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Redknapp & Richards: Combined Liverpool & Man City XI (Ft Romesh) | The Eleven |

  • Published on Aug 15, 2022
  • The Eleven brings a classic pub debate to life. Two rival football fans go head-to-head, to debate which players would make it into a combined team from their clubs. The Judge - a neutral fan - has the final say on each position on the pitch.
    In this episode, ex-Liverpool star Jamie Redknapp clashes with Man City icon Micah Richards, with Arsenal fan and comedian Romesh Ranganathan overseeing proceedings, to decide on a combined XI of England’s top two clubs.
    Join Romesh Ranganathan, Jamie Redknapp and Micah Richards for the brand-new series of A League of Their Own - available on Sky Max and streaming service NOW every Thursday @SKY TV @ALOTOSky
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Comments • 2 223

  • LADbible TV
    LADbible TV  Month ago +172

    Join Romesh Ranganathan, Jamie Redknapp and Micah Richards for the brand-new series of A League of Their Own - available on Sky Max and streaming service NOW every Thursday #ALOTO

    • ChrisMKW
      ChrisMKW Month ago +2

      The English bias from redknapp while Richards went with his ball IQ

    • lavesh vila
      lavesh vila Month ago +3

      I hated the vibe of redknapp micah is having fun but redknapp is so rude man

    • Jin Londzale
      Jin Londzale Month ago +8

      Never bring back redknapp again

  • Rezzy | PS4
    Rezzy | PS4 Month ago +2381

    Rodri it’s so underrated. People need to watch this guy more He has no flaws in his game.

    • Garfield
      Garfield 9 days ago

      Rodri, no flaws? Really? Well, he's as slow as a carthorse, he gets caught in possession too often, he's a pretty lazy DM so doesn't get forward enough, lacks workrate, and concedes a lot of clumsy, cheap fouls....and for a big bloke who's 6ft 3" he's poor in the air and lacks physical strength in possession. But apart from that he's flawless eh ;0). Phillips to start for me, every time

    • eazyollie
      eazyollie 28 days ago

      Yep he's been better than Fabinho for 18 months easy, top class player. Prime Fernandinho was different level though to both.

    • Supingo
      Supingo Month ago

      @manu92384 and even then kdb is still underrated

    • R A
      R A Month ago

      If the refs knew how to ref properly hed be sent off more and hed be far less effective but thats just my opinion 🤷‍♂️

    • Ashfaaq 4
      Ashfaaq 4 Month ago

      He's a michael carrick with a bit more guile and tenacity

  • David Stamm
    David Stamm Month ago +160

    I always thought that Jamie was a horrendous pundit, because of his opinions. This video is a very strong argument to state my case.
    Micah, on the other hand, is getting better and better. Love the guy!

    • The Occupier
      The Occupier 10 days ago +1

      All I had to do is look at the headline of Romesh, Micah and Redknapp to know not to watch this nauseating garbage

    • Shaswat Shah
      Shaswat Shah Month ago +3

      Bro dont act like micah is any better. The only reason he's a pundit is because he's that comic relief character everyone likes in the movies. There's no doubt Rodri is the better player but if uve seen philips play for leeds last season ud know theres a reason they call him the english pirlo.

    • David Stamm
      David Stamm Month ago +2

      ​@billy yeah I do respect Jamie as a player and I would never deny his experience, but in the last couple of years he had some very weird takes on many occasions (examples: his constant criticism on Mourinho, his opinion about Spurs' fullbacks Doherty and Reguilón, etc.). Of course, Phillips is a fantastic midfielder (and, in my opinion, far more complete than Rodri in terms of playing characteristics) and I do highly rate him. I hope he gets time at City, but as of now and as you said in your response to my comment, Rodri is the better passer (and probably one of the best passers in the world in his position). Since the video is about the best present 11 and not the 11 with the best potential, Jamie is not right on this one.
      P.S.: Setting a condescending tone by calling someone a "kid" doesn't make you win the argument ;) Have a great one.

    • billy yeah
      billy yeah Month ago +4

      Jamie knows his football and played at the highest possible level in midfield, have a bit of respect kid. Phillips certainly has a greater range of passes in his arsenal and is a more talented passer. Rodri is a better player, as of now. But Rodri has never been credited with his arsenal of passes but rather his immaculate positioning defensively, his ability to play in small spaces and his off the ball awareness(which are all world class). Guardiola knows a player when he sees one and he bought Phillips with plans to integrate him into a team with Haaland to get the range of passes from deep midfield in behind opposition defenders, it’s a slow gradual change for pep into a different style of play.

  • JP
    JP Month ago +285

    Cancelo was probably Man City's 2nd best player last season, crazy to leave him out

    • Billy Cook
      Billy Cook 24 days ago +1

      Nah kdb was our best then rodri then probably bernardo

    • Michael Deeping
      Michael Deeping 28 days ago

      Better lb than Robbo and probably All round better than Trent at RB, monster full back

    • Christian C
      Christian C Month ago +2

      Cancelo was by far the best LB in the league last year... absolutely underrated

    • Mikaelious
      Mikaelious Month ago

      @KTK bro thinks he did something

    • Robel Daniel
      Robel Daniel Month ago

      @KTK really got him there

  • LT Dudzek
    LT Dudzek Month ago +138

    Love Romesh. Jamie proving the redknapp's insufferable reputation

    • kadi jomi
      kadi jomi Month ago +2

      Rodri is a master at what he does and Philips is on the path of getting there.... to compare him with Rodri at this point is kinda delusional tbf lol

  • S A
    S A Month ago +244

    Redknapp acting like knob throughout the whole video whilst Micah and Ramesh are having a laugh, and they still got more ball knowledge than him

    • DanMasoomi
      DanMasoomi 10 days ago +1

      @The Occupier well said sir and amazing profile photo. My kinda guy.

    • The Occupier
      The Occupier 10 days ago +1

      Three of the most nauseating people you could find on the planet talking about something they aint got a clue about - not my idea of entertainment

    • Trezegarms
      Trezegarms Month ago +2

      Redknapp horrid ball knowledge

    • S A
      S A Month ago +4

      @safe maybe but he’s a experienced pundit he should know by now to keep his cool on the camera. Fair enough if he was just starting off but by now if you can’t control your emotions you shouldn’t be a pundit you’ll just end up being reactionary

  • poiuytrewq1553
    poiuytrewq1553 Month ago +2286

    The audacity of calling out someone for their football knowledge while saying Phillips is a better passer than Rodri. 💀

    • Alex Atkinson
      Alex Atkinson Day ago

      @Robert Keys If I wanted to when I play on a Sunday I could rarely miss a pass if all I did was pass it 5 yards except for the odd longe range attempt

    • George A BaazaaD
      George A BaazaaD 3 days ago

      @Alex Atkinson Philips one of the best passing ranges in modern football? The English bias sometimes baffles me I sometimes think it’s borderline insanity.. and by the way I am a Brit myself..

    • Robert Keys
      Robert Keys 6 days ago

      @Alex Atkinson Gotta laugh man, you sit here telling people they haven't watched games. But to be honest mate it sounds like you haven't. Rodri is "controlling" games with his passing, sort of a lie when you are side by side with KDB but still kind of true. Sure he makes easy passes often, but he rarely misses. Which in most peoples eyes means you are a great passer

    • PRX Music
      PRX Music 14 days ago +1

      Embarrassed yourself with this comment I’m a man city Fan watched nearly every game for 19 years and kalvin is 100x better passer

    • eaman o
      eaman o 18 days ago

      @Alex Atkinson Rodri is also better at taking the ball under pressure and has better awareness and vision by the looks of it. Leeds were more direct so he got to hit those long passes more but rodri also played a few of those out to the wings

  • B B
    B B Month ago +38

    No cancelo is also bizarre to me , one of the most complete prem footballers in recent years. A joy to watch

    • eaman o
      eaman o 18 days ago +1

      Didn't watch the whole video but no cancel is a joke. He is better than walker and a better defender and all round footballer than trent

  • Pushpdant Sharma
    Pushpdant Sharma Month ago +102

    Big up for Micah shouting out Matip he was sensational for us last season i remember him scoring an impossible header against Southampton in the 2nd last match of the season in the 90 th minute . If not for him we would have been out of the title race much earlier . Btw Jamie is delusional and behaved like a total bellend with Romesh .

    • Rob S
      Rob S Month ago +3

      I can't believe Micah picked Matip over Dias. I think Micah is sniffing pre workout powder before the gym which impairs his judgement

    • Conrad
      Conrad Month ago +6

      Yes but Diaz is clear

    • Dirty Mike
      Dirty Mike Month ago +6

      Jamie is clueless nearly all the time lmao

  • Callum Davidson
    Callum Davidson 8 days ago +2

    The way Jamie calls what rodri does as "basic stuff" just shows how underrated rodri and busquets are.

  • 👈 Sonia’s Way
    👈 Sonia’s Way Month ago +2

    Romesh is spot on when he pointed out that him and Jamie have rubbish football knowledge in common

  • Rich Burrell
    Rich Burrell Month ago +1310

    Even Kalvin would piss himself if you told him he was a better passer than Rodri 😂

    • Darren Mason
      Darren Mason 13 days ago

      I agree passing wise phillips is better anything else rodri by far

    • Matthew Reilly
      Matthew Reilly 20 days ago

      Phillips doesn't even get a game

    • abbhijith
      abbhijith Month ago

      completely agreed mate. jamie needs to watch x-vid.net/video/bPaNwSGjvzY/video.html from 7:10 - 8:20 and then comment about Rodri's passing ability instead of spewing dogshit.

    • Z
      Z Month ago

      @JPA_Fasty That’s like saying Messi’s best attribute is dribbling so his passing isn’t better then a certain player lol passing can be Phillips best attribute but it don’t mean he can pass better then Rodri

    • JayBot303 FunctionError
      JayBot303 FunctionError Month ago

      @Rich Burrell he is also a pressing machine & when the team is playing well he will force opponents to make mistakes,.
      He is a great 😌 player hopefully he win’s trophies at city.

  • Sparky
    Sparky Month ago +32

    How does gundogan not even get a mention? he won player of the month in Jan/feb first ever city player to win two in a row and then scored two goals for the title final game of the season a real leader on the pitch as well.

  • Subhankar Bhadra
    Subhankar Bhadra Month ago +48

    Romesh is an absolute gem!!! 😅😅😅


    Rodri it’s so underrated. People need to watch this guy more He has no flaws in his game.

  • ・your non favorite person 👍・

    Rodri it’s so underrated. People need to watch this guy more He has no flaws in his game.

  • The Darkest Knight
    The Darkest Knight Month ago +1932

    Romesh is spot on when he pointed out that him and Jamie have rubbish football knowledge in common

    • eaman o
      eaman o 18 days ago

      @AKGAMING cancelo is a better all round footballer but Robertson really suits Liverpools style.

    • Michael Barker
      Michael Barker Month ago

      @Dan Kok how is that funny!!! That's literally facts!! Fabinho and roberston probably the best in the world in their positions so what you're saying sounds stupid!

      AKGAMING Month ago

      @Dan Kok Id take robbo over cancelo tbh. But the Fabinho and rodri arguement is harddd

  • ・your non favorite person 👍・

    Rodri it’s so underrated. People need to watch this guy more He has no flaws in his game.

  • Krishna Gopnarayan
    Krishna Gopnarayan Month ago +18

    redknapp is honestly that one guy who would defend every single english player to his grave

  • MrGeorge
    MrGeorge Month ago +10

    Jamie gives such bad takes in this one. Rodri has one of the highest pass success rates year in year out in the prem. Also, playing CDM for City is one of the hardest things to do as the responsibility and expectation weigh heavier than in any other team.

  • fifty-five
    fifty-five Month ago +32

    In a team like this I would pick Trent because they would spend most their time attacking but on a team when it is mostly 50/50 Walker is getting in 100% of the time and for people going to start crying he had Vinny in his back pocket after coming back from injury

    • fifty-five
      fifty-five Month ago +1

      @William Exactly but that just goes to show how good he is man is in his 30s and is out pacing a youngster that is known for his skills and tricks

    • HULK
      HULK Month ago +1

      @William 💯💯

    • William
      William Month ago +9

      What's funny is Walker was actually unfit in the second leg, pep risked playing Kyle cause dude was still injured
      And he still had Vinny packed inside his pocket
      Shame when he got subbed off we got punished

  • Samoke
    Samoke Month ago +1606

    Im a leeds fan btw. Rodri is better than phillips in every department. thats just obvious that

    • Roberto Flores
      Roberto Flores 17 days ago

      @Samoke brought the facts 👏 well done. Anyone who says otherwise just has pie on their face and doesn’t see the quality of Rodri like, ahem, Redknapp

    • Tristan von Hellmann
      Tristan von Hellmann Month ago

      @Jamie Stapleton English bias

    • abbhijith
      abbhijith Month ago

      completely agreed mate. jamie needs to watch x-vid.net/video/bPaNwSGjvzY/video.html from 7:10 - 8:20 and then comment about Rodri's passing ability instead of spewing dogshit.

    • Samoke
      Samoke Month ago

      @Hamza Burhan what video you watching pal?

      KAMRAN RIYAZ Month ago

      @Golden Golden we already have the best for that... thats de bruyne

  • K.
    K. Month ago +3

    Jamie: "So you're just gonna throw that much money at someone but say he's not that ready"
    Micah: "He cost us 45mil"
    Jamie: "It's not all about money!' 🤡

  • -[S O F F Y] - Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    No cancelo?! This guy is an absolute monster, for me he is honestly the most complete player in the world. This is from a United fan..

  • Paul Smith's Pearly Whites

    *Jamie really can't take a joke,* it's like he's got somewhere else he needs to be

  • Tank gang
    Tank gang  Month ago +7

    Romesh is a absolute geezer love him😂😂😂

    • laskin riubn
      laskin riubn Month ago

      Ohhhh Lol I knew this guy would be a comedian

  • Sham P
    Sham P Month ago +2637

    No way did Jamie say Phillips better passer than Rodri. Gutter footy knowledge

    • abbhijith
      abbhijith Month ago

      completely agreed mate. jamie needs to watch x-vid.net/video/bPaNwSGjvzY/video.html from 7:10 - 8:20 and then comment about Rodri's passing ability instead of spewing dogshit.

    • s nick
      s nick Month ago

      He is a better passer of than ball than Rodri, no one said better player,better passer

    • Kieren Colbeck
      Kieren Colbeck Month ago

      Passer isn’t the same as saying he’s a better player we all know Rodri is arguably the best DM on the planet

    • sp
      sp Month ago

      Jamie Redknob ladies and gentleman

    • Owen Smith
      Owen Smith Month ago

      @Bhavya Mankad who?

  • Anthony Stewart
    Anthony Stewart Month ago +48

    Rodri has to be the most underrated midfielder itw it’s actually insane he’s been world class for this long now and gets compared to Kalvin Phillips

    • Lukey Chadders
      Lukey Chadders 22 days ago

      Just his passing. Rodri is better all round but Philips is clear on passing

    • abbhijith
      abbhijith Month ago

      completely agreed mate. jamie needs to watch x-vid.net/video/bPaNwSGjvzY/video.html from 7:10 - 8:20 and then comment about Rodri's passing ability instead of spewing dogshit.

    • Mikaelious
      Mikaelious Month ago

      I thought it was common knowledge hes the best cdm in the world

    • James Gledhill
      James Gledhill Month ago

      Thats what makes he so good. Doesn't want any lime light. No social media. World class professional.

    • Peter Burke
      Peter Burke Month ago +2

      Gundogan wasn’t even mentioned. Two most underrated players in world football

  • Sinthushan Sakthiyalingan

    In my opinion, For a 2022 Liverpool X Man City team I would put:
    •Cancelo over Robertson
    •Dias over foden

  • Shri Siva
    Shri Siva Month ago +18

    Glad to see that Romesh is here, one of the best comedians atm

  • Wakawakawaka
    Wakawakawaka Month ago +6

    Romesh pointing out Jamies area being in the bench was great😂

  • William James Sidis
    William James Sidis Month ago +1053

    No cancelo?! This guy is an absolute monster, for me he is honestly the most complete player in the world. This is from a United fan..

    • Rush
      Rush 13 days ago

      @MrBTS134 Robertsons playing well isn't he

    • Hasade O
      Hasade O 26 days ago

      You're 100% correct

    • Rhys Mcgookin
      Rhys Mcgookin Month ago

      @MrBTS134 you are in dream land if you think Robertson is a better overall player than cancelo you could play cancelo anywhere and he do a job

    • R A
      R A Month ago

      Bruno fernandes at left back, spams so many pot shots

    • Shamreaz Ahmed
      Shamreaz Ahmed Month ago

      @Fut_ Mate he's not lying. Check it up. Cancelo has 10 A and 3 G so far since 19/20. Robbo alone in 21/22 has 10 A and 3 G.

  • dwrmusic
    dwrmusic 4 days ago

    As a Utd fan, I’m perfectly placed to make this combined XI:
    Sancho Ronaldo Antony
    Eriksen Casemi…..

  • JMBeer434
    JMBeer434 Month ago +2

    Richards reaction to Redknapp saying Phillips is a better passer than Rodri was priceless

  • Ivor Moto
    Ivor Moto Month ago +25

    Rodri is becoming like Busquets. Highly underrated.

    • Gaz W
      Gaz W 24 days ago

      @WSSC SOCCER SKILLZ top player name 4 CDM's on prem better

      WSSC SOCCER SKILLZ 25 days ago +1

      @Gaz W fabiniho is overrated he's awful

    • Gaz W
      Gaz W Month ago +1

      Yet gets in 😅 hows he under rated fabinho under rated soo consistent so rarely does something wrong

  • Brian Badonde
    Brian Badonde Month ago +1

    These 3 are great together need more of them!

  • The Section
    The Section Month ago +3

    19:46 HOW can a professional pundit make such a ludicrous statement?!?
    I mean you don't have to analyse games to see through the insanity of what he said. Cruyff and Guardiola have been pretty vocal about the importance of the holding midfielder. It is literally the most important position in Pep's system.
    Truly bonkers.

  • Eda 🔞 T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE

    No cancelo?! This guy is an absolute monster, for me he is honestly the most complete player in the world. This is from a United fan..

  • Cam
    Cam 29 days ago +4

    Micah bursting out with laughter is one of the funniest things I'll ever witness

  • Ashutosh
    Ashutosh 11 days ago

    City has been incredible without debruyne too and Liverpool has been playing excellent without Virgil injury. So it's very average squad selection. I would be delighted to see managers make the squad selection instead of players who are as average as fans in terms of understanding the talents.

  • MNT
    MNT Month ago +552

    At the start of the video when Jamie was going on about Philips (I’d forgot City signed Kalvin Phillips), as a Liverpool fan, I genuinely thought Jamie was arguing Nat Phillips was a better passer than Rodri 😂. Glad I kept watching to clear that up!

  • dswifty10
    dswifty10 Month ago +4

    "Diaz has done it for 6 months", yes that is a whole 6 months more than Grealish has been good for City

  • Varun Kapoor
    Varun Kapoor Month ago +24

    For me it’s:

      IGOR PODEMSKI 21 day ago

      @Kyle Humphrey Foden isn't even regularly in City's starting 11. Diaz has been phenomenal ever since he came to Liverpool.

    • Kyle Humphrey
      Kyle Humphrey 21 day ago

      Diaz over foden 😂😂😂 joker

      IGOR PODEMSKI 26 days ago

      If we are talking longevity then Robertson must be here.

    • Cailan
      Cailan Month ago

      Robertson and Thiago make it in for me

  • Tiny
    Tiny Month ago +3

    Rodri is the best CDM in Europe. Mad underrated.

  • Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    Rodri it’s so underrated. People need to watch this guy more He has no flaws in his game.

  • Ethan Cassidy
    Ethan Cassidy Month ago +681

    No way Jamie actually argued Foden is better on the right when he exclusively plays on the left 🤨🤨

    • Dean Harrison
      Dean Harrison 28 days ago

      Diaz should have gone on the left over foden

    • R Oakeley
      R Oakeley Month ago

      @void of life yep, same as Trent.

    • झां2G
      झां2G Month ago

      He thinks every left winger who is left footed becomes messi when played on the right wing

    • Floran
      Floran Month ago

      He doesnt play on the right.

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      Link Up Podcast Month ago

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  • Janey 🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥

    Rodri it’s so underrated. People need to watch this guy more He has no flaws in his game.

  • laskin riubn
    laskin riubn Month ago

    Love Romesh. Jamie proving the redknapp's insufferable reputation

  • Ciaran Cowel
    Ciaran Cowel Month ago +3

    Is it just me or is Jamie Redknapp just absolutely raging every time we see him nowadays… ‘look at me when I’m talking to ya’ what’s happening ?

  • I’m Hungry
    I’m Hungry Month ago +9

    Does Jamie actually ever watch football. I though Micah had poor football knowledge but god Jamie has outdone him

  • Daft Funk
    Daft Funk Month ago +398

    Gundogan is so underrated. They didn't even mention him.

    • A Cooke
      A Cooke 16 days ago

      @Your Mum Thiago the guy who can’t play more than 3 games in a row? Behave mate

    • Matthew Chidiac
      Matthew Chidiac 21 day ago

      He’s good but he’s like Henderson in the fact that he isn’t that guy that puts up amazing night every night, but a guy they can really rely on when they need it

    • YoBask
      YoBask 25 days ago

      @Daft Funk bro downplaying thiago so hard, 4 la ligas, 2 ucls, 2 club world cups and more, thiago is underrated and miles clear of gundogan

    • Danny Hawthorne
      Danny Hawthorne 28 days ago

      Gundogan walks in ffs you're right.

    • tennis racket
      tennis racket Month ago

      People are mad wont speak there mind, bernado silva is a little cry baby a bad influence in the city dressing room and gundogan is captain of city when he starts, gundogan would be my choice over silva

  • TJ Robinson
    TJ Robinson Month ago +2

    This is the best video to come out of sports bible get Romesh on more 😂

  • jb
    jb Month ago +9

    What is up with Jamie Redknapp recently? He's been losing it with everyone

  • Lang
    Lang Month ago +2

    Allison, TAA, Diaz, VVD, Robertson, Rodri, KDB, Thiago, Salah, Foden, Haaland

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago +3

    Jamie is incredibly lucky to even be on TV with his lack of knowledge.

  • Nightcrawler
    Nightcrawler Month ago +571

    Rodri's been criminally underrated by everyone but people who watch Manchester City, with no disrespect to Fabinho cause he's a great player but there's no way he deserved to be a Ballon D'or Nominee ahead of Rodri. Rodri's been absolutely fantastic for us and on top of that he added crucial goals that won us vital points to win the league. As he's performing at the moment, he'll be the closest player we'll get to Prime Busquets.

    • SafeBans
      SafeBans Month ago

      @Gaz W So is Rodri though mate. And tbh Eze did eat Fab alive last week. Thank fuck United dont have any players near Ebere's level

    • Gaz W
      Gaz W Month ago

      @SafeBans crazy fabinho is so solid

    • SafeBans
      SafeBans Month ago

      @Cari PasaL I dont know what this means, sorry

    • Link Up Podcast
      Link Up Podcast Month ago

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    • Cari PasaL
      Cari PasaL Month ago

      @SafeBans but in the end, we must make sure whos got the trophy ey?

  • whichadrian
    whichadrian Month ago +4

    FYI, as it stands, Kalvin Phillips' pass completion % is at 83.6%. Rodri on the other hand....92%

  • Lukey Chadders
    Lukey Chadders 22 days ago +1

    There was no argument for Rodri but he put him in 😂

  • Yemi Adio
    Yemi Adio Month ago +3

    Phillips has more “clubs in his golf bag” but Rodri’s passing shouldn’t be understated

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv Month ago +2

    Romesh is an absolute gem!!!

  • Mark Hard
    Mark Hard Month ago +2

    I love Richards I'd love to have a pint with him he's pure class

  • Dave Carroll
    Dave Carroll Month ago +2

    Jamie's knowledge is to be questioned at times 🤣

  • Bkooda
    Bkooda Month ago

    Euros shown exactly the ‘passing’ ability Phillips had, cried out for a Rodri and have for years - someone with top level close knit passing and keeping hold of the ball.

  • Pete P
    Pete P Month ago +1

    This made me laugh rather than combined XI 😂

  • AZ MQ
    AZ MQ Month ago +805

    Rodri's best attribute is his passing.

    • abbhijith
      abbhijith Month ago

      completely agreed mate. jamie needs to watch x-vid.net/video/bPaNwSGjvzY/video.html from 7:10 - 8:20 and then comment about Rodri's passing ability instead of spewing dogshit.

    • Link Up Podcast
      Link Up Podcast Month ago

      Hi there! Check out our Premier League predictions video!!

    • A W Fan
      A W Fan Month ago

      I'd say his composure and positioning, but that too

    • AZ MQ
      AZ MQ Month ago

      @billy yeah also progresive pass doesn't mean any pass forward it has to be at least 10 yards forward.

  • Saxon Investments
    Saxon Investments 25 days ago

    I like Phillips but I'll always remember the Euros final where him and Rice got dominated. Much to learn, they still have.

  • Strictly Football
    Strictly Football 13 days ago

    There’s no way on this earth Phillips is a better passer than Rodri😂😂😂 how can Rednap be soo adamant 😂

  • David Telfer
    David Telfer Month ago +1

    Lad Bible have really been creating some great football content

  • Khalooozz
    Khalooozz Month ago +14

    Jamie saying rodri's job is easy with city squad, when pep litrally lost a cl final to Chelsea because he decided not to play rodri as his cdm tho he was playing him all season. Rodri is class. United fan btw

  • Neil Parmar
    Neil Parmar Month ago +14

    Who on earth would pick Matip over Dias 😂😂😂

    • 17x
      17x Month ago

      I would pick Konate above both

  • Charlie Hatch
    Charlie Hatch Month ago +3

    Absolute MADNESS !! That there's an argument about Cancelo he's probably the best in the world

  • Lindo Zindela
    Lindo Zindela Month ago +1

    Micah laugh is infectious 😂😂😂😂

  • Zaydan Uddin
    Zaydan Uddin Month ago

    Jamie knows ball, Kalvin Philips passing ability is sensational. Absolute tank on top of that, proper DM he is.

  • Paboy Korta
    Paboy Korta Month ago +2

    The football knowledge of Jamie 🤣🤣🤣Rodri I one of the best passer in the league

  • Fut_ Mate
    Fut_ Mate Month ago

    "how could there be more Liverpool players?" there should be more Liverpool players because their defence and attack is better but the midfield which is the most important part of the team has city name all over if you see the starting and the bench especially when you see that our best midfielder is injured very much then the passes to the attackers and the defence in the midfield gets weakened

  • kylian Mbappe
    kylian Mbappe Month ago +1

    Apart from Passing Rodri has strength and is also good in Controling the ball.

  • Aled Williams
    Aled Williams Month ago +4

    Romesh has never watched a game of football in his life, he just agrees with everything Micah says

  • Ian deCastro
    Ian deCastro 22 days ago

    Micah is the best pundit I’ve ever seen. He makes me so happy

  • HarryyyyHD
    HarryyyyHD Month ago +2

    Honestly will never understand how Redknapp has actually made it as a pundit. You could write what he knows about football on the back of a postage stamp and have room to write your order down for dinner. Clueless.

    • Simon Oliver
      Simon Oliver Month ago

      its because he played the game pal simple as that you only have to offer an opinion as a pundit however muddled and silly the opinion actually is if you used to play football this makes you a pundit nothing to do with talking sense he ain't on his own is he ie football pundits that talk rubbish tho is he m8 saying Phillips is a better football player than rodri is laughable tho ain't it probably because Phillips is English he said that it ain't even a criticism of Phillips to be fair its just that rodri is better basically?🤣

  • A
    A Month ago +1

    Did Micah say Grealish over Diaz😂😂😂 Grealish had a poor season last year, Diaz for 6 months was better than Grealish was for 12 months

  • Coopsta33
    Coopsta33 Month ago +1

    I love Matip he's extremely underrated

  • Ronin
    Ronin Month ago +2

    IMO best combined XI would be (4-2-3-1) -> Allison (GK), Robertson (LB), Van Dijk (LCB), Dias (RCB), Cancelo (RB), Rodri (CDM), Thiago (CM), De Bruyne (CAM), Salah (RW), Haaland (ST), Foden (RW) !!. Would use Trent as RM if the lineup is Flat 4-4-2 !!.

    • King kwakster
      King kwakster Month ago

      Perfect but swap Bernardo for thiago and mahrez for foden as of rn (I'm a man United fan)

  • Mohammed Bayle
    Mohammed Bayle Month ago

    Honestly some dreadful choices but Romesh made the video always cracking me up

  • BenDPB
    BenDPB Month ago +3

    Jamie was deff drunk for this hahaha

  • Billy Fell
    Billy Fell Month ago

    This was hilarious 🤣 good show

  • Bilal Tokhi
    Bilal Tokhi Month ago +298

    Rodri is a master at what he does and Philips is on the path of getting there.... to compare him with Rodri at this point is kinda delusional tbf lol

    • Karma Ascendant
      Karma Ascendant Month ago +3

      @CWLN tell me you don’t watch city without telling me you don’t watch City

    • HULK
      HULK Month ago +3

      @CWLN decent? Hes had 2 great seasons and a world class season

    • CWLN
      CWLN Month ago

      rodri is no master he's had 1 decent season

    • Dan Kok
      Dan Kok Month ago

      @Dion B that’s actually kind of crazy 😂

    • Dion B
      Dion B Month ago +6

      Phillips is older though

  • punny puns
    punny puns Month ago +3

    My knowledge of football goes as far as putting the ball in the goal, but this was entertaining to watch.

    M.K KIBUNYI Month ago +7

    Jamie is the perfect definition of English BIAS.....who in their right mind picks Phillips over Rodri, plus I cant understand how they decided Grealish, Foden over Luis Diaz...its Crazy.

    • S Bailey
      S Bailey Month ago

      @SIB19 Years.

    • SIB19
      SIB19 Month ago

      @Get in there Lewis! Lol man said years

    • Get in there Lewis!
      Get in there Lewis! Month ago +1

      Foden been doing what Dias has been doing for years.

    • JSK
      JSK Month ago +2

      What Diaz is doing in 6 months foden has been doing since 1.5 years

  • Joe Exotic
    Joe Exotic Month ago +1

    9:50 had me howling he mugged Jamie ROGHT off hahaha

  • Simon Silva
    Simon Silva Month ago +1

    Theres a video on YT of Rodri and Thiago hitting 45 meters passes to each other in the spanish camp, the hit one after the other without the ball ever touching the ground. And Jamie says Rodri only does short passes

  • L Baba A
    L Baba A Month ago +156

    Jamie is a ticking time bomb 🤣🤣

    • johnnyrsj
      johnnyrsj Month ago +7

      WTF is wrong with him looks shattered at the end of his tether!... and Matip nothing without VVD?... member that season he was without Virg?... like he's never watched him

    • Mcfc pat
      Mcfc pat Month ago +23

      guy gets so emotional haha

  • ben hampson
    ben hampson Month ago +1

    How anybody pays Redknapp for his insight blows my mind. The guy is clueless 😂😂

  • James Wyatt
    James Wyatt Month ago

    From a United fan, putting Phillips in the same conversation as Rodri is disgraceful even from a Liverpool man.

  • Luc O'Hanlon
    Luc O'Hanlon Month ago +1

    Phillips having better passing than Rodri 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • katuta etoo
    katuta etoo Month ago +4

    Rednap takes on Rodri shows you how really underrated Rodri is.

    • Gaz W
      Gaz W Month ago

      Rodri 🤣 got picked yet is under rated. Micah said if rodri wasn't there city wouldn't be as good 🤣😂🤣😂 yet fernandinho did same, gundogun performs there put any of those three in liverpool and they instantly look weaker.
      Fabinho is way under rated.

  • Robert Kulba
    Robert Kulba Month ago +230

    Agree with Jamie to an extent Phillips long range passing is incredible but overall short passes, long passes, chances created by passes picking Philips over Rodri is very delusional

    • Oliver Woolsey
      Oliver Woolsey Month ago

      @Brian Ngure cesc in his first season at Chelsea got 18 league assists which was when he sat with matic and got 12 in his last season 🤣 well obviously we're talking about when they were sitting deeper you tit. As you stated Phillips is sitting way deeper in a counter attacking team. His job was to transition quickly and spray the ball forward. Phillips is defensively average and not great positionally which are the other key traits needed in a deeplying playmaker. Honestly this is just embarrassing. Please stop talking

    • Oliver Woolsey
      Oliver Woolsey Month ago

      @Brian Ngure box to box? 🤣 you must've started watching football about 3 years ago. Fabregas sat in a 2 with Matic whilst at Chelsea and was getting 15 odd assists a season. Scholes past his early years sat in a two with Carrick and still got shit loads of assists. We might as well leave it here because you clearly don't have the football knowledge to have a sensible conversation. Phillips passing is what made him our second best player you fool 🤣 he's pretty average in almost every other facet other than his passing. Mctominay is fucking awful. Why would you even bring him up? As we've already stated passing accuracy is pretty much only an indicator of who passes sideways the most. Kdb is hands down the best passer in the league and he's way down on that stat because he tries to play the killer ball and the same with all of the other best passers in the league

    • Oliver Woolsey
      Oliver Woolsey Month ago

      @Brian Ngure firstly, learn to read I just told you I watch basically every city game. Secondly you're just repeating what I said in the first place and your point is contradictory. The whole being able to play diagonals is a nonsense. Players like scholes, fabregas etc did it from the middle of the park. This is getting boring now. If you've watched phillips properly you would see his range of passing whilst playing for either Leeds or England. He was probably our second best player in the Euros playing in a team that was dominating the ball for the most part

    • Oliver Woolsey
      Oliver Woolsey Month ago

      @Brian Ngure I watch virtually every city game. No one is disputing that Rodri is higher up the pitch than phillips was whilst at Leeds. We're discussing whether Rodri is a better passer than phillips and so far your only argument is that he doesn't have as much space as phillips did. It's a completely contradictory point. He either does have enough space to play the passes over the top (which you've said is not true and I agree) or he should be getting more assists than 2 a season if he's as good of a passer as you're making out. Just accept that you're wrong and move on

    • Oliver Woolsey
      Oliver Woolsey Month ago

      @Brian Ngure you're just completely contradicting yourself here. So Rodri doesn't have space to make passes that lead to goals but Bernardo and KDB do? Youre just embarrassing yourself. Like you're saying city centre backs are usually over the halfway line for the majority of the game so it's not even a case of him sitting that much deeper than the other two. Assists aren't everything but they're what great passers are paid the big money for. You think KDB would be regarded as the best player in the league and an all time great if he wasn't playing all these defence splitting, eye of the needle passes that lead to goals? You have a very flawed understanding of the game

  • Stuart Wisbey
    Stuart Wisbey Month ago

    For me it should have been Alisson, Robertson, Van Dijk, Dias, Alexander Arnold, Fabinho, Thiago, De Bruyne, Foden, Haaland, Salah.

  • Jack Kelly
    Jack Kelly Month ago

    This was straight comedy to watch, love these football videos

    DTAAFE Month ago +3

    What's gotten into Jamie this season??
    He's loving the tear-up

  • Tony AJM
    Tony AJM Month ago

    Great stuff. More like this please