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  • Published on Sep 25, 2022
  • Undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney gives his thoughts on the current heavyweight scene, including Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua.
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Comments • 28

  • Ricki Sunak
    Ricki Sunak 2 months ago +10

    True, AJ would have 40+ KOs if he fought the same competition as Wilder.... although Ortiz probably would have gave him hell actually, even at 42.

  • ryan keegan
    ryan keegan 2 months ago +1

    Devin's right. I think fury's style will be easier that usyk's in my opinion. If aj catches anyone it's lights out he could do it 100%

    • mr h
      mr h 2 months ago

      Who the fuck has AJ knocked clean out with one punch

  • Luke A
    Luke A Month ago

    AJ and Usyk both dodging Fury Lmao 🀑.

  • ihopetowin
    ihopetowin Month ago

    Haney will beat Kambosos again, maybe more clinically than the first fight. Fury should fight Joyce.....but he won't. Joyce has the physical attributes and relentless state of mind to beat Fury, to expose him and knock him out. As for Charr, like all heavy bags he can take a beating but Fury will knock him out to which I say, so what.

  • CFSportsClub
    CFSportsClub 2 months ago

    If Wilder couldn't do it, nobody doing it anytime soon.... unless Fury fights until he's washed

  • SP the Creator.
    SP the Creator. 2 months ago +1

    Same thing I said. The same type of fight

  • Idk Dino πŸ¦•
    Idk Dino πŸ¦• 2 months ago +1

    Funny he said champions fighting champions yet canalo won’t fight david Benavides

  • foxing ban
    foxing ban 2 months ago

    where is the evidence he's a huge puncher then he doesnt sleep anyone he knocked whyte but everyone knocks whyte

  • Apex Gold
    Apex Gold 2 months ago +1

    Fury need to fight joyce

  • Real Talk with Jordan
    Real Talk with Jordan 2 months ago +2

    Joshua stops fury

    • Avatar
      Avatar 2 months ago

      We all entitled to an opinion

  • C P10
    C P10 2 months ago

    Wtf would fury be fighting Joshua and not usyk who beat him

    • Chris
      Chris 2 months ago

      Bigger payday mate

  • Nash β™›
    Nash β™› 2 months ago +2

    If Fury stood up from Wilder, AJ is not knocking him out

    • gervaris anderson
      gervaris anderson 2 months ago

      @CFSportsClub the man that keeps getting up even after an obvious concussion... that went into an immediate rematch...that went into a mandatory fight against the pound for pound best that everyone told him to avoid....then went into another straight rematch is WHO YOU SAY LACKS MENTAL TOUGHNESS AND HEART? X-vid needs to start doing a mental evaluation before people are allowed to post.

    • CFSportsClub
      CFSportsClub 2 months ago

      @Main65Event AJ lacks 1 major thing that Wilder has... mental toughness/heart

    • CFSportsClub
      CFSportsClub 2 months ago

      @Main65Event Says who? He used a diff style to beat Wilder, who's to say he's going to fight everyone like that?

    • Nash β™›
      Nash β™› 2 months ago

      @Real Talk with Jordan the only way AJ wins this fight is knockout. He won’t outbox Fury, and he’s not knocking Fury out either.

    • Nash β™›
      Nash β™› 2 months ago

      @Main65Event you know what I’ve realised since the gloves off in 2013/15 I’m not sure which year it was, Where they all counted out Fury except Frank Bruno, I’ve realized that you people don’t learn. AJ nearly got knocked out by Whyte, nearly got knocked out by Klitschko, would’ve lost to Ruiz again had he taken the fight seriously. It’s going to be completely embarrassing when y’all realise that Fury vs AJ is not a fair fight. AJ stands no chance against Fury, he’ll be exposed and you’ll see. People sometimes seem to blinded to weird things like thinking Rolly had a chance with Tank, or GGG with Canelo at this age, or Kambosos with Haney. The only fight that is 50:50 at the moment is Spence v Crawford although I’m leaning towards Terence slightly but want Errol to win. That’s the only fight hard to call, the rest are pretty simple. Maybe Wilder vs Usyk is hard to tell too, but AJ is not beating Fury.