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House of the Dragon S1E06 live Q&A discussion

  • Published on Sep 24, 2022
  • Discussing House of the Dragon Episode 6!
    This stream has no spoilers for House of the Dragon beyond S1E06. (Except for the quick spoiler zone at the end of the stream). It does have spoilers for the original Game of Thrones show.
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  • Oscar Laurie
    Oscar Laurie 2 months ago +2457

    It's so interesting to me how often Viserys seems to notice the rats, but he never does anything about them. He is terminally complacent.

    • Maria Gracia Moreno Vegas
      Maria Gracia Moreno Vegas Month ago

      @GunpowderCoffee oti

    • Maria Gracia Moreno Vegas
      Maria Gracia Moreno Vegas Month ago

      O@GunpowderCoffee rhtt otrorrth tt te t de f th

    • Roberto Clemente
      Roberto Clemente Month ago

      @X And they chop the arm off-- the infection was in the arm. He had a couple other holes too, but OK, I'll go with it!

    • X
      X Month ago +2

      @Roberto Clemente he didn’t drop dead, he fainted. His health is constantly declining, but it also helped that the new maester sucks less. He lives a long time, he’s just hella sick for most of it.

    • Skiivin
      Skiivin Month ago

      @Roberto Clemente The theory is that the new High Septon has been treating his infection better than the old one.

  • Haveldorf
    Haveldorf 2 months ago +1017

    Everyone in Westeros: "No one is as accursed as the kin slayer."
    Larry Bonkfoot: "Lol, brother and dad go whoosh in nasty castle"

    • Vic Allen
      Vic Allen Month ago +1

      Nasty castle 😂

    • Joe Schmo
      Joe Schmo Month ago

      Personally, I buy into the theory that he’s a greenseer and skinchanger. It makes him more like Bloodraven.

    • Barney Boyle
      Barney Boyle 2 months ago

      @Paul Thomas when you’re not funny it’s because other people aren’t fun and chill

    • AintItJay TV
      AintItJay TV 2 months ago

      @Wolf it might later on since we know one of the characters will get that title

    • RyRI
      RyRI 2 months ago +2

      Larys just doesnt believe in any of that. He thinks all of it is made up bullshit. And in real life he would be right. But in his world he is very wrong.

  • Dolan Darker
    Dolan Darker 2 months ago +1470

    I can't believe I didn't notice his arm either, at this rate he's just going to be a torso by end of season

    • Flokoba
      Flokoba Month ago

      @Tina Perisich wohoo extra Points

    • Tina Perisich
      Tina Perisich Month ago

      @Flokoba you was right

    • CoconutMoonKiss
      CoconutMoonKiss Month ago

      😊 b 😮😮😮😮😮p

    • Waylork Skudz
      Waylork Skudz Month ago

      @Pasion Lopez he finna be just lips next episode lmao

    • Hari
      Hari Month ago


  • Haveldorf
    Haveldorf 2 months ago +587

    Vhagar being a big sad doggo when killing her mum was gut wrenching. I really enjoyed Laena taking agency over her own death.

    • Le Petomane
      Le Petomane Month ago

      @Haveldorf ah yeah, why does our brain do that? It an auto-detest feature.

    • Haveldorf
      Haveldorf Month ago

      @Le Petomane you know when you say something ironically so much so that it unwillingly becomes a part of your everyday vocabulary?

    • Haveldorf
      Haveldorf Month ago

      @valar morghulis yeah no shit, they're just like "Ugh, it's been 30 minutes and you still haven't given birth? We've got shit to do, let's just cut her open."

    • valar morghulis
      valar morghulis Month ago +1

      Back in those days it sounds like if the childbirth isn’t initially successful, then it’s hara kiri and seppuku time…Yikes 😳

    • Josh Aljamin Sterling Koscheck
      Josh Aljamin Sterling Koscheck Month ago

      She was on screen for all of 5 seconds. Who cares? Was honestly just a strange scene. All dramatic while I'm just like, "I don't know nor care who this is".

  • AndyW_UK
    AndyW_UK 2 months ago +1483

    I do wonder if Orwyle becoming Grand Maester is how King Viserys has been able to live for an extra 10 years. In the previous episode, he was suggesting new treatments for Viserys' illness while Mellos was dismissing his suggestion.

    • Bazooka Ike
      Bazooka Ike Month ago +1

      @Spearshake i think the books say one thing but often leave a crack open in the door to suggest that maybe something else is actually what happened. So often that's the case. There's always rumors and multiple accounts of almost everything.

    • jbugg
      jbugg 2 months ago


    • Skiivin
      Skiivin 2 months ago

      @Tijn Freijser this one’s a snipe good job

    • Xavier's Brother
      Xavier's Brother 2 months ago

      Jaha tk muze maloom hai ki Targerian aag se nhu jalte hai
      But idhar to kuch alag hi dikha rahe hai
      Hame dekha hai game of thrones me Dyanerys Targerian kaise jalati hai khal drogo ke dushmano ko aur khud nahi jalti aag me
      Aur jab Dragon ke eggs se jb dragon nikalte hai tabh bhi wo raat bhar aag me hi rehti hai hamari Denarius 😊😊😊
      Pr idhar to Targerian apna ilaj tk aag se nhi kr paa rahe hai😭😭😭
      Kya show bana diya yar boring
      Isse accha to wo dark moon pe focus jarte aur show banate

      ITALIANMOBKING 2 months ago

      @Johnny Damon the plot to prop-up the seven against the dragons: kill the "new new" gods and revive the "old and new" gods

  • Lee
    Lee 2 months ago +350

    Viserys refusing that Strong steps back as the Hand is actually pretty smart. Him stepping back right after his son gets openly accused of being the father of Rhaenyras children would just confirm the accusations to the public. So Viserys refusing might just be for good „publicity“

    • Spearshake
      Spearshake Month ago +1

      I think Lyonel was scared that if the king died the rumor would be seen as truth and him and his sons would be arrested and executed possibly. Thats why he wanted to use any possible excuse to get away from court asap.

    • Kate Macabre
      Kate Macabre 2 months ago +2

      Agree! And I know Viserys' actions may seem like it's just him loving his daughter or "turning a blind eye" but I don't believe it's just for the sake of being a decent guy who doesn't like war, I feel like he truly knows behind all these decisions that the fate of the world (the white walker prophecy) depends on a Targaryen being on the throne and at this point only house Targaryen could tear it's self down.

    • Xavier's Brother
      Xavier's Brother 2 months ago

      Jaha tk muze maloom hai ki Targerian aag se nhu jalte hai
      But idhar to kuch alag hi dikha rahe hai
      Hame dekha hai game of thrones me Dyanerys Targerian kaise jalati hai khal drogo ke dushmano ko aur khud nahi jalti aag me
      Aur jab Dragon ke eggs se jb dragon nikalte hai tabh bhi wo raat bhar aag me hi rehti hai hamari Denarius 😊😊😊
      Pr idhar to Targerian apna ilaj tk aag se nhi kr paa rahe hai😭😭😭
      Kya show bana diya yar boring
      Isse accha to wo dark moon pe focus jarte aur show banate

      ITALIANMOBKING 2 months ago +7

      @Leslie Bevis he just always had good, sound advice

    • juan estevez
      juan estevez 2 months ago +1

      But then Strong anda son being torch confirmed the rumors

  • OLEX J
    OLEX J 2 months ago +301

    Viserys is such a teddy bear. He just wants people to have fun and eat cookies together but everyone only wants to fight all the time. Loved his reaction to the reignited Stepping stones conflict, he's so done with that place.

    • Kafka Datura
      Kafka Datura Month ago +5

      "That blasted place", my man is just so done with this shit.

    • goblin queen of nilbog
      goblin queen of nilbog 2 months ago +24

      I love how much of a family man he is. It adds some peace to the chaotic drama of show. He just wants to be a grandpa and sit on his porch surrounded by his family, but he doesn't realize he's a king and has to be a bit more ruthless.

  • Sam A
    Sam A 2 months ago +149

    The moment with viserys crying and kissing aemmas ring after learning that rhaenyra had left and the strongs were dead was very sad. He's a good man but a bad king 😔

    • Ashley Rivas
      Ashley Rivas Month ago

      @Jaromír Kuchar llllloooopmm

    • X
      X Month ago

      @yingkouzen very true he’s the king and that’s his children too.

    • valar morghulis
      valar morghulis Month ago +8

      @Jaromír Kuchar The reign of King Viserys I was considered the apex of Targaryen power, with the most dragons ever.

    • yingkouzen
      yingkouzen Month ago +13

      @Olorin he could have just take up Rhanearya offer of marrying the two kids to avoid a civil war instead of letting Alicent selfishly reject the proposal to put her son Aegon as king.
      Yeah, he is a good man but would make a bad king.

    • Olorin
      Olorin Month ago +19

      @Jaromír Kuchar Bad for letting this dynastic tempest grow in his court. He sees it, he's not dumb.

  • Lisa Kristin
    Lisa Kristin 2 months ago +279

    I am upset that we were robbed of both Laenor/Rhaenyra/Harwin and Daemon/Laena. They all have changed so much and showing R coming to terms with being pregnant and giving birth the first time seems important because she has so much trauma related to it. Why L+R didn’t do «their duty» after all. Daemon sorting out his issues. Dealing with the aftermath with Cole etc. Just one more episode with the young cast could have been good.

    • Sean Tolson
      Sean Tolson Month ago

      @Neil Yeah I really can't imagine why. Heck, not just killing Joffrey but punching Laenor? Yeesh.

    • CamoDrako
      CamoDrako 2 months ago +3

      I don't think there's ever been a time-jump in a series where everything has been laid out on a plate for us so expertly.
      An aspect of art is leaving some things to our imagination - we know what changes R has went through and what she's done in the 10 years since we last saw her

    • CamoDrako
      CamoDrako 2 months ago +4

      @Neil He's clearly very close to Allicent now and she's the only one that knows / cares about what he did - and he's now the combat mentor to the sons and their protector

    • Neil
      Neil 2 months ago +31

      @Sean Tolson I wish literally anything was implied about how Cole was left totally unpunished for that. Makes zero sense.

    • Dominion Sorcerer
      Dominion Sorcerer 2 months ago +5

      Well, Laenor didn't do his duty in the book either.

  • MelissaIsLoud
    MelissaIsLoud 2 months ago +215

    I think that part of Criston’s pure rage is the fact that he sees Harwin basically living the life he walked away from, and it’s going fairly well for Harwin for quite some time. Criston has so much self-loathing that he’s diverted and focused on Rhaenyra. He’s angry because of his own choices and it’s eating him alive. That’s why Alicent is a kindred soul.

    • Asani Dhoruba
      Asani Dhoruba Month ago

      Didn't Danarys bond with multiple dragons? They were all ridden by Danny.

    • LoScudoDiCapaneo
      LoScudoDiCapaneo Month ago

      Well he IS a litteral White knight

    • Josh Aljamin Sterling Koscheck
      Josh Aljamin Sterling Koscheck Month ago +6

      @Big Stepper You're not the only one who thinks that way. Criston is a very intelligently written character, I like to think. Many people say you're supposed to hate him, but I really don't. I pity him, if anything.

    • Big Stepper
      Big Stepper Month ago +11

      Thing is, I find Criston's anger justified. He is lowborn and had nothing. He worked his way to the top to earn the honour he has and in one night he sacrificed for Rhea.. Then when he asked that they run away together she refuses not by saying she doesn't want to disappoint her family but because she doesn't want to throw away her honour and duty. The same thing she made him do, she wouldn't do for him. And that hurts.

    • d m
      d m Month ago

      YES and they’re both bitter they’re enjoying their lives that’s why I always say what is it her business if Rhaenyra slept with anyone it was because she was trapped literally under Viserys I also wonder if Cole not only is a bit jealous too about Harwin but he also blames Rhaenyra because she appointed him to the KingsGuard to begin with and now can’t have any of that anyway but then again I think they’re both just jealous and need to learn the lesson that you can play by the rules but some people don’t and can still get away with things but Cole should know that seeing what he’s gotten away with too

  • Eamsee
    Eamsee 2 months ago +66

    There were a few really sweet moments sprinkled throughout that tugged on my heart strings. When Laenor leaves the room so Harwin could "meet" baby Joffrey, when Viserys takes out Aemma's ring and kisses it fondly, and when Rhaenyra tells Laenor to "bring him" toward the end of the episode. Great story telling, in my humble opinion.

    • Ben Trinker
      Ben Trinker 2 months ago +2

      Right that look to good ole bone crusher really said it all. It acknowledged the relationship and all of its mess dynamics.

  • Marley Mal
    Marley Mal 2 months ago +42

    I’m not seeing the parents turn their kids against each other, I’m seeing Alicent and Criston turning those kids against Rhaenyra children.

  • JMarie
    JMarie 2 months ago +146

    It was quite sad that the two people who had the best of intentions for those around them ended up dying by fire : Harwin and Laena. I actually liked that Laena was able to end her life on her own terms as beautifully tragic as it was, Vhagar was definitely reluctant to do so. I wish we saw more of her But from what we were able to see she was definitely portrayed like a Westeros tomboy in that she wanted to go out like a dragon rider. I also liked that we as an audience don’t hear what decision daemon made.. we just see his devastation looking upon her death

    • James Snow
      James Snow Month ago

      @Daemon Targaryen nothing wrong with Haaland. It's the name and the photo together, it's just.. Cringe

    • Daemon Targaryen
      Daemon Targaryen  Month ago

      @James Snow how’s the goat cringe. Your photo looks they blind mice from sheep.

    • James Snow
      James Snow Month ago +1

      @Daemon Targaryen cringe profile 😂

    • Youtube Account
      Youtube Account 2 months ago +1

      @Joshua Perry
      Not really. The way Laena is watching them makes it clear that she knows what they're talking about.
      The implication from everything in that scene is that, as Daemon and the surgeon start walking towards her, she gets up and leaves. Presumably the midwives are telling her to stay, blah blah, the surgeon looks sheepishly at Daemon who says something to the effect of "I'll handle it" and goes after her.
      The only question is, because she got to her dragon and had a whole argument with it before Daemon even showed up, what was with his total lack of urgency? It's not like it would have been hard to catch a lady running away while in labour. My guy was all of 7 steps across the room from her.
      To me, it definitely reads like he wasn't going to agree to the procedure. Her life isn't in danger and there's no saving the child (and he doesn't expect her to hurt herself) so there's no real compunction to get to her as quickly as possible. It seems way more like he thought she was upset about the loss of the child and wanted to be outside / away from everyone else / have a view of the ocean, so giving her a few moments alone before he gets there isn't going to hurt anything.
      I think you're right but everything about it was very deliberately done to leave it open, like so many things in this series. Did he say yes or no? Why did he take so long to reach her? Was he upset about losing her or losing the child? There's no answer in the show, it's all up to your interpretation of the character.

    • Xavier's Brother
      Xavier's Brother 2 months ago

      Jaha tk muze maloom hai ki Targerian aag se nhu jalte hai
      But idhar to kuch alag hi dikha rahe hai
      Hame dekha hai game of thrones me Dyanerys Targerian kaise jalati hai khal drogo ke dushmano ko aur khud nahi jalti aag me
      Aur jab Dragon ke eggs se jb dragon nikalte hai tabh bhi wo raat bhar aag me hi rehti hai hamari Denarius 😊😊😊
      Pr idhar to Targerian apna ilaj tk aag se nhi kr paa rahe hai😭😭😭
      Kya show bana diya yar boring
      Isse accha to wo dark moon pe focus jarte aur show banate

  • Hresvelgr
    Hresvelgr 2 months ago +151

    Larys is like the genie that maliciously complies with what is requested

    • Shaina Elise
      Shaina Elise 2 months ago +3

      @Balmung that imagery is sending me🤣

    • Jay Clearmen
      Jay Clearmen 2 months ago +3

      It’s just like The Omen “Damien” series of songs by DMX..
      when he finds out he’s deep..$h!t
      🗣After what I just gave you, with you actin' like that
      when you asked for that favor)
      Yo, I ain't ask you for shit
      (Oh yes you did, when you really needed something, and you allowed me to give
      You sold me ur soul when you didn’t say No”
      Now give me what you owe…👀 the parallels are crazy
      rip the Darkman X

    • Balmung
      Balmung 2 months ago +22

      Instead of the monkey paw closing, his foot compress on itself each time he grants a wish

  • Ozzie
    Ozzie 2 months ago +75

    Criston and Larys have amazing genes to not age a day in 10 years!

  • Kip Bop
    Kip Bop 2 months ago +321

    I honestly think we could have had a filler episode exploring the 10 year gap. It would’ve been nice to see all the dysfunctional relationships before everything hit the fan. Again.

    • Gold Tiger
      Gold Tiger 2 months ago

      Things didn't hit the fan yet ...

    • Viking Ringstedt
      Viking Ringstedt 2 months ago +1

      Are people actually asking for FILLER episodes now? Imagine what the other half of the viewers would say... ("Filler! Boo for bad writing")

    • Riley Mills
      Riley Mills 2 months ago

      I agree, but it seems a lot of people don't understand this season is back story and are being impatient with the story line. I'm with ya though!

    • Copium Cop
      Copium Cop 2 months ago

      @Noble Actual 76 it’s because she’s uglier

    • Xavier's Brother
      Xavier's Brother 2 months ago

      Jaha tk muze maloom hai ki Targerian aag se nhu jalte hai
      But idhar to kuch alag hi dikha rahe hai
      Hame dekha hai game of thrones me Dyanerys Targerian kaise jalati hai khal drogo ke dushmano ko aur khud nahi jalti aag me
      Aur jab Dragon ke eggs se jb dragon nikalte hai tabh bhi wo raat bhar aag me hi rehti hai hamari Denarius 😊😊😊
      Pr idhar to Targerian apna ilaj tk aag se nhi kr paa rahe hai😭😭😭
      Kya show bana diya yar boring
      Isse accha to wo dark moon pe focus jarte aur show banate

  • Elina
    Elina 2 months ago +25

    I was so amazed by the writing because even though we barely saw Harwin and Laena, I am heartbroken over their deaths. I'm especially sad for Rhaenyra who obviously seemed to have developed this deep relationship with Harwin.
    It was also super interesting seeing how paranoid Alicent is about Rhaenyra taking the throne and how she constantly puts that pressure on her kids.

    • Josh Aljamin Sterling Koscheck
      Josh Aljamin Sterling Koscheck Month ago

      You're in the minority on that. I couldn't give a crap about Laena, and I wanted to care about the Strongs but I didn't. They either should've slowed the pace and fleshed out their characters more or, God forbid, cut out a lot of the earlier filler to make room for their characterization.

  • C M
    C M 2 months ago +892

    I look forward to Alt Shift X videos just about as much as the actual show lol

    • Edward Mi
      Edward Mi 2 months ago

      @Allaiya Too late. He now has a way to have her killed: saying that she secretly ordered the death of the Strongs. They've been seen together plotting (the houselady Alicent dismissed) just before

    • Edward Mi
      Edward Mi 2 months ago +1

      @C M "Second sons don't get anything they don't reach for". See: Daemon, Corlys. This is the overarching theme in this season so far.
      Look closely to Aemond in the future episodes.

    • Jasper Song
      Jasper Song 2 months ago


    • Menno_3
      Menno_3 2 months ago +1

      He's the ultimate pragmatic psychopath

    • C M
      C M 2 months ago

      @Mike BlackI might be mistaken but I think Amazon actually commissioned Alt Shift X for the Expanse recaps. Would be super cool if HBO did it too, though being confined to their time schedule might be pretty stressful lol.

  • Fran
    Fran 2 months ago +72

    I think Alicent rebuffed the betrothal offer because she believes that Rhaenyra's kids will one day be outed as bastards, and her daughter and any children she had would be in danger. Also, Alicent believes that Aegon is the true heir anyway and cannot stomach the farce.

    • Cailin Tunnicliffe
      Cailin Tunnicliffe Month ago +2

      @SorbusAucuparia I think reading between the lines makes that obvious. In order to put Aegon on the throne Alicent must push to reveal Rhaenyras children as bastards, and if her child was married to them then that adds so much conflict to her plot and puts her family in danger. Essentially, putting Aegon on the throne may one day result in the death of her future grandchildren (and daughter) if the marriage went ahead. Plus would create huge succession issues if people then begin to see those children as rightful heirs, escalating the conflict. It’s a situation where personally if I was told it on screen I would consider it undermining “show not tell”, the fun of GRRMs world is that you can speculate and there is nuance, but that’s just my opinion obviously

    • yingkouzen
      yingkouzen Month ago +1

      Yeah, she is making a big mistake and starting a war by declining Rhaenyra marriage proposal.
      The show is writing her and Ser Criston Cole like a pair of emotionally unstable antagonists 😅

    • David Barton
      David Barton Month ago +1


    • Brittney Streeter
      Brittney Streeter Month ago +6

      The people of Westeros view bastards as treacherous, no one wants to marry their highborn child to a bastard. That’s the lowest of the low to these people. For Alicent Rhanera suggesting her daughter a true born Targaryen Princess marry her bastard son is a kick in the face.

    • Fran
      Fran 2 months ago +11

      @SorbusAucuparia I agree that this wasn't a good move on Alicent's part. Her resentment is clouding her judgement and preventing her from seeing the big picture. Your point is excellent, I wish she would take your advice!

  • Richard Luck
    Richard Luck 2 months ago +63

    Cicadas take forever to be born - years can pass before they enter the world. Perhaps Larys chose the cicada as a hint that he has boundless patience, that he willing to play the long game.

    • Yuza
      Yuza Month ago +1

      That's a really great point. Although the time skips mean we don't get to spend as much time staying with the characters I think they've done very well in making it feel natural and letting your imagination fill in the gaps. And the larger time scale means we get to see decades-long grudges and plans play out.
      "The gods had yet to make a man who lacked the patience for absolute power."

    • Ruth Bennett
      Ruth Bennett 2 months ago +2

      “Honeyed Locusts”, then?

  • aheg
    aheg 2 months ago +72

    I found it interesting that both Viserys and Daemon were confronted with risking the lives of their wives in labor, but Daemon chooses to opt out of the surgery. An interesting parallel seeing as Daemon's more usually depicted as lawless and sadistic, it really shows just how complex the character is (and also how much Viserys was toiled by his succession).

    • Acromion 11
      Acromion 11 Month ago +1

      Also, Daemon has the case of Viserys and Aemma to learn from and to make educated decisions from

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne Month ago +1

      @Shubert Reads he noded no.

    • Shubert Reads
      Shubert Reads Month ago +3

      Did Daemon choose to "opt out of the surgery"? It seemed like he was thinking about it and then they cut to Laena on the beach as if she had snuck out while they were discussing it

    • Tâm Lê
      Tâm Lê Month ago +3

      One of them has the vision of Azor Ahai and has responsibility to keep the prophecy, the other one can chill in foreign city without any real problem.

    • Paul
      Paul Month ago +4

      Viserys was under a lot more pressure to have a son. I didn't like the decision but that was the main factor in his decision.

  • Adam
    Adam 2 months ago +45

    Your restraint when it comes to spoilers is what keeps me tuning into these. My trust in other channels that break down this show has been severed because they can’t resist giving things away as a way of constantly reminding their viewers that they, in fact, have read the books.

    • Akmon Ra
      Akmon Ra Month ago +1

      Spoilers: the dragons dance. They all start boogieing, and everyone just gets along and has a good time

    • Swaggy T
      Swaggy T 2 months ago +3

      100% true, I got spoiled by the other channels to.... That's why I only watch alt shift x's vids.

  • Shubert Reads
    Shubert Reads 2 months ago +2004

    Larys is one mustache twirl away from being a complete cartoon villain

    • Aliens Confirmed
      Aliens Confirmed Month ago +1

      Having not read the books I took him for a psychopath after this episode but now learning that in the books we don't know how did it happen I don't know what to feel. I would say the ambiguity would have been better with some minor hints that it was Larys. He is over the top so far and they need to do better with him going ahead.

    • LorrainyhippoHernandez
      LorrainyhippoHernandez Month ago +1

      I’m so glad to see so many others can’t stand that character either! He has little to no imagination, or inner dialogue apparently! He murdered two family members and didn’t get creative about it…

    • Splitter
      Splitter Month ago +1

      @Elizabeth Somerville Lolol omg I know you didn’t just say GoT was realistic with travel HAHAHA have you seen seasons 6-8??

    • Splitter
      Splitter Month ago +1

      @High Jinx his name is literally the two names combined…how much more obvious do u want GRRM to make it for ya?

    • Gadget-Walkmen
      Gadget-Walkmen Month ago

      @GlacialImpala lol what? I think you may have wanted to respond to someone else because I didn’t say anything about any “club foot” at all here.

  • TheEllaDarling
    TheEllaDarling 2 months ago +73

    Viserys missing an arm was the first thing I noticed as he walked in to see his newborn grandchild lol. I was like "Is that sleeve fully floppy" he looked SO old

    • Chris Brown
      Chris Brown 2 months ago


    • Lola✨
      Lola✨ 2 months ago +4

      Yup...1st thing I noticed. Floppy floppy sleeve lol idk how they missed it

    • _.LOLO._ \_.FOFO._
      _.LOLO._ \_.FOFO._ 2 months ago +3

      I noticed when he got up from his chair, when Alicent was taking care of him.

  • KaritKtana
    KaritKtana 2 months ago +32

    One scene I didn't hear mentioned in this stream is when Alicent makes a show of caring for Viserys' comfort, but once no one is around to see it, she abandons him.
    At first I had this glimmer of hope that maybe she does still cares for him in a way, or is at least used to doing this for him... But the SECOND that Lyonel and the servants leave, you realize it's all theater.
    That hit me hard.
    As Alicent bolted into the hallway I could only think "what happened to that sweet, innocent girl? Look at what this city/court/system/life did to this young woman who used to truly care."
    They turned a Sansa into a Cersei, and it saddens me.

    • Bee Kind
      Bee Kind Month ago

      I agree with you. 😔

    • Watermelon
      Watermelon Month ago +6

      Did she ever genuinely care about king though? She just played the role of caring girl to become a queen and to have power for her family (following father's tips).
      That's why I don't see her as just noble woman who despise Rhaenyra's affairs. It feels like "I suffer through marriage without love, so others must suffer without cheating too".

    • Jaromír Kuchar
      Jaromír Kuchar Month ago +5

      She seemed to not help him because of the topic that upset her...

    • Chris Brown
      Chris Brown 2 months ago +11

      I didn’t get this feeling. For me, Alicent didn’t help him the second time because they switched to talking about a subject she much more deeply cared about, and wanted to make her side/emotions more pronounced.
      I didn’t really notice the amount of ppl around each time tho, so next time I watch this scene I’ll keep an eye out and see if it makes a difference.

  • Luís Madeira
    Luís Madeira 2 months ago +68

    I feel like Larys is definitely the main villain but still his actions IMO seem soo high risk low reward.
    Killing his father and brother and just telling it to the queen. Imagine if Alicent was like "damm bro I sure don't want a kin killer on my side".

    • Gerico Adrian Castillo
      Gerico Adrian Castillo 2 months ago

      @Patryk Lewandowski not to forget that he is the man in charge of the black cells and torture and the one enacting the killings of criminals. 10 years of doing that probably can end up fucking a man's mind even further than it was before

    • Patryk Lewandowski
      Patryk Lewandowski 2 months ago +3

      @Luís Madeira I think that 10 years gap is at play here... I know Larys is showing off his scheming mentality in the previous episode as well (moon tea conspiration?), but during the time gap, he had to watch his brother consecutively impregneting the heir to the realm, knowing how it might eventually end up for him (and Lyonel, probably), watch his own father turning a blind eye to this, and he was like "man this family has rotted" - hm.. and now I'm thinking, maybe he liked the way it was going, until Lyonel made up his mind and said "ok enough of it, I'm leaving, and you, boy (God of War moment - also funny seeing how Harwin is the strongest guy in the kingdom, but to his father he is still "boy") are coming with me" - Larys realized that his family members are not that easily self-destructive, so he decided to push it a little

    • Itsyammanie
      Itsyammanie 2 months ago

      @Floristini It came off to me as a future threat to alicent. Like if I can kill my own family to please you I will. But I can also kill my own family for my own interest so give me what I want or you and your loved ones might receive the same threat. Putting fear in alicent from larys so she would be hesitant to not grant him his wishes.

    • Luís Madeira
      Luís Madeira 2 months ago +13

      @Floristini is just funny as hell that people were saying "oh look how functional the strong family is" And then this episode the younger just fucking kills no feelings attached his brother and father

    • Floristini
      Floristini 2 months ago +23

      I assume it’s implied that he would claim he did it on her orders, which probably wouldn’t be good for her reputation in the midst of a brewing struggle for the Iron Throne. Alicent gets Otto back to King’s Landing, Larys becomes lord of Harrenhal, it’s a win-win, the involved parties just need to stay quiet. Basically Larys is showing his commitment as Alicent’s ally, but also trapping her and binding her to him by implicating her in his schemes.

  • Brock Samsonite
    Brock Samsonite 2 months ago +11

    Rheynera only offered her son to alicent in marriage because she knew at that point that the kingdom was already whispering about her children's parentage, and after harwins outburst she knew her time was shortened. So she went for a preemptive move thinking alicent might take it stupidly not realizing it's because rheynera feels her claim to the throne slipping away as she realizes more and more that kings landing won't follow her.

    • Jaromír Kuchar
      Jaromír Kuchar Month ago +1

      Yep, also using her kids as bargaining chips, when she herself hated being treated like that. Damn I dislike her so much

  • Kathryn Kochanowicz
    Kathryn Kochanowicz 2 months ago +55

    In rewatching the first piece of the episode, it’s incredibly obvious that Viserys is fully missing an arm. When he holds baby Joffrey, his sleeve is just dangling there! Totally missed that the first time around. Also, kind of sweet that Laenor would want to name the baby after his late love, Joffrey.

    • JohnJohn
      JohnJohn Month ago +1

      @Seemab Well the firstborn at the very least obviously needed a Valyrian name.

    • Seemab
      Seemab 2 months ago +2

      Shocked it took so long for him to float that name since there were already 2 boys lol

    • toby099
      toby099 2 months ago +5

      He came off like a total prick not even asking Rhanyra's opinion on the name

  • Kevin Accetta
    Kevin Accetta 2 months ago +14

    I don't think they were trying to show that Daemon is fireproof when he flew thru the fire. He flew thru it really fast, so I think they were just showing them having fun, without really thinking whether or not the fire, at that speed, would burn him or not

    • Chris Brown
      Chris Brown 2 months ago +1

      Yeah, it really didn’t look like that fire was hot/dense/long-lasting enough to do any real burn damage. Just reminded me of a fire breather trick that looks cool and maybe dangerous, but ultimately harmless.

  • Benjamin White
    Benjamin White 2 months ago +17

    I don’t know what it is about Alt Shift X’s GoT/HotD content, but this channel is ruling the breakdown realm. Maybe it’s the chill demeanor, cheeky sense of humor and charismatic voice? Hard to say, but I really look forward to these every week.

    • OkCuccumber
      OkCuccumber Month ago +1

      Have you watched the Bloodraven video? That was the one that made me a super fan. It's all chill, very clever and insightful. And then out of nowhere he drops in a funny that literally makes you spit your drink out. So bloody good!

  • W. Camera
    W. Camera 2 months ago +26

    I had the same exact idea for Laena's death. Instead of the shock value of burning herself, flying one last time and dying on dragonback would be much more poetic and beautiful imo.

    • Wveth
      Wveth 2 months ago +6

      The fact that it is shocking does not make it less poetic. Surely you can see the poetry in a person accepting their death and choosing to die as they will, even if you would prefer something else. Reducing it to nothing more than "shock value" seems unnecessary to me.

  • Procione Mannaro
    Procione Mannaro 2 months ago +29

    What I do not understand is that Criston killed the king's consort """best friend""" simmingly randomly (on the public eye at least) during the royal wedding and got away without any consequence; while Breakbones (who is the son of the hand of the king, commander of the city-watch so I believe socially way higher than any kingsguard) beat up Criston because he and the heirs to the throne were personally insulted by him and gets banished...

    • tenshinokuragari
      tenshinokuragari 2 months ago +1

      The kings guard are the cops. It’s a fantasy show, but you still can’t expect them to hold one of their own accountable

    • Faith Esther
      Faith Esther 2 months ago

      Double standards smh

    • jank
      jank 2 months ago +2

      I assumed Allicent had protected him from punishment

    • Procione Mannaro
      Procione Mannaro 2 months ago +2

      @Coyote Bongwater I don't know, ruining the royal wedding seems more serious that a fist fight after an insult, even if it could be interpreted as an admission of guilt by Breakbones

    • Coyote Bongwater
      Coyote Bongwater 2 months ago +12

      So first off no, kingsguard is higher. They answer to the king alone and attacking one is like attacking the king. Also what he did was essentially justify, publicly, that there's some truth to the accusations. Cole played him like a Georgia fiddle
      The reason it makes no sense though is because it's an unnecessary book change. In the book Criston kills Joffrey and fucks up Harwin in one event, a tourney melee. It happens so many years after the wedding, but it's a separate event altogether. The tourney provides a plausible excuse for Cole to fuck up both the allies of Rhaenyra and ser Laenor, so it's completely legal what he does in the book

  • yung seizure
    yung seizure 2 months ago +18

    "the main reason why viserys wants rhaenyra to inherit the throne is because rhaenyra is all viserys has left of his wife aemma arryn. and for viserys, it's like making rhaenyra heir is an act of love to his wife aemma"
    "love is the bane of honor, the death of duty. what is honor compared to a woman's love?"

  • b t
    b t 2 months ago +84

    Alicent is the person who reminds the teacher that you were supposed to have a quiz

    • Jaromír Kuchar
      Jaromír Kuchar Month ago +3

      She seems to be the best ruler out of all of them so Im on her side. She is tactful and respectful, but also become very determined. Her kids though... Yea thats gonna be tough

  • Jack
    Jack 2 months ago +157

    Imagine if Allicent had just agreed to the wedding there would be no conflict. Allicen't daughter would be queen, her children would be safe from Rhynera purging them because now they wouldn't be seen as a threat. There would be no dance, and Allicent and Rhynera would have lived happily ever after and Alicent could marry someone who isn't a gross melting old man after the king finally kicked it.

    • Jaromír Kuchar
      Jaromír Kuchar Month ago +1

      She doesnt believe Rhaenyra because 1) she doesnt want her kids to marry bastards and 2) she feels like Rhaenyra plays by no rules and does whatever the fuck she feels like, so she cannot trust her.
      How can people not get that I dont know.

    • Tacitus Kilgore
      Tacitus Kilgore 2 months ago

      @DreTheThinker About Rhaenyra's heir not being accepted... That's not necessarily true, her "inevitable" downfall wasn't that "inevitable" specially if you think about who are her allies and who joins them exactly for her children (bastards). Just saying, Haelena and Jace marriage could've saved a lot of lives.
      And no, Alicent didn't do her duty properly neither. If she wanted Aegon in the throne, she SHOULD HAVE raised him for that, but instead she manipulates him, make choices for him, he is lazy, he just wants to fuck some ladies and have absolutely zero qualities of a king. Aside from that, Aemond is an uncontrollable sadistic freak who gives zero fucks and have too much power, Haelena is cool and everybody loves her and nobody seems to give a shit about Daeron.
      Rhaenyra fucked up by having bastards that have dark hair, but that's it. She raised and trained her heir as she should have, she listens to him and his objections, she makes choices together WITH him and she let him do things by himself because she trusts him. Lucerys and Joffrey are also good kids who completely support each other and Rhaenyra's legitimate children from her second husband are just as good and they do make good kings.
      They both did their duty partially and they both have support and opposition for that. There isn't a good side in this, they are both wrong and they both can be blamed for the dance. Alicent creates a self fulfilling prophecy out of paranoia and power hunger, while Rhaenyra contributes to it by not controlling her horniness... It's silly, but it's true and everybody knows.
      Also, Viserys takes extra credit for the dance because he married Alicent, when he could've married Laena and then let Rhaenyra get married to Daemon. Or he could've just waited to declare his heir and then passed the throne straight to Aegon.

    • David Barton
      David Barton 2 months ago

      The only reason rhynera did that was only hand she could play because she was basically gay trying to show for peace because she knew everybody was catching on to her in Allicent's daughter wouldn't become Queen because rhynera's sons are bastards and not true born like allicent's children

    • Alex Arias
      Alex Arias 2 months ago

      @DreTheThinker actually legitimate heirs have abdicated the throne before...

    • Alex Arias
      Alex Arias 2 months ago

      @edgar silva marrying your kid to a bastard still better than risking the lives of those same kids in a war that will lead to hundreds of deaths

  • Shubert Reads
    Shubert Reads 2 months ago +594

    Pro tip for anyone making a spy network: As cool as they might look, don't give everyone special pins with your logo on them 🪲

    • Brian Sly Productions
      Brian Sly Productions Month ago

      @G. William Cowart no one knew what the bat symbol was the first time it was in the sky either. then everyone did.

    • Wolf
      Wolf 2 months ago +1

      Bud you just don’t get the evil spymaster archetype. You gotta have people with secret insignias

    • G. William Cowart
      G. William Cowart 2 months ago

      @Andy Reptar how are you going to ask them who that belongs to???

    • G. William Cowart
      G. William Cowart 2 months ago

      @Brian Sly Productions nobody knows it's his symbol?

    • Theodore
      Theodore 2 months ago +1

      I’m HOPING they explain that somehow, like maybe one of Larys’s enemies has a bug sigil and they’re trying to frame him. But not holding my breath

  • Draven Gill
    Draven Gill 2 months ago +19

    I think the point of the dragon pit handler was to show that he was speaking in Valaryian to teach. We are seeing the scene from Jace's POV, seen in the fact that the subtitles translate the beginning of the conversation between Jace and the handler, then as the handler speaks words in Valaryian that Jace doesn't understand we get a translator. I thought it was a really cool detail

  • ConsultingTrickster
    ConsultingTrickster 2 months ago +34

    I like that Laena got to see Vhagar one more time and somewhat got to go out on her own terms. Part of me wishes they had kept her death closer to the books where Daemon carries her back to bed. Would have loved to have seen that one last moment of tenderness between the two of them since we saw so little of their relationship already.

    • b
      b 2 months ago +2

      He could carry her to the saddle instead, like "you said you wanted to die a dragonriders death, you're currently not able to walk, I'll do this for you and then a goodbye kiss and dragon go whoosh"

    • ConsultingTrickster
      ConsultingTrickster 2 months ago +4

      @Manya Gaver omg crying just thinking about that lol. I loved reading about Laena even though she was a fairly minor character. I wish we got to see more of her in the show. Like the friendship she had with Rhaenyra. I appreciate they tried portray her adventurous, dragon-rider spirit for the limited amount of screen time she got. Still wish we could have seen a bit more of her with Vhagar.

    • Manya Gaver
      Manya Gaver 2 months ago +2

      I’d have loved a moment of tenderness where just before she does it they get to say goodbye and then he steps aside because it’s her choice

  • yaggity
    yaggity 2 months ago +65

    slipping off vhagar would be so traumatizing for vhagar lol imagine her feeling responsible for letting her rider fall off

    • Iozefina Nagy
      Iozefina Nagy Month ago +8

      dragon mental health awareness month

    • Lola✨
      Lola✨ 2 months ago +9

      Also, Vhagar would've just caught her.

  • daroe23
    daroe23 2 months ago +51

    I think it was a clever nod to Henry II’s “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest” offhand sanctioning of the murder of Thomas Becket that we get with Alicent and Larys.

    • Amy R
      Amy R 2 months ago +1

      That was the first thing I thought of too

    • Immortal Science of Hauntology
      Immortal Science of Hauntology 2 months ago +4

      Certainly inspired by that and with a dark twist. It looks like Larys emotionally blackmails her, making her feel responsible and implicated in his murder, binding the two of them closer together and gaining immense leverage

    • DreTheThinker
      DreTheThinker 2 months ago +3

      I got those vibes too. All she said is her father would have her interests, and Larys sprung into action.

    • Nurse to Bee
      Nurse to Bee 2 months ago +1

      I really like that theory

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown 2 months ago +647

    I was happily excited to see how they made Vhagar this epic, grizzled, aircraft carrier of a beast dragon! Also, Helaena Targaryen has prophetic vision/dreams? Alicent tells Aemond, as he’s telling her why he went deep into the bowels of the Dragon Pit, “you will have a dragon one day.” The camera quickly switches to Helaena immediately saying “he’ll have to close an eye.” Spooky 👻

    • geekishgirl
      geekishgirl 2 months ago

      that was epic, and calls back to the dragons being left to grow in the wild were so big. Those kept in the pit stunted their growth

    • Heathcliff
      Heathcliff 2 months ago +7

      @Zero Silver he doesn’t kill daemon, daemon kills him

    • J Fox
      J Fox 2 months ago +3

      well in the books he ends up wearing an eyepatch to cover his saphire eye, so probably eluding to that

    • Zero Silver
      Zero Silver 2 months ago +5

      Aemond sapphire eye better be cooler looking then this kid how is he supposed to be the that kills daemon on dragon 🐉 back when he looks so weak

    • Haveldorf
      Haveldorf 2 months ago +17

      To see a dragon put to screen as big and terrifying as described in the books is truly a delight, every dragon in HOT D has been a work of art and i will be forever grateful to everyone involved for capturing them so perfectly.
      Seeing tiny Laena on Vhagar's back was so awesome, reminded me of some of the illustrations of Balerion in Fire & Blood.
      I can't fucking wait to see what they do with Sunfyre.

  • VB
    VB Month ago +5

    Jacaerys: straight hair… Cole: straight hair. (The younger son whose name escapes me): curly hair…. Harwin: curly hair. This probably wasn’t done on accident. Also note that Rhanaerya never confirms that Harwin is his dad when her oldest son asks

  • manifestgtr
    manifestgtr 2 months ago +49

    “The Pink Dread” was one of the better one-off goofs from the GOT universe. I know they played it all sad and “bullying” but it was a rock solid roast nonetheless. Rhaenyra stubbornly hobbling across the castle mere *moments* after childbirth was sort of darkly comedic in its own way, too.

    • Nearlydead
      Nearlydead 2 months ago

      honestly if my brothers pranked me like that I would say well played, good roast.

    • _.LOLO._ \_.FOFO._
      _.LOLO._ \_.FOFO._ 2 months ago +2

      @João Jefferson Cavalcanti Wanderley Ferraz| RIGHT! Like keep playin with him and see what happens, lol

    • Herbert Schulz
      Herbert Schulz 2 months ago +3

      @João Jefferson Cavalcanti Wanderley Ferraz that seems like Aemond in the books

    • João Jefferson Cavalcanti Wanderley Ferraz
      João Jefferson Cavalcanti Wanderley Ferraz 2 months ago +7

      They just made aemon into a schoolshooter.

  • Sabrina Rearte
    Sabrina Rearte 2 months ago +12

    Dying from sepsis just with milk of the poppy must be a horrible and slow way to go. I think Laena choose a quicker way out and it was on her own terms.

  • Sandy Thompson
    Sandy Thompson 2 months ago +4

    There’s so much I would like to see between this episode and the last. How the relationships started and developed. Feels like a missed opportunity. Maybe they’ll give us some flashbacks with the younger actors in later seasons?

  • Über Sheep
    Über Sheep 2 months ago +419

    I think once we start focusing on the children more, we will return to more stable pacing. This episode was really just breakneck speed setup.

    • Deimos2k5
      Deimos2k5 2 months ago

      The whole Dance is like 2 years or something. It'll really slow down once the characters are the right age

    • General Mortars
      General Mortars 2 months ago

      Aegon is SO weird looking, seriously.

    • Coyote Bongwater
      Coyote Bongwater 2 months ago +4

      @TRippersigs22 honestly don't care, these people get the big bucks to make art and someone would do it for free

    • TRippersigs22
      TRippersigs22 2 months ago

      @Coyote Bongwater there's a thousand things that go into planning and making just one episode. It not necessarily always about how much money is made.

    • Pedro Lopes
      Pedro Lopes 2 months ago +6

      @Drew Logan they are planning 3-4 seasons to tell this story so I’m guessing we’re slowing down? Having said that, I think there’s another time jump judging from the trailers where you can see a grown up Aemond 😅

  • Lord Wellington-Moncrieff
    Lord Wellington-Moncrieff 2 months ago +10

    Harwin ended up being a bit of a Boba Fett, completely badass character, but we never got to see his real abilities

  • D2attemp
    D2attemp 2 months ago +48

    I love how George really wanted to name one of his dragons after Vermithrax Pejorative, but had to change them up to like Vermax and Verminthor

  • kaklsdkkag
    kaklsdkkag 2 months ago +10

    I think Alicent has become very subconsciously entitled and ambitious, as a result of her devotion to duty and years of begrudged servitude. Literally just like her father. She’s essentially taken his role, except she is more loud and less afraid about it.
    She’s operated off of the preservation of her children as motivation to get Aegon on the throne. But she was literally offered marriage and the security that her children would be safe and she wouldn’t have it. Her true motivation is to reward her and the Hightowers bootlicking essentially

  • GwennHowl🏳️‍⚧️

    I think the Daemon fire fly through is similar to swishing your hand through fire. If the contact is very brief, you don't get burnt.

  • shaun thomason
    shaun thomason 2 months ago +6

    I love how Vehgar looks like a Komodo Dragon, I think its so cool how they made her look more like an old dinosaur haha very excellent design 😁

  • Rebecca Weston
    Rebecca Weston 2 months ago +42

    I'm now only describing Daemon in this episode as "being in his Grillcore phase"

  • ShlyFord
    ShlyFord 2 months ago +6

    May seem silly for the Larys minions to wear the beetle brooch because it gives them away BUT it may be an easy way for them to identify each other since they can’t communicate through speech (possible they are illiterate as well) a quick (mostly) discrete way of identifying who is on your team

  • juliyet
    juliyet Month ago +2

    What I miss most about the book is the friendship between Laena, Daemon and Rhaenyra. Really gave more layers to the characters, especially the fact that Rhaenyra was there to comfort her uncle after his wife died which strengthened their bond, meaning them marrying was even more natural and genuine.

  • Сихофант
    Сихофант 2 months ago +814

    This is the moment Larys Strong became Heisenberg

    • Big Stepper
      Big Stepper Month ago

      Announce my name.

    • jabron destoroyah
      jabron destoroyah Month ago

      @Akmon Ra >Olenna poisons a child leading to gruesome death=everyone cheers
      >Walt half poisons a child, kid comes out okay=everyone big mad

    • Akmon Ra
      Akmon Ra Month ago +2

      @jabron destoroyah yeah, Walter would be a relatively tame dude in ASOIAF. He never even made an enemy into stew!

    • Akmon Ra
      Akmon Ra Month ago

      The meth dealer or the Nazi?

    • Elonif
      Elonif 2 months ago +2

      There are like 20 characters in GOT alone who are worse than Walter. Walter is a bad guy of course but at the end of the day he kills around twenty people directly while characters like Tywin Lannister are responsible for thousands of deaths. Also Walter never tortured people unlike many GOT characters.

  • Dubu
    Dubu 2 months ago +28

    I can literally listen you for hours and would never get bored YOU KNOW SO MUCH and your voice is so soothing I love it

    • Paul Ables
      Paul Ables 2 months ago +1

      Don't we all fall asleep to the sultry tones of his post-episode chats? Haha

  • Connor Hogan
    Connor Hogan 2 months ago +30

    I like that the show slides the rug from under us with laena, they wanted us to be like "oooo how will daemon handle this" and then SHE took agency.

  • Sith'ari
    Sith'ari 2 months ago +55

    I'm thinking (and hoping) they expand upon that ending scene where Alicent prevented Ser Cristen from killing himself in a flashback scene later on. It definitely seemed like it was left super vague and open ended on purpose so that they can weave in some character development for Alicent and maybe narrow that scene down to when Alicent decided she needed to oppose Rhaenyra and asked Ser Cristen to help her. Based on some of the previews of next episode, it seems like they're angling for Alicent to become a villain, how she seems to have everyone fooled, etc. They could use that flashback as her first step from the girl who wanted to believe her friend to the woman who now understands that if she doesn't oppose Rhaenyra, her children could be killed.

    • Gerico Adrian Castillo
      Gerico Adrian Castillo 2 months ago

      @A Jae what the fuck bro? Lmao, chill, it's just a TV show, it isn't as deep as go go and say they are usinh anybody. Go touch some grass

    • Noble Actual 76
      Noble Actual 76 2 months ago +1

      @mejuliie he is a noble and there would definitely need to be an explanation but yeah there are a dozen different ways they could have justified that

    • Noble Actual 76
      Noble Actual 76 2 months ago

      I dont think its impossible to rationalize criston getting away with the joffrey thing, he could have been said to have attacked/confronted joffrey for alot of different reasons and then he could just say that he fought back and then escalated the fight to a deadly one by pulling a dagger in a fistfight forcing Cristin to kill him.

    • mejuliie
      mejuliie 2 months ago +1

      @A Jae and yeah, why would you watch a 2h video if you don't like the show and hate what HBO is doing, given that talking about the show in-depth is similar to promoting it.

    • mejuliie
      mejuliie 2 months ago +1

      @A Jae They aren't using me lol. Given that they are trying to follow the books closely, which have way more time skips btw, they are doing a great job at condensing everything.
      It's quite interesting how people have been complaining that GoT didn't adhere close enough to the books, and HoTD does is bad because it does.
      You can write a complain to the author of Fire and Blood, if you want to be upset about the storytelling. He's also executive producer, so blame him lol

  • Alexis
    Alexis 2 months ago +146

    I think skipping the character relationships is going to be a fatal error. The character relationships really color the tone and meaning of the battles in the Dance of Dragons and it seems like they're skipping all of that in favor of just getting to the battles and fire and action parts.
    Given how fast we're skimming over these key relationships I'm wondering why tf we spent so much time on things like the Hunt??? Like, Daemon/Laena, Rhaenyra/Harwin, The Strong family, Laeana/Vhagar bonding, etc, are what give meaning to the battles in the dance. Without development and storytelling, the battles are just random dragon fights
    If they were going to go this fast, they could've just given us the main story beats like in the book. Instead it's like they STARTED writing a story for the show and then got impatient and wanted to fast forward

    • Josh Aljamin Sterling Koscheck
      Josh Aljamin Sterling Koscheck Month ago

      @Tyler Priddy-Arrington Agreed. This episode, while I still liked it, really puts episodes like the Hunt to shame. A lot of the Hunt could've been cut if that meant more time with characters like Harlon and Laena (And maybe Laerys too, since they didn't make the fire at harrenhall ambiguous)

    • valar morghulis
      valar morghulis Month ago

      @Alexis Yes, I believe the Dance of the Dragons lasted only 3 years. Not too sure tho…

    • Jona de Geus
      Jona de Geus 2 months ago +4

      Laena and Harwin are minor characters. The main ones will get fleshed out in the future I assume

    • Davey Jones Locker
      Davey Jones Locker 2 months ago +1

      I mean I disagree that just because they skipped some detail that they should skip even more detail. I’ll take what I can get, but I agree I would’ve liked to see more of the relationships developed in the time gap.

    • Daemon Targaryen
      Daemon Targaryen  2 months ago +1

      @Alexis they are barely mentioned in the books laena is a side character who cares she’s not even a big part of the books.

  • sprite no icy
    sprite no icy 2 months ago +695

    We finally find out in this episode that Daemon can actually get it in, I really thought the was impotent

    • Kenny Hudson
      Kenny Hudson 2 months ago

      @goblin queen of nilbog Nah, you let it go. If you don't like my comments then just ignore me, but I won't silence myself. Sorry.

    • goblin queen of nilbog
      goblin queen of nilbog 2 months ago +1

      @Kenny Hudson let it go brother

    • Kenny Hudson
      Kenny Hudson 2 months ago

      @Tilikum Tim That's how all men feel when they can't perform. LOL.

    • Tilikum Tim
      Tilikum Tim 2 months ago

      @Kenny Hudson He still has unfinished business with Rhaenyra.. 😉

    • Spectre 99
      Spectre 99 2 months ago

      @Kenny Hudson lmao wtf are you talking about? Are you a doctor? A psychologist? You don’t know what you’re talking about, yet are still confident throwing around baseless assumptions. AND YES, men can change their mind to not have sex for a variety of reasons. Don’t be so ignorant to assume otherwise.

  • MisiuM
    MisiuM 2 months ago +8

    I loved that Rhaenyra on the Council knew that blackwood and bracken will fight themseles because she remember this situation in storms end

  • Anthony Miscia
    Anthony Miscia 2 months ago +11

    It would be interesting if we learn that Larys was responsible for Grandmaester Melos death because he learns that he wasn’t properly treating Viserys when Maester Orwyle (the new grandmaester) had better suggestions. They could make it like a “needful things” type scenario where Alicent “wishes” something offhand to Larys, and he interprets the “wish” in horrific ways. Alicent would want Viserys to survive because her power as queen all comes from him until her son Aegon can come of age.

  • WethamanClanVideos
    WethamanClanVideos 2 months ago +10

    I know you most likely won't see this Alt Shift but could Laris's Cicada sigil reference how long their spawn cycle is and how they wait for long periods before their invasive rise. I mean it almost has been 17 years since episode 1 so it was just a theory I cooked up while listening to this at work. Edit: Hiding underground until it's the right time to strike is kinda the motto I'm getting from the sigil.

  • Глеб Сальманов

    I honestly think that when Aemond went deeper into the dragon pit, he encountered the Generic Dragon Model Number Three.

  • Junior Flex
    Junior Flex 2 months ago +337

    Great episode but sucks ser Harwin died so quick. Was a cool character. Also kinda felt like larys’ murder of his brother and father came out of nowhere.

    • Jaromír Kuchar
      Jaromír Kuchar Month ago

      @Chef Sean she knows but at the moment she was obviously extremely shocked

    • Jimbo Slice
      Jimbo Slice 2 months ago


    • Noble Actual 76
      Noble Actual 76 2 months ago

      @Extra Victory alright that comes pretty close thats fucked

    • Extra Victory
      Extra Victory 2 months ago +3

      @Noble Actual 76 Littlefinger is capable of a lot for good or evil lol. If you read the Sansa sample chapters for winds of winter, where she is completely absorbed into the role of being Littlefingers bastard daughter Alayne. She even thinks of Littlefinger as her dad in her own mind. And cries when she is called a bastard in public, despite being arguably the heir to the entire north lol. Yet she is so completely devoted to the idea that Littlefinger is her dad that she actually believes it, even privately and completely unironically calling him father in her own mind. She literally does it constantly, referring to Littlefinger as her dad to herself. She's always looking for him, doing his bidding without hesitation or a second thought. Thats how insanely strong Littlefingers manipulation is. Littlefinger also literally has tons of moments in private with Sansa (Alayne) teaching her how to be attractive to men and seduce guys, plotting with her, giving her ideas and directions for all sorts of events. And she even gives him ideas and influences him like a real daughter and father. He is proud of her and everything lol. and she tries her best to make her "father" proud and do has he says. Its that level of manipulation and sociopathy. Sansa Always follows his instructions and genuinely acts and believes as if her father is lord of Harrenhal and lord protector of the Vale, and she's his beautiful bastard daughter Alayne. So yeah we have seen characters be incredibly manipulative and so an insanely manipulative Psychopath like Larys. who can just discard his family on a whim to become lord of Harrenhall and show loyalty to his queen, become a key power player on the side of the Greens. And manipulate everyone and everything. Its very much in line for this type or character who is able to do incredible feats with manipulation and dishonesty.

    • Noble Actual 76
      Noble Actual 76 2 months ago

      Yeah we don't really get any development beforehsnf to show that he's that ruthless even littlefinger probably wouldn't Kinslay that nonchalantly. He also seemed to be on good terms with Harwin at the wedding.

  • Kampffeire
    Kampffeire 2 months ago +5

    Laena refusing to let a man make a decision about her life, whether it was going to be a violent decision or not. She took agency over her death and chose to die how she wanted. I thought it was beautiful and tragic and damn Vhagar was amazing.

  • Robert Luby
    Robert Luby 2 months ago +5

    The changes from books are making Raenyra and her crew more sympathetic then Alicent and her crew. I think that is unfortunate and also not in keeping with the books. GRRM wrote the characters as grey and did not want the story to be a good vs. bad fantasy trope. But it seems like this is the direction the show is going.

  • gamerguy19981
    gamerguy19981 2 months ago +4

    As much as I am liking this show, I do think it suffers from trying to do decades worth of history and character development in the span of each episode. And for me personally I'm still on the fence about the actor changes. I get it from a logical standpoint. But jumping forward 10 years where the chemistry and familiarity between the new actors remains untested for the audience, we are also given a "tell don't show" kind of mentality in favor of getting to the more "exciting" parts in these characters lives. Like I said, I do like the show, but I wish the pace would slow down a bit.

  • BitchBeLoccco
    BitchBeLoccco 2 months ago +6

    I really wanna see more prophetic Helaena Targaryen scenes! She’s mysterious and I love it!!

  • Isaac Deans
    Isaac Deans 2 months ago +375

    Pretty disappointed we didn’t see more from Harwin. To be called the strongest person in the world and yet not see him in a real fight kind of sucks.

    • Josh Aljamin Sterling Koscheck
      Josh Aljamin Sterling Koscheck Month ago +1

      @King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England Holy crap, someone gets it! Fire and Blood isn't good for a scene-for-scene adaption because it's a FREAKING HISTORY BOOK. It barely has scenes. And the show, while I like it, is kind of feeling like watching a history book, which doesn't make for enthralling characters, which makes me give zero craps when they die.

    • Rambard
      Rambard 2 months ago

      Well, at least we did see him punch Crispy Creme's stupid face. It's a pity he didn't turn it into mush, like Crispon did to Joffrey Lonmouth's.

    • Manux x
      Manux x 2 months ago

      @King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England "We Could have gotten more" is a good thing, the episodes are all intense and carefully made, totally planned out and reference each others (like here with the brown stag instead of white linked to Raeny kids)
      That's why this show is refreshing, it's condensed yet holds up/works together and is intense

    • CreeDo Lala
      CreeDo Lala 2 months ago

      More like Charwyn Strong, amirite?

    • Tyler Priddy-Arrington
      Tyler Priddy-Arrington 2 months ago +1

      I agree with everyone in this thread that thinks the Harwin stuff is rushed but I also agree that 2 seasons for the build up would be too much.
      I really think they should have paced the first 5 episodes better. 1 easy example is literally cut all the Jason Lannister stuff (it is funny and I did like it but the guy is literally not part of the story) and replace it with Harwin stuff.
      Give us Harwin in a tourney, bar fight, gold cloak stuff

  • Griffin Salmon
    Griffin Salmon 2 months ago +16

    I get that for sake of quick character building larys's scheme came across like a marvel villain's. hopefully when the show slows down at the end of this season and season 2 his conspiracies and games and obfuscation of his true intentions will be a slower burn, like littlefinger and varys. also if they made it unambiguous who killed the strongs in the show maybe itll also confirm Larys's greenseeing abilities. I do wish that shows would be as brave as the sopranos and be comfortable with throwing in ambiguity that leaves no clear answer, it makes the world feel much more lifelike. theres a reason that the sopranos is still picked at and explored 15 years after the ending.

  • Isaac Flett
    Isaac Flett 2 months ago +34

    I thought Daemon going through the fire was not too extreme. You can go through flame if you move quickly and in this case the flame had been stagnant so it may not have been that hot.

  • Michael keaton
    Michael keaton 2 months ago +9

    It's kinda ironic how the training armors looks even better and more real Than the king's guard armor

  • blueberry smasher
    blueberry smasher 2 months ago +2

    HOTD is big on X-vid. Many channels are showing reactions and recap. But, Alt Shift X is the first I click. Thank you again for not spoiling TV show with book details.

  • Hi Daßer
    Hi Daßer 2 months ago +10

    So, Harwin the commander of the City Watch and the son of the Hand of the king got kicked out of his place because he “laid” his hands on a Royal Guard while Criston escaped beating the future king and killing bf in front of everyone???

  • BeefyTacoCS
    BeefyTacoCS 2 months ago +2

    The show has doubled down on the fire resistance thing for Targs specifically. We are shown in episode two that viserys was holding his hand over the candles before his monologue infront of the skull. He also wasn't concerned in the slightest about them burning his sore.

  • Graceanne O Callaghan

    Love these videos 🥰 I've been listening to this over the last few days. It just makes me feel sooooo happy 😊

  • Ian Robson
    Ian Robson 2 months ago +3

    Big fan of ASX here. A little tip, it'd be awesome if in future live discussions you could show the images below the super chat banner. Often we can't see things you are making reference to because they are in the top 1/5 of the screen.

  • BobPants SpongeSquare
    BobPants SpongeSquare 2 months ago +390

    I really liked the scenes with the Strong characters. Especially when Lyonel scolds Harwin and then when Harwin says goodbye to his children which Jace takes notice

    • eyL
      eyL 2 months ago

      @Arawn yessir

    • Arawn
      Arawn 2 months ago

      @eyL Thats what i was referring to though. Stärk is not swedish. We dont use Ä in Stark. Its just Stark, with an a

    • eyL
      eyL 2 months ago

      @Arawn sterk is just norwegian, stark with or without the dots is swedish not sure about denmark even tho i got family there.

    • Arawn
      Arawn 2 months ago

      @eyL aha ursäkta mig. Är Stärk nynorsk eller danska om sterk är norska?

    • eyL
      eyL 2 months ago

      @Arawn tjena, my bad b, på norsk er det sterk :)

  • DarklordofDOOM57
    DarklordofDOOM57 2 months ago +8

    It's kinda weird getting introduced to characters and then killing them off in the same episode lol. Like I definitely felt there could be one more episode based around this time, with us getting to know Daemon&Laena and Harwin&Rhaenyra's relationships, this just felt like skipping over them completely. + Larys feels like he's on another level, how can somebody just murder his entire family and burn his family home? Feels like one of the biggest lords in the realm would have better security, but I guess things like a kingsguard beating someone to death in the middle of a wedding can just happen in this show without apparent consequences.

    • DarklordofDOOM57
      DarklordofDOOM57 Month ago

      @Jacob Taylor Adult Laena and Harwin were in a way, introduced (I know we've seen them before but barely, this is the first episode we saw them as characters)

    • Jacob Taylor
      Jacob Taylor Month ago

      @Josh Aljamin Sterling Koscheck it might be pedantic of me, but neither of those characters were introduced and killed off in the same episode.
      Though I do take your point.

    • Josh Aljamin Sterling Koscheck
      Josh Aljamin Sterling Koscheck Month ago +1

      @Jacob Taylor Harwin and Laena. They got next to nothing in earlier episodes, and only started getting things this episode. They felt like plot devices, not characters.

    • Jacob Taylor
      Jacob Taylor Month ago

      Who was both introduced and killed off in this latest episode?

    • ///
      /// Month ago

      Larys might know secret passages that only him and the other members of the family would know.

  • William Reely
    William Reely 2 months ago +3

    Poor Helaena is just an adorable little bug nerd who's too pure for this world.
    Is it just me or are they setting up to portray her as neurodivergent? No eye contact, very focused interests, etc. Also, maybe prophetic?

  • Rebecca Rivers
    Rebecca Rivers Month ago +2

    Episodes 1-5 should have been a full season. SO so many cut conversations and reactions and fall-outs. Honestly it feels a lot like late GoT

  • The Wayfarer
    The Wayfarer 2 months ago +8

    I didn't expect so many subtle reactions, even the children had moments where as people they knew things. Everyone got the opportunity to give fair opinions. Only decline in character acting seems to be Alicent, but the younger actress really surprised me.

  • Roderick Mehringer
    Roderick Mehringer 2 months ago +535

    This episode really made me feel like Otto did Alicent a terrible disservice by putting fear for her life and the lives of her children into her. Honestly, honestly, just about everyone seems cool with Jacaerys ascending following Rhaenyra except Alicent and Criston

    • Gaelic fleur-de-lis
      Gaelic fleur-de-lis Month ago +1

      @Akmon Ra Absolutely agreed. It's well know George based his story off the wars of the roses which culminated in fhd Tudor dynasty. After Edward VI died, he named his cousin Lady Jane Gray his heir over his elder sister Mary. 9 days later Mary takes London without bloodshed. However, she was heavily advised to execute her cousin as she was a rival claimant to the throne and a Protestant. Mary correctly asserted her young cousin was taken advantage of by her husband's family who conspired with her sick and dying brother to steal her claim. However after a failed Protestant rebellion she realized that while Jane was blameless, so long as she drew breath she would always be a threat. Lady Jane was executed shortly afterward. Sorry about the long post but context is key and I while I think Otto became the architect for the very war he claims to want to advert, I can also see his point about Rheanyra being left with no choice

    • Akmon Ra
      Akmon Ra Month ago +4

      The fear isn't irrational. Think of what Tywin did to Rhaegar's kids. Even if Rhaenyra didn't want it, someone else might do it "for the realm"

    • Bazooka Ike
      Bazooka Ike Month ago

      @AsinusSum I don't think Otto ever truly cared about Viserys. Otto only cares about the elevation of his own house. If he cared about Viserys, he wouldn't always cut off Viserys' most powerful allies- Daemon & Corlys. Otto drove a wedge between those 2 and the king. I think in later seasons it will get revealed that Otto plotted with the maester to poison the king.

    • Bazooka Ike
      Bazooka Ike Month ago

      @King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England no, Otto was absolutely power hungry. Its proven in his words. He did offer Alicent another solution, but that solution was to suck up to Rhaenyra and become best friends again, so that Rhaenyra would not consider her a threat that needs to be eliminated anymore. But we know darn well that Otto never really considered that an option and he never pushed Alicent to do that. In fact....he pimped his daughter out from the start, so that she could be in this very position to have her children on the Iron Throne. So you are completely wrong in all of this. From the start, it was always about getting his daughter to become the queen to elevate House Hightower.

    • Gaelic fleur-de-lis
      Gaelic fleur-de-lis Month ago

      @King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England strange you side with the green faction 😂. Considering Aegon II would destroy his father's legacy at just as quick as a pace that Edward II did to you.

  • Eva Marie
    Eva Marie 2 months ago +5

    My favorite episode so far, Olivia as Alicent is fantastic!

    • Jaromír Kuchar
      Jaromír Kuchar Month ago

      Yep shes great, seems to resemble the original enough for me, but at the same time looks like a more cynical and grunpier version of her.

  • Rubén N. Martín
    Rubén N. Martín 2 months ago +7

    Haelena made a comment when Alicent was talking with Aemond. Something like "he will need to close one eye", impliying one of his eyes will be missing or useless. I think this really foreshadows that she has some dream magic. She saw the future perhaps.

  • Mourning Coffee
    Mourning Coffee 2 months ago +30

    This felt like we skipped a few episodes and started another season. Just a nitpick but one I felt almost immediately.

    • 𝙽 𝙾 𝚂 𝚃 𝙰 𝙻 𝙶 𝙸 𝙰
      𝙽 𝙾 𝚂 𝚃 𝙰 𝙻 𝙶 𝙸 𝙰 2 months ago +1

      @fruity garlic go watch a soap opera if you like boring shi*. This is a show about targaryens and dragons not what cole did for his Salvation.

    • fruity garlic
      fruity garlic 2 months ago +4

      @Immortal Science of Hauntology It would have been nice to see how Criston may have punished himself, what consequences he faced for the Joffrey thing, how Alicent hoped to raise her firstborn (to contrast with what she got), Rhaenyra's first experience with childbirth since the idea had always upset her, if Laenor ever tried to 'do his duty', just other background elements falling into place for the war, etc. There are so many interesting things that could have done with an hour of development.

    • Immortal Science of Hauntology
      Immortal Science of Hauntology 2 months ago +2

      @a mysterious viewer flesh out what? We literally got the complete story here. How many Rhaenyra - Laenor spats do you need to see? 3? 5? You need to see Aegon playing pranks and swinging at Jace for 7 years before anything happens?

    • a mysterious viewer
      a mysterious viewer 2 months ago +8

      Because we essentially did. They could have used the rest of season 1 to explore the 10 years and flesh out the characters and their relationships but I guess they wanted to get to the action.

  • Jay Hurtubise
    Jay Hurtubise 2 months ago +1

    I’m surprised that there was no thought to the concept of Larys’ sigil being a bee. Larys is prominently placed by several flowers and plants. He pollinates the political landscape, taking information from one place and using it to fertilize conflict in another.

  • Michael Li
    Michael Li 2 months ago +5

    I think rhaenara’s first born is criston’s son and will become a major plot point later. When he asks if strong is his father, all she says is that hes a Targaryen. She didn’t get close to answering shit and maybe he will find this out later

  • Staff Sgt. Sullivan
    Staff Sgt. Sullivan 2 months ago +2

    Rhaenyra offering Alicent the “olive branch” of marrying their kids was a cynical and deft political maneuver because it made her look desirous of peace all while knowing Alicent cannot accept. If she did her entire family would be placed in grave danger once wed to illegitimate children. The same way Rhaenyra has endangered her entire family.

  • GotTheKittens
    GotTheKittens 2 months ago +3

    I think it would could be very interesting if Aegon gets a "I don't want it" plotline. He doesn't wanna be king, but the elite of Westeros are so against a woman sitting on the throne that they would still push for him. and so Rhaenyra will go after him, and he would have to fight her not for the throne but in order to survive (haven't read the book so have no clue where this storyline is actually going to)

  • Глеб Сальманов

    I think the bigger reason that Alicent refused Rhaenyra's offering of peace is because she thinks she can't trust Rhaenyra after she, in Alicent's eyes, essentially lied to her in the godswood, right in the face, swearing on her dead mother's name. It most certainly mentally wounded Alicent extremely badly, and Rhaenyra kinda didn't do anything to repair the relationship at a time where it was possible. That's why, I think, it makes sense on an emotional level to the viewers. Conflict is only tragic when it seemingly could have been any other way, and yet it really couldn't, and everybody knows. Otherwise it would just be Season 8.

    • Jaromír Kuchar
      Jaromír Kuchar Month ago +2

      Yep. I cant help but be on Alicent's side. Rhaenyra seems extremely untrustworthy from her point of view. Also obviously Alicent doesnt want her kids to marry bastards

  • Gentlemen's Mafia
    Gentlemen's Mafia 2 months ago +4

    I loved this episode, every scene was gripping and the dynamics between characters has been crafted beautifully.

  • Gabrielle mesmo
    Gabrielle mesmo 2 months ago +3

    So far, I'm with Alicent. I didn't read the books, but I watch a lot of videos about them, lol, and I think the producers of HOTD are doing a great job with the paths they choose for the caracters.

  • James Bond
    James Bond 2 months ago +9

    I think one last flight where she undoes the dragon saddle and just slips off would of been perfect.

    • James Bond
      James Bond 2 months ago

      It even foreshadows Damon's final fight really well.

  • Leah
    Leah 2 months ago +44

    I just have to say as a mom of 3 honestly by the third one you can walk through a palace like that. If it had not been against hospital regulations I could have done that after my third child's birth. (Baby was basically born in the waiting room, after baby popped out I was standing with her latched on and nursing. They put me in a wheel chair verses a wheeled bed because thats how its done. That part for me as a mom felt possible. After 3 its all a breeze.)

    • Jay Clearmen
      Jay Clearmen 2 months ago

      @erik johansen Facts 1 of many reasons why I don’t take single mom with ..2+ kids seriously
      Id prefer my partner be single & childless.
      They’ll try to tell you/convince you that it’ll snap back just like it was before it’ll still be tight ..But Nah i know better somebody lying to em.

    • Vee A.
      Vee A. 2 months ago +3

      Everyone is different.

    • Matt D
      Matt D 2 months ago +2

      Sounds like it was more painful to watch that nightmare of a 20 minute scene than it was for you to have your baby

  • KozMc
    KozMc 2 months ago +310

    I didn't think Laena's death was dark at all - the other two options she had were far too long and far too painful.

    • Cailin Tunnicliffe
      Cailin Tunnicliffe Month ago

      @Rayeya at the end of the day it is extremely brave to take that much agency over your death, even to end the pain, especially considering being burned alive is one of the most painful ways to die. “Badass” might not be the perfect word, but it does take someone extremely strong and determined to do that

    • Silvia Sánchez
      Silvia Sánchez Month ago

      @Marcin Hasulak Through a horrifying long painful death that had no warranty of saving the baby? Aemma went through that and the baby died soon after. The Maesters told Daemon the baby was unlikely to survive and she would certainly not. So what would be the point?

    • Josh Aljamin Sterling Koscheck
      Josh Aljamin Sterling Koscheck Month ago

      @BattyButtercup Who? That person who was on screen for like 30 seconds? Did you read the books or just let your imagination run miles?

    • Érick
      Érick Month ago

      @Night Josephine I'm asking you

    • Night Josephine
      Night Josephine Month ago

      @Érick Ask any woman whose had a baby.

  • Daniel Burgess
    Daniel Burgess 2 months ago +3

    Laena overheard the maester telling Daemon that the child would have to be cut out, and that she wouldn’t survive. Seems like she got up pretty abruptly to take the decision out of his hands and not end up like Emma Arryn. The outcome would be the same either way but she at least had control over her death in the last moments.

  • Yakuza
    Yakuza 2 months ago +3

    I think the show is showing us the rats in order to set up rat catchers being the norm in kings landing which eventually will help introduce Blood and Cheese when that kicks off tbh. I remember vaguely they have to buy a bunch of cats cause of the rat problems in Kings landing.

  • Premoguys
    Premoguys 2 months ago +6

    larys strong has the potential of a monster-natured character with architect demeanor thrown into the mix. i so far enjoy him a lot