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SHE-HULK Breakdown: Every Easter Egg and Marvel Reference in Episode 1

  • Published on Aug 17, 2022
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    She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 1 is filled with Easter eggs to Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Where did Tony’s wrecked Iron man helmet come from? What’s the deal with that space ship? And how can Jen talk to the camera? We breakdown all the MCU Easter Eggs and references!
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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )
    Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Srinidhi Rao
    Now the intro begins with Jennifer Walters practicing her closing argument, speaking directly to the camera. Now I say speaking to the camera, and not to the audience for a reason. When characters speak to the audience, it's called breaking the fourth wall, because it is a very old term from the theater, when an actor would stop pretending there was a fourth wall of the stage and would speak to the audience directly.
    Yes, but She-Hulk was one of the first Marvel characters to break the fourth wall; she did it years before Deadpool was even created. In fact, in her 80s comics she would even rip through a comics page, into the next page, or use panels as a shortcut to teleport long distances.
    So this opening shot is not Jennifer breaking the fourth wall-but she is laying the groundwork for breaking the fourth wall a bit later.
    Her opening line cuts to the theme of the series-and the MCU. [what is the responsibility of those with power?] Now we know that this theme speaks to the heart of marvel comics. In the golden age of comics, Steve Rogers signs up to get powers because he has a responsibility to serve his country. Marvel’s silver age was kicked off with the Fantastic Four, and a few seconds after they got their powers they swore to use them to help humankind.
    And spider-man, famously, tried to use his powers for his own financial gain, before realizing [great power, resp, montage, end with aunt may]
    The court case Jennifer is trying centers on the great power of a corporation-which I have a theory about which evil corporation that I’ll get into a little later in the video.
    IN this case, it;s not that the corporation did not use their power to help-it’s whether or not their neglect willfully caused problems. In the same way, does Jennifer choosing to live her own life put the world at risk? [hulk, you gotta save the world]
    The shelf in her office displays lots of fun set dressing that has nothing to do with superheroes. These are all items you would expect to see in the office of a young Lawyer. A book called Badass women. A UCLA pennant, a UCLA bruin, an RBG bobblehead, and a mug that says see you later, litigator.
    During her monologue, the man interrupts her and tells her to smile [clip]. Something women love hearing [cap marvel deleted scene]. This character is Dennis Bukowski, who first appeared all the way back in the savage she-hulk as one of Jen’s early legal nemesis.
    The final sentence of her closing argument [...most to answer for] is another recurring theme in the MCU. Tony believed that since he created Ultron, he needed to accept a curb on his power [we need to be kept in check]. Natasha and Steve took down Shield because the organization over reached their power. And thunderbolt ross hunted down Bruce Banner for this exact reason.
    So at this point in the series, Jen is a prosecutor, which means she works with the DA to put people into jail. IN the comics and in this show, she switches sides to become a defense attorney. Which always creates a fun contrast in the comics, as a superhero shae catches bad guys,a dn as a lawyer she defends them in court.
    Right here is a photo of the griffith observatory, an LA landmark probably most famous for being in rebel without a cause [clip].
    Then Jen finally gives us a direct address, as we see her origin story. We learn that she was ona road trip with her cousin Bruce Banner, as he explains why his arm is better and he’s in human form. You remember we saw a hologram of human bruce in the post credits of shang chi, and [joker, everyone loses their minds]
    Now we know why. His arm was ruined in the endgame, but, when he reverts back to bruce, it helps his arm to heal. And he has to wear a gamma suppressor on his wrist to stay human. Very similar to the device Jen wore in the comics, which allowed her to become she-hulk when she had a mental block.
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  • ScreenCrush
    ScreenCrush  Month ago +71

    Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Go to ​www.keeps.com/screencrush ​to get 50% off your first order of Keeps hair loss treatment.

    • Kenshyo Master
      Kenshyo Master 20 days ago

      Is there any way to contact you directly? I have huge MCU Info I know you want to know!

    • B Boy
      B Boy 27 days ago

      I think the helmet is a iron Legon because it is blue and yellow

    • RPRsChannel
      RPRsChannel Month ago +1

      *_With saying "been The HULK for 15 years", yeah that puts it at 2008. So that means the the Eric Bana HULK is not part of the canon; only the other characters that weren't HULK in that movie? How...how does that work?_*
      *_Do you think we will ever see the test footage of Johnny Depp as Bruce Banner/The HULK?_*

    • Alanegr92
      Alanegr92 Month ago

      the mask is from ultrons first puppet i believe

    • Marky Parky
      Marky Parky Month ago

      When she hulk enters the building there is a we code and if u scan it it takes you to she hulk.

  • Judas Iscariot
    Judas Iscariot Month ago +1706

    I think it's an Ultron face not an Iron Man mask. He did co-create Ultron so it would make sense.

    • Funkenstein
      Funkenstein 23 days ago

      @J.O.R.D It's an Ultron skull.

    • J.O.R.D
      J.O.R.D 23 days ago

      @Funkenstein what's the answer then?

    • Funkenstein
      Funkenstein 23 days ago

      @J.O.R.D No, they don't. It's bloody obvious. Just like you don't need anyone to confirm the sky is blue or water is wet.

    • J.O.R.D
      J.O.R.D 24 days ago

      @Funkenstein Jessica Gao needs to come out and confirm this

    • Funkenstein
      Funkenstein 24 days ago +1

      It was absolutely Ultron. This guy is oblivious as hell unless someone else tells him shit.

  • Kreachure
    Kreachure Month ago +7

    The mask is from the suit ultron was using when he first appears in AoU.

  • Allister Tenpenny
    Allister Tenpenny Month ago +35

    I also like Jen and Bruce's relationship. They are really believable as cousins.

    • elfteiroh
      elfteiroh Month ago

      The cousin fight they had, but at hulk levels… oof. Yeah. I felt it. XD

  • Daniel Kinn
    Daniel Kinn Month ago +57

    My biggest question is...if Hulk has an incredible healing factor, why does he wear glasses? Wouldn't that same healing factor give him perfect vision?

    • Wolfy 5Svn
      Wolfy 5Svn 21 day ago

      Hulk has healing factors due to his rage hence why Hulk gets madder he gets bigger and stronger.
      Bruce is a normal person capable of dying if the Hulk was suppressed or incapable of saving him.

    • kevinphiggins
      kevinphiggins 24 days ago

      So people can tell he’s Smart Hulk and not the normal, far more volatile and dangerous Hulk. Both in-universe and out.

    • Jean_ ThePlushie
      Jean_ ThePlushie 25 days ago

      because he turn into smart hulk, (too long to explain, but you can look on internet, there different version of hulk and they all have different ability or thing or even weakness)

    • Filipino Toy Collectors Worlwide
      Filipino Toy Collectors Worlwide 27 days ago +1

      okay, let me break it down for you. .... read more

    • Midnight_Horizen
      Midnight_Horizen Month ago

      It’s called character design

  • SirenHound
    SirenHound Month ago +30

    I think her sneaky lawyer tactics weren't to find out if he was a virgin, it was to find out if he's still alive. She said "I knew it" after Banner referred to him in the present tense. The whole virgin thing was probably a misdirect.

  • Steven Peterson
    Steven Peterson Month ago +6

    There's a Hulk power that has sometimes been mentioned in the comics and cartoons, but hasn't been an official MCU feature of Hulk yet. When Banner is hulked out, Hulk can see and interact with astral, incorporeal, and invisible creatures and characters. It makes sense that Smart Hulk would be aware of it when Jen addressed the fourth wall.

  • Ana C. Vazquez
    Ana C. Vazquez Month ago +57

    Thank you for this video. You’re the first person to point out that Bruce has childhood trauma in his past and Jen doesn’t.

  • YakushijiTenzen
    YakushijiTenzen Month ago +7

    I went back and checked out the end of ShangChi and Bruce can be seen wearing the device that keeps him human. That’s pretty cool!

  • criixt
    criixt Month ago +15

    I like how Hulks lab setup is relative to his size, when jen walks next to it, the height of the counter is up to her shoulders.

  • Bingus
    Bingus Month ago +2

    14:12 the “falling out of a jet” reference was not from Ragnarok, it was from Avengers (1) when he fell as the Hulk from the helicarrier. Hence the “wake up as BANNER”

  • rimmerproductions
    rimmerproductions Month ago +10

    A couple of things you missed. You can actually see a Roxxon station in the background of an early shot (iirc, it’s when Jen is going into the bar to use the restroom and call Bruce.)
    Furthermore, in the credits, the mug in the evidence bag that she’s holding up looks to say “Avongers” likely alluding to a copyright infringement case.

  • Magda Sikes
    Magda Sikes Month ago +2

    Your set up for your sponsors are so seamless. I am impressed every time with how you weave it into your videos.

  • Adam Donnelly
    Adam Donnelly Month ago +3

    I was impressed by how more often than not that it actually felt like People interacting onscreen and not CGI Hulk Animations. The montage/action in most CGI scenes I feel use so much motion blur that they're just...well...blurry. There was a bit of that here, but overall it's becoming more naturalistic. Dig it.
    Eyes flicker and the uncanny valley is usually from the "need" to add every frame between the movements for smoothness, when there isn't much smoothness AT ALL to eye movement. They did a good job with the eyes for sure.
    This has nothing to to with much of what was covered in the video, but just throwing in 2 cents ; - )

  • ScreenCrush
    ScreenCrush  Month ago +627

    WHOOPS! I guess the "tony mask" is actually the first Ultron head! Sorry I over thought that one and missed it. But I'm sure a lot of people will love to correct me on it anyways!

    • Mav Vynne
      Mav Vynne Month ago

      @Kirk Marshall Genetics didn't give you that. It was an accident.

    • Mav Vynne
      Mav Vynne Month ago

      @Venom. It is Ultron iron Legion mask. Can't you tell it?

    • Mav Vynne
      Mav Vynne Month ago

      @IamSkippy Yeppp. People are nitpicking and correcting even the slightest small things which is ridiculous af. Like.. If you already know about that stuff.. Just be quiet

    • J.O.R.D
      J.O.R.D Month ago

      @jsalome17 no I’m sure it is definitely silver with blue and red bits

    • jsalome17
      jsalome17 Month ago

      @J.O.R.D wrong

  • Nick Ross
    Nick Ross Month ago +6

    Thanks for the video, I didn't really liked her new origin bc of how soon this whole spaceship sequence was turned into a joke, some dialogues were weird especially if you know Bruce history and the final fight scene felt rushed and too goofy but overall a pretty decent start. Hope it gets better in the next episodes but for now it's something like 5-6/10

    • Jaideep Shekhar
      Jaideep Shekhar Month ago +2

      I've heard it gets worse... And she is already worse than Cap Marvel, which I thought impossible, LOL.

  • Chloe C
    Chloe C Month ago +2

    The way this recap connected all the films together has me ready for a full MCU rewatch.

  • Mike Orgo
    Mike Orgo Month ago +2

    Kenneth Johnson,who was the creator of the Incredible Hulk TV show, maintains he changed the name from Bruce to David because he just wanted to name the character after his little son. It’s a much sweeter reason. And technically since Bruce is his middle name in both causes it was his first name Robert that was changed to David.

  • Allister Tenpenny
    Allister Tenpenny Month ago +2

    The Bing Bong reference legit made me laugh out loud because I remember being in the theater about to cry when he died and me cursing Disney for their emotional manipulation tactics 😂🤣

  • Simon Bath
    Simon Bath Month ago +258

    I think the mask was an ultron bot. I also think Hulk pushing Jen off the clip mirrored him punching Thor in Avengers Assemble .
    With the Steve Rogers thing at the end, does that now give some kind of renewed possibility that the character played by Laura Haddock was actually, potentially, Star Lord's Grandmother and Steve is his Grandfather? or is that still reaching?

    • Captain Jefferies
      Captain Jefferies Month ago

      @Josh J If one of those USO girls got knocked up by a super soldier the idea of her being hidden from the world by the government is not unlikely. There is no reason to even assume Cap would hear about it.

    • Dustin Hettrich
      Dustin Hettrich Month ago

      Iron legion mask

    • 0ops1e
      0ops1e Month ago +1

      Yep 100% thats what I thought. Its the initial jank Ultron when he gets in their faces at the party. Reminder of their shared mistake and eventual victory.

    • Le Ss 808
      Le Ss 808 Month ago +3

      Yes I agree. It looks like the one when Ultron became sentient and started mocking the Avengers.

    • Ben Ingram
      Ben Ingram Month ago +4

      @Josh J Well that depends on when SHE found out she was pregnant, (usually at least a month after the big event for unplanned, if TV has taught me anything), and whether she chose to reveal who the father was. She may not even have known, if she had multiple partners in that time frame.
      Then we get the logic that Jen herself used earlier in the episode, Cap was pretty busy, he may not have found out simply because he had no time to stop.

  • The Most Wanted Gamer 🔥

    14:12 falling out of a jet is not that one. It was when he fall from the jet in avengers (2012) and landed on some warehouse or something scarring the hell out of some pigeons. He is talking about how after he became hulk, he would go back to being banner. So it's definitely not that one.

  • SandHanitizr
    SandHanitizr Month ago +2

    I though the mask was from Ultron's puppet form during the party. The blue and gold matches the iron legion and its got the same scary visage. Thor smashed that body in the mansion so they'd still have it and I think Bruce and Tony would keep it for weird sentimental reasons/ a reminder

  • Andrei Ivan M. De Guzman

    Thank you for your breakdown, I think watching your videos became my routine after watching every episode of marvel series or movies. It helped me to figure out things I've missed.

  • Jorge Carbajal
    Jorge Carbajal Month ago +1

    9:10 In addition to the Iron Legion drone helmet, you can also see the Hulk’s gladiator helmet from Sakaar in the back.
    12:52 These scenes take place in 2024.

  • LargeFist Soup
    LargeFist Soup Month ago +144

    I think Ultron's head is there to serve as a reminder to Tony, that even good intentions can have disastrous consequences. A variation on the "Great power, great responsibility" theme that is prevalent throughout the entire MCU.

  • Tedworthington
    Tedworthington Month ago

    The timing on the ad when he was saying “all they care about is money” is class. Bravo screencrush, that got me good

  • mrcead
    mrcead Month ago +11

    I liked it. Love how they used Jen to ramp everything up in 1 episode and give a plausible reason for why she has her Hulk powers under control. Her issues being a Hulk therefore lie elsewhere which is also cool

    • Dumbass Palmer
      Dumbass Palmer Month ago

      "you're either lying or you're stupid." - Megatron

  • GojiraTwit
    GojiraTwit Month ago +1

    I love the show already but I'm a little torn on the origin being an accident (and an absurd one at that). I disagree that Bruce would be that resistant to a transfusion if he was the only person with the correct blood type and the only other option was watching her die from the blood loss. Maybe that's just me?
    At the same time, I guess the absurdity of the accident does kind of fit with the comedic theming of the character, so maybe it's not that bad. I don't know.

  • Brown Boy
    Brown Boy Month ago +1

    If that is the roxxon corporation then I really hope they feature Cloak and Dagger. They probably wont show them in this series but the idea of roxxon oppens that door. The show was criminally underrated, and I'd love to see Olvia Holt and Aubery Joseph reprise their role as those characters.

  • GlaciusTS
    GlaciusTS Month ago +6

    Question, do you think there could be any connection between where the Venom symbiote ended off: on a tropical coastline talking about Hulk before suddenly needing a new host strong enough to hold him, and where we just saw Hulk: also on a tropical coastline with a lab and rumor of an upcoming World War Hulk arc? Maybe the Thunderbolts could be involved?

    • Dylan Prouty
      Dylan Prouty Month ago

      Wouldn’t be surprised. It’s high time we get some Hulk-centric content and Marvel has been very heavy-handed with their “hints” recently.

  • NPOCrushader
    NPOCrushader Month ago +8

    I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this first episode. My hopes for this show just went up a few notches

  • Saul Lerman
    Saul Lerman Month ago +2

    Watching this, one thing that may have been an easter egg that I only remembered from this episode was the court drawing of She-Hulk with the weight lifters. As a teenager, I had a poster by Joe Jusko of She-Hulk at muscle beach. Maybe the court drawing was a nod to that?

    • Kevin Woolfork
      Kevin Woolfork Month ago

      That Jusko poster is the first thing that came to mind!

  • elias scorsone
    elias scorsone Month ago

    "Oh, Bing Bong!" was so true. Brutal scene, glad Bruce and Jennifer both feel it. If villains hate it, then you know they're eeeeevil.

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank Month ago +224

    And then there's the one scene where Jen calls out Bruce on his trauma and I don't think she's talking about Hulk related trauma but the trauma from his Father, and I'm wondering if this'll be explored more, if we'll have discussions of Betty Ross brought up and if we'll see an interaction between Thunderbolt Ross and Bruce. Another thing is, When he's in his Smart Hulk form, he doesn't ever refer to himself as Bruce or Banner, or even the Hulk, he always kinda refers to himself as Smart Hulk similar to the Professor Hulk persona from the comics. When it comes to sakaar and how he recognizes it, I'm wondering if we'll get a chance to see Banners Mind scape at some point, and we'll get introduced to the real Hulk personality, the one that Apologizes to Bruce and also asks Bruce for help when he needs it.

    • MegaDudeman21
      MegaDudeman21 Month ago +3

      @No. How did she nearly kill anyone? she just roared at them. Hulk stepped in before she even had a chance to attack. She may have just scared them away

    • No.
      No. Month ago

      She is a villain. She nearly killed some dudes for trying to bullshit with her outside a bar. They weren't hitting on her. Then she goes on a rant lying about how she controls her anger. She refuses to except the responsibility that comes with her power. Reinforcing the idea that American women refuse accountability. If the point of her was to discredit and make fun of feminists, success.

    • Nicholas Mullins
      Nicholas Mullins Month ago +1

      @Brazucacalifornia80 yeah but it's an unfortunately accurate depiction of how women view men's trauma. It's not like she's some horrible outlier. The popular vision of masculinity in our culture pretty much convinces most people that men can more easily shrug shit off, and people believe it. Especially women who are only recently in our history getting their own problems acknowledged. So don't judge the character based off of her adherence to an incredibly common pov.

    • Ove Skadsem
      Ove Skadsem Month ago

      Hmmmm, it is much more than that....

    • Cynthia Scott
      Cynthia Scott Month ago

      Goated observation

  • Helder Cruz
    Helder Cruz Month ago +1

    Excellent video and show. I only have one small quibble with the show. I wish they’d alter the Hulk voice for them both. It’s always odd to me when they sound the same when human and hulk. Would make physical sense to lower/alter their voices slightly, IMO.

  • Jonathan Levant
    Jonathan Levant Month ago +2

    I really hope this show stays good. They always start strong and finish weak. No more disappointments for the rest of the year.

  • LuckyLynx
    LuckyLynx Month ago +3

    I think the helmet is from one of the damaged iron man suits that didn’t have a person in it from avengers age of ultron. They were like security drones but iron man suits.

  • Allwell Nwogu
    Allwell Nwogu Month ago

    wonderful video as always....I have watched many videos talking about the episode but I'm surprised no one has noticed how in the final court scene when she was in human form she wears a black suit but when she transforms into she hulk she is putting on a grey suit, I had to check again and again or is there something I am missing here???? or can she change suit colors is that part of her moves set in the comics or MCU??? I don't really know much about her character but I believe it's an error or something.

  • J Dee
    J Dee Month ago +161

    The number of times the woman's bathroom convos with strangers has saved me. Amazing support. It is realistic. It's our safe space and yes it's why we take so long in there and go there in pairs or groups. Outfit and makeup adjustments and assessing who we've seen if we feel safe. I love how this scene touched on that especially seeing another woman in distress. It's accurate as hell.

    • Jaideep Shekhar
      Jaideep Shekhar Month ago

      HUH??? Which person, upon seeing a woman in a bad condition in a bathroom, proceeds to apply makeup and talk about pronouns, rather than calling for help and asking her what happened? And making sure she reaches home safely? And which person after a car accident wanders into a bar??? The first thing any person will do is go back and check on the car and Bruce, and even bringing other people to help. The fact that most people here think that's normal shows why the world is going to hell.

    • Dana Grooms
      Dana Grooms Month ago +1

      @Hendrixxx 3 reasons they may blame a man:
      2) Ladies Night at a dive bar
      3) The guys outside, pretty much, proving them right.

    • Hendrixxx
      Hendrixxx Month ago +1

      @J Dee I'm sorry for your experience and that u had to go through that. Everyone is different and I guess would handle things differently depending on who u are. I hope who ever put u through that got what they deserved...

    • Hendrixxx
      Hendrixxx Month ago

      @Mrmxfashion03 oh so because I acknowledged that a group of women saw 1 woman looking defeated and the first thing that they thought of was a man assaulted her u believe that because I am a man I hate seeing women representation? Is that what you're getting at? I hate seeing women helping each other out? Are u fcking kidding me? No I love women representation but not forced. I like it done the right way. I found it hilarious that right after that scene they had a bunch of random guys trying to approach her and talk to her. Like come on. We know these types of things happens but it was how they executed it to make men look. Also I know about women's lives... I'm married to one. Your whole viewpoint is sad cause if a woman looks like that in a bathroom the first thing u think of is that a man caused her to look like that? So when in doubt always blame the males for the physical harm of a woman huh? All kinds of things could've happened to her...don't just assume.

    • Sean Tubridy
      Sean Tubridy Month ago

      @Hendrixxx You should really talk to some women about how this all checks out as totally believable and realistic.

  • CaseNumber00
    CaseNumber00 Month ago +1

    For post credit scene, it sounded like he was reciting something from memory, it was monotone and he stared straight ahead, common behaviors when you are reciting something.

  • Nick Seccombe
    Nick Seccombe Month ago +1

    I think you missed one thing. When she is stumbling thru the hallway in the bar to the bathroom there is a poster with a QR code that leads you to a marvel website with She-Hulk comics.
    Thanks for all the Easter eggs!

  • darthfloyd33181
    darthfloyd33181 Month ago

    Soooo I know you’re focusing on the mask being Tony’s, but it actually looks like Ultron Mark I’s face. And its attached to the driftwood underneath, which is kind of making art from the death that he helped create.

  • DanzigDB138
    DanzigDB138 Month ago

    I think that mask is from Ultron the first time we see him when he took over that iron bot. It would make sense that kept it because he helped create him.

  • Creeper
    Creeper Month ago +150

    I think I understand the "I'm always angry" quote: Bruce has been trying to either control his alter ego, or trying to find a cure. But no matter what kind of methods he tries to do to suppress the hulk, he inevitably turns into him.

    • MegaDudeman21
      MegaDudeman21 Month ago

      @Oldie Wan that makes sense though

    • Debby S-AbqNM
      Debby S-AbqNM Month ago +1

      @Oldie Wan -- good observations! Jen can bounce back better because, as a woman, society has taught her (from babyhood) to bounce back -- or die. That's another reason the hens gathered in the restroom to protect the little woman who looked like she had been beaten up. I want to see a lot more like that (if I can see the program at all). Too bad it takes this great writing to show how much women/heras have been needed for millennia...

    • Oldie Wan
      Oldie Wan Month ago +1

      “I control my anger INFINITELY more than a repressed man who was abused as a child, chased by military and had his entire life, love and career ruined by an accident that produced a giant rage monster!” Well done writers!😒

    • bbsy1
      bbsy1 Month ago +1

      Clearly you guys were never depressed. On top of the struggle of doing pretty much anything and everything it’s a struggle to keep the sadness and anger in check. His issue is he has DID, even Smart Hulk is an Alt personality.

  • Casey Bledsoe
    Casey Bledsoe Month ago

    I hope the show explores how if Jen works out in human form, her Hulk's strength multiplies. Instead of her having to get angrier to get stronger.

  • Ray McKenna
    Ray McKenna Month ago

    Ryan you break down the MCU the best. Keep the videos coming I always watch you after everything MCU puts out. Thank you.

  • Chris Harvey
    Chris Harvey Month ago

    Another great video giving lots of info for us lot that have not read the comics, just thought that the end credits image with Jen and She-Hulk as her shadow reminded me of the Star Wars Episode 1 poster of Anakin with Vader's shadow which foreshadows that he cannot escape his future i.e. with Jen she will have to use her She-Hulk persona.

  • MossOwnsYouYT
    MossOwnsYouYT Month ago

    The mask is the first Ultron body (Iron Legion who was acid damaged) that he introduces himself. This mask is the first time Bruce meets Ultron, basically the child of him and Tony. That means Ultron is their most great and terrible creation together, as well as a reminder of both thier failures and friendship. Its a wonderful memorabilia for his time with his best friend.

  • BigJohn
    BigJohn Month ago +113

    I've noticed alot of people keep pointing out the whole "I'm always angry" statement. And how it don't make any sense. But I think it makes plenty of sense. At the time he literally had no control over his life anymore. He had to live everyday worrying about if one thing happens, the Hulk taking over. Can't get upset can't get angry or anything in those manners without the Hulk taking over. You would have anger too if you didn't have complete control of yourself.

    • HenryLoenwind
      HenryLoenwind Month ago +1

      @Tim and Katie Ranck At that point I understood it the same. But now that has shifted. I think he locked up his anger (imagine that red guy from Inside Out) in a small dark room, where he never had a chance to cool off. That anger is always burning and Bruce just has to step back from the controls and let it out.
      It took his anger persona taking over for 2 years for him to realise he has to integrate it into the team. (Again, visualise Inside Out. That reference in the show wasn't a throwaway joke.)

    • Josh Noble
      Josh Noble Month ago +4

      As someone who has dealt with anger issues for most of my life, this is fairly accurate. I was reading a Star Trek book once, and Troi was discussing how rage stems from guilt & shame. And that hit hard. Even though Bruce isn't always "green angry" he always carries that shame and guilt, the precursors to rage, and a lot of that stems from his inability to control what sets him off. But also, the guilt and shame of seeing the aftermath of when he Hulks out.

    • Tim and Katie Ranck
      Tim and Katie Ranck Month ago +5

      I always took it as he kept himself at some level of anger but controlled it enough to stay human. The idea was to keep the Hulk from sneaking up on him. Basically always keeping the other guy visible and in the room so he had a fighting chance of being able to at least know when he was going to show up. That was the first seed of full integration later on.

    • Arch Angel
      Arch Angel Month ago +4

      I think that might be the best explanation of Bruce’s statement from the first Avengers movie; “You Wanna Know My Secret? I’m Always Angry!” I never really looked at it that way but after reading your comment it definitely makes a ton of sense. 👍🏻😎

  • Bryan Pressley
    Bryan Pressley Month ago

    I think you may have missed one. When Bruce pushes Jen off the cliff, it was very reminiscent of when Hulk punched Thor after taking down the Leviathan in The Avengers.

  • Alexander C
    Alexander C Month ago

    The hand on the wheel metaphor also is a reference to the comics which sometimes show hulk or banner driving a car with the other in the trunk

  • MrNoturaveragerednek
    MrNoturaveragerednek Month ago +1

    Actually the characters name was David Bruce Banner in the 70's series, it's in the opening scene as he is standing over his own tombstone.

  • Brad Lewis
    Brad Lewis Month ago

    You forgot one: Hulk’s GammaCrush was also nodded at from the Marvel vs Capcom video games: when Hulk throws a boulder so hard, that it heats up and leaves the atmosphere like a flying meteor. As well as the GammaClap

  • Cent
    Cent Month ago +115

    I think Nikki was responsible for the courtroom attack. She was way too eager to have Jen transformed and help. Also, her name was dropped a couple of times in the episode.

    • Captain Jefferies
      Captain Jefferies Month ago

      @cody honey Why would that nonsense be a good theory?

    • Malik Nicholas
      Malik Nicholas Month ago +14

      Interesting theory..I thought she was more like Ned as the best friend who's overly excited that their friend is a hero and wants to experience it whenever possible.

    • cody honey
      cody honey Month ago +1

      That's a good theory.

    • Hannah
      Hannah Month ago +4

      you're overthinking it

  • Dustin Hettrich
    Dustin Hettrich Month ago

    I feel like if they were to bring Tony Stark back from the dead, which since this is the MCU, anything is possible, we were given a clue as to how. Smart Hulk talks about how he was able to use his cousins genetic makeup to heal his arm from his snap in Endgame. Is it too far out there to say that he couldn't find a way to use that same compound to either bring Tony back to life or keep him alive after the events of endgame? We have time travel, pym particles, quantum tunnel and the determination to do it.

  • Rev. Jeremy Hall
    Rev. Jeremy Hall Month ago +1

    I really loved the first episode and am really excited for what comes next. Great video Ryan, ill be back each episode to enjoy your commentary

    • Dumbass Palmer
      Dumbass Palmer Month ago +2

      "you're either lying or you're stupid." - Megatron

  • Mobeous
    Mobeous Month ago

    That is 100% a mask of the Iron Legion. Pretty sure its actually from the one that Ultron speaks through as they are wrapping up the party. Ultron was inside this Iron Legion and it was the first sign of Bruce's "sin" in helping to create Ultron.

  • Tøm Hugin
    Tøm Hugin Month ago

    That's the first armor ultron got into, the first one, I thought it was pretty clear. Bruce helped create ultron along with Tony. They must've kept it as a reminder.

  • Tristan Filardi
    Tristan Filardi Month ago +1

    The mask that is on a little table is ultrons first apperence mask in the Avengers age of ultron. You can see the laser cutter that messed up on the mask when they reveal ultron for the first time.

  • Nicholas Maione
    Nicholas Maione Month ago

    Love the end credits where she pretended to be drunk to find out who Cap slept with. It was like from the original Avengers movie with Natasha “Thank you for your cooperation”

  • BillKeyz
    BillKeyz Month ago +1

    If any of the other episodes are like episode one we’re in for a very good show

  • Chad Binette
    Chad Binette Month ago

    The mask is an Ultron mask from the party when Ultron takes over the bots and first appears. Why does smart hulk still need the glasses? Can survive and heal through anything but near sightness? Seems like it's gonna be a decent series. Falcon and winter soldier, Hawkeye were pretty good but Wanda and vision and Ms marvel seemed to move slowly with little action with moonknight being I. The middle somewhere.

  • Brayden Gallimore
    Brayden Gallimore 22 days ago

    When she-hulk started explaining how much better at controlling her emotions she is than Bruce and physically outperformed him (at every step, somehow), I thought “great! they’re gonna subvert expectations and make her seem like a Mary-Sue, only for her to realize how overconfident she is and how much she does need Bruce’s expertise to navigate her new powers.” A very human experience to realize that you don’t have as much control as you thought. I mean, she almost killed those dudes outside of the bar for talking to her before Bruce found her.
    Nope. Mary-Sue. how am I supposed to identify with and root for a character that doesn’t have any flaws?

  • TheRoseCat
    TheRoseCat Month ago +1

    that's one of my favorite mid-credit scenes as well. so funny, and perfect execution

    • Jaideep Shekhar
      Jaideep Shekhar Month ago

      "you're either lying or you're stupid." - Megatron x2

    • Dumbass Palmer
      Dumbass Palmer Month ago

      "you're either lying or you're stupid." - Megatron

  • ChedWick05
    ChedWick05 Month ago

    I'm not following on how Bruce knowing what kind of ship that was means he remembers his time as the Hulk on Sakaar. He was Bruce when he was on that ship. He'd likely remember everything after he finally changed back to Bruce.
    Didn't he also say something to the tune of losing 2 years this episode too?

  • Sandy AJ
    Sandy AJ Month ago

    one thing that caught my eye was how so many were refering to cap as dead, wasnt he just old at this point, or was there a death of steve i missed.

  • Malik Nicholas
    Malik Nicholas Month ago +93

    Great episode. Right amount of humor mixed in with hero stuff. Love Bruce's recollection of his relationship with Tony and how much Stark helped him in the 5 years post blip to become a better version of himself. Can't wait for the next one!

    • Jaideep Shekhar
      Jaideep Shekhar Month ago

      HUH??? Humor??? Which jokes did you like? Did you also like the man hating parts aka the whole show?

    • Pusher Love Man
      Pusher Love Man Month ago +7

      The way he delivers exposition is amazing! His tone always conveys how important this information really is, even when it's hard to understand.

  • Montana Hannah
    Montana Hannah Month ago

    8:19 yes ryan. I'm proud to confirm that that was an accurate representation of a conversation between women at some pub/club bathroom 😊
    I was so happy to see that scene! Especially since society likes to make it look like women hate each other and bitch at each other all the time...

  • Don Bagert
    Don Bagert Month ago

    This was one of your best videos, Ryan! I need to see that mid-credits scene - Jennifer thinks that Steve Rogers is dead?

  • Neil Arora
    Neil Arora Month ago +2

    She actually uses her audience-directed powers at the very beginning of the show for the first time imo- when she’s about to leave for her trial and then turns around and says to the audience that “we probably want to know about all the hulk stuff first so you’ll actually be interested in the lawyer part of the show” or something along those lines

    • Neil Arora
      Neil Arora Month ago

      @Juliletta Aha true! Good catch

    • Juliletta
      Juliletta Month ago

      That’s true! However in the timeline of the show the first time would be in Mexico since it’s flashback…

  • L A
    L A Month ago

    That iron man mask actually looks like Ultrons first iteration before he gets the new body in Civil War. Bruce would have kept it as a reminder of what he and Tony created

  • Ivo Luijendijk
    Ivo Luijendijk Month ago +108

    "The leader is as strong as the Hulk is smart and he would be a great adversary for him to face" Yes, though I might have worded that differently 🙂

    • C B
      C B Month ago +3

      Willy Wonka: So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it

    • Robert Rose
      Robert Rose Month ago +1

      It brought back to mind the line where Homer Simpson is told "You're as smart as you are handsome!" "HEY!.....oh, you meant that as a compliment."

    • a Washington
      a Washington Month ago

      Right!! 😩😅

    • T
      T Month ago +4

      "Leave a comment" is definitely inferior to saying something obviously wrong and waiting for nerds to correct for that sweet engagement...

    • NYCEFlix
      NYCEFlix Month ago

      @PT2K I just came to post that!! Jinx!

  • Jorge Millan
    Jorge Millan Month ago

    you are one of my favorites rn just because you know everything and ur a great guy

  • Beth
    Beth Month ago

    Loved the accurate depiction of the female experience

  • worlds_strongest_shop_teacher

    3 points. I thought the iron man mask on display was the first ultron bot that we meet in avengers 2. The charring around the eyes and color scheme is what did it for me. 2, I thought hulk's comment about nicknames being given was because Stark was constantly giving names to adversaries to antagonize them. Also think about Thor trying to power up the Quinn jet. Just remembered this last one: there was a throw away line when they were talking about genetics and geniuses in the family. I didn't rewatch the episode but was it a nod to another Banner that becomes Hulk?

  • Elise Brodeur-Jacobs

    I liked it! I can't wait for episode 2

  • Red Devil Studios
    Red Devil Studios Month ago

    The ship that caused the car wreck could just be the Grandmasters sending someone to go get the Hulk back because to him people are just like collecting objects. That was his champion and he wants them back

  • Mike Cameron
    Mike Cameron Month ago

    Love ya buddy, but how could you possibly miss the fact that the mask was from Ultron's very first form? That's the mask of the Iron Legion suit that was hit with acid at the beginning of Age of Ultron.

  • B-Swift1989
    B-Swift1989 Month ago

    I loved the first episode. Excited for Thursday nights!

  • Aaron Starks
    Aaron Starks Month ago

    The mask is clearly one of the Ultron drones when they encountered them the first time in Age of Ultron after the party.

  • Ta_Ry_Ry
    Ta_Ry_Ry Month ago

    I think the 4th wall breaks are because she’s telling the story within the story like a flashback so she’s adding side notes in the form of 4th wall breaks

  • AngryDeez
    AngryDeez Month ago

    Your videos are the BEST dude! You’re my GO TO for marvel breakdowns and theories. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💯

  • Krystelle Gibson
    Krystelle Gibson Month ago

    I was pleasantly surprised with the first episode but I still can't get over how the She-Hulk animation has weird Shrek-vibes to it. I think it's the shape of her head or something but it's giving "handsome Shrek" no? Still, I'm hoping the writing continues to be as fun and entertaining as episode 1.

  • Lightning Blast
    Lightning Blast Month ago +1

    I think the iron man helmet is for the first iron legion by the looks of it because Bruce will remember the reason he was kicked out of earth!

  • Boogy Woogy
    Boogy Woogy Month ago +74

    When she says "he doesn't mean that." I love that they incorporated the mole on her arm. Everyone was crying ab CGI that was in early production but it looks great. Also...why is blood during violence bad but blood after a car wreck is fine? Just curious. Lol, you just said "she hawk" @ around 2:40

    • Jeremy Crocker
      Jeremy Crocker Month ago +2

      @RtistiqSkubie There's no difference between accidental and intentional harm? Are you serious? The show isn't even rated TV-14 V (V being used for shows with intense violence). There's absolutely a difference. Bloody violence is not something this show is rated for.

    • RtistiqSkubie
      RtistiqSkubie Month ago +1

      @Jeremy Crocker there's still no difference no matter the excuse you make. It'd been easier to say they're trying to bring an emotional response after the wreck, but doesn't want to remind people of the imminent danger that may be present when blood is on the screen.

    • Mystic Mike
      Mystic Mike Month ago +1

      @Jeremy Crocker mate...

    • Jeremy Crocker
      Jeremy Crocker Month ago +8

      Because one is intentional violence between two people and the other is simply accidental.

  • The Red Logician
    The Red Logician Month ago

    In the avengers, the mind stone scepter was being used to make them all confused and aggressive and divisive and it set Bruce off. He didn't have the control he had built and later showed in the battle of New York and the deleted scene.

  • Mark Kotlyar
    Mark Kotlyar Month ago

    The part where he says he doesn't know how/why, to her question about the transformation - it's in response ONLY to the Lullaby thing, not the whole of the transformation stuff.

  • TheTdrummer
    TheTdrummer Month ago

    😲 That transition into the "Keeps" ad was phenomenal! 😆

  • Jeremiah Leon
    Jeremiah Leon Month ago

    Didn’t she technically break the 4th wall twice , first when she recaps how she got to be She-Hulk, second when rebuilding the bar with Smart-Hulk

  • Nicholas Garrick
    Nicholas Garrick Month ago +60

    The whole transformation effects felt very streamlined with Jen turning into She - Hulk where it's similar to Bill Bixby's / David banner transformation, but with technology now it's just incredible.

    • Jaideep Shekhar
      Jaideep Shekhar Month ago

      It looked quite bad...

    • Josh Noble
      Josh Noble Month ago +6

      The fact that the transformations don't break my immersion - it's nice.

  • Jadem Silver
    Jadem Silver Month ago

    9:30 the mask is the one that ultron wears when he meet the avengers for the first time. Bruce keep it as a reminder of his past mistakes :)

  • Albert Mc
    Albert Mc Month ago

    Thanks for the analysis! I appreciate the passion. I hope all the women get behind this. Because man hating is boring and I would rather watch 60 minutes of TV adds run backwards through a Google translator to Icelandic.

  • Samuel Eros
    Samuel Eros Month ago

    The mask is the iron legion mask that gets mangled by a Molotov. It’s also the form Ultron first takes

  • Russ Earwaker
    Russ Earwaker Month ago

    You missed one! The shirt Jen wears after she wakes up is from the Led Zeppelin 1977 tour. The shirt Tony Stark wears in Avengers when he's confronting Loki is from the Black Sabbath 1978 tour. Seems to me like Bruce gave her one of Tony's shirts.

  • Whitey 4000
    Whitey 4000 Month ago +34

    If you're gonna reference the Hulk movie, you need to remember the last scene with Norton in meditation and opening his eyes to the first stage of Hulking out. He had learned to control it before Ruffalo took over.

    • Mav Vynne
      Mav Vynne Month ago

      That's basically Bruce Banner = Mark Ruffalo/Edward Norton. Get it?

  • Superbudah
    Superbudah Month ago

    I’d like to believe that we the audience are Jen’s “other guy”. We are the ones on the other side of the wall. We are the ones in control when she transforms cause we guide the show. Or have our “hands on the wheel”.

  • GlueBreez A1
    GlueBreez A1 Month ago

    I feel like She-Hulk is going to be a stepping stone to the Fantastic 4 since shes sometimes a part of them in the comics!

  • That Canadian Vaper Guy

    Jen will almost definitely have a Savage She Hulk personality, as she does in the comics. They also teased that in the show, with Jen saying that "she doesnt think so," when Bruce asks her if she feels any other presence within her. She says this because she just wants to get the F out of there.
    But that black Iron Man mask, I think is an Ultron mask. That lab is someplace Bruce and Tony would hang out, and Tony would drink ALOT and complain about Steve Rodgers, hinting at the Demon In A Bottle storyline.
    But Bruce and Tony probably kept that Ultron Mask as a reminder of their hubris and arrogance.

  • Pusher Love Man
    Pusher Love Man Month ago

    Between this and Pickle Rick, Jessica Gao just knows how to write smart green being with superpowers! It's probably the best writing Bruce Banner's ever had on screen, let alone Jennifer Walters.
    If there's a Hulk movie, she needs to write it.

  • Studio Audience
    Studio Audience Month ago +7

    Absolutely loved it! 🥰
    Don’t ruin the shoes. Take them off for business, then put them back on.
    Case closed.

    • Studio Audience
      Studio Audience Month ago

      Maybe it’s just 80s teenage me, but I think Madonna’s “Who’s That Girl” would have been a better closing song. It does have Spanish lyrics in it.