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SHE-HULK Breakdown: Every Easter Egg and Marvel Reference in Episode 1

  • Published on Aug 17, 2022
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    She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 1 is filled with Easter eggs to Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Where did Tony’s wrecked Iron man helmet come from? What’s the deal with that space ship? And how can Jen talk to the camera? We breakdown all the MCU Easter Eggs and references!
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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )
    Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Srinidhi Rao
    Now the intro begins with Jennifer Walters practicing her closing argument, speaking directly to the camera. Now I say speaking to the camera, and not to the audience for a reason. When characters speak to the audience, it's called breaking the fourth wall, because it is a very old term from the theater, when an actor would stop pretending there was a fourth wall of the stage and would speak to the audience directly.
    Yes, but She-Hulk was one of the first Marvel characters to break the fourth wall; she did it years before Deadpool was even created. In fact, in her 80s comics she would even rip through a comics page, into the next page, or use panels as a shortcut to teleport long distances.
    So this opening shot is not Jennifer breaking the fourth wall-but she is laying the groundwork for breaking the fourth wall a bit later.
    Her opening line cuts to the theme of the series-and the MCU. [what is the responsibility of those with power?] Now we know that this theme speaks to the heart of marvel comics. In the golden age of comics, Steve Rogers signs up to get powers because he has a responsibility to serve his country. Marvel’s silver age was kicked off with the Fantastic Four, and a few seconds after they got their powers they swore to use them to help humankind.
    And spider-man, famously, tried to use his powers for his own financial gain, before realizing [great power, resp, montage, end with aunt may]
    The court case Jennifer is trying centers on the great power of a corporation-which I have a theory about which evil corporation that I’ll get into a little later in the video.
    IN this case, it;s not that the corporation did not use their power to help-it’s whether or not their neglect willfully caused problems. In the same way, does Jennifer choosing to live her own life put the world at risk? [hulk, you gotta save the world]
    The shelf in her office displays lots of fun set dressing that has nothing to do with superheroes. These are all items you would expect to see in the office of a young Lawyer. A book called Badass women. A UCLA pennant, a UCLA bruin, an RBG bobblehead, and a mug that says see you later, litigator.
    During her monologue, the man interrupts her and tells her to smile [clip]. Something women love hearing [cap marvel deleted scene]. This character is Dennis Bukowski, who first appeared all the way back in the savage she-hulk as one of Jen’s early legal nemesis.
    The final sentence of her closing argument [...most to answer for] is another recurring theme in the MCU. Tony believed that since he created Ultron, he needed to accept a curb on his power [we need to be kept in check]. Natasha and Steve took down Shield because the organization over reached their power. And thunderbolt ross hunted down Bruce Banner for this exact reason.
    So at this point in the series, Jen is a prosecutor, which means she works with the DA to put people into jail. IN the comics and in this show, she switches sides to become a defense attorney. Which always creates a fun contrast in the comics, as a superhero shae catches bad guys,a dn as a lawyer she defends them in court.
    Right here is a photo of the griffith observatory, an LA landmark probably most famous for being in rebel without a cause [clip].
    Then Jen finally gives us a direct address, as we see her origin story. We learn that she was ona road trip with her cousin Bruce Banner, as he explains why his arm is better and he’s in human form. You remember we saw a hologram of human bruce in the post credits of shang chi, and [joker, everyone loses their minds]
    Now we know why. His arm was ruined in the endgame, but, when he reverts back to bruce, it helps his arm to heal. And he has to wear a gamma suppressor on his wrist to stay human. Very similar to the device Jen wore in the comics, which allowed her to become she-hulk when she had a mental block.

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  • ScreenCrush

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  • Judas Iscariot

    I think it's an Ultron face not an Iron Man mask. He did co-create Ultron so it would make sense.

  • Allister Tenpenny

    I also like Jen and Bruce's relationship. They are really believable as cousins.

  • Daniel Kinn

    My biggest question is...if Hulk has an incredible healing factor, why does he wear glasses? Wouldn't that same healing factor give him perfect vision?

  • Ana C. Vazquez

    Thank you for this video. You’re the first person to point out that Bruce has childhood trauma in his past and Jen doesn’t.

  • SirenHound

    I think her sneaky lawyer tactics weren't to find out if he was a virgin, it was to find out if he's still alive. She said "I knew it" after Banner referred to him in the present tense. The whole virgin thing was probably a misdirect.

  • YakushijiTenzen

    I went back and checked out the end of ShangChi and Bruce can be seen wearing the device that keeps him human. That’s pretty cool!

  • ScreenCrush

    WHOOPS! I guess the "tony mask" is actually the first Ultron head! Sorry I over thought that one and missed it. But I'm sure a lot of people will love to correct me on it anyways!

  • Nicholas Garrick

    The whole transformation effects felt very streamlined with Jen turning into She - Hulk where it's similar to Bill Bixby's / David banner transformation, but with technology now it's just incredible.

  • Steven Peterson

    There's a Hulk power that has sometimes been mentioned in the comics and cartoons, but hasn't been an official MCU feature of Hulk yet. When Banner is hulked out, Hulk can see and interact with astral, incorporeal, and invisible creatures and characters. It makes sense that Smart Hulk would be aware of it when Jen addressed the fourth wall.

  • criixt
    criixt  +15

    I like how Hulks lab setup is relative to his size, when jen walks next to it, the height of the counter is up to her shoulders.

  • Magda Sikes

    Your set up for your sponsors are so seamless. I am impressed every time with how you weave it into your videos.

  • Chloe C
    Chloe C  +2

    The way this recap connected all the films together has me ready for a full MCU rewatch.

  • LargeFist Soup

    I think Ultron's head is there to serve as a reminder to Tony, that even good intentions can have disastrous consequences. A variation on the "Great power, great responsibility" theme that is prevalent throughout the entire MCU.

  • rimmerproductions

    A couple of things you missed. You can actually see a Roxxon station in the background of an early shot (iirc, it’s when Jen is going into the bar to use the restroom and call Bruce.)

  • Kreachure

    The mask is from the suit ultron was using when he first appears in AoU.

  • Adam Donnelly

    I was impressed by how more often than not that it actually felt like People interacting onscreen and not CGI Hulk Animations. The montage/action in most CGI scenes I feel use so much motion blur that they're just...well...blurry. There was a bit of that here, but overall it's becoming more naturalistic. Dig it.

  • John Golden

    I was interested but nervous. Impressed by the first episode as they hit a lot of good notes. And the tone was spot on. They were lucky to get Maslani. She is able to carry it. (Literally, I guess, in this case.)

  • Joshua Fass

    I like to think that Jennifer's other guy is the 4th wall. Bruce always felt the other guy was the Hulk as they both had different personalities and memories, so he felt weird Jennifer didn't have that, but she did. She because speaking to the 4th wall after he transformation which is now apart of her psyche. In a way her 'other guy' is the 4th wall break, speaking to an imaginary watcher or crowd and feeling she is compelled to narrate for.

  • J Dee
    J Dee  +161

    The number of times the woman's bathroom convos with strangers has saved me. Amazing support. It is realistic. It's our safe space and yes it's why we take so long in there and go there in pairs or groups. Outfit and makeup adjustments and assessing who we've seen if we feel safe. I love how this scene touched on that especially seeing another woman in distress. It's accurate as hell.