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Tyson Fury • FULL POST FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE vs. Deontay Wilder 3 • T-Mobile Arena

  • Published on Oct 8, 2021
  • Tyson Fury • FULL POST FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE vs. Deontay Wilder 3 • T-Mobile Arena
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Comments • 4 347

  • Ian Sawdon
    Ian Sawdon Year ago +2994

    Fury has my utmost respect.
    How can anyone beat a man who has beat his own demons?

    • brianbach
      brianbach 10 months ago

      @puresim316 no simracing no life 👌 we will see real soon. Unlikely yo. Peace

    • Alex Palumbo
      Alex Palumbo 11 months ago

      @benji Amen brother this is true power

    • Aihleen Fairgrieve
      Aihleen Fairgrieve Year ago +1

      Agreed 💯. Respect him completely he's a top man. I can personally relate to the demons he's fought and belive him speaking out about them will help give other people hope!!

    • breakit46
      breakit46 Year ago

      I know. You can’t.

    • Mikel
      Mikel Year ago

      lately when he got old like Klitschko. I hope for him he dont miss the point like Klitschko do that. That was horribel, i hate Fury after the win vs Klitschko, haha but im german, it was very emotional moment, hrrr. Now i love Fury, im so happy that he wins so clear. I think Fury have a few years. I want see him fight vs Usyk and a fight vs Joshua, after that he can retire, that is after beating everyone up at least once, haha 🤣😂

  • The Life and Times of John Manny

    This man has earned my respect …coming back from depression and addiction to becoming a legend is in its on itself is just amazing…win or loose I can relate to this man and he’s an example of a great man

    • Alondra Santiago
      Alondra Santiago Year ago

      @Анатолий Черепанов because the mind is powerful no matter who you are

    • Lubo44005
      Lubo44005 Year ago

      @VikingKrigare yeah i know too . i dont like this hypocracy bullshit. things should be called as they are ...

    • Andy Green
      Andy Green Year ago

      @Nan Doe it's called a pre fight blood test? ... they are mandatory..

    • VikingKrigare
      VikingKrigare Year ago

      @Lubo44005 I know he's not a "real" gypsy, non of the Irish travellers are, but I think they like to call themselves that, and that's fine by me and fine by my God. 🙏✌🏼

    • Justin
      Justin Year ago

      @Анатолий Черепанов you know nothing about depression

  • Ali
    Ali Year ago +28

    That question about falling into depression again hit him harder than wilder did you could see it in his face... Leave his past alone and celebrate his win with him. True legend. Wish him and his family all the best.

    • moatasem KNXC
      moatasem KNXC 11 months ago +1

      And yet it’s a very fair question, not necessarily in bad faith.

    • hoojiiiii
      hoojiiiii 11 months ago +2

      Truly an idiotic question, fire that reporter

  • Its SJP
    Its SJP Year ago +120

    I really respect how articulate Tyson Fury is with his words. He's very very intelligent. The fact that Wilder couldn't take his loss and show respect just shows that these men are on different levels. Not just in boxing but in life.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago +51

    15:10 wtf kind of question is that asking the man if he's gonna fall into a depression because he had such a big win.
    The entire media are absolutely vile

    • Garf2O
      Garf2O 2 months ago

      "Tyson you've reached the absolute PEAK of your career and your LIFE, doesnt that make you feel depressed? or sort of, empty inside? Are you gonna do a gainer off the big ben without a parachute in the next coming days?"

    • Tony England
      Tony England Year ago +4

      It was bewilderingly stupid. It was like asking a marathon winner. _"Yeah, ok you won, but aren't you going to get corns now?"_

  • Subscribe 2 Benji Shorts

    “You can only do your best in life. Whatever is written and meant to be will be.”
    - Tyson Fury 👏🏼

  • YouTube Connolly family

    For me this fight was emotional because my dad loved Tyson fury. He passed away after the first fight he had with Wilder. He would have been so excited to watch this fight and see how it went.

      KURT COBAIN 5 months ago

      Me 2 mate

    • Judgement is Coming
      Judgement is Coming 10 months ago

      May He RIP ♥️

    • The Force
      The Force Year ago

      The way I see it is he won't suffer anymore. I know the feeling of loss. May he rest in peace.

    • Riffy Rick
      Riffy Rick Year ago

      This thread makes me appreciate the humanity of humans, just when I think we are sub human. Fleeting compassion is undeniable and there's hope for mankind... I mean human kind 😉

    • Daniel Hughes
      Daniel Hughes Year ago

      Also sorry your Dad didn't get to see it my Dad was a huge Ali fan he passed in 93 I was 17 at the time miss him dearly Godbless you and your family 🙏

  • Celeborn Gaming
    Celeborn Gaming Year ago +156

    From an American, I must admit that Fury is the best heavyweight in the world. Truly magnificent at his craft. Congratulations to him.

    • Alex Palumbo
      Alex Palumbo 11 months ago

      @Graves yep 😂😂😂 furys better

    • Mat Salvatore
      Mat Salvatore Year ago

      I have mad respect for wilder. First American heavyweight champion in my time of watching that I can remember. But I'm a bigger fan of fury idc where he's from. Props to both for making it happen 3x. Best hw trilogy ever

    • TT 121
      TT 121 Year ago

      That would be Mohammed Ali, But he is good, But not even near Ali..!

    • Teleportdinero the chosen one🇮🇹
      Teleportdinero the chosen one🇮🇹 Year ago

      @the CSR 29 greetings it is i

    • the CSR 29
      the CSR 29 Year ago

      For now…

    MUST-TRT Year ago +3

    This fight was an absolute treat: so glad I was able to watch it live and experience the best combat sports has to offer.
    Thank you BOXING, and THANK YOU Mr.Fury and Mr.Wilder.
    I've been a fan of Tyson Fury since he made his comeback and 2nd ascension to newer and even better heights in his career and overcoming the most viscous of his personal demons. Been a fan of Deontay since I started watching him a few years back after all the hype when he was still undefeated AND, more so, learned of his driving force behind why he ever decided to persue boxing(his daughter's story).
    Even from one single performance - when it was like the one we just had the privilege to experience, as far as each of these men "the athlete," I will forever be a fan of both these warriors.

  • Dooms 4174
    Dooms 4174 Year ago +7

    When someone is determined they are going to pull through, it doesn't matter how much Wilder trained. Fury is one of those special champions that don't come along very often. Heart of a Lion. He is humongous standing next to the commentators.

  • Finn Pangrazio
    Finn Pangrazio Year ago +605

    This man came from the brink of suicide to winning a trilogy fight against one of the strongest punchers in the history of the sport and then being apart of one of the most entertaining fights in history as well! Truly inspirational.

      EASY.CREEPS Year ago


    • GGblackwolf
      GGblackwolf Year ago +1

      @Goodnight Munchie Does your cousin wife know you're on the internet again Harold?

    • Man Out Of Time
      Man Out Of Time Year ago +3

      @Goodnight Munchie what an arse.

    • Lilly Lovesit
      Lilly Lovesit Year ago


    • Goodnight Munchie
      Goodnight Munchie Year ago +10

      @martin beattie once again white lives matter beats black lives matter 💪😉🚬

  • Dean
    Dean Year ago +50

    What an incredible fight and an incredible boxer, Tyson Fury has it all, skills heart, and a chin 🥊

  • Monroe D
    Monroe D Year ago +327

    “Like Rocky said” Stallone is a boxing legend without ever being a boxer.

    • Better Call Maul
      Better Call Maul Year ago

      Stallone was inducted into the Hall of Fame the same day as Mike Tyson. They were on stage together and gave back to back speeches.

    • Speedbird
      Speedbird Year ago

      @Christopher Osorno He has made 7 poor boxing quality Rocky movies, and he does NOT train with some of the best boxers in the world😆🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Monroe D
      Monroe D Year ago

      @david kindness you are late to the “correction” party. Find a new “I told him.”

    • david kindness
      david kindness Year ago


    • jak3th3rak3
      jak3th3rak3 Year ago

      @Monroe D lol all good. I didn't know he was a real person for a long time.

  • 💋 L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    This man has earned my respect …coming back from depression and addiction to becoming a legend is in its on itself is just amazing…win or loose I can relate to this man and he’s an example of a great man

  • CFL Dumpsters
    CFL Dumpsters Year ago +4

    Such a legendary fight! Wilder will never be the same, this will of down as one of the classics. Greatest fight I’ve seen since I was a kid Tyson era.

  • Vladimir Simbajon
    Vladimir Simbajon Year ago +388

    I like Tyson Fury, not just because he's a legendary fighter but also because he is an inspirational man, you can learn alot from him.

    • The Toolmat
      The Toolmat Year ago

      well said

    • Patrick Archuleta
      Patrick Archuleta Year ago

      Yes but does he know the king of the universe.

    • TheTone37
      TheTone37 Year ago

      He's a true sportsman

    • Sool
      Sool Year ago

      Even with his silly socks

    • pete otoole
      pete otoole Year ago +3

      uysk has better boxing skills but fury has better boxing knowledge he knows what to do to win ..how to change for different fighters uysk can only box one way ..fury will out think him out move him and knock uysk out

  • juditalbin
    juditalbin Year ago

    This man has earned my respect …coming back from depression and addiction to becoming a legend is in its on itself is just amazing…win or loose I can relate to this man and he’s an example of a great man

  • SARA get my ONLYFANS Trial

    This man has earned my respect …coming back from depression and addiction to becoming a legend is in its on itself is just amazing…win or loose I can relate to this man and he’s an example of a great man

  • Ibrahim Hussein
    Ibrahim Hussein Year ago +24

    Mayweather "I'm better than Mike Tyson, Ali better than everyone..." fantasy
    Real hero says "I'm the champion of my generation ... I'm not comparing myself to champion in another era"
    Everyone should learn from this big dawg💪💪🌹

    • Matthew Bell
      Matthew Bell Month ago

      Mayweather his 10 times better then fury shut up

  • Krypt Design
    Krypt Design Year ago +10

    I almost died from pancrititus and addiction, FURY has given me so much hope. It's not about race or place, mental health can fuck off. Great fight, I love you Tyson.

    FACTS Year ago

    I watched the fight today and I have to say that this is the greatest fight of the year. Wilder came in strong at the beginning, but Fury turned super and finished the match. Well done to both competitors. It will be a while before we see a great trilogy again.

  • Psy4
    Psy4 Year ago +9

    What a worthwhile fight after all the exhibition clownery. Fury is amazing for returning to being so prolific after experiencing the lowest of lows.

  • junior ochoa
    junior ochoa Year ago +1

    Man that was a great fight. My respect for tyson has grown immensely. Also for wilder for having the balls to want to stick it out to the end but fury was just too much for him. Just a great fight.

  • delatroy
    delatroy Year ago +3

    Great to see true sportsmanship and life lessons on display 💯

  • Isaac
    Isaac Year ago +238

    15:10 wtf kind of question is that asking the man if he's gonna fall into a depression because he had such a big win. Why do people have to try and put negative things on him even when he's at his highest smh

    • Kieran York
      Kieran York Year ago

      insane anybody would ask such question

    • captain deadpool
      captain deadpool Year ago

      Depression is a son of a bitch. I would love to all ways be happy. It's just something in me head.

    • Timothy Takemoto
      Timothy Takemoto Year ago

      @Brian Johnson "Is there a chance you will fall into a depression, similar to the way in which you feel into a depression after beating a former rival" is, or would have been, understandable, but "Do you really think you will fall into a depression" is like Tyson Fury had claimed that he would fall into a depression when he had not said that at all, nor from his response does he seem to be thinking so. The journalist seems to be trying to persuade Fury to be depressed.

    • Brian Johnson
      Brian Johnson Year ago

      It was a fair question because that’s exactly what happened after he won the belt against Klitschko.

    • Timothy Takemoto
      Timothy Takemoto Year ago

      "Are you really going to fall into a depression now?" The question sounds like a curse, especially since at no time did Tyson Fury say that he was feeling, or likely to feel depressed.

  • Mark W
    Mark W Year ago +2

    He is a straight forward talking bloke, seems quite honest and direct over the years. Hopefully he will continue his journey in the sport for a few more bouts 👌👌👌

  • MySoulLongs 4salvatrion

    For someone who was hoping Wilder would win; I must say congrats to Tyson, I'm not surprise I knew it would be hard to be him, and wilder didn't come in the best shape; he added muscles but not endurance and it showed.... Congrats to Mr. Fury.

  • Matt Lyons
    Matt Lyons Year ago +3

    That fight was ICONIC, from Fury's walkout to the post fight celebrations. One of the most exciting matches of all time and a true classic. Fury cemented his legacy that night.

    • Matt Lyons
      Matt Lyons Year ago

      @Regdu Geht Wilder is tough and hits hard but Fury is tougher and hits harder.

    • Regdu Geht
      Regdu Geht Year ago

      begs the question; Who is the lethal puncher and who is the feather-duster?

  • Papa Addo
    Papa Addo Year ago +2557

    Sugar came in shirtless just like his fighter. Man a true sport.

    • Felix Schrödinger
      Felix Schrödinger Year ago

      @Neil Brittain we don't need to know anything about your background. You brought race into a topic that has nothing to do with it. Like he said, you are part of the problem, "treacle".

    • jcentricity
      jcentricity Year ago

      Dirty boxing: Fury uses his bigger weight to sap Wilder’s energy to prevail in heavyweight title bout. Like Lewis, he leaned and used the smaller Wilder as a body rest, wearing him down, getting a moment’s rest and setting up combinations with a jab. And like Wladimir Klitschko, he snapped to the back foot, taking the sting out of Wilder’s right hand. The gameplan inherently employs dirty boxing. The clinches - keeping arms over the opponent’s, putting forehead on their shoulder and holding tight - often devolved into headlocks. Like Lewis, Fury frequently pushed down on Wilder’s neck and snapped him back with close uppercuts. During the last fight, he was penalised a point for the tactic and on Sunday too, he was cautioned. But Fury made Wilder feel all 277 lbs of him and took his legs away. And that’s the Kronk way.

    • Ga13acho
      Ga13acho Year ago +1

      Sugar has inspired me to show up shirtless to my kid's next PTA meetings at school.

    • Marvin Westmaas
      Marvin Westmaas Year ago

      @Johnson James What you were waiting on Sugar to do says everything about you, and nothing at all about him or anyone else.
      I bet you got this nice big discount package of 'moisturizers' for those lonely moments in your life.

    • I-Heavy-I -DRNK-
      I-Heavy-I -DRNK- Year ago

      @Star Lord 🧂

  • Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    I didn't expect this last fight to be that exciting but I was really impressed. Great fight! 🥊

  • 输出基本靠吼
    输出基本靠吼 Year ago +3

    This man has earned my respect …coming back from depression and addiction to becoming a legend is in its on itself is just amazing…win or loose I can relate to this man and he’s an example of a great man

  •        Painting Dreams  Gallery

    What a huge heart and soul to win a fight with his inner self as well as in the ring shows a heart of a lion. A living legend. Congratulations Tyson Fury

  • The Real McCoy
    The Real McCoy Year ago +1

    I liked Fury as a fighter but now I'm a true fan of that Man. Gets up off his ass from taking ferocious punches and still has fight in him to get the WIN. True warrior.

  • Elliott talks F1
    Elliott talks F1 Year ago +156

    “You can only do your best in life and whatever is destined is what’s meant to be” - Tyson Fury. So true!

    • metro blinders
      metro blinders Year ago +9

      "You can only do your best in life and whatever is destined is what's meant to be" so good had to say it twice

  • Brian Gibbons
    Brian Gibbons Year ago +47

    Being humble is the best lesson wilder could learn from this!!

  • bobjyde23
    bobjyde23 Year ago +30

    I'm still amazed at how Tyson's face looked practically spotless despite the 2 knockdowns. Unfortunately the same couldn't be said for Wilder, he looked all busted up. Which begs the question; Who is the lethal puncher and who is the feather-duster?

    • PriestMarmore
      PriestMarmore Year ago +1

      @John Paul Mc Donnell I saw him bragging too, the funny thing is that he wasn't actually lifting that much, especially for a behemoth of a man like him

    • Weigner Leigner
      Weigner Leigner Year ago

      @Retroman honestly now that he’s done fighting fury he can still probably beat the rest of the roster. Joshua vs wilder is really next best fight and I think wilder would have Joshuas number.

    • John Paul Mc Donnell
      John Paul Mc Donnell Year ago +8

      @Retroman Wilder always skips leg day. He was boasting prefight about how much he was benching. Less weightlifting and more jogging would do him good.

    • Joshua Rashad Bruce
      Joshua Rashad Bruce Year ago +1

      @Retroman I can’t argue with that lol

    • Retroman
      Retroman Year ago +11

      @Joshua Rashad Bruce Fury also showed more stamina than wilder. Personally i think wilder should fire his whole team he looks exhausted by round 3 in the last 2 fights

  • Lordy
    Lordy Year ago +3

    A philosopher, gentleman and the best of the best...long live the King! 🥊👑

  • Brockton Ma.
    Brockton Ma. Year ago +17

    An amazing dude. Fights like a warrior and articulate as they come.
    In the vein of Ali.

  • Dale Paddon
    Dale Paddon Year ago +151

    Respect to the referee Russell Mora- did a great job: gave the opportunity for infighting, gave both men the opportunity to get back in the fight, no points deducted, perfect stoppage and even tried to catch DW in that face first KO

    • 8 and Sk8
      8 and Sk8 Year ago +3

      Best ref, great call at the end he knew wilder was done.

    • Tyler Saxton
      Tyler Saxton Year ago +5

      @K.T. Watkins this is exactly correct. The fighter doesn’t have to get up in ten seconds. He gets up before the referee gets to 10. That doesn’t mean if the referee counts a bit slow then fury wouldn’t have got up. Fighters sometimes stay down a little bit for a breather. What’s the point in getting up at 3 and the ref saying ‘are you okay?’ And then wilder coming straight back towards you, when you could wait and take a little breather, get up at 8 seconds and feel better for those extra seconds you’ve had before wilder comes back over swinging.
      People think that he would have struggled to get up if the ref was counting quicker. He wasn’t badly hurt was he. Just shook him a bit but he listening to the count and got himself up before the ref got to 10.
      People read too much into it!

    • K.T. Watkins
      K.T. Watkins Year ago +1

      @Dean Martin it definitely was but it’s a 10 count so it is what it is (vs 10 seconds) . But the ref did a good job

    • Dean Martin
      Dean Martin Year ago +3

      @K.T. Watkins It really wasn't though. I know Ward said that, but he was mistaken. I watched it back and the counts were definitely just fine. No different than Wilder's count in round 3.

    • K.T. Watkins
      K.T. Watkins Year ago +1

      Slow count for fury in the 4th…

  • Rob Crutchley
    Rob Crutchley Year ago

    Massive respect for both, the fight will be a classic in years to come.
    Fury makes me cringe sometimes with his pre fight talk but he backs it up!! How many other fighters have got up 3 times off a Wilder bomb and won. Awesome fight.

  • Cory King
    Cory King Year ago

    Definitely earned my respect. To be his size and be so technical quick hands good footwork Fury is definitely one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  • swthero
    swthero Year ago +21

    Fury had the dad body and knocked out the greatest fighter to know. “Don’t judge a book by it cover”

    • T V
      T V Year ago

      Fury is the best right now. He was the Favorite. We are waaaaaay past judging his book by his cover

  • Logan Mannke
    Logan Mannke Year ago +17

    Props to Wilder, everyone acted like this was gonna be a schooling for some reason. Great fight, great heart all around. Congrats to both men. As tired as they were, when they saw weakness the dug deep for that last bit of fuel in the tank. Respect.

    • Leonard Jennings
      Leonard Jennings Year ago

      Great fight
      WIDER NEEDS TO WORK ON HIS Endurance because he looked like he was tried the hole in tried fight

    • M Mastiff
      M Mastiff Year ago +1

      Bro he got battered for 11 rounds and is a shit boxer. No defense, no footwork, no stamina, no heart, just power. At this point he's lost everything he gained in life and should retire from boxing or just give up on life entirely. His biggest battle is against his own dumb ego and that he will never win

  • HalfHarry
    HalfHarry Year ago +390

    We are witnessing a heavyweight great cementing his legacy.

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne Year ago

      He has one title defence, has beaten a bum of who only has a right hand and a Klitscko who was 40 years old and didn't knock him down or trouble him at all, just won on points by throwing a couple of more punches in a "fight" where hardly any punches were thrown. For all of the flack Joshua is getting his record is better and his opponents higher in quality. Fury is not anywhere near a great heavyweight. He's in a weak era with a remarkably weak resume.

    • J'Hue Casey
      J'Hue Casey Year ago

      He's very inactive so the years don't really mean as much. He's only fought about 6 times in the last 6 or so years.

    • Maras Comedy wig
      Maras Comedy wig Year ago

      @Signify-2K 😂😂😂 stay of the weed kid

    • Maras Comedy wig
      Maras Comedy wig Year ago

      @Aren2 Naga Logan Paul was knocking wanks out in the gents toilets at this event

    • Enigmatic Nomadics
      Enigmatic Nomadics Year ago

      It wouldn't have the same impact had he not beat Wladimir Klitschko so convincingly. I agree and proof that it doesn't matter if you necessarily look the part or not.

  • Pat S
    Pat S Year ago +1

    Love Fury. Amazing trilogy. Much respect to both boxers!

  • Andrew Gusching
    Andrew Gusching Year ago +1

    This fight was awesome! Fury is young and still getting better with his conditioning and boxing! Can’t wait to watch the next Tyson Fury fight next! 🙌

  • ToadyEN
    ToadyEN Year ago +1

    Kudos to Wilder, was still putting up a fight until the 10th. Fury was great, not his best but was great.

  • Tony
    Tony Year ago +1

    One of the best boxers ever. I love Anthony Joshua but this man is on a different level.

  • Guapoe 805
    Guapoe 805 Year ago +14

    Fury has my respect for everything he has accomplished in an out of the ring

    • Regdu Geht
      Regdu Geht Year ago

      Tyzon furry is an amazing guy, I could listen to him all day everyday, his intelligence and sense of humor is amazing , true champion 🏆 🥇

  • Sheb Ant
    Sheb Ant Year ago +3

    Fury is a great champ inside box and outside box. God bless Tyson Fury. What a humble person🙏🙏🙏

  • Godspeed Rides
    Godspeed Rides Year ago +19

    It was a great fight, worthy of the best trilogies.

  • Grecoh 073
    Grecoh 073 Year ago +8

    Bravo! Respect to you Fury! The best answer on the question how he sees himself in the overal boxing history. Never compare with the past. Keep respect and integrity up!

  • Hexican GreenHorn
    Hexican GreenHorn Year ago +15

    Two Great Warriors ! Thank You Both for a Great Performance !

  • Punu Vakatapu
    Punu Vakatapu Year ago +17

    Tyzon furry is an amazing guy, I could listen to him all day everyday, his intelligence and sense of humor is amazing , true champion 🏆 🥇

    • Regdu Geht
      Regdu Geht Year ago

      the best boxer won congrats to the gypsy king

  • Norris Tammi slide show Mulgrew

    Congratulations Champ. You have brought class back to boxing and have accomplished what many said you couldn't do. You have a lot of friends and family and fans who believed in you all the time. You fought Deontay Wilder three times now and have won all three.

  • El'Gordo
    El'Gordo Year ago

    Well done guys, 3 whoopings outa 3. So glad for Big Fury his team and his Family, absolutely deserves everything he's got here, and Wilder also, he got everything and a bit more of what he deserved, a terrible loser unfortunately for Wilder no excuses will wash this time. Tyson Fury is his master. Just beautiful to watch.

  • [TANIA]- Go  To Have [S]EX With Me

    Fury has my utmost respect.
    How can anyone beat a man who has beat his own demons?

  • Sam Curran
    Sam Curran Year ago +20

    Gareth’s questions are shocking, why bring depression into a conversation on a man’s best moment, out of all the questions you could’ve asked?

    • siobhan crawley
      siobhan crawley Year ago

      Because he's so clueless about boxing and he knew he had to ask *something,* so that drivel came out of his mouth.

  • Nick Mac
    Nick Mac Year ago +1

    Best championship fight I have seen in years by far hands down.. way to go Tyson

  • 50 Year Old LE Rookie

    Bob must be losing his mind saying that this was the most amazing fight he has ever seen! Come on people, let's not forget the true legends of this sport who truly put on the most amazing fights ever witnessed. Not to take away anything from Fury and Wylder but they don't hold a candle to a Mike Tyson, Joe Lewis, George Foreman, Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano and Joe Frasier just to name a few. These men are minutia in boxing skill compared to these a fore named legends in this Great Sport.

  • Ishwar Morey
    Ishwar Morey Year ago +200

    The reporter from Telegraph who asked Fury if he will fall into depression 'again' is an absolute disgrace. Fury responded him respectfully. Fury is a champion in and off the ring.

    • dave c
      dave c Year ago +2

      @TheSingularSound wrong time, wrong place.

    • dave c
      dave c Year ago

      what a waste of a question for this arsewipe, a better one would be did he go down the second time in the fourth to gain some head clearing time? as when fury get's up the round is over?

    • TheSingularSound
      TheSingularSound Year ago

      I see it differently,
      I think he said the question just to get TF to say it out loud, it was a set up.
      TF has never been quiet on speaking of depression.
      He’s on TF’s side, I believe

    • Quentin Wolff
      Quentin Wolff Year ago +2

      I was looking for this comment. What an arse this journalist is seriously!

    • britturk123
      britturk123 Year ago +1

      Yep a total C word.
      The man has just fucking put his heart and soul on the line and gets asked that ridiculous question. But its the Telegraph so I'm not exactly shocked.

  • Arcky k
    Arcky k Year ago

    The confidence in the Old man, standing on the left hand side of Tyson 💪💪💪🙏🙏

  • Apaclypse
    Apaclypse Year ago

    It was a great fight. It was expected the result but it was a great ass fight. Two great fighters. One is obviously the best but Wilder is still a great fighter. Wish him the a full & speedy recovery

  • patrick schneer
    patrick schneer Year ago +3

    For me this fight was emotional because my dad loved Tyson fury. He passed away after the first fight he had with Wilder. He would have been so excited to watch this fight and see how it went.

  • Tin tins
    Tin tins Year ago +15

    That last photo op, Man he's a big guy, and just a shout out for Deontay Wilder, you are a brave man, God Bless you all

    • Regdu Geht
      Regdu Geht Year ago

      Great fight i was really impressed. Tyson proves once again that he's the baddest man on the planet true warrior.

  • Chris
    Chris Year ago +60

    Tyson Fury gives the people struggling with mental health and other issues hope! What a comeback from 2017! Keep going Fury

  • sidewayssam
    sidewayssam Year ago +12

    Watched boxing all my life, watched all the greats from 1970 onwards, that was one of the best fights i have ever watched

    • Rusty Shackleford
      Rusty Shackleford Year ago

      I said this will go down in the top 10 heavy weight fights of all time.

  • Drew
    Drew Year ago

    What a legend 👊

  • phil the air
    phil the air Year ago

    Well earned for Tyson fury! Respect! Humble and God fearing man that's how he earned people's respect!
    For wilder; no one likes a sore loser mate

  • Jerry witt
    Jerry witt Year ago

    A great fight. As an American I pulled for Wilder in the beginning. But as I listened to them at the pre fight interviews I swapped sides. TYSON FURY is a man's man. And he's got morals and life goals. I'm really glad he won. When Wilder wouldn't shake his hand just showed me I made the right call this man is a beast. Congrats my BROTHER

  • Daz Mick
    Daz Mick Year ago

    One of the best heavyweight boxers of all time. Legend.

  • Ronnie72justbeagoodperson

    This is why I love Tyson Fury so much , he is a true gentleman and respectful.

  • Big H
    Big H Year ago

    You have to understand that Tyson was on the verge of suicide and ballooned to almost 400lbs. A man that was this point to get back in shape and fight the way he did in the first........IS UNSTOPPABLE!!!!

  • Bill Slonaker
    Bill Slonaker Year ago +1

    He came across as a real gentleman and a quality champion.

  • Tuna Salad
    Tuna Salad Year ago +280

    When the situation requires him to be a gentleman he's a gentleman. True champion.

    • J'Hue Casey
      J'Hue Casey Year ago

      Fury showed a ton of dusrespect during their 2nd figh, before the excuses came from Wilder, and he tried for over a year to deny Wilder the 3rd fight that hmthey already agreed to and was legally owed.
      Fury doesn't deserve congrats from Wilder. Like Ali-Frazier, sometimes bad blood creeps up and there's no love gained or lost. It is what it is.

    • K4yG0
      K4yG0 Year ago

      @Tuna Salad if only you knew . 🐄 🥗

    • Tuna Salad
      Tuna Salad Year ago

      @K4yG0 I'm guessing you didn't do so well at school

    • Tuna Salad
      Tuna Salad Year ago

      @Goodnight Munchie And that is relevant how exactly?

    • Goodnight Munchie
      Goodnight Munchie Year ago +1

      @Tuna Salad Wilder and BLM movement wouldn't even shake Tyson WLM Fury after the fight and BLM movement is already saying Fury cheated 🧐🚬

  • Michael Pega
    Michael Pega Year ago +15

    Great fight i was really impressed. Tyson proves once again that he's the baddest man on the planet true warrior.

  • Michael Harrison
    Michael Harrison Year ago +1

    What a class act! Now this is a champion not only England but the whole boxing world can be proud of!

  • Michael Guerra
    Michael Guerra Year ago

    I tell ya he really proved it to me.. I didn’t think he could reclaim all that earlier success he had from before his lay-off.. But hey I guess he did..
    Maybe it’s because of that magical name he has.. I never dreamed 3+ decades later from when I first became a fan with Mike that I’d still be wondering who could possibly beat “Tyson!!”

  • Linda Robinson
    Linda Robinson Year ago +1

    Even though Wilder lost , This was a Good Trilogy Fight !!! Both Men fought Well . They brought out the best in each other . Congratulations !!! Fury

  • Bluedynamite68
    Bluedynamite68 Year ago +316

    Fury showing his class inside and out... Great job to all involved... Congrats everyone...

    • MLP Shawn
      MLP Shawn Year ago

      @mark jeffers what did he say that was disgusting? The wife situation?

    • mark jeffers
      mark jeffers Year ago

      Showed no class at all at the weigh in no matter how good he is did you see and hear what he was saying there it was disgusting

  • Ask to seduce Miss

    Two Great Warriors ! Thank You Both for a Great Performance !

  • Dwell Castleberry

    Much respect for both fighters. Fury is deserving of the belt. Donte has more hart than skill, but he definitely gave it his best.

  • Rona Squad
    Rona Squad Year ago

    Awesome fight hats off to both fighters but especially Fury for being classy with good sportsmanship.

  • Bruce Thompson
    Bruce Thompson Year ago +1

    Tyson Fury is a champion and he proved it Saturday night I haven't seen a good heavyweight fight in a long time you did what you said you was going to do

  • Milos Popovic
    Milos Popovic Year ago +340

    The difference maker tonight was Tyson's resilience and size. He overwhelmed Wilder in middle rounds with his size and weight. Tyson really knows how to use his resources.

    • Karolina Pobiedzinska
      Karolina Pobiedzinska Year ago

      @pit bull jr you said hell of a fighter but like I said he can't box. No technique, no jab, no tactics just looking for big overhand right. If you think you saw any boxing skills you have obviously never laced gloves

    • S1LVAW0LF
      S1LVAW0LF Year ago

      @Bzake u can make it to the end of the fight without winning a round. Shows heart, but that DOESNT mean you did a good job. Like i said, he was concussed on his feet and gassed the entire fight. Fuck outta here with that.

    • Coxman 23
      Coxman 23 Year ago +2

      i believe the difference is the dedication and the training. wilder appeared as if he has approved or learned anything from there prior fights. The guy looked done after the 3rd round and was throwing hay makers. That's not boxing. Wilder is finished. his career is okay!

    • Luis D
      Luis D Year ago

      Wilder got no technique just 1 punch. Fury is extremely smart and to see how he tried to maintain the good sportsmanship with wilder and wilder couldn't even say you got me...you were the better boxer tonite....good fight. What a loser hands down.

    • WC
      WC Year ago

      @Mëïstër Ëmm now go back to your safe space.

  • Roger James Moore

    This trilogy has all the echoes of the great Ali-Frazier series of fights ...
    Tyson Fury is truly a great now ...
    He is from the old school ....it was what boxing needed ...
    Great heart shown from both fighters ...
    But the one with the stronger will won .. ..Tyson's life story gave him the steel he needed to win ..and win he did

  • Nadeem Akhtar
    Nadeem Akhtar Year ago

    I love you my brother. You are my definition of a gentleman and warrior rolled into one. I knew victory would be yours from the get go. Eyes are route to our souls.... and they told us everything.

  • Luke Davis
    Luke Davis Year ago +1

    God bless Tyson Fury and his family, a true champion. 🕊️🌎🌍🕊️

  • nikwbrasa18
    nikwbrasa18 Year ago

    This man is an absolute class act. Hats off to Tyson Fury, world's heavyweight champion 🏆.

  • AcidGlow
    AcidGlow Year ago +736

    I didn't expect this last fight to be that exciting but I was really impressed. Great fight! 🥊

    • Daniel M
      Daniel M Year ago

      I did.

    • Jimmy J
      Jimmy J Year ago

      What a mentally, physically, and spiritual beating up by Tyson (British) to Deontay wilder American) ...Holy Punch Baptized him for good. Trilogy Fights all to Tyson. Loved It. Good hiding I say.

    • Toy videos kh
      Toy videos kh Year ago


    • Odueso Adeola
      Odueso Adeola Year ago

      @Not4 Sale you're racist.....did you not watch the fight

    • Darren Bailey
      Darren Bailey Year ago

      @Aren2 Naga ji

  • Riziero B
    Riziero B Year ago

    Fury is being one of the Greatest of All Time ❤

  • buck3366
    buck3366 Year ago +4

    Seldom does a fight exceed the hype but this one blew right by and kept on going! Loved it. Congrats Mr Fury!

  • HY TS040
    HY TS040 Year ago

    Whoever ever ever doubted, Boxing is the greatest sport of all!! I am just trying to find the right words how I felt watching the fight, but the emotions...I do not know..there is no dictionary for the stuff that happened in that ring!

  • Biakmawia BMA
    Biakmawia BMA Year ago

    Such a humble and honest person.. my favourite of all time tyson fury. God bless

  • Farin Deeba
    Farin Deeba Year ago +25

    Born early under a pound! Grows up to be 6’9 and solid 20st! It was written in the stars from day one! This man is special!

  • 5BorosThorough !
    5BorosThorough ! Year ago

    Never hated Fury just never was a fan. He gained a fan in me after hearing his speech post match. Humble like no other. Embraced being at the bottom conquered the bottom and conquered at the top. Deserving champion. Dissaapointed in Wilder's poor sportsmanship. Life will humble him if these loses didn't!

  • CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    For me this fight was emotional because my dad loved Tyson fury. He passed away after the first fight he had with Wilder. He would have been so excited to watch this fight and see how it went.

    • G Bae
      G Bae Year ago

      Tell your dad to get up.

  • Kia- T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me

    For me this fight was emotional because my dad loved Tyson fury. He passed away after the first fight he had with Wilder. He would have been so excited to watch this fight and see how it went.

    • G Bae
      G Bae Year ago +1

      Your dad is a quitter!!!

    WENCESLAU Dias Year ago

    Great guy. Believes in God and being humble all the time. Definitely the greatest at the moment. No one can come close to him at this moment, the closest was Wilder that's it.

  • theWayoftheWonderer

    You can only do your best in this life, Tyson Fury