyed every minute of this video every single time I watched it. It is just such a great story or lesson to be heard.

    • romeo davis
      romeo davis 2 days ago

      If you don't mind me asking, why is this person your "ex" best friend?

  • AngryYolkFilledOval Commie

    The way this is told is golden. It’s serious and documentary like, and then at some parts It’s just *”They got their shit together-“*
    Oh, also, the lesson at the end is incredibly true.

    • Celestia Ludenberg
      Celestia Ludenberg 9 months ago

      The Temptors were so fucked up it's a wonder they survived at all.

    • Cherished Cat Lover
      Cherished Cat Lover 10 months ago


    • EvadeSunshine
      EvadeSunshine Year ago +22

      “They moved around by farting”

    • Enzo Draws
      Enzo Draws Year ago +18

      "Then they fucked off to find their next victims..."

    • ian sahleen
      ian sahleen Year ago +60

      4:37 “and then they fucked off to find their next victims

  • Trust Your Gut
    Trust Your Gut 2 months ago +12

    Who ever created this tale, has a quiet vivid imagination!

  • Kevin Luo
    Kevin Luo 4 months ago +10

    You can clearly see how each species is inspired by some animal or real life biological event, like parasites becoming symbiotic, and Ruin Haunters looking like proboscis monkeys.

  • EDBM14
    EDBM14 4 months ago +7

    I find this story to actually be somwhat inspiring, in a weird, super messed up way. I feel you could think of it as humans may exist just to be used and morphed into (refer to video) or, that humans are able to survive through the worst of times, and through persistence and sheer willpower are able to improve their situation. Yeah its fukced what happened, but the ability to come out on the other side with the strengh to keep going is inspiring and somewhat hopeful. The cherry on top was rediscovering Earth millions of years into the future, it puts our existance as this moment into perspective, instead of all the doom and gloom we hear that the world is ending for some reason or another (ex. global warming), we have to consider that we may be at the first baby steps of human existance, and our actions now could have untold positive or negative impacts for millions of years.
    Something to think about, carry on scrolling

  • MadBoi
    MadBoi 5 months ago +11

    The colonials are my favorite. They literally got turned into a wall of flesh and STILL managed to thrive. Makes me proud.

    • Anth
      Anth 19 days ago

      oh man those freaked me out, imagine having just an eye anyone can step on.

  • Toaster
    Toaster Year ago +2741

    “The gravitals didn’t see the other races as human”
    Says the species of floating robot spheres with superpowers

    • m
      m 8 months ago

      @shofindo Believing in a floating white bearded man who saves us all is just as silly

    • Tjay
      Tjay Year ago

      @hector arturo vazquez cuevas how did you get that this is possible?

    • Alex Hong
      Alex Hong Year ago +4

      @shofindo this is literally just fiction. It really says something about your beliefs if you are offended by a sci-fi book. Especially because you’re comparing your supposed “truth” to a work of fictitious art.

    • gorbon free
      gorbon free Year ago +2

      @shofindo what? noone believes in this lmao

    • Nick
      Nick Year ago

      Interesting how we justify eating and wearing other animals because they're not human...

  • mattbonner12
    mattbonner12 5 months ago +2

    That's actually a pretty interesting story. It got really dark, but it's an interesting dive into what makes humanity, humanity.

  • Sebastian Tredinnick
    Sebastian Tredinnick 2 months ago +1

    I would love to see you give Olaf Stapledon's Last and First Men the same treatment.
    It has many similar speculative evolution and science fiction themes but was written nearly a century ago.
    Honourable mention also to Dougal Dixon's Man after Man.

  • Nocturnal RS
    Nocturnal RS 23 days ago +2

    You have a great imagination and story telling ability! this is amazing!

  • I'm a silly boy
    I'm a silly boy 2 months ago +2

    Idk what it is but every couple of weeks I rewatch this video. I wish there were more works this in depth and imaginative.

  • Be N S O N
    Be N S O N Year ago +4716

    This starts off horrifying and slowly becomes strangely beautiful, then sad. This is incredible.

    • Scott Peltier
      Scott Peltier 8 months ago

      Beautiful, sad, hopeless, beautiful again, then desolated but encouraging. That’s the charm

    • British Imperial
      British Imperial 8 months ago

      This was disturbing though and though, I'm upset there weren't aren't any pure humans left

    • Sam60420
      Sam60420 8 months ago

      Your subconsciousness is speaking to you, it all makes sense because there is some truth and realism to it

    • CherryBombBouillion
      CherryBombBouillion 8 months ago


    • Cherished Cat Lover
      Cherished Cat Lover 10 months ago

      Lol.! Right... Brilliantly Done.

  • Amanoob105
    Amanoob105 2 months ago +1

    I once read a very well make (or at least I certainly thought so) piece of fanfiction that had this fascinating idea for a future universe and was set very much "after all the big events", sort of a picking up the pieces, let along realising just what these pieces where in the first place, in one small corner of the universe thing.
    I think I just found the book that heavily inspired said "big events". I'm only four and a half mins in and the similarities are, a lot.

  • Charles Albert
    Charles Albert Month ago

    I must admit that I listened all the way through your story and I was intrigued. I love your work!

  • Alex Dunn
    Alex Dunn 3 months ago +10

    I stumbled on the original PDF once in a /x/ thread in high school and have been on/off searching for this for over a decade. Holy shit. ASOIAF obsession continues to reward me. Thank you so damn much.

  • Maxx Mangione
    Maxx Mangione 6 days ago

    Fascinating and amazing work from the author and the narrator as well, kudos to everyone. !
    How cool could be a game adaptation of this work . a sort of spore-like-evolution tribal game cross an X4 -master of Orion game a kind of strategy/era advancing space war game between post humans races .

  • The Click
    The Click Year ago +5636

    one of the most unexpected and interesting youtube videos i've encountered to date

  • Jaang
    Jaang 17 days ago +2

    Brilliant. Wow. Thanks for making this, and thanks to the book's author.

  • Cristina Claudia
    Cristina Claudia 5 months ago +3

    This was so amazing 😍
    Never really thought how fragile we are, in all forms we are going to be in the end dead.

  • StickMan2008
    StickMan2008 4 months ago

    This is actually a pretty cool story . I’m sure once we start populating planets in the future we will start changing drastically

  • Yung Geist
    Yung Geist Month ago +3

    damn. is there a part 2? this was fantastic, sad it ended so quick

    • Tusk Act -1
      Tusk Act -1 Month ago

      There is “All Other Tomorrows” but it’s not made by the same person

  • Breeze Posts Cringe
    Breeze Posts Cringe Year ago +8868

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    I don’t know how to put this into words, it was fascinating yet terrifying, it feels like it would never happen, yet it feels like it could happen, whoever made this has an incredible imagination, I love it, and I feel inspired, thank you for making such a masterpiece, that I will probably come back to from time to time. Just incredible

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    The concept of us surviving long enough to evolve this vastly reminds me of the Dune universe. There are no real alien species in Dune beyond the animals - everything else is human. Guild Navigators, Tleilax, etc. are all people

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    Such an insanely interesting video, thanks for posting it!

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    Beans Cottrell 26 days ago

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    • Karen Reddy
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      @Celestial Mongoose unlikely, as current hardware decays fast, and you need a lot of specific knowledge and technology to use it, in addition to many working machines( or servers), most of which would be rendered unusable within 100 yrs or less.
      The likelihood another species would arrive soon after our disappearance, in celestial terms, is minimal to impossible (unless they happen to be the cause of our demise)
      This isn't to say that we couldn't build something to last with frequent backups of our internet if we wanted to

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      @Mardus_EE That's a bit of a morbid thought. That the only thing that might survive humanity would be a metaphorical necropolis.

    • Mardus_EE
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      @Zjura Eventide Clay tablets, various steles, and engraved plaques. Edit: I also forgot a huge amount of gravestones. Some of these already have laser etching.
      I remember a photo in memory of Roman Aleksandrov, a Russian gamer. His gravestone has his colorized picture, an adjacent stone of a computer monitor showing the Windows desktop (probably Vista) with a collage of images from the Counter Strike game, and smaller, separate keyboard and mouse gravestones.
      There are also detailed gravestones depicting other computers, and even cars.
      According to "TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time" (a video that is itself a must-see experience), stone monuments erode, or will have eroded in 2.5 million years.
      Most of our current technology won't survive that far into the future simply due to wear and tear, but the various gravestones are likely to offer future human (or other) civilisations a glimpse into our very human past.

    • TONKA
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      @Celestial Mongoose not really. The internet will only last as longs as humanity survives. If humans go extinct there’s be no one to manage the digital world, and all the servers would eventually go offline. Not to mention the tech will just break without any maintenance.

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      I feel like it would be a multi genre game where you start off in a traditional 4 x strategy game as the humans fighting the Martians and eventually the Qu but after defeat you pick one of the new sub species of the star people and then it turns into a traditional rpg game.

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      The Asteromorphs are even more god-like, and in a natural, instinctive sense that's evolved over millions of years. I think the message is that the Gravital and the Asteromorphs were equal on a field of technology, but ultimately natural evolution wins over artificial alteration. Which is a philosophy I can very much get behind.
      Plus, don't compare 'em to gollum. If you're using comparisons to The Lord of The Rings, compare them to Elves. At least that way, we can pretend that The Lord of The Rings happened in space with the All Tomorrows humanoids.

    • TopRamen
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      @incognito I’m late but their technology was so advanced that they actually just disabled their gravity systems 😅 @35:50 ish

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    Books like this were the reason behind my wish to create scenes such as this. So thank you (I'm not being sarcastic) for twisting me up.

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    • ophello
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      This is more or less what’s happening now. The ET intervention on earth right now is breeding lookalikes that look like us but are loyal to the ET collective. This is why we should openly protest their activities, and not think that these ETs are here to “save humanity,” which is what they want us to believe.

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    As much as I love this branding of speculative fiction and even dabbled in it through out my life, drawing and writing about races and characters. But It is exactly what led me to disagree with the theory of evolution. If it were correct you would see this kind of wild fluctuation and variance in humanity. Why has human form stagnated for so long without any show of physical variation and variety? Unless we were created already as finished beings...

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    Aw shit, here we go again.

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