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Watchmen Explained (original comic)

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022

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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  3 years ago +1874

    Which series should we make videos about - His Dark Materials, Dune, Lord of the Rings, The Expanse?
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  • Nick Montalbano
    Nick Montalbano Year ago +7920

    “So Manhattan fucks off to Mars to build a sandcastle.”
    That’s golden.

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 2 years ago +10491

    I like Rorschach and all, but I wish he didn’t have an image of my parents fighting on his face.

    • Regular Stan
      Regular Stan 11 days ago

      Hahahaha nice!

    • Vengeance
      Vengeance 13 days ago

      I see a smiley albeit creepy face

    • Fitzroy_42
      Fitzroy_42 18 days ago

      Ohhhhh dark humour

    • Norbu Tsering
      Norbu Tsering 28 days ago +1

      Looks like two bears high fiving to me

    • Nick Jones
      Nick Jones Month ago

      @E X H U M E D sigh… it’s a joke. I’m not going to explain it, but look of what a Rorschach test is.

  • Al
    Al 2 years ago +1708

    What makes the graphic novel “impossible to adapt” is that the medium is so integrated into the storytelling. With a comic panel structure, you can see the past, present, and future at the same time like Dr Manhattan. And the structure is utilized to communicate pacing in ways a sequential film cannot.

    • Loaf of Bread
      Loaf of Bread 6 days ago

      @Ledet Brothers undertale????

    • Alvaro S.
      Alvaro S. 10 days ago

      Probably someone with more talent could have done something to translate the medium. Maybe Fincher or Nolan on a good day. But Snyder isnt really creative enough, i guess

    • Krishna Verma
      Krishna Verma 27 days ago

      You clearly haven't seen Zack Snyder's The Watchmen. I'm surprised by how accurate he has made the movie to the comics, the dialogues, the cinematography, the tone of the comic. All down to perfection.

    • Ure2 Grit
      Ure2 Grit 29 days ago

      @MrPizzaslice lol media is media, there is nothing sacred about Watchmen that it can't be compared to undertale, another story in media.
      You don't see Christians in the comments angry that this youtube compared watchmen to Jesus

    • Ledet Brothers
      Ledet Brothers Month ago

      And why the fuck shouldn’t I?
      I read this entire shitshow of a thread, and almost everyone here shown themselves to be completely dismissive, pompous people.
      There is absolutely no reason I shouldn’t be able to compare Undertale to Watchmen.
      Change my damn mind.

  • iambiggus
    iambiggus Year ago +4875

    Imagine starting to like a girl, only to know exactly when and how you'll break up before you even start dating. That's truly a tragic character.

    • Leo Mad
      Leo Mad 5 days ago

      That happens in real life. It's called Paranoid Personality Disorder.

    • Not me
      Not me 12 days ago

      @Oshwaflz wait what you dated your dad?

    • Wildboy Gaming
      Wildboy Gaming 23 days ago

      @daniel hernandez lots of ppl are glass half empty types.

    • Wildboy Gaming
      Wildboy Gaming 23 days ago

      @Don’t Care what? lol that's the worst thing to do lmfao.

    • 555
      555 27 days ago

      Well in the year 2022 with social media Etc you already know exactly how it's going to end anyway

  • phenrilwolf
    phenrilwolf 2 years ago +1217

    Another meaning is that time is cyclical.
    Everything in the comic refers to a clock.
    The word Watchmen can be related to the word watchmaker.
    Jon Osterman was a watchmaker, and the hydrogen symbol can also refer to a clock at twelve.
    The order of the panels also refers to a clock, and the comic has 12 episodes.
    The entire comic has no splash pages, except the first 6 pages in the last episode, that symbolizes the chimes of a bell at twelve o'clock.
    What happens after twelve o'clock?
    The cycle begins again.
    Kovac's sign of "the end is nigh" is at the beginning of the comic, because it's already past twelve o'clock, and it also means that Adrian's entire master plan will be in vain, and maybe another disaster will happen in the future.
    Since de first page we are reading Rorschach's notes, because everything is done and he is already dead.
    Just saying.
    Nice video.👍

    • phenrilwolf
      phenrilwolf 2 days ago

      @coolay29 Hey, that's not bad. 🙂👍

    • Souven Tudu
      Souven Tudu 2 days ago +1


    • coolay29
      coolay29 2 days ago

      I might be grasping at straws but the blood strike on the watchman smile looks like a hand on a clock that’s pointing to 10-11 o-clock

    • phenrilwolf
      phenrilwolf 9 days ago

      @Oscar LeCheese You don't understand Watchmen.

    • Oscar LeCheese
      Oscar LeCheese 9 days ago

      The “end is nigh” means that it is close, not past. It would mean that it was the 11th hour. If not for Ozymandius, a nuclear war would’ve ended everything. All Ozymandius did was push it back one more day. So, same conclusion still :p

  • DuggeeO
    DuggeeO 2 years ago +4328

    "it's so sad that Steve Jobs died of ligma" - Dr Manhattan

    • FoXbOw
      FoXbOw 3 months ago +1

      Who is ''so sad''?

    • Edlblez
      Edlblez 4 months ago +1

      "Who the hell Is Steve jobs"
      - Rorschach

    • Nopain34
      Nopain34 8 months ago

      @VishnuBhrama Shiva liqma?

    • The YouTube Poop , Esq.
      The YouTube Poop , Esq. 8 months ago +1

      We still don’t know who Steve Jobs is or was.

    • naleksicc _
      naleksicc _ 8 months ago

      I love lean 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Gamey Geemer
    Gamey Geemer 5 months ago +58

    One thing that you didn't mention.
    Ozymandius actually created TWO giant psychic squids and sent the other one into Moscow so that neither side could lay blame at the foot of the other.

    • Smoking Room
      Smoking Room 21 day ago +8

      Alt ending:
      Ozzy: they cant blame each other for this!
      Ussr: IT WAS CANADA!
      Usa: IT WAS CHINA!
      Ozzy: Wait? WHAT! Why would they think that!? Thats an incredibly dumb rationale.
      It makes no sense what idiot would do that!?
      Dr. Manhattan: Its human goverments Ozzy, what did you expect?
      Ozzy: ...(sigh) touchè.

  • 제규형
    제규형 Year ago +617

    I remember having this in my middle school's library. I don't know why but Korean educators probably didn't know how bloody this series was but it was there. So I had the opportunity to read it. And what a blast it was. It's only in recent years I've come to realize that it was a really deep book.

    • The Loz3r
      The Loz3r 3 months ago +1

      I live in America and this too happened. I even remembered they had a copy of Catcher in the Rye too, so I guess my school didn’t hold back at all.

    • Fox Fairchild
      Fox Fairchild 4 months ago +1

      @Fig Jam that IS CRAZY BRO!!! Hahaha wow I’m shocked lolz out of curiosity what country hahah

    • Fig Jam
      Fig Jam 6 months ago +12

      my high school's library had a copy of Mein Kampf. i moved it to the section with the "choose your own adventure" books.

    • Catzor
      Catzor Year ago +22

      If you know the tropes and clichés (specifically DC) of western comics this would be even more better.

  • David M
    David M 3 years ago +14526

    I have to say, that's the clearest, most concise and carefully structured explanation of Watchmen I've ever seen, heard or read. Bravo.

    • david gustafsson
      david gustafsson 2 months ago

      I read it when i was 10, noone explained a damn thing to me and somehow i managed to enjoy it anyway.

    • Rodrigo Bueno
      Rodrigo Bueno 2 months ago

      i wish snyder had watched this isntead making the move that give himc reative control fo the dc movies

    • Sohel Alam
      Sohel Alam 4 months ago

      I came here to exactly write that in the comments..

    • The E.T. Whisperer - Rob Gauthier
      The E.T. Whisperer - Rob Gauthier 5 months ago

      @Videre Vero apparently lol

    • Videre Vero
      Videre Vero 5 months ago

      Even more so then Watchmen itself? LOL

  • Chuck
    Chuck 2 years ago +681

    "Manhattan gets falsely accused of giving people cancer and his girlfriend, Laurie, leaves him for an owl man. So Manhattan fucks off to Mars and builds a sandcastle." 10/10

  • jbot91
    jbot91 2 years ago +310

    The way Alan moore uses the book too put us in dr Manhattans shoes was genius. He can turn the pages but he can't change the ink. Alan moore and Steven king are both creative geniuses

    • Space Clown
      Space Clown Month ago +5

      And these days, both King and Moore are batshit crazy.

    • Harold Cheese
      Harold Cheese 2 months ago +2

      @Annabelle Lin green line is awesome and the shining is a classic

    • Annabelle Lin
      Annabelle Lin Year ago +3

      I've only read Pet Sematary - Got any Stephen King recommendations/favorites?

  • Godly Potat0
    Godly Potat0 2 years ago +827

    Rorschach: *breaks others fingers*
    Me: That's nice
    Rorschach: *eats another man's beans*
    Me: You monster!

  • Squim
    Squim Year ago +30

    One of the things you skipped over was how much character the Comedian is given, even, as you say, being the most evil character (although I’d argue Veidt is less human). Like one of the things that always fucked with me when I read that book is how he cries when he discovers Veidt’s plan - after all the horrible things he’s done, the war crimes he’s laughed at while committing them, Veidt’s calculated coldness breaks through to his humanity, and the dam of comedy he’s built and maintained around his emotions for decades comes crashing down. I think he even cries and says something like “that’s too fucked up, that’s not funny,” which gets exactly to the core of his callous “sense of humor” as a way to dull the pain a life of horrors inflicts on him.
    And yet he doesn’t report it, and instead waits patiently to be murdered, like all he really wants at that point is for his personal suffering to end. Fugged up.

  • Xspy70
    Xspy70 2 years ago +1801

    "Manhattan gets falsely accused of giving people cancer, and his girlfriend Laurie leaves him for an Owl man. So Manhattan fucks off to Mars and builds a sand castle."
    This sentence is amazing. The flow and expression of it. So much going on xD

    • MrHemFun
      MrHemFun 16 days ago +1

      Feels like the future of Elon musk

    • Nayuta
      Nayuta 3 months ago +3

      Manhattan get falsely accused of giving cancer and start fucking off on Mars whilst also building sand castle.
      Now that's some good shit

  • Combo Smooth
    Combo Smooth 2 years ago +46

    Someone once suggested to me that the reason Dr Manhattan gave into Lori wasn't because she convinced him of miracles, it was because of his feelings for her. Suggesting the Manhattan wasn't as separate from human emotions as he thought.

    • aimforlifenow
      aimforlifenow Month ago +2

      Even he couldn't resist the temptation of fantasy.

  • Connor Stromboe
    Connor Stromboe 3 months ago +56

    I like the idea that even if Rorschach’s journal isn’t published, the “utopia” would eventually collapse anyway. At the end of the story it’s revealed that writing negative stories about Russia has been outlawed by the U.S. in order to keep the peace after having seen the horrible outcome of potential nuclear war in New York. But some citizens still harbor the same disdain for what Russia stands for, and without addressing the actual ideological differences and conflicts that led to them to nuclear war in the first place, they’re destined to head there again.

  • JockeyField
    JockeyField 10 months ago +44

    i love rorschach. even though i'm aware of the crap he's done, and just how despicable and insane he is, his character is done amazingly and i love that. in the movie, it may be done even better than the comics, as now you get to see an actor put all his effort into this character, and not just a drawing on a page

    • LMNTS Games
      LMNTS Games 8 months ago +13

      People are using his moral standard as an excuse to make Ozy's moral standard superior to Rorschach.. I observed that they always miss Comedian's role in this moral debate.. because if you say that Rorschach is wrong because he only sees black and white, then you can't argue the same with Comedian.. because Comedian isn't black and white.. yet he would've done what Rorschach would, and that is to tell the truth regardless of the outcome.. that's why Ozy killed him before he could speak up about it.. Comedian is a real piece of human garbage but we can't deny the fact that when he learned about the truth, he is willing to have a change of heart and fight for these people who will be sacrificed for the greater good.. he never got to do that though because he was killed immediately but you got the point.. at the end of the day, this is basically the Trolley Problem in Ethics but the way people use Rorschach's flawed moral standard to make Ozy's flawed moral standard a superior one, disregarding the fact that Comedian would've sided with Rorschach even though both of them have different moral standards.. I really think Comedian's role is the best one here.. forget about his shitty attitude because it doesn't affect his stance on morality.. he is the most loyal person in the group.. he did all the dirty work.. but when he found out the truth.. he felt like everything he did was for nothing.. Comedian doesn't see people as just pawns, but he was blinded and deceived that what he was doing was good.. he is like most people, who will just go with the flow but will experience a traumatic shock once their reality has been shattered by the truth.. that's why I think most people are forgetting about his role in Watchmen.. because everything is masked underneath his horrible personality..

  • Caligeur
    Caligeur 2 years ago +47

    This is one of the best videos talking about one of the best comics. The amount of detail into each one of the elements is excellent and it’s thr type of thing I can watch over and over again. Very well presented as well - pleasant to look and listen too. 17 minutes went by in a breeze.

  • Weston Marx
    Weston Marx 2 years ago +70

    I gotta say, this has got to be the best explanation of a comic I have ever seen

  • iEch0
    iEch0 2 years ago +22

    Honestly, best explanation video I've ever seen. I agree with so many of the points but it's hard to choose. Overall, what I took from it is that society is extremely hypocritical and dark, but at the same time there is romance and fun. But does simply living within the system and choosing to follow a life of romance and fun mean you live a lie? After all, society is way too complex to be solved of all its problems.

  • Thomas Whyte
    Thomas Whyte 2 years ago +57

    I just remember I didn't know how to think after reading Watchmen. And for long time after reading it I still feel that way! Really is a masterpiece.

  • g0d5m15t4k3
    g0d5m15t4k3 2 years ago +16

    This was a good overview of the plotline and characters in the graphic novel. It touches lightly on interpretation of the work and focuses mostly on what literally happens in the novel. Thanks!

  • Carl Kligerman
    Carl Kligerman Year ago +9

    Brilliant analysis of a complex masterpiece. A meta fiction before these things became de riguer. Well done mate!

  • round about midnight
    round about midnight Month ago +3

    I read this when the compendium came out in 87 and haven't read it since, but I'll never forget how I felt reading it. It hit different during the height of the Cold War under Raygun.

  • David Wood
    David Wood 2 years ago +13

    Ever thought of doing a similar treatment to Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" series? I would love to see more "Dune" content, especially with the new movie on the horizon. Well done, with the Watchmen explanation!

  • Higgins Walsan
    Higgins Walsan 2 years ago +9

    Great explanation of Watchmen. You do a really good job of taking that raw emotion and thinking that comes from reading it and turn it into a clear and specific breakdown of the comic. Loved it!

  • shut up
    shut up 3 years ago +1822

    I wasn't sure how this channel would transition after the ending of Game of Thrones. However I'm confident that you can make literally any subject interesting. Thank you, keep up the content.

    • laburniby boone
      laburniby boone 2 years ago


    • YungTigerGod
      YungTigerGod 3 years ago +1

      Lol one could extend your comment to include HBO as well.

    • Jordy Rodriguez
      Jordy Rodriguez 3 years ago +1

      Plus he can still make got videos after the sixth book is out(if it's ever out)

    • Edgardo Martin
      Edgardo Martin 3 years ago +22

      It doesn't matter if he is reading that POV chapter of Hodor, as long is in that voice.

  • Leverage
    Leverage 12 days ago +1

    Hey man! I doubt you'll see this, but I'm currently writing an extended essay on the deconstruction of masculinity, (specifically dangerous notions of masculinity,) as expressed by Watchmen's characters. Your video has helped me a lot in the research process, especially to understand some of the book's symbolism. This video must've taken a lot of dedicated research and analysis, so I imagine you're a fellow Watchmen fan, at least to some degree. That said, let me know if you want to read the essay and I'll send it your way once it's done. Great video dude, thanks a million.

  • Leng Moua
    Leng Moua 7 months ago +17

    "In the end, Watchmen is a Rorschach test." - brilliant. well said.

  • The Purgatorian
    The Purgatorian 2 months ago +5

    This video makes me love Watchmen even more. Such an dark and macabre yet amazing comic book that I've ever read.

  • Masked Anakin
    Masked Anakin Year ago +4

    Rorschach being the most psychopathic & broken character in the whole story also shows how strong one can be morally in a skewed sense.

  • smitty voller
    smitty voller 3 years ago +3822

    When Ozymandias is in the 'Christ pose' cheering, I think the background shows Alexander and the Gordian knot. Apparently the knot was uber complex and whoever could bring the two ends together would conquer Asia. Alexander doesn't bother untying the knot but just cuts it with his sword. I think Moore is probably trying to draw the comparison between Alexander and the Gordian knot and Ozymandias' plan with the squid. Both are violent solutions to nuanced problems.

    • Camel Moon
      Camel Moon 6 months ago

      @Seb P This is the correct interpretation.

    • Dionisoss 1
      Dionisoss 1 7 months ago

      @Lexi Fabricio hahahahahahahahahaha pfffffff

    • Dionisoss 1
      Dionisoss 1 7 months ago +1

      but.... this is exactly what it is explained in the comic book, it's Ozymandias that compares himself to Alexander and say that his endeavor is to untie the new gordian knot that humanity tries to untie (the incoming nuclear war)

    • Gunplabro
      Gunplabro 8 months ago

      @MrSingularity44 this is an interesting angle. I never looked at it this way.

    • MrSingularity44
      MrSingularity44 Year ago +9

      @Mister Majestic The underlying problem is still there and no one will adress it because they are no longer forced to adress it.
      Ozymandias poses the reader the question: "How many atrocities are allowed for a few more years on the clock?"
      And if we are okay with the murder of a few million innocent people for a plainly temporary greater good, are we even worthy of that life? And is this attitude not exactly what led us to this conflict in the first place?
      Because, to be frank, war is intrinsic to mankind as we are now. The cold war only ended "peacefully" because of the economic collapse of the Soviet Union, and we are already seeing China rising as the new superpower to challenge America, and we once again see the friction between the two new superpowers destabilize the world.
      There will be no solution to the problem of global warfare and anhillation that won't cause misery and death to millions of innocents, because the human animal hasn't changed.
      Ozymandius didn't solve the problem, he broke it. He denied mankind their chance to really change, to be forced to change and solve the problem, because he went back to the "wisdom of the ancients" and used the timed honored method of blood sacrifice of the innocents.

  • Kim Hansen
    Kim Hansen Year ago +5

    I didn't know Watchmen when I first saw the film. I was simply blown away and thought it to be the supremely best 'super' hero story I've ever watched. Seen it many times since and still love it. Your explaination just highlight how well the story was adapted for the movie. However, it seems to lack many aspects from the original (of course) and suddently I really urge to read the original comic, for more depth and detail - Wow! Thanks for sharing your great work here...

  • Jason Godwyn
    Jason Godwyn 8 months ago +2

    It's hard to believe the author intended Rorsharch to be a mockery of everyone tougher than him he ever met, a mockery of the violent Batman-type hero, an insult to everyone who ever looked into the abyss and decided to fight it the right way whatever the cost instead of retreating into fantasies about being "the world's smartest invincible man ready to sacrifice anyone for his greater good". Rorsharch is the one to hold Owl-Man back and stop him from abandoning his principles. Rorsharch is the real hero, even if the author meant otherwise.

  • Adam Kostowicz
    Adam Kostowicz 7 months ago +6

    The movie was my introduction to the moon watchmen and it truly captivated me because it made me think. Every time I watch it something makes me think very deeply. I know most movies aren’t a true depiction of the real story but it’s still one of my favorites. Thanks for this video

  • Danny Leader
    Danny Leader Year ago +1

    I also think there’s a strong parallel that when the marooned sailor got home, he’d lost all hope and assumed the pirates had already destroyed his home. Ozymandius created this plan for years because he believed that humanity was destined to destroy itself. In his mind he saved the world, but he only saved it from a fate he only ASSUMED would happen. They both killed innocents because they were afraid, for the sailor it was the black freighter and for Ozymandias it was Holocaust.

  • noah hager
    noah hager 8 months ago +4

    I believe watchmen is a tragedy, written about the human condition. To love, and to hate. That is the core of the watchmen. In the end it doesn't matter wether or not the hoax is revealed or not. what matters is what is important to you. for the nite owl and Laurie its having a good time and being happy. For ozymandias it was his goals, at any cost. and for Rorschach, it was hatred, hatred for himself, hatred for others, but mostly he just hated being Walter kovacs. this is why mr Manhattan is such an important character, because he presents the other

  • Tomás González
    Tomás González 11 months ago +7

    Wow this video was so awesome! When I first read Watchmen, I never actually finished it because I did not enjoy it. After watching your video I now wanna go back and read it all! Your video was so well made and it clearly demonstrates the genius of the comic! Thanks for an awesome video!

  • Gauge
    Gauge Month ago +2

    Watching videos like this really make me grateful for the direction that the X-vid algorthim is seemingly taking. Video essays about comics, events, shows, and various miscellaneous topics with multi hour long runtimes make me happy to see that people's passions are being highlighted, and the results speak for themselves. This video was truly a beautiful and concise explanation of a very popular comic (and the 2019 watchmen explanation made my jaw drop to say the least). Looking forward to more of this quality content. +1 subscriber

  • Richa Negi
    Richa Negi Year ago +1

    Rorschach is my favourite character in Watchmen. I like the complexity he shows despite him believing in black and white morals. He is a guy who is broken and lived and was brought up in a broken world. He hates humanity and thinks it's beyond redemption, yet he is in the end willing to give it a chance. I really like watchmen for the twisted view of heroes because if superheroes were real, that's what would have happened to them.

  • Jelly Jeffrey
    Jelly Jeffrey 3 years ago +5758

    I always find it funny (and a little concerning) whenever people say that Rorschach is their favorite character in Watchmen because he's "a badass" and "a true hero," when he is very clearly depicted as an unhinged psychopath.

    • Ray Webb
      Ray Webb 11 days ago

      Him being an unhinged psychopath is why he's the favorite Watchmen.

    • Advance to Tabletop
      Advance to Tabletop 15 days ago

      Late reply, but Sarge in the Red vs. Blue videos is my favorite character - and definitely a psychopath. I think Rorschach is a favorite because he’s willing to stick to his ideals, not because we want to be him.

    • Paul Kotsu
      Paul Kotsu Month ago +1

      he's a chad

    • KL OA
      KL OA Month ago

      @Carter F Every human being fundamentally believes in justice and vigilantism through extrajudical means, especially people like you who supported the BLM riots in 2020.

    • KL OA
      KL OA Month ago

      What superhero wasn't in that comic?

  • Ducks
    Ducks Year ago +4

    always thought it was so creepy how in the alien invasion pics there's that newspaper floating by reading "The Veidt Method: I Will Give You Bodies Beyond Your Wildest Imaginings", there are so many little things in the comics that stick out after many re-reads

    • aimforlifenow
      aimforlifenow Month ago +1

      How the fuck did Alan Moore come up with this shit.

  • Gani Ibrahim
    Gani Ibrahim 7 months ago +7

    I died laughing & came back as a ghost to write this “ Doctor Manhattan was given all the powers except pants 🩲 “ that line killed me

  • John Sabaku
    John Sabaku 2 years ago +2

    Only a teen, I read Watchmen when it first came out. It was a luxury to get full series comics. I had a rich friend in middle school who had a closet full of comics. He didn't like the dismantling of conventional comic book forms. I loved it. It was dark and complicated like my world. It made me feel normal. Anyway, this is a great summary of the series. Thanks

  • Darth iso
    Darth iso Month ago +1

    Greatest book of all time. I can tell much of a person based off their favorite character and comprehension of this novel. My favorite and the greatest character of this book is bar none John. Manhattan is in a league of his own. He's the only one who truly matters. Honorable mention to Ozzy.

  • Bob Parr
    Bob Parr 3 years ago +3963

    My favorite line - "And he breaks into people's houses and eats all their beans". :)

    • Rothnír Tüll
      Rothnír Tüll 6 months ago +1

      Is that not normal

    • Wavemaninawe
      Wavemaninawe 7 months ago

      Rorschach is (literally) in your fridge, eating all your beans.

    • wyvrn
      wyvrn 8 months ago

      i love the guy being just like "rorschach???" like hes not yelling hes just a lil pissed because a weird incel broke into his house to eat his beans

    • DumpNutz
      DumpNutz Year ago

      You eat all my beans *****?!?!

      AUSS13MANDIAS Year ago

      @Jose Ignacio Hilera Dorna i came looking for this exact comment

  • Avshalom Sagi
    Avshalom Sagi 6 months ago +1

    Great video! You touched on things that even I didn't notice, like the slight world building and Dan's character arc.
    I feel like you should have mentioned that the old man Rorchach harrasses was an ex super villian, really showing the unwillingness of Rorchach to accept change.
    I believe that Moore is trying to show us with this book is how veidt and Kovacs are both wrong for the same reason. They both are very unwilling to hear different opinions other then the ones they hold and even though they both have very opposite opinions, they're both the same in this regard, and this is why they're both bad(if I can even use this word). Basically the notion that you're always right, without being able to hear any other opinion, is the real downfall.

  • gustavo Gu
    gustavo Gu Year ago +1

    Genius analysis, carefully structure, clear and relevant information. Best video about Watchman for me so far.

  • AliensComeback
    AliensComeback 3 days ago

    Watchmen is literally telling a story in which literally anyone can take any matter in their hands. It shows how anything alive sees itself, its species/genuses, and/or other life forms as value-potential (unlike Dr. Manhattan, who also lack human instincts).
    Everyone is different, some can sympathize with a mastermind who built a world out of conspiracies and lies, some can sympathize with people who accept life as it is, and some can even sympathize with someone who just sees anything as meaningless.
    As for me, I do sympathize with Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias, at least generally. I'm definitely against conspiracies, but I also want to live in my very, very, very, own world.

  • Melon Tusk
    Melon Tusk 2 years ago +3

    I've always thought of the smiley as a visual representation of Veidt's philosophical ideas, or consequentialism. The majority or most of the button is cheerful, while the few have to suffer (as alluded to by the tiny blood stain).

  • Tomás A-M
    Tomás A-M Year ago +1

    This is an amazing video man, these examinations of other famous franchises are wonderful!

  • Ivan Grynenko
    Ivan Grynenko 7 months ago +2

    Watchmen - just masterpiece. Even if you are far from graphic stories, perhaps you do not like a comic book as a form of art, it does not matter - you should get acquainted with this jewel of world literature! Among my loved ones and acquaintances, there are not a single person who would not like this graphic work.Everyone remained in a pleasant shock!
    Remembering, at one time, when I first saw the film, I did not understand it, that is, he drove me into a stupor ... But I can’t say that I did not like movie, no! (Many people with children simply left the cinema, of course, they did not understand, they were shocked that this is something else than a spiderman or avengers!). Subsequently, I returned to the directorial 3+ hour watch version of the film, and I was simply amazed at how beautiful and disgusting this created world is, how many allusions are on our earthly reality, how much tragedy in characters, how much action, how much fantasy and admiration! Since that time, I have been reviewing the movie many times when I was bored, or I did not know which movie to choose, "Watchmen " reassured me and pacified me! This is incredible if you also came to this!
    Later I got acquainted with the comic book.I was amazed as exactly Snyder passed the film in a compressed timing (with the exception of the finale) to change in the final, I treated with understanding. By the way, the recent TV show returned the originality of the ending) This is funny.
    In general, I read a comic book from a mobile device - it was perfect but inconvenient to consume content.Recently, I acquired the "The final edition" graphic book and this is just a masterpiece.I enjoy each page and in the end I can normally read text pages and explanations!

  • Psicopato
    Psicopato Year ago

    After hearing so much about these darker superheroes, I get the conclusion that it is totally possible to make stories about heroes for kids, that explore these same themes, like with Dr. Manhattan, Superman can't conect with people, but he used to be able to do that, he was a normal kid, a normal teenager, he knows why he should care about humans, because they cared about him first, same with Spiderman, he started protecting people after getting his powers, because he knows what's like to be powerless, these storys could make awesome series, and maybe with a character like Dr. Manhattan making contrast to these heroes, the storys would be even better, the series could also be for kids, and maybe even teach them about these things

  • DoodelBopGames
    DoodelBopGames 6 hours ago

    The saddest part was the newspaper vendor throughout the whole story talking about things happening in the world with the random guy reading who isnt paying attention to him. then they both talk for a minute realizing both of their names are bernie before dying to the giant psycic squid blast i almost cried

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    "So he fucked off and built a sandcastle." I laughed so damn hard

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    Dominic Manester Year ago +1

    I never understood Rorschach, why couldn't he just brutally punish Ozymandias without also bringing the world to ruin?
    He's no stranger to causing suffering, it would show him truly embracing the monster he was destined to become, turning his inner darkness against those most deserving.

  • Jake_the_Eagle
    Jake_the_Eagle 2 months ago +1

    I liked the film adaptiation, where Dr. M was seen as the evil uniting the world. He seems to be more eternally uniting than some squid, that you will probably get rid of at some point. So the plan may be short lived. And as we see in the real world, people are willing to set nations up against each other if it means they can cash in on the emotions - superiority, fear of the unknown, fear of change, feeling of justice under a biased perspective seemingly benefitting oneself. Neither corona nor the prospect of nuclear war are enough to unite the world these days. And honestly i see no difference between a nuclear war and a squid from outer space. But the latter may feel more just than simply stop hating each other.

  • Snark
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    He wasn't exaggerating when he said Alan Moore was a wizard. Man legit thinks he's a wizard. Lives in a castle too.

    • carlos wallace
      carlos wallace 7 months ago

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    • M K
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      BASED CAT 8 months ago


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      Some of the best stuff comes from the mentally unhinged.

    • Nikola Jevtic
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      @Inigo Bantok is that more weird than christianity or buddhism or flying spaghetti monster?

  • Andy Byrd
    Andy Byrd 8 months ago +3

    I disagree that Nite Owl and Silk Spectre 2 had a happy ending. It's heavily implied that Nite Owl doesn't really love Silk Spectre and is just living out a childhood crush he had on her mother.

  • Job Rodgers-Foster
    Job Rodgers-Foster 2 years ago +1

    Excellent video !!! 1 of my favorite comic-books of all-time , also , based on results , 1 of the greatest , THE WATCHMEN has influenced & inspired SO MANY comic-book stories (Kingdom Come , The Civil War , Marshal Law & countless others) that imitate either the main plot-point (the morality question of killing in order to save) or more commonly : the analysis of what it would be like to have super-heroes & super-powered beings in the real world , the relationship & dynamic the supers would have with humans at large , government agencies , etc. ... I appreciate you doing this !!! Would you like to do 1 about V FOR VENDETTA or even MARSHAL LAW ??? please , I insist that you do !!! Thank you !!!...

  • James Kelly
    James Kelly Year ago

    This was excellent. I am a casual comic fan and got around to the reading The Watchmen in my 30's. My overall take away from it is that I HATED the Ozymandias plot. It seemed like a silly thing to put in such a serious work. I think the part I missed was the point of including Owlman and Scarlet Specter II. I saw them as an indictment of how useless Daredevil type heroes would be and that they were just seduced back into the lifestyle - because regular life is hard. Bringing in the theme of the importance of fantasy helps explain why these elements are there. It also makes sense, given who Alan More is and what he believes. Still think the Cthulhu thing sucks, but I do feel better about it now.

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      Love that dulcet tone of his voice!! It's so reassuring. Think I have a Pavlovian association with it.. mainly Westworld but Game of Thrones theory videos as well.
      Hopefully you guys have plans on covering the new season of Westworld!!

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    CmlDexter Year ago

    The thing about how Ozymandias is that he knew that there was no stopping each nation from blowing each other up. I think one big missed point, imagine the after damage from the nuclear fallout. The explosion in the movie or the squid-alien in the comic did far less damage with the same outcome.

  • J M
    J M Month ago

    What has always confused me about Dr. Manhattan is his change in perspective over humanity. If he witnesses the future before it happens, then how can he possibly accept any alternatives? Is this suggesting the universe is inherently impossible to predict, or is he letting himself go to madness?

  • daurkgüv
    daurkgüv 6 months ago

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    This comic is a masterpiece of human literature

    • Miguel Angel Morales Jimenez
    • DI O
      DI O Year ago

      @Valentín Álvarez No people do get it. It’s just the writer Alan Moore during interviews called fans of Rorschach “childish” implying that either he has one serious disconnect between fans and people in general OR he leans more on the side of Ozymandias and Dr. Manhattan in which he still has a major disconnect between fans and people in general.

    • Valentín Álvarez
      Valentín Álvarez Year ago

      @DI O The point is that Ozymandias didnt save anything and that rorschach is a sociopath, but people dont get it

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  • 3xoticG4m3r
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  • NeverWorkTV
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    Another significant thematic aspect of the smiley is its connection with utilitarianism. As mentioned in the video, utilitarianism is the philosophical framework Ozymandias uses to justify killing millions to save billions. The primary principle of utilitarianism is to always maximise the net amount of pleasure for the net number of people, no matter the consequences; so the smiley could also represent Adrian Veidt's end goal, while the blood smeared across it represents his means of achieving it.

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  • Jas Bataille
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    Watchmen is so important because it establishes every modern American characters we see in films like Pulp Fiction, and darker hero films of today : The serious nut-case, the depressed mid-40's dude and his wife getting so bored they go bonkers, the super-powerful egomaniac, the genius who could help everyone but doesn't care anymore because he's too cynical. You can apply this psychological cast, or at least a significant part of it to just about any "dark" American work of fiction after Watchmen. Also, it's a shame you didn't do a spoiler alert for the Giant squid. I remember turning the page when that happened, 3am, on my toilet seat, and it felt like the world stood still as I was crying for 3 minutes straight. It's intense af. Never had this experience not even from my favorite movie...! But to be fair it does hit at quite a surprising moment (at least it did for me) so I guess you don't really know when it's coming even if you do know that it is.
    One of the most defining work of the late 19th century. Paved the way for Tarantino and others...

  • Pavlo Babiolakis
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    Well done Alt Shift...excellent unmatched analysis!

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    HBO: Oh, Ok.

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    Brilliant work!!! You have put the story of the genius of Watchmen into the words I couldn't find. My favorite character was always Rorschach. But as I get older it is Adrain who I relate more and more to. Everything in life is grey, it is all opinion. Things are more black and white depending on our collective agreeableness. I still hate Adrain but maybe it's because we all want a simple black and white world. But the truth is the comic is as relevant today as it was on release. The problem with the world is every issue is simplified into black and white. Politics is blue or red. Every agenda is this side vs. that side. The media do this as it's easy and digestible as everything is simplified. But the truth mostly always resides in the middle of the point. There are 100000 points of view to every issue but society simplifies them all into 2 camps. I believe that is why as painful as it was to see Rorschach's death as fitting. He can not exist in a world which is grey and it tears him apart.

  • NME
    NME 6 months ago

    This was the best and cleanest watchmen videos ever. Made me question a lot of things but I’ve always wondered why the “Watchmen” is us who are watching the character’s life play out or are we a kind of god who are amused by these characters whose lives are so insignificant in the big picture they are like ants

  • NME
    NME 6 months ago

    This was the best and cleanest watchmen videos ever. Made me question a lot of things but I’ve always wondered why the “Watchmen” is us who are watching the character’s life play out or are we a kind of god who are amused by these characters whose lives are so insignificant in the big picture they are like ants

  • Mr. Moon The Goon

    A wonderful, unbiased overview in the best way possible

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    He breaks peoples fingers to get information.
    And eats other people’s beans
    “The mad man”

    • Aziz Azhar
      Aziz Azhar 2 years ago

      In the final episode of HBO's Watchmen, there's this scene where Sister Night tries to gain information from one of the Rorscach army by breaking his fingers one by one. It's a little details but I like that

    • Green Cross
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      Batman fears him

    • Mahmoud Bedja Boana
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      Well in doomsday clock Rorschach barges into Wayne manor and eat Batman's pancakes, that is fucked up

  • NotJay163
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    I'm not sure if this was intended but the movie scene where they show Rorshach's dead body looks a lot like when a human steps on an ant.

  • Traumatic Train
    Traumatic Train Year ago +1

    I recently finished reading Watchmen, this video helped me understand it better and I realized about some things I hadn't before.

  • Blanch Joe
    Blanch Joe 2 years ago

    Watchman is perhaps the most complex and revealing exploration of conventional human relationship to each other, and the world, of any story, comic to date. While comics were, for the most part, an entertainment vehicle for adolescent boys living in the first world, and as such the story content was based upon simple concepts such as the feeling of power, good and evil, and the identification of the reader with the Hero, in other words a simplified Ayn Randian construct.
    Watchman takes ordinary human qualities of desire, power, suffering, love, and fear and expands their applications, and more importantly their implications, and via that extension, what is perceived is complex, disturbing, and as dangerous as what is called, in the conventional and ordinary world "The News".
    What Watchmen exemplifies is not what humans are capable of, for this is a historical certainty, what it exemplifies is what human beings ( as they exist ) "Lack", and they lack the ability to step away from unconscious and habitual proclivities that no amount of money, desire, power, or seeking can relieve.
    Watchman is an expose of a lack of a Real Wisdom in ordinary human relationships, both to themselves, and to everything else. Watchmen is an expose of the lack of the simple ability to be present, sustained, happy, devoted, and as peace at any moment.

  • greenaum
    greenaum Year ago

    You might also notice at the end of the book, the smiley T-shirt splashed with ketchup on Seymour's chest. If it was a clock, the ketchup hands would say 5 to 12, ie 11:55. There's lots and lots of reflections of the 5 to 12 idea all through the book. I've owned the book for 20 years and STILL, STILL notice new connections I missed! It's insane how much is in there! And I'm on the lookout to spot these things, yet still they can pop up years later. One day I might start a list.

  • Adam Atom
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    Just wanted to let you know, I showed this video to my wife just before starting the HBO series, and after your video concluded, she applauded joyfully.
    Good analysis bro.

  • Radu
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    Question - going back to the end of the comic book/movie on how Rorschach leaves a letter to the reporter and it's "all in your hands now". If Dr Manhattan knows past,present and future - he also knew about it from the start? Why did he not exterminate Rorschach earlier in the book or better yet prevent it from the start (prevent the comedian"s death)? Also, if he knows the future, why is he still disappointed (provided he does not have human emotions) and leaves the world to populate another planet/galaxy, where people will probably do what they do best - build and destroy? Does he still have hope in humanity or is this a paradox of his human side that we see in the working?

  • Agora
    Agora Year ago

    I think the comparison between Rorschach and Batman are spot on especially when you recall that Steve Ditko was a Batman fan, I believe they were the first comics he read

  • Darwin Aguilero
    Darwin Aguilero Year ago

    I would love to see you explain the button and all the buildup of Manhattan in the DC universe all the way up until Doomsday Clock. I’m personally big fan of the run. Maybe even the before watchmen issues?

  • N. Bruce
    N. Bruce Month ago

    “Was I right in the end?”
    “Nothing ever ends”
    I took that to mean Adrian’s plan would not succeed in the long term. He killed 3 million people and all he guaranteed was a delayed war.

    『PURPLE HAZE』 6 months ago +3

    An important thing to note about Watchmen’s approach to realism is that, contrary to what its name suggests, it’s not an accurate representation of reality. It’s an accurate representation of what reality would be like with superheroes. Yet a good chunk of the dark edgelord shit inspired by it fundamentally misses that point.

    • 1v9
      1v9 3 months ago

      The Boys were good for a while precisely until they kept going in line with the "realistic dark edgelord shit". As soon as they decided to go full on Supernatural mode, we got the ending of S3

  • Shannon S
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