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Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua 2 • FULL FINAL PRESS CONFERENCE • Matchroom Boxing | Eddie Hearn

  • Published on Aug 16, 2022
  • The fight week press conference, from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, for Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua 2.
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Comments • 2 084

  • Aye
    Aye  +61

    I CANNOT WAIT! So excited to see what improvements AJ has made since the first fight. Usyk for me is a beast of a boxer and it will take something special to defeat him.

  • Archie Potter

    Usyk as always takes notes for the fight during press conference. What a cold mind and a beast

  • Embo 88
    Embo 88  +231

    AJ coming in,being the underdog,everything on the line,I wouldnt write him off,he'll dig deep,his left hook stops anybody,this is the fight of his life,the fight he'll be remembered for,and as they say,a desperate man is a dangerous man

  • Desert_Rose

    there's something menacing and yet friendly about this man called Usyk.

  • LostCub 85

    Usyk is sitting calm and cool. Meanwhile, AJ is looking like he's trying to stop his stomach from growling 😂

  • Doughstar star

    If there's something called the sweet science of boxing... Usyk exemplifies that. Usyk on points again.

  • Fiyinfoluwa Odebode

    This will arguably be the most brutal fight of the last two decades. I see sweats, blood and tears.

  • The JamnasiuM

    Usyk is so dedicated he made his barber wear boxing gloves during his last haircut. bravo my friend.

  • California Wall Design

    2 warriors - 2 role models - 2 men - love this sport

  • Arron Spring

    I'm English but I've never liked anthony joshua.the more I see of usyk the more I like him.he's really humble and patriotic and I bet he's an inspiration to his people back home who are going threw an awful conflict with Russia,greatest respect to the man.

  • Daniel Nehemiah

    I can't help but respect USYK as a man and competitor. A true champion. I think the story might not yet be over for AJ though. If he get's his strategy right he can bounce back. AJ didn't cover himself in glory during this first fight and vs Ruiz. But he himself is truly a great champion also. May the best man win

  • skippymillward

    Usyk out here looking like a final boss battle on ready 2 rumble

  • J P
    J P  +37

    Usyk singing at the end is pre fight proof he ain’t losing. His mindset is too strong 💪

  • TMT Sheppard

    Good to see Eddie and Rematch Room Boxing doing their thing. Great fight!

  • Michael Hill

    Love the mind games by Usyk, AJ didn’t look happy, he wanted the last word and Usyk jumped in haha

  • James Arte


  • Jonnyjo
    Jonnyjo  +89

    Good to see two gentlemen behaving so graciously, representing themselves and their countries with valour.

  • Jason Mardonio Meza

    Usyk representing Ukraine very well. Both men are very classy in the way they approach the fight. I'm hoping that AJ makes this a more exciting fight which I believe he will. Can't wait to watch this fight! May the best man win on the night.

  • Davidemetri RECORDS

    I can’t wait to see this! Their first fight was great now it’s gots to only be better! This is real boxing!🥇🚨❤️‍🔥

  • riteandleft

    I take Usyk to win. It'll be a great fight, but Usyk is a special fighter. I'm a Brit so I'll be more than happy to see AJ win, but he's got a fight on with this man.