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Israel Adesanya Post-Fight Press Conference | UFC 281

  • Published on Nov 12, 2022
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  • monogod
    monogod 2 months ago +4609

    I am not fan of Adesanya at all but I couldnt just ignore the fact that he is a really great fighter/athlete. Not only is he incredibly active (3 title defences in 9 months), but he also does not choose easy fights, never pulls out of a fight, always makes weight, never cheats during fights (eye pokes, groin shots never fakes those too). He is in UFC just 4 years but already built a legacy worth hall of fame. Truly an incredible individual, maybe some of his fights werent as exciting as we would like them to be but it is what it is. Thank you Izzy for all you've done so far. I started to appreciate what you've done only after you lost. 😢

    • PatricioDeLaRosa
      PatricioDeLaRosa Month ago


    • Chris St Clair
      Chris St Clair 2 months ago

      How can you not be A FAN after what you wrote so well.

    • rasyay
      rasyay 2 months ago

      @Unconscious Marty he literally has 1 of the highest amounts of tkos in ufc history tho🙅

    • Domni
      Domni 2 months ago

      So i guess im confused. What dont you like about him then?

    • john macy
      john macy 2 months ago

      great but not the greatest

  • Sega Genesis Evangelion
    Sega Genesis Evangelion 2 months ago +197

    "what a life, what a moment" this is someone really staying mindful and grateful, most people's egos wouldn't let them be appreciative in this moment but he recognizes how exciting and dramatic his journey has been and continues to be. this is all part of his story and he's not defeated for good. he gave his opponent his flowers and still holding his head high.

    • john macy
      john macy 2 months ago +1

      interesting how he was blaming his leg when his chin was the reason the fight was stopped

    • Enrico Belger
      Enrico Belger 2 months ago

      Und weil er so achtsam ist, trägt er gleich mal einen Pelz...

  • Galen Hogg
    Galen Hogg 2 months ago +201

    The type of post loss interview you can and should respect from a great champion. Gave props to his opponent and lost gracefully. Can't wait to see the reaction and learning he'll do from this loss. Team Izzy all the way!

    • Bobby Bobstar
      Bobby Bobstar 5 hours ago +1


    • drew jenn
      drew jenn 2 months ago +1

      He made excuses claimed that the fight was stopped early. He said he was lucid and could've finished the round.😄 The only props he gave to the man that beat him 3 times, was somewhat backhanded about catching him on the nerve. He'll get smoked again.

      XENIX NATION 2 months ago

      @12monkey that’s just pure hate.

    • 12monkey
      12monkey 2 months ago

      I’m so glad he finally lost

    • The Roadents
      The Roadents 2 months ago

      A question for a member of Team Izzy: What's your opinion of Izzy dry-humping a downed opponent?

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson 2 months ago +275

    He's a winner in life no doubt. His definition of loss is not the same as the vast majority of people. Just being in that cage, winning or losing, is a huge victory.

  • Stax
    Stax 2 months ago +58

    No matter what happened, you can’t take anything away from what he’s already achieved. Dudes a real warrior

    • Joeybabbs .BABBS
      Joeybabbs .BABBS 18 days ago

      @L F so true finally got a real opponent

    • Silver K
      Silver K Month ago +2

      @L F costas is short? Blachovich is short? Sounds like your memory is just short clown casual 🤣🤣😂

    • L F
      L F Month ago +2

      Fighting short opponents lol till He met his match 😂😂😂

  • SymSymah
    SymSymah 2 months ago +3868

    Damn. Izzy is taking the loss better than me😂

    • Tony Bon
      Tony Bon Month ago

      Hell yeah

    • Very Cool
      Very Cool Month ago

      @John Brooks clean out a bunch of trash. Get real 😂 He had the weakest era. Couldn't even ko old men like Silva and actually running from yoel 😂

      XENIX NATION 2 months ago

      @draconfir then he pretending very well. That shows better control of emotion if that not his actual reaction

    • Chris Nyoike
      Chris Nyoike 2 months ago


    • Shtiëlgë Von Beec
      Shtiëlgë Von Beec 2 months ago

      @ZoraIdeale404 obviously, I like Whittaker, costa, and vettori 20x more than I like Izzy but if they give any of them the shot before him it’s extremely disrespectful on the UFC’s part

  • meiyou
    meiyou 2 months ago +217

    This dude, is so calm and confident, no matter the outcome of his fights. He appears always being in control of his emotions. Huge respect!

    • Alex Gris
      Alex Gris Month ago

      @JosephGetsCte lol how was he in denial?

    • Michael
      Michael 2 months ago

      @JosephGetsCte And thats why we said "control his emotions", thats the hardest part.

    • JosephGetsCte
      JosephGetsCte 2 months ago

      @Wabuyi Richard denial

    • Wabuyi Richard
      Wabuyi Richard 2 months ago +1

      @JosephGetsCte a person in denial would be making excuses. Izzy just gave Pereira flowers for what he did best 🤦

    • Hish D. Retsu
      Hish D. Retsu 2 months ago +1

      @Haych listen loser, I live in reality, izzy lost not once, not twice but THREE TIMES. Your black fighter that you worship your father got TKO'ed plain and simple 👌😴🤣

  • 101commentary
    101commentary 2 months ago +33

    I was gutted when he lost. He's been such an incredible champion, and to be winning so convincingly and get finished in the 5th was heartbreaking. I still back him, and I still think the comeback will be tremendous.

    • Ralph Hammer
      Ralph Hammer 2 months ago

      @The Realist In The Boot88 No more boring title fights

    • The Realist In The Boot88
      The Realist In The Boot88 2 months ago

      He'll never be champion again while Alex is still in the UFC.

    • kelby ford
      kelby ford 2 months ago

      felt the same way lmaooo seems like his fans took the loss worse than he did

  • Heikki Pankki
    Heikki Pankki 2 months ago +30

    Respect to this man. To any and all athletes competing in sports- THIS is how you handle a loss

  • Des Mar
    Des Mar Month ago

    If he looks at the video footage then He should realize that it was a good call to stop the fight. As a fighter, he can never admit that. He has to show strength even in defeat. Israel is a fighter, period. Alex is a fighter, period. What happened here is so simple that it is easy to miss. when you've got a lot to lose, you tend to mess up because you panic. when you've got everything to gain, you fight like you've got nothing to lose. Alex is stronger than Israel but I do believe Israel is the better fighter. Real smart of him to show face after the fight. He has courage. Fight could've gone either way. It was a crazy good fight with a ton of hype behind it. It was freakin good.

  • The Ins And Outs Podcast
    The Ins And Outs Podcast 2 months ago +38

    What a guy!!!
    Such a good role model for people.
    Holds his head high in defeat and gives props to the winner. Even in the interview address all media by their name. Shows so much respect

  • Peter Cruz
    Peter Cruz 2 months ago +58

    What an humble, intelligent and self-aware reaction to a champions's loss.
    I rate this dude ngl

  • hipnoticheadnotic
    hipnoticheadnotic 2 months ago +76

    His positivity after a loss stands out. That takes lots of inner strength.

    • Qwerty 123
      Qwerty 123 2 months ago


    • haurg
      haurg 2 months ago +3

      He is dying inside.

  • Ruben Alvarado
    Ruben Alvarado 2 months ago +56

    "It's not over, this is still war" Only a true warrior would say that. Much respect. This rivalry reminds me of Roy Jones and Antonio Tarver. For some reason, Antonio always had RJJ's number even though you knew RJJ was the better fighter.

    • Elias Ekstrom
      Elias Ekstrom 2 months ago

      Only me who were exremly satisfied when he lost? What the hell is going on in the comment section :S He is humble god now? The dude has been a giant douchebag since he appeared in ufc.

    • Lil Don
      Lil Don 2 months ago

      S T F U Poatan is the better fighter. Time to face facts, fanboy.

    • Barry Rodgers
      Barry Rodgers 2 months ago +4

      😄 haha 3.0 to Alex
      It's not war, it's 3 beatings in a row.
      Dosen't even justify a rematch.
      Though if there is a rematch, Alex will smash him harder and put him out cold.. just to make sure there is no shit talk from big mouth after.

    • Nightingale
      Nightingale 2 months ago +4

      For sure is over!

    • Cecil denton
      Cecil denton 2 months ago +3

      amazing observation i 100% agree izzy is fs the better all around fighter but just has bad luck with him i see

  • Hangry
    Hangry 2 months ago +1571

    Both Izzy and Usman took their losses like real champions! Respect to both of them

    • Emi d
      Emi d 4 days ago

      @Meme Bro lol this didn't age well I guess you don't know how ufc works they will be a 4th fight

    • Eric Chen
      Eric Chen 29 days ago

      @Meme Bro he was a very dominant champ at MW and will get an instant title rematch straight away.

    • Eric Chen
      Eric Chen 29 days ago

      @Meme Bro no he isn’t, he is 0-1 against Alex Pereira, kickboxing has nothing to do with the ufc. Ufc is mma.

    • Fairweather Trains
      Fairweather Trains Month ago

      @The truth not sure if anybody has clarified for you but I think Francis is from Cameroon 🇨🇲 I know what you mean though

    • Nick Botic
      Nick Botic 2 months ago

      @Meme Bro Lol wow, whatever the opposite of simping for Izzy is, that's exactly what you're doing.

  • OBEY
    OBEY 29 days ago +1

    Being humble and still with gratitude after a defeat is so good to see and the sign of a true warrior. His record speaks for itself at 23-2-0.
    It's truly incredible, an actual super-human feat that he managed to defend his belt for as long as he did with all of the talent in the UFC today.
    I have no doubt that he will reclaim the belt again sometime in the future but I'd doubt he will hold it for so long again next time around because there is just too much competition in this weight class with so many potential champions.
    Literally, anyone within the top 10 can beat everyone on the day. There's always an element of good luck and bad luck at this level of the game.
    I can't see anyone holding this belt for this long again. Well, not for a very long time anyway. Not until someone comes along who is about 25% - 30% better than everyone else. Just like Izzy was when he first claimed the belt.
    BTW, I love the dapper pimp coat he has on. It looks like a lions mane. I bet this coat costs more than my bloody car, probably my house too. Not everyone can pull off a look like that. You need a big personality to bop out in a big coat like that. HaHa

  • mohamadou bah
    mohamadou bah 2 months ago +4

    I really like the respect he gives to the interviewers and the way he carried himself with dignity. Kudos to him

  • Charles Douglas
    Charles Douglas 2 months ago +44

    Honestly, I've always liked him as a person/man and a fighter, but I was not expecting that type of illustration of class following such a major defeat. Kudos to him.

  • zenseijay
    zenseijay 2 months ago +4

    Brilliant fight. Can't wait to see them run this back. Beautiful performance from Israel for 4.5 rounds. Astonishing resolve and power shown by Alex. Thank you, gentlemen.

    NETSHAEK 2 months ago +855

    I respect adesanya so much for doing the interviews like this after a loss, the first thing I wanted to know after the loss is what he made of it and how he felt and I didn't have to sit and wait and wonder for 4 or 5 days like other athletes after a loss. He also isn't complaining, he gives credit and evaluates facts not how people feel.

    • Lee Parnell
      Lee Parnell 2 months ago +2

      everyone in the ufc does interviews shortly after their fights, win or lose, there's nothing special about izzy doing it. just look at the other losers on the 181 card, they all did interviews many of them longer than this one

    • future
      future 2 months ago +1

      @Jiri Izzy is clearly more skilled than AP....0-3!

    • Jiri
      Jiri 2 months ago

      AP has a HW sized head and cuts extreme weight for a size advantage. Izzy is clearly more skilled, but AP almost kills himself cutting 45 pounds to ensure an extreme structure advantage.

    • DP
      DP 2 months ago

      @lunaticz0r hahaha. Not how it works. If his head hurt he would go to the hospital in an ambulance. There's no getting out of the obligations

    • parker letterman
      parker letterman 2 months ago

      @ii_007 he was arguably up 4-0 he just got caught by one of the best strikers on earth lmao

  • iclark2400
    iclark2400 2 months ago +7

    Thank you Izzy for all you've done so far in the UFC. I started to appreciate what you've done only after you lost, congrats to new champ Alex Pereira and looking forward to the rematch

    • AceTheo
      AceTheo 2 months ago

      No you didn't your just a fake fan.
      One of the people wanting him to lose every fight

    • The Roadents
      The Roadents 2 months ago

      Remember to thank him for dry-humping a downed opponent.

  • Dylan Lewis
    Dylan Lewis Month ago +1

    If Izzy spent more time training and less time painting his nails..he would have had a better fight..

  • BranNew’
    BranNew’ Month ago

    I’d get an Orangutan fur coat too, if I could afford one.
    That’s boss level

  • Peter Vang
    Peter Vang 2 months ago +18

    “Keep the same energy”. He’s Humbled in a loss and kept his cool. I’m a New fan of this guy.

  • Jirrell J.
    Jirrell J. 2 months ago +3910

    Sucks that he had such a great performance and lost in a similar fashion to their 2nd fight. Congrats to Alex, respect to Israel for taking the loss like a true champ. Def a legend 💯

    • littlethuggie
      littlethuggie 2 months ago +1

      That's why people kept mentioning Alex's power late in the fight and Iz keeps saying it's not a big deal lol

    • The Roadents
      The Roadents 2 months ago

      It doesn't suck for Alex fans or fans of human decency.

    • Jivenchy Jivenchy
      Jivenchy Jivenchy 2 months ago

      @Larry Tate izzy is the better striker and now a better wrestler he is always up until Alex power come to play that’s what makes him dangerous is his power that’s it he has power from rd1 to rd5 and amazing stamina with a strong mentality which is a champion mentality

    • Papi Draco
      Papi Draco 2 months ago +1

      @Klefthoof Robert Leon won the first round and had specifically been practicing that head kick throughout all of camp I'd hardly call that lucky.

    • shaun greenfield
      shaun greenfield 2 months ago

      @DZ except adasanya wasn't kicking anyone's sss. The fight was brought to him every round. Not so much in the 4th. And there is no way that the fight shouldn't have been stopped when it was. Izxies head was down and he was dazed and open to huge shots. Alex would have done major damage had it been allowed to continue.

  • Cole Kinser
    Cole Kinser 2 months ago +37

    What a true champ. I’m not his biggest fan but with his fight schedule, never ducking title challengers, unique style/athleticism, entertaining fight lead ups, as well as being humble enough to come out after losing the crown. Cant ask for more out of a champ.

    • Elias Ekstrom
      Elias Ekstrom 2 months ago +1

      Humble? were did you get that from? You think Hitler was funny too?

    • R
      R 2 months ago

      not anymore

  • DannyChampion 🏆
    DannyChampion 🏆 2 months ago +27

    He had Alex out on his feet AGAIN. Saved by the bell AGAIN.

    • Tyler White
      Tyler White 2 months ago +1

      wdym again alex knocked him out 3 times lmao

  • Peregrine Falcon
    Peregrine Falcon 2 months ago +13

    Wow. 1st time I'm listening to him speak. He's got the heart of a warrior, humble yet resilient.

  • dylan stack
    dylan stack 2 months ago

    Respect to Izzy for having so much perspective in this moment and for acting like a Champion his whole career.

  • Terryl Bell
    Terryl Bell 2 months ago +13

    Mad Respect for this interview. Handled it with great class and sportsmanship. 🙃😎✌️.

  • 멸망
    멸망 2 months ago +18

    Even you lost, you look champion. what a speech . Such a grateful moment for MMA fans. You are always worrior Izzy. Lets go

  • MrValrow
    MrValrow 2 months ago

    Very classy 👏🏼 a true professional, even when he lost he carries himself in as a pro.

  • Ghetto Baby Muzik
    Ghetto Baby Muzik 2 months ago +7

    After hearing his interview I hope the winner carried himself with as much respect as Izzy… A real CLASS ACT!! Much love bruh 🤝🏾

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf 2 months ago +635

    3rd fight in 10 months. That's pretty damn impressive how active he is.
    This is the first time where I think they should run it back. Give Izzy the first chance at getting back his belt! He deserves it

    • Karim
      Karim 2 months ago

      @Professional Shittalker 23 to 0 likes says otherwise

    • AGkizzy
      AGkizzy 2 months ago

      @Top Kingz the point is he won the 4th he was more active. Also are u seriously gonna act like Alex decisively won the second????😭 bullshit they traded all round Alex just pressured him a bit more

    • AGkizzy
      AGkizzy 2 months ago

      @Top Kingz doesn’t work like that. If kickboxing is mma then Alex would’ve lost the second fight and that’s a fact. Standing count in kickboxing is a stoppage in mma. Got u on this one😭

    • AGkizzy
      AGkizzy 2 months ago

      @Top Kingz yet another reason why the difference between the 2 sports matters. Dana is smart. He’s not gonna feed Alex to the lions. He would get fucked up on the ground by any good wrester

    • AGkizzy
      AGkizzy 2 months ago

      @Top Kingz if Izzy goes out there and stops Alex that doesn’t prove anything because we understand they both have the ability to do so. Izzy almost stopped this guy twice and by the way had the second kickboxing match been mma rules Alex gets stopped instead of a standing count

  • TheMAC0876
    TheMAC0876 2 months ago +4

    Lost the fight but still winning the battle. A champion is not crowned by his loss nor the belts he has carried, but the ability to take a loss, give his opponent respect for beating him and letting him know, he is now the one to be beaten and his first challenger will be the one whom he has just beaten. kudos to both of them!
    Imagine his friend has lost in Karamu and now he has lost. Changes are necessary to keep us all entertained for the next battle!

  • T5UN4M1 17
    T5UN4M1 17 2 months ago

    It's so encouraging to see him emotionally well. Looking forward to seeing the rematch.

  • deficit1080p
    deficit1080p 2 months ago +1

    I love how positive he is. He’s a good man

  • Secret
    Secret 2 months ago +16

    Say what you will about this man, but you can’t deny that he takes his L’s like a true champion, and this will not be the end of him.

    • Elias Ekstrom
      Elias Ekstrom 2 months ago

      what you mean? can't see through he is acting humble?

  • Coxout 35
    Coxout 35 2 months ago +492

    What a brilliant display from Adesanya here answering the questions. Zero BS from him. And what a massive event the rematch will be.

    • Tyler White
      Tyler White 2 months ago

      @jesus “he was winning until he got knocked out again😭😡😢”

    • Cody Levesque
      Cody Levesque 2 months ago +1

      @jesus uh oh you said something really dumb

    • jesus
      jesus 2 months ago +1

      @Cody Levesque how lmao. just another hater. definitely one of the most talented fighters right now. man was 100% winning the fight till that point.

    • All Of The Above
      All Of The Above 2 months ago

      @Rush dem what're you talking about he called for an immediate rematch against Nate and porier, shit even Khabib lol he only took a year off cause of a snapped leg

    • @rrl619
      @rrl619 2 months ago +2

      U crazy?dude said rematch lol

  • Matty V
    Matty V 19 days ago

    Gained so much respect for Adesanya after watching this. Looking very forward to the rematch.

  • Nice Ade
    Nice Ade 2 months ago +6

    You blow my mind in the press conference Izzy..much respect..

  • Dechris
    Dechris 2 months ago +18

    This guy is the real deal...He took the loss with so much class. I'm proud of you..

    • The Roadents
      The Roadents 2 months ago

      Izzy gave 3 excuses why he lost. He didn't take the loss with class.

  • Frosty Pants
    Frosty Pants 2 months ago

    It made me super happy to hear him say his health matters the most. These guys have killed their bodies and put themselves through such hell. Glad this man will get out of fighting before anything bad happens to him.

  • Jackson Mercer
    Jackson Mercer 2 months ago +9

    this dude is always so calm and collected no matter what he just did

  • cameandsaw
    cameandsaw 2 months ago +5

    That’s how you know Adesanya is a real fan.
    “What a story.”
    He doesn’t care that he lost, obviously he cares but his first comment was about the story between him and Periera.

  • Honestauto
    Honestauto 2 months ago +21

    As a whole package if you add up the way Adesanya carries himself and the way he trains and acts and he never shies away from a hard fight. He's definitely the top dog. I probably feel more bad for him than he feels bad for himself because he has such a strong mindset. You gotta love izzy.

  • Vermahilen
    Vermahilen 2 months ago

    Champion of my Heart ❤‍🔥

  • Panoum
    Panoum 2 months ago +4

    In life we wins battles and loss some battles kudo to him for taking this as a humble human being. He will comeback!

  • That Tree Guy
    That Tree Guy 2 months ago +2

    Such an incredibly professional guy. Really impressed by his mental attitude every time.

    REBELZ ORIGINAL 2 months ago

    A Great Warrior will and can only acknowledge the greatness of another great Warrior. Infinite respects to the immortal Izzy Adesanya. 👑 King Style Bender 👑
    Congratulations to the Victor.

  • Mr A
    Mr A 2 months ago +7

    A great personality goes with a great fighter. Deserves full respect!

  • flying frog of death
    flying frog of death 2 months ago +264

    Class through and through. Excellent martial artist, excellent sportsman and competitor. Major respect.

    • Rastaman
      Rastaman 2 months ago +1

      excellent martial artist except doesn't know how to wrestle or use jui jitsu

    • Zeus Lightning
      Zeus Lightning 2 months ago

      It's on my channel

    • Guido S
      Guido S 2 months ago +2

      @Eye SmokeBlunts they were no excuses, he said that was because of Alex' calf kicks, so he gives him credit for that

    • Afonso Alves
      Afonso Alves 2 months ago

      @TheBeaver50 when did he make excuses?

    • Afonso Alves
      Afonso Alves 2 months ago

      @Eye SmokeBlunts when did je make excuses?

  • Sharon Dansby
    Sharon Dansby 2 months ago +1

    He Looks Ridiculous 🤬

  • Brayton Osmon
    Brayton Osmon 2 months ago

    Kudos to him and Kamaru for handling defeat as true champions!!

  • Poet_Laureate Infinity1333

    We love you izzy, I feel he defo could have got more from this fight, I would have liked to see him attacking more because periera was quite stationary at moments.

  • Rj Rubio
    Rj Rubio 2 months ago +2

    “Bring back Steve Mazzagatti” line got me 😂

  • Mradul
    Mradul 2 months ago +1019

    Izzy is quiet inspiring not gonna lie, his composure and confidence after his losses is something to learn from. That blachowicz fight and this, he never looses confidence in himself, never doubts his abilities. Even tho he is cringe sometimes, he is who he is and doesn't care what anybody thinks of him. I guess that's what champions are made of

    • Tyler White
      Tyler White 2 months ago

      @Dzongi but one is proven to be better

    • Jonathan Restrepo
      Jonathan Restrepo 2 months ago

      @Mradul He has a ego & pride point blank. Nothing on else to discuss. You just mad your fighter lost all 3 times to same guy nice try 😂😂

    • Jonathan Restrepo
      Jonathan Restrepo 2 months ago

      @Mradul You obviously don’t play sports 😂😂

    • Mradul
      Mradul 2 months ago

      @Jonathan Restrepo just grab a dictionary my dude, those two words have very different definitions. Don't be upset now because someone just proved you wrong, not a grown up thing to do 😂

    • Jonathan Restrepo
      Jonathan Restrepo 2 months ago +1

      @Mradul You wouldn’t know about that don’t worry you’ll grow up one day it’s okay to not know 😂😂

  • zach desfeux
    zach desfeux 2 months ago +36

    1.3m views on a post fight press conference, like him or not, this dude is our biggest star right now

    • joe blow
      joe blow 2 months ago

      @zach desfeux such a dam newbie

    • joe blow
      joe blow 2 months ago

      @zach desfeux actually yes he is. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤡

    • zach desfeux
      zach desfeux 2 months ago +5

      @joe blow i said right now, Conor is not a fighter anymore

    • joe blow
      joe blow 2 months ago

      not bigger than connor dude

  • Dustin Memoli
    Dustin Memoli 2 months ago +11

    So classy \ humble for being top 1 or 2 in the world.
    Think I actually like him more and more with each interview.

  • Mr. Roque
    Mr. Roque 2 months ago +2

    Izzy took that loss like a champ. Kept that same energy. I give him props.

  • Charger Da Pug
    Charger Da Pug 2 months ago

    lot of respect for izzy after this fight and interview i thought it was an early stoppage as well but its not like he wasnt being hit good gotta let it go longer alex is gonna lose to whatever wrestler they through in front of him is good to see the belt open up the division for the time being good luck to the new champ , he fought well

  • The Wizard of Chino Hills

    Even for Us Fans that Are on the Fence when It Comes to Adesanya, You Have to Admit, the Early Stop by the Ref was a Let Down. You Can Clearly See that Izzy was Fully Coherent and Watching Alex’s Legs to Gage Where the Blows were Coming From. Who In Their Right Mind Would Raise Their Chin in that Situation. The Best Position was Head Down Like He Was. You Can Now Place Big Bucks On Izzy to Get the Belt Back cause He Surly Can Beat Alex. Alex Just Somehow has The Fighting Gods In His Corner. Very Exciting Fight. One of the Best. I Don’t Care For Many Of Izzy’s Past Fights but Have to Say He is A Great Fighter.

  • xxXBROKENFIST 0123
    xxXBROKENFIST 0123 Month ago +1

    Look the refs be on bs Adesanya would knocked dude out if he ain’t save his ass by the bell. Adesanya would’ve successfully defended the title for the 4 time in 9 months all this sports shit be rigged for money 🤡

  • George Casper
    George Casper Month ago +1

    Definitely carries himself very respectably. Gotta love that.

  • tomiii jones
    tomiii jones 2 months ago

    What a cool level headed guy. Some fight deserves the rematch. Nearly had him in the first. Another ten seconds it probably was over. Fine margins. Two crazy good fighters taking each other on at their best. Boxing could learn a thing or two from them. The best duck each other in boxing. Fights then happen when its to late. Mayweather pacman prime example. Still respect to both fighters great fight looking forward to the re-match.

  • John Brooks
    John Brooks 2 months ago +468

    What a guy. He prob gained more new fans with this interview than he would have with a win. It takes more mental fortitude than most of us know, to be this humble in defeat. Can’t wait to see the comeback CHAMP

    • Jay Matthew
      Jay Matthew 2 months ago

      @SICKNEZZ lol that's facts you are right I agree. They don't care about Alex and they know he is not going to keep that belt.

      SICKNEZZ 2 months ago +2

      @Jay Matthew They are not Alex fans..they are Izzy haters..when Izzy beats him..or the likes of Rob,Jared or Vettori who could clearly bully him on the ground..nobody will talk about Alex again..same went with Costa..before the fight everybody was a Costa fan..after he got schooled nobody talked about him..Izzy gets a rematch that’s sure..if he beats Alex..he won’t get one..guy literally skipped everybody who worth something..he doesn’t deserved it in the first place..which means he needs to fight with those guys I mentioned..and if Izzy could hold him down for 1 whole round..I see no chance of him winning a fight against those grapplers

    • Casey BIRDMAN🐣Vegan Future
      Casey BIRDMAN🐣Vegan Future 2 months ago +1

      Lets IGNORE that he looks like BIGFOOT or a Organatan wearing that STOLEN Caveman FUR Coat.

    • Jay Matthew
      Jay Matthew 2 months ago

      @SICKNEZZ these Alex fans are delusional. They keep saying izzy got exposed yet it was Alex who was getting his kick for four and a half rounds straight. Look at Alex's face post fight I'd expect Izzy to have a swollen face after all those blows to the face. What's interesting is Alex couldn't knock him out izzy can take some heavy punches.

    • Joshua Cappello
      Joshua Cappello 2 months ago

      Casuals care about interview responses. Fighters care about fights

  • Dean
    Dean 2 months ago +9

    Not an Adersanya fan but I'm a fan of a fighter who accepts defeat like a real man. You're a real champ, sir.

    • Hamadi Ghariani
      Hamadi Ghariani 2 months ago

      Conor mood after defeat 😂 he is just pretending …internally he is burning actually

  • Niron Williams
    Niron Williams 2 months ago +2

    So classy In defeat, living legend!

  • Robertothemailman
    Robertothemailman 2 months ago

    He said “I was fine , I was lucid” I don’t believe him . Clearly in the video slow motion we can see he was very touched and defenseless, that’s why the referee didn’t want Pereira make more damage to Adesanya .

  • Florent the lord
    Florent the lord  2 months ago

    Bro you didn't win the fight but you won my heart and respect!!

  • Akil Spells
    Akil Spells 2 months ago +430

    I love how this guy can lose his belt but he's such a genuine fan of the sport that he can still appreciate the story of this saga between Alex and himself. 💪🏿💪🏿 His bounce back is gonna be just as epic

    • Akil Spells
      Akil Spells Month ago

      @Trevor Clausen you literally said "yep 3x knockout" in the very first comment in this thread 🤣🤣🤣 it was your literal first words you typed lol what tf are you talking about

    • Trevor Clausen
      Trevor Clausen 2 months ago

      @Akil Spells never said knocked out there champ, a victory is a victory is it not??? So you do the math

    • edward garcia
      edward garcia 2 months ago +1

      @Casey BIRDMAN🐣Vegan Future I just ate my 3 German Shepard’s. You should come over for dinner tomorrow, we’re having cat & squirrel

    • Einfach Paz
      Einfach Paz 2 months ago +1

      ​@Casey BIRDMAN🐣Vegan Future poor baby, synchronised swimming is perhaps a more suitable sport for you tender soul. 😁

    • Corvo Attano
      Corvo Attano 2 months ago +2

      @Akil Spells he said his nerve got kicked in the first round and kept him from fighting well which is a lie. he said he wasn’t wobbled at all it was just his foot at the end. and he also said he was about to take perreria down before the knockout all said is excuses

  • Frank Waldeck
    Frank Waldeck 2 months ago

    The water swap. Lol.
    Sponsorships and the legality’s. 😂
    His sportsmanship is amazing. It takes a lot to be this gracious in defeat. Way to go. Can’t wait to see you fight again

  • EarlGrey
    EarlGrey 2 months ago +2

    I find Adesanya really inspiring. Somehow he carries himself with more confidence and pride after a loss than i would after a win.

    • Elias Ekstrom
      Elias Ekstrom 2 months ago

      @Skygage no

    • Skygage
      Skygage 2 months ago

      @Elias Ekstrom do you even know the term narcissist?

    • Elias Ekstrom
      Elias Ekstrom 2 months ago

      Because he is a true narcissist.

  • Michael Menezes
    Michael Menezes 2 months ago

    The mark of a true champion, the same man in defeat as he is in victory, it says a lot about the mans character.

  • Winlandtrece
    Winlandtrece 2 months ago

    Graceful in defeat. Unbreakable confidence.

  • L123
    L123 2 months ago +987

    I didn’t expect any other reaction. The dude is just class and that’s why I’ll always be a fan. With his positive attitude he’ll be champ again

    • Sam
      Sam 2 months ago

      @0xMoo. spotted the copy paste Bot 😂😂😂

    • 0xMoo.
      0xMoo. 2 months ago

      @Sam spotted the african

    • Sam
      Sam 2 months ago

      @0xMoo. stop copying and pasting the same comment you clown 😂

    • Kageryu
      Kageryu 2 months ago

      @Kieran Wilson Don't compare a true legend like Ali to a wannabe like Adensanya. That's retard talk.

    • 0xMoo.
      0xMoo. 2 months ago

      Nigerians in meltdown. Usman and adasanya getting outclassed by better guys and ngannou doesn't even fight atm. Fall from grace

  • CJ Mittele
    CJ Mittele 2 months ago

    This dude is as stand up as you get. I’m a huge fan.

  • Mugume M Elas
    Mugume M Elas 2 months ago

    What a great warrior!!, henisna hard guy , fighters admit they have lost , recover, strategize and come back stronger and definitely win. he is a champ and he has a brighter future. all the best IZZZZZYYYYY

  • Big Sam
    Big Sam 2 months ago +12

    What a fight man, he really is the best striker in the world. Crazy that he was putting on a dominant performance really going toe to toe with a monster like Alex and just got caught at the last minute. He deserves the rematch 100%

    • S E
      S E 2 months ago

      @Big Sam and if Izzy didn't hit Alex with 2 seconds left he would have lost the round on all 3 score cards. That's why Izzy was far from dominant

    • Big Sam
      Big Sam 2 months ago

      @S E bro Israel was seconds away from knocking Alex out in round 1. Literally 10 more seconds in the round he would have been out cold

    • S E
      S E 2 months ago +1

      He does deserve the rematch, but come on man, please be sensible about the fight. Alex won rounds 2 and 5 and was two seconds away from winning round 1. Nobody was dominant. Just a good fight from both guys.

  • Kryptonite
    Kryptonite 2 months ago

    izzy was a great champ and still a great fighter and i know he can be champ again because he learns. you could even argue he was equipped with a better skillset at ufc 281, but pereira was just so much stronger and so much tougher. pereira's raw power makes the difference. size matters y'all. it's basic physics. izzy struggled to take pereira down, while pereira easily overpowered him in his takedown attempts. when he gets a shot at the title again, maybe keeping his back away from the fence will be part of izzy's game plan. congrats to the new champ!

  • M. A. Bolaji
    M. A. Bolaji 2 months ago

    I love this guy❤💪🏿

  • Tariq Robertson
    Tariq Robertson 2 months ago

    Man Izzy fought a hell of a fight and for sure was winning that fight prior to the stoppage. The cause of the lost from what I saw real simple. The only time Izzy was in REAL danger that whole fight was when he got up against the fence. Once Alex was able to press him up against the fence Izzy would get pieced up and it happened EVERY time. All Izzy had to do was circle back to the center rather than run away from danger. Circle away from Alex’s left side to avoid the left hook and keep a high guard as he circled to the center. Guys are too comfortable with having low hands. Relying too much on head movement and just leaving they chins wide open.

  • Richard cranium
    Richard cranium 2 months ago +4

    I don't know how But I learn more from Izzy off a loss than just another of one of his wins. Thoroughly good dude. great fight. Great fighter.

    GHANDI BONEZ WORLD 2 months ago

    I love Izzy he fought a great fight against a guy that looked 2 weight classes heavier than him

  • j the 2nd
    j the 2nd 2 months ago

    He’s a freaking beast ! I really want him to go vs Jon jones.. he’s the perfect opponent. Or Pereria vs Jon Jones

  • Techneut
    Techneut 2 months ago

    Can't see any reason for people to dislike Adesanya, he presents himself even here right after a loss fight, as a true true champ. Big respect, he will be a champ again.

  • Princely H. Glorious
    Princely H. Glorious 2 months ago

    His mindset, Jesus! Izzy is a true champion in all senses of the word. His presence of mind, his management of his ego, his resilience.

  • F. Miller
    F. Miller 2 months ago

    Great guy, great fight.

  • Tarom Ar
    Tarom Ar 2 months ago +533

    Sometimes you know yourself more after a loss than victory! Although he lost, but he lost like a true champion and put on a great performance but was a bit unlucky. The way he's accepting the loss is just as impressive as his previous many victories. Donno if you will ever read this but my respect to you never been higher. Good luck in the future champ and wish you nothing but the best 🤝

    • Kayla B
      Kayla B 2 months ago

      I'm heartbroken he lost. Did you see every single UFC fighter watching ring side? They all looked defeated. Not a single one gave any props to Alex. Even Kevin Holland was upset ffs.....

    • Tate Collins
      Tate Collins 2 months ago

      @MikeM16 his other fights with Alex.

    • 0xMoo.
      0xMoo. 2 months ago

      Nigerians in meltdown. Usman and adasanya getting outclassed by better guys and ngannou doesn't even fight atm. Fall from grace

    • Dr. Doppeldecker
      Dr. Doppeldecker 2 months ago

      Luck in fighting is a myth. It's purely skill based.

    • bong lord
      bong lord 2 months ago

      ur stoned aye

  • Mannn Freakin
    Mannn Freakin 2 months ago

    Head ups champ ! Fast recovery , can't wait to see the comeback of THELASTSTYLEBENDER !

  • TheLdrocks12
    TheLdrocks12 2 months ago

    Great job, awesome that he knew the reporters names

  • David Abrevaya
    David Abrevaya 2 months ago

    Love this guy, Can't wait for Izzy to fight again

  • bnr504
    bnr504 2 months ago

    Isreal your are and still the greatest, this is the just beginning for you... The Comeback will epic. You have the heart of a champ... Congrats to Pereira

  • BasedMenace
    BasedMenace 2 months ago +367

    I’ve cheered against Adesanya in almost every fight he’s had, but I’ve never bet against him. Great fighter, great champion. He doesn’t need the belt to show that. The thing that’s crazy is that this will only make Adesanya better, which is a crazy thought. Congratulations to Alex Pereira!

    • Ali Steinmetz
      Ali Steinmetz 2 months ago +2

      @Serk odds were 2.70 so unless you put up a lot you can't win that much

    • riggedmatches
      riggedmatches 2 months ago

      @Just Send Me Location meh still pennies

    • Johnny M
      Johnny M 2 months ago

      Wanna let us know what you had for breakfast too ?

    • PapajohnVR
      PapajohnVR 2 months ago


    • Kayla B
      Kayla B 2 months ago +4

      I'm heartbroken he lost. Did you see every single UFC fighter watching ring side? They all looked defeated. Not a single one gave any props to Alex. Even Kevin Holland was upset ffs.....

  • B2k
    B2k Month ago

    He knows for a fact he can’t beat him and you can tell in the back of his mind that first knockout

  • Owsow Muskwa Naistus

    i would have gambled 1000s against isreal on this one

  • Mr J
    Mr J 2 months ago

    Respect given to issy. Great fighter. Spoke well after too. lost gracefully.

  • Jahmel Brown
    Jahmel Brown 2 months ago

    Brilliant Swag , great dedication til the end

  • Luka Skywalker
    Luka Skywalker 2 months ago +182

    not a huge izzy fan, but cant ever deny the greatness, very professional, class act and one of the few that risks it all against anybody. Bravo and well done to both fighters. GOAT status.

    • Big duphus AJ
      Big duphus AJ 2 months ago +1

      Dude called Luka praising a loser that lost to the same guy 3 times and mentioning "goat status" like it's a daily thing🤣 every 10seconds there's a new Goat and everyone is "Wholesome" says the McCasual. 🤢🤮

    • Akil Spells
      Akil Spells 2 months ago +1

      @Na Vrh Brda Vrba Mrda he won all the other fights and was lapping the division lol he earned the right to be cocky

    • Na Vrh Brda Vrba Mrda
      Na Vrh Brda Vrba Mrda 2 months ago +2

      @Dan A True,he got humbled by Pereira, now he's playing he took it like a man, but all the other fights he was very cocky afterwards, and before fights.

    • Dan A
      Dan A 2 months ago +1

      Greatness my arse. Magnanimous in defeat… shocker

    • CloudCJ
      CloudCJ 2 months ago +4

      Love this comment, huge Izzy fan but happy for Alex also bravo for a fucking awesome fight! Izzy will be back

  • Shelton Cutkelvin
    Shelton Cutkelvin 2 months ago

    Izzy is the G.O.A.T in UFC!💯 No shame in you Game my brother, I know you a Lil' embarrassed, that's all good. You shouldn't show that! You should have came out how you normally do. He got lucky because you Slipped and Alex capitalized on that. You had him shooked all the way until that slip. No excuses, you still the best!