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We Tried EVERY Milka Flavor


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  • Maria
    Maria 2 months ago +2326

    The disrespect for hazelnut!? That's literally the best one 😭. Also Milkinis - that's my childhood in a chocolate bar form.

    • sweet daydreamer
      sweet daydreamer 19 days ago

      @FGP 003 excuse me??????

    • sweet daydreamer
      sweet daydreamer 19 days ago

      @Derpy Dashie nahhh
      kinder bueno tho😍😍😍

    • Raptormage
      Raptormage Month ago +1

      this was my least favorite, with my favorite one being the strawberry

    • Tyler Francis
      Tyler Francis Month ago +2

      Don't take it personal

    • Fake_Beluga
      Fake_Beluga Month ago +1

      Yes the milkinis are 1000000000/10 my childhood

  • S.
    S. 2 months ago +2010

    I’m screaming at the triple chocolate and caramel part! The row has three separate flavours!!!!

    • r goodfellow
      r goodfellow 2 days ago

      I’m glad people with experience explained this. I didn’t understand the triple part either and now I am also outraged.

    • Jonas
      Jonas 6 days ago


    • Jayffee Fernandez
      Jayffee Fernandez 17 days ago


    • Sam Phone
      Sam Phone Month ago

      Me zoo

    • victoria
      victoria Month ago


  • Elliott Fegent
    Elliott Fegent 2 months ago +3119

    I’ve finally watched the two of them eat stuff I’ve had and it’s made me realise that they can’t be trusted 😄

    • dukem991
      dukem991 Month ago

      Yup link is lost in these taste tests

    • x y
      x y Month ago

      @Irina B. Has nothing to do with being Americans because Im American and always disagree with their taste

    • Sondre Johansen
      Sondre Johansen Month ago +1

      @MR Kornjaca it is on the higher end of average tbh

    • b3an3rgvng AW
      b3an3rgvng AW Month ago

      You never had pringles?

    • MR Kornjaca
      MR Kornjaca Month ago +1

      @Katya M yea it Is and they consider it a good quality one

  • Maria Vazquez
    Maria Vazquez 2 months ago +810

    I didn't know nuts in chocolate was controversial hahah

    • Rocksen
      Rocksen 23 days ago +1

      @Mai U Right? I can't get enough of whole hazelnuts

    • Mai U
      Mai U Month ago +30

      I agree, I thought whole hazelnuts in chocolate was absolutely normal and also the best!

  • Misskittycat_14
    Misskittycat_14 2 months ago +1221

    As a Norwegian, I am outraged at their rating of Daim

    • KarmaRocks
      KarmaRocks 17 days ago

      I agree, maybe they should try a straight up Daim bar? Cuz that's the best bar on the planet!

    • Lauma Vilciņa
      Lauma Vilciņa 21 day ago

      I didn't like Daim growing up. It was more so a texture thing than the taste but I've come around it, and I don't know anyone who doesn't like Daim stuff. They were waaay too harsh on it.

    • Lady of Darkness
      Lady of Darkness 28 days ago

      As a Swiss, I'm outraged at most of the episode

    • KolaNut
      KolaNut Month ago +3

      @B. Carpentercringe

    • B. Carpenter
      B. Carpenter Month ago

      I’m outraged by your face… what is that haircut 😂

  • Nicolai Lenskjold
    Nicolai Lenskjold Month ago +180

    It was actually kinda nice to see you be completely oblivious towards well known European brands like Daim and Tuc. Now you know how many of us feel with American brands😅

  • Travis C
    Travis C 2 months ago +191

    Strawberry milka changed my life, how could they rate it so low?!?

    • Roshni Gupta
      Roshni Gupta Month ago

      Thanks for warning me in advance now I don't have to watch it haha

    • _a294
      _a294 Month ago +3

      It’s my favorite thing

    • Allison Reilly
      Allison Reilly Month ago +13

      I love the strawberry milka!!!

    • Slowp0w
      Slowp0w Month ago

      Changed your life? You got diabetic from eating too much eh? 😂

    • We Remotely Low
      We Remotely Low 2 months ago +18

      It's that fakey strawberry flavor, man, never tastes good

  • Stefanie Schmid
    Stefanie Schmid 2 months ago +102

    As someone who grew up with Milka: Yoghurt is my first choice, but the classic follows up very close. And there are many more flavours here in Germany.

    • elyria bn
      elyria bn 20 days ago

      Finally some appreciation for the yoghurt one! ❤ it’s my favourite one

    • Unicorns Poop Rainbows (Fae)
      Unicorns Poop Rainbows (Fae) Month ago +1

      I’m just happy to run into another Stefanie with my spelling. It’s fun telling people “Stefanie with an F” and getting a look of pure confusion in America😂😅

    • Delia Enya
      Delia Enya Month ago +1

      german chocolate is elite

    • Chris Brackett
      Chris Brackett Month ago

      I first had Milkas in southern Illinois in the mid 2000s. Yoghurt is 100% my favorite

  • TruePerception
    TruePerception Month ago +79

    There are three versions of the Oreo. I've only had the cream with cookie bits one, and I loved it.

  • Frank4000
    Frank4000 Month ago +253

    You forgot the other oreo milka bar, when you complained that the oreo inside takes up too much space, the other is just the filling with the oreo cookie crumbs and also a creme filling. Much better imo but makes you crave savoury or salty foods really quickly

    • Lu
      Lu 5 days ago

      Yes! I don't like how that oreo one is, but the oreo with the creme is sooo good

    • mommy
      mommy 25 days ago

      it's my favorite candy bar ever

    • LittleBlondeRidingHood
      LittleBlondeRidingHood Month ago +3

      Yes it's sooo much better than the one they ate with whole orei pieces. Actually my favorite!

  • Sytske Bijlsma
    Sytske Bijlsma Month ago +65

    I love that they each have their own opinion about things and that they don't get irritated or or in generally react extremely to each others opinions!

  • OmegaMKX
    OmegaMKX Month ago +36

    Ended up buying a variety pack of Milka bars after this aired, and it really is so good!

  • Van
    Van Month ago +38

    I will say I'm not actually a big fan of the Milka bars (But that's because I generally am not a big fan of chocolate, not because of Milka), but I do love a lot of the other Millka branded stuff you can buy here in Germany, like the Milka cookies for example or the Milka brownies etc.

    • Strawberry hopes
      Strawberry hopes Month ago +1

      Same here! Not a big fan of milka chocolate because it's too sweet for me but the cookies? Gawdayum love them

  • Elizaveta Baranova
    Elizaveta Baranova Month ago +15

    Peanut Crispy Caramel is sooooo good, def my favorite! I'm glad Rhett gave it a 100, because it deserves it

  • Ivana Andrijević
    Ivana Andrijević Month ago +10

    THE BUBBLY ONE AND TUC ARE MY FAVOURITES!!!! but i love or like almost all of them. It's good chocolate, and a lot of the ones i eat they didn't get

  • Kate Ellison
    Kate Ellison 2 months ago +218

    I feel like you missed so many! Especially my fave which is the normal Oreo bar!

    • Bolty
      Bolty 2 months ago +15

      The one with the Oreo crème in the middle bro it’s soo good

    • Mach Lang
      Mach Lang 2 months ago +9

      Yesss not the one from the video but he other one

  • FireSpark81
    FireSpark81 2 months ago +1068

    Can we just take a second to admire how talented the mythical art department is.

    • Camicius
      Camicius 2 months ago

      Was this your daily dose of video goodness?

    • Teya
      Teya 2 months ago

      @Codie what?

    • mojo
      mojo 2 months ago

      they are incredibly amazing 👏

    • psychomania
      psychomania 2 months ago +1


    • Christine C.
      Christine C. 2 months ago +6

      Stop asking for permission and just do it.

  • Bazzi
    Bazzi Month ago +49

    As a Swede I would love to see an episode of ”Every Marabou flavor” 🎉😊

    • TheoOfSweden
      TheoOfSweden 13 days ago

      @Clara Powell actually now when i think about it i can't come up with a chocolate that i like more than marabou lol. maybe karl fazer (a finish brand) specifically dumle flavour. also kinder maxi and kinder bueno is pretty fire ngl.

    • Clara Powell
      Clara Powell 13 days ago

      I heard it’s the best chocolate, I can never find it!

    • Lyd F.
      Lyd F. Month ago +1

      @TheoOfSweden Yummy! 😋

    • TheoOfSweden
      TheoOfSweden Month ago +3

      there is a lot of overlap with milka but yeah there are plenty of flavours to try.

    • Quarter Moon Rachel
      Quarter Moon Rachel Month ago +2

      Yessss. I lived in Copenhagen for a while where there was loads of Marabou. Fudge and Seasalt is my fave.

  • Jeondosa James
    Jeondosa James 2 months ago +17

    A lot of good eating there. Say you guys, you missed MIlka Leo. Ate one tonight. It looks like a KitKat but the creme seems to be just chocolate-flavored. Oh, and living in South Korea, I'd be immeasurably happy if you guys did a "We Tried EVERY Pepero Flavor"

  • John demtopics
    John demtopics 2 months ago +55

    I really love the TUC one. The crackers have a little salt on them which really elevates the milk chocolate. It is the only Milka flavor with a tasteable amount of salt to it actually.

    • Niamhrk
      Niamhrk Month ago +1

      Agree. This is my favourite. The salt and the sweet together is glorious

  • Bryce Vining
    Bryce Vining Month ago +2

    A grocery store chain I have gone to in western Washington State (where I live) actually has had some Milka bars, so this was especially interesting.
    I also definitely agree with what Rhett said about milk chocolate near the end.

  • Blu
    Blu Month ago +3

    Watching this while devouring some caramel milka made it extra special 🥰

  • ria okayokay
    ria okayokay Month ago +10

    Collage fruit is literally the best thing ever i cant tust them anymore bc they didn’t like it

  • theshontman
    theshontman 2 months ago +312

    Their rankings in this taste test have invalidated all their previous and future opinions of food.

  • Marisol Mercado
    Marisol Mercado Month ago +10

    I cannot stop rewatching 20:35 !!!! Best bit ever!!! 😂😅

  • ・your non favorite person 👍・

    An every JONES SODA flavor taste test would be an amazing episode. Their drinks are so unique and have alot of really wacky flavors lol

    • Julia
      Julia 2 months ago


    • armonte dunlap
      armonte dunlap 2 months ago +1

      @hawey I’m pretty sure it’s country wide I’m from Indiana but I’ve had it in tx and Alabama too

    • Big Purp
      Big Purp 2 months ago +1

      If they did Jones they'd have to do their Mary Jones line of drinks, which would be...interesting 🤣

    • lilvamp
      lilvamp 2 months ago +1

      They did a thanksgiving one about 3 years ago

    • hawey
      hawey 2 months ago +2

      @Lauren Coelho it’s a Seattle founded drink! I am unsure if they are country wide but if you can find them they are delicious

  • Xazzy
    Xazzy Month ago +8

    Would love an episode where you try every arizona flavour

  • Sly Blue
    Sly Blue 2 months ago +174

    As an European and Oreo enthusiast, the best Milka bar will always be the family size Milka/Oreo bar

    • EternalAtake 16
      EternalAtake 16 Month ago +2

      facts tied with the family size strawberry cheesecake one for me

    • Vladan Mikic
      Vladan Mikic Month ago +2

      You speak the word of God

  • Ida Karlsson
    Ida Karlsson Month ago +2

    As a swedish person, I HIGHLY recommend you guys try Marabou chocolate flavours, its the best chocolate on earth and I’ve eaten every brand of chocolate known to me. Trust me on this one, you will not be sorry. You’ll never want to eat ANY other chocolate after trying it!

  • Mike Oxmaul
    Mike Oxmaul 2 months ago +3034

    As a japanese, I'd be immeasurably happy if you guys did a "We Tried EVERY Pocky Flavor"

    • Harm C
      Harm C 10 days ago

      Pocky is so good! I’ve only had the cookies and cream, banana and chocolate, chocolate and strawberry ones but I’d love to see them rank it

    • Brimstone Canary
      Brimstone Canary Month ago

      I want to see this

    • Layla
      Layla Month ago

      I'm not Japanese, but I'd love to see that too, Pocky is so good 😭

    • Xochil Moreno
      Xochil Moreno 2 months ago

      I think they did in maybe 2016

      IMMERSIVE 2 months ago

      What’s porky?

  • usedtobemyself
    usedtobemyself 2 months ago +183

    I'm so confused did they just call Daim hazelnuts?😂

    • Anniina Haanpää
      Anniina Haanpää 2 months ago +3

      The disrespect of Daim! Can't believe no one said it's almond 😪

    • Aly Mazeh
      Aly Mazeh 2 months ago +4

      If they tasted the original daim they would've known what is it.
      Daim is one of my fav candy bars❤❤

  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago +64

    If you're doing all milka's, you must try the family size milka's. They are the best!

  • vampire kitty
    vampire kitty Month ago +2

    love y’all’s videos sm

  • SliimReaper
    SliimReaper 2 months ago +3

    i can already tell the christmas tree ornament segment is gonna be on the gmm best moments compilation 😂😂😂

  • CallSignClover
    CallSignClover 2 months ago +1786

    You should try all the "Ritter Sport" chocolate varieties some day. They get a lot wilder than Milka.

    • Infamous
      Infamous 6 days ago

      @Princess Babibear Americans can't be trusted with kinder toys

    • Nicole Marie
      Nicole Marie 18 days ago +1

      ritter sport is hands down my favorite chocolate. good things come in small packages and it truly delivers

    • MrStardian
      MrStardian Month ago

      Ritter sport goes so hard, i love so many of the flavors!

    • Kay (maya)
      Kay (maya) 2 months ago

      The gingerbread Ritter sport from last year’s winter edition is so good

    • SpookyStars_x
      SpookyStars_x 2 months ago

      sport szelet!!!

  • Thy
    Thy Month ago +2

    Love how Stevie says "melk" :'D

  • Bandhuli Bhaumik
    Bandhuli Bhaumik Month ago +3

    Milka Hazelnut is literally the best flavour 😭

  • Princess Boo
    Princess Boo Month ago +1

    Start appreciating RET Give him a little things to play with when he guesses things

  • Reuben
    Reuben Month ago +3

    please please do the Australian Cadbury chocolate varieties; you would be gaining some serious brownie points with your aussie viewers

  • Ashley Morrison
    Ashley Morrison Month ago +3

    A Diam Bar is similar to a Heath Bar, and it's amazing!!

  • DaniTheNachoPirate
    DaniTheNachoPirate Month ago +1

    Considering the fact that it's wrapped in chocolate, I'm wondering if the yogurt flavor was actually pudding.


    Theres also an oreo version thats within the bar crunched up, I think they'd enjoy that more

    • Pizza Bros
      Pizza Bros 2 months ago

      They’d probably put it first tbh

  • Katharina Helml
    Katharina Helml Month ago +610

    Them calling the standard Milka bar “good milk chocolate” says a lot about american chocolate. 😳

    • Duke Nukem SLO
      Duke Nukem SLO Month ago

      @jenios milka tastes like you are just straight up eating sugar 🤢

    • Witch please!
      Witch please! Month ago

      Does america not have Cadbury?

    • EstriaDancer
      EstriaDancer Month ago

      It is definitely better than Dairy Milk.

    • Ethan Donaldson
      Ethan Donaldson Month ago

      But.. it is?

    • Katharina Helml
      Katharina Helml Month ago

      @Sondre Johansen i agree! I wasn’t questioning why they chose milka - just the quality of American chocolate haha

  • Ákos Szabó
    Ákos Szabó 2 months ago +1022

    Finally a Gut check episode I can relate to as a European viewer 😍

    • Jose Ruiz
      Jose Ruiz 2 months ago


    • befekszemazagyala
      befekszemazagyala 2 months ago +2

      bojler eladó

    • 111 A E H 444
      111 A E H 444 2 months ago


    • libsybum
      libsybum 2 months ago +4

      @Sebastian Maurer there’s no where near the number of flavours they try though

    • Random Posts
      Random Posts 2 months ago +3

      @Sebastian Maurer Sure, there are various flavors, but not 30+ of all of them.

  • J-Woody
    J-Woody 2 months ago +391

    Link ranks the mousse a 64 and calls it his favorite so far but graded the original at 70, caramel at 71, and extra cocoa at 68 literally right before he ate the mousse😂😂

    • Lorenzo G
      Lorenzo G Month ago

      @Smithy of 98 I know Alpine milk the Original and the chocolate mouse should have never been there:( Screws up the whole thing.

    • Smithy of 98
      Smithy of 98 2 months ago +7

      They also messed up the scoring on the extra cocoa. It should’ve been 152

    • Mark Crazeer
      Mark Crazeer 2 months ago

      @Georg A which is still inaccurate as the caramel beat it by 1.

    • Georg A
      Georg A 2 months ago +1

      He said the original was his favorite so far...

    • Summer S.
      Summer S. 2 months ago +33

      I think he meant that he thought original was going to be the middle, which is why he rated it 70, but it ended up being his favorite, so he had to rank mousse lower

  • Kor00
    Kor00 2 months ago +2

    Give Rhett his own board, just one time

  • lexi pex
    lexi pex 2 months ago

    I love this channel❤

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago

    i can't believe they put darkmilk so low, anything with darkmilk tastes so good

  • Shizuma
    Shizuma 2 months ago +952

    The whole Europe is so exited right now. We can relate to something finally 😂

    • DemiCape
      DemiCape Month ago

      @DemonicIzu I dont see milka that often in sweden, instead it is the similar marabou being everywhere.

    • sotruesotrue
      sotruesotrue 2 months ago +1

      Milkaaaa finally my German ass can relate 😂

    • AllknowingPineapple
      AllknowingPineapple 2 months ago

      Echt so xD

    • DemonicIzu
      DemonicIzu 2 months ago +1

      Sweden also love Milka. For me i love the Tuc and Caramel one. Those are so good

    • Paul R
      Paul R 2 months ago +1

      Interesting how this episode airs the same day USA 🇺🇸 VS ENGLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 play in the World Cup

    DANIII Month ago +2

    the caramel milka is the best, without a doubt

  • Mona Li
    Mona Li Month ago +7

    The best flavors are in the big bars. Toffefee Ganznuss, Schoko und Keks, Oreo, Strawberry Cheesecake!

    • moon child
      moon child Month ago

      Strawberry cheesecake is absolutely the best one , the only milka i honestly enjoy

    • micuko vicious
      micuko vicious Month ago

      Noisette for the win.

  • Stefi Fantabulous
    Stefi Fantabulous Month ago +3

    as a European I had to chuckle at the purple cow altitude joke xD

  • Cecilia Henry
    Cecilia Henry Month ago +2

    The hazelnut one (with the chopped pieces) is eh but the whole hazelnut is just 'chefs kiss'

  • Cooking with Plazmica
    Cooking with Plazmica 2 months ago +2201

    Finally, a brand I have in my country so I can actually try top choices after the episode. 🤣

    • 3K 2
      3K 2 2 months ago +1

      @Gabby Stephenson the best oreo version is the king size bar one its called MMMAX in Germany, totally recommend it if you didnt try it before

    • Gabby Stephenson
      Gabby Stephenson 2 months ago +2

      @Harawanagangsta They do have milka in the US, but it’s not as common. There is a crushed up Oreo flavor (not the full Oreo that they tried in this video) that I think is the most common and it is quite good. I’ve seen them in Walmart and Targets

    • Sspadens _
      Sspadens _ 2 months ago

      What’s ur personal favourite milka

    • moom11_1
      moom11_1 2 months ago +1

      @Harawanagangsta they're in most countries in Europe I believe but I'm from Poland and they have it here

    • Claudia Munafo
      Claudia Munafo 2 months ago +1

      @Alexander Abrashev agreed! I grab that or the Oreo kind normally!

  • Neville
    Neville Month ago +2

    Daim that low shattered my Swedish heart.
    Also the way they didn't know what Daim was when they have eaten it in a video before

  • Atlas, Harbinger of logic

    please do another alternate snack video those were great

  • Bliss
    Bliss Month ago +3

    Link: Wooow...its like chocolate boobies
    Rhett, RIGHT after that: I think this's for the kids

  • Sidney Marie
    Sidney Marie 2 months ago +6

    would you please try every Oceanspray juice ?? :) i feel like that information is crucial to my existence

  • Carmen
    Carmen Month ago

    my fav are youghurt, caramel and fruit collage

  • Niamhrk
    Niamhrk Month ago +2

    Milka Tuc is my favourite 🤤

  • Bo Follbring
    Bo Follbring Month ago +2

    Noisette is my favourite by far.

  • Ivn.R
    Ivn.R Month ago +3

    Theres a whole other world of milka bars when you get into the big bars or mmmax bars as they call them

  • Kat Jordan
    Kat Jordan Month ago +68

    Europe is sooo thankful for this episode! 😂
    We need more of these taste tests that we can relate to ❤️

  • Sara Maucec
    Sara Maucec Month ago +38

    tuc is the best milka chocolate bar i've ever had so I'm glad y'all liked it

    • Karolin Kängsepp
      Karolin Kängsepp Month ago +2

      its my favourite aswell, but i cant find it in estonia anymore :((

  • Le Monde de Chris
    Le Monde de Chris Month ago

    It's so funny to see them confused and discover things that are basics in my country aha

  • snʞɹɐɯ
    snʞɹɐɯ Month ago +2

    unlucky you didn't have the oreo filling one, its a bit sweet but my favorite s still

  • ChimozuFu
    ChimozuFu 2 months ago +2884

    I love that link actually moved his little cow for every chocolate he scored

    • KEVIN M
      KEVIN M 2 months ago +6

      I will never understand how he scores these things in his head. He loves it… scores it 65
      Ehhh… then scores it 75

    • Let's talk on 👉@Fesify5
      Let's talk on 👉@Fesify5 2 months ago

      👆👆sᴇɴᴅ ᴀ ᴅɪʀᴇᴄᴛ ᴍᴇssᴀɢᴇ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀ'ᴍ ʀɪɢʜᴛ ᴀᴡᴀʏ ✍️,,,,,Let's talk on 👉

    • mojo
      mojo 2 months ago

      same it was fun to watch

    • Dizzy B
      Dizzy B 2 months ago +1

      He did it for no reason. His logic is asinine

    • Mark Stanley
      Mark Stanley 2 months ago +4

      @Corndog it's true! I hope I get this one and that the cow is included.

  • Johnny 37
    Johnny 37 Month ago +38

    Link:” that’s my favorite one so far”.
    Link proceeds to give it a lower score then all the ones before

    • Amanda Baker
      Amanda Baker 2 days ago

      He actually said that the original milk chocolate was his favorite so far - he was wishing he had rated it higher, because he was having to rate others he liked (but didn't like as much as the original) lower then 70.

    • Lorenzo G
      Lorenzo G Month ago

      I know geez 😞

  • Angela White
    Angela White 2 months ago +131

    Stevie: Chocolate mousse
    Link, visibly surprised: There's mousse in there!

  • najtcoree
    najtcoree Month ago +2

    That was Oreo Sandwich Milka, there is also Milka Oreo which has crunched up oreos inside of a chocolate bar

  • Alex Holtkamp
    Alex Holtkamp 2 months ago +113

    Link asking for the score guide back like he needed help deciding on a score and then immediately giving it a 5 deserved way more laughs than it got 😂

  • Republika Dugave
    Republika Dugave Month ago

    As someone who thinks jogurt is the best i somehow think it was robbed at the end lol

  • Thatz_EJ
    Thatz_EJ Month ago +2

    You should try the Marabou from Sweden as well. Best chocolate there is

  • an beernaert
    an beernaert 2 months ago +1

    You should try Belgian chocolate and Belgian beer, together!

  • Angela
    Angela Month ago +2

    They didnt have cheesecake milka?!?!?!? Its the best one

  • K 0108
    K 0108 2 months ago +20

    These aren't nearly all the flavors they got. And there's actually 2 versions of oreo, one with a whole cookie and one with oreo filling. I like the one with filling better.

  • Halle Sklivas
    Halle Sklivas 2 months ago +46

    I don't know about everyone else, but I appreciate how Link always makes sure that we see *all* of the food. In all of these videos he's always like "Imma show you a cross section of this" and I'm just like THANK YOU LINK I DIDN'T KNOW I NEEDED IT UNTIL YOU SHOWED IT TO ME

  • bug
    bug 2 months ago +62

    i really appreciate link showing the interesting chocolate bars to the camera for us to see too, unironically wholesome

    SAGA FORTIER Month ago

    You should try Marabou, Swedish chocolate

  • lee_think
    lee_think 2 months ago +37

    U should make a part 2, there's a lot of Milka flavours u haven't tried.

  • Donna October
    Donna October Month ago

    Milka DAIM is the best chocolate bar ever made.

  • Jörg-Martin Rehder

    The best one is "Milka max strawberry cheesecake "

  • Jörg-Martin Rehder

    The best one is "Milka max strawberry cheesecake "

  • Hailey H
    Hailey H 2 months ago +2

    Where can I get a yogurt milka bar?!?!

  • Jacqueline Dbt
    Jacqueline Dbt Month ago +1

    Now try all kinder chocolate products 🫶🏼

  • Viktoria Midtmoen
    Viktoria Midtmoen 2 months ago +24

    Would love to see you guys try Lindt chocolate flavors

  • Sil H
    Sil H Month ago +21

    I hope they do more tastings and rankings of snacks from around here world. As a Norwegian I think they should do one where they taste every Freia chocolate taste test. I’ve tried a few chocolates from around the world and none have been able to compete with Freia for me or any other Norwegian chocolates for that matter, Norwegian chocolate are just the best. I wonder if Rhett and Link would like Norwegian chocolate as much as I do.

  • UncutxHardstyle
    UncutxHardstyle 2 months ago +1735

    Theres also an oreo version thats within the bar crunched up, I think they'd enjoy that more

    • Bobbi Jonkers
      Bobbi Jonkers Month ago

      That’s my fave

    • ToriTori
      ToriTori 2 months ago

      That and oreo brownie were the ones I was looking forward to the most

    • Migg
      Migg 2 months ago

      yeah, but it's the 300g one, for this video they just got the 100g ones

    • Boom
      Boom 2 months ago

      Yes and there are the oreos covered in milk chocolate too

    • 000euMJ
      000euMJ 2 months ago

      @Gabriella Stephenson they haven't tried any if the big bars. 😕

  • Koo Tae
    Koo Tae Month ago

    daim is literally the top chocolate. marabou with daim is top tier

  • Crazy Joe Davola
    Crazy Joe Davola Month ago

    They didn't know how to eat Bubbly 😂

  • Ritaaw T
    Ritaaw T Month ago

    They should taste Fazer!

  • charleighlouise
    charleighlouise Month ago

    I want all of them

  • xCrossu3u
    xCrossu3u 2 months ago +496

    Please do more european related stuff! There is a lot of us and this episode felt really relateable and something we can experience with you!

  • Alx28
    Alx28 2 months ago +35

    I need them to try every kinder product

  • larissa
    larissa Month ago +3

    it's not every flavor, there is waaay more!

    • larissa
      larissa Month ago

      @Katiii they didnt have my fave with running caramel 😄

    • Katiii
      Katiii Month ago

      yes. they didn't even had the big chocolate bars :(

  • Mercedes Inselman
    Mercedes Inselman 2 months ago +43

    Whoever creates links rating charts needs a raise 😂

  • xVivienne
    xVivienne 2 months ago +1

    They are also everywhere in Poland 😅

  • ZeroTube
    ZeroTube 2 months ago +25

    I think it'd be great if we did one where they told them what it was after they gave a rating. My thinking is that maybe the score could be influenced by what they already feel about that flavor or added nut/fruit!

  • Ginnie
    Ginnie Month ago +1

    Tuc is pronounced toots like in tootsie :D

  • Sheey x
    Sheey x 2 months ago

    TUC bar salty and sweet my favvvv 🎉