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The Quarry is the FUNNIEST HORROR game - Part 1

  • Published on Aug 15, 2022
  • Dashie and I take on THE QUARRY. Who will survive?
    Part 2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IovGk...
    The Quarry Playlist: x-vid.net/p/PLx...
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  • CoryxKenshin

    PART 2:

  • Topaz
    Topaz  +4

    He's #1 on trending with Part 1, Dashie is #2 on Trending with Part 2, that is honestly insane

  • TrueUnderDawgGaming

    "Why did it give us the option to save Max if he gets killed anyway?"

  • Suk1
    Suk1 21 day ago +442

    THE WAY HE LOOKED AT DASHIE WHEN THE WOMAN SAID “we all know a fool when we see one.” 😭😭

  • sxncti6n
    sxncti6n  +737

    Cory: sounds like Rod Serling

  • ASTROgacha ★

    Cory: "You're gay we get it"

  • Lix: Second Coming


  • DJ Chris
    DJ Chris  +36

    Cory doesn't post often, so when he does, it's like an event that everyone's been waiting for

    C3RTIFIED  +742

    The way these two are so in sync is mad funny😭

  • Starbwoy_S3ani

    It’s nice to see Brenda Song still working and Cory and Dashie are the kids that the teacher would always have to separate in class lol

  • OffBrandLevi
    OffBrandLevi 28 days ago +228

    I love how utterly unphased Sarah was by her boyfriend getting folded lmao

  • ThriftyDivas

    Dashie is an amazing human for that, bc he got relentless hell for not playing it lol. Meanwhile, he knew all along what was up. Much love & respect.

  • Ultraspec
    Ultraspec  +173


  • Littlelibra

    "We all know a fool when we see one. Don't we"

  • crstl;)
    crstl;)  +444


  • Kaede Akamatsu
    Kaede Akamatsu 14 days ago +40

    dashie yelling "no" at the peer pressure part was so funny

  • couu alis
    couu alis  +135

    Cory this whole episode: ‘personally, I wouldn’t let that side’

  • Playboi nino

    I don’t care how much he takes breaks I’m still going to watch him, he makes my day

    DUTCHxSAMURAI 14 days ago +32

    What makes zero sense to me is why Kaitlyn doesn’t even question why she should tell Jacob how to keep the van from running and just tells him exactly how to do it.

  • SwaggerRobot

    The fact that Cory said "the Asian chick from Zach and Cody" reminded him of the chick in the game is hilarious. Especially since he didn't realize they are played by the exact same person!😂