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No, you won’t get arrested if you do an illegal move 😂🚔

  • Published on Jan 22, 2023
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  • BioShocking
    BioShocking 2 months ago +24777

    Everyone else: *does things that will snap their necks if done incorrectly*
    The one guy: *awkward circles*

    • Kate Rose
      Kate Rose 22 days ago

      @StarrySunflower they moved the bars apart so it’s really dangerous now becuse you can’t hold the top bar and bottom bar properly

    • Zombie Boss
      Zombie Boss Month ago

      ​@Exercise Thoughts and Discussions IT WAS JUST A PRANK BRO

    • Leviathan
      Leviathan Month ago

      @Dylan LaMarre idk why but this cracked me up

    • live well with EDS
      live well with EDS Month ago

      ​@Dylan LaMarre lmao

    • strawberries lofi
      strawberries lofi Month ago

      @Exercise Thoughts and Discussionsbruuuhhh😭😭😭😭😭

  • double L
    double L 2 months ago +7575

    I believe Pineda was banned because of poor execution of exercise by almost everyone, so they just decided to remove it

    • Simon48
      Simon48 26 days ago +1

      Just like double quast on high bar

    • Gaius Marius
      Gaius Marius Month ago +4

      Wrong, It was banned due to politics. Read deeper into it, a gymnast was a (correct) smartass to judges during the cold war so it was banned.

    • Egg dog
      Egg dog Month ago +3

      @CheeLive it’d be harder in actually rings tho, the ones used in calisthenics have way shorter traps, making it easier.

    • Thomas Harris
      Thomas Harris Month ago +1

      @double L I didn’t understand any of those worrs

    • Matthew Salmon
      Matthew Salmon Month ago +1

      Seems like you would just design your routine to do moves that would earn more net points (less deductions). Then the people who can't do it properly wouldn't.

  • 💕Gracie💕
    💕Gracie💕 2 months ago +5750

    The one where that girl did that like archy layout to like a worm/stomach roll thing looked quite painful

    • piztah
      piztah Month ago

      I heard the bars can cut right through you or break a bone if you fall on them.. they are mainly steel based i think so ouch

    • Krystal Rose
      Krystal Rose Month ago +3

      I literally gasped out loud at that part! I am a former gymnast and my 8 year old is in gymnastics now and that move terrified me!

    • global.001
      global.001 Month ago +8

      So controlled. Obviously every sport needs rules for skill & safety however giving zero points for going the extra & creating new moves or longer moves seems political, hierarchical & punitive.

    • Tam Bam
      Tam Bam Month ago +33

      @Daniel Vasquez She was actually injured on the Thomas Salto, NOT the Korbut flip with a full twist (called the Mukhina).

  • Ass bags • 500 yr ago
    Ass bags • 500 yr ago Month ago +1330

    “You did a banned move! Thats a 0!”

    • Brock Steele
      Brock Steele Month ago +12

      @ses Not necessarily. If a banned move was previously allowed, there would be a precedent for how it's supposed to be done. There could also be general rules on how certain kinds of actions should be done on the basic level (arms straight, toes pointed, etc.) that can be applied to everything, legal or banned.

    • ses
      ses Month ago +3

      @Brock Steele If something isnt in the rules there is no formal benchmark of correctness right? So if the performer does something they have never seen before they can always claim it was executed precisely as intended.

    • Brock Steele
      Brock Steele Month ago +16

      @ses Not really. Banning a move doesn't mean the judges have to act like there isn't a way to do it properly.

    • ses
      ses Month ago +7

      But then it becomes impossible to define whether the move has been done incorrectly right?

    • Amelia McGuire
      Amelia McGuire Month ago +40

      If you're going to screw up, go hard or go home lol

  • Cosima
    Cosima Month ago +738

    That one guy looks like my meal in the microwave

  • Leira The Tranarchist
    Leira The Tranarchist 2 months ago +1942

    basically, doing a banned gymnastics move is equal to getting an answer wrong on a test

    • Lumina
      Lumina Month ago +1

      It's more like writing a paragraph for an assignment, but doing it around the wrong topic.

    • Dio Over Heaven
      Dio Over Heaven Month ago +2

      @abiean222 so I'm technically correct I guess?

    • SpookySneeze
      SpookySneeze Month ago


    • abiean222
      abiean222 Month ago +22

      @Dio Over Heaven that makes the most sense. like if you have to solve the equation 10 + 5. and to begin with you divide both numbers by 2 and write out that you now have 5 + 2 and then solve that to get 7 which you then times by 2 to somehow get 15. you got the right answer but in your superfluous move you were wrong so got points marked off. and if you were correct throughout the the added extra steps you wouldn't get any extra points.

    • Viviane
      Viviane 2 months ago +13

      No it's like changing the math test question and making mistake in the answer.

  • ♡《Løser._.》♡
    ♡《Løser._.》♡ 2 months ago +782

    That spinning bar moving looks like a scooting dog 💀

  • urcasualpeanut
    urcasualpeanut 2 months ago +466

    wait so you’re telling me the girl who did the death loop did not get any points?!

    • Jake Brown
      Jake Brown 10 days ago

      That move was fucking insane, it should be its own olympic sport

    • Cosetta Pessa
      Cosetta Pessa 16 days ago

      @Uncomfortable Shirt thx

    • Uncomfortable Shirt
      Uncomfortable Shirt 26 days ago

      @Aya Jade no it’s actually because women are better than men

  • TheLikeButton
    TheLikeButton 2 months ago +739

    Imagine being in prison and your crime was a triple front flip…

    • Asura
      Asura 2 months ago +7


  • conlang know
    conlang know 2 months ago +198

    I want to do an entire difficult routine with banned skills just to fuck with the judges azarian style

    • Yael Cohen
      Yael Cohen Month ago +4

      I'd love to see this at the Olympics, it'd be top tier comedy

    • Magnus Bane
      Magnus Bane Month ago +23

      Chaotic evil

  • LtCmdrTobyFox
    LtCmdrTobyFox Month ago +98

    Someone should do a full routine of just "banned" moves

    • phantom ski
      phantom ski Month ago +8

      That's the first thing I thought of 😂

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Month ago +26

    If your gonna do something illegal, do it correctly

  • Francisco Laurean
    Francisco Laurean Month ago +24

    The guy confused the judges with the helicopter helicopter

  • JDGlove
    JDGlove Month ago +25

    The story of Elena Mukhina whose career and eventually life ended when she was pressured into practicing the now-banned Thomas Salto while recovering from an injury shortly after beating Nadia Comanici is one of the saddest and most tragic stories in sports.

  • Your bifriend Aspen
    Your bifriend Aspen Month ago +7

    So like forbidden jutsu in Naruto. You're not supposed to do it, but like, you're not gonna get in much trouble

  • Slowpoke
    Slowpoke Month ago +37

    If that move is banned, then clearly the apparatus desires the wrong aesthetic. That was majestic, bro, a living hood ornament.

  • Stumblin_Bummblin
    Stumblin_Bummblin Month ago +11

    The pineda, along with thomas saltos , etc- were removed because of how overwhelmingly dangerous they were to everyone. Slightly underrotating a thomas salto is a horrific and catastrophic injury

  • Nikki
    Nikki Month ago +27

    Gymnastics has been in a decline for years. There's a reason athlete's do weird things as a big 🖕 to judges.

    • jo
      jo 2 days ago

      @Kira Slith moves are allowed or not allowed because even the skills that are “allowed” are pushing your body beyond what it was ever evolved or naturally capable of doing. If you push it even further beyond that, risk and injuries can be catastrophic or fatal, easily. The gymnasts who compete are generally very young, teens, pushed by their parents, guardians and coaches to do crazier and crazier things, it’s not always as easy as “they want to do it/they don’t want to do it” some of these athletes are abused and forced to do certain routines. Generally, moves are banned to minimize the risk that gymnasts will be injured, paralyzed or killed for an athletic exhibition. I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years- you see nasty injuries happen to 11, 12 year old girls, and teens, just doing basic routines and moves. Things are banned for a reason.

    • Kira Slith
      Kira Slith 25 days ago +1

      Yeah, that flying T pose on the rings (Not an gymnastics athlete myself, so I don't know it's proper name, sorry!) became a bit of a point of drama at the olympics when one athlete did it for the full length of his set in protest. The concept of "allowed moves" completely ruins the idea of a trick-based sport.

    • Ethan Martin
      Ethan Martin Month ago

      A final act to leave everyone in awe

    • 🌸kikosawa🌸
      🌸kikosawa🌸 Month ago +8

      yeah, it's a really restricting sport. that's probably the point of it.

  • Dabunny Rabbit
    Dabunny Rabbit Month ago +34

    That hip flip on those uneven bars was sick AF!

    • Hannah Walmer
      Hannah Walmer Month ago

      Belly beat to wrap :)

    • Matthew Salmon
      Matthew Salmon Month ago +1

      Is it the standing on the top bar or the backwards rotation they deemed unsafe?
      The Korbut Flip was the backwards release on uneven bars, but standing on the high bar is banned now.

  • Four Leaf Clover
    Four Leaf Clover Month ago +18

    That one dude on the parallel bars is doing what I call the dog with an itch

  • Girl from nowhere
    Girl from nowhere  Month ago +5

    I broke my back by just seeing that girl's death loop 💀

  • Storm
    Storm Month ago +16

    I want to see a routine of exclusively banned moves

    • ses
      ses Month ago

      @🌸kikosawa🌸 What they meant is a routine in which every move contradicts the rules yet it is still athletically challenging and aesthetically pleasing

    • rotatingmaggot
      rotatingmaggot Month ago

      @🌸kikosawa🌸 they meant gymnastics moves. chill

    • 🌸kikosawa🌸
      🌸kikosawa🌸 Month ago

      didn't you listen? "banned" move is everything that is not on the list. you and I could easily perform such "banned" routine just by lying in our beds. i mean, that's not on the list, right?

  • Christopher Moore
    Christopher Moore Month ago +9

    “Yeah, that’s a banned move so zero points, but because you did it incorrectly, negative points for you.

  • Adepressedpansexual
    Adepressedpansexual 2 months ago +26

    The trick on the uneven bars with the girl is mesmerizing

  • Bradley Blake
    Bradley Blake Month ago +14

    The landing for that first guy looked extremely painful. I'm surprised he was able to get up.

  • August D
    August D 2 months ago +116

    So someone just decides: “oh hunny, no!” And they make sure it’s banned.

    • Selfiestick
      Selfiestick Month ago

      I mean, those moves are easy to mess up and can kill or permanently paralyze if performed incorrectly, that's a dangerous combination
      If I had to chose between
      a) a world were this moves were legal and presentations slightly cooler looking but there was a constantly growing list of people who die/get paralyzed trying these or
      b) this world
      i think this one is probably better, or at least the people in that list probably wouldn't complain
      They wouldn't complain either way tho

    • Psychotic_Okami
      Psychotic_Okami Month ago +1

      That’s honestly just fucking sad,!god screw the world we live in

    • Epic Ninja boy
      Epic Ninja boy 2 months ago +9

      That's literally every sport

  • Septette
    Septette Month ago +12

    Bro really hit them with the spinning radio antenna finale

  • 🤟🏻Semi-Hearing
    🤟🏻Semi-Hearing Month ago +8

    Two of those were done by Olga Korbut, at the time she was only 14! She was amazing

  • Kaillou's Youtube
    Kaillou's Youtube Month ago +4

    I can absolutely see how some of those moves could’ve ended on 1,000 Ways to Die

  • Funcooker30
    Funcooker30 Month ago +18

    Damn they really hate creativity.

  • Bodybuilding Exercise Advice Strength Training

    That landing on the first clip looks like it would cause knee/ankle/foot tendon and ligament damage to ANYONE else who landed that way 😱💀

  • A Free Potato Chip
    A Free Potato Chip Month ago +11

    those banned floor moves look TERRIFYING good god

  • Matt Gibbs
    Matt Gibbs Month ago +11

    TIL: Landing on your balls is illegal in gymnastics.

  • Cathi Palmer
    Cathi Palmer Month ago +9

    Really off topic, but -
    My mother is a really huge gymnastics fan. Last night she dreamed that women's gymnastics had been changed so that each girl had to do a trick and then bake a batch of cookies, and she would be scored on how good the cookies were.

  • Jax
    Jax Month ago +7

    why is no one talking about that girl on the bars?? THAT SHIT WAS CRAZY

    • Adam Sheppard
      Adam Sheppard Month ago

      Whys nobody talking about one of the most famous gymnastic routines of all time?

  • Gen5g23
    Gen5g23 Month ago +16

    So basically you can’t get credit but we can take credit

    • Ace Nigerian
      Ace Nigerian Month ago

      Government explained in one sentence

  • impossichannel
    impossichannel 2 months ago +7

    They literally call the vault you kept showing the vault of death for a reason. It's so so dangerous!

  • Remi
    Remi Month ago +6

    "That was an illegal move so you receive 0 points, as well as a deduction of 0,5 point for doing it wrong on top of it all.
    Conclusion you have a -0,5 point"

  • Murphy Hunn
    Murphy Hunn Month ago +8

    This kinda scoring is why "olympic" style gymnastics are going the way of the dodo. I wish athletes were more free to perform.

  • Raven BlackWing
    Raven BlackWing Month ago +3

    Where they said the judges won’t give you points but will still deduct points for any mistakes made on that move, it made me think of that one line from Brew Stew on his video about summer vacation
    “It’s one of those games where you can’t win, but you can sure as hell lose”

  • Fergus Brennan
    Fergus Brennan 25 days ago +4

    Everyone risking there necks while this guys spinning like chicken

  • Kanin Ramone
    Kanin Ramone Month ago +2

    I'm learning alot abt gymnastics and how I would be terrible at it from this guy. Love it

  • ragnorock cookie
    ragnorock cookie Month ago +6

    Okay the only reason why I want to be a gymnast at this point is because I want to break all the rules

  • Devils Deck Of Cards
    Devils Deck Of Cards Month ago +3

    “You don’t look aesthetic when you do this move, so we removed it :D”

  • nintendogamer 192
    nintendogamer 192 Month ago +13

    What if I come up with a really sophisticated move not listed in the rulebook, that is asthetically pleasing and not "too dangerous", but also not comparable to any existing moves?

    • Chiedza Dz
      Chiedza Dz Month ago

      Oh. I just saw he make a video of that too.

    • Elle Rmg
      Elle Rmg Month ago +14

      Normally, when you "create" a new move, you can send it to be approved and integrated to the competition

    • Draugher
      Draugher Month ago

      Then your screwed is guess

  • lp1a_
    lp1a_ 2 months ago +13

    I’m sorry but I don’t do gymnastics and the last footage made me laugh 😭

  • Crystal Morgan
    Crystal Morgan Month ago +2

    I took gymnastics for a hit minute a a kid (I was never that good at it so I didn't stick with it that long) and our coach lied I guess. They said if you did a banned move the judge would tell you to stop and you'd be DQed, automatically getting last place and banned from your other events you were supposed to be in that day.

  • Eric Plays Games
    Eric Plays Games Month ago +13

    This is the, in my opinion, where these sports become stupid its pageantry to a large degree. Instead of allowing athletes full freedom to create new moves test and express themselves

  • the pyromancer
    the pyromancer Month ago +3

    Gymnastics, like so many other sports, is fucking crazy

  • Travis Johnson
    Travis Johnson 24 days ago +4

    What a great way to expand creativity.

  • Appaddict01
    Appaddict01 2 months ago +10

    Anyone remember when Helen Hu did the Korbut at the 2016 Nastia Liukin Cup and terrified the audience.😂

  • Xaius
    Xaius Month ago +4

    Banned moves iniatiate a 1v1 with the rules commission.

  • Lily Shelton
    Lily Shelton Month ago +3

    Well I mean the death loop wasn't banned until pretty much right after she competed it so that specific video technically isn't a problem lol.

  • AShineeStarlitInSomniac

    That one girl that did a swan dive had me like 😬 like girl your neck is not happy with you

  • thethumper088
    thethumper088 Month ago +3

    "I thought that move was prohibidi-bibidi-babado."

  • Johnathan Archibald
    Johnathan Archibald Month ago +1

    That uneven bars move was just insane!

  • Tonkah Song
    Tonkah Song Day ago +3

    so... if you create a new move or trick, what does it take to get it made into an official move that would accrue you points in a conpetition?

  • Rylan Grimes
    Rylan Grimes Month ago +5

    Part of me hates these reasons why the moves get banned because, although I completely understand why, why are we banning unique moves that these athletes work HARD to achieve.
    They are dangerous? Home girl just did it and made it look easy. No one else has to do it if they don’t want to.
    They are aesthetically pleasing? Let my boy do awkward helicopter circles in peace.
    (Yes. I understand they don’t want people trying these moves and get themselves paralyzed for it. I get that one of the fundamental elements of gymnastics is the aesthetics. I’m glad they are protecting their own)
    But let my people have some fun and freedom in their lives and sport 😂

    • Nikko A.
      Nikko A. Month ago +1

      At some point, you gotta just make sure people don't even try. Some of these moves look really painful, that one move where it seems like you can EASILY break you neck being one. Sports are often 90% skill and 10% luck, but failing to have that luck would merit you an end to you career/life immediately.
      Now for the weird moves that aren't dangerous, I can understand your point there, but I'm not sure whether or not they're actually showcasing gymnastics. They're flashy, sure, but not exactly a good showcase for it.

  • Layn Parchman
    Layn Parchman Month ago +3

    The Waffle House has spoken, phase 2 initiated.

    OOGA OOGA Month ago +5

    the dude *r o t a t e*

  • Lucyla99
    Lucyla99 2 days ago

    Gymnastics isn't the only sport that bans moves in this manner, in figure skating for example any jump that results in the feet going over the head are now banned for safety reasons, though at one point you could gain points for them.

  • Wool SOCKS E.C
    Wool SOCKS E.C Month ago +3

    gets banned for hitting the griddy

  • Pinku Mawile
    Pinku Mawile Month ago +1

    Perhaps only using unapproved moves, in an explicit statement that your there to celebrate humanity and not seeking medals or glory, is the most awesome thing to do.

  • Kardz
    Kardz Month ago +14

    Wow he did something challenging that most people can't even imagine attempting!!!! Let's penalize him.

    • Eric Becker
      Eric Becker Month ago

      @Kardz especially those who go above and beyond, risking their life and limbs, like you are apparently planning

    • Eric Becker
      Eric Becker Month ago

      @Kardz i did. I liked the answer

    • Kardz
      Kardz Month ago

      @Eric Becker ask yourself that before asking me

  • the
    the Month ago +5

    Man all those banned moves are badass

  • Fluid1227
    Fluid1227 Month ago +12

    Imagine a “sport” where you lose points for something that has no defined scoring system in the rules, sounds more like an contest of popularity and judge personal opinions

  • TackStash779
    TackStash779 Month ago +3

    "Lets take all of the creativity out of this art"

  • William Davis
    William Davis 11 days ago +7

    That one where she spun on the lower bar with her stomach and went back was kinda cool though.

    • SkyYuna
      SkyYuna 9 days ago

      Your poor ribs,,

  • Rusty Diamond
    Rusty Diamond Month ago +10

    How tf you gonna take away points for screwing up a banned move but not give points for doing it

  • Hand Son
    Hand Son Month ago +4

    Gymnastics is wild as shit

  • cantankeruz
    cantankeruz Month ago +1

    Following you is slowly replacing the fact that all my gymnastics knowledge came from Stick It

  • Abner G.
    Abner G. Month ago +4

    Imagine training so hard to perfect a move because it looks so impressive just to get 0 points when performed correctly

    • Emiko Okime
      Emiko Okime Month ago +3

      I mean you’d know if it were a banned skill or not before you ever started trying to learn it lol.

  • Puff Of Smoke
    Puff Of Smoke 2 months ago +22

    Rule book is there to protect the athlete from injury and the organization from lawsuit.

    • ses
      ses Month ago

      @David S Same sort of paradox of f1, they can keep making the cars safer to crash but they will always be incentivised to risk crashing in the quest to go faster

    • David S
      David S Month ago +2

      That's BS. For every move in gymnastics, you get more points for doing a more dangerous version of it. They encourage danger.

  • ZMeGame
    ZMeGame Month ago +3

    The judges there don't do gymnastics but yet they can judge on how the move was done.

    • GreegThunk
      GreegThunk Month ago +2

      You don't have to make food to understand how it tastes

  • Angels Joker
    Angels Joker Month ago +4

    That backflip rollout looks so mesmerizing.

  • McBehrer
    McBehrer 14 days ago +3

    banning the dangerous moves makes sense. The other bans are dumb.

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro Month ago +2

    What happens if you create a move on your own? Do they allowed it or not cause it isn’t in the book of moves you can do ?

  • French Toast
    French Toast Month ago +2

    So basically its what happens if i ace a test or get one question wrong

  • Real Human Not A Horse
    Real Human Not A Horse 8 days ago +2

    What happens if you invent a move/use an unknown move?

  • 1jinxeeD
    1jinxeeD Month ago +5

    What is someone just goes there and only does banned moves, that would be hilarious

  • Jonah Man Boobs No More
    Jonah Man Boobs No More 16 days ago +2

    Sounds like the judges are jealous

  • Main Vayne420
    Main Vayne420 Month ago +1

    Jesus Christ that one back breaker

  • H
    H Month ago +1

    I create new sex moves that aren't in book.

  • Pavel Medbery
    Pavel Medbery 2 months ago +8

    Does anybody know the name of the gymnast and/or the name of the skill that is being done on the parallel bars at 0:13?

    • Pavel Medbery
      Pavel Medbery 2 months ago +1

      @ahchiu9 Thank you, I found just the clip I was looking for.

    • ahchiu9
      ahchiu9 2 months ago +2

      I believe that's USA's Bart Conner

  • Creative
    Creative Month ago +4

    I would do a banned move evry time just so i could feel better than everyone and to show of how skilled i am but then again im prolly never gonna do this type shi so….

  • Mario Anonimos
    Mario Anonimos Month ago +1

    On the Rizz matter, I bet on the Butler. Everyone has fallen in love at least once. So It would be a mundane task

  • TYU Productions
    TYU Productions Month ago

    Y'all are underrated

  • Mr. Miyagi
    Mr. Miyagi Month ago +1

    That bar move looked like it hurt

  • Elizabeth Stone-Tolcher James

    Wait the Conner spin is banned?

  • Hay
    Hay Month ago +1

    Are there any rules or regulations on moves being added to the list? And how often would the move list be updated if at all? I'd assume people would want to create their own moves and associate it with their names? Genuinely curious about that

    • Hay
      Hay 16 days ago

      Wow, that's really interesting! Gymnastics are a lot more complex than I first thought. Thank you for your response!

    • Andy Hone
      Andy Hone 16 days ago +1

      Of course! New skills get added all the time. They name a skill after the first person to perform it in competition, these are generally at the Elite level, but any gymnast above level 5 is competing optional routines and is free to work with their coaches to design the best routine for themselves, down to each element(Poses, connections, dance moves, etc.). Although entirely novel elements still pop up, a lot of them are variations of other skills with different connections, form/posture, or additional rotations/turns.

  • Leo Staley
    Leo Staley Month ago

    Do a video series showing us banned moves.

  • circle that makes animation

    So what if u make a routine with only banned moves

  • The Member
    The Member Month ago +3

    I wish I could flip around that pole like the girl did...my back would feel wonderful after a 360 varial mctwist indy 900 stretch like that.

  • Sahil Dhillon
    Sahil Dhillon Month ago

    Like, I understand if it’s too Dangerous, but other than that, I feel it’s silly to ban moves that don’t meet the arbitrary standard of the “aesthetic”.
    If it’s still an impressive feat of strength and stamina and gymnastic capabilities, it should be allowed.
    Then again, I’m not a gymnast and don’t understand all the intricacies.

  • Because_im_lulu
    Because_im_lulu Month ago +1

    In trampoline, there is like this unwritten rule that if you turn forward you must also do a 1/2 turn on yourself or 1 and 1/2 etc, and if you turn back you must do 0 or 1 etc. So when I see someone do 1 and 1/2 turns while doing a backflip, Im like what are you doing? But there is nothing against it.

  • canaryinacoalmine
    canaryinacoalmine 2 months ago +3

    Can you talk about why the moves you showed were banned?

    • canaryinacoalmine
      canaryinacoalmine 2 months ago

      @Ian Stratton thank you!

    • Ian Stratton
      Ian Stratton 2 months ago +10

      Handspring triple front was banned for safety reasons, same with back layout and back full to worm thing on floor. The parallel bars move was banned for no real reason other than aesthetics. It looks dumb imo. The Pineda on rings was banned because no one could compete it with zero deductions.

  • Dylanger McKissen
    Dylanger McKissen Month ago

    Everyone I’ve ever known who did gymnastics was miserable

  • Tales toTell
    Tales toTell Month ago +8

    What about when a gymnast invents a move. Like that woman from the '75. If the move hasn't been done before is it automatically banned?

    • Rasmus Ohert
      Rasmus Ohert Month ago

      Depends. Most likely the move will be checked beforehand. If the move is deemed safe enough and has the integrity of gymnastics, it'll be accepted.

  • Jack Cooper
    Jack Cooper Month ago

    That dude from the first clip made me laugh so hard 😂

  • One Dashing HotDog
    One Dashing HotDog Month ago +1

    They actually banned me because I was so good at gymnastics and they thought it wouldn't be a worthy competition.