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Manny Pacquiao - PacMan (An Original Bored Film Documentary)

  • Published on Jan 9, 2020
  • This video examines the miraculous rise of Manny 'Pac-man' Pacquiao. Pacquiao's story is the ultimate rags to riches tale. He dazzled us with his power, speed, & relentless style. His impact outside of the ring went beyond the imaginable.
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    Voice Over by:
    Andrew Scott
    John Miles
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Comments • 6 757

  • Joseph Vincent
    Joseph Vincent  2 years ago +1568

    Hope you all enjoy! Follow me on Twitter: @BoredFilm

  • Scoobert Doobert III
    Scoobert Doobert III 2 years ago +5432

    As a Mexican kid growing up watching Pacquiao, i wanted to hate him so badly because he beat every mexican but he was just too good of a boxer to hate on him. The greatest of all time in my humble opinion.

    • James Johnson
      James Johnson 14 days ago

      Yeah he'll keep doing that!!

    • Manny Castro
      Manny Castro 18 days ago

      Likewise my friend, same feeling as i first started watching his fight's. I agree with you, one of the best of all time!!!

    • Gary Ong
      Gary Ong 27 days ago

      ​@young_kobe Pacquiao is the only boxer that has won over 8-divisions

    • Butter Johnson
      Butter Johnson Month ago

      bro fought every great Mexican fighter of the era lol win or lose they are the best fights to watch

  • Azn_Genetiks
    Azn_Genetiks Year ago +2276

    Legend says 1 round of Pacquiao's fight is more exciting than Floyd's whole career...

    • Johnny boy
      Johnny boy 9 days ago

      So true bro. So true

    • Ralph breaker
      Ralph breaker 15 days ago

      Well after watching floyd fight b4 welterweight men those are insane so i can't agree with that even i am a filipino

    • Jigo Alpuerto
      Jigo Alpuerto Month ago

      @Kenji Joseph Aspuria id rather watch a chess match than watching a chicken mcfloyd fight. Hahahahahaha

    • Jacoby
      Jacoby Month ago

      @Unkle Dave fr

  • Javier 831
    Javier 831 2 months ago +51

    As a Mexican, Paquiao is one of my all time favorite fighters in the history of boxing. He was a legend. No wonder a lot of legends like himself respected him and he admired the all time greats of Mexico, especially la leyenda himself Julio Cesar Chavez🇲🇽. Love live Mexico and Long live the Philippines 🇵🇭💪🏽

  • Dùnedain
    Dùnedain Year ago +385

    Wow... Just wow... Watched Tyson, Ali and Rocky Marciano on this channel, but Pacquiao's story gave me goosebumps. Behind every punch is a nations hope, Truly one of the greatest of all time.

    • Asher Richards
      Asher Richards 13 days ago

      Not topic related but i was just watching Aragorn's history then saw this video then your comment and then ur username lol

    • Blue
      Blue 22 days ago

      'Behind every punch is a nations hope,' beautiful statement.

    • Skeebop Bop
      Skeebop Bop 4 months ago +6

      Herald of demise eating dogs is taboo in the philippines but pretty common amongst places in poverty

    • Brian
      Brian 4 months ago +1

      Halim Abdullayev It's asia. Dogs are not viewed the same over there. His father was hungry so he aint manny's dog

    • Brian
      Brian 5 months ago +16

      It's so incredible. Raised in poverty most of us can't truly understand. Runs away from home as a boy after his father eats his dog. His dad ate his fucking dog! Stumbles into a gym for a place to sleep. Becomes one of the most sensational athletes in history. If it didn't happen nobody could believe it

  • SiR Neil
    SiR Neil Year ago +857

    You will never know what victory is if you never taste defeat. -Manny Pacman

    • carton box
      carton box Month ago

      @Skull Cleaver that bbm guy i was replying was racist
      And Pacquiao was on roids

    • Skull Cleaver
      Skull Cleaver Month ago

      @carton box I'm not big on boxing, but who was racist, and on juice?

    • carton box
      carton box 2 months ago

      @BBM Ngiwi Floyd walked with 60% of the purse and probably more than that
      Floyd got two W

  • Everett St. Claire
    Everett St. Claire Year ago +204

    How can you not love Pacquiao? The skill and philanthropy, a combination very few can claim. A true sports role model that people of all ages can look up to. Can't say enough good things about this guy.

    • Liza Esmaya
      Liza Esmaya 4 months ago +2

      He's a good person,every fight he make and win,,he back home to general Santos city and gives money to our kababayan.he's a true philanthropist and humble man.

    • Thanks🐣
      Thanks🐣 4 months ago +1

      People will always hate 🤷🏻‍♀️ you can be the most purest and nicest person in the world with good intentions and people will still try to find ways to hate you but all that matters is you still have your fans who still loves you❤️

    • Rafael Agustin
      Rafael Agustin 6 months ago +1

      @Rogelio Fernandez bro you look like me

    • Rogelio Fernandez
      Rogelio Fernandez 8 months ago

      Very very true. He's one in a million.

  • Ace Ironwood
    Ace Ironwood Year ago +2483

    I remember when Manny beat de la Hoya. When they embraced at the end, Manny told the guy he just defeated, “You’re still my idol.”
    That’s pure class.

    • Joycelyn Abalos
      Joycelyn Abalos Year ago +2

      @Bill Bopperton
      Time does HEAL WOUNDS🤞
      Time does MELLOW HEARTS & MINDS🤞🤞

    • Will T
      Will T Year ago +3

      Marquez is his rival

    • Joycelyn Abalos
      Joycelyn Abalos Year ago

      @Bill Bopperton
      Hopefully 🙏

    • The Charley and Nellybaby Show
      The Charley and Nellybaby Show Year ago

      I was glad he beat la hoya. It sucked when he beat morales y barrera

    • Tyree Powell
      Tyree Powell Year ago +12

      @Bill Bopperton Not Just A Good Person, But Also A Great Guy As A 8 Division Boxing World Champion!

  • Sebastian Benitez
    Sebastian Benitez 5 months ago +64

    Ain't it surreal? The fact that years ago they couldn't even pronounce his name, he was so unknown. Now entire countries stop just to watch him. That, I truly believe is legendary

  • Randall Roña
    Randall Roña Year ago +110

    I remembered when my late grandfather and my late father loved to watched boxing. When there was Manny Pacquiao fight, my dad prepared a TV outside the house, some snacks, juices or beer are on the table and some chairs for me, Mom and other people to sit to watch the fight. Good times.
    Rest in Peace, Grandpa & Dad. You always be missed. ♥️
    From a fan in the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • NineteenEightyNine
    NineteenEightyNine 3 months ago +83

    Damn that's amazing being a legend in your country that everything shuts down when you fight. It's rare to have that much success yet stay grounded never forgetting where he came from.

  • emma bach
    emma bach Year ago +39

    From time to time, after Manny retiring this year, I feel nostalgic and just feel both immense sadness and pride to be able to witness MANNY "FREAKIN" PACQUIAO. Yes, he literally defeats not just his opponents but the challenges of life. He is my GOAT. I miss him so much. I literally cried when he loses and when he wins, and even now, I am tearing up because we will never see him again in the ring but he will live in our hearts, forever.

  • TheGamingIndian
    TheGamingIndian Year ago +73

    This guy made other legends look repulsive with the squandered money, flashing it, acting cocky. I will remember him as the greatest boxer and an amazing human being. He inspires me to be the best and have a purpose.

    • K
      K 3 months ago

      @Waku Waku do filipinos love duterte

    • Waku Waku
      Waku Waku 4 months ago

      @Pixtlewint it's obvious? Bruhhh haven't you research about the government did? Do you think he contribute more in his country than president duterte? Lol

    • Waku Waku
      Waku Waku 4 months ago

      @Pixtlewint you just didn't do your research bruhhh

  • Jiggens Soliven
    Jiggens Soliven 3 years ago +2313

    These original documentaries by Joe Vincent are better than those of ESPN...

    • Quick Draw McGraw
      Quick Draw McGraw 6 months ago +1

      Agreed, I love seeing the "Its supposed to be cheesy" message... Joe Vincent is the king of inspirational documentaries!

    • keyboardwarior
      keyboardwarior 8 months ago +1

      Big yes

    • leadlefthand
      leadlefthand 2 years ago +3

      Unfortunately, all ESPN is interested right now is virtue signalling.

    • War Robots
      War Robots 2 years ago +1


    • Cee Lee
      Cee Lee 2 years ago +1

      Agree 101%

  • Hatori Hanzo
    Hatori Hanzo Year ago +55

    I cried watching this masterpiece of a tribute to the Greatest of all time Manny Pacquiao.

  • Amrit Patnaik
    Amrit Patnaik 9 months ago +52

    Wow! I am just blown away by this man, his story and his legacy!
    i used to believe that Ali is the GOAT of boxing, but i have found both a contender for the title of GOAT and a new personal idol in Manny Pacman
    The immeasurable amount of respect and admiration people have for this sports icon could not be more hard earned and well deserved!
    I hope his heroic and decorated journey keeps continuing, with a long and illustrious career.

    • Gary Walsh
      Gary Walsh 7 months ago +2

      Manny was a seriously good athlete. An illustrious path that shines to all. Truly, He must be living proof of what fantastic achievements are available when ones commits to digging themselves out of a hole. Salute Manny 👏👏

  • Tekel Upharsin
    Tekel Upharsin Year ago +53

    Manny was one of the most humble professional boxers the sport has ever seen. It's incredible how he never let his money, fame, or political power influence his pre-fight, mid-fight, and post-fight etiquette. He was always a gracious in victory and congratulatory in defeat.

  • Ash
    Ash Year ago +46

    shamefully I admit I didn't know nearly enough about this man until this video. after watching, he has become my favorite boxer to ever lace up gloves. what a man. what a human. he is honestly what I would call the ultimate role model and without a single doubt the GOAT

  • spacelord420
    spacelord420 7 months ago +24

    I'm watching these boxing videos and thinking of my dad, with tears in my eyes. While he's no longer with us, my dad spoke of guys like Manny Pacquiao and Ali with the deepest respect. Now I know why. These men are legends of our time.

  • Juan Juarez
    Juan Juarez 2 years ago +2020

    The goat hands down. Humble to the core. Love pacquao. I’m Mexican and he has been beating great Mexican fighters for a long time but always showed respect for the mexicanos. Pacquao is loved my the Mexicans.

    • Foxthooot
      Foxthooot Year ago

      just like we love the mexican boxers, sheesh marquez was my personal fave

    • DeadArmed
      DeadArmed Year ago

      Hes the goat of boxing. No more talented,proven or accomplished fighter. Only guy in same class is ray Robinson
      -american boxing fan.

    • freddiereck calaor
      freddiereck calaor Year ago

      Aside from manny. JMM is my fav boxer. Damn!!!! He fight with balls!!! The guts man was just something crazy. Never fear anyone!!! I saw manny on him!!!!! He's a Mexican version of manny! I mean it! I'm from Philippines!!!

    • Ave Christus
      Ave Christus 2 years ago

      Filipinos and Mexicans are similar. Brothers🙌

    • arnie delos santos
      arnie delos santos 2 years ago

      gracia pais

  • Zee
    Zee 10 months ago +49

    He spent his whole career fighting bigger fighters. He is the definition of Pound for Pound.

  • Israel P
    Israel P Year ago +44

    True champion in and out of the ring. True and humble, God bless Manny 🙏

  • Han-Gwon Lung
    Han-Gwon Lung Year ago +90

    It's crazy to think that when Manny started boxing as a teen he was basically malnourished and underfed but still good enough and hungry enough to win the lineal championship..as a teen. Wow. Us regular folks really have no excuses whatsoever.

  • Frank De Leonardis
    Frank De Leonardis 10 months ago +12

    This video gives me chills. A whole nation stops when this man fights. Absolute legend of my time

    • Tonton Rizon
      Tonton Rizon 11 days ago

      Lol Philippines is just a small country .

  • Lee Townsley
    Lee Townsley Year ago +12

    Manny is just one of the best. Both inside and outside of the ring. An absolute gem of a human.

  • oedw
    oedw 2 years ago +1898

    That's crazy "crime drops nearly to zero when he fights"

    • jhon astillero
      jhon astillero 2 months ago

      yes is it for real!

    • red Qrx
      red Qrx 2 months ago

      Im a filipino and this is true

      YOURE STALKER SHORTS 2 months ago

      @BBM Ngiwi kaya nga eh, sbrng KSP

    • BBM Ngiwi
      BBM Ngiwi 2 months ago

      @YOURE STALKER SHORTS tatanga kasi. Uhaw sa praise ng ibang lahi kasi mga pinoy kaya ganyan sila haha.

  • J. T
    J. T Year ago +9

    I'd probably not live long enough to find someone comparable to Manny Pacquiao, his once in a lifetime fighter never to be repeated again

  • ching-a-ling
    ching-a-ling 4 months ago +4

    Humbled and determined to make a change selflessly not just for himself and his family. Resiliency and his passion made him a legend. Every punch reminds him of all the deprivation he experienced and underwent and every failure only makes him tougher and aim harder. I'm not a boxing fan but admired and respected how he had become and became an inspiration to millions of people. Sharing and giving back to the people in need and helpless and his great sense of spirituality. May his legacy lives on! Thank you for sharing and creating a very heartfelt documentary about this legendary man. Kudos to your channel.

  • Roberto Torres
    Roberto Torres Year ago +28

    Pacquiao is the real 🐐. No other boxer has ever given back to his community like he has. May God continue to bless you PAC MAN.

  • Marty's
    Marty's 17 days ago

    One of the greatest boxers of all time, and one of the kindest hearts. So many celebrities forget where they came from. He never did.

  • JF FA
    JF FA Year ago +28

    His legendary career is undeniable, one of the GOAT's for sure....

  • Snafu
    Snafu 3 years ago +1990

    In his prime, he was defeating legends
    Now that he’s a legend, he’s defeating opponents in their prime

    • Camille
      Camille Year ago +2

      Even his not on his prime he beats fighters on their primes🥊

    • Alex
      Alex Year ago

      Was almost killed by Marquez. 🤫

    • Shop Talk
      Shop Talk 2 years ago

      @Timothy Ward wtf r u talking about! manny is a legend but let's b honest, he cheated using peds and lost to money may!

    • Shop Talk
      Shop Talk 2 years ago

      @Snafu lol

  • Roy
    Roy 7 months ago +15

    I’m just so glad I got to grow up watching most of Manny’s career! I can remember so many of his fights that brought my family and relatives together. Everyone always freaking out over the smallest things during fights, listening to the Filipino national anthem, debating with relatives what the tattoo on his chest is 😂, listening to his hilarious post-fight interviews lmao, etc. His fights were some of the best times of my life.
    There are only 2 sporting incidents that have ever got me heartbroken-and one of them was when Manny got knocked out by Marquez. I had bad feelings going into that fight because Manny always had a hard time against him. When that knockout happened I felt like that was the beginning of the end of his career. But I’m glad he still continued on to have a solid career afterwards.
    He’s one of the very few inspirations in my life so I’m very grateful for all he’s done for boxing and for his people. The people’s champion and forever a legend!!
    Also thanks for all that you do to create these amazing videos 🙌🏼

  • xx BadDriver
    xx BadDriver Year ago +11

    And now he’s on to a different fight in life. Thank you for the legendary bouts and career, Manny Pacquiao. No one will forget your name

  • ulisez g
    ulisez g Year ago +6

    Soy Mexicano, pero Paquiao era de otro planeta, simplemente el.mejor de todos los tiempos, pesele a quien le pese, calele a quien le cale

  • Carl Brant Inoc
    Carl Brant Inoc Month ago +1

    Thank you Manny for the best memories whenever you fight it brings family, friends, neighbors and strangers together. You made PH zero crime rate during your fight. You showed and give pride to every Filipino people! You never forgot where you came from and your generosity win everyone's heart! And one time I ask my American/European colleagues(and they have no idea of the Philippines) of what they can think PH is best known for? Their answers are "Manny Pacquiao" that's legendary putting PH on the map 🔥 👊

  • El Hefe Pinador
    El Hefe Pinador Year ago +54

    I never get tired of watching this vid over and over again.. Pacquiao the GOAT.!

  • Billy Rey Joel Jimenez
    Billy Rey Joel Jimenez 2 years ago +417

    Mannn, as a fellow filipino also, this makes me tear up. Manny was really an idol for my father. Everytime Manny had a fight, my father would let all of our neighbors come to the house just to watch, I remember so many people cheer while my mother prepared a feast to celebrate, almost like they already knew that Manny was going to win. Manny was an inspiration to every filipino, he gave them hope that there will always be a tomorrow where you'll rise up from your struggles in life. Mad respect for Manny, even though I didn't witness the start of his legacy, I did witness the people he moved, I remember how they cried in happiness and sadness, cheered for joy and hope, and that, that was my childhood, Manny was a part of my memorable childhood memories.

    • Adora
      Adora 5 months ago

      That’s a great story dude it sounds like it brought your community together

    • 1mNot4rrogant
      1mNot4rrogant 2 years ago

      Like superman

    • Kodi
      Kodi 2 years ago +3

      @Billy Rey Joel Jimenez So what?

    • Billy Rey Joel Jimenez
      Billy Rey Joel Jimenez 2 years ago

      @Boii Villa Lol, sounds just like filipinos, they even pretended to be sick

    • Boii Villa
      Boii Villa 2 years ago +9

      He is also part of our life, here in Canada...every time Manny have a fight, our boss in our company, always have a problem, most of our Filipino workers get sick, and can't go to work. They want to watch it live, not rerun.

  • Skyler Spitfire
    Skyler Spitfire 11 months ago +4

    This man had the heart of a nation behind him, boxing is so mental in so many ways and having the eyes and dreams of a whole nation behind you, unreal. Truly the essence of a people's champion.

  • Briseyda Mendez
    Briseyda Mendez 7 months ago +5

    Wow this made me respect him even more not only for his boxing career but for his history itself. If only one of our greatest Mexican champions like, Canelo could behave more humble like Manny he’d have even more respect. In my humble opinion.

  • Carlos Santos
    Carlos Santos Year ago +4

    Wow, this made my day for sure. I’m a Mexican Boxing fan and I give all respect to this CHAMPION of a fighter. Yes he did loose at times but too keep coming back like that is incredible too witness. He is definitely in my Boxing conversations for many years to come. Great Job Manny PAC-MAN!!!👏👏👏🤔💯

  • Muscle Hack
    Muscle Hack 7 months ago +6

    what a inspirational legend. A fighter like this is rare, but whats more rare is someone with a heart of gold like that

  • Tony Baker
    Tony Baker Year ago +369

    Manny is legend.

  • Sami Nevalainen
    Sami Nevalainen 2 years ago +843

    Manny has the belt that is hardest one to get. He is the peoples champion. Not just in Philippines, but around the world.

  • Brandon Sullivan
    Brandon Sullivan Month ago

    This man has a true sense of honor. A statesman, a military man, a charitable man for his own people donating many many homes, and one of history most ENTERTAINING combat sport fighters. Couple that with his against-the-odds success story. A modern warrior and gentleman thru and thru.

  • Agila Lawin
    Agila Lawin Year ago +2

    Good job on this documentary. Manny's greatness is exemplied not only in his awe inspiring record breaking achievements in boxing but also in his love for his fellowmen thru his charitable acts and kindness towards others , his perseverance and determination to rise above the challenges, and remaining down to earth and proud of his humble beginnings. We are all fortunate to live during the lifetime of this legendary man. He is one of a kind. He is a gift to mankind worthy of emulation and respect.

  • Ong goy
    Ong goy 11 months ago +15

    The best boxers of all time with zero trash talk and 💯% humble

  • Adrenaline Junkey
    Adrenaline Junkey Year ago +5

    Manny had a spirit that his body almost couldn't encompass.

  • Dana Gray
    Dana Gray 6 months ago +3

    They keep talking about his power, which is impressive, but let's face it: What's truly impressive is his pinpoint accuracy. His hands seem to fly effortlessly to exactly the place they need to be to get past guards that look impenetrable. One second you're thinking, "He's gonna have to wait for this guy to drop his guard a bit" and suddenly he's punching his opponent with a flurry of blows as though their arms don't even exist. What an amazing fighter.

  • Steven Mamba
    Steven Mamba 3 years ago +4391

    While Mayweather spends on cars Manny feeds the hungry. I have so much respect for Manny after watching this

    • Vicente Pastor
      Vicente Pastor Year ago +1

      Mayweather is a great boxer but sucks as a person

    • kim bum
      kim bum Year ago

      @Hana dont me hahahaha

    • E
      E Year ago

      @Robin Groenbech i disagree on the claim that manny shouldn't earn more respect because he helps the poor. That is something that you can respect someone more for. Respecting the pure hearted kindness of another being is perfectly fine and its not being a lousy person for doing so

    • Talibandzk13
      Talibandzk13 Year ago

      That’s how you know he came from the dirt

    • John Hernandez
      John Hernandez Year ago

      Floyd beat his wife hahaha


    I don't remember how many times I watched this, but this is great. Definitely, one of the best videos to show pacman's boxing contribution and him being an inspiration
    not only as a boxer but as a successful person thoughout his life and career.

  • Nacht Faust
    Nacht Faust Year ago +2

    The punch he landed on Hatton is one of the most iconic knockout in boxing history, haters gonna hate but you can't deny this man's greatness. Truly, one of the greatest boxer to ever do it.

  • Reim Astelle
    Reim Astelle 7 months ago +6

    The best boxing athlete of all time for me. Plays without dirty tricks and is always humble.
    He's a Champion 🏆

  • Justin Bactad
    Justin Bactad Year ago +3

    He's the boxing 🐐 to me and a lot of other people. The epitome of a world class person. We've been blessed to witness a truly a once in a lifetime fighter.

  • Cristian Perez Brunet

    A true Legend in and outside of the ring!

  • James Martie
    James Martie 2 years ago +186

    His fists made him famous but his heart made him a Legend!
    Incredibly great documentary of a man that starts from rags to glory.

  • Bonifacio III Penaso
    Bonifacio III Penaso 8 months ago +18

    Zero crime rate here in the Philippines when manny fights. Never will i ever experienced it again. I'm so thankful that I've witnessed his greatness in my time. 👊

  • Bri Harris
    Bri Harris 3 months ago +5

    I will never forget (remember it clear as a bell) being a teen in UK and seeing Barrera dismantling Naz then he was my favourite fighter and he went on a few years win streak,I watched every fight, then saw him get destroyed by Manny and just sat in my room thinking to myself 'what the EFFF just happened and who the hell is this little fillipino kid) I was literally in shock lol

  • GueritaJFS
    GueritaJFS Year ago +11

    🥊🥊I am Mexican and i love my Mexican Champs but I love Manny . Manny is a great fighter inside of the ring and a better man outside of the ring and for that he is one of favorite boxers.
    God bless him. 🥊🥊

  • Life is not a cock dont take it so hard

    I know manny have a very powerful punch but what amazes me the most was his footwork and strike's precision

  • Vince
    Vince Year ago +7

    Great video. Manny Pacquiao was one of the most talented and exciting boxers to watch of all time. And he's a humble, and kind person to top it off. Those are rare qualities. I have a lot of respect and admiration for this guy.

  • W C
    W C 3 years ago +3906

    “At age 14, after his father killed and ate his Dog, Manny left home.” - Eh, what a strange set of circumstances to launch a legendary boxing career.

    • Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru
      Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru 10 months ago +1

      Here in the Philippines some drunk men kill and eat dogs. It's like a side dish next to alcohol. It's illegal to eat dogs or cats / endangered species here tho. When I was a kid I witnessed my neighbor put their pet dog inside a empty sack of rice then hang on a tree then beat the bag multiple time until the dog dies in it. 💔 I was heartbroken because that was a nice dog. I remember his name is Spot. They cooked and eat him while drinking beer . ☹️

    • M.
      M. 10 months ago

      I think this was the turning point where Manny decided to go to Manila, back in the day when people has nothing to eat here in our country, we would butcher dogs to feed our family. Manny decided to take his chances in Manila to feed his family since boxing in Gensan (where he grew up) wasn't high paying back then

    • Leon Scott Kennedy
      Leon Scott Kennedy Year ago

      "his father killed and ate his dog"
      Manny becomes *john wick*

    • Dat Greedy Mouse
      Dat Greedy Mouse Year ago

      Fyi, mike tyson started boxing because someone stole his pigeon..

  • SMH Ace of Spades
    SMH Ace of Spades Year ago +4

    Dude it's SO hard to fathom winning an estimated 500 million and giving
    300 million to help your people and remaining humble and never forgetting where he came from. Not to many of them of them out there like The Pac Man....mich respect.....

  • Bruno
    Bruno Year ago +7

    Bored Film are usually great, but this is a flaw in the set. This is just amazing. Outruns so many commercial productions. What a great video.

  • B Perry
    B Perry Year ago +4

    He has my respect for what he does for his people. He knows that success is always better when everyone can share in the experience

  • fitaddiction 369
    fitaddiction 369 Year ago +6

    Manny was a physical freak. He was able to carry speed and power through any weight division and any era. The big thing was his will to fight. Most guys you see who are great still will try to fight but you can tell they dont take it serious. Manny was much different that will to go to battle was just always there. I think the last fight with was ugas was the only time it seemed like he was just maybe not motivated. They say one in lifetime but i think he maybe a once ever. The only person who really did what he did weight division or close was henry armstrong

  • Kourosh Salahshoor
    Kourosh Salahshoor Year ago +7

    This is the best documentary of Manny I have seen. Well done guys

  • R Ξ Ι
    R Ξ Ι 2 years ago +454

    Others plays for titles, fames and riches. Manny fights for his people. Mad respect for a legend.

    • Vaagai
      Vaagai Year ago +3

      So did Duran. There are many boxers who had represented their people in the toughest of conditions, no need to compare, they are all greats.

    • gagongflip389
      gagongflip389 Year ago +9

      @Jess Ombao He fought to get out of poverty and now he is fighting for god and the people.

    • Early Angelo
      Early Angelo Year ago

      Para sa pamilya

    • CJ_Curles06
      CJ_Curles06 Year ago +22

      @Jess Ombao I was in the philipines when I was 4 years old, a big storm had just happened and half the houses in my neighborhood were flooded or destroyed, Manny had come and given people Money and Food, you can’t tell me he fights for himself, if he did, he wouldn’t be a Senator of his People.

  • Hunter Robinson
    Hunter Robinson Year ago +1

    Thank you so much Manny for being my main inspiration and mentor! Your style and humbleness motivated and introduced me to start boxing. But overall, thanks for being a southpaw boxer. There’s not a lot of them, but there’s a few out there. You’re one of the few. 🥊🙂😁👍🏻❤

  • Juan Jackson
    Juan Jackson 10 months ago +7

    The Real GOAT of my generation, thank you so much manny for bringing us an honor. Respected from davao philippines 💪

    FRANK203CASTLE Year ago +3

    Wow manny is a great human being, talk about giving back. This guy is a humanitarian icon to say the least. What a true hero in boxing and among the human race.

  • 2pak
    2pak 4 months ago +4

    8 division title is excellent. no boring sweet science, no running away. just a pure power 💪🔥🥊

  • BakShotCruz
    BakShotCruz 2 months ago +1

    The way he broke morales physically and mentally is insane . Morales is a legend , to see him just sit there and accept defeat still hits hard . Manny was too much

  • Kresette Patel
    Kresette Patel 2 years ago +280

    6:00 "When you fight for a cost greater than yourself. To break from the rootless cycle of poverty. How much you can take is not quantifiable"... My tears drop on that sentence.... He deserves all the respect he received. Bless his soul!

  • Ethan Garland
    Ethan Garland Year ago +8

    Here after he announced his retirement. One of the all time greats 🐐

    • Plate O'Rice
      Plate O'Rice Year ago

      For me he is one of the greatest boxers inside the ring and the greatest boxer outside the ring.

  • Jeff G.
    Jeff G. Year ago +1

    He's the most exciting fighter to watch in the history of boxing period. Seems like there's no other fighter similar to his style. Fast hands, barrage of strong punches throughout the fight, the bob and weave, good lateral movement and you will always expect for a knockout or at least a knockdown everytime he fight. Prime Manny Pacquiao is the GOAT in boxing.

  • keith john gapit
    keith john gapit 10 months ago +3

    Still giving me goosebumps

    MARKJMETAL 9 months ago +6

    The true Filipino warrior blooded fighter that never surrender in the odds of life. Due to his experience, trainings, discipline, courage, dedication, humbleness, good hearted and faith! he is the winner. That power and speed is a gift to him!

  • Emar Togonon
    Emar Togonon 8 months ago +5

    The STORY TELL WHO IS THIS GUY and what we LEARNED from HIM as a true LEGEND..

  • Telly Wells
    Telly Wells 2 years ago +725

    He's a true humanitarian. He fights for his people.

  • Rog Hdz
    Rog Hdz Year ago +4

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  • Merge Urban Studio
    Merge Urban Studio Month ago

    The best documentary about The Only 8 division world champion. Amazing Job.
    I truly understand now why there's so many people who loves Pacquaio, he is not just entertaining to watch but he also has a kind heart to help people that are the poorest of the poor. This documentary feels like rocky balboa the movie. Just wow.

  • rizzgod
    rizzgod Year ago +1

    Not only a champ but a humble person too that's what you call a true sportsmen

  • Totsugeki
    Totsugeki 4 months ago

    This guys story is straight up a Hollywood movie. Mad respect for Manny. Literally born in the slums and through boxing rose up to be a well respected public figure. His nation stands behind him as they see him as a symbol of hope and their nation’s pride.
    How easily would it have been for him to squander his earnings and riches on vices. We’ve seen it before with rising fighters. But instead Manny donates his earnings to the poor. The guy is a true leader if there was any.

  • Abdias Macajelos Gargar
    Abdias Macajelos Gargar 2 years ago +387

    Donated houses to those in need, free medical bills for the poor,donated millions during pandemic free PPE's faceshield medical supplies just wow. He's not just the GOAT of boxing he's also the most humble giver ever. Just wow. Kudos to the one who make this documentation about the Pacman very entertaining to watch i'll rate this perfect. Good job sir.

    • john thao
      john thao Year ago +3

      He's our Ali. Too bad that money man guy can't be that ali

    • Jalen Ikezeue
      Jalen Ikezeue Year ago +4

      I know right Manny is a good Man with a heart of Gold👍🏿⭐👍🏿⭐👍🏿⭐👍🏿⭐👍🏿⭐

  • Ersula
    Ersula 18 days ago

    Mayweather is the best boxer of this era, but Pacqiauo is a greater man without question. Floyd has 30 cars and an 18 million dollar watch, but Manny never forgot where he came from. His influence in the Philippines is so heartwarming, and you can just see how he carries himself, that his ego has not blown up the way Floyd’s has. Truly a great man

  • AimG
    AimG 7 months ago +6

    His prime will never be forgotten:)

  • Red Orange Green
    Red Orange Green Year ago +2

    To the dog that got eaten, your sacrifices never went to waste.
    You're death created a History.
    Hats off to the Dog. you the real GOAT

  • G M
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    Manny Pacquiao is absolutely top 3 greatest boxers of all time! Salute!

      JUST LOVE NO HATE Month ago

      Of course, for most of us Filipinos, Manny is The GOAT. But, for me it's actually Mike Tyson. Prime Mike? Ooowwhhee.. It's always going to be Mike anytime of the day! Against any generation, any era. But Mike says it's Muhammad Ali, so.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ yeah I agree, Manny, Top 3. Wwwhheeeww.. That's a great company right there.

    • WZ912
      WZ912 6 months ago

      @Hahahah Hahahah lmao!

    • Hahahah Hahahah
      Hahahah Hahahah 6 months ago +5

      @Last Chance don't be a nostalgia merchant, manny is a better fighter than alli. Dunno about tyson the guy is a beast too

    • Last Chance
      Last Chance 7 months ago +2

      @Abdon Santella top 3

  • PondTurtle
    PondTurtle 3 months ago +46

    The only boxer to ever win 8 titles in different divisions! That's all you need to know.

    • ch1ngons1mon
      ch1ngons1mon 2 months ago

      @William Gray there's nothing to explain kapatid. Manny explains it best in the clip from HBO.

    • William Gray
      William Gray 2 months ago

      @ch1ngons1mon Again you saying something thats not true, overall explain that video

    • ch1ngons1mon
      ch1ngons1mon 2 months ago

      @William Gray you're Filipino and you hate Mayweather. Just admit it. It's quite common. There is absolutely nothing hateful about my video.

    • ch1ngons1mon
      ch1ngons1mon 2 months ago

      @William Gray you dislike Mayweather because he beat Pacquiao. How is the video hateful?

  • Donald Arthur
    Donald Arthur Year ago +4

    Pac-man a wonder to all men. God gave him so much which he has used to help the poor in his own country. He is truly a great fighter in the ring and out however he is humble as a man. I think that's why most people like him. The hate him don't even know why.

  • George Farmer
    George Farmer Year ago +1

    Freddie was Manny’s Cus D’Amato. Manny just never strayed away and stayed with Freddie his whole career. You have to respect Manny, he’s been through not just battles, but wars. His humanity for his fellow human has been unmatched.

  • redamaryllisflower
    redamaryllisflower Year ago +5

    thank you for this manny has been my idol i remember watching his match with my family as a child in the philippines and it was a really festive and happy day

  • AnaDoubleTrust . Com
    AnaDoubleTrust . Com Year ago +47

    i admire his wifes loyalty. she stayed with him when he had nothing but a work in progress. She deserves everything

    • Awe Shit
      Awe Shit 2 months ago

      @Velke Pivoi know it's rare nowadays in the west but traditional women does exist still. Those 304s that ain't loyal are made in America and it's 'feminist modern women. Ugh

    • Azure
      Azure 4 months ago +1

      @Velke Pivo sometimes when the people you care stay side by side in the entire your life when poor and rich is special. like the oath before wedding she and pacquiao always together whether rags or rich🤗

    • Velke Pivo
      Velke Pivo 6 months ago +1

      What did she have?

  • Jeong Oppa
    Jeong Oppa Year ago +1593

    Pacman proved the famous saying
    "No matter how good you are,there's always an Asian better than you.."

    • youlikemydog
      youlikemydog 5 months ago

      @Hit Quixote you mean he hugged him the whole match ?

    • WZ912
      WZ912 6 months ago

      @star 3 take a guess

    • Anthony S
      Anthony S 7 months ago

      Dark Mysteries I know bud. But it can sway opinions

    • superiorEGG
      superiorEGG 9 months ago


  • Jhonlerex Amejan
    Jhonlerex Amejan Year ago +29

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    That killed me😂

  • John Hernandez
    John Hernandez 10 months ago

    Few heroes in life give so generously, and are so selfless, building thousands of homes and giving so much, so often... i don't think anyone on this planet has given as much as this man... A true hero Manny Pacquiao is, a living legend, and prime example of what should be done with hundreds of millions of dollars... you don't see Pacquiao wearing million dollar watches or jewelry, or buying solid gold bathtubs for 2.3 million (mike tyson)