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WC Qualifier Malta v Italy 1-2 (1992)

  • Published on Dec 24, 2010
  • Malta played against Italy @ Ta' Qali stadium on 19/12/1992 for the world cup qualifiers. After a goaless first half Italy took the lead from a Vialli goal and then Signiori doubled. Malta missed a penalty but then Gregory scored for Malta after Baresi was sent off.
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  • Brian Galea
    Brian Galea 10 years ago +1

    Let us Believe!! We can do it once more!! No missing penalties this time ;) Good luck Boys!!

  • Davemonzon
    Davemonzon 10 years ago

    Busuttil played for Verbania Calcio in the late 80s, right ? I am also looking for the video of Malta-Spain 1983 played in may at Ta Qali stadium....I remember Spain winning 3-2...

  • germanjjuve-fan
    germanjjuve-fan 11 years ago

    Questa partita la ricordo ancora come se fosse ieri: L italia chiuse il primo tempo con una brutta figura! 0 a 0! e pensare che alla fine del torneo diventammo vice campione del mondo, dietro al brasile solo ai rigori...

  • neruni
    neruni 12 years ago

    No you are wrong! This was a qualifier game for World Cup 1994 and Italy played against Brazil in the final won by the latter with a penalty shoot out. Italy were a bit lucky against Malta since unfortunately Laferla failed to convert the penalty, where in my opinion Carmel Busuttil should have taken it due to his experience and accuracy. I'm still disappointed that we didn't drew against Italy.

  • Joven Son
    Joven Son 8 years ago +2

    the referee only gave 23 seconds of additional time after a few substitutions, one player sent off, a penalty kick... shouldn't 2 minutes be at least given?

  • MrFanticc071
    MrFanticc071 12 years ago

    In This World Cup Italy Came Final With France .. And They
    Only Won By Luck Against Malta ... Forza Malta :D

  • MrFanticc071
    MrFanticc071 11 years ago +1

    @neruni you are right ! italy came final with brazil..

  • knoxharrington666
    knoxharrington666 10 years ago

    grande baresi XD

  • MiliziaMetallicA
    MiliziaMetallicA 10 years ago +1

    Ok, next time Malta could replace Italy in the final, lol

  • Il-Kamra Sportiva
    Il-Kamra Sportiva 10 years ago

    Li tah il-Buzu kien ikun gowl... Still wirja kbira min-naha tal-plejers Maltin dakinhar....

  • Carl Bugeja
    Carl Bugeja 10 years ago

    Wirja,tajba minn malta imma tfalli penalty jew! Forsi konnha nigu draw kieku skorjajna dak il-penalty.

  • metelino.1
    metelino.1 12 years ago

    @StefanoTenore Era Stefan Sultana, quindi quello lì era il suo cognome. Non è che fosse tra virgolette...

  • MrFanticc071
    MrFanticc071 11 years ago

    @Levallette sorry my mistake :P

  • warrisification
    warrisification 11 years ago

    Sorry , ma narax net