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"No one": how will Arya Stark's story end?

  • Published on Jul 28, 2015
  • In Game of Thrones / ASOIAF, what has happened to Arya Stark so far? And how will Arya's story end? Will she become "no one"?
    This video contains major spoilers for Book 5 / Season 5, and some minor spoilers/references from the "Mercy" TWOW chapter. Basically, if you've read Book 5 or seen Season 5, you can watch this video without having anything significant spoiled.
    This video also contains coarse language and images of violence.
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  • LB
    LB 6 years ago +669

    I've always found it telling that a lot of Arya's aliases are related to her old life - even when she's trying to become "no one" Arry, Nan, Nymeria, Cat (like Catelyn), etc.

    • ̣
      ̣ Month ago +1

      @LeDanoir I like to think it's both. Also, Cat+Alayne kinda sounds like Catelyn

    • Cole Kemper
      Cole Kemper 2 months ago +6

      @Juwebles eh she talks about the cats a lot, it was a big lesson for her from syrio… I’ll say it’s both

    • Juwebles
      Juwebles 10 months ago +31

      @LeDanoir would make more sense to be inspired by her mother and not a cat she chased around for... a scene

    • LeDanoir
      LeDanoir Year ago +10

      like the cats she chased on the reed keep*

  • -
    - 6 years ago +2444

    "all of her brothers are slain, apart from bran, jon and rickon" wat that means only one brother is slain.

    • Arthur Costa
      Arthur Costa Month ago

      JON IS DEAD too

    • Tekorc
      Tekorc 2 months ago


    • Jay C
      Jay C 9 months ago

      @Dennis Youngblood she might find out Jon is dead to and won’t find out that he’s revived if he is revived

    • Noah Reeverts
      Noah Reeverts 9 months ago

      No it means all of them.... except for most of them

    • Poutsa Mouni
      Poutsa Mouni 11 months ago

      @The Benjaman jon was also dead

  • warlock415
    warlock415 5 years ago +384

    I still believe Arya's fate was foreshadowed: "'You’ll be sewing all through winter. When the spring thaw comes, they will find your body with a needle still locked tight between your frozen fingers.'
    Arya didn’t think it was funny. "
    If we take Needle to mean her sword Needle, then sewing means killing... and frozen may mean dead, or just cold/broken-hearted.

    • tl gmc
      tl gmc 3 months ago +5

      @Sukanya Parashar it'd be a much better ending for her than the show ending

    • Sukanya Parashar
      Sukanya Parashar Year ago +43

      But grrm has said that he regrets the amount of forshadowing he has done in the initial books, because he's not following that outline anymore. (Or at least that's what I like to tell myself because I can't handle Arya dying)

  • Squid Balls
    Squid Balls 6 years ago +2468

    In order for Arya to become a faceless assassin, she must give up all her previous identities. She must become no one. She shall become...REEK.

  • Ali Almuhanna
    Ali Almuhanna 4 years ago +33

    It would be bittersweet, heartbreaking & breathtaking all at the same time if Arya’s last chapter was simply titled … “Nymeria”

    • Ali Almuhanna
      Ali Almuhanna 4 years ago +4

      Or even more, if her last chapter was titled ... "The Night Wolf"

  • nathan mckenzie
    nathan mckenzie 6 years ago +1594

    If Arya were real she would need YEARS and YEARS of therapy

    • elige brown
      elige brown 4 months ago

      @nathan mckenzie it means she won't need therapy because she is not a weakling or offended by anything and doesn't need a safe space when she is being bullied. She deals with her emotions accordingly.

    • nathan mckenzie
      nathan mckenzie 4 months ago

      @elige brown what does that even fuckimg mean?

    • elige brown
      elige brown 4 months ago

      No she wouldn't, she isn't part of the woke culture

    • ThighErda
      ThighErda 9 months ago

      only if she wants to live a normal life...

    • Aragon Cricket
      Aragon Cricket 10 months ago

      But she's sadly built-up to be a Mary Sue. A near perfect character without any flaws and unstoppable. Thus she has not much to grow; which is boring

  • Geoff Meisner
    Geoff Meisner 6 years ago +804

    "…Arya as a wolf, running with her pack across the snow."
    I'm crying in a fetal position thinking about that ending.

    • Odin Satanas
      Odin Satanas 7 months ago +1

      @Jack to be fair, Leif Ericsson would be a better comparison, he's the one that charted out blind into the west first centuries before.
      Arya isn't a genocidal rapey monster like Columbus haha, and he thought he found India.
      But yeah.. I've been reading the series since 2003, waited over a decade now since Dance, got a few good years of the show when it appeased book fans..and then it fell victim to its own popularity, writing the bare minimum to entertain drunks watching it in the bar for reaction videos..
      I just want the real ending to be here already.
      Although realistically i don't think we'll ever see dream of spring, he won't last another decade

    • Dostoyevskyy
      Dostoyevskyy 3 years ago +8

      Jack More akin to a wannabe Elissa Farman.

    • Hit Rapper and Artist Dababy
      Hit Rapper and Artist Dababy 3 years ago +28

      Jack It was so fucking cheesy I hated it. In fact I really just hated how she suddenly was the main character and everyone else was forced to give room to her

    • Jack
      Jack 3 years ago +58

      Instead they just had her sailing across the sea like a wanna-be Columbus

  • MCR M8
    MCR M8 3 years ago +1742

    Bet she kills the Night King in the Godswood with the Catspaw’s dagger.

    • Billy Anderson
      Billy Anderson Year ago +1


    • R Nickerson
      R Nickerson Year ago

      @Nolan Gillespie
      I still haven't decided if it's going to be Jon or Dany. I think it's more likely that Dany is Azor Ahai.

    • R Nickerson
      R Nickerson Year ago

      Such a cliché response. You know not all corrections are attacks, right? Literally nothing about what I said was antagonistic. Is this always how you respond to learning?
      And yeah, smart conversation does well at parties, bud.

    • Myne1001
      Myne1001 Year ago

      @R Nickerson you must be fun at parties, huh?

    • R Nickerson
      R Nickerson Year ago

      Personnel means like employees or staff

  • kuledinho
    kuledinho 6 years ago +168

    Arya's Harenhall chapters were so fucked up. I love how she escaped when she killed that guard. It's been a while but I believe she whispers Valar Morghulis as she kills him and she didn't even know it meant All Men Must Die. Fucking epic.

  • QPoily
    QPoily 6 years ago +28

    It's really unfortunate that the show never touched on the Jon and Arya's warg powers. Especially when it seems like their powers are pretty important to the characters.

  • Trobinson97
    Trobinson97 6 years ago +582

    I wish they would have shown Arya's wolf dreams in the show.

    • Butter Bubbles
      Butter Bubbles 3 years ago +2

      TheKillaShow Yes, the “That’s not you” like Arya gives to Nymeria refers to when she told Ned “That’s not me” after he said she would be a pretty, highborn last of a noble house. It was Nymeria though, but in the beginning of the books Nymeria is shown to be willful and independent, just like Arya.
      Sansa even says that an “direwolf takes after its owner”, so in this sense Nymeria is showing the transformation of Arya into an independent character.

    • Libra Alibaba
      Libra Alibaba 3 years ago +1

      I swear now I'd rather read the books. SMH

    • TheKillaShow
      TheKillaShow 4 years ago +19

      Dionysus it was Nymeria. Arya was referring to how Nymeria had changed. Just as Arya had changed after all their time apart.
      Nymeria isn’t about to follow Arya around any more like a puppy. Like Arya isn’t about to become a Lady of Winterfell when she returns home.
      Which plays into the Arya Sansa Littlefinger storyline.

    • Dionysian
      Dionysian 4 years ago +2

      Arya must not be like Bran in the show. All the Starks in the show are unique "wolves", all unique human beings who share various wolf-like traits, but that the fantastic Warg abilities is limited to only one of the Starks (Bran) works well for the show, in my view.
      They still show that she's (Arya's) connected with wolves in the show. One time she thought she found Nymeria, and put her hand out like Jon did with one of Dany's dragons (Since he's half Targaryen) with such tenderness and familiarity, before realizing it wasn't her.
      And of course...all the killing of enemies and such.

    • Ricardo W
      Ricardo W 6 years ago +4

      +Victor Malone yea I have the book but just havent come around to reading them.. things like things make me want to just start reading!

  • Steph Steph
    Steph Steph 6 years ago +35

    The last line of "maybe we'll see Arya in Nymeria running with her pack across the snow"...really beautiful and I hope it happens. Great break down of Arya and bringing it back to the fact that she's truly just a hurt and broken little girl desperately looking for a family. There's too much of the cheering for "bad-ass" Arya fetishism out there making her character seem pretty flat. But there's so much more to her that you illustrate here. Thanks for another great video.

  • Pigeon Community
    Pigeon Community 7 years ago +669

    in many years of youtube, i have never seen anyone making videos like you do, from the perfect narrating to the incredible editing, knowledge .. i dont even know what to say, i just appreciate the fact i can watch stuff like this for free .. mindblowing. thank you

    • Tammy Martin
      Tammy Martin 4 years ago +2

      Me too i love got have all there season i just download to watch over and over thats all i dont take crited if its not mine

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  7 years ago +96

      +Pigeon Community Cheers mate! Glad you like them.

  • Uncle Dan
    Uncle Dan 2 years ago +9

    There's another aspect to her story which is about the desire for revenge. Every character who pursues revenge in the story usually gets punished for it. Arya gets a great example of what living with the desire for revenge is manifest in the Hound. A nice story arc would be her learning to let go.
    But it's AOIAF so who knows.

  • Eiken
    Eiken 6 years ago +166

    I have not read the books, just seen the show 5 times now (lol). But judging from this video, Arya in the show seems so under-developed compared to the one in the books. So many important things are left out :o

    • Eiken
      Eiken 5 years ago +26

      Did actually buy all the books about a year ago and have read all of them now, and I absolutely agree. The books are amazing, and they made me love Arya even more than before.

    • The Lady Olenna Tyrell
      The Lady Olenna Tyrell 5 years ago +37

      Eiken That's the essence of the book verses show. The show is one teaspoon of ice cream. the books are the most decadent dessert you could ever imagine. Read slowly with attention to details they're really deep brilliant books. 7 blessings!

  • lizhasasthma
    lizhasasthma 6 years ago +11

    I'm surprised there was so little mention of Sansa in this video, especially considering her initial role as Arya's foil as well as the way their stories have paralleled each other. Rather than going to assassinate Jon, I think it's much more likely that Arya's going to hear something about either Sansa (once she's finally revealed by Littlefinger), or Catelyn/Lady Stoneheart. My current theory is that she's going to fail in becoming No One and she'll be forced to leave the faceless men and return to Westeros. There she'll reunite with Nymeria as well as Sansa, at which point I think both of them are going to have to deal with what's left of their mother, all of which will happen post- Sansa being revealed to be Sansa and not Alayne. Rather than becoming a wolf herself, I think it's far more likely that Arya will have to reconcile with her pack, starting with Sansa, the sibling she's had the most conflict with in the past. Both of them have expressed that they miss the other, and wish they hadn't treated each other so badly in their POVs. Becoming a wolf feels almost like a regression in Arya's character development, and I'd much rather see her grow past her grief than succumb to it.

  • Jago Sevetar
    Jago Sevetar 6 years ago +58

    The Night Wolf theory is actually pretty cool. It would definately put the end back at the beginning, with the Starks finding their wolves.

  • OhNo
    OhNo 6 years ago +1443

    When you have to explain to your girlfriend that you're tearing up because you watched a GoT fan theory video on youtube...

    • Sol Invictus
      Sol Invictus Year ago

      @Spartan265 That's a stretch. "Real men cry" sounds like someone trying to feign manhood when they cry over the smallest things. Having control over your emotions on a X-vid video, if anything, don't show that you're *not* a real man.

    • Native Threads
      Native Threads Year ago

      You know nothing@Spartan265

    • R Nickerson
      R Nickerson Year ago


    • RO Yvonne
      RO Yvonne 2 years ago

      @Spartan265 Bruh, it was obviously a joke. Pansy.

    • Spartan265
      Spartan265 2 years ago +5

      @Goliath Online Real men cry because they are not afraid of showing emotions. You sound like an insecure little boy who can't handle his emotions. Grow up. And be a man. A real man.

  • Eyram Drah
    Eyram Drah 6 years ago +195

    I think this might be my favourite GoT theory because it actually makes sense.

    • Sam Heald
      Sam Heald 3 years ago +5

      AlbinosaurusR3X reality is often disappointing

    • AlbinosaurusR3X
      AlbinosaurusR3X 6 years ago

      +Eyram Drah
      I'm inclined to agree!

  • s3p41r0th
    s3p41r0th 4 years ago +7

    Absolutely love that shot at 5:37. So much feeling and great character development to both George and the show!

  • Sam Stormborn Ormandy
    Sam Stormborn Ormandy 6 years ago +121

    You've created a very believable and convincing possible ending for Arya. By the old Gods I hope that you're wrong. Watching this really made me think and feel how much I want Arya to be reunited with her family. In the latest episode, "The Door" Arya shows that she still has strong feelings for her family whilst watching the mummers play of the events of season one. I felt that she was holding back in that scene, I think and feel that seeing Jon and Sansa reunited and knowing that they're both fighting for their home she would join their pack! Sansa's direwolf, Lady maybe long dead but Sansa has become a Lady and has teeth of her own now. Bran has to head towards the wall, is the only safe place known to him and Meera and I hope that he will be reunited with Jon and Sansa too. Something has to trigger her feelings into becoming Arya Stark again, maybe it will be news that Jon Snow and Sansa Stark have reunited and are building an army to retake Winterfell and the North. When Arya goes back to Westeros she will have become herself again, she hid needle for a reason, she's going to want to take that back with her. Alternatively she may through it into the sea if she does become "no one"... I hope that the bitter sweet ending will be something else... I have a bad feeling about that... Personally I already feel bitter after the recent loss of Summer, Hodor and possibly the last of The Children of the Forest...

    • Akshay Kapure
      Akshay Kapure 5 years ago

      Sam Stormborn Ormandy finally she's home.

    • Pinky Samanta
      Pinky Samanta 5 years ago

      Barb Wright

    • Barbara Wright
      Barbara Wright 6 years ago +2

      I love this theory - it is bittersweet but Arya would be free in a way I don't think any other outcome could bring about.

    • Ask For Quentin L
      Ask For Quentin L 6 years ago +1

      +Alexander Jenkins good theory about arya

    • iChillypepper
      iChillypepper 6 years ago +2

      +Sam Stormborn Ormandy thanks for posting the direct quotes from the book 😊 ... I actually want to believe it's a test for the waif - they both are supposed to be in training in the show ... She is just more advanced in her training than Arya... It's a test she has failed cuz she actually wants to kill Arya. I also think Arya may have been "faking it" ... In the books she holds back from the kindly man how she can warg into a cat and keeps the wolf dreams to herself

  • bo hamburgers
    bo hamburgers 6 years ago +62

    I believe Arya will reunite with Jon snow when she is sent to kill him, however I think I'm the end she will willingly have Jon thrust his blade through her heart and receive the gift of death from him. Thus fulfilling the lightbringer part of the azor ahai prophecy by being the sacrifice of a love one that is needed, and will live out her days as nymeria with her pack but also returning to visit Jon every so often.

    • PuNk
      PuNk 6 years ago +1

      +Vincent97 In the show at least, I am unhappy to say he will probably be another one of Ramsay's plot convenient advantages and victims.

    • Jarin Jove
      Jarin Jove 6 years ago +1

      +Vincent97 It's been argued that Ser Jorah will kill Dany to gain Lightbringer.

    • Inconvenient Timing
      Inconvenient Timing 6 years ago +7

      +bo hamburgers This makes total sense - who would Dany sacrifice if she was Azor Ahai? No one that I can see. The whole emphasis on her plot is that she is alone. While Arya is also alone, her story constantly refers back to Jon. Jon probably has more credibility than Dany as the prince that was promised in more ways than one, but also because he has the viable sacrifice. George R.R Martin said all along, that this was a generational tale - Arya, Jon and Bran all have a place in this theme; but where do Sansa and Rickon come in? One could argue that Sansa will unite the north - So where does that leave Rickon? Is he now a pointless character?

  • Scott Sparling
    Scott Sparling 3 years ago +6

    I LOVE how you handle Aryas character/storyline. She is arguably my favorite character. It seems like so many people don't get just how much trauma she has experienced. That's nearly ALL she has experienced. I do fear she won't survive, ultimately. The idea of her becoming nymeria is about the best we could hope for, though it is also problematic, considering the erosion of soul that happens while in an animal.
    It's sort of hard to imagine the faceless men giving her a pass, too. I mean, the many faced good gets it's due, ala iron bank.
    I like the idea of Arya about to die trying to kill Gregor or cersei, and Jamie stepping in sacrificing himself to kill cersei and save Arya, satisfying his oath to cat and brienne, and the Valonqar theory.
    Great videos, yours are top notch.

  • Fahd Khan
    Fahd Khan 6 years ago +4

    A slight enhancement to the theory that Arya's plot must lead to her death:
    If Arya really and truly becomes no one by the end, we won't know for sure whether she died or not. No One will die, and we won't know "which" No One died.
    I could easily imagine Arya's last chapter, or perhaps even the last chapter of the series, or the epilogue chapter simply be titled: NO ONE.

  • Notpoop
    Notpoop 6 years ago +103

    "when the snow falls and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives" just means "everyone needs to stick together cause winter is coming"

    • billy lion
      billy lion 3 years ago

      @Chu Chulainn the night is dark and full of assholes ....that sounds far worse than terrors the smell alone

    • Robert DaPoppa
      Robert DaPoppa 4 years ago +1

      no my friend it has a much deeper meaning then winter is coming and I think you know this but are unable to put it to words, it is of a bond that not even death can break, stronger then a mother and child, father and son, death and resurrection

    • Chu Chulainn
      Chu Chulainn 6 years ago +4

      +Anarchy91 And assholes. Don't forget assholes.

    • Anarchy91
      Anarchy91 6 years ago +1

      +Marcel Krebs For the night is dark n full of terrors

    • Marcel Krebs
      Marcel Krebs 6 years ago +2

      +Notpoop and winter *is* coming.

  • Olive Usman
    Olive Usman 6 years ago +15

    Arya has always been my favorite character on the show - she's so fearless and strong despite having arguably the most tragic storyline.... i love her! Thanks for the video!

  • Stageplay
    Stageplay 6 years ago +307

    I *REALLY* hope Arya won't be killed off. I know, I know, it's game of thrones but I love this character. ;-;

    • Myne1001
      Myne1001 3 years ago +12

      Don't worry! They make her the main character and she gains teleporting powers.

    • johnnye87
      johnnye87 3 years ago +3

      *George talks through the door of the bathroom his wife has been locked in for an hour, crying*
      GRRM: No but remember the Varamyr prologue? *Technically* she's still alive! There was foreshadowing!
      *crying intensifies, the sound of something heavy being thrown against the door*

    • Savitar Flash
      Savitar Flash 4 years ago +4

      arya is my favourite aswell i rly hope she lives. and hopefully takes out cersei

    • EpicGravity908
      EpicGravity908 6 years ago +4

      you and me both. I'd have to take a few months to recover if that happened

    • Max Scott
      Max Scott 6 years ago

      +Eloise D (Dr Lovey Buns) NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Adiba Amil
    Adiba Amil 3 years ago +276

    In the show, they just made her kill the night king lmao

    • Hoku
      Hoku 14 days ago +2

      *Rode a horse down an old town road oh my god,*

  • Andrés De la Oliva Guzmán

    So poetic, yet so human!! Loved this video

  • DTM Travels
    DTM Travels 7 years ago +666

    Many on X-vid try, but few succeed at crafting thought-provoking ASOIAF videos as you have done. Thanks!

    • Adam Dailey
      Adam Dailey 4 years ago

      Alt Shift X
      A beautiful death for a girl who have suffered more than she should have

    • freyedat theedges
      freyedat theedges 5 years ago

      Lame Tyler
      totally agree, it's sad and yet beautiful. after watching this video i hope Arya becomes Nymeria

    • DanTheFatMan
      DanTheFatMan 6 years ago

      @mikebud12 Way later man. Jon Snow coming back means that the end of the show will be coming and HBO wants to do a few seasons

    • mikebud12
      mikebud12 6 years ago

      +Alt Shift X Did you see that clip from season 6 that was on conan with liam cunningham? Do you think Jon will get brought back in episode 1 or later?

    • DanTheFatMan
      DanTheFatMan 6 years ago +3

      +Alt Shift X You're seriously a wizard at these videos.

  • RandomGuy
    RandomGuy 6 years ago +42

    this was a beautiful essay on Arya's identity crisis...i have new respect for her character now

  • Amanda Hugginkiss
    Amanda Hugginkiss 6 years ago +47

    Why did I tear up at the end? I think arya warging into nymeria is the best thing that could happen to her.

    • sanitarium0114
      sanitarium0114 6 years ago +1

      +Lindsay Gardipee at least the third time i've watched this video, and i teared up at the end too.. again!

  • RVL480 Van
    RVL480 Van 6 years ago +84

    Damn. That was depressing. Hope Arya hooks up with her living siblings like Jon, Rickon, Bran and Sansa. Hope that becomes her pack instead. It would break my heart to see my girl Arya die and warg into a Direwolf instead of finally being with her family. Despite what she's done, she still deserves to be reunited with her family.

    • Pedro Lucas
      Pedro Lucas 5 months ago +1

      It would've been better if, instead of Arya dying and warging into Nymeria, the last 4 direwolfs (Ghost, Nymeria, Shaggydog and Summer) dies, but Jon, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon gets 5 direwolf pups born from Nymeria, symbolizing not only the rebirth of House Stark, but the rebirths of the Starks in identities!

    • Sukanya Parashar
      Sukanya Parashar Year ago +1

      @The Mudpit oh wait I wanted to reply to the original comment, replied to you by mistake. Sorry 😅

    • The Mudpit
      The Mudpit Year ago

      @Sukanya Parashar I didn't... but I get the joke.

    • Sukanya Parashar
      Sukanya Parashar Year ago +1

      @The Mudpit maybe don't use hook up because.. well

    • A A
      A A 2 years ago

      hook up = sex

  • Gui Porto
    Gui Porto 6 years ago +29

    This video gave me goosebumps. That ending would be amazing, and probably cement Arya's as the best plotline in the books.

    • sciencebitch
      sciencebitch 6 years ago +1

      Someone's cutting onions in here... It sure got dusty real quick... It's raining in my eyes. Great theory, heartbreaking and soaring all at once

  • Tina Parkin
    Tina Parkin 6 years ago +76

    She's a bit like Beric Dondarrion in that everytime she takes a new name she loses a bit of herself.

  • Kathy Roeder
    Kathy Roeder 4 years ago +389

    Here's my hot take: This is not a "bittersweet" ending. What lesson does this proposed arc for Arya tell us? It tells us that people can be so fundamentally broken that they can only die to escape their trauma. This is a dark ending, not bittersweet.
    Your argument for this theory turns on the idea that Arya *cannot return* to being a functioning person after all the trauma she's experienced; that has a parallel in Frodo leaving for the Undying Lands at the end of LOTR, but it's an awfully pessimistic view for people with PTSD/trauma. GRRM spends a lot of effort in ASOIAF to directly play on our expectations from LOTR and subvert them.
    How about this different interpretation, that focuses on different elements of her story?
    [Obviously, SPOILERS.]
    Arya is not obsessed with "pack" *literally,* but with *family.* Nymeria and her wolf pack are foreshadowing, a symbol, rather than Arya's literal fate. Nymeria - Arya - is gathering strength, gathering friends, improving her skills as a leader. Arya would be a great leader: She has real empathy and connection with the smallfolk, she suffers the same traumas as the Riverlands smallfolk during the War of the Five Kings, and she is decisive, intelligent, brave. Her arc honestly lacks subtlety in how it tells us what a good leader she is - the name of her direwolf is foreshadowing of her future as a leader of her people.
    Arya goes into a period of hiding and darkness and isolation because *she believes she has no alternatives.* (It's also a symbolic arc used in something called the Heroine's Journey, which Arya's arc traces very closely.) She chooses to stay with the Faceless Men because she believes she has *nowhere else to go.* She believes her entire family is dead: she witnessed the Red Wedding; last she heard, her younger brothers were burnt to death during the sack of Winterfell; she believes Sansa may be dead, according to gossip in taverns. She knows Jon is still alive at the Wall, but feels powerless to reach him, because she has no money and no one is sailing North on stormy autumn seas.
    Arya may leave the Faceless Men if she hears that Jon has been killed and reborn, if she hears that Sansa is ruling the Vale with Harry Hardyng, if Bran calls her home through a wolf dream, if the Faceless Men plan to kill Jon and she serves during that meeting and hears, or if her latest kill in TWOW as Mercy gets her kicked out of the Faceless Men. Regardless of the impetus, she won't be able to give up her identity fully and will eventually leave. I argue that she reason she leaves will have to do with love of her living family.
    When she returns to Westeros, the first thing she'll do is reunite with Nymeria. Her wolf dreams are very intense, and she'll feel more herself and more safe with her wolf. Nymeria is in the Riverlands, which is also where the Brotherhood is -- chances are, she'll run into them, recognize LSH, and give her the gift of "mercy." Harwin and Gendry will recognize her and be glad to be rid of the violence of LSH, so the Brotherhood may serve Arya instead (especially if Brienne is there and not dead), in parallel to Nymeria and her wolf pack.
    The merciful death of LSH will be bittersweet. Arya will provide her mother with an end to suffering, and Arya will get closure on her mother's death. She'll also see a demonstration of what blind hatred and vengeance gets you, and may give up on that and instead seek to reconnect with surviving family members. Remember, Arya's list is not just hate -- it's a scared, lost, grieving little girl trying to feel some measure of control over the chaotic and cruel world that she experiences. When she starts to feel love and support from friends in the Brotherhood and gets catharsis through LSH's end, she may be able to start to heal.
    Now, here's the last bittersweet part of this theory: Arya reunites with Jon and they both fight in the War for the Dawn. The living win the War, but Jon and Daenerys both die in the fight, and the seven kingdoms fracture into seven again (and *no one gets the iron throne*). Imagine how bittersweet this would be: Winterfell is a husk of what it once was but it's slowly being rebuilt; very few members of the Stark family are alive, but they're together; and Arya got to reunite with Jon (one of the only things she has wanted, for years) only to almost immediately watch him die, and yet she goes on living. She doesn't have to end up a highborn lady. What if she just lives out a modest life as an herbalist/frontierswoman/craftsman with someone she loves (i.e. Gendry)?
    Suffering a lot of loss but getting to start to heal from deep trauma is bittersweet. Being irredeemable and dying is not bittersweet.

    • gsapp
      gsapp 3 months ago


    • Ztav
      Ztav 7 months ago

      I also think that the warging into Nymeria forever doesn't make much sense. I think that joining the Faceless Men - even if she can't become no one - is a bigger think than anyone is expecting, so far, they seem flawless. We don't know how long she'll be there, but she'll sure come out something else. And if she was hard to kill before all this, she'll be relentless.

    • Ztav
      Ztav 7 months ago

      @Sanskar Pandey and rama Well, but I suppose you also don't think anybody at the age of 11 would go through such bloodshed, death, trauma and grim.

    • Sanskar Pandey and rama
      Sanskar Pandey and rama 8 months ago

      I think she is 11 years old and I don't think anyobody that mature at the age of 11 years to go on the path you have listed.

    • Anomitas
      Anomitas 8 months ago +1


  • Jack Bonnell
    Jack Bonnell 4 years ago +5

    If it weren’t for jon, I would want that to be the end, but that would break him, and I really want him and Arya to meet up again

  • SirMethos
    SirMethos 6 years ago +3

    Rather than dying, or being sent to kill Jon Snow, it seems more likely(to me) that Arya is sent to kill someone in the court of Daenerys, and there being taken in, and finding a place to belong.
    With the skill set she has developed, she could be extremely useful to Daenerys. And Daenerys seems likely to take her in, if she is discovered. Especially with the Spider, and Tyrion both being part of her court as well.
    This could also lead to her being reunited with Jon later on, and possibly even Sansa, once they go to Westeros.
    The title "A Time For Wolves", seems more likely to be about the rise of the remaining Starks. Arya being a part of Daenerys' court, would definitely mean a rise in status for her, and Sansa is well on her way to becoming someone who would also be a valuable member of Daenerys' court. The final 'Stark' is Jon Snow, who is already in a position to be highly placed in the new order that Daenerys wants to impose on Westeros, especially if he is one of the leading figures in the fight against the White Walkers, and especially considering the connection(albeit a light one) he made with Tyrion early on in the series.

    • Lewis Smith
      Lewis Smith 6 years ago +1

      +SirMethos i agree whether it will happen i don't know but it would be cool if she goes to daenerys or stays in the faceless men

  • Ryuk
    Ryuk 7 years ago +49

    Considering how Arya has dark hair and grey eyes, she must have looked a bit like Sandor's little sister who was killed by Gregor (if the rumors are true). Maybe that's why he was so protective over her. My heart broke when I realised that... :(

  • Teodor
    Teodor 7 years ago +1

    The working title "A time for Wolves" could also strongly indicate, with the bittersweet ending, that the time for Stark is to rise strongly again. John obviously revived and made a leader, Bran gaining power through the old gods, Arya becoming Nymeria, Sansa doing the whole cercei thing to gain power and influence (hopefully killing ramsey)

  • Rebeca
    Rebeca 6 years ago +59

    I really, really, wish for Arya and Jon to see each other again.. Even if they don't live with each other, I wanted them to know they were alive and well - Jon is dead, for now. Their's is one of the relationships I really enjoyed. Even away, they love each other so deeply! Goddamn it please make it happen ;-;

    • SkunkApe95
      SkunkApe95 4 years ago

      Yeah I vote incest...jk

    • Cave Lombax
      Cave Lombax 5 years ago

      I said eight, not eighteen.

    • Rebeca
      Rebeca 5 years ago +1

      You know Arya would've been younger than Jon, right, not eighteen? Anyway, I do agree with you. I just want to see them together again and possibly have Arya kill LF. Oh joyous day that would be!

    • Cave Lombax
      Cave Lombax 5 years ago +1

      Still though, a fifteen year old boy falling in love with his eight year old cousin who has grown up as his sister is pretty vile. The Starks don't seem like the types to condone insest on any level. Plus Arya doesn't really need romance to fit into her story arc. Just IMO though. :)

    • Rebeca
      Rebeca 5 years ago

      If it was that way it would be clear they weren't brother and sister.. This isn't a Lannister case of siblings love.

  • KeijoAmbersson
    KeijoAmbersson 6 years ago +1

    Great theory man. Arya's story is so sad, her circumstance-driven spiral from a cheery tomboy to a cold-blooded murderer is my favorite story arc in the whole series. I really wish your theory to be true so Arya could become whole again.

  • Memestar
    Memestar 6 years ago +1

    I love that part about Arya becoming Nymeria. I think it would make a great ending to the series. What if in the epilogue Arya (as Nymeria) comes across a lone gravedigger, who bends down and scratches her ear?

  • TheUnknown285
    TheUnknown285 7 years ago +188

    What if the view of Nymeria is more symbolic. Arya sees Nymeria leading a pack of wolves. What if that's what happens with Arya? She ends up leading her own pack of "Wolves," meaning she becomes head of House Stark.

    • King Jon Starkgeryan
      King Jon Starkgeryan 6 years ago

      @Jonathan Luoto He was also chosen as the heir placing him above other cousins in the Vale.

    • Jonathan Luoto
      Jonathan Luoto 6 years ago +1

      @King Jon Starkgeryan We don't know that for sure, and we don't know if Rob's will will come into play or not (and Jon is a man of the Watch, and I doubt Jon would want to take Winterfel if it means taking it from one of his truborn siblings).
      Also, him being a bastard might just mean Rob's will is overlooked once they find out there are trueborn Starks still alive and kicking. The will was written when Rob believed Sansa was the only possible heor, and she was married to Tyrion.

    • King Jon Starkgeryan
      King Jon Starkgeryan 6 years ago

      +Jonathan Luoto Jon would have to die to, as he is the chosen heir.

    • Eliecer Hernández
      Eliecer Hernández 6 years ago

      +TheUnknown285 Arya is a wild spirit she has no time for dealing with politics, for that it will be the younger brother or Sansa. The Alt Shif X prediction is more likely.

    • Gateaux Q
      Gateaux Q 6 years ago +3

      +audrianna munroe If they're not all dead yet they're gonna do important things....but then probably all die or worse. GRRM is so mean. :( But at least Arya is his wife's favorite character so he can't be too horrible to her. ;)

  • Yang
    Yang 5 years ago +3

    It would be bittersweet for an elder Arya to learn the miseries of the Hound and all the good he did to both her sister and herself. I very much look forward to that moment.

  • Robert Maybeth
    Robert Maybeth 6 years ago +1

    Mr Alt, your game of thrones videos have to be among the best written and most thought provoking of the heap. And you sure point out how the Starks really have a horrible time of it, i cant think of a more unlucky house in the story...Ned, Catelyn, robb, everybody Arya knows all murdered, she goes on the run and has to deal with these very horrible situations, yet she's just a child. All the violence, murder, cold, hunger, terror she undergoes, yet somehow she survives, she is a tragic figure whose only deliverance is probably going to be death (and rebirth). She is one of the characters you desperately hope something good will happen for - but somehow you know this just isn't in the cards for her story arc...A lot of other people may have guessed her end game by now, since maybe the only release for her will happen when she dies and gets warged into Nymeria, leading the huge pack of wolves in the riverlands - and perhaps she will only find peace A huge dire wolf, munching on the dead flesh of all her enemies - was her prayer of enemies she wants dead turn out to actually just be the "shopping list" lol

  • Nicole Thompson
    Nicole Thompson 6 years ago +2

    I so agree, have the same theory for the ending. Arya/Nymeria and the pack as the nearly sole survivors of Westeros' destruction. Perfectly bittersweet, and finally a proper nod to the importance of the direwolves we see throughout the books.

  • J ateabug
    J ateabug 6 years ago +8

    I have watched this video too many times to count and it is my favorite theory thus far. I long ago accepted R+L=J but the Arya Wolf Theory is still my all time favorite.

  • Joe A
    Joe A 6 years ago +1

    Extremely addictive channel. Ive watched every video you have on game of thrones and i agree with just about everything you have in the videos. You must have been a psychology major, you're very good at breaking down the psychological processing of people in the show. All around great channel, 10/10.

  • Ivo Stoyanov
    Ivo Stoyanov 6 years ago +18

    I really want a happy ending for the remaining Starks, mostly for Arya and Sansa, I know that this is Game of Thrones, but i will keep dreaming for that to the very end!

    • Peter K.
      Peter K. 3 years ago +4

      Jon went North, Arya went West, Drogon went East, and the show went south.

  • Benjin's Ghost
    Benjin's Ghost 6 years ago +5

    Warning! Potential spoilers! My end game predictions...Aegon I and his two sisters VIsenya and Rhaenys were the original dragon riders. If Jon is Azor Ahai, the similarities between Visenya/Arya and Sansa/Rhaenys are quite striking. They are kind of his "sisters". The Targ family swords (Dark Sister, Blackfyre) even resemble the blades made out of Ice (Widow's Wail, Oathkeeper). So Arya on Viseryon with Widow's Wail is a big possibility. Sansa on Rhaegon doesn't need a sword. Could this mean Oathkeeper = Lightbringer in the hands of Jon? There also just happens to be the same number of Valeryian steel blades with known whereabouts in Westeros to match the number of AA's companions during the long night. In the time of Aegon, a Targ marries the daughter of house Durrandon to found house Baratheon. I feel this is premonition for Arya + Gendry founding a new "Baratheon" house. Ours is the Fury indeed. But if Arya manages to survive all the sewing to the end is another matter. Sansa will be involved with house Arryn, Lannister or Tully, but I'm not certain how or where. I like the "Beauty and the Beast" Tyrion as her husband theories. Rickon will be lord of Winterfell. Bran is tree god, but I don't know if he will survive the story. But where does this leave Tyrion? As a Targ /Lannister bastard who will be a great and noble hand of the king. And Theon. Why is he even put in Winterfell from a plot perspective? To be a pro-Stark Greyjoy, and heir to the Iron Islands for the end game plot.
    But where does this leave Danny? I believe that Jon and Danny will hook up as King and Queen. Danny's story has two major plot drivers: Anti-slavery story arc (which has basically driven her entire plot, probably to conclusion of the books) and as "THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS". She doesn't ride Drogon with control - she just grabs on and hopes for the best. He wilfully ignores her commands when we last see her. GRRM has spoken a lot about how he admires the way Tolkein concluded Lord of the Rings by following events AFTER the ring was destroyed (or war won against the Others in his own story). This then is my prediction for the last page of the last chapter: Danny will die giving birth to Jon's heir. If Jon is alive at the time is doubtful, given the war with the Others. This also poetically ties into the fact the three main characters all lost their mothers in child birth. Wheel of time anyone (yet another story Martin admires)? Bitter + Sweet.

  • Houndlore
    Houndlore 6 years ago +1

    In the books, the "kindly man" explained the origins of the Faceless Men, where the slaves begged for the mercy of death. Maybe Arya, in the end, will do the same? Just a theory.

  • Chinds93
    Chinds93 6 years ago

    Most of us fell in love with the show and not reading the books so we're lost about
    most things in the show. After watching these videos I never realize how much
    things I've missed and important details. This open my eyes, I really need to
    watch over the season and analysis it better. Thanks for the information!

  • lucy holloway
    lucy holloway 6 years ago +2

    I love that idea for the bittersweet ending. Fabulous deduction skills! You're a veritable Sherlock Holmes mate. Your videos are all so cool and amazingly fantastical but they're still logical and it just is so exciting! Keep doing this! Oh maybe do another of these Arya ones but incorporating what we now know of Arya after S06

  • Thinking Loud
    Thinking Loud 5 years ago

    This theory gave me goosebumps. It would be the perfect ending for such a wondrously complicated character. Thank you for this! I love your thorough explanations.

  • Gabby P
    Gabby P 6 years ago +6

    Fan theories are always so much interesting and better than what happens on the show

  • PERETTI Maximilien
    PERETTI Maximilien 6 years ago

    So from what we've seen on the show, i believe that Jaqen H'gar had witnessed of Arya loosing herself and taking different identities in order to run away from the horror of her reality, and when she saved him, he decided to train her, not to be a faceless killer, but to regain the confidence and courage she needed to become Arya Stark again. Apparently in that show, every "wizardish" characters know who will play a part in "the wars to come" (most likely the realms of men against the white walkers or some shit), so it's possible that all what she's been through since she left kings landing was a preparation for what she will have to do next, as Arya Stark. And i truely believe that Jaqen H'gar intended to let her go at some point, when she would have the courage to say "cut the crap, my name is Arya Stark, fuck you all you pieces of shit!" :D

  • Jovana Riković
    Jovana Riković 6 years ago +21

    Gosh, this video made me cry. I love Arya so much, I relate to Arya so much, I don't want her to die!

    • Khuram Mahmood
      Khuram Mahmood 6 years ago

      +Jovana Riković that sounds like my life too

    • Jovana Riković
      Jovana Riković 6 years ago +2

      @Zarfots No, but I've been told whole my life that I wasn't good enough and that I am ugly and worthless. I have an older sister who's prettier, smarter and better person. My mother always wanted me to be and act like a lady, although I have never been one. Although my best friend was not killed, some people did everything to tear us apart. Just like Arya, I only wanted to be happy, but I always missed just a little for it.

    • p1on
      p1on 6 years ago +1

      +Jovana Riković what is most of your family dead and are you seeking revenge and intense hatred towards a couple people? smh relating to her...

  • Mary Hales
    Mary Hales 6 years ago

    Could you do a video like this for the Three-Eyed Raven? I know his arc in the show is over, but I'm still a little confused about his origins and the extent of his powers. Also, I'd love to see the way you approach a breakdown of his character! :)

  • Cónall Harkin
    Cónall Harkin 6 years ago +4

    Arya is the best. Struggling through AFfC atm but Arya's chapters are the only ones that really get me excited when I see them in this book. Shame they're so rare :/

    • Polar Bearon
      Polar Bearon 6 years ago

      +Conall Harkin yea that book was though. her chapters were the highlights.

  • Stephany Maurer
    Stephany Maurer 6 years ago

    That would be tragic, but beautiful. But I would still rather see a better ending for Arya. Alas, I fear you're right though. It leaves me brokenhearted. This is only the third story I've read and watched that I have been emotionally invested in.
    Great theory, thanks

  • Aassassin101
    Aassassin101 6 years ago +38

    When the hound killed Mica he did it on the orders of the douchebag Joffrey.... he didnt do it maliciously and didnt toprture him. I think he is the Anti-hero of the GOT series, He leaves King asshat when he cant take it anymore and tries to rescue Sansa by bringing her with him (if he was a badguy he would have 1. raped her or 2. just ignored her while she was about to get raped by the rioters or just ignored he when he left. He also helped Arya get her sword back and killed the ones who killed her friend. And the fact that he still protected Arya even when he would get nothing for his trouble just makes him a badass. I believe the Hound was one of the major influences of Arya`s life and she will never forget what he taught her.

    • Noelia
      Noelia 5 years ago

      Do y'all think maybe he felt attracted to Sansa but then feels rejected and resents her for it? When he meets Tormund, he says he hates gingers... I wonder where that comes from 🤔

    • Bravery
      Bravery 5 years ago

      I cried

  • Maximilian Klein
    Maximilian Klein 6 years ago

    When you speak the situation from the books, you fail to mention:
    The shocking thing about Arya killing the guard in Harrenhall was that by that time, she had helped the northeners take over the castle and that the guard was neither her enemy, nor did he know her true identity. She killed him just out of caution!!

  • Erin Posner
    Erin Posner 6 years ago

    Dude, you have the best videos on youtube. Believe me, I have watched them all and you are it! The only videos that take the books into account and use actual quotations as evidence to back up your theories, which you make seem more like fact. Truly amazing vids. I recommend you to all my Game of Thrones fan friends.
    Do a video on Asshai!! or the history of the far east cities, like Yi Ti

  • kabob21
    kabob21 3 years ago +1

    Arya Stark's story is the best developed and most intriguing in the books and show but I don't see a satisfying ending for her. Seasons 5 through 7 took so many liberties and shortcuts with her character after she arrived in Bravos, it was infuriating. I don't have any confidence in Benioff and Weiss to end her TV arc in the triumphant but bittersweet way the books have been building up to and I don't think George RR Martin will live long enough to finish out the last two of the books in the series. There's also the problem of expectations for the last two books haven gotten so ridiculously high and over the top that even if/when they're finished, it's unlikely the finished product will live up to text qua text.

  • ellen3131
    ellen3131 6 years ago

    Thanks for these! I've seen all the episodes and I'm reading the first book. These videos help me to remember all the things that happened and all the people I had already forgotten about! :)

  • Javier Valdivia
    Javier Valdivia 6 years ago +3

    That ending would be really sad. After all she's gone through it would bring tears to anyone's eyes.

  • Nebula the Nebulous
    Nebula the Nebulous 6 years ago

    With the possibility of Jon remaining alive through warging with Ghost in the book, and the fate you've proposed for Arya, I wonder if that's how they'd reunite, in the skins of their direwolves. They would finally get to see each other again, and Arya would have both her pack and her brother. Just a thought really, but a pleasant one in my mind...

  • Erin C
    Erin C 6 years ago

    This makes me sad to remember all the loss Arya experiences. But I do like the idea of her living on in Nymeria. It would be a pretty good ending. I just lover her, she's one of my favorite characters.

  • Aidan H
    Aidan H 5 years ago

    I think this is one of your best videos. I've been watching a lot of your stuff lately and I'm really enjoying it. Great work. Seriously. Your theories aren't all fringe and fluff and "but what if" - They have good logic and you connect everything quite well without making it drag on and on and making us forget everything just to bring it back in a flurry of confusion. Keep it up!

  • Dparker999
    Dparker999 6 years ago

    Arya was and probably still is my favorite character. I got a little bored of her and the faceless men. But now hopefully that is over. I doubt this will happen but I hope that HBO will have a spinoff going back to when Arya and The Hound were together as I really like how complex and interesting they were together

  • Jay Nando
    Jay Nando 6 years ago

    Damn, this is a great theory! It would be bitter sweet also because when a warg merges with his/her animal, they do not keep their human mind. They quickly begin to lose themselves until there is only beast left, so she really wouldn't be Arya after she merges with Nymeria. That being said, I had never considered Arya dying in the books (silly of me to think that of any character) but it makes so much sense the way you put it.

  • My OpenMind
    My OpenMind 5 years ago

    I hope that George R R Martin watches your channel. You have some of the best theories and future story lines for the characters of GOT that I've heard.
    This clearly comes from the hard work and research that you put into each video.

  • Equint77
    Equint77 6 years ago +1

    Thank you so much for your video. It was a huge help to me as a fan of the show. I look forward to watching you other videos. Well done!

  • Long Ps
    Long Ps Year ago +2

    I rrally don't want her to die. I hope that she will just live with Nymeria as a member of the wolf pack instead of becoming a wolf.

  • hokogan
    hokogan 6 years ago +4

    After watching a few of your videos, I got to thinking...
    Azor Ahai had to kill his great love, Nissa Nissa, in order to create Lightbringer. Now, if we say that Jon is Azor reborn, he'll probably need to do something similar. He could kill Mel, and her flame could pass into the sword, but really, Mel means nothing to Jon and wouldn't be much of a sacrifice.
    But what if it's Arya? She's the only person in the entire world Jon loves so much that he was willing to forsake his vows, resulting in his stabby death. Perhaps, by some fashion, he ends up killing Arya, thereby creating Lightbringer? Also consider that in their final scene together in the books (way back in AGOT), Jon gives Arya a sword. Martin is fond of using symmetry, particularly in regard to Arya and death (see the deaths of the Tickler and Raff). Just as Jon gave Arya her own sword, thereby providing her with the means to survive, maybe Arya will be the key to Lightbringer, the sword that Jon needs to defeat the Others.
    Just a thought.

    • CaptainCre3pzz
      CaptainCre3pzz 6 years ago

      This makes a lot of sense. It will also make sense if Arya is sent to kill
      John as her final test. Because, Jon was resurrected. Meaning he "stole" from the many faced God. Maybe No one will take over in Arya and she will attempt to kill Jon but fail, and hence become the night wolf. Then Arya would become night wolf, and Jon would have made the sacrifice. A bittersweet ending in my eyes.

  • Scott Meyer
    Scott Meyer 7 years ago +79

    This video is so well done: thoughtful, well-narrated, and insightful with excellent editing and using of material from both the show and books. Great job. Thanks for putting it together.

    • Typotype
      Typotype 7 years ago +3

      +Alt Shift X do you think that when the story/show increases, can you please made part 2 of arya,s story🙏

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  7 years ago +12

      +Scott Meyer Thank you!

  • Becca Messick
    Becca Messick 6 years ago +4

    Arya can't die. I refuse to believe she will die until I read it. She'll ride Nymeria and be a wolf queen, she'll reunite with some of her siblings - I hope Jon - and kill some important character. I also like to believe she'll find a family - she'll find love and come to peace with herself. Because there is also Ned's comments of "You'll marry a king..." to think about to. :) Great video though! I love how you organized it!

  • Flex
    Flex 6 years ago

    While I think you might be right about Arya's future, it might only be true for ASOIAF, the show has not shown us how Arya is connected to the pack at all.
    If the show really ends in less than 21 episodes, the writers need to hurry.
    Or they might just decide to go with another story.
    Great work, you've earned a sub !

  • Ninja_Prime
    Ninja_Prime 6 years ago

    I would love to see a spin off series based on what happens to Arya after GoT finishes.... Apart from Jon, she is one of the most interesting characters

  • Andrew Dawson
    Andrew Dawson 6 years ago +2

    I love how concise and unbiased these videos are, truly amazing

  • marie hill
    marie hill 7 years ago +4

    I think along the same line. There are so many foreshadowings of Arya's death that I cannot see George not going through with it, although it will break my heart as Arya is one of my favourites. I also think that Arya will head north and not south(in the books and show)because the person she loves most is Jon. In the books I wonder if she will overhear Massey trying to get sellswords for Stannis and return with him to fight for her home, Winterfell. It fits in with her personality, a fighter and a cause close to her heart, her own home. It also may parallel the journey of her 'friend' who has gone from being 'the Hound' to Sandor Clegane the grave digger-and not the assassin who murders others on orders.
    But a question for you, if you don't mind? In the show when Arya is ripping off all those faces the last one she sees before going blind is her own face-I took this to be a foreshadowing that Arya will indeed die, do you believe this to be so?
    Thanks for the vid. I watch them all.

  • spj4you
    spj4you 6 years ago

    I'm almost upset that you've spoiled the ending but then I realize the evidence is all there! Superb analysis and if this isn't what happens, it should be.

  • Raquel Bargas
    Raquel Bargas 5 years ago

    Very interesting, well done video, thank you! But I'm not sure GRRM will kill her off. I keep remembering that Arya is his wife's favorite character!

  • sandman0829
    sandman0829 6 years ago +2

    Arya has to be my favorite character in the ASOIAF series. So much depth, richness, and development

  • concernedspectator
    concernedspectator 6 years ago

    It seems Arya signifies the Hound's last hope for absolution and he signifies her last hope for humanity. Possibly the Hound stays with Arya because he sees himself in her: a neglected child like him, so he stays to rescue himself in a way. It justifies where he has reached in his life, since he never seems truly apologetic for his actions. Arya stays because she sees in him her last thread to humanity. Without this, she will be no one, because she has lost everything else. The Hound represents a last feeble leg for her identity to stand on: for her to have any identity at all (albeit a ransom's). She teeters on the edge of her old world (populated by adults who claimed to know what they were doing).
    Her indecision to kill him comes from the chance that she wants to hold on to this last thread as much as she hates it: a conflict reflected in the strange relationship she has with her enemy-turned-ward. Meanwhile, the Hound stays despite her threats because he feels on some level, if she does exact revenge, he will get what he deserves. Either he redeems himself by taking care of her or he gets his just desserts. Either way, it's an unstable relationship, because it is only borne out of both characters denying what they already know: that he is damned and she has nothing. A temporary flight from bitter reality.
    She doesn't grant him his death because in that moment, the shared illusion finally snaps. He doesn't deserve mercy and he knows this because he pleads for it. And Arya is no one, so mercy is not hers to grant. She is not even there.
    But I haven't read through the books yet, so there's probably more there, in which case this interpretation would fly out the window.

  • Vale Nutschel
    Vale Nutschel 6 years ago +2

    Watching the last episode (ep. 6 s. 6) I wonder if Arya has been pretending to be part of the faceless cult and believes in the many faced god to be able to regain her strength (which the other girl helps her 100% with) and thus go on to do whatever she wanted to do to begin with. as said in this video, Syrio taught her to survive (by lying etc) so maybe this is her completeing her training in the best way she knows...?

  • Carol Funk
    Carol Funk 6 years ago

    I just re watched this video. Thanks so much, you did a great job. I have felt this is the way it will go for Arya for quite a while now. The bittersweet ending for her. To become one with her wolf and finally have her family, her pack, and to have a identity truly. I am just waiting for her to get back to Westeros and the Riverlands to meet up with Nimeria. Cant wait. Hope the show will do something like this.

  • HmmmOOOPS
    HmmmOOOPS 4 years ago

    If there is one thing I want to see in the show, it's Arya and The Hound meeting again without either of them expecting it. I want to see Sansa's blood freeze in her face and Arya running towards him excited at the same time.

  • Tracy Dyson
    Tracy Dyson 6 years ago

    What a great video. I love Arya so much! I defiantly feel like she will return to Westeros one way or another. Lets hope your prediction for her doesn't come to pass. I would like to see her reunited with her family one last time.

  • Hugh Llewellyn
    Hugh Llewellyn 6 years ago

    I really like the idea that Arya will become her wolf and have her pack finally. But I hope before that happens, she gets her human pack back, with her siblings and possibly Sandor.

  • Cliohna
    Cliohna 6 years ago

    Man, your video made me tear up! No Jon and Arya reunion would be so sad.
    I actually already thought about the option of Arya dying and I was fine with it (in the sense that it is ASOIAF and GRRM after all). After watching episode 6 season 6 it was the first time I was thinking about it and it came to my mind that after she is dead the faceless men could actually use her face to go kill someone she loved (I actually thought about how tragic it would be if it would be Jon).

  • QuantumTap
    QuantumTap 5 years ago

    could the fact that Jaqen was desperate to escape from the burning cart(when faceless men will embrace death as a gift) essentially confirm the theory that he is in old town impersonating a maester?
    i know the evidence is strong enough to assume its true, but i feel like this makes it 100%

  • Anneliese Gerth
    Anneliese Gerth Year ago

    The ending, predicting the epilogue gave me chills. It’s so nice to pretend the atrocity of the tv series ending and think of a better ending for these characters.

  • Emily Savage
    Emily Savage 7 years ago

    I feel like after reading and watching my hope for a traditionally happy ending should be gone. But it's not. I want Arya to have a sweet ending, not a bittersweet one. But what can I expect from GRRM?

  • CommieG
    CommieG 3 years ago +27

    I hope this still happens in the books

    • martin ortiz
      martin ortiz Year ago

      @ElectromagNick when has he stated that? I just want winds of winter so I can imagine the rest lol

    • ElectromagNick
      ElectromagNick 2 years ago +2

      Martim's never finishing the damn books. He's actually gone on record saying he's okay if they're left where they are now, closure be damned.

  • Nanof Urbiznis
    Nanof Urbiznis 5 years ago +6

    In Episode 5 of Season 7 she meets a direwolf and gets surrounded by a pack of them. She thinks it's Nymeria and tries to approach her and take her home, but then she (the wolf) turns away and Arya says, "It's not you."
    What the hell does this whole scene mean? I hope you'll talk about it in the next upload.

  • Sabra Kay
    Sabra Kay 6 years ago

    This is great. I was just thinking that Arya wouldn't survive through to the end, but this theory makes even more sense. Then, I thought about Jon. I believe his endgame is also to merge with ghost. THEN, I thought about the rest of the Starks. Bran is already pretty much removed from his body. He already spends too much time in his wolf, as Jojen warns him. Don't know about Rickon, but it occurs to me that the remaining Stark children will all end as wolves. Except Sansa. She can't, her wolf is dead. She is the tamest of them all, and was from the beginning. Don't know how things would have gone down had her wolf survived, but in the end, she will probably be one of the last characters still standing, with her siblings all gone, joined to their wolves.

  • d007ization
    d007ization 5 years ago

    I'd like to point out that on her journey to Braavos, Arya asks to stay on the ship. I think her desire for family and companionship is not to be underestimated. Or this is covered but I can't finish the video because I'm waiting for Winds of Winter.

  • Tony Fan
    Tony Fan 6 years ago

    I love your videos, especially this one, because it is exactly how I wanted Atya's storyline to end, sad but beautiful. Keep it up bro :D