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Alt Shift X 2021

  • Published on Dec 24, 2020
  • What videos will Alt Shift X make in 2021?
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Comments • 742

  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  Year ago +88

    Thanks for watching Alt Shift X in 2020!
    You can vote for new video topics here: www.patreon.com/posts/45231536
    Also in case you missed it, we did a video about The Expanse S5E01 here: x-vid.net/video/IzJKL0NGqTo/video.html

    • Verus Patri
      Verus Patri Year ago

      Future video: I'm curious to know which houses have multiple branches. Like how the Starks have Karstark, and Graystark

    • CoreFreddy
      CoreFreddy Year ago

      Too bad you didn't do korean fantasy drama Kingdom (a.k.a. Zombie Kingdom) it is interesting and there are plenty of theories about how things work there.
      It is basically Game of Thrones with the zombies actually making a difference.

    • juanita dark
      juanita dark Year ago

      Just heard about MF Doom and remembered your vid. RIP.

    • The Humanity
      The Humanity Year ago

      Also Season 5 of The Expanse is gonna be awesome when finished.

    • The Humanity
      The Humanity Year ago +2

      Not sure if you'd be willing to do anime, but Attack on Titan is an extraordinary show. The level of story & world building is on par or better than A Song of Ice & Fire imo.

  • Jindo
    Jindo Year ago +744

    Dark is absolutely rich with details and quality materials.

    • Carson Paar
      Carson Paar Year ago

      I will watch Dark 53452 times tbh. pls pls pls pls do Dark stuff!!!

    • Amanda Hoffman
      Amanda Hoffman Year ago

      Yes yes DARK please!

    • Fergus Shan
      Fergus Shan Year ago

      Yeah, but the ending felt so rushed :/

    • Valediction ForOnce
      Valediction ForOnce Year ago

      I believe they writers got lost a bit in it themselves... they went too far...
      So I doubt it will be very fascinating, but could be who knows

    • James Sadler
      James Sadler Year ago +1

      ich bin du

  • Veera Malik
    Veera Malik Year ago +208

    More Expanse for sure! Dark would be amazing as well. Thank you for all the amazing content guys ❤️

  • freeandreal
    freeandreal Year ago +9

    I can die happy after I see the foundation series! It has always been my favourites sci-fi book series! Also yes please go deep into Dark!

  • Daniel Macharia
    Daniel Macharia Year ago +77

    Hard to think of a series more deserving of good explanation videos like yours than Dark

  • pedropereir
    pedropereir Year ago +12

    A video about Dark would be amazing.
    Also looking forward to how the Foundation adaptation turns out.

  • Adam Gay
    Adam Gay Year ago +37

    Dark is my favorite show ever. Would love some content about that!

  • Sinny
    Sinny Year ago +27

    Dark would be a fantastic choice! so much detail and thought went into it

  • Gustav Magnusson
    Gustav Magnusson Year ago +19

    Dark, yes please! And why not Stormlight Archives ? 😊

    • Waseem Ahmad
      Waseem Ahmad Year ago +1

      Came here to say this. Not just Stormlight Archives though but the entire Cosmere.

  • otaku
    otaku Year ago +47

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the explanations and theories❤️

    • otaku
      otaku Year ago +3

      @Alt Shift X ❤️

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  Year ago +16

      Thanks for watching mate!

  • Hazard Alhosni
    Hazard Alhosni Year ago +58

    I want dark explanation videos cuz your style of telling with pictures and dialogue or the lines is formal. I would like to see this kind of video. Happy Christmas and I wish you all the best💓💓

  • hollandscottthomas
    hollandscottthomas Year ago +57

    There’s a lot to mine from comparing The Expanse series to the books, because the adaptation really really excellent.
    And you could spend months tracing the plot threads and character arcs in Dark. That show is fkn fantastic.

  • István Nyitrai
    István Nyitrai Year ago +9

    Dark would be nice to be covered!

  • Niccolò Medeot
    Niccolò Medeot Year ago +53

    Dark would be a fantastic show for you to analyze.
    Any chance for Wheel of Times video?

    • A - cat
      A - cat Year ago

      jayzuz that would take a decade. But I mean i’m here for it

  • Nick Richardson
    Nick Richardson Year ago +18

    The whole time I was watching Dark, I kept thinking how much I needed an Alt Shift X analysis of it

  • Aburrki
    Aburrki Year ago +368


    • R A
      R A Year ago +2


    • Exo
      Exo Year ago +6

      that's one of my favourite videos for sure, it's so troll and deep and way too real lol

    • A - cat
      A - cat Year ago +14

      yeah that one was surprisingly deep and philosophical

  • Erik H
    Erik H Year ago +153

    Your take on dark would be so interesting!

  • Chocolate Orange
    Chocolate Orange Year ago +18

    Would love to see you get into some Lord of the Rings stuff, with the remaster out and the new prequel series. It's got a LOT of lore.

  • Isak Källsmyr
    Isak Källsmyr Year ago +10

    Dark is absolutely perfect for your channel, i need someone to lay the whole thing out for me.

  • Matt :W
    Matt :W Year ago +135

    Dark and his dark materials would be fantastic!

  • Clarkey7163
    Clarkey7163 Year ago +4

    Dune, Dark and Devs are all brilliant and would be perfect for your style of video

  • Dominik Kužila
    Dominik Kužila Year ago +19

    His Dark Materials is my favorite book series. I feel it deserves more recognition.

  • Max
    Max Year ago +8

    I am dyinggggg for Dark!! Been wishing you make a video about this for a while.

  • Christian Zephyrus
    Christian Zephyrus Year ago +240

    Dune will be a great topic.

  • Ra Ha
    Ra Ha Year ago +63

    Please do Dark (Netflix). There’s so much quality and complexity!!!!

    • Ra Ha
      Ra Ha Year ago +1

      @wabbasMEpern Well, that’s funny since most of the people, who don’t understand the show are doubting the complexity ;)

    • wabbasMEpern
      wabbasMEpern Year ago

      It feigns complexity.

  • SpoonIsTooBig
    SpoonIsTooBig Year ago +22

    Dark is my favorite series of the recent years :O

  • Moaad A
    Moaad A Year ago +15

    The only thing missing from DARK series was your Explanation videos 💔

  • Brad
    Brad Year ago +10

    I would immediately become a patron if there were dark videos

  • Vėjas
    Vėjas Year ago +509

    Dune and Dark 😍

    • Fabian Huber
      Fabian Huber Year ago +2

      so many D's

    • Mad Danelle
      Mad Danelle Year ago +1

      I’d also love to see him cover the Dance of the Dragons for the upcoming House of the Dragon

  • fedesiete
    fedesiete Year ago +3

    THANK YOU! so glad to see this channel grow and continues to deliver top content. See you in 2021!

  • W J
    W J Year ago +10

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Alt Shift X, the best channel on X-vid. Thanks for ALL the vids.

  • LibertyScholar
    LibertyScholar Year ago +6

    DARK!!!!!! Best show on Netflix! You would have an amazing amount of material for this channel.

  • ryan trewitt
    ryan trewitt Year ago +9

    would love to hear you talk about DARK. that show was fantastic

  • Shanice Dyer
    Shanice Dyer Year ago +2

    Also thank you for your videos this year!! Honestly the Game of Thrones videos and Westworld episode breakdowns got me through the lockdown/quarantine! 💜

  • ChesterTester
    ChesterTester Year ago +2

    These end of year videos always get me so hyped and excited for the future of this channel! It's a great list of books and shows to cover, I would also recommend the Cosmere books by Brandon Sanderson. Some of the greatest contemporary fantasy right now! But maybe you would want to wait until some of the stories hopefully get a movie/tv adaption?

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  Year ago +2

      Thanks Spirus!
      Yeah ideally we'd wait til there's a TV/movie adaptation.

  • Pierre C
    Pierre C Year ago +1

    Can't wait to see what's coming ! This channel is amazing, you're all doing an incredible job and I'm never disappointed, happy new year in advance ❤🎊

  • sunniesH
    sunniesH Year ago +12

    Im in it for his dark materials! Excited for that one! Appreciate your work! ♥️

  • Shaf Khalid
    Shaf Khalid Year ago +65

    Please do dark

  • Jordan Bell
    Jordan Bell Year ago

    Thank you for the great content, again, this year! Made a difficult year a little better.

  • Sonny The Ronin
    Sonny The Ronin Year ago +1

    Keep up the good work. God tier presentation and analysis. Easily one of my favourite channels. Merry Christmas

  • Shanice Dyer
    Shanice Dyer Year ago +209

    Omg His Dark Materials!! Literally only a handful of people make content about HDM on X-vid so would be super cool if you could do videos

    • Prospector Pete
      Prospector Pete Year ago

      @A - cat which service has HDM? I in Australia so we only have leftie streams

    • Kimberly Tennison
      Kimberly Tennison Year ago

      The second season was so good!

    • A - cat
      A - cat Year ago +5

      HDM is really layered with symbolism and I reckon the show is even better than the books. the last book (and next season of the show) is where stuff gets really trippy with weird birds mono roller skating on seeds loaded with dust oil magic or something (i read the books lonnnnng ago) and the plot lost me with the angels and world of the dead type thing so I’ve been desperate for a good analysis and there is NOTHING useful in YT about it. useless vids of “random stranger reacts to episode of hdm” uh the pandemic lockdowns haven’t been that lonely ok...
      Also there are other books where Lyra is older and that series is also not finished so it’s totally your vibe

    • Lys Monkey
      Lys Monkey Year ago

      It would be so wonderful if that happened. There are so many questions I have. Would love to know more!

    • Contractor815
      Contractor815 Year ago

      YES. I have loved this series since I was a kid. PLEEEEEASE cover it.

  • SmexyRula
    SmexyRula Year ago

    I personally REALLY loved your non-fiction video, your meticulous and detailed approach is both very effective at teaching but also very entertaining. Like if Vsauce didn't get distracted all the time

  • chai zaeng
    chai zaeng Year ago +1

    I know it isn't on your vote list, but I would love some wheel of time Videos from you guys. I love your video style and wheel of time would be a perfect series to cover

  • Noah Bowden
    Noah Bowden Year ago

    Honestly, your game of thrones videos are really entertaining and interesting and as a person who has only watched the show is mad to hear about all the lore and things not actually included. I even watched most of them multiple times for refreshers. Glad to hear that your still keeping them going. ;)

  • Brian Goodell
    Brian Goodell Year ago +2

    This is a perfect christmas gift, I'm so excited for more explaining!

  • Λορντ Σάουρον

    Thanks for all the content man, I can't get enough of your channel!
    Happy holidays and have a great 2021!

  • Andrew Kawam
    Andrew Kawam Year ago

    I love your videos, especially the ones you did for Annihilation, Raised by Wolves, and Watchmen. I continue to find them really insightful and help me get so much more out if the things I love.
    I would say YES YES YES to His Dark Materials and Dune. Also, there's an adaptation of Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast coming up from Neil Gaiman and Toby Whithouse, and I feel like you guys would find that really interesting, especially since it's so undercovered on X-vid despite being such a classic.

  • Terry Manly
    Terry Manly Year ago

    Glad you really came up brother I remember when you were at only 100k, and you still produce the best analysis content I’ve seen on X-vid. Much love enjoy the holidays

  • KittenAtheDisco
    KittenAtheDisco Year ago

    The Witcher would be an awesome series to see from you! I love all the GOT/ASOIF videos you have put out, by far my favorites from any creator. So glad I found your videos on Reddit many, many moons ago.

  • 34Thel
    34Thel Year ago

    So many interesting shows and subjects ! I loved the non fiction episode you and would really like to see another one !

  • Mighty Morphin98
    Mighty Morphin98 Year ago

    I would love to learn more about Hardhome and Marwyn especially! Looking forward to the vids to come

  • Kai
    Kai Year ago

    I love the nonfiction videos. Allows us to see your work when its not based solely on media, which I honestly love.

  • MrLinguist
    MrLinguist Year ago +94

    To anyone, who didn't watch Dark, you need to do it asap

    • PresidentialWinner
      PresidentialWinner Year ago +2

      @MrLinguist It was good!

    • SharkDad
      SharkDad Year ago

      @PresidentialWinner you judged the quality and value of a whole show by a TRAILER?! lmao

    • MrLinguist
      MrLinguist Year ago +2

      @PresidentialWinner sooo? ;) how was it? :)

    • PennyAfNorberg
      PennyAfNorberg Year ago

      In German!

    • Ctrl _ X
      Ctrl _ X Year ago

      @MrLinguist what is Dark though

  • Elliott Coombes
    Elliott Coombes Year ago

    Your ASOIAF videos absolutely raised the bar this year. Can’t wait to see where you go from here shift

  • Jon Fitzgerald
    Jon Fitzgerald Year ago

    Your videos mean a lot to me in these trying times. I hope you have a great 2021 ❤️

  • Makornak
    Makornak Year ago

    Hope we get some more Expanse from ya. Love that series and your channel. Merry Christmas!

  • Richard James
    Richard James Year ago

    ASX, again great videos this year, so thanks alot for those, all the best to everyone reading this , lets hope 2021 is a big improvement on 2020, a new series of Peaky Blinders would be nice !!! :) stay well and safe everyone

  • Mushicus
    Mushicus Year ago

    I adored the nonfiction tragedy video you made. It is easily my favorite video you have made. I hope you continue dissecting human culture in a more direct fashion.

  • Evicon
    Evicon Year ago

    Love your channel, happy holidays and hopefully 2021 will be "back to normal"

  • morina
    morina Year ago

    Thank you for always bringing us insightful and interesting videos! You are amazing

  • Matthew Elliott
    Matthew Elliott Year ago

    Best channel on youtube. Well produced and well informed work. Keep it up!

  • Stevrontario
    Stevrontario Year ago

    I really enjoyed the non-fiction videos this year. Great insight as always. Merry Christmas dude

  • Voli
    Voli Year ago

    Love your content, eager for more vids especially the new GoT series!

  • dude
    dude Year ago

    I just wanted to say that i appreciate your efforts and i enjoy your content so much that i keep coming back to it.

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina Year ago

    So many books I need to read!!! Love your channel as always.

  • Henning
    Henning Year ago +1

    0:26 I hope that everything in this image is an actual topic you guys picked for the year because I'd love every single one of them!

  • dansmudge135
    dansmudge135 Year ago +6

    Aw man do Dark, one of the best shows I’ve seen on Netflix!

  • Rasmus Amund Henriksen

    I really like the way you present different subjects. looking forward to 2021. What about the Witcher, there could be a lot of material like - how to become a witcher - conjunction of the spheres - different kingdoms

  • shriekinmerc
    shriekinmerc Year ago

    I’m not going to get on patreon but I hope the nonfiction videos are a passion project for you that get made anyways. You have a handle on those topics in a way I haven’t seen since John Green’s crash courses, and I’d love to see you do more of them

  • Kevin M. Gonzalez D.

    You're the man! Happy holidays to you and everyone in the community 🍷

  • Mike Starace
    Mike Starace Year ago

    Would love to see some videos about ancient mythology. I took an ancient civ class in high school which was really interesting, but I haven't been able to find many good, digestible resources on the subject since then.

  • andy garcia
    andy garcia Year ago +2

    can't wait for your cool videos for 2021 especially Game of Thrones. 🖤

  • Scoresby
    Scoresby Year ago +9

    would be cool of you could cover the witcher :)!

  • Matt Boyle
    Matt Boyle Year ago

    Your videos are calm, measured and objective. And soothing. I could listen to you talk about a stick of butter melting for 30 minutes.

  • Mrolland420
    Mrolland420 Year ago

    Alt Shift X's material is absolutely legendary. Can't wait for the new.

  • Christopher Mann
    Christopher Mann Year ago

    Yes for more Expanse! And Asimov's Foundation would be awesome!

  • cj N
    cj N Year ago

    I hope u find a new show that you enjoy and start doing live streams breaking down each episode again, i loved the GOT and Westworld streams... honestly i looked forward to those more than the episodes

  • Carter Taylor
    Carter Taylor Year ago +1

    I just finished bindge reading the first two Dune books, I'd love for you to go over that series!

  • Brandon Peall
    Brandon Peall Year ago +1

    Love this Channel, keep up the great work

  • NobleGas
    NobleGas Year ago +7

    Anything Neil Gaiman will be a massive yes from me

  • Fakjbf
    Fakjbf Year ago

    I think Amazon's Wheel of Time show would make some great theory videos, and there is _plenty_ of lore to explain as well.

  • generalgrievous92

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the amazing videos! Favorite channel on all of X-vid, bar none

  • Nicholas O'Leary
    Nicholas O'Leary Year ago

    More expanse please! There is a lot in the books that the show just glosses over (though still a bloody good adaptation)

  • Princess Scarlet 2

    Please do the His Dark Materials series! It's so good! Keep up the amazing work and Happy Holidays!!

  • Matt
    Matt Year ago

    Big vote for the expanse, was so happy to see you patterning with Amazon on the recap video!

  • Michael Stamey
    Michael Stamey Year ago +1

    I would really love to see a video on Attack on Titan! It has a deep complicated mythos, with a lot of allegory and symbolism that reflects current political conflict

  • MF Ninja
    MF Ninja Year ago

    I’m literally joining your Patreon just to vote for Devs. I been wanting you to make a video about that show for so long now.

  • Tom Redfearn
    Tom Redfearn Year ago

    Always love the ASOIAF stuff!

  • Travis Wilks
    Travis Wilks Year ago

    Really enjoyed your non fiction religion video Alt, glad to see your content is such quality even away from the game of thrones stuff :)

  • BoB Tubocass
    BoB Tubocass Year ago

    Absolute yes to Foundation, Y: The Last Man, and American Gods (book please). Those teased ASoIaF videos also looked intriguinng. I'll try to knock out Dark and the Expanse before you make videos, but I watch them even if I haven't (just like with West World).

  • Julia
    Julia Year ago

    I would love to see more non-fiction videos!!!

  • Ernie
    Ernie Year ago

    Stormlight Archive!! PLEASE!! I believe you could make some truly amazing videos on that book series. Honestly just dive into the whole Cosmere while you're at! Love the videos keep up the great work!

  • Smuda
    Smuda Year ago

    More historical or mythical events please! :D

  • Vicks's Walkthroughs

    Id love to see you break down The Wheel of Time ! Going through the series now.

  • Joey Amorim
    Joey Amorim Year ago

    I think an interesting idea for a video would be examining Doomsday Clock. Maybe compare it to HBO’s Watchmen, and see how both stack up as a sequel to the original graphic novel.

  • Levon Degennaro
    Levon Degennaro Year ago

    i would love to hear your thoughts on the dark tower series. thanks for the preem content.

  • Samuel Taylor
    Samuel Taylor Year ago

    Have you heard of The Second Apocalypse by R. Scott Bakker? Very dark and twisted fantasy series but lots of depth to it and plenty of theory crafting can be done about it.

  • GimmeeSomeMo
    GimmeeSomeMo Year ago

    When Dune comes out, you should do that one. That would be amazing

  • Елена Черникова

    Honestly, I would love to watch anything you do

  • Diana Bandicoot
    Diana Bandicoot Year ago

    You can cover each charcter from the books, their entire journey of their books.... you know, so we can keep up. I sometimes read the entire plot of each book so i dont forget bc the show differs. Anyways thanks for the uploads, looove you guys