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  • Published on Jan 29, 2023
  • Football substitute doesn’t get the chance to play. Futbol soccer
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  • Yusuf Ali
    Yusuf Ali Month ago +56

    So true bruv

  • Bear_on_Air377
    Bear_on_Air377 Month ago +1354

    Bro couldn’t be more true

    • Baye Kane
      Baye Kane Month ago +1

      This happened to me once

    • Crispus
      Crispus Month ago +1

      Never experienced it so I wouldn’t know

    • ajay420
      ajay420 Month ago +4

      @i_wantgummybears coach said oh yeah don’t like it? How about for the rest of the year 😂😂you wanting be asking for more minutes anymore at least 😂

    • Viper Sport
      Viper Sport  Month ago +39

      We only speak FACTOS 🤝

    • i_wantgummybears
      i_wantgummybears Month ago +24

      Only time I played bench was when i threaten to leave the team and I sat bench rest of the season

  • SigmaChad
    SigmaChad Month ago +183

    “A few more gam- a few more minutes a few more minutes”💀

    • JJ 7 Auba
      JJ 7 Auba Month ago +1

      I read this comment as that bit of the video played and burst out laughing

  • Yolin Naidoo
    Yolin Naidoo Month ago +26

    "Just a few more gam-.... a few more minutes. " 😂

  • CaveGhost
    CaveGhost Month ago +5

    I had a coach get mad at me for asking to go on, saying “the more you ask the less likely I am to put you on” then turn around during practice on me and say “you don’t play because you never ask to play”

  • FaHaEditz
    FaHaEditz Month ago +303

    Ronaldo in 2022 at man United:

    • taiku tsupt
      taiku tsupt Month ago

      Stop that dude, Penaldogs are gonna start barking again like ishowthatiscukatlife.
      Calm down dude, they will start including Messi to this shit

    • Aconic
      Aconic Month ago

      ​@Ahmad Haryadi Anyways it's better watching the dark web than watching anime p*rn.

    • Aconic
      Aconic Month ago

      ​@Ahmad Haryadi Watching the dark web isn't an insult, if any it's a compliment.

    • Aconic
      Aconic Month ago

      ​@Ahmad Haryadi Bro used a Stolen Joke

    • snw1_edits
      snw1_edits Month ago +1

      And during portugal vs Morocco 🇲🇦

  • Tawfeeg Yousif
    Tawfeeg Yousif Month ago +25

    Gareth Bale in a nutshell 😂

  • Alberto
    Alberto Month ago +36

    Bro said just a few more games 💀💀💀

  • 1NKSPL1C1T
    1NKSPL1C1T Month ago +4

    Bro this is so true cuz I play football and when I’m on defense they never put me on defense

  • candles
    candles Month ago +3

    Sadly, this is very relatable 😭

  • Frxsty
    Frxsty Month ago +4

    Happened to me in a National Volleyball match. It was under 18 Volleyball tournament between schools and my coach sent me in during a last point.

  • •Miss-Change-A-Lot•

    As a sister with a brother who was a bench warmer, I concur.

  • Isomiddin Kamoliddinov

    Bro I would actually do that if that ever happens to me 😂😂

  • n Uso
    n Uso Month ago +70

    Literally every young player under David Moyes

  • RobertoCharlie
    RobertoCharlie Month ago

    3 weeks in a row as an unused substitute at 11 made me quit playing football and start playing hockey. Much more fun, roll on roll of subs and requires a hell of a lot more skill.

  • Sad Boy Zofer
    Sad Boy Zofer Month ago +6

    Luckily, I’m not a bench warmer. Sad to see what they have to go through😢

  • Sypee 123
    Sypee 123 Month ago +36

    A few more games 😂

  • Benjamin Dergic
    Benjamin Dergic Month ago

    He is the assistant coach😂

  • Yato Magar
    Yato Magar Month ago +10

    Cancelo and pep's leaked tape.

  • adamsy_o8
    adamsy_o8 Month ago

    The gurgling noise as viper chocked his coach caught me off gaurd

  • Bloop
    Bloop Month ago +1

    And this is why I’m in an individual sport

  • LiamPro
    LiamPro Month ago +1

    That used to be me but i started grinding so i ended up playing whole games. If thats you get on the grind you will make it

  • Code Kara
    Code Kara Month ago

    A few more ga a few more minutes had me rolling

  • Dejan Jerkovic
    Dejan Jerkovic Month ago +1

    Dybala on 2022 word cup be like:

  • Spud Man
    Spud Man Month ago

    I like the part at the end where viper just had enough and initiated a takedown on the coach

  • SpaedzYT
    SpaedzYT Month ago

    The “Gughaghhhugh” got me dieing

  • GuitarPold
    GuitarPold 18 days ago

    The game turned from football to assassins creed

  • DeadMeatRen Football


  • Enea Ademi
    Enea Ademi 25 days ago

    Harry Maguire moment be like.

  • matbroac
    matbroac Month ago

    “A few more gam- I mean minutes”

  • Mr. Duolingo
    Mr. Duolingo Month ago

    Some people say it fine because they get money for doing nothing but they actually wanna play football. But I can’t relate because I’m in the starting 11 every time

  • Pyramid2010
    Pyramid2010 Month ago +4

    Bro, I was on that exact pitch on Sunday

    • Viper Sport
      Viper Sport  Month ago

      Top pitch isn’t it

    • Pyramid2010
      Pyramid2010 Month ago +1

      I played in the goals at the end of the video because I was benched, to prove, when I played I was at striker, when I didn’t I was throwing the ball up to friend on the ground who would do a floor bicycle kick. If this guy works at the school, do you remember Winsor Greens on 29/1/23 and losing 6-0

  • Marley Craig
    Marley Craig Month ago +1

    If I ask the coach to come on I’m staying on the bench all game

  • Colt
    Colt Month ago +7

    I loved when Footballers used to be like this nowadays they rather sit on the bench earning 300k a week and laughing joking around with their teammates on the bench

    • Viper Sport
      Viper Sport  Month ago

      But they do be earning 300k 😭😭

  • technozec
    technozec Month ago

    Bro facts I almost cry after not playing it was only 2 games I played

  • WolfyYT
    WolfyYT Month ago

    Still Getting Payed For Nothing 🔥

  • Pick Mercylol
    Pick Mercylol Month ago

    Extra time: time to come in clutch.

  • AdamSkillz
    AdamSkillz Month ago +1

    Coach became a scouser at the end 💀

  • James McFarland
    James McFarland Month ago

    Once, I played volleyball, the coach told me I would come on in 5 minutes. Guess what? 40 Minutes, and I never was on the pitch

  • flame physical
    flame physical Month ago +1

    That what happened to me for a whole season 😭

    DEVADATH FX 23 days ago +1

    Man that was literally true🙂

  • mR_FoOtBaLL
    mR_FoOtBaLL Month ago


  • Ishaan Codes and Games

    Me on FIFA be like:

  • Mateo Solo
    Mateo Solo Month ago

    That’s what I want to do when I get mad😂

  • Happy Inc!
    Happy Inc! Month ago +1

    Even backups are used more 😂

  • Muthuraj P
    Muthuraj P Month ago +1

    This Video Would Be So Relatable For Ronaldo In Manchester United

  • Travis Maggofour
    Travis Maggofour Month ago

    Happened to me, went into the game and came out after 2 minutes because it was fulltime.one of the most embarassing thing that's ever happened to me.

  • vasg and jessa
    vasg and jessa Month ago

    Dybala with argentina be like:

  • Supriya niraula
    Supriya niraula Month ago

    I feel the pain😭

  • Quandaledingle
    Quandaledingle Month ago

    This has happend to me 💀 I feel the pain

  • fernan peralta
    fernan peralta Month ago

    Bro i was in a hunting team was and the "alpha" led us and didnt let me kill anything so when he had turned around to pack up i was fighting the urge to snipe his back off

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze Month ago +1

    Poulo dybala at argentina be like

  • 𝐿𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉𝒯𝒽𝑒𝒮𝑒𝒶

    A few more ga-
    So true

  • Jake farrugia
    Jake farrugia Month ago

    My coach does that every time. 1 time it was the 72the minute and I scored as I went on


    Bro this is so relatable for me

  • secretor
    secretor Month ago

    Can’t relate, I’m the only good LB in my u16 team and I’m the shortest and Smallest player 💀

  • Logan Gore
    Logan Gore Month ago

    This is me. Was one in HS. Even happened when I was a senior 😢.

    • Viper Sport
      Viper Sport  Month ago

      Nahhhh Logan you gotta do the move in the last scene 👀

  • Cobra
    Cobra Month ago

    Bro really did the finishing move on on him

  • Shrey Valluri
    Shrey Valluri Month ago

    Ngl exactly what I would do if my coach didn’t put me on

  • Scoute
    Scoute Month ago +1

    So true😂😂😂

  • Prince You're
    Prince You're Month ago

    I just hate when my coach does that lol😂

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    This happened to me when I was playing a varsity match. Coach said “I’ll put you on in a sec, no don’t leave I need you”. Never played me…

  • Mohammed Mahdi Jaffer

    The bit at the end tho😳😳

  • LegendGamer
    LegendGamer Month ago

    Ronaldo in Portugal vs Switzerland:

  • MinecraftKyle
    MinecraftKyle Month ago

    Bro got chocked to death

  • futt.zone._7
    futt.zone._7 Month ago

    I know that filling 😭

  • Squad games
    Squad games Month ago

    Pov: your the fast LB being benched

  • nthegamer
    nthegamer Month ago

    Players on the the bench sit there and still get money

  • Supreme Yeeter[GD]
    Supreme Yeeter[GD] Month ago

    why is this so accurate

  • Chrystal Rodriguez
    Chrystal Rodriguez Month ago

    I’m sorry I never knew how you guys felt😢

  • Peanutjam
    Peanutjam Month ago

    That’s me on my school football team

  • Kavya and Tanay Show
    Kavya and Tanay Show Month ago +1

    Bro this literally happened with cr7 during world cup

  • PranksterGangster
    PranksterGangster Month ago +1

    My best friend was bench warmer i was playing and i faked that i hurt leg so he could play
    "Let the bench warmer be COLDER"

    • Neo
      Neo Month ago

      your a true friend

  • Nahum
    Nahum Month ago

    That’s cold.

  • Omega Omg
    Omega Omg Month ago

    Ronaldo in wc be like

  • Ismet Petrova
    Ismet Petrova Month ago

    That time when france vs england played england but grealish at the last second

  • Mancity
    Mancity Month ago

    This is what they did to me when I played for a boys team I now play for all girl team and I’m one of the best keepers in the league 😂

  • NearlyNothing
    NearlyNothing Month ago

    Bro became agent 47

  • The copy ninja
    The copy ninja Month ago

    The money:HAHAHA you forgot about me

  • Broncosfan123
    Broncosfan123 Month ago

    The end killed me

  • Kristy Coleman
    Kristy Coleman Month ago

    Me on league games me prime messi in tournaments

  • Itzmehjinan
    Itzmehjinan Month ago

    Khkhkhkkkh in the end💀

  • Mist
    Mist Month ago

    He joins 89th minute at 1-1 and makes it 2-1

  • inf3rno_gamer
    inf3rno_gamer Month ago

    Most normal coaches in ohio

  • NoadsSROIZ
    NoadsSROIZ Month ago

    I was in a football match and they made me play in the 88th minute 💀

  • Vedanth Raghav P
    Vedanth Raghav P Month ago

    Dybala in World Cup 2022 😂

  • Smurfzy
    Smurfzy Month ago

    bruh i the exact oppisite bro my leg was dislocated and my couch still lets me play at my will because i dnt ever give up:me age:12.10

  • Samantha Steven
    Samantha Steven Month ago +1

    Init like 5 years later retires coach says u can go on now

  • Thijmen van den Akker

    Same happend to me multiple times, last minute i was able to play

  • I'm watching you
    I'm watching you Month ago

    Day in the life of Harry maguire

  • Amar Aliyi
    Amar Aliyi Month ago +5

    now we know why ronaldo left

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager Month ago

      ​@fawaz mashdee left Manchester United ofc 🤦‍♂️

    • fawaz mashdee
      fawaz mashdee Month ago

      Left where? Portugal?

  • Fr3d.£xe
    Fr3d.£xe Month ago

    Is that bca I went there the other day and it looked exactly like that

  • Miguel A. Juarez
    Miguel A. Juarez Month ago

    Pov:the player in the bench in fifa 23😂

  • Yusuf Ali
    Yusuf Ali Month ago

    True 😊

  • Andrew Hylton
    Andrew Hylton Month ago

    I can relate

  • GeoSnake
    GeoSnake Month ago

    A few more game- a few more minutes

  • Lemon
    Lemon Month ago

    Pov:My fifa bench players

  • Landen Nash
    Landen Nash Month ago

    This is literally me bro like wtf it’s so stupid

  • Libaan Abdirasak
    Libaan Abdirasak Month ago

    Few more minutes🤣🤣🤣🤣