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Demi Lovato - Heart Attack (Rock Version) (Lyric Video)

  • Published on Mar 22, 2023
  • Stream “Heart Attack (Rock Version)” Out Now: DemiLovato.lnk.to/HeartAttack...
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    Production Company: Teammate
    Producer: Katie Czerwinski
    Director: Cynthia Parkhurst
    #DemiLovato #HeartAttackRockVersion #HeartAttack
    Music video by Demi Lovato performing Heart Attack (Rock Version / Lyric Video). © 2023 DLG Recordings, LLC, under exclusive license to Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Comments • 4 999

    YEAH JOW! 2 months ago +14140

    The fact that she made this song even HARDER to sing with this version it's so impressive

    • Paris Throne
      Paris Throne 2 months ago +51

      It isss

    • Bray Acapella
      Bray Acapella 2 months ago +28


    • Aiden
      Aiden 2 months ago +435

      @Bray Acapella She goes by she/her as well. Stop being that person.

    • Destini Watson
      Destini Watson 2 months ago +6


    • Gail A.
      Gail A. 2 months ago +161

      @Aiden No, YOU are being that person. Some people missed Demi’s pronoun update, and there is no need to be rude about it.

  • Sammi Spellman
    Sammi Spellman 2 months ago +2042

    okay but hear me out..... a whole album of demis greatest hits turned rock?!!!!! we need it

  • Bass pro Mom
    Bass pro Mom Month ago +899

    Demi’s voice is honestly meant for a harder sound than mainstream pop.

    • scream 🖤
      scream 🖤 Month ago +32

      i think she should sing metal songs

    • Jasper Valery
      Jasper Valery 24 days ago +21

      It's her incredible vocal fry

    • Metal Head 🗣️
      Metal Head 🗣️ 13 days ago +10

      She needs to go metalcore

    • Chansa Kabuswe
      Chansa Kabuswe 10 days ago +2

      It definitely is

    • Alfredo Gonzalez
      Alfredo Gonzalez 10 days ago +1

      Sadly is not what sell the most 😞 29 is just such a great song with a hard subject and mainstream did not put it were it deserves to be

  • Nagita
    Nagita Month ago +170

    She's made for rock. Plain and simple.

  • Nicole L
    Nicole L 15 days ago +76

    A few things demi will always do:
    1. Slay with insane vocals
    2. Give 100% energy for every performance
    3. Look BEAUTIFUL

  • ONΞX
    ONΞX 2 months ago +468

    notice how the beat pattern from the bass drum is fast and steady (the nervousness of being around that person) and as soon as the “heart attack chorus” hits the kick drum beats go unpredictably insane (like your heart would during a heart attack) -in other words, the kick drum IS the heartbeat!!!
    I fucking love it

  • Elizabeth Rose
    Elizabeth Rose 2 months ago +4698

    proud of her for re-recording this! it’s such a powerful song

    • Xandra Farrar
      Xandra Farrar 2 months ago +22

      *they. Demi goes by they/them

    • Crunch
      Crunch 2 months ago +162

      @Xandra Farrar heard they go by she/they now ^^

    • UnePomme DePain
      UnePomme DePain 2 months ago +16

      @Xandra Farrar not anymore.

    • Amdyblade
      Amdyblade 2 months ago +7

      @UnePomme DePainjust confirmed. As of August

    • 06 BiG8PE
      06 BiG8PE 2 months ago +51

      @Xandra Farrar No one cares

  • K3L
    K3L 15 days ago +47

    Ok this song as a rock version was meant to be. The lyrics, the high notes, the whole vibe just makes sense. I’m glad Demi released this

    • Sandy
      Sandy 13 days ago

      Cool for the summer rock version is even better

  • Vicky & Alice
    Vicky & Alice 2 months ago +284

    I need a whole rock album of her classic songs

  • Fallofatlantis
    Fallofatlantis 2 months ago +341

    WE FINALLY HAVE THE ROCK VERSION WE DESERVED. I always said that this song (as well as Demi) was destined for rock.

  • Day Dreams
    Day Dreams 26 days ago +30

    It's absolutely insane how right this sounds. Like even the disconnect between the hard instrumentals to the fluttery, crush feelings of the lyrics. I am obsessed

  • toxicsugar art
    toxicsugar art 2 months ago +181

    I never liked this song, but I’ve always loved her voice and it sounds so cool with the rock vibe. Is that where her new music is going? I’d be so hype if so.

    • Shaun Music
      Shaun Music 2 months ago +17

      Her latest album was like this.

    • Sandy
      Sandy Month ago +3

      listen to holy fvck its all songs like this

    • Kyra Dillard
      Kyra Dillard 21 day ago +1

      Why don't u like the song

  • Jasmin Hagan
    Jasmin Hagan 2 months ago +3704

    we need a rock version of all of demi’s songs, this is too good

    • Starr Dean
      Starr Dean 2 months ago +13


    • IJ Montano
      IJ Montano 2 months ago +9

      Totally agreee with you!

    • Holly Jackson
      Holly Jackson 2 months ago +4


    • Percy Aaron
      Percy Aaron 2 months ago +3

      One thousand percent YEAS

    • Manifest Dej
      Manifest Dej 2 months ago +42

      Yea imagine Stone Cold being a rock ballad 😍

  • dany pluto
    dany pluto 2 months ago +56

    The fact that she recorded all the background vocals too just shows how much she loves her new rock music I love it so much 😭♥️

  • phantom
    phantom 2 months ago +65

    They should've never stopped making this kind of music. I know they were in a dark place back then, but their first album was a banger. This is the right genre for their voice.

  • Rxdiioactive
    Rxdiioactive 14 days ago +14

    These rock versions are EVERYTHING!!! YES PLEASE!!

  • Trinity13
    Trinity13 9 days ago +1

    She’s literally phenomenal 😭😭🔥🔥 her voice is made for this sound!!

  • Tina 2900
    Tina 2900 2 months ago +57

    I didn't know that I needed a rock version of Heart Attack, but I needed it, we all did 😭
    And I love the fact that you can hear how much she improved since the original Heart Attack💕

  • gumbi
    gumbi 2 months ago +2177

    Demi's voice is undeniably perfect for rock

  • Mickey Hart
    Mickey Hart 11 days ago +8

    Ok. This confirms it. This is the way Demi Lovato was always meant to be heard. I want Rock Covers of every single damn one of her songs, even the ones I don't really like. 'Cause this makes me think they will just be elevated to so much more.

  • Hillary Cabrera
    Hillary Cabrera 11 days ago +1

    Brutal. Más versiones como esta por favor!!!

  • lonelyplanet
    lonelyplanet  2 months ago +48

    This is just. Wow. I think we can all agree she has really blown us away this time.

  • S
    S 10 days ago +1

    I’m obsessed with this version. It just makes to do a rock version for this song. She shines so bright in this genre. It is as If her voice was designed for rock music.

  • Tiago Freitas
    Tiago Freitas 13 days ago

    It's really nice that Demi is making this rock versions with new vocals, they sound really good!

  • Yoshhhhh
    Yoshhhhh 2 months ago +2106

    Literally grew up with this song, hearing it nearly 10 years later as a rock song is probably one of coolest things I ever could've asked for. This sounds CRAZY good, and the vocals are somehow even more impressive than they were before 🔥🔥🔥

    • George P. Bourey
      George P. Bourey 2 months ago +12

      I appreciate the open mind from you. This coming from someone who favors the og version of this, but absolutely loves the 80s and 90s, haha!

    • Heverton Mendes Silva
      Heverton Mendes Silva Month ago +1

      ​ 😊

  • Reno Wrrst
    Reno Wrrst 2 months ago +80

    My dream version of Heart Attack actually exists. Thank you Demi, I'm so happy for that🖤

  • KatieSparkles
    KatieSparkles 8 days ago

    I am also obsessed with this version! Once again it’s as if it was meant to be this way all along. ❤❤❤

  • Lola beth
    Lola beth 11 days ago +1

    Originality at its best. I always admire how you let Hollywood know that you will never conform to be some one you’re not. We love you

  • Holly Winter
    Holly Winter Month ago +6

    Oh my days this is literally all that will play on my Spotify for the next 6 months ❤ always knew you smash a rock band. I've literally been listening to a rock cover for years, now I have the real ting ❤❤

  • The PK Brothers - Inspire & Nature

    This was so inspiring. We will always look forward to your music and look after you. Take Care and Thank You for your music you are amazing you are a true inspiration

  • Alexandra Maria
    Alexandra Maria 2 months ago +2494

    I have to admit I got a little emotional listening to this. I grew up with demi and this song is and always has been one of my favorites. I wish I were a kid again but I love that she recreated one of my childhood songs. I love it. 🥺❤️

    • XYDRO
      XYDRO 2 months ago +11

      girl same!! i'm over here crying at 330 am 😭 ts turned out so beautiful and she put so much emotion it

    • keeley Jarrett
      keeley Jarrett 2 months ago +5

      what i would do to go back to kid watching disney man 😩

    • Alexandra Maria
      Alexandra Maria 2 months ago +8

      @keeley Jarrett I knoooow she was literally my whole childhood 😭 I miss the old days on disney

    • Yasmine D
      Yasmine D 2 months ago +2

      Same 😢😢❤

    • ateez smn era
      ateez smn era 2 months ago +2

      Sameee 🥹

  • Robyn Childs
    Robyn Childs 15 days ago +6

    Literally obsessed with her voice... she is such a great singer

  • Nayara Barbosa barboza
    Nayara Barbosa barboza Month ago +12

    Eu não sabia q eu precisava ouvir heart attack versão rock, até ouvir... Confesso, virou a minha favorita ❤ amei

  • edurne80
    edurne80 2 months ago +8

    I’m loving even more this new rock side of Demi!!! Congratulations girl!!!

  • Anrike Barendrecht
    Anrike Barendrecht 16 days ago +7

    I was just reminiscing on all of her old pop rock albums and she put this out it's so awesome I love this

  • valeria montoya
    valeria montoya Month ago +1

    I love this version too much ❤️😍

  • MissyKrissyy
    MissyKrissyy 2 months ago +1075

    I’ve always said Demi’s voice was made for the rock genre!!!! LOVE ❤️

  • lady-braveheart
    lady-braveheart 2 months ago

    So in love with this version! Demi, you definitely belong in rock/punk. You are phenomenal!

  • now lomme
    now lomme 2 months ago +2

    I've been waiting for Demi rock era forever! Glad finally Demi make it true!!❤

  • Syasya Idy Razlan
    Syasya Idy Razlan 2 months ago +1

    THEY are amazing!!!! The vocals slay as usual ✨

  • JeJe Palmer
    JeJe Palmer 2 months ago +4

    3:16 the fact that she not only hit the original G#5, but replaced the F5 end note- which is already high, with ANOTHER G#5. Not only was it a G#5 but it was SUSTAINED. this woman is insane.

  • Konichiwa bitches!
    Konichiwa bitches! 2 months ago +45

    Heart attack já tinha uma pegada rock e com essa versão ficou ainda melhor. ❤

  • Raiden
    Raiden 2 months ago +983

    The high notes are even more insane here than in the original version. Crazy after so many years

  • William Figueroa
    William Figueroa 21 day ago +5

    What a beautiful song!! Demi Rocks⚡🤘🤘

  • thespiceoflife
    thespiceoflife 2 months ago +7

    More rock songs please!!! Your gorgeous voice was made for it demi!!!

  • art fairy 🧚‍♀️
    art fairy 🧚‍♀️ 2 months ago +1


  • Karolayne Vieira
    Karolayne Vieira 21 day ago +3

    Demi conseguiu melhorar ainda mais a música que já era uma das minhas preferidas com essa versão de heart attack em rock ❤❤😍

  • sexy potato
    sexy potato 2 months ago

    Can’t stop listening 🔥🖤👸🏻

  • ZombodyToLove
    ZombodyToLove 2 months ago +619

    This song was always meant to be rock 😍 I swear it’s how I’ve always imagined it to be.

  • Jack Shearer-Everhart
    Jack Shearer-Everhart Month ago +5

    I recently listened to both the old song and the new song. I still love both of them. It really shows Demi's emotional energy and her determination to hit these notes.
    Regarding the first one, the original heart attack song was nice. Over a decade later, and it still has that rush that a lot of fans can feel. Not only that, but it also has that nostalgia feel to it now. I truly believe that Demi Lovato will remain a legend for this song.
    Regarding the rock version, Demi has truly embraced her new sound, new look, and new life. It's something I truly, deeply appreciate. I love how she re-took Heart Attack, and turned it into something more spectacular to say the least. I have a feeling that Demi used to struggle with hitting the notes in the past. The thing that really sets me off, is not only did she hit the notes one more time. She hits a few higher notes as well. Forget pushing herself to the limit. I say that she's pushing herself past the limit, which is saying a lot. I can tell that as she sings the high notes, she's letting out some of her pain. I truly love the rock version better. But the original will always have a place in my heart.
    Honestly, demil Lovato has come a long way since her music career first took off. No one expects to be where they are now, but I think her younger self would be amazed to see what she's become.
    PS: Demi Lovato, if you're reading this, I want to say...
    Thank you for your commitment to your music. I love your songs and your voice. Please let me know the next time you're playing in Charlotte NC. I really want to see you in concert one day. Thank you.

  • Grace Cruise
    Grace Cruise Month ago

    you have an incredible voice demi❤

  • Ryian Woods
    Ryian Woods 2 months ago +9

    I thought I missed this masterpiece growing up only to find out it was just released. This made my day!

  • ug
    ug Month ago +1

    I love her since 2010s omg she's still my rolemodel

  • Taser9001
    Taser9001 Month ago +2

    So much better as a rock song. Lovato has an amazing rock voice.

  • Myck Araújo
    Myck Araújo 2 months ago +1544

    OMG! First of all, we thank you so much for re-recording Heart Attack for us. We know it's not easy for you to sing this song after all. But, Demi, I promise to give many views, share, ask for reactions, in short, do the impossible for this wonderful version to reach as many people as possible!

    • Reggie Mae Dizon
      Reggie Mae Dizon 2 months ago +25

      This is the spirit!!!🎉

    • Gerald Blu
      Gerald Blu 2 months ago +15

      In the former Nick's Tv show "School of Rock"this song had been covered by Breanna Yde, whose character was Tomika, and the rest of the kids !!! Tomika was a real Demi Lovato fan. Great to tell the original Demi recover her own song !! She should do a rock song featuring Breanna Yde(who's starting a singer career)!!😊

    • Blue-Charry
      Blue-Charry 2 months ago +3

      ​@Gerald Blu 😊

    • Sebastian Rangel
      Sebastian Rangel 2 months ago +22

      I honestly couldn’t even tell she re recorded it, she still sounds just as good!

    • Calvin
      Calvin 2 months ago +5

      What’s the tea, why is it hard for her to sing? Thanks for any info!

  • Melissa Murillo
    Melissa Murillo Month ago

    que voz mas impresionante! te amo Demi

  • Marie
    Marie 2 months ago +6

    We waited for so long for a rock version! Fuck yes it’s finally happened 😍 Demi your vocals sounds so good in this version 😊

  • Minilil chubb
    Minilil chubb 2 months ago +3

    Yes!!!! Actual chills!!! Love this! ❤️🌟

  • Engel Céline
    Engel Céline Month ago

    OMG so in love with this vibe and the energy in this work AWESOME

  • C K
    C K 2 months ago +4

    How the hell did I not know about this for two weeks! Demi always slays, but this rock version is the best. So good. I’m obsessed.

  • Thomas
    Thomas 2 months ago +205

    The fact that they actually re-recorded the song with even changed notes it’s so amazing

  • Puleen
    Puleen Month ago +6

    This version got me jamming like crazy in my room. Got eargasm, goosebumps and sent me my spirit back! This helps a lottttt after a hard and long cry, so let me thank you personaly!

  • Joanyse
    Joanyse 2 months ago +3

    Oh my god, This is absolutely amazing, I think we all knew Demi was good for rock, Im actually obsessed with this. AND the fact she decided to remake on the best songs to come out of the 2010’s

  • DR fam
    DR fam 26 days ago +1

    This song is my freaking one and only ,I love it sooo much.the rock version is my jam at the moment,its just sooooooooo fire!
    Edit:MOM IM FAMOUS!!!

  • Park Hoon
    Park Hoon 2 months ago

    I love this song so much..thank you for uploading this version

  • Shauna Michele
    Shauna Michele 25 days ago

    Get back and here we go again and two of Demi’s best “pop rock” songs and a remastered version of those would be soooooo good

  • Ganapathi Raja
    Ganapathi Raja 2 months ago +839

    I don’t blame Demi for doing this song. It’s my favorite song ten years ago. It shows the evolution of how the artist voice was teenaged and as they grow, their voice matures perfectly to who they once were. Demi I knew she wanted to perform pop-rock music. Hopefully, she can do some of her biggest songs.

    • Jaleigh Reann
      Jaleigh Reann 2 months ago +30

      I swear demi if you’re looking at this, i will sell you my kidney personally to come out with Here we go again rock version plz. My lil 9 yr old self will be healed

    • Simren Bajaj
      Simren Bajaj 2 months ago +1

      She wasn’t a teenager when she wrote it. She was 21.

    • citrusella flugpucker #nomoreCRAPtions
      citrusella flugpucker #nomoreCRAPtions 2 months ago +9

      @Simren Bajaj Demi couldn't have been 21 when it was written because it was released when they were 20. It also says from what I can find that it was written two years prior to release. (Also worth noting that it appears to have been written by someone else (who was not a teen when it was written), and then modified by Demi after a recording session that we don't seem to know the date of?)

    • Susannah Grace
      Susannah Grace 2 months ago

      It kinda sounds like they used the original vocals though… I know there is a change or two in a couple notes she sings but I honestly feel like they just used alternative takes from the first session

  • Angy Moreno
    Angy Moreno 2 months ago +3

    crying cuz i grew uphearing this song and although i didnt know it back then, i now know what this song really means to me and evokes in me. I went from thinking it was a heartbreak song and now I relate to it much more feeling confident in who i am and who i know i could be for someone else. thank u Demi

  • Sial Bhatti
    Sial Bhatti Month ago

    I am obsessed, this is what I needed from her. I’m in awe

  • Kathryne Adomeit
    Kathryne Adomeit Month ago

    This was how this was meant to be preformed ❤

  • unicorn jelly-fisch
    unicorn jelly-fisch 2 months ago +3


  • Alyssa Hurley
    Alyssa Hurley 2 months ago +839

    Damn. I don’t listen to Demi normally, but I am a huge sucker for rock, and I remember this song in the stores and on the radio. This has surpassed all expectations I had, and it’s so good!!

    • Aulia Hnf
      Aulia Hnf 2 months ago +21

      Check out her Holy Fvck album, it's rock and totally worth it

    • D Chapero
      D Chapero 2 months ago +7

      Same! I didn’t know who she was, until the algorithm opened my eyes to this track. Her vocals are so powerful.

    • Sandy
      Sandy 2 months ago +7

      Check out her latest album holy fvck its all rock youre gonna love it! I especially recommend “EAT ME”

    • D Chapero
      D Chapero 2 months ago +1

      Alyssa - I pay attention to small details. What is the symbol on your shirt? Wings?
      Genuinely curious. I’m a huge fan of human connection… even if I don’t know you. 🙂

    • Alyssa Hurley
      Alyssa Hurley 2 months ago +4

      @D Chapero Hello! I’m wearing the uniform for the National FFA Association. It’s an organization primarily for agriculture and wildlife based students, and is one of the largest student led organizations in the USA!

  • basedboy$enjoyer
    basedboy$enjoyer Month ago

    She got matured we got matured but one thing that didn't change is taste of music ❤

  • crashed19
    crashed19 Month ago +6

    She is absolutely amazing her vocals just get better and better i feel she doesnt get enough recognition and is so underrated when shes probably one of the best she should win awards yet people who dont sing half as good do. Its crazy. Ive listened to demi since the very beginning i love her ❤️

  • ABitSoupy
    ABitSoupy 12 days ago

    Ignoring the comments that obviously missed the memo, im just so happy that Demi is finally making the music we know that they were made for ❤

  • M. B.
    M. B. Month ago +1

    OMG THIS SLAPS SO HARD!!! The nostalgia 😭😭

  • Kyle Rucker
    Kyle Rucker Month ago +1

    Road to 50 million. U got this Demi. Let it Shine.

  • Jay C
    Jay C 2 months ago +645

    DONT EVER STOP with the rock music Demi! Fell in love with this song all over again.

  • sexy potato
    sexy potato 23 days ago


  • Kyra Dillard
    Kyra Dillard Month ago +1

    she sounds amazing she slays every time this is one of my top 10 favorite demi lovato songs

  • Anya Warrior
    Anya Warrior 2 months ago +2

    I've loved this song since I first heard it 4 years ago, and I am LOSING MY MIND. This is so good!!!!!! Fits my current music taste even better than the original, too. Ten years and a month after the original is perfect timing, too!

  • Ady Showers
    Ady Showers Month ago +10

    Her voice really suits rock genres so so well cause god damn she can SING!!!

    ASTER.N  2 months ago +3

    OMG YES!!!! She definitely needs to do more rock songs!!!

  • JG LS
    JG LS 2 months ago +640

    This sounds INCREDIBLE

  • slauthor draws
    slauthor draws 2 months ago +7

    i’ve always loved how this one showcases her voice’s strength and range

  • Filmser
    Filmser Month ago +4

    This version is FLAMEEESSS 🔥🔥🔥🔥Bravo! It totally reached new levels!

  • Ashly Flores
    Ashly Flores 2 months ago +7

    This song and "Yace - Understand” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together. I love you 💟

  • digthewarmth
    digthewarmth Month ago +2

    This version is amazing!

  • Exeulla Roblox
    Exeulla Roblox 8 days ago +2

    Man this is more better then I've listened even though she singed it again.

  • 𝓑𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪
    𝓑𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪 2 months ago +111

    I love how raw her vocals sound here. It’s like I’m in the studio with her

  • Insanity Virus
    Insanity Virus 2 months ago

    Feel like I'm 12 again, listening to this song again. Fucking amazing new version! Your voice is just perfect for rock! 💞🎶

  • Monica Ayu Widyani
    Monica Ayu Widyani Month ago +1

    This is masterpiece!!!🤩🤩

  • Lorena Kahlina
    Lorena Kahlina 2 months ago +4

    I NEEDED this !! 🖤🖤 Better than the original!

  • melip16
    melip16 9 days ago

    Ya la amaba en el 2013, 10 años después aún más... ah y a la canción también

  • Aiman Gul
    Aiman Gul Month ago +1

    I always thought I was a crazy person for loving this song as much as I did when it originally came out. But nope, this still slaps and Demi is LOVE still. 😭❤️

  • Payton Samuels
    Payton Samuels 2 months ago +182

    It's been 10 years... This sounds just as good now as it was then!!!

  • Bayleigh Austin
    Bayleigh Austin Month ago +1


  • Lizzie
    Lizzie Month ago +1

    okay but can we have more of these because this is amazing been a long time fan of you Demi but im rocking to this in my car and my kids love it also

    BRUNEZA 2 months ago +6

    demi is a incredible artist

  • Ellen Hilgemberg
    Ellen Hilgemberg Month ago +1

    Demi sendo lendária desde sempre, obrigada pelo privilégio de ser sua fã!! ❤