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How Does A Referee Deal With Fights On The Pitch?

  • Published on Oct 26, 2022
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  • BrewStar24
    BrewStar24 Month ago +28

    Expert reffing. Not taking any nonsense and ensuring everyone knows you’re in charge.. the respect they then show him. 👏

  • ChefSaucey
    ChefSaucey Month ago +2

    Respect to that ref. Need more like him 🙏🏾

  • Blueridge1961
    Blueridge1961 2 months ago +3

    This referee is just excellent!!! This is exactly how you should behave in critical situations.!!!

  • Christian
    Christian Month ago +1

    A man of honour. And the players respect him.

  • HyperJac
    HyperJac 3 months ago +9519

    That’s a goddamn good ref, he should be in the premier league

    • Jack Peacock
      Jack Peacock 8 hours ago

      ​@HyperJac How the hell do you know what refs say to players??

    • Steve Stevenson
      Steve Stevenson 13 hours ago

      Uh, he might not have the running ability for the pl

    • Dominik Mačuga
      Dominik Mačuga 3 days ago

      Yea sure without visitors. If you ever played football with visitors, now image 50k of them you don’t listen almost anything

    • Matty Dudley
      Matty Dudley 4 days ago

      In the prem for what? There not allowed to even tackle anymore never mind fight 😂

    • Aybro
      Aybro 14 days ago

      ​@Haniel Philip Mentallity can be built but lots of ref's are scared.

  • Peter Rogers
    Peter Rogers Month ago +2

    Behind that ref 100% what a guy. He loves our sport

  • apostolos chatzopoulos
    apostolos chatzopoulos 2 months ago

    Mr referee you are perfect. I believe that you had a very nice reaction to these young men.

  • Toon Lad
    Toon Lad 2 months ago +748

    As a grass roots coach, this is fantastic to see and I'm 100% behind this!

    • NoLefTurnUnStoned
      NoLefTurnUnStoned Hour ago +1

      @Jose Bucio 😂

    • Satori
      Satori 18 days ago +1

      @Jose Bucio bro 💀

    • AxZyro -
      AxZyro - 29 days ago

      @Lorenggg I think bottom level of coaching

    • Jose Bucio
      Jose Bucio Month ago +2

      @Lorenggg he coaches the pitch

    • Lorenggg
      Lorenggg Month ago +1

      what does grass roots coach mean?

  • Triggaman
    Triggaman Month ago

    “I don’t wanna see any aggression”
    Explains why the game has gone soft 😂

  • Neon Marker
    Neon Marker Month ago

    He is a dad instead of a dad. ❤️💪

  • evan neiser
    evan neiser Month ago

    Well done sir!!

  • Ricardo Abrantes
    Ricardo Abrantes Month ago

    Well done sir!

  • Y B
    Y B Month ago

    That’s a ref with balls man, I like it 👌👍

  • Annemarie Ludwig
    Annemarie Ludwig 2 months ago

    Great ref you can see he is also a good father!!!!!

  • Kuzco
    Kuzco 2 months ago +459

    Respect to this ref. It’s more than just football. It is also mentality and respect for each other.

  • Saigon6
    Saigon6 2 months ago +2284

    "well, pack it in, and just play football, mate?!!" Great one 👏

    • Shuyel Bari
      Shuyel Bari 5 days ago

      Saigon6•, that referee not to be messed with. Old school PE teacher.

    • Seams
      Seams 10 days ago

      ​@worst gamer based

    • Seams
      Seams 10 days ago

      It's always the blacks

    • Sophie Nash
      Sophie Nash 28 days ago +2

      @worst gamer no, they would be asking for a cheeseburger

    • SNM  Certified
      SNM Certified Month ago

      @worst gamer More like Beat him up and Police would come to the scene shoot 30 bullets in the kids chest and walk a free man 😓

  • Erick S.
    Erick S. Month ago

    Well done!

  • Louise Van dongen
    Louise Van dongen Month ago

    Very nice ref, excellent service

  • PhillipM
    PhillipM 2 months ago

    Very well handled

  • Alejandro Alejo
    Alejandro Alejo 2 months ago +147

    My man had a job to do, and I feel like he handled it like a true professional.. RESPECT 💪🙏

  • Reizen Urameshi
    Reizen Urameshi Month ago

    This is the ref we needed in Morocco vs Croatia

  • Leigh Everett
    Leigh Everett 2 months ago

    That’s the way it should be. Not as it happens in the professional leagues where the players give the referee a hard time. There should be more consequences for the players who are paid way too much money and always seem to be cheating or complaining.

  • Aaron Kaiser
    Aaron Kaiser 2 months ago +1

    Well done

  • DopeRaww Gaming
    DopeRaww Gaming Month ago

    The referee knows football
    i guess the boys are playing soccer

  • Alassane Guira
    Alassane Guira Month ago

    Well done

  • A B
    A B Month ago

    "Good job referee" - Pierluigi Collina.

  • RaTMork
    RaTMork Month ago

    Everyone saying he’s amazing but i get 17 there’s probably been faulty play by the opponents and he wants the ref to look out for it but now he gets screamed at

  • Michael Barnes
    Michael Barnes 2 days ago

    Well done - separate, isolate, make it clear “what happens next” - excellently handled

  • Matias Villouta Martinez

    Respect !!! From Chile 🇨🇱

  • Luis DaSilva
    Luis DaSilva 2 months ago +5

    Absolutely love to see it! As a coach myself wish I had more referees like this guy’

  • Hungry Dogs Run Faster

    It plays nicely, or it gets the card again.

  • Wes
    Wes 2 months ago

    Nice work

  • AZZY
    AZZY 2 months ago

    Pierluigi Colina agrees with this guy. 😂 There should be a Colina trophy

  • Abdul-Baqi Jr
    Abdul-Baqi Jr 3 months ago +1023

    Dude just didn't wanna take it easy. 17 come here! The ref is incredibly good

    • Lorcanzo
      Lorcanzo 9 days ago

      @Nigerian National I’ll give you that Ricky Smith has some nice teeth, also why are you calling others a child? Only actual children try to act old and call others young.

    • Nigerian National
      Nigerian National 9 days ago

      @Lorcanzo so what if they fight again you send them of theyre not children!! but i understand why you assume so because youre also a child...

    • Andy Smith
      Andy Smith 9 days ago

      ​@Nigerian National sending them off only creates a fight in the dugouts... speak to them like the children they are.

    • ABJ's
      ABJ's Month ago +8

      ​@Nigerian NationalBy this i can say you never played football, young players need to put in mind that this is a game of beauty no aggression or dishonest means or other things will be tolersted all of the refs here arr like this

    • Nigerian National
      Nigerian National 2 months ago

      @Lorcanzo then send them off no need foe the cinamatics

  • Katrina
    Katrina Month ago

    Send this Ref to every Leeds match

  • Jon Bar
    Jon Bar 2 months ago

    What a beast.

  • Vladeemyr L. Bonhomme

    Great ref!!! 👏

  • DocMirza
    DocMirza 2 months ago +12

    Hats off to the ref. So underappreciated for such a testing job.

  • Azmiran Alias
    Azmiran Alias Month ago

    good counselling ref 👍

  • Aplayz
    Aplayz Month ago

    What did they do to get that big of a telling off

  • nazerul wafiq
    nazerul wafiq Month ago

    Wow, just imagine how will it be lile being reffed by pierlugi collina

  • moehadam
    moehadam Month ago

    He communicated very clearly but should be willing to listen as well. The player clearly took responsibility for his actions and said "it's my fault." Could have diffused it in a different way.

  • Arikaアキラ
    Arikaアキラ 3 months ago +4634

    The ref needs to meet zlatan😂

    • Michael Horsman
      Michael Horsman 7 days ago

      ​@yassine realy no one needs to meet colina

    • jay lim
      jay lim 8 days ago

      Zlatan dont chase Champion trophy.Champion Trophy chase zlatan.

    • Anthony Miah
      Anthony Miah 8 days ago

      When Zlatan met the Ref the Ref Grew Dreadlocks…. 😅

    • Razgriz218
      Razgriz218 20 days ago

      The ref needs to come to Zlatan, not the other way around :)

    • Sinister Inside
      Sinister Inside 21 day ago

      When zlatan get sent off, others needed to join in respect, later they would call this phenomenon as half-time

  • JorritMorrit
    JorritMorrit Month ago

    He should have be in there for Netherlands Argentina

  • Matthew Neale
    Matthew Neale 4 days ago

    Just a heads up, the FA don't always back you up when you're stern.
    I started at 15 and quit by the time I was 17 because I never took any shit and it was suggested to me I didn't need to book as many players etc.
    At the age of 17 I realised I wouldn't be supported and 'retired' as a referee. I was due to start refereeing the United counties league and a linesman on the national League South

  • Nicholas Palfreeman

    I don’t think ref deal with that properly, I like the authority he presents his authority but he speaks and threatens red cards like a pe teacher

  • rott
    rott Month ago

    He should've officiated the Argentina Netherlands game

  • Coby Ang
    Coby Ang 2 months ago +3

    Need more reffs like him.. this is how to deal these kinds of situations...

  • Lyma8
    Lyma8 Month ago

    Pierluigi Colina is Zlatan in Referee World 🤣🤣🤣

  • stavros grapsas
    stavros grapsas Month ago

    That only works in europe here in greece ref would get a beating too

  • E G
    E G 2 days ago

    We need more of this man. He is educating these kids. He is changing a culture of aggression towards team mates (often at a mistake), opponents (to chase the dream) and because they see it done on the pitch by their heroes (awful examples).

  • Ares Amelia Jen Alpha
    Ares Amelia Jen Alpha 2 months ago

    He was a good kid

  • Lazard Diankson
    Lazard Diankson 2 months ago +114

    I like that. This is the sort of referee you see at most rugby matches. Good on him.

  • Leonardo Rizzetto
    Leonardo Rizzetto Month ago

    nobody talking about the linesman already inside the active playing field before the ref whistles for the foul?

  • Keegan Bethell
    Keegan Bethell Month ago


  • Harry Maguire
    Harry Maguire Month ago

    Spanish refs just let you fight here in Spain . We get a lot of fight here

  • James
    James 4 days ago +15

    Spoken like a true rugby ref.

  • Moein
    Moein 2 months ago

    Pack it in is my new favourite thing to say

  • Derek Addis
    Derek Addis 2 months ago +1

    Great refereeing. Exactly what the game needs at every level.Disapline and respect 🙏

    • Ivan Ivanov
      Ivan Ivanov 2 months ago

      I've looked in all 4 of my English dictionaries what "disapline" is, but can't find it.🥺😫

  • Mystic Arts
    Mystic Arts Month ago

    He legit sound like Gordon Ramsey 🤣

  • Mohammad Iqbal Na'imy
    Mohammad Iqbal Na'imy Month ago +2

    I wish a referee like this shows up in Premier League one day

  • Splitter S
    Splitter S 2 months ago +5

    Can't argue with that...give this guy a chance in the Premier league....

  • Bob Waly
    Bob Waly 2 months ago +1

    He's not only a good ref he also try to teach them to behave nicely. A good man

  • nom nom
    nom nom 19 days ago +1

    I was playing a match one day, and the defender was awful. He would keep fouling me the whole match. Eventually, I got so frustrated that I pushed him (very lightly) with my shoulder. Keep in mind the ref was also terrible, not calling any of the fouls. When he saw me do that, he instantly ran over to me and scolded me. Absolutely horrible refereeing.

  • Goncalo Silva
    Goncalo Silva 2 months ago +6

    Only one ref was able to do something like this but better .. COLINA was hard this kind of reminded me of him , no one had more control of players then him the 🐐💯

  • Radoslav Straka
    Radoslav Straka 2 months ago

    Majster of puppets 🤜🤛

  • Shaun Kelly
    Shaun Kelly 12 days ago

    This is great, finally a footie ref with balls, looks like someone took tips from Nigel Owens. This sport needs more if this.

  • dhardhoyamoy
    dhardhoyamoy Month ago

    he has some potentional to become the next pierluigi collina

    • dhardhoyamoy
      dhardhoyamoy Month ago

      he's not as good as him but he has some potential

  • bengodden1983
    bengodden1983 25 days ago

    Play it nicely
    What a legend.
    This is how refs should be dealing with the game. Awesome job!

  • vlasomEditzTBLH
    vlasomEditzTBLH 2 months ago +78

    this guy better be the ref in the World Cup final no joke

    • Tom Janssen
      Tom Janssen 22 days ago

      @Tahmid Ahmed thats weird anyone without eyes could have been a better ref then what we had last wc

    • Tom Janssen
      Tom Janssen Month ago

      Hes a great ref it be sad iff oil money and corruption or treats changed that

  • Dane Shaffer
    Dane Shaffer Month ago

    Perfect SIR

  • Liam
    Liam 2 months ago

    This guy is definitely a rugby ref

  • William Morfin
    William Morfin Month ago +1

    Excellent command of the field. Firm,
    but respectful.

  • Channels
    Channels Month ago

    Laying down the LAW!

  • CallumWithNoDoors
    CallumWithNoDoors 2 months ago +9

    Brilliant. Need more of this

  • nicola marzocchi
    nicola marzocchi 2 months ago +1

    That referee reminds me of a great rugby referee called Nigel Owens!
    Very well managed👏🏻

  • Leslie Griffin
    Leslie Griffin 2 months ago

    That a good referee we need more man’s like him

  • lorna.
    lorna. 2 months ago +1

    Sounds like my mum with me and my siblings growing up.

  • Silly sausages
    Silly sausages 2 months ago +6

    I don’t understand how he threatened reds but didn’t even give them a yellow

  • Ivan Paul Taurua
    Ivan Paul Taurua 2 months ago +2

    I was super impressed by this ref that’s how players are reminded of being sportsman firstly and justly and get on with the game play smart

  • Omar Davids
    Omar Davids Month ago

    Awesome! Some players and parents have an inflated perception of their abilities. Normally ends in conflict.

  • M. AyG
    M. AyG Month ago


  • Taezolex
    Taezolex Month ago

    Holy, this guy is scarier than my dam teacher

  • صدام کله خراب
    صدام کله خراب 2 months ago +10

    that's what I call a PRO REFFERE

  • Paul Stewart
    Paul Stewart Month ago

    Potton Brickwork has an excellent marketer.

  • Manuel Vizintin
    Manuel Vizintin 2 months ago


  • Davide Santacesaria


  • Harry Jackson
    Harry Jackson 11 days ago

    He had me until he said "play it nicely" 😂

  • Dan Allman
    Dan Allman 7 days ago +9

    Premier league needs refs like this. I wouldn't be surprised if this ref officiates Rugby matches aswell.

    • T.W.D 23
      T.W.D 23 3 days ago

      Was thinking exactly the same thing. Seems like a classic rugby referee.

  • Paul Whitby
    Paul Whitby 11 days ago

    His name is Alex Michalef he's reffed some of my games years back. I crossed him once, never again always called him sir after. He's honestly an amazing manager of a game.

  • Radosław
    Radosław 2 months ago +1

    big respect to the judge!!! this is how teenagers are brought up!!!

  • João Antônio Roceto
    João Antônio Roceto 2 months ago

    Congratulations Sr, u have my respect 👊

  • MrTRIG
    MrTRIG 2 months ago

    I want more refs like this! 🙌

  • Adam Fitzgerald
    Adam Fitzgerald 2 months ago +32

    You know if this was rugby, it wouldn't even be a discussion , it would be a sorry sir and that's the end of it

  • Wokechoppa
    Wokechoppa Month ago

    “Lets play football, world cuuuuup”

  • Attack Pattern Delta

    I remember going to watch a non league game, and the linesman was the biggest, most hench guy I’ve ever seen. Like a walking solar eclipse.
    Second half this guy is down the other end of the pitch from where I’m stood. He blows his whistle for an offside, and two of the opposition players run over and start giving out to him. I don’t know what he said, but I saw them walking away with their heads down, like two kids who’d just had a major talking to. Me and mates thought it was absolutely hilarious.

  • Pat O'Hara
    Pat O'Hara 25 days ago

    We need more refs like that in the states, world class right there

  • Come on England
    Come on England 2 days ago

    That’s a Ref for ya, no bollocks and straight to the point 😊

  • Wellshem
    Wellshem Month ago +67

    Doesn't seems to fight back, say it is his fault.
    "oh nice, he's matur-"
    Start beefin after the ref talked to them.
    "what the heck????"

  • Lonnie I
    Lonnie I 7 days ago

    Excellent work ref. More of this please.