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  • Published on Mar 26, 2023
  • We have a special episode for you guys this week!
    As this weekend had no Premier League fixtures, Mark and I have joined forces to select our Team of the Season so far!
    Get down in the comments below with your Teams of the Season and see how they compared to ours!
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    00:00 - Intro
    01:40 - The best goalkeepers!
    04:16 - Left-back?! Shaw? Burn?
    06:00 - The top right-back in the PL is?
    09:10 - Centre-back duo?
    14:00 - Three in midfield are…
    16:38 - How good is Martin Odegaard?!
    22:10 - The attacking debate! Kane? Haaland?
    25:00 - Ben’s three strikers
    26:45 - The team of the season so far!
    27:40 - Ten Hag? Arteta? Howe?
    30:52 - Outro
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Comments • 2 061

  • Mark Goldbridge That's Football

    Loved the show and location today. Need to do these more often. MG

    • Thomas Perks
      Thomas Perks Month ago

      You could add a United players to the La Liga team of the season.
      Dalot? Bruno? Shaw? De Gea? 😂😂😂

    • John Wicker
      John Wicker Month ago

      Gold bridge is a clown, 4 united players, and two Arsenal ones, and Arsenal are 11 points ahead with a game in hand lol, Partey over Casemiro any day, Zinchenko over Shaw anyday, and Saliba over Varane or Botman anyday, and Martinelli with a strong shout over Rashford, lol what has he played well for a month, Martinelli has been consistent all season, joke of a team really

    • Nikos P
      Nikos P Month ago

      'Rashford out' you donut. Talk about reactionary fans 🤦🏽‍♂

    • supercell genius
      supercell genius Month ago +2

      @Gooner 72 theres no shouting over but they picked 2 players from arsenal. Mark thinks United have best winger best lb best cbs best dm but yet there 4th talk about delusions

    • Gooner 72
      Gooner 72 Month ago

      Great show with Ben mate, I like the fact that there's no shouting over each other which is a refreshing change.

  • Daniel Ogbonnaya
    Daniel Ogbonnaya Month ago +1135

    I was expecting to be upset with Mark after this but the ex-professional footballer saying Kane at RW and Mitrovic at LW would work in real life is absolutely mental 🤣

    • sandi s
      sandi s Month ago

      well mandzukic play on the wing for sometime and it work

    • johnboy14z
      johnboy14z Month ago

      Lol 😆

    • Charlie Mathews
      Charlie Mathews Month ago

      If you listened he said it doesn’t matter about the positions. He said it’s like FPL where the positions don’t matter

    • Aussie Abroad
      Aussie Abroad Month ago +3

      Lol goalkeepers aren’t ever managers for a reason

    • Daniel Ogbonnaya
      Daniel Ogbonnaya Month ago

      @Keymouse Board Yeah but it wasn't. They reiterated multiple times that it's 4-3-3.

  • Josh Adams
    Josh Adams Month ago +361

    Ben with some shocking takes this episode!

    • Alex Begg
      Alex Begg Month ago +2

      loved where he said "you could tell he'd be good, lot of money etc." about the Odegaard signing... he cost them 30m..

    • Aussie Abroad
      Aussie Abroad Month ago +3

      Some outstandingly dreadful takes where he’d than laugh at mark for even suggesting a player/manager that is probably the most popular or second most popular choice for 99% of fans

  • The Jester
    The Jester Month ago +248

    Mark's face at 24:55 when Ben's saying Rashford is a striker is hilarious 😂 you can see him calling Ben a Turbo Pratt in his head

    • Kian M
      Kian M Month ago +1

      ahahah i noticed that

    • Nyyk
      Nyyk Month ago +3

      He was dying inside

  • alepatalc
    alepatalc Month ago +80

    How does Ben, an ex professional footballer, not know how a 4-3-3 works lol

  • Dark_Emeralds
    Dark_Emeralds Month ago +129

    Arsenal top of the league with one of the best PL starts of all time and only 2 players in the team is criminal.

    • Cinder Luna
      Cinder Luna Month ago

      @Alfie Cunningham he put Rashford ahead of Saka

    • Andreas Klausen
      Andreas Klausen Month ago +1

      If Mark got all his choices it would have been 5 Arsenal players.

    • Hunt DePunk 24/8
      Hunt DePunk 24/8 Month ago +6

      The GK didn't give Mark a lot of room to work with and Mark, as any loyal fan, did the right thing choosing the players he did.... especially with how good Man Utd has done this year.
      The only problem is choosing 2 slow striker on the wings, which is ridiculously dumb 😭 who's this guy?
      And look, Mark gave a somewhat slightly logical reason why he didn't choose Zinchenko and Saliba.
      And this is coming from an Arsenal fan.

    • Athay Phom
      Athay Phom Month ago +24

      @Alfie Cunningham I'm United fan and he is biased af

    • Alfie Cunningham
      Alfie Cunningham Month ago +10

      @Malcolm Rhodes mark goldbridge wasn't biased

  • Privij Francis
    Privij Francis Month ago +17

    Ben has that friendly vibe to him that makes you wanna have a pint or two. Amazing guy and such good chemistry with Mark, this show can go on and we'd always want more.

  • Andrew Grime
    Andrew Grime Month ago +779

    Saka HAS to be in. Imagine Saka, Halaand, and Rashford upfront. They'd have 250 goals a season. 😂

      FEAR GRIM YT Month ago +1

      @Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ one bad seaso and he is not good ok

    • Realkillers 11
      Realkillers 11 Month ago


    • KD
      KD Month ago

      Mate that’s not how football works😭

    • Jallen2000
      Jallen2000 Month ago

      Can't argue with 16 goals 5 assists

    • khawaja bilawal
      khawaja bilawal Month ago +1

      Halaand= 200 goals
      Rashford & Saka= 50 goals between them.

  • Dylan Taylor
    Dylan Taylor Month ago +4

    for me, Alisson not even getting a shout for GK of the season is astonishing, he’s the only liverpool player that has deserved to wear the badge and has kept them in games doubtlessly countless times, just crazy to me.

  • RB896Afc 14
    RB896Afc 14 Month ago +32

    Absolute shocker from Ben…”3 strikers”a Good thing you didn’t go into management buddy😂 good content

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor Month ago +30

    Im not an Arsenal fan but shows you how good a team they are, not made up of superstar individuals. In the conversation for every position but not necessarily the top player in each position.

  • Joseph Herzog
    Joseph Herzog Month ago +11

    love the change of scenery! for those of us not in the UK, it's cool to see backdrops from Ben's locale. Keep that up!

  • Luke Loo
    Luke Loo Month ago +20

    amazing episode, the partnership no one thought we needed but i cant live without it now

  • SL
    SL Month ago +1097

    No Saka and Saliba is shocking

    • Kobi
      Kobi Month ago

      I think no Saka is a disgrace but saliba missing out is alright

    • Simon Moynihan
      Simon Moynihan Month ago

      @Charlie a disgrace😂🤣 same g/a this season but rashford with more goals. I can see a debate but it being a “disgrace” for a united fan to pick a united player in a coin toss is such an arsenal fan take hahaha

    • Nero Claudius
      Nero Claudius Month ago +1

      @Charlie saka is playing on the right you donut 😂 i agree there is no RW as good as saka this season but in the LW there is rashford and foden

    • Nathan Feirn
      Nathan Feirn Month ago +1

      Gk - Raya
      Rb - Trippier
      Cb - Saliba
      Cb - Botman
      Lb - Shaw
      Mid - Ødegaard
      Mid - Partey
      Mid - Casemiro
      LW - Rashford
      ST - Halaand
      RW - Saka
      Kane should be in here somewhere and same goes for Almiron but tough decisions

    • Mileven
      Mileven Month ago

      no lisandro martinez is shocking. don't really care who goes next to him, wouldn't mind saliba. but licha should be in there no doubt.

  • Daniel Barton
    Daniel Barton 8 days ago

    Saka not being in your team of the season, with you both being respected in this field is absolutely wild

  • i_like_cabbages
    i_like_cabbages Month ago +23

    Back when City & Liverpool were first and second in the Prem, people couldn't make a TOTS with players from any other team, now Arsenal are top by 5 points & a game in hand and they're struggling to get any in!! 🤯

    • Magikarp Splashy
      Magikarp Splashy Month ago

      @Nero Claudius I'd argue Ramsdale because there's no stat he tops but yea, I wouldn't complain about that. Just don't get why people think there's an anti-arsenal bias. The team is top because every player is playing well, not because 1 or 2 have been unbelievable

    • Nero Claudius
      Nero Claudius Month ago

      @Magikarp Splashy Im gonna put 4 or 3 Arsenal Players , ramsdale , saka , Oodegard thats it for RW rashford and foden is better than martineli ,striker you know who is , midfield , Casemiro ofc and one again is guimares or palhinha and Oodegard , back 4 Shaw Martinez Gabriel and trippier , is that fair enough?

    • Magikarp Splashy
      Magikarp Splashy Month ago

      @Luka well name your team of the season then instead of moaning... how many Arsenal players do you put in?

    • Luka
      Luka Month ago +9

      It's clearly anti Arsenal bias and hatred. You'd think United and Newcastle were fighting for the title by the way these guys are talking.

  • Dean
    Dean Month ago +9

    Mark and Ben work really well together could listen to you 2 all day...Good banter lads

  • Soren Matsuoka
    Soren Matsuoka Month ago +4

    For LB I honestly would lean toward Estupinan from Brighton, lad’s been unbelievable

  • Humphrey Kimutai
    Humphrey Kimutai Month ago +1

    Estupiñan has been pretty consistent and quite good at LB for Brighton. Guy never stops running.

  • Cab0053
    Cab0053 Month ago +219

    Front three has to be Rashford, Haland and Saka no way you do three strikers hahaha. Solid content lads!

  • Tony Marsh
    Tony Marsh Month ago +3

    Loved watching this but I wish they done a team each. And see how they differ, then build one team from both.

  • Prophetian
    Prophetian Month ago +3

    Now we know how players think and vote, which explains a lot of the horrible nominations and some wins in the past (one example being Son not nominated for player of the year even though he won the golden boot). Three CFs, good luck with that! Kinda reminds you of Solskjaer logic of picking his midfield.

  • Obyno II
    Obyno II Month ago

    Football fill in is actually interesting & fun to watch . First time on here.🔥

  • unknownuser18
    unknownuser18 Month ago +8

    put your guy's team in football manager and play each other in a home and away tie, would love to see how the team somewhat plays. Got my money on Goldbridge

  • Pasty Sheep
    Pasty Sheep Month ago +9

    You know it’s bad when goldbridge is talking more sense than the ex pro 😂

  • Jack Fenwick
    Jack Fenwick Month ago +609

    How is Saka not in this team 😫😫

    • O
      O Month ago

      @IAmSAMU3Lx Rodrigo has more goals than Rashford. If you wanna just use goals

    • xaoc
      xaoc Month ago +1

      @IAmSAMU3Lx Why you just going off goals… swear you people don’t watch football outside of United so don’t have a clue 🤣

    • xaoc
      xaoc Month ago +2

      @Kon Think you’re just a delusional United fan. Just because Arsenal have shared goals between Martinelli, Odegaard, Nketiah and Saka… obviously goals will be less. Dumb take

    • xaoc
      xaoc Month ago +1

      @Kon You’re making such a stupid and unfair comparison when you look at Arsenals upfront and division of goals compared to United

    • Samy A.
      Samy A. Month ago +5

      @IAmSAMU3Lx gabriel maghalaes has more goals than Sancho guess that makes him the better winger

  • Jimbuh
    Jimbuh Month ago

    Ben and Mark together are the ultimate dream team! 🤷🏻😆

  • Scott Brickles
    Scott Brickles Month ago +1

    After watching casemeiro at old Trafford and seeing that pass to martial tonight, casemeiro has to be in team of the season if things carry on such an underrated player when at real Madrid but is strutting his stuff at united

  • Frenziedassault1
    Frenziedassault1 Month ago +6

    Since when do I agree with Mark! “All holding hands in the 6 yard box fighting over a tap in”
    Shocking Ben

  • Ryan Houghton
    Ryan Houghton Month ago +2

    Great episode guys. The Man Utd bias is strong here though! And you can't NOT include Saka, he's been on fire and arguably the closest player to Haaland this season!

  • couu alis
    couu alis Month ago +1

    Fozzie’s selections up front are hilarious

  • talentedgc
    talentedgc Month ago +247

    Unforgiveable not having Saka

  • Resolution Empire
    Resolution Empire Month ago +1

    Love the content with Mark. Great video.

  • The Numbers Mason
    The Numbers Mason Month ago +3

    8:35 Goldbridge's Golden Moments😂

  • Mustafa Hawli
    Mustafa Hawli Month ago

    I’m actually shocked that Ben Mee didnt make it into your CB picks for me he’d be on my team of the season and the second spot would be between Saliba or Botman

  • Alex Johnson-Fry
    Alex Johnson-Fry Month ago +1

    I think the Varane pick is a bit of a homer pick but I agree that Case is unbelievable

  • Sámuel Olajos
    Sámuel Olajos Month ago +398

    I really happy to see Foster with Goldbridge. They are really look like old friends 😂

    • Lj G*
      Lj G* Month ago +1

      @Sachin Paul That’s pretty obviously not true, you’re just hating on another man’s success for absolutely no reason. Grow up.

    • IAmSAMU3Lx
      IAmSAMU3Lx Month ago +5

      @Sachin Paul hahah what a salty guy. Goldbridge has ball knowledge, certainly a lot more than you. Love seeing people jealous of Marks success😂

    • Sachin Paul
      Sachin Paul Month ago

      @Lj G* : lol man has clearly not seen football before 2013. Whenever he speaks about old games, it’s clear that he’s reading off a Wikipedia page

    • Sachin Paul
      Sachin Paul Month ago

      Goldbridge has “ball knowledge” ? Biggest joke ever

  • IceG
    IceG Month ago +6

    How has Saka not made this team 😂

    • LeeTAZ2312
      LeeTAZ2312 Month ago

      As a united fan, I totally agree Saka should be one of the first names on any teamsheet he's always been class but this season he's really come of age.

  • Nyyk
    Nyyk Month ago +1

    The Sean Dyche always gets me😭

  • Liam Hollick
    Liam Hollick Month ago +1

    Mark was alot smarter in this team, he had the perfect front three

  • Bryson Miles
    Bryson Miles Month ago

    I have the same team as you instead I have Dalot instead of Trippier BARELY but not mad at it. I have KDB over Xhaka, I feel like when city don’t have him the have no spark in the midfield which they normally have and without Bernardo playing either we just don’t have it. But I’d go Bruno G if we’re going by your nominations. Then Saka for Kane as much as kane deserves to be in he isn’t getting in over Haaland and also he isn’t a winger which is who should be playing on the right of the attack not kane.

  • odity
    odity Month ago +1

    Fucking love that Bentancur shout from Goldbridge, my respect has gone up 100%. I was terrified nobody was gonna mention him

  • FMJ
    FMJ Month ago +217

    Ben having Kane above Saka is beyond me

    • LeeTAZ2312
      LeeTAZ2312 Month ago +1

      @Jallen2000 Rashford plays on the left, his inclusion doesn't affect Saka who plays on the right. There's no other option than saka on the right.

    • odity
      odity Month ago +2

      @FMJIf we’re talking about the positioning, then yeah Saka ig because Kane isn’t a right winger lol, but Kane has definitely been better this season

    • MothArmy
      MothArmy Month ago +1

      Love it when City gets underestimated. Makes it even more sweeter when we win the league yet again

    • FMJ
      FMJ Month ago +1

      @ImmortalSteel541 Kane has been doing that for seasons
      When has that Spurs team ever not been shit

    • FMJ
      FMJ Month ago +1

      @Jallen2000 Exactly. It’s supposed to be a team of the season but most of the picks are players who have been in form for a month only

  • Rebellion Gaming
    Rebellion Gaming Month ago +3

    Ben Foster showing us why most players cant be managers

  • James MUFC 🔰
    James MUFC 🔰 Month ago

    I love you guys together. I love how both your egos collided towards the end - I could literally SMELL the sexual tension 😆. No in all fairness, love you both for keeping it real ❤️

  • UpholdBlindfold
    UpholdBlindfold Month ago

    Football fill in is a perfect watch when you’re a neutral fan

  • PoliticallyIncorrect
    PoliticallyIncorrect Month ago +1

    Arsenal fan here, completely no issues with the back 4 and the mid, maaaybe even the GK since Aaron had a few shaky games, but the forward had to be Rashford / Haland / Saka .... Goldbridge was bang on with the team

  • Jay Nepal
    Jay Nepal Month ago

    Fozzy's tee is sauce by the way. Arigatou 2014, probably from the Japan Trip? Love the Fill-in mate...You absolute legends.

  • Joe Hewitt
    Joe Hewitt Month ago +258

    That Kane pick is really grinding my gears 😭

    • Se Yong
      Se Yong Month ago

      @Oliver Jenord that's why we all agreed that statistics mean very little in football

    • Sam P
      Sam P Month ago

      He’s been unreal this season. Don’t count him out cause Spurs are awful. It’s so far. When the Trophies start getting handed out the team could look totally different

    • Danny Heard
      Danny Heard Month ago +1

      He has to be in, world class and had a fantastic season so far 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Ross Robson
      Ross Robson Month ago

      Joe Hewitt clearly a Kane hater

    • Philip Joyce
      Philip Joyce Month ago +2

      I agree Halland is on a cheat code with city...if Kane was on city he would have 20 goals and 15 assists by now easy.

  • Shanelle Morgan
    Shanelle Morgan Month ago +3

    Fozzy and Goldbridge is a Duo that I never knew I needed but glad I have it

  • The Coziness Code
    The Coziness Code Month ago +1

    I see how you roll, Ben. - All Arsenal fans

  • Kwame Sarpong
    Kwame Sarpong Month ago +2

    No saka is just outrageous, unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

  • jøsh
    jøsh Month ago

    Its always funny how underrated our players are even after winning 4 out of the last 5 seasons, Pep really must be the GOAT

  • Nick Mills
    Nick Mills Month ago

    As soon as they put varane in the team I knew this was going to be a shocker

  • Justin H
    Justin H Month ago +54

    Mark brought his team of the season and Ben brought his players of the season

  • Rob Zombie
    Rob Zombie Month ago

    Its good to see an ex footballer with some actual insite and willing to put a bit of real news out there. Nothing to scandalous to worry the ex team mates but keeps it interesting.
    Shaw, Saliba, Varane, Trippier
    Casemiro, Odegard, De Bruyne
    Rashford, Haaland, Saka

  • Ardri McArthur
    Ardri McArthur Month ago

    Mark saying what’s Harry Kane done this season after having varane is as the best cb 😂😂😂

  • TheMrClutchy
    TheMrClutchy Month ago +1

    Lol this really felt like a game of how many United players can we put into this side

  • Hardyhar
    Hardyhar Month ago

    Damn y'all were spot on about Pep not trusting Cancelo, he literally JUST got loaned to Bayern for the rest of the season.

  • Tyrese Wilson
    Tyrese Wilson Month ago

    Ben has added attackers and midfielders for his midfielders is funny 😂😂

  • TattyBojangles81
    TattyBojangles81 Month ago +277

    How Saliba doesn't make that back four is beyond me

    • TattyBojangles81
      TattyBojangles81 Month ago

      @The Vision definitely upped his game this year and well worth a mention

    • The Vision
      The Vision Month ago

      As an Arsenal who watches every game. Gabriel has just edged me over Saliba this year. Real close though .

    • xaoc
      xaoc Month ago +1

      @hhammer Sorry but your implication that singular players can’t make a difference in Arsenal is just stupid. People keep arguing like it’s a binary choice of individual performance/team performance. You can have standout players and still be in a brilliant team as a whole… why people thinking like it’s got to be one or the other is just weird

    • Samuel G
      Samuel G Month ago

      Because 2 better cbs were chosen 🤷‍♂️

    • hhammer
      hhammer Month ago

      Because he has performed to the top level. And as they said could easily be ramsdale as they both have been superb.
      By your logic we should have nketia or Jesus over Haaland.

  • The DeviousOrange
    The DeviousOrange Month ago +1

    Joelinton is very important, he should have gone to the world cup as he is Fred, Richarlison and Paqueta in one, press machine, wins headers and has scored 3 with 3 Assists so far.

  • Nathan Palmer
    Nathan Palmer Month ago +1

    Ben and his formation is finishing me 🤣🤣🤣

    • Patrick Mwamba
      Patrick Mwamba Month ago

      Doesn't know difference between Midfielders and wingers

  • Gaurav Bhattacharya
    Gaurav Bhattacharya Month ago +1

    So Mark is playing football manager and Ben is playing FPL 🤣🤣🤣

  • ElusiveHexman
    ElusiveHexman Month ago +1

    Marks bias towards Newcastle is hilarious 🤣 rattled and it's class to see

  • Gary Phillips
    Gary Phillips Month ago +1

    lol - Enjoyed that lads, can see the logic in both your arguments, Fozzy is going for the traditional best 11, formation is not important, Marks thinking about an actual balance of the team. Makes for an interesting argument. Saka should have been in there regardless.

  • xxitactical _
    xxitactical _ Month ago +197

    To only have 2 arsenal players in bens team is criminal

    • Travis.
      Travis. Month ago

      @JustAGunner🇿🇦 over Xhaka and Odegaard then? Idk about that…

    • JustAGunner🇿🇦
      JustAGunner🇿🇦 Month ago

      @Travis. bro theres another spot in the midfield

    • Travis.
      Travis. Month ago

      @JustAGunner🇿🇦 Casemiro has been better than partey. The other two I agree

    • JustAGunner🇿🇦
      JustAGunner🇿🇦 Month ago

      It is considering where we are saka partey gabriel should be there
      I prefer gabriel over saliba this season

  • Joe Mylrea
    Joe Mylrea Month ago

    If anyone else was having de Bruynes season they would definitely be in

  • Laker Lefty
    Laker Lefty Month ago +1

    Mark is right that you don't put wingers in midfield lol. But he can't help but pick United players whenever you give him a choice. At least you picked Arteta. Between the two of you, this was kind of a mess but that's why we watch.

  • TroyD4
    TroyD4 Month ago +3

    Mark with common sense 👍 Ben, think you have fallen off your bike a few too many times with that front 3 🤣

  • G Beeds
    G Beeds Month ago

    These 2 are so easy to watch and listen too !

  • Steven
    Steven Month ago

    Marks Sean dyche voice kills me everytime 😂😂

  • GambitGaming
    GambitGaming Month ago +178

    I'm not sure how you can argue that Botman doesn't deserve to be in it, there is a reason Newcastle have 12 clean sheets this season and it's not just down to Pope, having Botman and Schar in front of him has helped massively.

    • waltonnufc
      waltonnufc Month ago

      @Kr4zYm0f0 he has the best save percentage so that screws your argument

    • Kr4zYm0f0
      Kr4zYm0f0 Month ago

      @TheAussieMag what does your goal difference have to do with how many shots people make on your goal? pope is ranked 16th for average shots stopped per game so saying hes overrated is the right conclusion. if he was in the top 5 i would agree hes good but right noiw its the defence that is winning those cleansheets and not pope.

    • TheAussieMag
      TheAussieMag Month ago

      @Kr4zYm0f0 We have a 22+ goal difference, youre making shit up you have watched none of our season

    • Ricoz Kirihara
      Ricoz Kirihara Month ago

      @Rimon Yup its a crap league.. this crappy Newcastle getting 3rd.. this league is finished. Bring on the super league!

    • daniel twizell
      daniel twizell Month ago +1

      @Rimon 3rd place in the prem? Aye proper shite us mate.

  • Reby
    Reby  Month ago +7

    zinchenko is defo gonna end up as the best LB if he stays fit that guy is a beast

  • Callum 66🇦🇺
    Callum 66🇦🇺 Month ago

    Rodrigo and Tyler adams not even being mentioned is criminal

  • radovan danilovic
    radovan danilovic Month ago

    nice show

  • IZ
    IZ Month ago +2

    Marks ManU bias is unmatched.

  • Ben Cash
    Ben Cash Month ago

    I’ve unfortunately been diagnosed with a terminal illness & have been binge watching your channel lately Fozzy. At first I’ll be honest it was to pass a bit of time during treatment but now it’s making my day & time a lot happier. Really enjoy your content. Keep up the great work mate. Up The Cycling GK & Up The FozCast!! 🙌🏼

    • Ben Cash
      Ben Cash Month ago

      @Matthew Rayner got a beautiful wife & an amazing little girl. Despite what’s going on with my health, I’m the happiest, most luckiest man alive mate 🤩

    • Matthew Rayner
      Matthew Rayner Month ago +1

      Ben cash still, very sad to hear buddy glad you're sounding positive my man 💪

    • Ben Cash
      Ben Cash Month ago +1

      @Matthew Rayner is what it is unfortunately mate. Hope you’re well?

    • Matthew Rayner
      Matthew Rayner Month ago +1

      Sorry to hear that pal 😞

  • Will Chan
    Will Chan Month ago +73

    FosterBridge is pure entertainment. This is brilliant.

  • Momin Afzal
    Momin Afzal Month ago

    Absolutely loving it........☺️😊

  • LivelyOsprey
    LivelyOsprey 20 days ago

    That is Arsenal this season in a nutshell. They don't even have any insane stand out players, they're all just fantastic and consistent

  • Jamie Stapleton
    Jamie Stapleton Month ago

    Mark done a video on Kane recently.. didn’t check how many goals he had scored so far this year ahAha

  • Fishiboii
    Fishiboii Month ago +1

    Shocking picks.. wth.. Ben’s playing the ”Shorts” game and chasing clips with this one 😂😂

  • J H
    J H Month ago +1

    Love how goldbridge has he’s actual 2 choices then slips a Utd player in

  • Kujinfu
    Kujinfu Month ago +42

    Marks argument for Rashford being in there is basically the same for Xhaka too, both gone from near sold to top 3 most important players in their team.

    • Philip Joyce
      Philip Joyce Month ago +4

      Yea but Rashford would still be in with his form no matter what happened last season. Bens team is an unbalanced mess lol but he was just picking players not a team per say

  • many a true gamer
    many a true gamer Month ago

    how varane and shaw are in is crazy

  • Brio Dundada
    Brio Dundada Month ago

    Loved the names been mentioned and appreciation of the sports professionals that we watch weekly, the 11 is opinion not really triggered

  • Toby Howarth
    Toby Howarth Month ago

    Team Goldbridge here as the defence is positional lol and great episode either way but oh dear Ben Foster ha ha

  • k7ninja
    k7ninja Month ago

    Sean Dyche bit killed me 😂

  • Billy Munford
    Billy Munford Month ago +1

    NAHHHHHH!!!! As soon as mark goldbridge said “I’m going Varane”(12:16) I get a sky sports notification saying varane OG 48’ 😂😂 (against leeds) I’m not even joking I swear on my life
    The timing was perfect

  • Beardyrunuk
    Beardyrunuk Month ago +145

    Actually can’t believe you picked a team of the year without Saliba, White and Saka. Absolutely criminal. Especially Saka!

    • Sebastian O
      Sebastian O Month ago

      @Sudip Paul Incorrect! It was 3-0 before his substitution.

    • Sebastian O
      Sebastian O Month ago

      @Sudip Paul The second-most influential for a team fourth in the league. Sounds like a MUST include!

    • Sudip Paul
      Sudip Paul Month ago

      @Sebastian O Nope, when Varane was on the pitch I'm pretty sure the score was 1-0 to City, it crumbled down once he was subbed for Lindelof due to that damn injury (let's not forget we had no games before that derby for like three weeks due to queen's death but City already played a game before the game against United).

    • Sudip Paul
      Sudip Paul Month ago

      @Sebastian O Guess what in most of those matches that you have mentioned over here, who was absent in United's defence?? It's Varane. Whenever he got injured Lisandro looked like a shadow of himself. Varane has been the second most influential player for United this season just behind Casemiro.

    • Dave C
      Dave C Month ago

      ... and Saka should also be in over Kane.

  • Josh Mahoney
    Josh Mahoney Month ago

    Absolutely criminal that Ben Mee hasn’t been mentioned at CB

  • Andre Tirta
    Andre Tirta Month ago +1

    27:18 why dont you pick all 4 full backs then? or 4 center backs? i agree with the balanced approach

  • Wyatt Dodrill
    Wyatt Dodrill Month ago

    Fozzie and Goldbridge the best X-vid Duo 😂😂

  • Andre Tirta
    Andre Tirta Month ago +1

    pervis estupinan has to be in the shout, first season for brighton but has been so comfortable, cucurella isnt missed by the seagulls

  • Carl
    Carl Month ago

    Absolutely mental way of doing a team of season from Foster there. No wingers, madness.

  • Brandon Andrew
    Brandon Andrew Month ago +44

    As an Arsenal fan the keeper was spot on,ramsdale will get englands number one but popes been insane this year although ramsdale has been quality

    • ralf wolters
      ralf wolters Month ago

      Not to hate on pope but newcastle play very very defensive. Its succesful so no arguement there but it makes it so much easier for goalies to keep a cleansheet. Ramsdale has seriously been amazing so deserves to be in this team and to be in england.

    • Alexander
      Alexander Month ago +2

      Ramsdale ain't getting that #1 along as Southgate is in🤣 Pickford and Pope will still be ahead of him. Ramsdale will literally need to pull off the greatest save of all time in a CL final for Southgate to open his eyes

  • Jon Aalton
    Jon Aalton Month ago

    Well done Mark for putting Varane in

  • Dawsy94
    Dawsy94 Month ago +1

    To say you were a professional footballer Ben, you’ve had some horrific shouts on this 😂😂😂

  • James Cherry
    James Cherry Month ago

    Alexis mac Allister is so underrated